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Ry Redd's Cayce Past Life Report for


George W. Bush

July 6, 1946

7:16 AM

New Haven, Connecticut




























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                HOW TO USE THIS REPORT



In  the  pages  which  follow,  you  will  see  descriptions  of  your  character  traits,  relationship  potentials  and  challenges,  as  well  as  career  potentials,  and  even  more.


All  or  most  of  these  sometimes  intimate  descriptions  will  be  linked  in  some  way  with  your  past  lives  and  your  experiences  in  the  planetary  realms  between  lifetimes  (the  interlife).


Yet,  you  may  ask,  how  can  this  information  best  be  used?


First,  HELP  YOURSELF.    The  enclosed  uplifting  commentary  can  only  be  truly  beneficial  if  you  see  it  as  a  means  of  self-help  and  self-transformation.    So  to  get  the  maximum  practical  benefit  out  of  each  page  of  this  report,  focus  on  connecting  what  you  read  with  what  is  going  on  in  your  life  now.


Next,  LOOK  FOR  PATTERNS.    When  you  see  repeated  references  --  for  instance  to  similar  careers,  pursuits  or  vocations  --  you  should  consider  these  references  seriously.    They  demonstrate  a  positive  karmic  connection  which  you  now  have  with  these  same  career-related  potentials  from  past  life  endeavors.    So,  because  of  prior  life  success,  these  areas  of  expression  should  be  easier  for  you  to  find  rewarding  or  to  succeed  in,  as  compared  with  in  other  areas.


Also,  pay  close  attention  to  REMEDIAL  MEASURES.    For  instance,  you  may  be  given  an  affirmation  to  use  in  meditation  (or  a  prayer).    Or  you  may  be  given  a  crystal/gemstone  to  wear.    These  means  of  balancing  out  challenging  vibrations  can  indeed  be  very  helpful,  especially  if  used  in  a  hopeful  manner.


Finally,  this  report  is  a  synthesis  of  past  life  and  planetary  interlife  interpretations  originally  given  clairvoyantly  by  Edgar  Cayce,  for  individuals  with  your  same  planetary  patterns  at  birth.    So  in  applying  this  report  to  your  personal  life,  you  should  RESPECT  INNER  GUIDANCE  --  through  dreams,  meditation  and  past  life  regression  for  example  --  as  primary  resources  for  this  kind  of  information;  and  most  important,  RESPECT  YOUR  FREE  WILL!  You  alone  must  choose  and  know  what  is  really  best  for  you.

    Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth.


Astrologer Ry Redd calculated on computer the astrology charts for hundreds of people who received readings by Edgar Cayce which contained astrologically based information. By studying these astrology charts, Ry Redd determined what planetary influences were most likely responsible for the readings by Edgar Cayce. In many cases the astrological basis of the Cayce readings appears to be very straightforward. From this information Ry Redd was able to develop, in conjunction with the computer programmers at Cosmic Patterns Software, an analysis of your birth chart as Ry Redd believes that Edgar Cayce's psychic readings would have interpreted it. Ry Redd's research effort was exhaustive and was conducted over many years, some of which was spent at the Edgar Cayce library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:


Sun     position is 13 deg. 46 min. of Cancer

Moon    position is 16 deg. 37 min. of Libra

Mercury position is  9 deg. 49 min. of Leo

Venus   position is 21 deg. 29 min. of Leo

Mars    position is  9 deg. 18 min. of Virgo

Jupiter position is 18 deg. 09 min. of Libra

Saturn  position is 26 deg. 30 min. of Cancer

Uranus  position is 19 deg. 09 min. of Gemini

Neptune position is  5 deg. 56 min. of Libra

Pluto   position is 10 deg. 35 min. of Leo

Asc.    position is  5 deg. 09 min. of Leo

MC      position is 21 deg. 33 min. of Aries


Tropical Zodiac   Daylight Savings Time observed.

GMT: 11:16:00     Time Zone: 5 hours West.

Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 N 18 29   72 W 55 43


Sidereal Sun position is 20 deg. 40 min. of Gemini

Sidereal Moon position is 23 deg. 31 min. of Virgo


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction:  8 Deg. Applying and  7 Deg. Separating

Opposition :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating

Square     :  6 Deg. Applying and  5 Deg. Separating

Trine      :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating

Sextile    :  5 Deg. Applying and  4 Deg. Separating


Harmonious aspects are: Trine or Sextile

Inharmonious aspects are: Square or Opposition


Your Past Life Report begins on the following page . . .

Your Sun is in an inharmonious pattern with Jupiter.


         Your afterlife experience in the realm of Jupiter brings you a helpfulness in getting along with those in powerful, prominent positions, especially in helping them to develop brotherly love in their actions. You have great abilities in your associations with such individuals in these ennobling directions. As long as you avoid tendencies toward false pride and taking any selfish advantage of your influential role, you should continue to bring harmony into the lives of others whom you contact.


         You also have the capacity from Jupiter's experience of keeping balance and remaining tolerant while going through various turmoils about you. These challenges are most likely to have taken the form of antagonisms on a larger scale dealing with groups, organizations and institutions as well as individuals around you. These experiences have probably not been without anxiety for you nor has your judgment always been without exaggeration. However, your patience and capacity to forgive are the basis for your endurance of such animosity and unpredictable behavior on the part of others.



         Your  mental  trends  and  self-expression  will  be  in  very  definite,  ambitious  directions  this  lifetime.  One  result  of  your  drive  to  make  yourself  felt  is  that  you  will  be  heard  of  from  both  far  and  near  as  a  powerful  soul  with  considerable  broadness  of  vision.  This  drive  can  be  a  constructive  expansion  beneficial  to  others  --  while  contributing  to  your  soul  development  --  or,  it  can  be  merely  an  expansion  of  your  desire  to  gratify  your  own  motives  (the  latter  will  most  often  take  the  form  of  extravagance  and  questionable  judgment  in  finances).


         As  to  which  of  these  will  prevail,  the  answer  lies  in  what  you  do  in  applying  your  free  will  and  your  abilities  to  know  what  you  have  set  as  your  ideal.  Resources  for  ideals  include  reading  English  literature  and  history,  along  with  inspiration  from  music.  As  remedial  measures  for  this  somewhat  challenging  pattern,  the  wearing  of  planetary  gemstones  about  the  body  can  be  a  helpful  vibratory  influence.  Specifically  recommended  is  either  the  turquoise  blue  or  pigeon-blood  ruby.  [1143-2]


Your Moon is conjoined with Jupiter.


         This conjunction of benevolent Jupiter with the responsive Moon is an excellent combination. It carries into your present lifetime a beneficial soul experience between lives in the universal consciousness dimension of Jupiter.


         You therefore bring into this life a pleasing, uplifting and sympathetic personality with an optimistic, elevated outlook on life.


         However, while you are likely to experience good health this lifetime, there is a distinct tendency from past lives --carried over through the Moon experience -- and your soul visitation in the Jupiter sphere of influence, to put on weight. Hence watch your diet, exercise regularly and try to avoid overindulgence at the dinner table.


         More significantly, as a positive karmic result of your compassion in this life as well as in previous ones, you will attract individuals who will provide you with protective support spiritually, physically and financially.


         Also, because both the Moon and Jupiter primarily influence the public and groups of people, you are likely to do very well in all public or group-related endeavors.


         Finally, because there are some challenges associated with this combination, the following, whether used as a prayer or reworded as an affirmation, might be helpful for you: "I won't be happy until everyone can enjoy life to the fullest, Lord, and I pray that You will bring this about. But allow me to see that it can only be done in Your time, not in mine. May I resist the temptation to help others if in doing so, I exaggerate their needs in my own mind, or go overboard in my attentiveness. Teach me not to feel anxious if I cannot fulfill impossible goals; help me realize that all things come in Your time, Lord, not in mine." [759-1]


Your Moon harmoniously aspects Venus.


