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Ry Redd's Cayce Past Life Report for


Barbara Bush

June 8, 1925

7:00 PM

Rye, New York




























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                HOW TO USE THIS REPORT



In  the  pages  which  follow,  you  will  see  descriptions  of  your  character  traits,  relationship  potentials  and  challenges,  as  well  as  career  potentials,  and  even  more.


All  or  most  of  these  sometimes  intimate  descriptions  will  be  linked  in  some  way  with  your  past  lives  and  your  experiences  in  the  planetary  realms  between  lifetimes  (the  interlife).


Yet,  you  may  ask,  how  can  this  information  best  be  used?


First,  HELP  YOURSELF.    The  enclosed  uplifting  commentary  can  only  be  truly  beneficial  if  you  see  it  as  a  means  of  self-help  and  self-transformation.    So  to  get  the  maximum  practical  benefit  out  of  each  page  of  this  report,  focus  on  connecting  what  you  read  with  what  is  going  on  in  your  life  now.


Next,  LOOK  FOR  PATTERNS.    When  you  see  repeated  references  --  for  instance  to  similar  careers,  pursuits  or  vocations  --  you  should  consider  these  references  seriously.    They  demonstrate  a  positive  karmic  connection  which  you  now  have  with  these  same  career-related  potentials  from  past  life  endeavors.    So,  because  of  prior  life  success,  these  areas  of  expression  should  be  easier  for  you  to  find  rewarding  or  to  succeed  in,  as  compared  with  in  other  areas.


Also,  pay  close  attention  to  REMEDIAL  MEASURES.    For  instance,  you  may  be  given  an  affirmation  to  use  in  meditation  (or  a  prayer).    Or  you  may  be  given  a  crystal/gemstone  to  wear.    These  means  of  balancing  out  challenging  vibrations  can  indeed  be  very  helpful,  especially  if  used  in  a  hopeful  manner.


Finally,  this  report  is  a  synthesis  of  past  life  and  planetary  interlife  interpretations  originally  given  clairvoyantly  by  Edgar  Cayce,  for  individuals  with  your  same  planetary  patterns  at  birth.    So  in  applying  this  report  to  your  personal  life,  you  should  RESPECT  INNER  GUIDANCE  --  through  dreams,  meditation  and  past  life  regression  for  example  --  as  primary  resources  for  this  kind  of  information;  and  most  important,  RESPECT  YOUR  FREE  WILL!  You  alone  must  choose  and  know  what  is  really  best  for  you.

    Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth.


Astrologer Ry Redd calculated on computer the astrology charts for hundreds of people who received readings by Edgar Cayce which contained astrologically based information. By studying these astrology charts, Ry Redd determined what planetary influences were most likely responsible for the readings by Edgar Cayce. In many cases the astrological basis of the Cayce readings appears to be very straightforward. From this information Ry Redd was able to develop, in conjunction with the computer programmers at Cosmic Patterns Software, an analysis of your birth chart as Ry Redd believes that Edgar Cayce's psychic readings would have interpreted it. Ry Redd's research effort was exhaustive and was conducted over many years, some of which was spent at the Edgar Cayce library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:


Sun     position is 17 deg. 40 min. of Gemini

Moon    position is 17 deg. 40 min. of Capricorn

Mercury position is  4 deg. 38 min. of Gemini

Venus   position is 29 deg. 56 min. of Gemini

Mars    position is 19 deg. 04 min. of Cancer

Jupiter position is 21 deg. 12 min. of Capricorn

Saturn  position is  8 deg. 28 min. of Scorpio

Uranus  position is 25 deg. 17 min. of Pisces

Neptune position is 20 deg. 12 min. of Leo

Pluto   position is 12 deg. 24 min. of Cancer

Asc.    position is 26 deg. 27 min. of Sagittarius

MC      position is 19 deg. 43 min. of Libra


Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.

GMT: 01:00:00     Time Zone: 6 hours West.

