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The Astrology Transit Search Engine @ artcharts

What you can search for:
  • major aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition)
  • planets in signs (sun in sag, venus in scorpio, etc.)
  • Retrograde info too

For best results, search for the planet nearest the sun first, i.e. "Mercury square Jupiter", not "Jupiter square Mercury". Want to read about the moon, or venus, or any other planet? Search for "moon" or "venus"or any individual planet name and go nuts!

When you receive your search results, click on the active link for more info.

Note: Not all info is here--only the aspects and ingresses that have occurred since March 1997.

There are over 1000 entries in artcharts transit search-- including minor aspects as well as all the major planetary aspects and the planets in the signs. This is a live, growing transit database that started in 1997. It is online for you to use every day. Please enjoy:-)

We greatly appreciate your tips! Your gifts help us keep this information online and up-to-date. Thank you!!!

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