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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Monday, September 18 – Monday, September 25, 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ASTROLOGY VIBRATIONS for Monday, September 18 – Monday, September 25, 2017:
NEW Moon Blog! New Moon in Virgo: practically impractical . Short, but sweet info you’ll be glad you know

From the Venus-Jupiter sextile on September 15 through the New Moon & Equinox, there’s a new opportunity for greater awakening A positive attitude can seem to make you “lucky” in a way that can feel like “fate.” If you trust your heart and your connections to friends and allies, you find the optimism and courage to be yourself. This is a time of magical shifts and – in these days before the New Moon & Equinox – you can grow and shift right along in previously unimagined new ways. Your real self is emerging – get ready for take off!

Spending the week with Mother Nature
Time for a reset

MOON PHASE: Crescent

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