Lat. and Long. of birth: 40 N 58 50   73 W 41 03


Sidereal Sun position is 24 deg. 51 min. of Taurus

Sidereal Moon position is 24 deg. 52 min. of Sagittarius


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction:  8 Deg. Applying and  7 Deg. Separating

Opposition :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating

Square     :  6 Deg. Applying and  5 Deg. Separating

Trine      :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating

Sextile    :  5 Deg. Applying and  4 Deg. Separating


Harmonious aspects are: Trine or Sextile

Inharmonious aspects are: Square or Opposition


Your Past Life Report begins on the following page . . .

Your Sun harmoniously aspects Neptune.


         Your mystical, intuitive and spiritual sensitivity arises from your past lives, perhaps in early Roman times, or in the Egyptian/late Atlantean period.  Then you may have been a seer with expertise in the religious mysteries of the day and in healing through the laying of hands. Your likely interest in group meditation, symbology, holistic health, and astrological timing arises from such past life experiences.


         From your afterlife experience in the Neptune dimension, your imaginative urges create strong mystical impressions within you. At times, when you meditate or simply rest, the actions expressed in your visions and daydreams may elicit such intense emotions that you may feel as if you had actually experienced them.


         Since Neptune is a higher octave of Venus, ruler of the arts, your Neptunian attunement and sensitivity give you abilities related to the arts in virtually any direction, whether as an actor, a dancer, an artist, musician or art critic.


         Although you would do well in any creative endeavor, you are also gifted with healing power, especially in applying, for example, music and color to emotional disturbances. Hence, combining analytical or depth psychology with your creative and mystical sensitivities may suggest fields that will bring you deep understanding, if judged from the spiritual side.


         You may also achieve a great deal through service for others, caring for others, helping those less fortunate. To be a channel of blessings to others is the purpose of every soul coming into the material world. For you particularly, serving others may have special rewards. If it is in keeping with your ideals, you would gain much in service involving an organized charitable institution or missionary branch of a church denomination. Public leadership involving large organizations through speaking to groups and writing is also indicated.


         In addition, things that come over water or upon water are likely to be significant in your experience. Travel and law, especially in connection with these, should also be a portion of your activities. [997-1, 2835-1, 2483-2, 2855-1, 1442-1, 2326-1, 315-4]


Your Moon is conjoined with Jupiter.


         This conjunction of benevolent Jupiter with the responsive Moon is an excellent combination. It carries into your present lifetime a beneficial soul experience between lives in the universal consciousness dimension of Jupiter.


         You therefore bring into this life a pleasing, uplifting and sympathetic personality with an optimistic, elevated outlook on life.


         However, while you are likely to experience good health this lifetime, there is a distinct tendency from past lives --carried over through the Moon experience -- and your soul visitation in the Jupiter sphere of influence, to put on weight. Hence watch your diet, exercise regularly and try to avoid overindulgence at the dinner table.


         More significantly, as a positive karmic result of your compassion in this life as well as in previous ones, you will attract individuals who will provide you with protective support spiritually, physically and financially.


         Also, because both the Moon and Jupiter primarily influence the public and groups of people, you are likely to do very well in all public or group-related endeavors.


         Finally, because there are some challenges associated with this combination, the following, whether used as a prayer or reworded as an affirmation, might be helpful for you: "I won't be happy until everyone can enjoy life to the fullest, Lord, and I pray that You will bring this about. But allow me to see that it can only be done in Your time, not in mine. May I resist the temptation to help others if in doing so, I exaggerate their needs in my own mind, or go overboard in my attentiveness. Teach me not to feel anxious if I cannot fulfill impossible goals; help me realize that all things come in Your time, Lord, not in mine." [759-1]


Your Moon is in an inharmonious pattern with Mars.


         You are strongly inclined to seek an independent career, to strike your own course in life. Your father is likely to be Martian in character or occupation, and to have an unfortunate history, which makes your family background less than ideal. Also, your health may not be as robust as it should be. Outdoor exercise, attention to nutrition, especially your iron and fiber intake, and stress management would do much to strengthen your physical constitution.


