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The Canine Report




Ivory Snowflake

August 18, 1997

7:27 PM

Boyden, Iowa














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        Youranimals can be your best friends in life. Just like us, they also have theirunique personalities. We may not always know their exact time of birth but wecan still look at the chart for the day of birth and determine an incredibleamount of information. If the exact time is unavailable a Sun sign chart willbe used as the basis for the chart. We can benefit by knowing where our pets'full potential might be met.  Andlike our human friends there may also be difficult areas of theirpersonalities, which we must learn to accept or correct. Not all dogs aresuited for agility or obedience. Some will do better at guarding their masters;others might behave well in conformation. By understanding the potential of ourdogs we seek ways to improve what already exists and accept things that aresometimes unchangeable or a challenge.


       There are 4 basic elements that make up a chart; they are earth, water,air and fire. If Ivory has 4 or more planets in one of these elements she is consideredto have more than average. By giving a weight or number to these planets we candetermine if the chart has tendencies that would be influenced by beingoverweighted in that particular element. The Ascendant, Midheaven and planetson the angles are also given a number, which is included in determining themakeup of a chart.



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       This birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planetsat the time of your birth.  For thebenefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technicalinformation, are listed below:


Sun     position is 26 deg.04 min. of Leo

Moon    position is  4 deg. 04 min. of Pisces

Mercuryposition is 16 deg. 10 min. of Virgo

Venus   position is  1 deg. 41 min. of Libra

Mars    position is  2 deg. 53 min. of Scorpio

Jupiterposition is 15 deg. 47 min. of Aquarius

Saturn  position is 20 deg. 06 min. of Aries

Uranus  position is  5 deg. 55 min. of Aquarius

Neptuneposition is 27 deg. 50 min. of Capricorn

Pluto   position is  2 deg. 50 min. of Sagittarius

Asc     position is  7 deg. 34 min. of Aquarius


TropicalZodiac   Daylight Savings Timeobserved.

GMT:00:27:00     TimeZone: 6 hours West.

Lat.and Long. of birth: 43 N 11 28  96 W 00 20



Aspectsand orbs:

Conjunction  : 7 Deg 00 Min

Opposition   :  5 Deg 00 Min

Square       :  5 Deg 00 Min

Trine       :  5 Deg 00 Min

Sextile      :  4 Deg 00 Min

ConjunctAsc :  5 Deg 00 Min Above,  7 Deg 00 Min Below

Element Emphasis


AirSign Emphasis:  (Score of 7,4,7,10)


       Ivory has an abundance of air in her chart. This makes Ivory high-strungand ready for action. She could run circles around you and other animals in thehousehold. Tuned in to your every movement, Ivory senses when you're ready tomove or do anything she can be included in. Ivory needs to have a job that willput her intelligence to use constructively. If left alone, Ivory can displaydestructive tendencies due to boredom. Leave the TV or radio on when alone so her active mind has some stimulito keep negative behavior away. Give her a job. Herding other small animals oroccasionally watching over children could be just what she needs to keep herbusy mind active. As a companion pet, Ivory proves very entertaining and can bethe life of the party. The social element or diplomat in a house of other pets.Ivory loves to travel and will beat you to the door when she hears keys rattle.





        Theascendant, or sign on the horizon at birth, changes approximately every 2hours. To get a true picture of an animal a time of birth is very helpful. Fromthe ascendant, not only do we learn the appearance and characteristics of ananimal, we also derive a pattern for the chart itself. The ascendant is theface we show to strangers, animal and human alike. We may view Ivory as her Sunsign, but others will see the sign on the ascendant. The rising sign dictateshow Ivory portrays herself to others. These characteristics are entirelydifferent from what we see on the home front. Learn more about how others seeIvory.




       Wired for sound, Ivory never stops. Always in motion, she initiatesactivity with other animals in the family. Ivory will be the first to greet you- waking everyone and letting them know it's time to go out. Highly attuned toyour thoughts and actions, Ivory will be found waiting for you with leash inmouth and cold nose to cheek. Sociable by nature Ivory will not be happy as theonly animal in the house and long periods alone are difficult for her. Sheneeds to communicate with others both human and animal. Ivory's animalcompanions often seem more important to her than you are. She knows how to worka room entertaining all. Ivory is known for showing off, enjoying being the centerof attention. A party animal from dawn to dusk and then all over again.