         While other past life influences and symbolic aspect patterns related in this report should be taken into account --particularly other more challenging ones -- this favorable Moon-Venus pattern is excellent for marriage and family life. Souls should be attracted to you from your cosmic past who will take positive roles in the present both as your helpmeet/helpmate and as your children.


         You will also probably attract souls from previous lifetimes who will be in positions to help bring you financial benefits, either through your career, marriage or in other ways.


         The Moon acts as the reservoir of your past life resources. These benefits earned by you in previous lives are mostly of a Venusian nature. In addition to inclining you towards having an attractive and loving personality you are likely to have an above-average proportion of the Venus temperament, including optimism, charm, cheerfulness, and popularity.


         This aspect also brings a love of harmony and order, together with Venusian abilities domestically and publicly, especially in creative, art-related endeavors. You should pursue any opportunities to develop as well as apply your artistic talents and your good sense of harmony and order.


Your Moon forms a square pattern with Sun.


         You chose a birthtime when the Greater and Lesser Lights, the Sun and Moon, were adversely aspecting each other. Now, the Moon directly mirrors your past life emotions, while the Sun is the medium through which your soul force shines outwardly as a unique personality in the present. At your birth these two all-important Luminaries were squared off with one another in the zodiac. This set before you challenges to meet from your past lives.  And your material or physical experiences emotionally may become the greater urges at times.  Yet the innate and deeper urge, from your past life experience with what you have set as your guiding ideal become more impelling in your quieter moments (in meditation and just being still).


        Most of the obstacles you face center on a basic conflict between your will, personality and emotions, which is linked with your parents, with whom you have karma to work out from previous lives. (If you are male, this karmic link will be more with your mother; if female, more with your father.)


         There are two major ways this challenge is likely to manifest. First, you may tend to blame your parents rather than yourself for emotional difficulties which prevent you from following the life you want. You may have been separated from one or both of your parents when you were young. In this instance you may find yourself always seeking fresh experiences, but without the stamina or stability to follow through successfully. This is a classic case of being your own worst enemy, and requires an extra exertion of will power to observe yourself closely.


         See to it that your actions truly live up to your personal ideals and spiritual goals. Doing this prayerfully, all else will gradually fall into place. "When I examine my attitudes, Lord, I sometimes find that they are not in harmony with my actions. Teach me how I may better coordinate these two sides of my nature, how I may align my inner feelings with my outer approach to life. Do not let either my heart or my head govern my behavior, Lord. May they both work together cooperatively, forming a personality that is at peace with itself and with others." [3188-1]


Your Moon harmoniously aspects Uranus.


         You are bringing into your present life highly original talents and concepts from your long ago lifetime in Atlantis. Your former soul sojourn in the unusual, individualistic dimension of Uranus carries your Atlantean talents and positive karma with others over into the present. This gives you brilliant, inventive, creative and inspirational leadership abilities in spiritual yet scientific, progressive and enduring "New Age" philosophical movements.


         You are inclined to be very spiritually oriented, both outwardly and inwardly, but usually not at the same time. Great emotional influences also appear in your experience, but with an inclination outwardly to be cold and reserved rather than intensely emotional, yet having a great deal of emotion inwardly.


         You have considerable power to heal others through the strong action of your touch and counsel, the genius of your teaching and the magnetism of your personality. You are likely to have an extraordinary life full of extremes and unexpected changes.


         Through your keen, virtually psychic level of intuition and mental alertness, you will probably make a distinct opportunity out of every obstacle you encounter by willfully converting each stumbling block into a steppingstone toward the Light. Such a positive approach to life is uniquely your own and is something that you certainly should share with others in need of upliftment and inspiration. [1089-3, 1958-1, 633-2]


Your Mercury harmoniously aspects Neptune.