         Having experienced the wrathful Mars dimension between earth lives, antagonism is likely between your passionate, animal side and your emotional-feeling life. Your emotions at times may get out of control, causing a number of challenges. For instance, you may manifest at times an obstinate, intolerant, "me first" attitude. If you are unwilling to be dominated, you are likely to attract from past lives karma to meet through an aggressive mate.


         In your previous life, you may have been an early American settler. During that incarnation, you may well have had some frightening and painful experiences which are brought back to you in this life in the form of the emotional challenges just described. Moreover, you may often be presented with opportunities to deal constructively with separations and quarrels involving souls linked to you from previous incarnations where conflicts were frequent but unresolved.


         These challenges will be intensified if your manner is too Martian and dominating. If these argumentative, wrathful energies you experienced during your previous incarnation and afterlife soul journey in the Mars dimension are not moderated by application of your will, you will probably face many challenges with your friendships, family and personal relationships. Your great need here is to set before your inner self such ideals as self-restraint, patience and love.


         Do bear in mind that these influences are the RESULT of what you have done ABOUT your past. They are NEVER beyond the reach of your free will choice. For instance, you can choose to avoid acting in your own self-interest. Instead, put your attention toward the purpose of bringing good into the lives of others. Otherwise, you will bring suffering to yourself through an inner war between self-centered fears and passions on one hand and your spiritual development on the other.


         That is, trials and temptations resulting from indulging your desires may often conflict with and block progress toward developing your innate spirituality.


         As an aid in working with these challenges, here is an affirmation which you might repeat in meditation (though perhaps phrased in your own words): "I will be shown how to come to grips with my strong feelings and emotional strain. I will learn to be more tactful so that I do not initiate a confrontation or take offense too easily when faced with a trying situation. I will instead develop a constructive, selfless attitude toward others, so that I can be of greater service to God." [4286-3, 137-4,12]


Your Venus forms a square pattern with Uranus.


         You are an Atlantean as well as a Uranian.  This means that subject to latent urges from your experience between lives in the psychic realm of Uranus and from your past life in Atlantis, you are far more sensitive than the average individual. One manifestation of this high sensitivity and personal magnetism is your tendency to learn from every relationship, every experience. You find that each need within another strikes a chord within you, as does each teaching taught by this spiritual path or that.


         Yet be very careful not to allow to grow anything that is basically selfish or primarily ego-centered. Instead, cultivate the Venusian urges you acquired from your experience in that dimension: everything that reflects love, beauty (especially of nature), art, symmetry, harmony, rhythm and the glorification of what is good and constructive in human relationships.


         Because you chose to enter the earth at a time when your prior spirit homes, Venus and Uranus, were squared off in the zodiac -- being about 90 degrees apart at your birth -- you have presented yourself with the growth challenge of instability in your emotional, love relationships. You have a strong tendency to attract intense romantic, radical associations from past life links which often result in separations (like a divorce or breakup of a business partnership) and other sudden personal upsets.


         These extremes in affections include the tendency on a given day emotionally and creatively to be very high, yet on the very same day to express yourself in a very material, carnal fashion, or even be downright depressed and absorbed in low, negative feelings.


         Yet you are an ideal companion for those who are strongly inclined toward creative, artistic and musical activities as well as individuals sharing your interests in spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical matters. However, these mutual inclinations and common interests must be kept balanced through frequent self- analysis: search deep within yourself to compare your motives and desires with your ideal. Failing to do this may put you in a stalemate as far as your soul growth this lifetime is concerned.


         In addition, while originality and creative inspiration are definite, resourceful securities for you, without the constant, genuine guidance of your own self-chosen ideal, these resources can -- and probably often do -- provide a challenging basis for insecurity and fickleness. A great degree of caution, then, should be exercised in your choices of partnerships and marriage, especially. Hence pay close attention to sincerely shared spiritual goals.


