Feb 07

Mercury Retrograde: getting back in touch

Mercury Retrograde
February 6 – 28, 2014

When Mercury stations retrograde, it is becuase Mercury has gotten too far away from the Sun – and from the Sun’s perspective, too far from the Earth. We literally need to “come back down to Earth”

Mercury just entered Pisces and will turn on its heel and retreat back into Aquarius…
Why are we so obsessed with the negative potentials of Mercury Retrograde? Because our cuture teaches us that we need to keep moving forward, all the time, always, at all costs. Yet, the planets Retrograde. They move backwards. And Mercury does it most often – 3x a year for 3 weeks at a time. And here we go, again… Continue reading

Feb 21

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: rebranding

Mercury will station Retrograde in Pisces
February 23 – March

We love illusion, we are swept off our feet by fantasy, we devote ourselves to our inspirations, we sway with the beat. We all have Pisces somewhere in our charts. We all feel vibrations and are inspired in some way by art, music, poetry. Understanding is an option. This is the language of the soul.

It’s NOT the time to make decisions that will stick. Continue reading