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Astrological Guide for Personal Growth



Gertrude Stein

February 3, 1874

8:00 AM

Allegheny Acres, PA
























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     This astrological report is designed as a guide for the New Age woman and in it I have considered how the astral influences affect a woman in particular. A great difference exists between the interpretation of a horoscope of a man and a woman, and that is what I am trying to make clear here.


     This report is divided into two sections:  the first one analyzes your personality with its multiple facets (Sun and Moon positions); and the second one analyzes the twelve astrological houses.


     This report is not merely descriptive. In the majority of cases, ideas are suggested that can help your personal evolution. The subjects are approached from different points of view such as metaphysical, spiritual, nutritional and general.


     In a few places there may be certain contradictions because an astrological influence may favor one aspect of life and harm another. Because of that, it is necessary that you read the report with a bit of logic and, especially, that you let your intuition guide you.


     Woman has greatly changed her social position over time and the realization of the New Age depends in great measure on her. Because of that it is necessary that you know yourself, that you know your potential and your limitations, because by working on your personal evolution you help everyone else as well, contributing to the evolution of all life.





Birth Astrological Data




      The natal chart is a map of the sky that shows the

astrological positions at the moment and place of birth. For

the benefit of students of Astrology, these positions as well

as other technical information are listed below:


Sun     14 Aqu 36               Neptune  26 Ari 00

Moon     7 Vir 49               Pluto    19 Tau 48

Mercury 14 Aqu 34               Asc.      2 Pis 16

Venus    9 Aqu 45               MC       14 Sag 51

Mars    25 Pis 39               2nd cusp 19 Ari 26

Jupiter  1 Lib 15               3rd cusp 21 Tau 25

Saturn   6 Aqu 13               5th cusp  5 Can 48

Uranus   8 Leo 15               6th cusp 29 Can 02



Tropical  Placidus   Local Time observed

GMT: 13:19:29   Time Zone: 0 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birthday: 40 N 36 55 79 W 52 13





Conjunction: 7 Deg. 00 Min

Opposition : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Square     : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Trine      : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Sextile    : 5 Deg. 00 Min






Chapter 1:

Your essence. Your self. The Sun.




                            Character is destiny. By improving

                            your  personality  you  create  good

                            conditions for your future.



Sun in Aquarius:


     Gertrude, you were born under the sign of Aquarius and your ruling planet is Uranus, which makes you rebellious, independent and unconventional.


     You like to be free and cannot stand the routine or limitations of daily life, and because of that, your style is personal, informal and at times a bit hasty. You are very curious and are attracted by everything special, different or mysterious. You are enthusiastic about traveling, adventure and the possibility of meeting new people and being in new places. You have a facility for communicating and making friends any place you are. Your independent attitude allows you to relate to all but not to commit to anyone. Your agile mind absorbs everything in which you are interested quickly, but you are easily bored when a subject is slow or monotonous.


     Your life is full of changes and surprises. You are a very creative person and you always impart a personal touch to everything you do. You have the capacity to invent, and to transform things around you. Your style, and the course of your life, will always be unpredictable.


     Even though you love freedom, love will lead you to choose strong, possessive and dominant people, to whom you will give yourself passionately and totally. In time you will feel the need to be independent and have your own space which could generate a crisis. You need others to have confidence in you and to encourage your personal progress. You look for a lifetime companion and not necessarily a lover in the traditional sense. You like intelligent, special and atypical relationships.


     Gertrude, you were born to change the world around you and to offer new ideas. You will probably be criticized for your way of thinking or acting, but if other people are open to it, you will widen their horizons. You were born to break rules and to challenge norms, especially when they are obsolete or old-fashioned. Your humanitarian, altruistic and futuristic vision will allow you to think of the group interest first. Your other missions are to create, to invent, to innovate and to develop your imagination.


     To evolve, you need to learn to develop patience towards those things that you cannot change or towards people who do not follow your rhythm. You must control your eccentricity, rebelliousness and bad temper so as to not waste your energy protesting over things you find unacceptable. You can easily fall into whimsical and childlike attitudes, or change your feelings quickly, acting coolly towards people who love you. You must learn to keep yourself flexible, tolerant and unselfish in regards to others' opinions and interests.


Sun in 12th house:


     You can have strong personal insecurities that lead you to devalue yourself and remain in the background, especially if you are not over thirty years of age. It is necessary that you elevate your feelings of self-worth so you can attain larger material accomplishments in your life.


     The relationship with your father may have been complex or even absent and this generates in you a tendency to relate to difficult women or those with many problems. You must avoid secret or clandestine relationships with married or engaged women, because that will only increase your personal anxieties.


     On the other hand, you have a helpful attitude that will lead you to involvement in institutions where there are people in trouble, such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc., where your sensitivity and protective attitude are an asset.


     You enjoy solitude and the company of few people. You are very perceptive and will feel attracted by mysteries and the occult sciences in general.


