Once in a Blue Moon: Full Moon of August 31, 2012

full moon 8-31-12

Full BLUE Moon on August 31, 2012

@ 9:58 am EDT

Moon @ 8 Pisces 33
Sun @ 8 Virgo 33

Fog and illusions can be the perfect cover for information built on idealism and wishes, instead of actual facts and reality. Here’s why….

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This is a foggy confusing Full Moon as rulers Neptune (ruling Moon in Pisces) and Mercury (ruling Sun in Virgo) are in an approaching opposition showing that clear thinking is elusive as opinions are built on illusion and powered by misleading information. If you believe it, does that make it true?

Our emotions are are guidance system. If something upsets you, that is a signal there is a lesson to be learned. Yet, there is free will. If you do not choose to learn, if you would rather find someone to blame, you can continue to feel the same, if not worse. And that can be ok too. Sometimes we need the safety of the familiar. And sometimes we need to push beyond. And that requires allowing ourselves to learn, to go beyond feeling defensive about not being where we’d like to be.

Between the opposition of the Sun and the Moon — which is the Full Moon — there are a string of sextiles. Helping hands reaching out. Powerful alliances can be enhanced. The Sun sextiles Mars, Mars sextiles Pluto, Pluto sextiles Moon; a half-circle of power.

If you ACTIVELY support what supports you, it will thrive. And you will be empowered to thrive. If you enjoy schadenfreude, delighting at the misfortunes of others, or in plain English, sadism, you can find yourself being easily led by powerful forces who will do the same to you. Irony. Because this Full BLUE Moon reveals how you can ENERGETICALLY work FOR or AGAINST your own best interests. The string of sextiles between the Moon and Sun shows us that what goes around comes around. Literally. And just at the time you could actively work FOR your very best interests.

But if you take no action, or if you act out of intolerance and fear of anything outside your familiar zone — or if you fail to act out of insecurity, disenfranchisement, and/or defensiveness, power and influence will work against you. Directly and indirectly, making progress can be next to impossible as your options dwindle (symbolized by teh approaching square between Saturn and Venus — sesqui-square the Moon). Women, emotions, situations can have a very personal effect. Further, Uranus -change- is at the focal point of a YOD from the Sun-Mars sextile – be the change or be changed.

What could create more resistance (to positive outcomes and feeling good) is sending hate. In this emerging quantum world, vibrations are increasingly real. It can seem almost natural to have resentment and other negative emotions towards those who disagree with you, and to send them your most negative emotions, which energetically adds to your disappointment and outrage. Who you hurt most is you. If we really do NOT want to learn, do not want to self-examine, and we only want lots of good stuff, we may find we are getting increasingly less good stuff. We can blame that other person, especially a woman since this is Venus square Saturn, yet the energy of blame will just increase the resistance to allowing yourself to receive what you want in life.

The YOD to Uranus (from Mars and the Sun) symbolizes the stretch that needs to be made if we’re going to understand each other’s differences of opinions. If our ideology is too removed from real life, we may find ourselves forced to make uncomfortable adjustments, perhaps through events that are fated and unpredictable, yet somehow bring us greater acceptance of the ‘other.’

This is quite literally a once-in-a Blue Moon opportunity to come down to Earth and make a difference. The place is HERE. The time is NOW. The job is not easy but once you get started you can find powerful help along the way.

Goddesses, this is your time to be ON EARTH. While Venus is square Saturn, Ceres, the great Mother, is in an approaching trine to king-of-the-Earth Saturn. Your work can have a positive influence and provide lasting benefits for society. Since we have been told our bodies have SUPERPOWERS, i wonder what can we DO with those superpowers, besides trashing each other. This is your time to own your rights and come into your own – as fully responsible, influential adults (Saturn). Or- have a ‘greater authority’ make those choices for you. You can have a serious influence and still be cute.

The Full Moon is also conjunct Mitt Romney’s Mars in Pisces. This will reveal more about his leadership style, as we see his leadership in action, and realize just how much his leadership can effect our lives.

The Full Pisces Moon reminds us that we are not only here to shine, but to learn our soul lessons. And the way we know what we need to learn is through our EMOTIONS. Our emotions are our personal radar. Cutting ourselves off from our feelings leaves us adrift, without direction from within. If you are feeling agitated, irritated – even the slightest or a lot, that is a sign there is a lesson inherent in a situation that your soul needs to learn. When we blame, resent, send negative emotional energy, we are NOT learning and ultimately hurting ourselves. How? Without caring to learn our lesson, we can’t shine our brightest which makes it harder to ask for – and receive – our desires.

And now that we got this lesson, it’s on to the next one, as life pulses on….

Here’s the chart for the Full Moon on August 31, 2012:

full moon august 31, 2012

Also happening NOW: the Lunar Nodes are changing signs, moving from Sagittarius into Scorpio (they travel backwards, regression). Economically, this is an indicator that the economy will come back to mid performance, leaving the low zone of Aquarius, halfway to the heights of Leo.
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