Jun 26

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tuesday, June 27, 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ASTROLOGY VIBRATIONS for Tuesday, June 27, 2017:
Fantasy. The mind can spin some fantastical tales to pump itself up. Fact and fiction can be at odds now and for many, it may not really matter. It’s really about hearing what you want to believe, right? Yet, that lack of clarity can be self-defeating as exaggerations can take you farther away, instead of closer to, your hopes & dreams.

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MOON PHASE: Crescent

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Jun 16

Donald Trump’s Solar Return 2017: Boss Tweet

Solar Returns are birthday charts. When the Sun is exactly at the degree of your natal Sun, that’s your Solar Return.

The most important placement of a SOLAR Return chart is the Sun. Since this is a RE-turn chart, the house containing the SUN is an opportunity to re-think and re-visit our relationship with this area of life. Continue reading

May 24

New Moon in Gemini: word games


New Moon in Gemini
Thursday, May 25, 2017
@ 3:45 PM EDT

Moon @ 4 Gemini 46
Sun @ 4 Gemini 46

The Sun & Moon conjunct in Gemini are busy talking to each other. We want to know what they’re saying! Our curiosity is aroused and we want to know more. A lot more! Continue reading