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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ November 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jupiter enters Scorpio. Even though Jupiter in Scorpio can help you touch the depths, this is JUPITER – and Jupiter wants to make you happy. And not just !happy! – Jupiter is wise and it can take you on a journey into with heavy emotions to help you release, find your (true inner) faith and feel lighter. Emotions flow deep and abundantly. It’s easy to obsess on the depths, so getting to the bottom of things can be bottomless. For the next year, be ready to learn all about taxes, educate yourself about investments, figure out insurance, and realize the legalities of money, and death. On a less-practical, more spiritual level, you may be able to access the wisdom of the mystery schools. Going it alone can leave you out in the cold. This is a time to go beyond superficial attitudes and actions so you can bond and connect – beyond external rating systems. There is too much at stake to stay on a superficial level. Dig in.

MOON PHASE: Crescent

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