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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ February 2018 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ASTROLOGY VIBRATIONS for February 2018: tradition be damned!

CURRENT MOON PHASE: First Quarter in Gemini

As we leave Aquarius and enter Pisces on Sunday, the February 15 Solar Eclipse has been a catalyst, opening us to new ways to engage in the political process and take part in the social dialog. We are having conversations. Change can come from anywhere. And new directions can point all of us in a a more positive and productive direction.

Yet, we need to be mindful of an increasing trend to attack through illusion. Yes yes. A lot of us got fooled. But we can take it back. We are entering a time when we can stop feeling like victims – and getting angry about it! – so we can start to see through these illusions. And then take positive action.

The biggest event of February 2018 is the Solar Eclipse on February 15.

SOLAR ECLIPSE of February 15, 2018 @ 4:05 PM EST

The Dream was an illusion. And it has been exposed because – it doesn’t work. In real time reality. Neptune was in Pices during the 1850s. Men were men. Society was the way it was, and always would be. But, things have changed. And not to blame anyone, but just because we are always gaining new consciousness and greater awareness. And our society needs to reflect this or it can’t serve us. So we are seeing the breakdown – Mars squares Neptune at the Eclipse – of the illusion. If we don’t respond to the world, the world will respond to us. Going to Mars? Sure. But it will take great technological ability. And that means cooperation on Earth. So it really is time to take a real look at what’s going on and how to respond effectively? Or still hating on anyone who wants to learn and teach and finding the usual suspects to blame…?

At the Solar Eclipse-New Moon, threats that we CAN’T see (Eclipse) are exposed. Focusing on immediate danger may not really make anyone safer, especially if the true threat is not visible. (I wrote this just before the latest scchool shooting in Florida.)

January 31 2018 – TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE & SUPER FULL BLUE MOON !!!! The LUNAR ECLIPSE will be visible before dawn in the WESTERN US. In the East, it will be too light to see the Eclipse (the Full Moon will be large the evening of the 30th).
Moon is @ 11’37” Leo @ 8:27 AM EST.

This is the SECOND FULL MOON in the month of January, therefore it is called a “Blue Moon.” The Moon itself will NOT appear to BE BLUE. During the Eclipse, it will turn orange.

This TOTAL Lunar Eclipse highlights the dilemma of EGO vs uniting as a society.

Mars enters Sagittarius (January 26-March 17). And you thought the rhetoric was too vicious?! And you’re ready to move on? Get ready for the tallest tales ever told. NO! MUCH bigger.

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Aug 07

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Monday, August 8, 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ASTROLOGY VIBRATIONS for Monday, August 8, 2016:
James Taylor said it, and it applies more than ever today. “Shower the people you love with love, show them the way that you feel.” Yes, your loved ones can flourish now when you share your love and guidance.

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MOON PHASE: Crescent

Astrology in the sky tonight. Mars & Saturn will be visible in the night sky all summer.

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Aug 17

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Your treat for being an early riser – a very bright Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the eastern sky at sunrise.

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