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Astrological Guide forPersonal Growth



Woody Allen

December 1, 1935

10:55 PM

Bronx, New York
























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     This report isdivided into two sections:  thefirst one analyzes your personality with its multiple facets (Sun and Moonpositions); and the second one analyzes the twelve astrological houses.


     This report is notmerely descriptive. In the majority of cases, ideas are suggested that can helpyour personal evolution. The subjects are approached from different points ofview such as metaphysical, spiritual, nutritional and general.


     In a few places theremay be certain contradictions because an astrological influence may favor oneaspect of life and harm another. Because of that, it is necessary that you readthe report with a bit of logic and, especially, that you let your intuitionguide you.


     It is necessary thatyou know yourself, that you know your potential and your limitations, becauseby working on your personal evolution you help everyone else as well,contributing to the evolution of all life.




Birth Astrological Data




      The natal chartis a map of the sky that shows the

astrologicalpositions at the moment and place of birth. For

thebenefit of students of Astrology, these positions as well

asother technical information are listed below:


Sun      9 Sag 03              Neptune  16 Vir 41

Moon    24 Aqu 06              Pluto    27 Can 11

Mercury  4 Sag 31              Asc.     2 Vir 18

Venus   22 Lib 54              MC      27 Tau 12

Mars    26 Cap 06              2nd cusp 25 Vir 34

Jupiter  5 Sag 07              3rd cusp 23 Lib 59

Saturn   4 Pis 01              5th cusp  2 Cap 04

Uranus   2 Tau 11              6th cusp  4 Aqu 16



Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed

GMT:03:55:00   Time Zone: 5 hoursWest

Lat.and Long. of birthday: 40 N 51    73 W 54  





Conjunction:7 Deg. 00 Min

Opposition: 6 Deg. 00 Min

Square     : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Trine      : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Sextile    : 5 Deg. 00 Min






Chapter 1:

Your essence. Your self. The Sun.




                           Character is destiny. By improving

                           your  personality  you  create  good

                           conditions for your future.



Sunin Sagittarius:


     Woody, you were bornunder the sign of Sagittarius and your ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet ofexpansion, joy and good fortune.


     You are a veryoptimistic person, with a good disposition and a lot of enthusiasm. You like movementand this will lead you to participate in sports, to travel, or to maintain avery intense social life. You love freedom and hate daily routine. You loveoutdoor activities, contact with nature, and adventurous situations. You arevery restless and curious, which will engender unexpected and risky situations.Thanks to your ingenuity and optimism you will always come out ahead, either byreceiving unexpected help or by simply ignoring the problems around you.


     You like to shareyour life and you are very generous with your resources. You desire knowledgeand you will study, investigate, and exchange ideas with others. You findyourself very attracted to faraway lands and different cultures, and are alwayswilling to travel and learn. You have a facility for communicating and learninglanguages, and your natural attractiveness will allow you to make friendseasily. You will always have a childlike, naive and spontaneous attitude.


     To fall in love youneed a dynamic woman who stimulates your curiosity and desire to learn. Youwant a companion with whom to share adventures and amusements. You loveconquest and seduction and it is probable that throughout your life you willhave more than one relationship at a time. You fall in love easily but you alsobecome disenchanted or bored with the same ease, which is why you look for astrong and active person who knows how to hold your affections.


     Woody, you were bornto conquer new horizons, to discover, to travel, to establish friendlyconnections, to learn and to teach. Some of your missions are to defend justcauses or to impose justice, to make people happier, and to teach them how tobe optimistic. Your enthusiasm for action will be contagious and you will teachothers to fight for their ideals.


     To evolve, you needto learn to control your impatience and anxiety. You must learn to assumeresponsibility, not to leave things to chance; to avoid laziness or lack ofconcern; to talk less about your plans and actually execute them; and not to procrastinate.You must also be more realistic and sincere, avoiding exaggeration whenspeaking.


Sunin 4th house:


     You are a verysensitive person with a very rich interior world. You will maintain strongfamily ties, especially with one of your parents, which will lead to yourinterest and concern for the formation of your own home. You feel a great needto find security and protection around you and because of that you can act witha certain caution. In the business field, you may get money from real estateand in time, you will have your own house.


     This position of theSun favors your having a full, and fully realized life. You have pride inyourself and what you have accomplished throughout your life. It is probablethat you will find opportunities, both material and emotional, to solidify yourmost precious dreams. Also, you will be healthy and possibly live many years.


SunConjunction Mercury:


     You have a powerfulmind that could intelligently guide you along the way. Your ideas will beintense and passionate and you will attack your objectives with much decisionand firmness. It will be difficult to influence you and you will not changeunless it is your own decision. This confidence in your own ideas is what willlead you to be successful in life.


     It is probable thatyou may be a bit egocentric or very partial in your opinions; it is necessarythat you cultivate flexibility and learn how to analyze situations fromdifferent points of view.