Sun Conjunction Mercury:


     You have a powerful mind but you can be very inflexible and adamant in your opinions. It is important that you meditate more and avoid doing things impulsively. You will attack your projects in an ardent and tenacious manner, and will show great ambition and creativity in what you undertake.


     Your thoughts can be faster than your body, which will lead you to believe that you never have enough time, that you have to solve things immediately, or that people get in your way. It is necessary that you get organized so as to have adequate time for the tasks that you undertake, minimizing any suffering from stress.


Sun Conjunction Venus:


     You are a charming and sociable woman. Your pleasant and loving disposition will allow you to relate to and receive much help and protection from people who love you.


     You are very good at arts and crafts. Your aesthetic and creative sense needs avenues of expression; it is necessary that you use these abilities because this way you will beautify your life. You love good treatment and delicate manners as well as expensive and luxurious things. You will enjoy life very much and its pleasures, and love will be the main route for you to obtain happiness.


     This astrological conjunction can delay the solidification of a stable relationship but in exchange it will contribute to a happy and harmonious one. You will find a gentle and sensitive woman who will give you all the love you need.


Sun Square Pluto:


     You are impulsive, reactionary and sometimes violent. You have a great wealth of energy and are willing to fight to obtain your objectives. You will not resign yourself nor will you give up in difficult times because you feel strong and invincible. You tend to manage situations with your own hands and you can be inflexible and tenacious.


     Your opinions are extremist, solid and complete. You do not like half truths or indefinite things. You can lose your patience easily, especially with those who do not follow your lead. Your sense of authority can be exaggerated and can lead you to be manipulative. You must avoid aggressiveness, impulsiveness and stubbornness.


     Your relationship with your father was very intense and also tense. He may have been very authoritative or it is possible there were strong disagreements between the two of you, perhaps disturbing both of you because of the tendency each had to dominate the other. You must learn to relax and to act with more gentleness and flexibility.


     Throughout your life you will experience very profound situations that will change totally the path you have chosen. They could be changes of residence, of country, of culture or of love ties. This is because of your tendency to be an extremist: when you want to change something you change everything.




Chapter  2:

The Moon. Your emotional world.




Moon in Virgo:


     You identify yourself as a practical, intelligent, intellectual and capable woman. You love to serve and perform tasks that benefit your loved ones but many times you have problems understanding others. You believe in detail, you are analytical and you think a lot before acting. You hate to waste time and you demand much of yourself and others. You excel because of your efficiency at work, your capacity to concentrate and your ability to organize. Your mind also possesses a very notable intuitive capacity that you could develop.


     Also, you worry about your health, your diet, your nutrition and you are careful in matters of personal hygiene. You are delicate and selective in your tastes.


     Your emotions go through a mental sifter before being expressed, which can make you more calculating, unemotional or inhibited. You are a very hard to please woman and you can adopt an obsessive and critical attitude that does not allow you to enjoy affection freely. You fear failure and you constantly search for total security and that makes you hold back emotionally. You must learn to loosen up and understand that every relationship contains lessons necessary for your personal evolution.


     The relationship with your mother could have been complex, cool or distant. You may have received much criticism from her and felt her continuous dissatisfaction. This astrological influence can also indicate a sick or delicate mother who needed constant care.


     In your previous lives you have been in situations of poverty or humility and because of that you feel the need to achieve security and protection around you. You fear disease and its consequences. You have worked at humble positions, connected with healing or patient craft work and from this stems your ability to see detail, your need to create perfect work and your demanding nature. You must now find a door to your emotional world and concentrate on perfecting, and not perfection.


Moon in 7th house:


     Your feminine identity is largely manifested in relationships. Gertrude, you are popular among your friends and in society. If your job involves dealing with the public you can attain great fame. You have charisma and the ability to excel among others. Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Temple, among others, had this same astrological position in their natal charts.


     In addition, you are emotionally dependent and that will lead you into seeking a stable relationship while you are still very young. Maybe the liaison will not be successful because of the lack of maturity of both partners but you should not worry, because throughout your life you will be presented with many opportunities for "marriage". You will succeed in your associations, both commercial and personal.


     You will choose a sensitive, emotive and romantic woman who will act with gentleness and consideration towards you. You must be patient with your mother-in-law and other relatives on which your lover may be a bit dependent.





 Your destiny according to the 12 astrological houses.




FIRST HOUSE:  Your personality. Your body. Your childhood.




Pisces Rising Sign (1st house cusp)


     People see you as a sensitive, intuitive and very helpful woman. You are always willing to listen and offer yourself unselfishly, sometimes putting aside your own concerns.


     You are a romantic and idealistic dreamer. It is hard for you to see reality and, most of the time, you embellish the personality of people you love and are later disappointed. You tend to avoid your problems and to be very disorganized in the material world. You must learn to achieve order and to solidify your objectives without requiring so much outside help. Your great sensitivity can often cause you to cry. You have an immense capacity for feeling and will enjoy much love. Also, you have powerful intuitions and an ability to see what is happening inside people. You are a counselor and psychologist by nature but must learn not to burden yourself with the problems of others.