        SunSigns give the basic identity of an animal. This is the real side you will seeonce she trusts you enough to show it to you. Although not always apparent tostrangers, to those she lives with, there is no question what Ivory is reallylike. The basic needs and patterns in life are strongly governed by the Sun.Where it is found in the chart will influence that area of your dog's lifestrongly. She will put her best paw forward in this area, being noticed by all.


Sunin Leo:


       Ivory must feel equal to her master in every way. Adore her and make herfeel every part as special as she is. Frequent grooming and attention will providethe bond Ivory needs to feel important. Ivory is looked up to and respected byall other animals in the family. Calm but watchful. Always on the prowl for foeor game. Conformation ring would serve Ivory well as it gives her adequate timeto be prepped and adorned. Others admire and praise Ivory's movements andappearance with ample rewards in the process. She does not like work much butwill accommodate you for the praise she knows she deserves. Loyal in every way,Ivory is a good companion and guard dog. Keep Ivory's winning ribbons andpictures on your walls for proof of her accomplishments. Make sure she isincluded in all social events that make her the center of attention. Ivory isnot a pest and will expect you to come to her for attention. Quite comfortablelying around soaking up the sunshine - give her plenty of time to do so. Ivoryneeds to be an integral part of a family where she is given the respect shedeserves.


Sunin the 7th house:


       Keep these dogs happy by getting her a partner for life. Unless you'reavailable 24 hours a day, you are not likely to fill that position. Ivory needsto share life with someone she considers an equal. Full of fun, Ivory willfrolic until spent, often resting for small periods before looking to cuddle upwith her significant other. Keep them together always for they can be quiteconfused and lonely when left alone. Ivory needs companionship to feel whole.





        TheMoon tells us how dogs bond with us on an emotional level. Now, we all knowdogs have emotions but they show it in different ways. The Moon demonstrateswhat she really loves in life. This is the treat to their humdrum day. Ifwanting to know what to buy for a pet look to the moon sign to determine theperfect gift.


Moonin Pisces:


       Ivory feels like she is a part of you. When you are missing in actionshe needs to have something of yours to feel loved and secure. This is one dogthat will never confuse you on where she places her loyalty. Ivory would giveher life for you, let there be no mistake. There is an almost karmic bondbetween you. She may remind you of someone who has passed on or be named afterthem. Ivory is very sensitive and gets hurt easily. She needs to have a securefamily setting. Take her to water daily for play time spent with you. She knowswhen you're coming home or leaving way before you show any signs of doing so.


Moonin the 1st house:


       Ivory's placement of the Moon in her first house can make her very closeto the mother, either you or her canine mom. Sometimes overly eager to please,she will win you over in the end so you might as well give in now. Ivory isvery affected by her environment, so keep stress to a minimum especially atmealtime. Eating habits may need to be corrected. Ivory needs encouragement totake challenges with you. She will find a way into your heart, often adoptingyou and other pets along the way. Ivory will mother anyone who crosses herpath.


MoonTrine Mars:


       Ivory moves with grace and precision, putting all her effort into thetask at hand. Seemingly effortless in all she does, Ivory's movements are fluidand performed without distraction. She feels her next move before taking it.Raising pheasants/grouse would be a sport Ivory might enjoy. Ivory's senses alerther to the whereabouts of hidden things. Ready for action and in tune with youremotions, Ivory will please you continuously with many loving gestures. Hercold nose will be the first thing to wake you, bringing you the leash and maybea slipper or two.


MoonSquare Pluto:


       Keep vigilant with obedience and this wayward adolescent may finallybehave. Hidden throughout the house are Ivory's numerous toys and prizes. When hurtor offended by lack of attention Ivory can be seen sulking and returning to hersecret hiding place. When seeking the attention she requires, she may resort togood or bad behavior in order to receive it. Reward Ivory when she returns toyou but be aware of all the secret places she has that allow for her escape.You wouldn't want her to get into trouble. Ivory will never forget a misdeedand will be the first to alert you to someone who may not have your bestinterests at heart. She can sense their intentions and they had better be goodor Ivory may be seen leading the offender off the property. Ivory could keepintruders under surveillance until you arrive to intervene. Her rebelliousattitude can be seen when forced to do the unspeakable. Don't let her make afool out of herself at sporting events. Ivory would much prefer observing froma secret vantage point.





       Mercury in the chart shows us a little bit about the intelligence of ananimal. For every human that is a little slow and methodical in their thinkingthere is another who is quick and intelligent in their response. Although a dogcan't write or talk to us, there is a certain communication that she shareswith other animals and humans. Some are quick learners while others take a morepractical approach to learning. Mercury shows you strengths or obstacles thatmay occur in the process.