SunConjunction Jupiter:


     You are anoptimistic, happy and positive man. You will bring a touch of happinesseverywhere you go, and you will always be willing to help those who need it.Your generosity is notable but it is probable that you do not know your ownlimits very well. You must learn to be moderate and to be conscious of thelimitations of every situation. This astrological conjunction will give youluck throughout your life and you will achieve many things with relative ease.At the same time, it can make you prone to overindulgence and it can also makeyou lazy and careless in your behavior or in your physical appearance.


     You will always havea sympathetic and happy attitude that allows you to relate easily to others.Your social life will be intense and you will receive many favors from thepeople you meet.


SunSquare Saturn:


     You are severe, andrigid in your decisions. You probably do not show on the outside everythingthat goes on inside. You consider life to be hard and think everything you wishto obtain requires a sacrifice. At times, your attitude can be excessivelyrealistic to the point of pessimism. You must learn to be more positive andchange your mental programming of ..."everything is difficult"... forother, more effective thoughts that will more easily allow you to obtain whatyou want.


     You will live manykarmic trials during your life which will cause frustration or depression.Maintain your peacefulness to be able to capture from life the lessons that youmust learn.


     The relationship withyour father was not an easy one. The lack of understanding from him, his enmityor absence in your life created an emptiness that you will try to fill withyour companion and that will only lead to more frustration. You will choose ahard, unemotional, inflexible and perhaps irresponsible woman who will limitgreatly your personal evolution. Her frustrations will also be yours and herproblems will not let you concentrate on your own. Do not fall into the errorof blaming her for your limitations, there are always choices on your part andyou have to work with yourself to create a better future.


     To help yourself youmust first free yourself from bad memories of the past, learn to forgive, andeliminate any resentment you may feel; you must trust your own resources andvalue them without expecting recognition from others (remember your lack ofpaternal approval). Otherwise, you will often complain about your reality. Youmay also have some health problems, especially in your joints and bones.




Chapter  2:

The Moon. Your emotional world.




Moonin Aquarius:


     Your emotions arequick, changeable and unstable. Your way of having and expressing your feelingswill be very unusual and free. You have no prejudices or ties to keep you fromgiving yourself fully. Your mind and your heart act together and you probablyrationalize or intellectualize many of your affections. You demonstrate muchsympathy and detachment at the same time because deep inside you feardemonstrations of affection. You try to escape ties and, at the same time, youseek in them relief from tension.


     You do not followsocial tradition and you have an independent way of expressing yourself. Youare sociable and you relate to people easily. You are interested in groups andhumanitarian activities, you can excel in politics or in a position where youcan aid many people. You look towards the future and you detach yourself fromanything traditional and classic. You will be misunderstood and often timescriticized for your way of thinking, but that will not inhibit you. You will bean example of freedom and rebelliousness for many people around you. Inaddition, you have great intuition and you feel attracted by astrology andother occult sciences.


     Your mother was likea friend to you and she has taught you to act freely since childhood. From heryou learned to rebel against obligations, probably because of seeing herfrustration in her traditional role. You are willing to be different and tocreate your own style with enthusiasm, which can cause tension.


     During your previouslives you stayed in small communities, tribes or very closed societies, whichencouraged you to function according to the needs of the group. You became usedto thinking, even romantically, in conjunction with others; because of that,now you find it hard to relate intimately to someone. In this incarnation youmust learn to develop your individuality without being aloof or unemotional.Search for deep contact, heart to heart, so that you can broaden your identityand use your creativity to change inhibiting structures around you.


Moonin 6th house:


     Your daily work isvery important to you and you demonstrate much dedication and precision in whatyou do. You are protective towards and very sensitive to your co-workers,people around you, and employees in your charge. Due to your great sensitivityyou may change your job many times as you search for a home-like warmth in yourjob. Woody, you can blossom in service to the public.


     Many of the healthproblems you may have throughout your life are of psychosomatic origin; so, itis important that you care for your emotional and mental world, maintainingactivities that allow you to release your tensions and cultivating the habit ofpositive thinking.


     This astrologicalposition will generate in you shyness or emotional ambivalence. Try not to beanalytical, express your feelings freely. Avoid obsessions with inhibitions andfears by repeating out loud "I cancel" any time they appear.


MoonTrine Venus:


     You are kind, gentleand sociable. You will have many friends and will be popular with people. Youcan relate easily to others and are very gentle in your treatment of them,which will make everyone like you so you make friends easily. You develop in abalanced manner, which allows you to have a correct perception of values.


     Love in all itsmanifestations is very important to you and, throughout your life you will giveand receive love in equal measure. You will feel realized as a man and you willbe very happy in the role that you fulfill.





 Your destiny according to the 12astrological houses.




FIRST HOUSE:  Your personality. Your body. Yourchildhood.




VirgoRising Sign (1st house cusp)


     People see you as anintelligent, practical, and efficient man. You excel because of your ability tosee details and solve daily problems, especially those of others.


