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ArtCharts Daily Astrology
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_________Saturday, May 23, 2015_________

ASTROLOGY VIBRATIONS for Saturday, May 23:
What are you doing this weekend? And with who?? With SO mamy events to attend and people to see, the choices are up to you - as long as you don't take on someone's dark mood or feel iced out by (what seems like) a chill reception. The reality is, it has NOTHING to do with you. Stay strong! And honor your budget this weekend.

:+: Moon is in Leo :+: Venus sesquisquares Saturn (Rx) :+:

It's Mercury Retrograde in Gemini! Get a fre*e personalized 2015 Retrograde Report with every report order (exact time of birth required)

This week's Astro Transits > May 18 - 24, 2015

MOON PHASE: Crescent

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New blog posts!
April 18 - New Moon in Aries: true you

March 20 - TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE + SPRING EQUINOX: out of the shadows and into the light

Saturn in Sagittarius: Real Faith

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