Mercury and Mars ~ have a brainstorm!

As of Monday, April 16 — Mercury is back in Aries.

During Mercury’s Retrograde Station in March, fast thinking Mercury recessed (moved backwards) into Pisces. On Monday April 16, Mercury, now Direct, re-enters Aries.

And once again, Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception. Mercury in Aries-ruled Mars. Mars in Mercury-ruled Virgo.

The difference now — both planets are DIRECT.

Ideas and plans are ready for ACTION!

This is AMPED UP by Mercury’s conjunction with thought-provoking Uranus.

Brilliant new ideas come in unexpected flashes of intuition.

Inspiration is electrifying.

When Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, we can tend to speak fast and think later. Mistakes happen, cover-ups can be tempting. Information can be energetically used against others, making and breaking reputations.

Mercury in Aries
Mercury conjunct Uranus

So we can continue next week, and the week after that….
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