         And pray that you will forgive and outgrow your urge to experience ever new and exciting relationships. Rather than being driven by an urge for novelty and stimulation in relationships with others, let your prayer instead be that you will be driven by your spiritual ideal. [2537-1, 958-3]


Your Mars is in an inharmonious pattern with Jupiter.


         In addition, Jupiter inclines you to have a broad vision concerning your moral, mental and spiritual associations and relationships in the material world. Your soul experience in the Jupiter dimension between earth incarnations accentuates this vision. However, with such a special Jupiterian experience comes special responsibilities. In making your soul flight from Jupiter, where your consciousness was expanded to great heights, you made an extended stopover in the Mars dimension. Much, then, of the wisdom you acquired was lost, with the result that in this lifetime there is the need for you to overcome certain tendencies. These urges especially include self-indulgence --including not only food and drink but also preoccupation with your own beliefs -- and blaming both yourself and others when things do not work out in your own interests.


         Very much wanting to be successful in all that you do, at times you are temperamental, self-willed, over-confident and even brash. From your experience in the Mars dimension after Jupiter and before your earthly reincarnation, you are often so active in pursuing your goals that you occasionally overshoot them. While Mars usually makes for tendencies toward anger and resentment, for you most often the anger you feel is directed at yourself. Nonetheless you are likely to be biased at times by your strong beliefs and opinions, and as a result you may appear to others to be intolerant, even prejudiced.


         Also from your interlife experience in the giant Jupiterian dimension comes your inclination for having great thoughts and big plans dealing with large numbers of people and large amounts of money. In addition to being intemperate and lacking in moderation, at times you are easily led, to the point of being taken advantage of by others. Defeats, especially financial ones, may indeed come through the selfishness of others (in part due to your lack of good judgment in business: avoid speculative investments).


          However, earnest analysis of your ideals -- especially those related to your material goals -- may well reveal that it is yourself rather than others which brings about these failures to follow through or succeed. For instance, while there are indicators that you tend to be gullible upon occasion, more often it is your own tendency to overextend yourself that gets you into difficulty. Constructive, creative outlets for to rechannel you emotionalism and excitability include music, writing, religion and active, practical approaches to spirituality.


         So in carrying out an objective self-analysis, you might try honestly to determine exactly why a given project went wrong, what role your own urge toward excess played in the activity, how much was due to your actions rather than those of others and how it might be avoided in the future. In this same self-healing process, an affirmation you might use either as a prayer, as an aid in your meditations or as a suggestion to your subconscious (ala self-hypnosis) could run something like: "When I catch myself taking on too much, I will slow down and see if the project is really too big for me to handle. By watching myself in this way and moderating my actions I will achieve balance and be in a better position to be of service to others this lifetime." [1235-1, 1143-2, 953-4, 953-13, 1757-2]


Your Mars harmoniously aspects Uranus.


         Returning to the earth from an experience between lives in Uranus, you made a well timed choice en route to make an extended visit in the Mars dimension. Your resourceful soul flight plan is reflected in an harmonious geometric aspect pattern between these planets at your birth. This flowing aspect is therefore prominent in your birth chart and bestows upon you an energetic, courageous, highly individualistic and pioneering personality.


         With your great strength and endurance you are able to bear much in the way of heavy physical energy demands upon your body.


         Moreover, you are highly developed intuitively or clairvoyantly and mentally -- bordering on genius -- and have marked mechanical and scientific ability.


         You also have considerable capacity for inventiveness in electronic technologies such as computers, in design, especially architecture, and use of electro-mechanical methods in the healing arts (hydrotherapy and electrical medicine are examples).


         Your extraordinary diversity of talents include athletics, law and counseling as well.


