Saturn in Scorpio: making magic work

On October 5, 2012, Saturn enters Scorpio. Since Saturn’s orbit is 29 1/2 years, changing signs signals worldwide social changes. Scorpio’s passion is investigating and Saturn-in-Scorpio just may turn up something well worth investigating…
[Saturn will be in Scorpio from October 5, 202 – December 23, 2014]

New update: Saturn enters Scorpio and makes connections. More on the important aspects Saturn makes during week of October 8 – 15.




What does Saturn in Scorpio mean for us, personally and all together? How can we make Saturn’s Scorpio magic work for us?

By helping your ability to FOCUS — intensely. NOTHING can distract you — if your dream is sincere. Whether or not you receive outside support, whether the odds or for or against you, your persistence can be powerful. This is NOT the time to you’re likely to give up. But it can be the time to understand what DRIVES you.

In Pluto-ruled Scorpio, Saturn will be in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Cozy for business and government. And meaningful for the economy of the country, the planet, and each of us.

Just don’t expect sympathy for any shortcomings. No one wants to hear coulda-woulda stories. Only WINNING counts now. What is NOT sustainable can easily fall away — in a consumer-driven world, what is not economically supported is not needed. Tough love? Or model for growth?

This Saturn says it’s time to compost the waste — take what you need, get rid of the rest. And that can feel very cold, for many of us. Either something (or someone) is part of the future – or it’s not. Heartless? That’s another weakness Saturn-in-Scorpio doesn’t tolerate. As the kind, diplomatic gloves of Saturn-in-Libra come off, Saturn-in-Scorpio doesn’t focus on who it offends. While Saturn is in Scorpio, we can have the guts to be ruthless in ways we may normally be too sensitive to enforce.

What resources DO you have to work WITH? What resources can you access? Instead of amassing possessions for status, how ELSE can we use what we already have so it will perpetuate itself, continue to grow in the future? Water signs are creative – so be creative as you think about this. We can’t hold on to everything from the past and create the future at the same time – there will be things we need to give up (and want to), and other things we need to use differently. It can’t continue if it’s not sustainable. Once Pluto entered Capricorn (January 2008) the concept of a sustainable future came into our awareness, and now it’s underscored and brought down to Earth by Saturn.

Saturn prefers to restrain it’s inner feelings, and Scorpio represents our desire nature as a master poker-player. This is how Saturn in Scorpio can keep your emotions held deeply in check, perhaps too tightly — because showing emotion can reveal something secret or private that can be used against you. Paranoid yet?

Scorpio tends to see any weakness as vulnerability and attack – without warning and with dead-on aim. Because the threat of manipulation is so real, Saturn in Scorpio tries to keep us “safe” from emotional manipulation, which can make it even harder to access our feelings. Scorpio naturally digs deep to uncover hidden blocks that repress and impede spiritual and financial growth. But in Scorpio, we can become obsessed with maneuvering and out-maneuvering our opponents. The need to control all can be due to hidden feelings and insecurities that (we secretly fear) make us vulnerable, and so are kept hidden. We may feel safe. Yet, our obsession with control can distract us from our greatest gift – attracting our desires and pursuing our goals.

Saturn represents professions and careers. Scorpio seeks funding from shared resources, such as organizations, corporations. In Scorpio, that can mean ‘appropriating’ the work of another – without payment – and using it for personal profit. It can also help you get serious about receiving funding for projects. What matters most to you? In the long-run, Saturn in Scorpio asks – do ethics and morals matter? Or just OUR bottom line? Is it winner take all, or is there more?

The magic of Saturn in Scorpio starts from within and radiates out. We need to get to the bottom of control issues. Instead of out-maneuvering those who do have authority, how can we work WITH them. The more we fight, the more resentment we can build up. This is not a result of our power, but our powerlessness – our fear of using our personal power, and thereby using it irresponsibly and working against our own best interests. Can you be in control of yourself without having to control everything?

The magic can happen when you let go and trust in the loving power of the universe.

As Saturn enters Scorpio – big things happen

As Saturn enters Scorpio, it forms a TRINE aspect (120 degrees, easy) to Neptune. Your subconscious – and the entire collective unconscious – is your greatest resource now. TAP in.

Saturn-trine-Neptune can make your career-dreams come true – but Saturn reminds us that along with the inspirational image we need to hold of our success – we also need to be willing to do the required work – consistently.

Simultaneously, Saturn also receives a sesquisquare from Jupiter. Grand promises that seem certain with the Saturn-Neptune trine may be glossing over important details that are absolutely necessary. Your perspective may be colored by what you want, more than what is realistic.

If you can’t get to the absolute pinnacle of success right now – what CAN you do – right where you are? Without waiting for the perfect condition to appear – how can you get involved so you have opportunities to share your skills and abilities so you can keep working to achieve professional expertise.

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