Nov 30

December starts… BIG

sun opposes jupiter
december 2, 2012

December is a BIG month – Jupiter makes it even bigger & better by giving us a great gift – the BIG cosmic-sized picture.

We can see Jupiter BIG in the night sky – at its closest point to Earth, and joined by the star Aldebaran – one of the 4 royal stars – for most of the coming winter season. Literal interpretation: Hitting the bulls eye. Continue reading

Sep 25

Full Harvest Moon reveals… your true abundance

full HARVEST moon

full HARVEST moon
september 29, 2012

September 29, 2012
@ 11:19 pm EDT

Moon @ 7 Aries 22
Sun @ 7 Libra 22

As the Harvest Moon shines on, its light can be bright enough to blow your cover. Full Moon are times we reap what we sow. Tough? Depends on you…

For our lives to continue to unfold, Continue reading

Jul 13

Pluto Tee’d Off!

There is a t-square forming between Mars-Pluto-Uranus – with Pluto at the focal point (Mars-square-Pluto-square-Uranus, Mars opposes Uranus). It is not something anyone is going to “like”, although it may explain why some of us are feeling agitated by collective anxiety. Yet, even dark clouds can have a silver lining, or in this case, a WHITE lining…. Continue reading