     In spite of your manyabilities, you have a big disadvantage: insecurity. Inside you are shy and need others to reaffirm your values;because of this, you strive, you sacrifice yourself, you please others andsuppress your aggressiveness. You are gentle and emotionally complex. A greatdeal of the time you give more than you receive hoping for the same in return,but this only leads to disillusionment. You must learn to express all thecharacteristics of your solar sign (described in Chapter 1) freely and surely.It is possible that you analyze each step you take and that you finally donothing.


     You never stopthinking and that can lead to a nervous breakdown. Though your body is notfragile, you can suffer from a few illnesses because of your hypochondriactendencies. When you feel bad emotionally, you become ill as a way ofattracting attention and seeking love.


     As a child you showedmuch curiosity and intelligence searching for logical answers to that which wasinside you. It is possible that your family suffered from economic or emotionalimbalances that greatly affected your sensitivity. The irrational attitudes ofadults, their fears or crises you suffered and did not understand, havegenerated many of your present insecurities. You must do a few visualizationexercises to connect yourself with your inner child and offer him all the loveand protection that he needed then.


Neptunein 1st house:


      You were bornwith charm, mystery, magnetism and charisma. You are refined, likeable and veryimaginative. Your fantasy world is enormous and you will be tempted to spendthe majority of your time there. You are an eternal idealist exposed todeception and disillusionment with the people you love because of not seeingthem objectively. Your refined sensitivity will allow you to perceive theinternal motives of the people around you; in addition, your intuition isnotable and it is possible you have had paranormal experiences since childhood.During your adult life you will feel very attracted to mystical andmetaphysical subjects. Often you will seem to experience emotions that are notyour own but from your environment, which means that you will be charged withthe energy of other people. This could alter your mood and at times harm you.


      Water will beyour healing element and to live near the coast or on the beach would be verycomforting to your spirit. Inspiration and imagination characterize yourpersonality making music and theater particularly apt for you, though allartistic manifestations seem to be suitable to your temperament. On thenegative side, the presence of this star could generate in you certain fears orinsecurities. It is to be hoped your parents did not resort to fearful imagesto control you during childhood, when you were so sensitive and impressionable,but instead, fed the great sensitivity you possess.


Neptunein Virgo:


      Your generationhas new concepts about work conditions and also about health care. They arehumanitarian and care about social causes, experiencing an internal strugglebetween emotion and reasoning. Woody, as a part of this generation, you couldbe somewhat eccentric and final in your way of thinking, for example beingstrict about your idea of what is good and bad; your tendency towardsperfectionism could lead you to discard many of your fantasies. You are a goodcritic and will always be ready to overthrow old ideas and change them for newones.




SECOND HOUSE:  Money. Assets. Resources.




Virgoon 2nd house cusp.


     Throughout your lifeyou will work with great dedication to earn your money. You will be successfulin places where you can excel because of your intelligence and ability fordetailed work, or where you can offer certain types of services. The morespecialized and particular your job is, the more you will earn. You must careabout perfecting yourself in whatever you choose, studying and taking coursesthat will help you be the best in your area.


     Possibly you havemany ambitions and you may encounter difficulties in advancing your career. Itis also possible that you experience some economic limitations or doubts,especially if you are not organized and practical. You have the necessaryenergy to overcome your obstacles, you only have to act intelligently.


Venusin 2nd house:


     You possess theability to earn money; you will be prosperous and very lucky. Social status andluxuries are very important to you and you will probably spend a lot of moneyon pleasures. You possess great charm and that will make you apt to excel in jobsconcerning the public, the arts or the world of fashion and beauty products.


Venusin Libra:


     Harmony, socialrelations and marriage are very important to you. You enjoy the company ofothers and you are a well loved person because of your personal charm andgentleness. You are very obliging and care deeply about assisting your lovedones. You feel attracted by beauty, luxuries and art in general; you possessmany talents and surprise others with your artistic abilities. The opposite sexfinds you very seductive. You are very idealistic about love and your feelingscan be hurt easily because you will not stand for aggressiveness or disquiet.With this astrological position, it is sure that you will be a happily marriedman.


VenusSquare Mars:


     It is probable that you have a very stormyrelationship with your father, which will be reflected in your romantic lifewhere domination and submission is the main motif of conflict. It is importantto soften this struggle in order to improve your romantic destiny. You can bejealous or possessive and since your feelings are intense you will express themardently. You could easily pass from love to hate and vice versa. You willbegin your love life prematurely and experience some dramatic situations.


VenusSquare Pluto:


     You are verydemanding of the people you love. You can feel jealous when one of your friendsalso has another friend because you want to hoard all the attention. Youremotional life will be very deep and complex at the same time. It is probablethat you grew up in a somewhat chaotic home, with intense demonstrations bothof affection and aggressiveness. Your passion could complicate your life,especially in financial matters. Your sexual life will also be intense and itis recommended that you get a good education on that subject. You willexperience stormy romances, with extreme emotions that go from love to hate andvice versa.




THIRD HOUSE:  Your mind. Your education. Short trips.

Your brothers and sisters.




                            The mind is a magnet: it attracts

                            to  you  exactly  what  you

                            think about.


Libra on 3rd house cusp.


