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Current Planetary Positions | Monthly 2016 Astrology Calendar | 2016 Retrograde stations | 2016 Eclipses | 2016 Ephemeris

ArtCharts 2016 Eclipse Calendar

All contributuions accepted joyously

Eclipse Sign Date
Total SOLAR Eclipse Pisces (Pisces 18'57")
Saros Series 130
March 8/9, 2016
Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse Libra (Libra 3'10")
Saros Series 142
March 23, 2016
Annular Solar Eclipse Virgo (9'23")
Saros Series 135
September 1, 2016
Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse Pisces (Pisces 24'13")
Saros Series 147
September 16, 2016

Chinese Year of the Monkey (begins on February 8, 2016)

**nyc/eastern standard or daylight time is used on this website**

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ArtCharts 2015 Eclipse Calendar
Eclipse Sign Date
Total SOLAR Eclipse Pisces (Pisces 29'27")
Saros Series 120
March 20, 2015
Total LUNAR Eclipse Libra (Libra 14'24")
Saros Series 132
April 4, 2015
Partial Solar Eclipse Aries (Virgo 20'10")
Saros Series 125
September 13, 2015
Total LUNAR Eclipse Aries (Aries 4'40")
Saros Series 137
September 27/28, 2015

Chinese Year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat (begins on February 19, 2015)

**nyc/eastern standard or daylight time is used on this website**

Thanks for your contributuions

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