Apr 25

New Moon: shout out

New Moon in Taurus
April 26, 2017
@ 8:16 AM EDT

Moon @ 6 Taurus 27
Sun @ 6 Taurus 27

It’s the New Moon in Taurus. It’s SPRING! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, everything is in bloom. Taurus is beautiful. Continue reading

Sep 02

Labored Labor Day Astrology

Astrologically, this is truly Labor day! What is happening to our sense of responsibility? It seems to be fraught with judgment of others. It may seem that you can never quite do enough or live up to growing responsibilities. Who’s stressed, and how is that going to play out….

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Aug 04

MidSummer Madness & Mercury Direct

summer/fall midpoint chart

On August 6, 2012, we will be at the exact midpoint between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox.

Pagans celebrate the early harvest at Lammas — the midpoint of Summer and Fall. Like Ground Hog’s Day, May Day, and Halloween, Lammas is 45 degrees on the wheel of the seasons, and therefore a point of manifestation.

or —

Sun @ 15 Leo 00

August 6 @ 10:30:33 pm EDT

This is a RED ALERT chart – a continuation of the Lunar Eclipse chart of June 4 – map and chart included in this post.

A few hours later– Mercury stations Direct

Mercury Direct on August 7 @ 1:40 am EDT

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