Mercuryin Virgo:


       Often seen pacing, Ivory has a hard time quieting her active mind.Always worried, she looks as if she is fretting with a wrinkled brow. Iseveryone happy? Is everyone eating? Is someone sick? These seem to be thethings that Ivory worries about most. Not happy unless caring for others; ifthere are no other animals you will be her object of concern. Always vigilantand observant of everything you do, Ivory will not rest until you do. Wantingto heal you and care for you, Ivory can be seen at your side. Since she will beworried and anxious until you return it might be easier to include her in yourdaily activities. Take her to work so she can worry about your coworkers aswell; they will get a real charge out of this little powerhouse. Always inmotion, her nervous energy may get the better of her. Show Ivory how to relaxand take time out for outdoor activity. Her love of birds and aerial chases iswell known.


Mercuryin the 7th house:


       Ivory will have many animals and friends she calls partners. Always seena part of a pair, Ivory looks lost without her sidekick. That sidekick could beyou if there are no other animals in the household. Don't keep Ivory alone forlong periods of time. She loves to feel the bond of a significant other.





       Venus specifies the object of desire in a chart. This could be anotherdog or a favorite toy - it could even be you or another member of the family.When Ivory sees this object there's no looking back. Venus placement could helpyou find a suitable match for Ivory someday. There are soul mates out there foreveryone including dogs. Dogs' souls also stand the test of time. Humans arenot the only ones governed by karma. Let Venus lead you and your dog tohappiness in finding true love.


Venusin Libra:


       Ivory may think she owns all rights to you, finding it hard to share youwith other members of the household. You belong to her and sharing is not partof the bargain. She showers you with gifts often hidden from view until theright moment is available. Ivory can be seen in protective stances surroundingyour every move. Let no one come between you or intend harm or there will bedues to pay. Ivory may be sensitive and will go into seclusion if her feelingsare hurt. It may take more than your ordinary amount of coaxing to bring herout of her shell especially if trust is lost. She may never forgive you.


Venusin the 8th house:


       Ever wonder why Ivory looks at you a little funny. Have you noticed howshe can read your mind? Do you feel like there is much more behind those bigbrown eyes than what's on the surface? If there was ever a dog that livedbefore, Ivory was probably it and she knew you then. 'Til death do us part andpart and part. Ivory is as much a part of you as time. If only you could readthose eyes that long to tell you of prior adventures. She knows you better thanyou know yourself.


VenusTrine Uranus:


       Keeping this dog in one place could prove difficult. Always alert and inmotion. It may be difficult for Ivory to stand still long enough for therequired obedience or conformation ring but her alertness will prove to behelpful in other areas. Ivory gets noticed for other things. There is somethingvery unusual and special about Ivory's appearance. She attracts attention likea magnet. Ivory may love to travel and airplanes are no exception. Ivory findsbirds intriguing and they and she can become quite fond of one another ifintroduced early in life.


VenusTrine Neptune:


       Ivory is in love with love. Shower her with kisses and affection andthey will return triple fold. You are her knight in shining armor. The dayrises and sets with you and she will never forget to remind you of this.


VenusSextile Pluto:


       Ivory knows how to show you who's boss. Other animals and humans willshow her the respect she deserves. Noticed by judge and strangers alike Ivorywill impress everyone with her soundness and secure sense of being. She seemsto radiate an attitude of respect, "Don't mess with me."





       Mars in a chart allows us to see where your dog's energy is and how shemight use it. Will she be quick and aggressive or passive and resistant? LetMars help you decide what activity your dog best qualifies for.


Marsin Scorpio:


       Police work and search and rescue are the perfect jobs for Ivory. Thereis no secret around Ivory, she sees right through people. Send her on a searchmission and she will bring back the goods. She may also bring the goods back toher hidden place, from boots to gloves, with a few keys thrown in for fun.Ivory loves to hide things and will have many places around your house that youmight stumble upon. Loyal for life, Ivory will not like anyone coming betweenyou and her. She sulks when reprimanded; it may take awhile before you seeIvory return from her hiding place. She is slow to warm up to strangers butonce trust is developed she can be a loyal friend for life.


Marsin the 8th house:


       Ivory can be a big help in police investigative work. There is no secretthat she doesn't soon resolve. She can find a needle in the haystack and will bethe first to risk life in order to save others. Ivory could receive a hero'smention for actions beyond the call of duty.