     Woody, you have astrong sense of justice and you always analyze both sides of the situation,seeking a healthy balance in your conclusions. You express yourself in a warm,gentle and delicate manner, which allows you to conquer others easily. You arevery seductive and enchanting in your treatment of others and you can excel inbusiness, public relations or politics.


     Also, you will beinterested in studying and developing your artistic talents, good taste andcreativity. It is important that you use your abilities even if you do notpursue them professionally, because a great amount of your inner balancedepends on them. You will be changeable in your study habits; at times, youwill assume great responsibility and show dedication to your studies, but thenyou will go to the other extreme if you lose enthusiasm. It is necessary thatyou become more constant in your intellectual purposes if you desire success inthe future.


     This astrologicalinfluence helps communication among siblings (if you have any), relatives andneighbors. It is possible that you find a great companion in one of them. Also,communication will be a key element in your marriage to maintain the balance andovercome crises. You will engage in many pleasant short trips with your wife.




FOURTH HOUSE:  Your home. Middle Age and Later Years.




Scorpioon 4th house cusp.


     You grew up in atense and complex home. You probably fought a lot with one of your parents, whowas very aggressive and authoritative. You have received criticism oropposition to your plans at home (or you receive them still) and that causedyour rebelliousness and desire for independence.


     During your maturityyou will keep yourself active, energetic and vital. Your personal authoritywill increase notably and you will be impatient. If you are nervous oraggressive at present, you must learn to control yourself because thesecharacteristics will tend to be accentuated in the future.


     This astrologicalinfluence lengthens your life and offers you the possibility of experiencing aregeneration and of having a great change during that period. Also, you willinherit goods that will help your financial stability. Your intuitive abilitywill be heightened and you will have innumerable psychic experiences.


Mercuryin 4th house:


     You will beinterested in learning history and in knowing your ancestry and roots, both ofyour family and of society in general. You like to collect objects such asbooks, charms, stones, etc. Your mental restlessness indicates discovery andunderstanding of your own emotions and feelings. Also, Woody, you could beinterested in subjects related to the earth: geology, archaeology, agriculture,etc. It is probable that you will move several times and that you will engagein some activity that allows you to earn money working in your own home.


Mercuryin Sagittarius:


     Your mind is verycurious and you never cease to be interested in everything around you. You canbe a good student because of your great thirst to know all about the universe,including geography, history, sciences, mathematics, etc. In your studies youshow a lot of dedication and enthusiasm. Also, you will be inclined to learnabout philosophy and religion and all types of new ideas in general. Probablyyou do not pay too much attention to details and you are quick at makingdecisions. Your manner of communication is frank, open, and uninhibited; oftenyou find yourself in trouble for saying things you should not have said, or forsaying them to the wrong person. Woody, you like to socialize and share yourknowledge with others. Your great curiosity will lead you to learn fromeveryone and everything and your opinions will not be rigid. You can findyourself influenced by people you admire. You have a great sense of humor andyou will always find the funny side of experiences. Your charm and enthusiasmwill lead to popularity among your friends.


MercuryConjunction Jupiter:


     You possess aninsatiable curiosity and you think about everything on a grand scale. You areprone to exaggerating the facts when you are enthusiastic. You possess asuperior intelligence that will allow you to learn quickly and easily but youcan be somewhat neglectful and inconsistent in your studies and so you mustlearn to be more disciplined and orderly. Woody, you are very kind, gentle andoptimistic. Also, you possess a great ability for expressing yourself verballyand show an innate gift for public relations. It is probable that you will beinterested in history, law and education in general. You are highly culturedwhich makes you inclined to travel and get to know other customs and languages.


MercurySquare Saturn:


     It is probable thatyou possess strong inhibitions against communicating or freely expressing yourideas. Communication with your father could have been slight or nonexistent.You are responsible, deep, reserved, shy and a have great respect foreverything traditional. Your insecurity can lead to not making decisions andbeing frustrated in your studies. You can be very lonely and tend towardsdepression. Your fears can cause you to be rigid in your opinions or cling tostructured ideas.


Jupiterin 4th house:


      You are verydevoted to your home and family and will often receive a lot of help from yourparents. You enjoy wide open spaces and could grow harmoniously in your natalcity. Your disposition is happy, open and spontaneous, and in the future youwill reach a full maturity and happiness. Bad moments will not leave deep scarsnor change your character.


Jupiterin Sagittarius:


      You developedyour ethical principles very early. You possess a great sense of justice andrespect religious norms. In the same manner, you tolerate others and respectopinions and viewpoints contrary to your way of thinking. You are very idealisticand you love your freedom. You will travel throughout your life and you willget to know many countries and different cultures. If you move to a differentcountry, you will achieve great things and find happiness.


JupiterSquare Saturn:


      You must learnto recognize your limitations and to direct your energies in a more organizedmanner. It is probable that you are insecure about your potential and do notfeel very sure of reaching your objectives. Success can come late in life andwith it the feeling that you will never have true recognition. You could tendto be very realistic and materialistic but lack enthusiasm and courage to move.It is to be hoped that you have received from childhood the support andattention necessary, and that your parents avoided unfavorable comparisons withsiblings or friends.