         Together with a love of adventure, excitement and exploration, these abilities and interests probably originated in past lives ranging from Atlantis (perhaps as a conqueror of new worlds in the Americas or early Egypt), to ancient Persia and colonial America. [234-1]




         NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are

         analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in

         the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are

         different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they

         will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac.

         Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac

         sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted;

         the Moon position, being the same as the Sun

         position, does not need to be interpreted in

         this case.



              Your Sun is in Gemini (Tropical zodiac).


         Coming as you do under the double sign of Gemini, there are likely to be two natures within you as far as your inner, subconscious urges are concerned.  One of these urges is to seek to know (and this thirst for knowledge may sometimes involve questionable things or conditions, at least as far as others are concerned).  The other part of this dual urge from Gemini's influence is your innate as well as outwardly manifested spiritual seeking for a greater, better and more perfect relationship with another. At times these two urges may be more in conflict than most people ordinarily experience.


         Also, as in other in Gemini children this tendency toward double-mindedness at times may find expression in inclinations to change your mind and overspeculate about things. With application of your will, these inclinations can be curbed.


         Now, you were probably part of European culture during the Middle Ages, when there was considerable action and adventure, for example in the continual feuding and strife among the many fiefdoms, families, tribes, castles and kingdoms comprising Europe before its present consolidation into several nation-states.


         You may even have been among the gentry or upper class of France or England, attending or participating in jousting tournaments, making long journeys to the Crusades against the Muslims in Palestine, or involved with trade exchanges with the caravans going to and from India and China.


         In other words, because Mercury is the planet which rules or symbolizes the essence of Gemini, overall you may have experienced in one or more of these lifetimes a sense of restlessness enduring into your present life.


         Finally, centuries or even millennia earlier, you may have led a life in what has become known as Australia or on one of its neighboring South Pacific islands. [674-3, 962-1]


              Your Moon is in Capricorn (Tropical zodiac).


         Capricorn's influence inclines you to be one who is both a materialist AND one interested in spiritual things.


         For instance, you were probably once among the natives of North America, who long before the white man set foot upon this shore, had developed an extraordinarily rich and meaningful culture.  In fact, many things associated with the American Indians are likely to be innate talents or otherwise special to you.


         From one or more lifetimes as a native American, you developed a knack for being able to handle powerful changes in your life situation.  You also have an appreciation of the balance and organized interplay of Mother Nature and her creatures, as well this natural ability to move with the flow of life around you.


         While you have a strong sense of independence and personal identity, you also well understand the necessity for people to live and work together as social beings.  Therefore you acknowledge and accept the need for group organization, responsibility and structured communications.


         Order, responsibility and structure, along with a capacity to cope and grow with heavy changes in life, are also key influences of Saturn, the planet which rules or best symbolizes the sign of Capricorn.


         Now, because of your independent, down-to-earth attitude, carried over in part from past lives when your personal sense of identity was intense, you may often experience a kind of power struggle with your partner. This attitude probably occurred often in times of military involvement with the ideals of victory with honor, such as during the Greek wars between ancient Sparta and Athens. [1869-1]


              Your Sun is in Taurus (Sidereal zodiac).


         Taurus' influence inclines you to be somewhat headstrong, with a very set and determined manner.  Hence you are not always understood in everything you try to do, or in things which you know yourself to be true. Yet long-lasting are the influences you make on others with whom you have deep associations from previous lives.


         Remember, success or accomplishment in life is not a matter of some great force or influence.  Just as taught by the Master, it is not the power of the storm or of the earthquake or of great noises and the like.  Rather it is the still small voice speaking from within you which becomes the influence through which movements of truly great forces really arise.


         Since your childhood, being outdoors and living close to nature is probably more significant to you than to most others. This love of nature and the great outdoors is from one or more past lives spent on a farm or in nature settings.  For ages countries on the Mediterranean such as ancient Egypt, Greece and virtually all of the ancient Mideast lived in close contact with nature.  So did the Native Americans of pre-Columbian America. And surely you were one of them.


