Neptune makes waves: October 10-15

As Saturn enters Scorpio – big things happen
Neptune: making waves this week

Neptune is busy this week, and that can be inspiring – and confusing.

But first – Sunday – Monday – Tuesday – a quick YOD from Mercury-Venus to Uranus. Surprisingly good things happen when you connect with friends and partners. No need to plan anything. This is Uranus – things happen




spontaneously – when you experiment – and let go of your attachment to the outcome.

As Saturn enters Scorpio (Oct 6), it forms a TRINE aspect (120 degrees) to Neptune (Oct 10), easily interacting with Neptune’s psychic energy. Your subconscious is your best guide. This aspect can put you in direct contact with the entire collective subconscious – your greatest resource now. And you can TAP in to its gifts. Literally.

Saturn-trine-Neptune can make your career-dreams come true – but Saturn reminds us that along with our image our success – we need to willingly do the required work – consistently – without losing hope or confidence.

Here is where we can blend reason with intuition. How realistic are your expectations? Reasonable expectations can help to propel you forward – keeping you open to your intuition and able to put your ideas to use.

Mars (just into Sagittarius) makes a square to Neptune (Oct 7). Despite our best intentions, we can lose focus, resulting in energy that goes ‘up in smoke.’ Self-reflection can keep you true to your Self and using your energy instead of repressing it. If you ignore your intuition, feel insecure about your ability to compete, or act despite confusion, the actions you take can be vague, addictive, and even put you in dangerous situations.

This week can feel like a test of faith. Any inner anger you are holding can surface as irritation, frustration, or gnawing insecurity. Allowing your imagination some flight of fancy can help you distinguish facts and fantasy. Think about what is being (subtly) suggested to you, and what is real for you.

Along with working responsibly (Saturn), we need to remember the spark of WHY we are working, our inspiration (Neptune). As important as your hard work, it’s your inspiration that will encourage others to support and sustain your efforts – helping you turn a career-dream into a sustainable profession (Saturn).

Simultaneously, Saturn also receives a sesquisquare from Jupiter (exact Oct 15). Grand promises that seem certain with trines between Saturn-Neptune and Sun-Jupiter may be glossing over important details that are absolutely necessary for real results. Your perspective may be colored by what you want, more than what is realistic. Jupiter is also Retrograde, delaying promises and asking us to look again at the details of our ambitions.

If you can’t get to the absolute pinnacle of success right now – what CAN you do – right where you are? Without waiting for the perfect conditions to appear – how can you get involved so you have opportunities to share your skills and grow your abilities. As you continue to work, you also continue to achieve professional expertise.

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More on these aspects in the next post — the New Moon on October 15.

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