Mercury stations Direct, and ….

Mercury, the planet of connections, makes its Direct station on April 4 !!

This Retrograde is OVER!!!

Before we celebrate, let’s look at the facts so we can get an idea of the timing.

On March 29 — a few days before Mercury’s Direct station on April 4 — Venus and Mercury sextile — a positive-energy aspect that can heighten our appreciation, and give us the words to express it.

Venus and Mercury sextile again on May 3 — just before Venus makes a Retrograde station. To make a sextile aspect, and access the flow of true appreciation that helps us connect effortlessly for mutual benefits, Mercury and Venus need some distance! It’s easy to be friendly, enjoy relationships, and not take things personally. And that attitude can allow easy access to the flow of business and friendship. Thoughts can be expressed beautifully, and a cooperative spirit can make it easy and fun to get things done.

VENUS moves on and stays…. Venus enters Gemini on Tuesday, April 3. And stays through August 7. If you are wondering why a planet that usually transits through a sign within a month spends 4 months in Gemini — here comes a Venus Retrograde station! Talk about fickle, and we will!!! But nicely. Venus stalling in Gemini gives us lots of extra time to learn to talk nice to each other;-) Meanwhile, Mercury stations Direct this week!!!

At its DIRECT station on April 4, Mercury, planet of connections, makes NO aspects to other planets for two and a half weeks! That’s considerable for a planet whose major theme is making connections.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces can make us aware of so many sides to every situation, we second guess our decisions. While Mercury is still in Pisces (through April 16), we can either feel frustrated with lack of action, or we can take the additional time Mercury spends in Pisces to get clear about our BELIEFS. Then, when Mercury once again enters Aries — and conjuncts Uranus — we can take ACTION that works, we can make CHANGES that stick (when Mercury enters Taurus!)

It’s possible to network without making real connections until later in April. And even then, communication challenges are possible. Meanwhile, do we hide out, or break down the flow of Mercury and see what we can do and think to get ready.

Mercury inconjuncts Saturn (April 12), enters Aries (April 16), semisquares Jupiter (April 19), inconjuncts Mars (April 20), conjuncts Uranus (April 22). We can be ready for a BIG breakthrough, and get so impatient or frustrated by endless details, setbacks, and errors, we try to indirectly force something to happen. We can find ourselves vacillating between talking too much or saying too little. We can indirectly discourage ourselves by discouraging others. This time can require making small adjustments that allow big changes.

Since transits happen at exactly the right time, we can realize that Mercury, now DIRECT in courageous Mars-ruled Aries, is asking one thing of us: courage. It’s not enough to misplace our personal responsibility on others, or divert our focus by criticizing someone who has only an indirect or minor role in our lives, or to find our value (or lack) through the indirect, off-handed criticisms of strangers. To take initiative, to act effectively, to make changes that we want, instead of changes that force us to change, we need courage.

When Mercury squares Pluto (April 25) we can get a preview of the long-term Uranus-Pluto square that is starting to come into exact focus. As we lead up to the first exact Uranus-Pluto square on June 24, change is inevitable — it’s how intensely, drastically, and disruptively the changes occur.

Unless the Uranus-Pluto square directly impacts your chart, the changes forced by this square are more likely to be social/political than personal.

[Uranus-Pluto will be occurring on and off now through 2015, for a grand total of 7 exact squares]

We may think of people who stir things up and make us think as troublemakers. Yet, sometimes it takes getting upset to get out of old, limited, routine thoughts and make real progress…

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Chart for Mercury’s Direct station on April 4, 2012:

astrology chart: mercury stations direct on april 4, 2012

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