         Farming, fishing and hunting then, are among your familiar pursuits (even if they only involve occasional outdoor activities like gardening, boating or indoors, tending flowers and plants).  You also probably have greater confidence in holistic, natural healing approaches than in modern medicine's "advanced" yet artificial technology.


         Now, Venus is the planet which rules or best symbolizes the essence of the sign Taurus.  Of course, Venus symbolizes the female sex.  Centuries ago in oriental cultures women were more feminine -- and experienced much more respect -- than today.  A lifetime in Asia and lands like China, then, are also a likely part of your past life experiences.[1149-1, 1641-1]


              Your Moon is in Sagittarius (Sidereal zodiac).


         Great expanses of space, including the seemingly endless expanse of oceans, are likely to call to you, and in them you probably find some of your most quieting and comforting experiences. In your past lives, then, under circumstances when great expanses and very broad spaces brought you the most insightful and contemplative experiences of your mental being, it was then that spiritually you probably gained the most.


         For example, traveling long ago as a Spanish, English or even Japanese settler, pioneer or explorer, you may have crossed the oceans in search of a better world. You were then part of a strong sea-faring culture which frequently set out --over a period of many centuries -- to explore, invade and often defeat enemies and cultures usually much greater in strength and size.


         Jupiter is the planet which rules or symbolizes the heart of Sagittarian energies, supplying you with a broadly courageous -- though at times daredevil -- quality.  Yet underneath this often exciting exterior lies a calm but calculating mind.  Another characteristic experience is one or more past lives involving a lot of movement, change and separation from your family and your cultural roots.


         In your deeper meditations you might recall urges and impressions of migrating at the time of the Deluge of Atlantis (commonly called the Great Flood), to other, safer lands to begin a new life and a new age of history.


         Your more intimate, personal relationships often may not be as harmonious as you would really like for them to be. This challenge is rooted in past lives when, as in the present, you were somewhat inclined to prefer partnerships capable of enduring considerably different interests through a great deal of diverse activity. [1740-1]


                  Your Past Life Decanates


          According to an ancient Vedic astrology method

     still  practiced  in  India,  Past  Life  Planets  are  realms

     in which you sojourned between earth lifetimes.  They

     are  identified  through  the  position  of  your  sidereal

     Sun and Moon in the decanates (a decanate is a one-

     third  division  of  a  zodiac  sign;  each  is  ruled  by  a

     planet).  Any patterns involving these Past Life

     Planets  are  therefore  of  special  importance.    Pay  extra

     attention, then, to any sections of your Report which

     interpret  these  planets.


     NOTE:    If  your  Sun  and  Moon  are  both  located  in  a

     decanate which is ruled by the same planet, then

     only  the  Sun  position  is  interpreted;  the  Moon's

     decanate position, being the same as the Sun's,

     therefore  does  not  need  to  be  interpreted.


            Your Sun is in Capricorn Decanate


     Your sidereal Sun is in the decanate of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.  Saturn is the all-important realm to which the soul casts itself for purging and cleansing.  Your likely sojourn between earth lives in Saturn's realm points to a major experience of soul reprogramming and self-purification.  This brings into your present the essential of a "fresh start" lifetime.


     Therefore, armed with self-discipline and excellent organizational and management skills, you will have special opportunities for spiritual progress through the mature way in which you face heavy changes and responsibilities.  Also, an early death in one or more prior lives, especially in childhood (or perhaps even through suicide), is indicated.


            Your Moon is in Leo Decanate


     Your sidereal Moon is in the decanate of LEO, which is ruled by the Sun.  The Sun as Past Life Planet indicates a high level of soul development and power with great potential for spiritual service and leadership in the present.  As the Sun sojourn between lives is the highest interlife experience possible in this system, you may have voluntarily chosen to reincarnate to help and uplift others.  One or more prior lifetimes of leadership in religious or state affairs, or both, in ancient Egypt, Persia, modern Europe, or elsewhere in Asia, is likely.