     You tend towards laziness and physical neglect, especially with your nutrition. It is recommended that you incorporate in your life some type of physical activity to release accumulated tensions. Outdoor activities, contact with nature, the ocean and music are very good for you.


     It is possible that one of your parents (or both) went through a big crisis and did not want any of their children to similarly suffer so they overprotected them. You grew up surrounded by everything you needed and you never learned to make your own way; because of that, today you have strong doubts about taking the initiative and you look for protection. Also, you are extremely sensitive and impressionable, and any childhood fears that still exist could haunt you. You must visualize the child you once were and offer her the love and personal security that she needed, then you will develop more confidence in your own creativity, inspiration and other personal talents.


Mars in 1st house:


     You are positive, secure, combative and very active. You possess much physical strength and a great dynamic energy that will impel you to do many things. You must learn to control impatience or aggressiveness and to direct those energies in a constructive manner. Thanks to your great enthusiasm, you tend to dominate, becoming the leader of the group. You are practical; you also possess the courage to confront new enterprises. Often you will be the first to accomplish some task. One of the problems which you face is your extreme restlessness and impulsiveness which can make you get bored quickly. This great energy can be channeled very well through the practice of a sport or other physical activity that requires the use of your muscles. You enjoy competition and challenges and you feel attracted to risky situations which makes you prone to falls, bruises or burns. Your parents should have sought creative outlets for your great energy instead of repressing or controlling it. Remember that you were born to be a leader.


Mars in Pisces:


     You are very sensitive and feel resentment easily. You need to rest often to recover your energies, especially at night. You can have a pleasing and nonaggressive stance, which allows your friends to take advantage of your affection. Generally, you avoid confrontations of any kind and have difficulty in expressing your own aggressiveness; it is probable that you surround yourself with combative or demanding friends who somehow express what you can't. This is not good and will only reaffirm your own insecurity, which is why it is better if you have not been overprotected by your parents so that you learn to fight for the things you desire. On the positive side, this same astrological position suggests a predisposition towards working and offering yourself in an unselfish way to the people who need you. You will not need to feel recognition nor to be at the top. You have very intense emotions but only partially show them.


Mars Opposition Jupiter:


     It is important that you learn to have discipline and direct your energies in an orderly manner; otherwise, you will waste many of your talents by being impulsive or by having short-lived enthusiasms. You are a hard worker but at the same time inconsistent and impatient; you want immediate results. You can also tend to do many things at the same time and wear yourself down. You could be rebellious or selfish. It is also important that you develop a more balanced sense of justice, and that you learn to share your possessions with others.




SECOND HOUSE:  Money. Assets. Resources.




Aries on 2nd house cusp.


     You can earn money thanks to your initiative and ideas but first you must learn to direct your energies in a more organized manner. You tend to be wasteful and to act impulsively with money. Because of that, it is probable that throughout your life you will experience tense moments and problems with your income. It is also possible that you become economically unstable by helping others, because of your generosity and the tendency to not budget your expenses. You are protective by nature and at the moment you give your money away you do not think about the consequences.


     You can earn a lot of money easily by offering some type of service, occupying a position of authority or managing your own business.


Neptune in 2nd house:


      You could have good ideas and be inspired to make money but if you do not learn to manage your finances, you will experience many ups and downs, losses and betrayals. You must avoid shopping with charge cards or carrying much cash because it will tend to slip through your fingers, and you must beware in general of associating with certain people because the danger exists of finding yourself mixed up in fraudulent situations.


Neptune in Aries:


      Your generation has very particular and independent religious and spiritual interests compared to the official ones. They have in common a sense of accomplishing a mission in their lives and will develop new philosophical and religious concepts. They will not accept dogmatic or doctrinaire concepts, and will question anything traditional. The great imagination and inspiration of this generation will manifest itself also in other fields such as in the artistic, literary, political, etc. You prefer avant-garde concepts to conservative ones, and you will end up creating your own lifestyle.


Pluto in 2nd house:


      You will have many different sources of income, with the possibility of becoming rich thanks to your ability to manage finances. Your desire to accumulate material objects could make you treat the people you love as possessions, even possibly to the point of domination and jealousy. You must learn to control your ambitions and not be greedy; otherwise, you could suffer severe economic setbacks that will disturb your emotional life.


Pluto in Taurus:


      Your generation seeks to build its life upon a solid base. They possess a psychological need to make sure that the basics are covered and during this period the economy, food supplies, productivity and services will improve. A tendency to measure everything for its practical value will exist, including education, arts and research. Gertrude, as a part of this movement, you will be pragmatic and a hard worker, and will have a great need to make and build things. You are also very stubborn, rigid, obsessive and sensual.




THIRD HOUSE:  Your mind. Your education. Short trips.

Your brothers and sisters.




                             The mind is a magnet: it attracts

                             to  you  exactly  what  you

                             think about.


Taurus on 3rd house cusp.


