Jan 25

Jan 25: Mercury Direct! Digging out of the box


Yay! Mercury stations Direct on Monday, January 25, 2016 @ 4:50 PM EST

Planets that station take a few days until they start moving forward again…. Continue reading

May 27

New Moon in Gemini: spinning circles

New Moon in Gemini
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
@ 2:40 PM EDT
Sun & Moon at 7 Gemini 21

This is the New Moon in Gemini – a time you can spin your wheels.

As you spin your wheels, you create patterns – which can become crystal clear over the next month.

There are 2 astrological events happening at the New Moon. The only things they have in common is timing. Their patterns do not overlap. And that can give us perspective and healing…

    1- Sun and Moon are in the exact same place in the sky – or conjunct. Both Sun and Moon are square Neptune.

    2- There’s a beautiful Grand Trine with a Kite – a pattern that indicates a high level of success. And there’s a YOD.

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Feb 07

Mercury Retrograde: getting back in touch

Mercury Retrograde
February 6 – 28, 2014

When Mercury stations retrograde, it is becuase Mercury has gotten too far away from the Sun – and from the Sun’s perspective, too far from the Earth. We literally need to “come back down to Earth”

Mercury just entered Pisces and will turn on its heel and retreat back into Aquarius…
Why are we so obsessed with the negative potentials of Mercury Retrograde? Because our cuture teaches us that we need to keep moving forward, all the time, always, at all costs. Yet, the planets Retrograde. They move backwards. And Mercury does it most often – 3x a year for 3 weeks at a time. And here we go, again… Continue reading

Oct 25

Mercury Retrograde – Why you’re stalling out & how to get back in gear

October 21 – November 10
Mercury stations Retrograde
Why you’re stalling out – and how to get your energy moving again. This post is about taking INSPIRED ACTION.

Astrologically – Mercury Retrograde is always important – but this time – focusing on it as the main event can obscure the deeper significance of the transits happening now. Continue reading

Jun 23

Astro Trendy Transit Tracker > June 24 – 30, 2013


Tracking the astrology SIGNPOSTS for the week of June 24 – 30, 2013

Moon Notes for Thursday, June 27 – the Pisces Moon aligns with Neptune, becoming part of the GRAND WATER TRINE.
This is a fast-moving aspect (the Moon moves swiftly) yet – it can set off emotions that continuously keep you in the same loop. It may not be easy to be ‘rational’ about what you feel now, but if you can just let it be and observe your feelings – you can gain entry into your subconscious process and consciously choose thoughts that make you feel better – not worse. Remember – as Mercury is Rx in water-sign Cancer – it’s not the BIG things, but the little choices you make every day that add up to where you are right now.

If you think time forgot you – this week will change your mind.
Major astro trends as Mercury stations Retrograde with the FULL MOON as JUPITER enters CANCER.
Are you ready for a major shifts in abundance, prosperity – but not yet – nothing can move yet because there is something missing…. Get a jump start and be ready before everyone else figures it out!

This week is HUGE! Full Moon – Jupiter sign change – Mercury Retrograde, and much more….

Mercury Rx – the one you thought was not worth considering and by passed for something ‘better,’ has not received your message of inferiority and is building energy, rapidly.

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