2012 Spring Equinox: hurry up &… ?

At Spring Equinox, the Sun enters Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars is currently Retrograde in Virgo (thru April 13).

At Spring Equinox, the Sun enters Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, and currently, Mars is Retrograde in Virgo.

Mars is in Mercury-ruled Virgo, while Mercury is in Mars-ruled Aries. This is called ‘mutual reception.’ This special relationship will temporarily end when Mercury re-enters Pisces on Friday, April 23. However — Mercury stations DIRECT on April 4 and will enter Aries (again) on April 16 — at that time both Mercury and Mars will be Direct — and in mutual reception — working seamlessly together. Current spikes in hostile rhetoric is only the opening call, the warm up. Once Mercury and Mars are Direct (April 16), things can truly heat up and go into overdrive.

When Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, we can tend to speak fast and think later. Mistakes happen, cover-ups are tempting, denial is ‘normal.’ Anything to keep going. Information can be energetically used against others, making and breaking reputations.

We can experience the aggressive potential of Mercury-Mars through words. Sarcasm, insults, cynicism, bullying, name-calling, mockery, and good ol’ twisting the truth, are all ways that speech can be used as an aggressive tool. This seems to be very effective since people living in fear and self-doubt are not in the position to excel, or even believe they have the right to seek opportunities to excel; they believe they are not ‘good enough’. The belief that success is out of reach or even undeserved, can cause us to lose the energy to thrive.

Mars Retrograde in Virgo with Mercury Retrograde in Aries, we can take criticism personally. Yet, doing this can stop your momentum. Instead of following seemingly pervasive negative beliefs and living small to accommodate the fears of others, and yourself, you can use the Mercury-Mars blend to disempower negative suggestions. Instead of empowering negativity by taking action based on defensive feelings, what if you could allow everyone to have their point-of-view and appreciate all the variety as part of the greater dialog.

As Mercury moves from Aries back into Pisces, we may get a re-view lesson on our habitual communication patterns — if you automatically criticize and belittle, what you are really blocking out of your own consciousness?? What are you trying NOT to see, not to own in yourSelf? As Mercury moves back into Pisces again, if we’re truly blessed we may receive an opportunity to rethink our compassion and let some honest emotion into our lives.


Here’s the chart for New Moon in Aries:

spring equinox 2012 astrology chart

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