     Gertrude, your mind is basically practical and realistic. It is possible that your reasoning and timing are slower than other women's but your conclusions will be more valid and concrete. Your ideas are fixed and immovable, and the more anyone tries to change them, the more you will stick to them. The only way you can change is through your feelings because they will not always capitulate to your logic.


     You can be a bit lazy about studying and, to be a successful student you must be more consistent. Though you will be concerned about the material world, you will examine diverse issues such as the occult sciences, arts, etc.


     If you have any, you will have a peaceful and harmonious relationship with your siblings (if none of them wants to impose their ideas on you or each other) and, in general, you will have a good relationship with your relatives and neighbors.




   FOURTH HOUSE:  Your home. Middle age and Later Years.




Gemini on 4th house cusp.


     You grew up in an unstable and ever changing home. You have probably moved several times and will continue to do so throughout your life. Communication has been an important characteristic in your family home and you have maintained a good verbal relationship with one of your parents.


     You will retain a very youthful aspect during your maturity and you will not represent your true age. You will be restless, curious and will possibly take numerous trips. You will also be interested in studying, reading or participating in intellectual activities you could not do before. If you have literary inclinations, they will be accentuated at this stage of your life and it is possible that you will be published. Your desires for travel and communication will be heightened and you will become more open and sociable.




FIFTH HOUSE:  Love. Romance. Children.




                               "Love is blind when it is born,

                                nearsighted  when  it  grows,  and

                                it sees all when it dies."


Cancer on 5th house cusp.


     Throughout your life you will experience several intense romances full of fantasies. You associate love with the home, and because of that, you will search for a protective, solid and affectionate woman. You wish to establish a serious and firm relationship and settle down. You are not interested in fleeting relationships and you tend to take everything seriously. Illusions that accompany your initial feelings can be deceiving during courtship. You are very romantic and your conception of love can be traditional and old-fashioned. You love good treatment and warmth in others; on your part, you will express the love you feel openly once the initial shyness is over.



     The following list will help you understand how you can

relate yourself to the rest of the signs. If you happen to

know the other person's rising sign, you have to combine it

with his/her sign in order to get a more complete description

of that person.




     You will feel a great personal identification with people of this sign and together you can develop projects common to both. A good sign for a loving and stable relationship.




     A relationship tied in with business, finances or financial aid is favored over a romantic one. The union offers stability and protection but could also be out of an interest in money.




     You could maintain very good communication and an interchange of ideas. A mental or light relationship is indicated.




     A personal and intimate relationship in which deep emotions will be shared. A very good sign for a stable relationship because it indicates the possibility of making a home together.




     A relationship of mutual love and attraction. You can enjoy and share many happy moments but difficulties exist in maintaining the relationship over time. Ideal sign for courtship or romance, not for a stable relationship.




     An unequal relationship in which one offers more than the other. A difficulty exists in openly expressing feelings. A work relationship is favored over a romantic one.




     Ideal sign for serious relationships or associations. It is also possible that one of your best friends is of this sign. This is a sign of complements; each can have opposing personal characteristics and that generates attraction.




     Magnetic and intense attraction is indicated. Sign of passionate and uncontrolled romance based on a strong sexual attraction. A relationship that implies a dare or a strong emotional experience.




     A sign that represents a serious relationship; a happier and more spontaneous relationship based upon the exchange of ideas common to both. One could assume a protective or teaching role with the other. Probability of an encounter in a foreign land or of long voyages together.




     A sign that stands out in your destiny. The people of this sign, both friends and lovers, will exert an important influence in your life. It is an ideal sign for serious relationships because it points out objectives and ambitions common to both, but it can also indicate too much worry over social status.




     Sign of friendship that represents common desires and fantasies. Open, friendly, happy and warm relationship, though probably it will not be lasting. If other common elements exist, it may lead to a serious relationship based on friendship and respect for each other's individuality.




     Karmic relationship initiated in previous lives. It is possible that you have to confront strong difficulties to be together and that it is a clandestine or secret relationship. Also, it can indicate an impossible or intriguing love affair. This sign is the least favorable for obtaining a happy and open relationship; if you are involved in one, it will be difficult for you to cut yourself off or escape because of doubts about your destiny and the lessons you have to learn.


     Remember the following:  everything that she does to you is what you did to her in previous lives. It is good for you to practice the exercise of forgiveness and forget any negative emotions.



Note: if two signs are repeated, it means that the relationship

is more complex. If one of the signs is missing, its

interpretation is the same as the previous one. To make things

easier, this is the list of the signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini,

Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,

Aquarius and Pisces.




     All relationships are PERFECT. Each situation you experience with another person is the perfect and necessary one for your evolution; because of this, it is important that you do not cling to negative emotions such as anguish, depression, fury, frustration, etc., and that you try to see at every moment what life wants to teach you. Each person you know has a message for you and until you listen to it, it is highly probable that it will be repeated. Some relationships have karmic ties:  they have been initiated in other lives and there may be dues to pay. It is possible that what someone makes you suffer is what you have done to him/her in another time. That is why you must forgive and forget. In every situation repeat to yourself :  "everything is perfect"; though at the beginning you may not understand it, later it will be crystal clear.