FIFTH HOUSE:  Love. Romance. Children.




                              "Love is blind when it is born,

                               nearsighted  when  it  grows,  and

                               it sees all when it dies."


Capricorn on 5th house cusp.


     It is possible thatyou have few children:  one or twoonly. They will be serious and studious, and will be easy to raise. In thefuture, they will be well educated and show much dedication to theirprofession, in which they will excel.


     You associate lovewith the idea of responsibility and you want to find a mature, serious andstable woman to trust. You fear failure and are demanding in your search, whichwill lead to long periods of loneliness and dissatisfaction. You are notinterested in a fleeting romance and prefer to be alone rather than in badcompany. You find yourself attracted by mature, responsible, educated andprudent women, or those who remind you of your mother.


     You must learn toexpress your feelings more freely and effusively because you can project theimage of coldness or indifference. In reality, you are passionate and giveyourself totally to love but first you must find security and stability. Youare very responsible with your affections and reject infidelity.



     The following list will help you understandhow you can

relateyourself to the rest of the signs. If you happen to

knowthe other person's rising sign, you have to combine it

withhis/her sign in order to get a more complete description

ofthat person.




     You will feel a greatpersonal identification with people of this sign and together you can developprojects common to both. A good sign for marriage.




     A relationship tiedin with business, finances or financial aid is favored over a romantic one. Theunion offers stability and protection but could also be out of an interest inmoney.




     You could maintainvery good communication and an interchange of ideas. A mental or lightrelationship is indicated.




     A personal andintimate relationship in which deep emotions will be shared. A very good signfor marriage because it indicates the possibility of making a home together.




     A relationship ofmutual love and attraction. You can enjoy and share many happy moments butdifficulties exist in maintaining the relationship over time. Ideal sign forcourtship or romance, not for marriage.




     An unequalrelationship in which one offers more than the other. A difficulty exists inopenly expressing feelings. A work relationship is favored over a romantic one.




     Ideal sign formarriage or associations. It is also possible that one of your best friends isof this sign. This is a sign of complements; each can have opposing personalcharacteristics and that generates attraction.




     Magnetic and intenseattraction is indicated. Sign of passionate and uncontrolled romance based on astrong sexual attraction. A relationship that implies a dare or a strongemotional experience.




     A sign thatrepresents a second marriage; a happier and more spontaneous relationship basedupon the exchange of ideas common to both. One could assume a protective orteaching role with the other. Probability of an encounter in a foreign land orof long voyages together.




     A sign that standsout in your destiny. The people of this sign, both friends and lovers, willexert an important influence in your life. It is an ideal sign for marriagebecause it points out objectives and ambitions common to both, but it can alsoindicate too much worry over social status.




     Sign of friendshipthat represents common desires and fantasies. Open, friendly, happy and warmrelationship, though probably it will not be lasting. If other common elementsexist, it may lead to a marriage based on friendship and respect for eachother's individuality.




     Karmic relationshipinitiated in previous lives. It is possible that you have to confront strongdifficulties to be together and that it is a clandestine or secretrelationship. Also, it can indicate an impossible or intriguing love affair.This sign is the least favorable for obtaining a happy and open relationship;if you are involved in one, it will be difficult for you to cut yourself off orescape because of doubts about your destiny and the lessons you have to learn.


Rememberthe following:  everything that shedoes to you is what you did to her in previous lives. It is good for you topractice the exercise of forgiveness and forget any negative emotions.



Note: if two signs are repeated, it means thatthe relationship

ismore complex. If one of the signs is missing, its

interpretationis the same as the previous one. To make things

easier,this is the list of the signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini,

Cancer,Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,

Aquariusand Pisces.




     All relationships arePERFECT. Each situation you experience with another person is the perfect andnecessary one for your evolution; because of this, it is important that you donot cling to negative emotions such as anguish, depression, fury, frustration,etc., and that you try to see at every moment what life wants to teach you. Eachperson you know has a message for you and until you listen to it, it is highlyprobable that it will be repeated. Some relationships have karmic ties:  they have been initiated in other livesand there may be dues to pay. It is possible that what someone makes you sufferis what you have done to him/her in another time. That is why you must forgiveand forget. In every situation repeat to yourself :  "everything is perfect"; though at the beginningyou may not understand it, later it will be crystal clear.


Marsin 5th house:


     You are veryathletic, a sports person, restless and impulsive. You love to compete and willalways regret losing. You can also excel in leading others and organizing grouptasks with children. You are very seductive, romantic and sexual, which couldlead to many romances and also a few arguments and jealous scenes. You like togamble and participate in other activities that carry a challenge or risk. Youmust beware of speculative economic enterprises because your great passion canmake you act impulsively.


