New Breeze, New Moon (Sept 15, 2012)

new moon
in virgo

There’s a New Moon in Virgo on September 15
Sun and Moon @ 23 Virgo 37

Since New Moons are invisible, the tendency is to ignore them, but New Moons raise the tides and are often accompanied by weather you can see.

And while you can’t SEE a New Moon, if you feel it, you can make a wish. So all you beautiful people, the world needs you to make a wish now. Include all the details you can dream up.

New Moons always start new cycles. There’s a new breeze blowing on the horizon.

And as the winds of Fall 2012 start to blow, there’s one question you have to ask yourself…




The New Moon is in Virgo [@ 23 Virgo 37]. This is the time to make a wish for achieving more clarity through better discernment. We need to clean house – mind, body, and soul – and get ready for the new winds of change coming with the Fall Equinox on September 22.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and ruler Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Moon — just 5 degrees beyond the New Moon [@ 28 Virgo 25]. This gives Mercury extra strength. And what Mercury in Virgo wants is to work — smart and organized. And since the Sun – the essential YOU — is 1/2 of the New Moon – this Virgo New Moon is the time to ask yourself — if YOU want to take responsibility and do the work – or – if you want to hire someone else to take responsibility.

So how is Mercury — planet of communicating, learning, connecting — working.

Ruler Mercury is approaching an inconjunct (150 degree aspect) to Neptune, which will be exact once Mercury enters Libra (one day after the New Moon, Sept 16) — while the Moon — star of the New Moon — enters Libra in under 12 hours. Something is just about ready to change. It’s personal. This is an opportunity to make a shift that can align you and help you feel balanced within and without – as Mercury and then the Sun enter Libra – the Fall Equinox. This is an opportunity to shift up, to break an old cycle of doubt, and be ready for the next phase.

As the planets enter Libra this year, they will all be inconjunct (150 degrees) Neptune and semisquare Libra’s ruler Venus.

The Moon is first, as our emotions lead us to the cutting edge of new currents. The Mercury-Neptune inconjunct can blinded – by our beliefs – with slight-of-hand magic tricks and yogic stretches of words and images. Instead of hitting the desired target, words can conjure emotional perceptions that sound good, yet indirectly work against your best interests. Where is the truth?

Is our truth based on what we hate, or what we love?

The Sun will follow the Moon and Mercury and make the same aspects a few days later — at Fall Equinox. The New Moon in late Virgo is a last-minute opportunity to get it right before everything moves into high gear.

Since the Moon is the first planet to enter Libra, this is a very personal, close-to-home Equinox. Our emotions are truly our guide. Hitting on an emotional issue, even indirectly, can set off a deluge of words that are inspired by beliefs, but not necessarily facts.

Expect an abundance of news, talk, and information that stretch the bounds of exaggeration with Jupiter in Mercury-ruled Gemini, inconjunct Mars (in strategic Scorpio). The sheer volume of words can make it harder to think for yourself. The volleys of accusations by those seeking our reverence and approval (votes?) can be a turn-off. Are our life-philosophies genuine, or designer-made for promotional purposes? Do we have values, or price tickets? Are we worth more than market value?

The Sun – Moon – Mercury in Virgo give us a choice – we have a last chance do the work ourselves, which means learning, thinking, communication. Or we can give that task over to someone we believe is more qualified.

The Sun disposits to Venus in Leo, also semisquare the Sun. This gives Venus authority in the chart.

Venus is semisquare the Sun and Moon at the New Moon. There is a gap between style and substance.

We can be feeling too socially and stylistically self-conscious to rely on our inner beauty — especially when there are so many must-have shopping opportunities. And so many ways to craft a look. Since everyone is shopping, and being applauded for looking great, we can feel that we have to keep up to get noticed, to be someone special. Does our focus on appearance make us more genuinely attractive? And even more importantly, does it give us what (and who) we truly desire? Is it possible to attract someone you truly relate to if you’re in costume? Or would there always be a shred of doubt…

It’s not whether you dress up or down — or WHO you wear. It’s how YOU wear it.

If you chose style over substance — you may not attract something or someone who authentically resonates with YOU. You are also more likely to be attracted to the illusion someone creates rather than the real person.

In an increasingly consumer-driven market culture, self-knowledge and intellectual curiosity take a back seat to marketability. When we chose not to learn, about ourselves and/or the world, information gets watered down for maximum consumption. If it doesn’t sell, do we need it? Is it every one for themselves, or is there a society? A world we share? Starting at this New Moon cycle, more than ever this Fall, that will become more apparent.

Stay tuned — Equinox arrives on September 22 as the Sun enters Libra — with ruler Venus in a starring role. Then comes the Harvest Moon on September 29. Will it be a Harvest of Abundance, or a harvest hampered by powerful interests that evade investigation? Pluto squares the Full HARVEST Moon in Aries-Libra while rulers Venus and Mars square off. Full Moons are culmination of the promise hinted at during the previous New Moon – and the next Full Moon features significant and extreme actions from Mars. Including a promise by Mars made during the Solar Eclipse back in May 2012.

Here’s the New Moon chart (for NYC):

new moon in virgo

That’s all very real. But what about the other side? What idea seeds can LIGHTWORKERS plant on this New Moon?

Since this all very real, believing in our negative emotions will do one thing — lower your vibrations. And the lower your vibrations sink, the more negative you feel, and the lower your vibrations continue to sink, despite all the blame or hatred you can feel or express.

To move forward — into feeling positive – you need to raise your vibrations. Take responsibility for what you desire so you can let go of illusions and attract what YOU want to attract.

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