Cast a shadow: the Mars – Neptune opposition

Cast a Shadow
Friday the 13th
April 13, 2012
Mars stations Direct and opposes Neptune

Mars @ 3 Virgo 40

Neptune @ 2 Pisces 26

April 13, 2012. Mars stations Direct – and opposes Neptune!!

What happens when your SUBCONSCIOUS casts a shadow on your REAL LIFE??

This opposition is just over 1 degree from exact. Close enough to effect the weather. Shift the energy, and affect our mood. It is also an opportunity to raise our energetic vibrations with love and compassion. Or lose energy without it. Although we can experience the discordant part of aspect, this also an opportunity to understand how we use our energy so we can get to a higher level of cooperation and well-being.

Although this opposition will not be exact at this time, Mars and Neptune’s next opposition is in October 2013 — @ 2 Pisces-Virgo  — exactly where they are now!  This happens the next time Mars makes a full orbit and again reaches 2 Virgo. It’s a long set-up. And there’s a lot of work to be done to realize the information in this mirror-image aspect. We can access the energy to get it done, or not, depending on how we manage our egos.

The stress from this aspect comes when our actions oppose our spirituality. We may be feeling a conflict — are we here to “get things done,’ or to find our spiritual path? Since we need to give Mars in Virgo something to DO, we can learn to balance taking care of details and getting things done, with going deep into experiencing our inner peace. The opposition shows us, in exaggerated form, that we need to experience both sides or lose out. An ego that tries to go against the infinite Self  can get burned out. Instead of fighting the tide, we can ‘do a 180,’ turn it around, and start ‘allowing’ instead of being defensive and fighting. This is time for opposition, but not violent, Mars in Virgo wants to sort things out, create order. Violence is more of a possibility in late June, early July– just after Venus makes its Direct station (according to the Aztecs, when armies are set marching) and Mars enters Libra a week later,  and negotiations get too twisted to unravel.

Mars-Neptune points out our addictions to fear, worry, anger. What emotions “make” us react?

We may hear about how nothing can “MAKE”us react, yet it sure seems like it does! Until— we realize we need to put the mindfulness we reach for INTO OUR DAILY LIVES. We need to be conscious, to strive to live in our HIGHER consciousness, not just be ‘ok’ to live in our lower consciousness.

There are good reasons we get addicted to lower emotions. We get something from them, even if it’s a reason NOT to do anything. When we REFUSE to release our emotions, we get to ‘stay stuck.’ Bonus?

Mars– returning to the beginning of Virgo– reminds us that to get our momentum going, so we can approach higher consciousness, we need to remember body-basics — diet and exercise. Or, we wind up declaring war on our bodies! If we want to reach a state of higher consciousness, and we’re eating bad quality food and not exercising, we are not putting any consciousness into our most basic functioning, and that lack puts us on a lower footing, so we lose focus, can’t concentrate, can’t accomplish anything much. If this runs counter to your belief that the “body better do what I say, not the other way around!!!” you are not likely to be open enough to solution to make any changes. If our egos have dominion over our bodies, we have to live by our ego’s demands.

During Mars-Neptune, we can see a spike in pretend outrage. Ego override, overreactions to alleged threats, taking action against unrealistic expectations, shadow boxing, taking a stand without a backbone, shooting the innocent with self-justification, shooting yourself in the foot. How far are we going to take this out? Have we given up on feeling good, leading a happy, fulfilling, loving life? Is happiness trite??? Is revenge so much sweeter? Instead of blaming ourselves for self-sabotaging behavior, it can be more helpful, and healing, to thinking about what’s behind our “outrage”. Why are we using this transit aggressively against the subconscious, truly believing our egos are stronger than the subconscious sea. What if all the separations our ego makes to keep things ‘neat’ were the true illusion. What if our energy was truly connected, in ways we don’t yet fully understand? There is no one here who can see and comprehend everything at once!! (that’s omniscient)

With Mars in Virgo, we tend to make everything small enough to understand. Neptune opposing in Pisces shows there are emotions and events that are bigger than any human understanding. No one here can see and comprehend everything that is happening at once, and pretending we can just increases our stream of cluttering mind-chatter. Yet, our egos want to believe we do just that. Giving full understanding to something beyond our small self, to a higher power, takes faith and sacrifice. What if something, just off your radar screen, was going to come into your life and help you live your dreams? Would that be a drag?!

What we believe is all we can see. If all you see is what’s wrong, consider how your thoughts influence your reality. If all you see is what’s wrong, no matter how much you receive, including all the abundance of the world, you will only see what’s wrong!!! We get the idea that we can have it all, and be healthy. Yet overriding basic bodily functions can make it very difficult to get your real needs met, beyond what tastes yummy in the moment.

Before judging who’s ok and who is NOT, ask yourself this. Are YOU on your own side? Or do you side against yourself, against your best interests, feel you have no right to love and be loved, all because you made a mistake today?! What do you attach meaning to— the compliment or the criticism– and what does that do to your energy? And for how long? Then notice what happens to your energy when you feel gratitude. Acknowledge your accomplishments and find gratitude for every thing you’ve done. And watch what happens to your energy.

Most of us see unconditional love as something we will only deserve once we achieve absolute perfection. Will you ever achieve absolute perfection? And if you did, would it really make you happy?? And what happens when others are not perfect, what if everyone was absolute perfect as well– would that mean you could finally be happy?


Since this is an OPPOSITION, it functions like a mirror– we get to see how we treat ourselves by how we treat others. Oppositions used positively can be bridges. How do we send energy?? Do we look for faults to attack and ways to create conflict, or do we seek peace and love? Do we want to do harm or heal? What do we DO with all the negative, sad things we feel? The more we (unconsciously) displace and project our scary, negative, unconscious emotions on others, the more we (unconsciously) sabotage our own best efforts. By negating our spiritual, transconscious Self, we cut off our connection to our all-knowing self. We get confused, lost. We don’t allow our own magnificence to shine, or the magnificence of anyone else. We lose our faith and inspiration, in ourselves, in others, in the world. And since we don’t own or admit to our negative emotions, we unconscious use them against others, all the way denying we are doing this and even blaming the other person.

What we don’t own, we transfer. When we take things too personally, we are indirectly blaming someone else for ‘making’ us the victim, even if it’s really an illusion created by our own subconscious mind. It’s not to trip us up, but to reveal our inner self. It’s when the ego has to assert OVER our inner needs that we run into energy snags.

When we cannot allow a boundary in others, it’s a clue that we don’t feel our own boundaries are being respected.

It’s time to stop polluting with our unconscious toxic emotions so we can start to heal.

Here’s the golden lining — this opposition can generate ENERGY. Enough ENERGY to burn through the fog. The emotions we feel now can build the energy needed to get things MOVING. We really can’t make people we don’t like “go away.” For every one you destroy, more are created because it’s not about how much we don’t like, but how much we can accept and respect life in all its variations. When Mars stations Direct in April, we can move DIRECT with our lives. It’s worth paying attention to the current opposition, since Mars and Neptune will again oppose at this same degree of Pisces-Neptune in October 2013.

The Mars-Neptune opposition grows even more prominent when we consider the upcoming ECLIPSE charts that feature a square from Jupiter (and Rx Venus) to Neptune.

Follow-up: with perfect timing, the film “Bully” opened exactly on Mars’ Direct station – opposing Neptune.

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