Marsin Capricorn:


     You have manyambitions and you work hard to make them come true. You are a more practicalthan idealistic person, and you like working toward tangible goals. You alsoexhibit discipline and a considerable dose of responsibility. You must learn tovalue people not only for their goods or by what they have achievedprofessionally. You do not act impulsively and know how to direct your energieswith precision. It is probable that little communication or possibly aseparation exists between you and your father, which will affect yoursensitivity and will make you be more mature than other adults. Since you werea child you have known what you wanted to be in your life and you surelystarted to work from that early age to achieve it. Your great seriousness anddetermination could lead you to lack humor and spontaneity, and you can alsohave certain difficulty in expressing your emotions freely. You will defendyour home tenaciously and, even though you do not show it, you are possessiveand jealous of the people close to your heart.


MarsOpposition Pluto:


     You are a strong,aggressive, dominant and impatient person. You must learn to control youremotions and the expression of them because you could be rough or even violent.You feel jealous of the people you love, you are very possessive and want tomonopolize their attention. Your ego can cause you to make impulsive decisionsand, at times, destructive ones. Your lack of patience and tolerance caninterfere with your success in life; because of that it is important that youlearn to control yourself, to discharge your aggressiveness constructively, andto direct your dynamic energy in an orderly and persistent manner.




SIXTH HOUSE:  Health. Nutrition. Work. Service.




Attention:in this section you will find recommendations to

improveyour health, but in cases with specific problems you

mustconsult your doctor.


Sunin Sagittarius:


     Sagittarius rules thehips, pelvic bones, thighs and the metabolism of fats. In general, you will behealthy because you are mentally sound, happy and positive, thinking of yourdreams and goals, and hypochondria is far from your mind. Nevertheless, you cango to the other extreme:  notworrying at all about the state of your health. You like the good life, whichimplies eating everything in abundance, with the subsequent danger of gainingweight. You love sports and outdoor life, which will help you retain yournormal weight if you exercise consistently. You must pay attention to yourcholesterol.


     To preserve goodhealth, you must consider the following: avoid fatty, fried foods and red meat;control the intake of sweets; replace pastries with fresh fruits and carbonateddrinks with vegetable or natural fruit juices; participate fully in outdoorsports; keep a positive and happy attitude in the face of problems; avoidnegative influences or suggestions from others; be moderate at parties, ondates, etc. and try to rest adequately; do not smoke; do not drink or eatexcessively; do not neglect your body, get annual check-ups; practice fastingor some type of body-cleansing diet regularly; engage in some intellectualactivity to your taste; sun-bathe; cultivate and maintain your great sense ofhumor.


Saturnin Pisces:


     This astrologicalposition can cause a slow liver function, constipation, lymphatic stasis thatcan lead to catching severe colds or flu, flat feet, lack of foot circulation,swelling, problems with sugar due to poor insulin function, low white bloodcell count, inactive spleen and malfunction of the thymus gland.


Aquariuson 6th house cusp:


     Your short termhealth problems may be related to nervous exhaustion, stress, and to the lackof the vitamin B complex. It is important that you learn to relax.


     To prevent theseproblems it is recommended that you add to your diet the following foods:  all legumes, whole grains, nuts andseeds, asparagus, corn, lentils, watercress, soy, cabbage, coconut, grapes,lemons, pineapples, peanuts, wheat germ, bee pollen, egg yolks, and other foodsrich in vitamin B.


     Your long term healthproblems may be caused by insufficient oxygenation of the body, or by lack of vitaminsA, D, and magnesium. Your common ailments will be manifested in the circulatorysystem, causing poor circulation in the extremities, palpitations, and cardiacproblems in general.


     It is important thatyou add to the above list of foods the following:  celery, carrots, broccoli, alfalfa, lettuce, red and greenpeppers, spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, dry or natural peaches, cherries,apples, lemons, oranges, fresh cheese, yogurt, and sunflower seeds. It isrecommended that you avoid fried or fatty foods; do not smoke or drink alcohol,and maintain some type of regular physical activity.


Moonin 6th house:


     You may have problemsrelated to the production of bodily fluids; allergies will also be frequent attimes of seasonal change. Your emotional state will determine your health, soit is recommended that you find ways to express yourself and achieve acomfortable balance mentally.



     To have in mind:  many of your emotional unbalances arenot produced by external situations or experiences but by blood disorders. Thelack of some nutrients or intoxication or other excesses, can often causechanges in your system and lead to depression, anguish, fatigue oraggressiveness. Because of that, if you want to be happy, do not neglect your body--giveit the best nutrition possible.





SEVENTH HOUSE:  Associations. Marriage.




                           Your companion is your reflection.

                           Everything  you  find  in  her,  in

                           some way is in you.


Pisces on 7th house cusp.


     If there are nocontrary indications, your marriage will occur when you are approximately 25years old. You will choose as a wife a sensitive, expressive, and kind woman,who will be very devoted to and you and also greatly dependent on you.


     Living together willbe serene and every problem will be resolvable by talking out your differentview points. Nevertheless, your most common complaints towards her are: hertendency towards disorder and personal neglect, her fantasizing, and her lackof common sense and decisiveness. Of the two, you will be the most realisticand active one, the one who has his feet on the ground and decides which waythe couple is going.


