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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ January 2018 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ASTROLOGY VIBRATIONS for January 2018: tradition be damned!
January 2018: when fantasy met passion. 2018 kicks off with some MAJOR astrological events. Yet another indication that this year has the potential for great change.

There's a FULL MOON in Cancer on January 1. Renewal begins @ home. It's also time for a trim or cut if you want thicker fuller hair and plants, this is the time (Water sign Full Moon) to cut & trim.

Mars squares the August 8 LUNAR ECLIPSE degree on January 2 and the August 21 SOLAR Eclipse degree on January 23. And at the SAME TIME, Mars squares the transiting Nodes. These at not "normal" squares - they REACTIVATE and IGNITE the monumental Eclipses of August 2017. Tradition be damned! There may not be painless way to tear the cover off and shift the usual energy patterns. But since the squares occur while Mars and Jupiter are conjunct and sextile Pluto, it has the potential to have a powerful, optimistic, and financial world influence.

Jupiter will sextile Pluto on January 15 (and again in April and September 2018), meaning it is in effect all month (and all year). Expect investigations to intensify as we work to reform, and finally regenerate, unethical social views,laws, and actions. Some of us will use this energy to intensify our metaphysical studies and adventures. It's also a time of big expansion in business.

The month ends with a LUNAR ECLIPSE on January 31. More on that as wel go...

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