SIXTH HOUSE:  Health. Nutrition. Work. Service.




Attention: in this section you will find recommendations to

improve your health, but in cases with specific problems you

must consult your doctor.


Sun in Aquarius:


     Aquarius rules the ankles, tibia, peritoneum and everything related to the body's nervous system. You are very active, vibrant, with an accelerated rhythm. You become tired very easily and then recover quickly but your main problem is that you go to extremes, taking your body to its maximum limits making recovery more difficult. Nervous problems will be common:  stress, depression, hysteria, etc.; it is important that your diet be rich in the vitamin B complex. You have a preference for macrobiotic or vegetarian foods and your diet will be very particular and irregular. It is also important that you learn to relax and direct your energy in a more organized manner.


     To preserve good health, you must consider the following: do not succumb to a nervous breakdown; get the necessary sleep; perform relaxation, meditation and respiratory Yoga exercises; maintain a vegetarian diet avoiding meat, especially, red meat; eat plenty of fresh foods such as vegetables, fruit and white cheeses; practice a weekly fast; do not medicate yourself or experiment with your body; live a more orderly life, especially at night and do not spend every night out; practice sports; maintain good communication with your friends; perform mental exercises to develop your intuition; and mainly, do not go to excess in any way.


Saturn in Aquarius:


     This astrological position can cause a lack of oxygen in the body, leg cramps because of lack of calcium, anemia produced by a weak colon, dislocation of the ankles, spinal deviation and compression or spinal sclerosis.


Cancer on 6th house cusp:


     Your short term health problems may be caused by retention of liquids in the body, fluid congestion in general, or lack of vitamin B-2 (riboflavin), fluorine or potassium. This could cause occasional digestive problems, gastric upsets, hiccups, flatulence, sclerosis, etc.


     It is recommended that you include in your diet the following foods:  beets, broccoli, garbanzos, lettuce, soy, spinach, watercress, endives, potatoes, dry peaches, blackberries, mangoes, peanuts, mandarin oranges, bananas, wheat germ, fresh cheese, eggs, and basically drink plenty of pure mineral water. It is also recommended that you chew your food well before swallowing; do not drink liquids during meals and avoid seasoning with stomach-irritating products.


     Your long term health problems may be caused by the lack of proteins, carbon dioxide, vitamins C and K, folic acid, or by the absence of calcium retention. This could cause a weakness in the bone structure; you are prone to dislocations (especially of the ankles), scaly skin and hair loss.


     To prevent these problems it is recommended that you add, besides the foods stated above, the following:  soy and alfalfa sprouts, celery, carrots, cauliflower, all seeds and grains, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, strawberries, almonds, grapes, pineapples, apples, coconut, nonfat milk, and white meats, especially fish.


Uranus in 6th house:


     You may have problems related to the electrical responses of the body, such as spasms, palpitations, nervousness, and inconsistent physical reactions. It is important that you dissipate nervous tension through relaxation and meditation exercises. Your physical problems may appear suddenly and unexpectedly.


Sun in 12th house:


     You may have problems with your energy and vitality. It is important that you do not neglect your diet and that you consume products rich in proteins and amino acids. Also, you must take care to get the necessary rest without having to sleep more than 8 hours a day. Contact with the sun and fresh air will be beneficial for your general well-being.


Mercury in 12th house:


     You may have problems related to the responses of your central nervous and hormonal systems. It is recommended that you do not reach nervous exhaustion, that you moderate your mental activity and that you maintain some physical activity to compensate for and discharge daily nervous tension.


Venus in 12th house:


     You may have problems in the metabolism of sugars and starches, or in the basic sense organs (vision and hearing), or other problems caused by inactivity. It is recommended that you avoid white sugar and substitute natural sweeteners such as honey, unrefined sugar, rice syrup, etc.


Saturn in 12th house:


     You may have problems related to your body's bone structure, the skin or the hair. This star suggests the possibility of chronic diseases caused basically by ill treatment of your body over time. It is recommended that you avoid salt and seasoning, and that you moderate the use of milk products, substituting soy products for milk. You must develop a regular program for dieting and exercising. If you have inflexible attitudes or behaviors in your character, then the above tendencies can become accentuated.



     To have in mind:  many of your emotional unbalances are not produced by external situations or experiences but by blood disorders. The lack of some nutrients or intoxication or other excesses, can often cause changes in your system and lead to depression, anguish, fatigue or aggressiveness. Because of that, if you want to be happy, do not neglect your body--give it the best nutrition possible.



Uranus in 6th house:


      You need to work where you feel free and have the ability to organize your own time. You tend to work to exhaustion, which could affect your health. It will be hard for you to accept the authority of others and you are irritable and impatient when things are not done your way. You possess an excellent capacity for sciences, and also have good coordination and sense of time. You must learn to control your impatience or you will experience many changes of jobs. This could also affect your health, provoking sudden and mysterious illnesses.


