Full Harvest Moon reveals… your true abundance

full HARVEST moon

full HARVEST moon
september 29, 2012

September 29, 2012
@ 11:19 pm EDT

Moon @ 7 Aries 22
Sun @ 7 Libra 22

As the Harvest Moon shines on, its light can be bright enough to blow your cover. Full Moon are times we reap what we sow. Tough? Depends on you…

For our lives to continue to unfold,

– O –

– O –

Can you detach? We all need to to let SOMETHING go. RELEASE. What toxic baggage are you holding on to, for dear life? What is that doing to your life, your health? And how emotionally involved are you in holding on to what you believe is true, instead of releasing what is toxic in your life, and body? The struggle you release now can help you make this your Full HARVEST Moon of abundance, instead of accumulated toxins dragging you down….

If you’ve read your horoscope for October, you probably got the word: this Harvest Moon is intense. The light of this Full Moon can peel the paint off dark secrets, revealing stark contrasts.

Pluto, lord of the underworld, is square the Sun-Moon opposition (Full Moon). Echoing this theme, the Full Moon ruler, Mars, is in Scorpio, in a tight FIXED square to Venus-in-Leo. No one wants to give an inch. Yet… Uranus is conjunct the Moon at the Full Moon – the people want change.

This is a time of great transformation. If you resist, you are likely to invite increasingly intense power struggles. But – this Full Moon can empower you find a connection to your inner self, get to the root causes and connect with your inner light and source of transformation. If it’s your intention to release negative interference – without trying to crush it entirely – you can start to shift your focus and flourish – and have a Harvest Moon of abundance.

SO what do we need to give up. And why?

The belief that we can – and must – personally control every perceived threat to our intentions and beliefs can be holding our energy firmly in place. Check mate. Who really has the energy and staff to respond to every nuance of challenge in full crisis mode. At the FULL MOON, we’re going to find out.

AFter all, why work cooperatively when you can psychological manipulate and undermine others to maintain your power. Hate and blame can keep you firmly in position – and not evolving.

This is a spiral. You can choose to go UP or DOWN. You can choose between feeling better and feeling worse.

The good thing is — manipulative energy is easy to spot as the FULL MOON approaches. The early degrees of CARDINAL signs are doorways. Here, displays of power and control will not go unnoticed, no matter how subtly and strategically implemented. Are you emotionally pliable? Paranoid? Can you be controlled and manipulated by what you HATE?l Many powerful leaders are banking on it.

It is exactly this position of maintaining power and control – at all costs – that has to give. Astrologically, this chart says it’s happening. But not easily.

For those souls who are ready and choose it, this year, 2012, is a time of extraordinary evolutionary ascension. Pluto is at a focal point – showing us that we CAN choose to lose our old baggage that seems to keep us safe. How does it keep us safe? By not moving forward – because if we grew, evolved, our vibrations would change and that would change what we want and what we attract – and that could change everything. Yet, at the fullness of this Harvest Moon, we can see clearly. We can see what we need to keep and what we need to weed out of our garden. We can find the inner courage to move forward, to grow from here. The desire for growth has to come from within us first – it has to be organic because as everything expands and gets brighter, any dishonesty, distortion, or holding back will become larger and more obvious. Like the Full Moon.

This Full Moon of empowerment can reveal the (hidden) resources and abilities we need to feel our abundance – unless we allow blocks to stop us. Blocks can be anything that creates your resistance to a peaceful inner self. This is your resistance to recognizing yourself as a whole, divine being. To your inner abundance.

The Light of the Full Moon gives us a vision of the CONTRAST – conflict in hi-definition – showing us just how fragmented and agitated we have become by following leaders and philosophies that suggest we lean into our most negative feelings. Where is this taking us? What are you using as an excuse not to feel good?

This isn’t about forcing an outcome – it’s about allowing an outcome.

We each have an energetic choice – joy or agony. What do we want to lean into. The higher vibrational LIGHT of the Full Moon can help us see our choices in hi-definition. Clarity! We can thank those who show us – even by negative example – just how clear our choices are now. When we release our own negativity, our own belief that we are not worthy and deserve to feel like victims, we can stop using bullying and blame as strategies for success. Instead of struggling against looking within, we can look into our inner Self-as-process. No one is all the way there – we are all works-in-process.

When our love comes from an organic process that is true to our inner Self, we can share our love and let it grow – with losing our Selves.

The way to find your true source of abundance, as revealed in this Full Harvest Moon, is to look beneath what you’ve hidden. That’s where you’ll find your greatest gifts.

Here’s the chart for the Full HARVEST Moon:

full harvest moon
september 29, 2012

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