Oct 26

POWER Full Moon + mega storm watch

full moon
october 29, 2012

Full Moon
in Taurus
on October 29, 2012
@ 3:50 pm edt

Great POWER is being unleashed at this Full Moon.

This Full Moon has the power to create great&powerful prosperity, lighting the path to personal and mutual abundance. It is a POWERFUL Full Moon. The inner shadow – your root of power – is lit up brightly. What is within? What is hiding in the shadows? The time for hiding – behind excuses, blame, and all forms of negative energy – is ending. The secrets we hide behind are being revealed so we can set ourselves free. Depending on the intention – the power of this Full Moon can be used to do great good or great harm. Either way is possible, both are likely to be EXTREMELY successful.

See for yourself… chart + astro*MAP
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Sep 25

Full Harvest Moon reveals… your true abundance

full HARVEST moon

full HARVEST moon
september 29, 2012

September 29, 2012
@ 11:19 pm EDT

Moon @ 7 Aries 22
Sun @ 7 Libra 22

As the Harvest Moon shines on, its light can be bright enough to blow your cover. Full Moon are times we reap what we sow. Tough? Depends on you…

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Aug 27

Once in a Blue Moon: Full Moon of August 31, 2012

full moon 8-31-12

Full BLUE Moon on August 31, 2012

@ 9:58 am EDT

Moon @ 8 Pisces 33
Sun @ 8 Virgo 33

Fog and illusions can be the perfect cover for information built on idealism and wishes, instead of actual facts and reality. Here’s why….
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