Uranus in Leo:


      You belong to a generation that has willpower, pride and also selfishness. Your group will display rebelliousness towards authority in all its manifestations. Your parents and teachers will find it difficult to dominate and control the people of your generation. In addition, you have originality and the freedom to create new forms of artistic expression; you enjoy being unconventional and different in your appreciation of humanity. You will be very sure of your ideas and your ego will be prominent. It is important that you learn to discipline yourself or you could become very scattered in your purposes.




SEVENTH HOUSE:  Associations. Partnerships.




                            Your companion is your reflection.

                            Everything  you  find  in  her,  in

                            some way is in you.


     Though you may have many short-term relationships, you will always look for these characteristics in a serious relationship:


Virgo on 7th house cusp.


     You will choose as a lover an intelligent, organized, meticulous and practical woman. She will be your ideal complement as she will help you keep your feet on the ground. She will probably be shy or physically weak and will require much of your attention.


     You are difficult to please in marriage and perhaps your idealism does not completely coincide with reality. Your most common complaints about her will be her materialism, her complexes, or her inability to show what she feels. Nevertheless, you will feel protected and safe because of her attention and dedication. You have to be coherent and conscious of your own mistakes in living together and avoid thinking that only your companion has defects.


     This astral influence can mean more than one important relationship in your life, especially if you do not act in a mature and sensible manner. You tend to escape from problems and entangle yourself in your fantasies.


Moon in 7th house:


     Your lover will be very sensitive, expressive and home-loving. she will have great intuition and will understand you without the need of any explanation. She will also have a varying sense of humor and that could provoke a certain instability in your relationship. she will have a strong attachment to her family, especially her mother, and will have a profession that involves public contact, resulting in certain popularity.


Jupiter in 7th house:


      This star blesses you with the possibility of greatly enjoying your love relationships. Your lover will be kind, happy, generous, noble, and somewhat extravagant. Living together will be very good and you could overcome all difficulties that arise over time. Being by her side will allow you to expand your possibilities, thanks to the exchange of knowledge and the protection she will offer.


      In addition, you know how to choose well when it comes to friends. Your likable attitude will lead to success in your relationships with the public in general and, particularly, in your most intimate choices. You will also be lucky at legal matters though you must be careful not to be too optimistic and naive with others.


Jupiter in Libra:


      Since childhood you have learned to recognize beauty everywhere. You are elegant and precise in your movements; you attract others and could be very popular and loved. You will develop a strong sense of justice and will always defend the rights of others, even when they do not request it. In your search for balance you could be excessive and when the time to choose comes, indecisive. This astral influence helps insure happiness and very good relationships.


Jupiter Trine Saturn:


      This astral influence is very fortunate and offers you constructive strength and material success, and it is strongly influenced by your family tradition. You are apt to achieve your own goals and to persist in your purposes since you are patient, organized, practical and very realistic. Though you will not become enthusiastic about your studies, you could show dedication if you find them useful to your future.



     In order to get harmony in a lesbian relationship you have to learn how to recognize and handle the following things: the narcissistic portion of your personality, the fear of giving yourself and then suffering, the idea of losing your freedom, and the self-destructive behavior that keeps you from being happy. Try to avoid the mistake of blaming the other one for your sorrow; you can always choose and you must be aware of the mechanisms and fantasies that create your love relationships. Sometimes taking care of "your own space" is an excuse shielding the fear of giving yourself. Changing relationships often, without even knowing the other person or growing with her, is an evasion, and the only thing you are demonstrating is your fear of knowing yourself or of allowing yourself to be known. Try to analyze your own problems, because by being aware of your desires and fears you will have the power to control your life; choose well in love matters and enjoy love.


     Do not evaluate the success of a relationship by the result because it does not depend solely upon you. Always analyze what you have done:  if you have offered yourself correctly, if you have loved sincerely, if you have set aside your selfishness, etc. What the other person does is her own responsibility and you cannot manipulate it. In a couple, the responsibilities are always divided in half; take care of your share. At times, one gives everything and does not receive anything; it does not matter. Destiny will take care of it, returning all the love you may have given. Do not make the mistake of secluding or hardening yourself or becoming emotionally detached because of suffering caused by others. Try always to be truthful with what you feel and give yourself fearlessly because in the Universe nothing gets lost and everything you give, you will get back.




EIGHTH HOUSE:  Dangers. Inheritances. Legacies.




Libra on 8th house cusp.


     This influence is very benevolent and will free you from the possibility of suffering accidents, or dangers in general, especially if there are no other planets in the same house. You must overcome the tendency towards physical laziness, because that could, in time, generate circulatory or weight problems.


     It is probable that you will receive great economic security from your lover. She will offer you all the things necessary for your comfort. It is also probable that she will receive some type of important inheritance that will benefit both.


Things that benefit Aquarius:


YOUR FAVORABLE DAY: Friday and Saturday.




COLORS: violet, magenta, electric and cobalt blue, indigo, silver gray and deep green; in general, all bright colors and any original combination favor you.


