Sep 25

Full Harvest Moon reveals… your true abundance

full HARVEST moon

full HARVEST moon
september 29, 2012

September 29, 2012
@ 11:19 pm EDT

Moon @ 7 Aries 22
Sun @ 7 Libra 22

As the Harvest Moon shines on, its light can be bright enough to blow your cover. Full Moon are times we reap what we sow. Tough? Depends on you…

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Aug 27

Once in a Blue Moon: Full Moon of August 31, 2012

full moon 8-31-12

Full BLUE Moon on August 31, 2012

@ 9:58 am EDT

Moon @ 8 Pisces 33
Sun @ 8 Virgo 33

Fog and illusions can be the perfect cover for information built on idealism and wishes, instead of actual facts and reality. Here’s why….
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Aug 08

Mercury is Direct – and a gift for you

Whew! Even though Mercury Direct stations can make you dizzy, as we watch Mercury – and our minds – turn slowly around, it’s always a relief to know we’re headed forward again. Even if it’s slow going at first. Hopefully this is the end of re-doing the details.

Now that Mercury is back at the beginning of Leo, it will shoot like a stone from a sling — forward with even more momentum.

So it seemed like the perfect time to make the Ephemeris for 2013. And while i was at it, i went through to January 2015.

Artcharts ephemerides are easy to use because they’re color-coded. So check it out, do some future research…

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