MarsTrine Moon:


       Ivory is a loving and loyal pet who bonds with your family as well asyou. A loyal friend that will be seen around hearth and home. "Feed me andI will follow you everywhere." Ivory also likes to see to it that othersin the household are fed. Ivory will be submissive to more aggressive dogs,usually being rewarded for doing so. Tied strongly to her mother, Ivory may bedifficult to separate from her. Once separated she will bond with her humanmother. Ivory can surprise you with her caring sensitive nature. Canine goodcitizen title should be granted without difficulty. Visits to elderly andchildren alike will be rewarding for both. Ivory will make you proud to be herfriend.


MarsSquare Uranus:


       Ivory does not like change in her environment and will fight it all theway. Independent with a slight stubborn streak, Ivory will buck authoritywhenever she gets a chance. This is a dog that will learn your tricks but willnever be completely owned by you or anyone else.





       Wherever Jupiter falls in your dog's chart is where she is most likelyto find good luck and abundance. Here is where the route to all adventuresbegins. Follow Jupiter around the chart for an idea of where you can bringIvory the most enjoyment. Let her show you how to have fun and enjoy life inher own special way.


Jupiterin Aquarius:


       Ivory should be in a group home or one that houses a large number ofanimals and birds. The life of the party, Ivory lives to be with others. Herintuitive nature is seen with other animals as well as humans. Ivory knows whenthe neighbors return and will leave home to greet them. She has a way of makingeveryone stop and pay attention to the silly antics she displays. Talkative inher own doggy way, Ivory may howl or whimper as long as she gets yourattention. Keep Ivory surrounded with the activity of both children and other animals.


Jupiterin the 1st house:


        IsIvory rather round around the middle? If not she may gravitate toward that asshe ages. Ivory is energetic and exuberant in all she does. There's no halfwaywith her. She goes through life with gusto. Ivory's appetite is likely to bethe same as her lust for life.  Sheenjoys the chase or hunt. You can't stop these dogs from seeking adventure.Take Ivory to forest trails often. This is where Ivory is the happiest. Herenergy is high and Ivory must have adequate exercise to tame that wild soul.





       Saturn in your dog's chart represents the disciplinarian or authorityfigure. This could be you or her own canine mother. This is the person who setsthe limits on obedience and how Ivory behaves. The rules learned here becomeknown as Ivory's personal boundaries. Boundaries and limits are meant to bechallenged - Ivory instinctively knows how far she can push you. By learningwhere Saturn is in Ivory's chart we find how to manage behavior with adisciplinarian approach she can live with.


Saturnin Aries:


       Ivory Is a survivor and may have come from very limited or confinedconditions at birth. Possibly the only survivor in a group of puppies. Ivorywill resist your attempts at training unless you are very assertive. She canbecome angry when not allowed to have her way. She is not afraid of being theonly dog in the family and is used to solitude from a very early age.


Saturnin the 2nd house:


        IfIvory were to lose all her possessions she would start over and rebuild hercastle. All her belongings are personally important, each and every one havinga special part in her heart. You may be a bit lazy when it comes to takingIvory to obedience training but she won't mind. Her response to you will be thesame. She will gladly do whatever you want as long as the reward is worthy ofher approval.





       Uranus, the planet of change and excitement, remains in a sign forapproximately 7 years. For this reason it is considered one of the generationalplanets, affecting large groups of dogs born during the period.  Uranus shows us where individualism isstrongest. Genius abilities can be evident with the right training.Independence is also strongest here. Change in this area can be accomplishedonly by communicating on a different level of understanding, for exampleintuition, natural forces, habit, or other unconventional and inexplicablemethods. Information is processed with lightning speed showing a higherintelligence at work.


Uranusin Aquarius:


       Unselfish in all she does, Ivory can impress you with her lovingdevotion. Caring for all in the family, her humanitarian efforts do not gounnoticed. Ivory can be seen helping other animals along the way and it is notunheard of for her to bring a few home with her for a free meal. Sheautomatically senses those in need and will try to lend a hand. This does notexclude you and your friends as well. Intuitive to others she senses when thereare troubled natures that need some loving attention. Ivory can direct herattention to those individuals providing them with the gift of love. Throughthis she has accomplished more than she will ever know. Ivory can be quiteinventive and original when it comes to getting you to try new things. She isoften the first to wake you, as her restless spirit does not allow much timefor sleep. Her intuitive nature will know when you're ready and remind you witha gentle nudge and her leash when it's time to go. Sometimes her erraticbehavior may surprise you, but this is only her response to external stimulishe has tuned in to. Of course this is beyond your comprehension unless you'reas tuned in to things as she is. Watch for restless behavior and try to allowIvory some degree of independence for her to follow her natural calling to bewith others.