STONES: azurite, malachite, blue sapphire, zirconia, violet amethyst and aquamarine.


METAL: lead. In jewelry gold favors you greatly, especially if you combine it with one of the stones of your sign.


     Equal energies attract; because of this, people with the same tastes gather together. If you want to attract positive people to your life and experience happy situations, you must take care to improve your own energy. The only way to find a good companion, good friend, good job, etc., is by being good yourself, radiating positive energy. Keep in mind that you will never conquer someone using pity or threats, instead you will provoke the opposite response. If you desire someone or something, you have to be splendid inside and out. If you feel good about yourself, you will attract the best.




NINTH HOUSE:  Religion. Long trips.




Scorpio on 9th house cusp.


     Your interest in metaphysical and parapsychological studies causes you to elaborate ideas of life and God different from the traditional ones. You find truths that common people do not see and you defend your ideas energetically and with great conviction. It is probable that you will investigate different religions and from each you will extract some truths that later form your personal ideas. Devotional practice and meditation are very beneficial to you.


     In addition, it is probable that you will take numerous voyages on water or to places characterized by being close to rivers, oceans or lakes. During your travels you will experience strange or unusual situations that will lead you to develop your intuition, to become connected with your past lives, or to find spiritual guides.




TENTH HOUSE:  Vocation. Professional success.




Note: in order to come to a more accurate conclusion, you must

combine the information below with the characteristics of your

Sun (Chapter 1) and your Moon (Chapter 2).


First 15 degrees of Sagittarius on MC


     Your destiny is tied to travel and foreign countries. Gertrude, it is probable that you will often travel for work reasons, or that you will move to a country different from the one in which you grew up. You are restless and will have two parallel activities: one will offer you economic stability and the other pleasure. If you have artistic inclinations then you would express them through photography, movies, video, or any other craft where form and movement are important. You also have a strong religious or philosophical inclination; you will serve your religion with a missionary vocation. You like to follow some stream of thought or ideology and teach it to others. Your free spirit loves nature in all its manifestations, and so travel will be a frequent source of revitalization for you. In your maturity, when you seek more stability and peace, you will become interested in rural life and animal breeding. You will always have a touch of luck that will facilitate everything in your life.


     Your vocational choice points toward one of the following professions:  tourism, diplomacy, commerce, photography, movies, journalism, psychology, priesthood, grammar, law, secondary school or college teaching, etc., or any other profession that stimulates your curiosity and interest in communication.


     Your home could have been very unstable, with many changes of residence or differences of opinion. Your parents can be wealthy but the most important legacy that they will leave you is knowledge. You appear to be indecisive and have many doubts about what to study or what to work at; in reality, you know what you want and you only need support and encouragement. The people of Sagittarius will be strongly influential in your destiny.




ELEVENTH HOUSE:  Friendship. Group activities.




                             "A shared grief is divided, a joy

                              is  multiplied."


Capricorn on 11th house cusp.


     You will not have a large number of friends throughout your life and will prefer to surround yourself with serious and responsible people. You will find people who protect you and play a parental role towards you; some of them could be older, or authority figures. It is probable that you will also experience periods of loneliness or withdrawal from your friends, either because you lack the time to maintain an active social life or the interest.


     You will be a member of some institution or club where you meet with important or influential people. You prefer traditional, serious and stable groups or associations.


     This influence can cause you to feel dissatisfied with people or to withdraw from society, in which case you must try conscientiously to keep your friends and not be reclusive.




TWELFTH HOUSE:  Karma. Secret enemies. Bankruptcy.




                             "Impossible things only require a

                              little  more  time."


Capricorn on 12th house cusp.


     You tend to not assume all the responsibilities that you should and to not demonstrate all your authoritative capacity. You feel insecure inside and prefer to avoid assuming positions of power. It is probable that since you appear unprejudiced and independent, no one is aware of your fears. Nevertheless, they are reflected in your childish attempts to escape from any obligation or tie. You are very vivacious and that causes wear and tear on your nervous system which could lead to depression or melancholy.


     Strong obstacles could appear in your career. You must learn to develop the patience and persistence necessary to solidify your goals, because you tend to abandon them half way. Very mature people or those with an old spirit (whatever their age) can clash with you. You should avoid being in enclosed places or in artificial light.


Mercury in 12th house:


     You are reserved and you keep your ideas secret. You are very good at analyzing the problems of others and also, you are interested in metaphysics. You have difficulty in expressing yourself freely; possibly you are unsure of your own ideas and are afraid of criticism or rejection. Your thinking is based more on your emotions than on reasoning, therefore, when someone wants to have a deep conversation with you they will achieve a greater openness and understanding by appealing to your sensitivity. It is probable that your inner world is very rich in fantasies and illusions, and you retreat there in moments of crisis or pain.


