Full Moon: tale of 2 YODS

full moon chart

Full Moon is on July 3 in Capricorn

Moon @ 12 Capricorn 13
Sun @ 12 Cancer 13

The Moon — star of the Full Moon show — is in Capricorn — just a few degrees past an exact conjunction with Pluto.

This means the not only the Moon, but Pluto is opposing the Sun. The public has a deep feelings about money, finance, big business, and power – that are coming to the surface and are not necessarily positive, as symbolized by a square of collective Uranus to Pluto. The Moon is square Uranus at the Full Moon. Important, life-changing choices are becoming more obvious, and more clear to more people.

And since the Full Moon is in Earth-sign Capricorn, stress we usually keep hidden can surface in ways that are physical and real. On a realistic level, we can realize how our attitudes about what is socially acceptable may have deeper roots than we thought (Moon conjunct Pluto) and may not serve us as well as we thought (square Uranus). We can learn about this indirectly.

With Moon in business-like Capricorn, you may get an enlightening view into patronizing attitudes about emotions. We will see more clearly (if we look beyond blame) at how patronizing words (Mercury YOD) not-so-indirectly create defensive attitudes. Being “emotional” can be dismissed as unrealistic or delusional. Being “rational” give you an excuse – you don’t even have to listen to what “emotional” people say. No one is 100% emotional or 100% rational 100% of the time — no one is that one-dimensional. So, lifting the veil at the Full Moon, and noting there is always a payoff – what does being “big daddy” get you…

When you successfully divorce yourself from emotions, you lose your guidance system for well-being. And this can be more of an obvious problem for those who habitually patronize and condescend, and label as defensive, anyone with an opposing view. And if they respond, they are obviously emotional and defensive. How does that person’s point of view trickle into the conversation? Usually, it doesn’t and people feel alienated, disenfranchised.

Too bad. The essence of the Cancer Sun is belonging. If we’re going to have a productive prosperous society, it needs to start with honest and equal discussions. Blaming the other side for being “emotional” or “patronizing” is overlooking what each side can bring to the discussion. Instead, the discussion is downgraded. This is a Full Moon in Capricorn with a YOD to Mercury, a time we can get some insight on how we use our power (Pluto-Moon oppose Sun) to keep emotions in check. Self-control is important to work towards. Patronizing others for being emotional is the bait that throws us off course. Instead of using power-speech to control others, this is a good time to look more deeply into issues of dependency and fear — ideas that keep us fighting and separated — from each other and our authentic Self.

There is important information that may be crucial, yet not come to light and remain secret so we can continue as if it doesn’t exist.

There are 2 YODS in this chart that fit together – this is a moment of FATE.

YOD 1 – Mercury is the focal point. Base is Pluto sextile Chiron.
YOD 2- Pluto-conjunct-(FULL)Moon is focal. Base is Venus-conjunct-Jupiter sextile Mercury

Mercury and Pluto are inconjunct AND the focal-points of YODs. Information given and is received indirectly. This Full Moon can show us how the need to belong (Cancer) to a group (Uranus) can influence our thinking (Mercury YOD) enough to make major life-changing decisions (square Uranus).

Expect talking-points that push buttons you didn’t know you had.

Eastern US – look for more unstable weather in the week ahead.

Chart for the Full Moon:

full moon

Chart for the Full Moon with the 2 YODS:

full moon with 2 yods

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*Hindsight Note: after posting this blog about the YODs, an announcement was made — coinciding with the Full Moon and the perfection of the YODs — about the discovery of a new physics particle. It seems appropriate that the YOD, called the “Finger of God” coincides with the discovery of what scientists are calling “the God particle”:
NY Tines article: Physicists Find Elusive Particle Seen as Key to Universe

And now we have this new story developing:
Raw Story: Florida TB Outbreak

6 thoughts on “Full Moon: tale of 2 YODS

  1. This is incredible!

    Personally, I am feeling the life-changing-moment.
    The emotions hidden inside are deep, and definitely there is a business element to all of what is taking place…

    I wish you could give some explanation to interpersonal relationships under this position of the full moon and the rest of the aspects…

    Great insight nonetheless! Thank you

    • Your stress is palpable.
      Here’s some words of wisdom from Abraham:

      Ratchet it back a notch. Give yourself a break. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Lighten up. Be easier. Go slower. Take it easy. Have more fun. Love yourself more. Laugh more. Appreciate more. All is well. You can’t get it wrong. You never get it done.

      — Abraham

  2. I know that a YOD is a Hebrew letter, but I have never run across this an astrology.
    Could someone please explain what this is ?

    • thanks. I disagree.

      And what a perfect example you make of this aspect — ol’ left hook to the ‘teacher’

      astrology in action

      please check the latest update to the post. Between the Full Moon and the perfection of the YODS, the “God particle” was discovered by physicists. And there’s the finger of fate at work.

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