Feb 21

Working it out: Full Moon on February 22, 2016


Full Moon on February 22, 2016
@ 1:20 PM EST
Moon @ 3 Virgo 33
Sun @ 3 Pisces 33

Ruler is Mercury
Mercury @ 11 Aquarius 55
conjunct Pallas @ 11 Aquarius 02

The Full Moon is in Virgo. Let’s get down to business. Continue reading

Dec 23

Christmas and the Full Moon: oh, what fun it is!

Yes, there is a Full Moon on Christmas Day. A/k/a the Cold Full Moon because it comes so close to Winter Solstice. Other tags are the Frosty Moon and the Long Night’s Moon. And – it’s the first Full Moon on Christmas Day since 1977. This won’t happen again for another 38 years.

6:12 AM EST
Full Moon in Cancer

Moon @ 3 Cancer 19 opposes the Sun @ 3 Capricorn 19.

In many ways, the chart for the Full Moon is a continuation, and perfection, of Continue reading

Oct 27

Scorpio: the courage to give AND receive


As we dive into Scorpio this year, both rulers of Scorpio – Mars (old) and Pluto (modern) are trine each other. Venus – Jupiter – and Mars are currently conjunct – you can see them in the pre-dawn sky. and there’s a SUPER Full Moon in Taurus – giving us easy access to the deep, magnetic powers of Scorpio. Continue reading