Mercury in Aquarius:


     Gertrude, your mind is original, creative, and independent. You cling to your own ideas stubbornly and do not respond to any pressure from others. You are very curious, observant and intuitive. Your acute mind is objective and clear in its opinions; it will be difficult for you to be dominated by your emotions when making judgments. You have a great intelligence which allows you to learn any subject very quickly, as long as it awakens your interest and does not bore you. Your manner of communication is open, spontaneous, and unprejudiced and you like to speak with everyone, but especially with people who attract your attention. In spite of your apparent flexibility, you do not change your opinions nor can you be easily influenced. Formalities do not worry you, and neither do traditions or social acceptance. Your ideas are in tune with the Age of Aquarius: they point towards the future and towards a life of great freedom. You can be misunderstood by your family or friends, or you may seem eccentric in your tastes; but what is really happening is that you are ahead of your time.


Mercury Conjunction Venus:


     Your manner of communication is warm, gentle and sweet. You say everything at the right moment and you are very persuasive and can excel as a speaker. Your mind will not always be completely logical, instead it will be dominated by your feelings and your sense of beauty. Because your mind functions better in concrete subjects, you may have trouble studying abstract sciences such as mathematics.


Mercury Square Pluto:


     You are very incisive and aggressive with your opinions. You have a tendency towards fanaticism and often want to impose your ideas on others, sometimes in a subtle manner and sometimes more imperatively. You will find yourself attracted by the occult and other mysteries but it is recommended that you avoid those subjects because they can generate certain fixations or obsessiveness. You must learn to control your impatience and impulsiveness, to think things over before speaking, and to respect the weaknesses of others.


Venus in 12th house:


     You can be very shy and reserved when demonstrating your affections. You fear feeling rejected and that is why you wait first for the reaction of others before offering yourself. In addition, you feel great compassion for others and devote yourself to disinterested service. You will engage in your romances almost in secret and if you do not overcome your inhibitions you could have problems or go through a period of loneliness in the future.


Venus in Aquarius:


     You are very sociable and popular. You do not have prejudices or inhibitions in your relationships, which will allow you to meet a great variety of people. You are liberal in your way of feeling and your romantic attractions can be sudden but not always lasting. You will run away from every relationship that tends to tie you down or to limit your freedom. You feel more comfortable with a friendship than with a serious relationship. It is probable that you appear to be a bit detached or unemotional in spite of your congeniality because your emotions are controlled by your intellect and therefore you do not feel comfortable with demands or expansive demonstrations of love. Your love life is special and different and you will experience atypical situations; additionally, your choice of a partner will not satisfy your family. You find happiness in everything different and unconventional.


Venus Conjunction Saturn:


     You are very serious and have a certain difficulty in expressing your feelings. Probably one of your parents is very strict which inhibits your ability to express yourself. Because of your insecurity, it is probable that in the future you will choose an older companion who will perform the functions of one of your parents. You can demonstrate great ability for mathematics and finances. You are very responsible and faithful to your loved ones and in addition you are a hard worker and care about maintaining the family's dignity. You must learn to be more spontaneous and demonstrative in order to assure a happy romantic future.


Venus Opposition Uranus:


     It is possible that since childhood you have experienced tense and irregular situations that will affect your future romantic choices. You can be selfish, unstable and hasty; love will appear suddenly but can also disappear with the same speed. You are very particular in your choices and your family will never understand your special taste. You are independent and very rebellious about commitments, which is why you will have problems staying in a relationship for a long time. You must learn to have patience, to accept others the way they are and to control your impulses. You could be eccentric and have very atypical tastes and you will surely not follow family tradition. You could also be nervous and irritable, and uncomfortable with exaggerated displays of affection.


Saturn in 12th house:


      You could have many fears that began during childhood. It is to be hoped that your father gave you a lot of trust, support and protection, allowing you to develop the stimulus necessary to assume responsibility. Otherwise, your great sensitivity will allow you to be hurt very easily and you will feel guilty if you make mistakes; you will try to isolate yourself and will not assume the responsibilities that you should. If you do not reinforce your self-esteem, then you will feel that the world is against you and experiencing some helplessness you could fall into periods of depression. Hopefully, your parents offered you an optimistic vision of life while feeding your desires and fantasies.


Saturn in Aquarius:


     You possess great powers of concentration and your mind is scientific and democratic. You have a great facility for inventing things, developing new ideas, interpreting abstract symbols, and understanding mathematics. You have many ambitions and will work hard to obtain them. You are very responsible towards people and loyal to your friends, and though you possess a strong sense of freedom that will not stop you from working well in groups. You could also display some selfishness and resentment towards those things that do not please you. Your intellectual attitude can lead to detachment and lack of commitment.


Saturn Opposition Uranus:


       There could be a certain amount of tension in you that you discharge in an unpredictable and sudden manner. The main cause is your rebelliousness in the face of obligations and limitations in your life, probably generated by confrontations with your father. Consequently, you will experience difficulty with other authority figures: teachers, bosses, police, etc. You could show an aggressive facet towards others to hide your sense of insecurity. You must learn to relax, to make commitments and to be more persistent in your purposes.





BIBLIOGRAPHY:  To keep growing.






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