     You choose complexrelationships that demand a great effort on your part, which could lead toexhaustion and loss of interest with time. If this happens, you will divorcebut probably never completely end the relationship. The main problem is thatgreat illusions present themselves at the beginning of the union and laterdisappear. If you manage to stay realistic and accept the other just as she is,without criticizing or attempting to change her, then you will enjoy a verywarm and satisfactory relationship.


Saturnin 7th house:


      It is probablethat the fruition of your marriage is delayed and that at moments you feelfrustrated. This star generates difficulties and discouragements, which couldlead you to believe that the right woman does not exist for you. Consequently,you will experience times of solitude or superficial relationships. When youreach your emotional maturity and have more confidence in your personalresources you will meet your wife, who will be prudent, thrifty, serious,responsible and possibly older. It is also probable that she will be a widow orseparated. Your relationship will be formal, stable, and lasting but, if in thefuture you separate, it will be very difficult and painful.


      On anotherplane of interpretation, this star explains that during previous lives you didnot take advantage of opportunities to marry or that you behaved irresponsibly;because of that, today you suffer the consequences and find it hard to achievethe happiness you desire. To overcome this influence, it is necessary that youact seriously, decisively and with self-confidence, avoiding being a victim.Everything you suffer is what you have made others suffer previously; you mustlearn to forgive and forget to break the karmic chain.


      You feel agreat need to be near your father and to share with him. If you did not receiveall the attention you needed as a child, it is possible that today you areafraid of rejection or tend towards solitude, and seek to compensate for thosedeficiencies with the presence of someone older by your side. It is recommendedthat you do not marry until reaching a certain level of maturity.


      You are veryresponsible and will be interested in developing yourself in public arenas. Youwill need time to be alone and recharge your batteries.


Saturnin Pisces:


      You are veryimaginative; you are a dreamer who tends to live in the past instead ofconfronting present difficulties. You have great emotional understanding andhumility and are willing to help anyone who is alone or needs protection.Woody, you need peace and calm to discover your abilities; you will possiblyexcel in literature, research or metaphysics. You take life very seriously andoften react emotionally. It is important that you learn to be a bit moredetached, to confront life in a realistic manner and to conquer your fearswhich cause you to avoid responsibilities.


SaturnSextile Uranus:


       You havemuch willpower, initiative and an endless determination. You combine yourpracticality with intuition and you possess a great common sense, muchadministrative ability, and you are persistent in your objectives. Inside youmaintain a balance between the old and the new, authority and your own freedom.You will fulfill your duties responsibly but will seek to accentuate your ownindependence; you need to work freely. You will direct your creative energyeffectively and will be a hard and tenacious worker.



     Do not evaluate thesuccess of a relationship by the result because it does not depend solely uponyou. Always analyze what you have done: if you have offered yourself correctly, if you have loved sincerely, ifyou have set aside your selfishness, etc. What the other person does is her ownresponsibility and you cannot manipulate it. In a couple, the responsibilitiesare always divided in half; take care of your share. At times, one giveseverything and does not receive anything; it does not matter. Destiny will takecare of it, returning all the love you may have given. Do not make the mistakeof secluding or hardening yourself or becoming emotionally detached because ofsuffering caused by others. Try always to be truthful with what you feel andgive yourself fearlessly because in the Universe nothing gets lost andeverything you give, you will get back.




EIGHTH HOUSE:  Dangers. Inheritances. Legacies.




Pisceson 8th house cusp.


     The main danger inyour life is related to water. You must be careful when you go to a river, lakeor ocean. Also, you must avoid taking medications because your body is verysensitive and you could be poisoned. When you are ill you must use more naturalor homeopathic remedies.


     It is probable thatin the future you will have some sort of problem because of inheritances. Thepossibility of fraud, deceit or confusion could arise.


     In addition, yourwife will be very generous and will not know how to manage her money very well,which could bring certain economic ups and downs.


Thingsthat benefit Sagittarius:






COLORS: turquoise and in general, all ranges ofblue.


STONES: turquoise, light lapis lazuli anddiamond.


METAL: tin. In jewelry what favors you is gold,not silver or platinum.


     Equal energiesattract; because of this, people with the same tastes gather together. If youwant to attract positive people to your life and experience happy situations,you must take care to improve your own energy. The only way to find a goodcompanion, good friend, good job, etc., is by being good yourself, radiatingpositive energy. Keep in mind that you will never conquer someone using pity orthreats, instead you will provoke the opposite response. If you desire someoneor something, you have to be splendid inside and out. If you feel good aboutyourself, you will attract the best.




NINTH HOUSE:  Religion. Long trips.




Arieson 9th house cusp.


     You have greatreligious faith though it is probable that you practice it irregularly. Yourideas can separate you from tradition and you find yourself in disagreementwith certain aspects of the church; nevertheless, your feeling and spiritualconnection with God are very intense. You must act as an individual.


