Oct 09

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ December 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


We have so many things to think about, so many stories to follow – and SO many distractions – it’s easy to gloss over important things. But since the important things ARE important, Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius in December throws up a CAUTION sign. Mercury stations Retrograde on December 3 (at the end of Sagittarius) while conjunct Saturn. Chill out, pay attention, remember what really matters. This Mercury Retrograde promises to split issues wide open, giving us a second chance to pay attention.Last Quarter in Virgo

This is a time to review our ethical standards, have more conversations, discuss our opinions so we can inform, be informed – and be inspired. More education can open your mind, make you a better teacher, and expand your future potential. There are many options.

MOON PHASE: Last Quarter in Virgo

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Sep 06

Full Moon in Pisces: the dream gap

Full Moon
September 6, 2017
@ 3:02:48 AM EDT
Moon @ 12 Pisces 53
Sun @ 12 Virgo 53
Neptune @ 13 Pisces 49 Rx

The Full Moon in Pisces makes everything more dreamy. And vague. Truth and fiction are separated by a large gap. Are we Dreaming? Like the seashore, it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. Can we build a bridge, or is the gap just too wide to cross, leaving us on opposing shores. Continue reading

Aug 20

The Great American Eclipse of 2017: WAKE UP!


TOTAL Solar Eclipse
August 21, 2017
2:30:10 PM EDT
Greatest TOTALITY – longest is @ Nashville, TN (2 minutes, 40.2 seconds)
1:30:10 PM CDT
Moon & Sun @ 28 Leo 52
Saros Cycle 1N




This is a TOTAL Solar Eclipse of that opens the portal to a new consciousness with the potential for great transformation. Each of us has a choice – emergence or emergency. Continue reading

Aug 07

Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017: revealing

Lunar Eclipse
August 7, 2017
@ 2:10:37 PM EDT
Moon @ 15 Aquarius 25
Sun @ 15 Leo 25

Lunar Eclipse of Aug 7, 2017. A “king” will be challenged who threatens the world order and order will be restored unexpectedly. Fortunate turn of events. Continue reading