Nov 19

Sun enters Sagittarius – ON target or boiling over?

sun enters sagittarius

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, 2012
@ 4:50:09 pm EST
Sun @ 0 Sagittarius 00

The Sun enters Sagittarius – the sign ruled by Jupiter, planet of optimism and opportunities. From the astrology chart at the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius, is our enthusiasm bubbling up, or boiling over?

It’s not what happens when the Sun enters Sag, as much as the time between then and the Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon on Wednesday, and that’s what this post is about…

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Jun 11

Mercury’s PreView – read only if you’re willing to do the work

Watered down astrology is not for me. If it’s for you, way cool, it’s out there…

Today Mercury (in Cancer) squares Uranus and opposes Pluto, calling out the current Uranus – Pluto square that is becoming more exact by the day. (first exact square of 5 over the next 3 years is June 24)
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Apr 08

Cast a shadow: the Mars – Neptune opposition

Cast a Shadow
Friday the 13th
April 13, 2012
Mars stations Direct and opposes Neptune

Mars @ 3 Virgo 40

Neptune @ 2 Pisces 26

April 13, 2012. Mars stations Direct – and opposes Neptune!!

What happens when your SUBCONSCIOUS casts a shadow on your REAL LIFE??

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