     It is probable thatyou will experience many long travels throughout your life. You are attractedby different places that awaken in you an adventurous spirit. You must becareful because the risk of falls, bruises or accidents during your travelsexists.


Uranusin 9th house:


      You will travela lot throughout your life and visit exotic and strange places, very far fromyour native land. You will experience particular events on these trips thatwill enrich your internal life, your philosophy and your attitude to religion.You are very creative, independent and adventurous. Your religious beliefs arenot orthodox and you find difficulty in following rituals. You are interestedin social reforms and will pursue them with some political militancy, thoughthis may vary over time. It is recommended that you not become involved inlegal problems because they could have unexpected and negative consequences foryou.


Uranusin Taurus:


       Youbelong to a generation that will contribute progressive ideas to the world ofbusiness, generating economic reforms and many practical ideas. It is probablethat from your group many inventors will contribute to make life morecomfortable. Another important characteristic is the romanticism that willincite you and your contemporaries to express feelings in an uninhibited andspontaneous manner. Ideas concerning sex will also be different from yourpredecessors, and you will seek a freer and more unprejudiced life.


UranusSquare Pluto:


      You are oftenimpatient and combative. You become angry in certain situations and could adopta negative or destructive attitude in the face of things you dislike. You havestrong political ideals and will fight against injustice. In addition, you willnot tolerate being restricted or limited in your expression and will reactviolently to your oppressors.




TENTH HOUSE:  Vocation. Professional success.




Note:in order to come to a more accurate conclusion, you must

combinethe information below with the characteristics of your

Sun(Chapter 1) and your Moon (Chapter 2).


Last15 degrees of Taurus on MC


     Woody, you canexperience unexpected turns in your destiny or profession. You have theresources to triumph, but you don't always succeed because of impatience orlack of persistence. First, you will seek a job or profession that will offeryou security while you continue looking for "something better".Eventually this job will occupy all your time until you are at a point ofsaturation and then, when you least expect it, you will abandon your secure jobto start the search again. Because you have the ability to adapt to mostsituations, your future will be rich in experience. To become more successfulin life, you must try to find a balance; for example: your own business and aparallel profession.


     Your vocationalchoice points toward one of the following professions or a combination ofthem:  journalist, radio announcer,singer, administrator, merchant, exporter, language professor, phone operator,actor, speaker, writer, interpreter, etc.


     It is possible thatyour home was not too stable; maybe your parents fought a lot or wereseparated. There was no lack of love and communication, but you did not have asense of unity, which causes instability and a lack of definition. The peopleof Taurus and Gemini will be strongly influential in your destiny.




ELEVENTH HOUSE:  Friendship. Group activities.




                            "A shared grief is divided, a joy

                             is  multiplied."


Cancer on 11th house cusp.


     You have very fewfriends but those you have are intimate. You are protective and paternaltowards them and consider them your family. You will be popular among peoplebecause you are pleasant, sensitive and charismatic. Nevertheless, you preferto have a select and not too extensive social life, which will vary; at timesyou will have a lot of contact with people and many parties, and at other timesyou will remain at home or in the company of your intimate friends. The watersigns (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) can be perfect for friendship. It isprobable that one of your parents is also a good friend, and that together youdevelop common projects and ideas.


     You will not be veryinterested in participating in group activities, except when you find a club orsocial organization where you feel at home with other members. You prefer smalland restricted groups where you feel more secure.


Plutoin 11th house:


      Friends andrelatives will play an important role in your life. You will choose as friendsthose who demonstrate strength of will and self-confidence, but you must becareful not to fall under their control. You are interested in participating ingroups that work for social reforms as well as those that transform the world.It is important that you learn to discriminate and choose your friends wisely,because you give yourself in a total and loyal way to them.


Plutoin Cancer:


      Your generationhas strong feelings towards their home and country. They are sentimental andzealously defend their territory, which is why they cling to the known andfamiliar to the detriment of cultural exchange with other peoples. They willalso demonstrate a sacrificial spirit of their own, seeking their ownwell-being and protection. Woody, as a part of this movement, you are sensitiveto needy people and participate in social activities for the aid of children,single mothers, the homeless, etc.; you are very intuitive and respondinstinctively to situations; you must learn to watch your great sensitivitybecause you could get hurt and become resentful.




TWELFTH HOUSE:  Karma. Secret enemies. Bankruptcy.




                            "Impossible things only require a

                             little  more  time."


Leo on 12th house cusp.


     You must elevate yourself-esteem, your confidence and ability to make decisions. It is probable thatyou will experience inhibitions that do not allow you to impose yourself orexpress your ideas freely. You are fearful of your own power andaggressiveness, which can mean you act with little energy or enthusiasm. Youtend to think too much before acting, and most of the time this stops yourimpulse. You must learn to relax, to have more fun, to laugh at your ownmistakes, and to express your sense of humor openly. It is also probable thatyou do not completely use your artistic and creative talents.


     Also, this influencecould lead you to confront powerful enemies, to have problems with authority,or to experience dangerous situations with large animals.





BIBLIOGRAPHY:  To keep growing.






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