Uranusin the 12th house:


       Ivory sees right through you and knows things before you think or speakthem. She will have the leash ready before you even rise. Keep your brain wavesopen to the thought transference you'll experience with Ivory. She willcontinue to surprise you with her understanding of things that goes far beyondwhat a dog should comprehend. Often spending time in shelter or confinement,she will never forget you for rescuing her. Ivory would do well visitinghospitals or institutes where she can bring cheer to those confined there.


UranusTrine Venus:


        A suddenattraction to Ivory may have you taking her home without planning. You justcan't resist these marvelous creatures. Almost magnetic to others, Ivory willhave the admiration of many as well.


UranusSquare Mars:


       Ivory zigs when she is supposed to zag. The information she receives issometimes seen in reverse therefore making the response just the opposite.Energy can be used unwisely and lead to exhaustion. Allow her rest periods sothat energy is not lost.


UranusSextile Pluto:


        GiveIvory the respect she deserves. Don't let her docile appearance fool you intothinking she's not the boss of her domain. You can be suddenly reminded of thiswhen another animal attempts to take her place. Be sure Ivory has the word"No" in her vocabulary.





       Neptune gives you a view into your dog's soul. It shows us the mysticalmagical side to her that makes her tick. What is Ivory's soul purpose in life?Is it to belong to you or does she have a greater mission? The house thatNeptune is found in is where Ivory will sacrifice all to obtain a higherposition in your eyes. Neptune takes about 14 years to complete its cyclethrough one sign. Many generations of dogs will have Neptune in the same signtherefore house placement will be more important, with emphasis on theactivities of the house.


Neptunein Capricorn:


       "Show me the reward and results and I'll show you what I cando." There's no tricking Ivory. She wants concrete proof that the rewardis coming or you can forget it. "Show me the treat and I'll work all dayfor you." Introducing Ivory to new ambitions will help her to develop intoa trusting companion.


Neptunein the 12th house:


       Ivory is tuned in to another place that may seem foreign to you. A lonerby nature, Ivory is often found dreaming away the hours in an out of the waylocation. Perceptive of people and situations beyond belief. Ivory reads yourmind and can filter this into useful information that allows her to please youin many ways. Ivory can be seen helping by visits to hospitals or other placeswhere the sick or disabled are confined.


NeptuneTrine Venus:


        Iflooks could kill Ivory would surely be a slayer. The laid back assured way thatIvory presents this is part of the appeal. Not overly energetic, Ivory wouldprefer you come to her with treats. She know you can't resist and if she lookscute enough you'll eventually come through.





       Pluto in Ivory's chart shows where she has the greatest potential. Throughinstruction and sometimes change she can achieve mastery of any skill you teachher. Instinctively Ivory knows, as if from a prior lifetime, exactly how to dothings, even if she was never taught before. Never having experienced aspecific activity before and without prior knowledge, Ivory can be an expert atthis activity expressed by the house in which Pluto is located.


Plutoin Sagittarius:


       Ivory has enough adventure in her to provide you with entertainment forlife. Almost goofy in her antics she can give you hours of fun. Follow her towooded paths where Ivory can hunt, trail and raise prey just for entertainment.Provide Ivory with ample outdoor play time where she can roam in the wild.


Plutoin the 10th house:


       Ivory has to run the show. It's her way or no way. Ivory wants to makeall the moves first. Success does not elude this hard working assertive dog.After a life of dog shows Ivory finally shows them how it's done and doneright. Dare to follow in her footsteps. This powerful leader of dogs will makeit all worth it, taking control of all and earning the respect of handler andjudge alike.


PlutoSquare Moon:


       Ivory has difficulty showing you how much you mean to her. She muchprefers to lead you around on the leash and cover you with dirty paws. Ivoryhasn't quite learned the appropriate way to earn the praise she most desires.Show Ivory lots of affection and try to soften that overbearing attitude.


PlutoSextile Venus:


       It's not hard to fall in love with Ivory. She simply adores you andshows you every chance she gets. Very affectionate to all members of thefamily. The bonds she forms with you are strong and unchallenged.


PlutoSextile Uranus:


       Magnetic and intuitive, Ivory can get her point across to you withoutdifficulty, often waking you from a sound sleep to draw your attention tosomething that is unusual. The telepathic way that Ivory communicates with youis not noticed by others. She can send messages allowing you to assimilate theinformation on your own terms. Communication with other animals is alsointensified. Although Ivory has many friends, she is still the boss.