May 16

Solar Eclipse on May 20, 2012: break the spell

solar eclipse may 20 2012

Solar Eclipse on May 20 @ 0 Gemini 20

(Lunar Eclipse on June 4)

This is a powerful Eclipse with a great energy release that will have an effect on Asia and the USA. We have to talk…
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May 09

Same Sex Marriage: devolving or evolving ?

As President Obama announces his evolution that can now allow his acceptance of same sex marriage, check the astrology chart before giving your ego full reign to proclaim an opinion— and see the astrology chart smiling on;-)
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Apr 30

Venus stations Retrograde: May 15 – June 27, 2012

venus stations retrograde

Venus is Retrograde in Gemini from May 15 to June 27, 2012
Retrograde station: May 15 @ 23 Gemini 59
Midpoint: Venus conjuncts the Sun: June 5 @ 15 Gemini 44
Direct station: June 27 @ 7 Gemini 29

What if sitting this one out was not an option….

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