         There is likely to be a close synchronization of innate mental urges from your afterlife experiences in the heavenly realms of Neptune and Mercury, with emotional promptings from past lives as the musician and mystic. The result is as fortunate as it is intense: you are so especially gifted in these directions as to have true potentials for creative, inspirational genius. You have very special gifts in the form of abilities in devotional, inspirational music and poetry on one hand and on the other, spiritual channeling through your dreams and visions. While training often diminishes such natural gifts, your attunement to music and color is so fine that with training, you can reach the level of a supersensitive in the inner, mystic forces.


         Water, the material emblem of the spirit, is Neptune's element. You should live near water, whether it be a river, lake or ocean. This will increase the influence of mystical activities and spiritual channeling, for instance through dreams and meditation, which are your natural abilities. You also have urges toward mysterious things such as collecting unusual items that to you may have protective powers, or serve as good luck charms. These should not be considered taboo. Just be sure to spiritualize them rather than visualize material or financial results coming from them.


         You love mystery, though with a tendency toward idealizing people and situations. However, your experience of hero worship may not only be in the ordinary sense, but also as decided likes and dislikes linked with characters in film and literature, for instance.


         These blessed potentials make it all the more necessary for you always to keep spiritual purposes before you. Not just being honest so that others will speak well of you, but being CLEAN in your thoughts and actions. Nor should such a purity of purpose be pursued for a reward in heaven or earth. Instead, it creates the vital mind-body balance necessary for harmonious mental-spiritual experiences against the challenging mundane environment of the often harsh material plane. [305-3, 963-1, 2799-1]


Your Venus is sextile Jupiter.


         After the Sun, Venus and Jupiter are the two most benevolent planetary dimensions to have experienced between earth lives. As the sextile (hexagonal, snowflake) pattern is one of the two most beneficial aspects to have between these positive planets at the time of birth, then you can begin to see how fortunate is this aspect at the time of your birth. Optimism, faithfulness and generosity of spirit are among many virtues which are yours.


         This very favorable pattern also makes for a nobility of purpose, large, expansive experiences and binding friendships and relationships with many individuals. Your prosperity in money matters comes from the magnetic pulling power of your positive, affable, optimistic outlook.


         Your interlife experience in the realm of Jupiter especially brings you an ennobling, forceful strength while your Venus experience brings love, sympathy and patience. Combined, this makes you high minded and noble in your dealings with others.


         Appreciating sincerity in every form, you particularly disapprove of pettiness in anyone. Your dislike of littleness and opportunism in others may be a carryover from a previous incarnation, say during ancient Greece and Rome, when you held a high position as a cultural or spiritual leader.


         The higher mysteries of love and the influence of love on others means a great deal to you, as does music, songs, rhythm and rhyme.


         You have a natural inclination toward justice, meting out to others what you would require of yourself. This innate tendency is likely to include the ability to distinguish between what is right, of what is within the spirit of the law, and what is law- sensuous, or licentious.


         Probably derived from a past lifetime as a counselor or judge, others who may have known you then may come to you --again -- for advice. The ideals from your experience in Jupiter, together with the Venusian tendency for sympathetic, compassionate reactions, make for a sense of justice with mercy. This is especially so in social situations and your involvement with groups of people. [2886-1, 1188-2, 478-1, 833-1, 1891-1, 3209-2, 1897-1, 2118-1, 1458-1, 1700-1]


Your Venus is sextile Uranus.


         You were once an Atlantean.  Lifetimes since that distant time together with your afterlife experience in the love-beauty dimension of Venus (earned from a lifetime as an artist-musician, no doubt) and your indwelling in the psychic realm of Uranus have moderated the otherwise radical urges you acquired in Atlantis.


         Therefore, while you are not nearly as eccentric and extremist as many others you know, your highly original, space-age Atlantean gifts and creative, artistic or musical talents may well bring you this lifetime a marked advance in spiritual growth or a decided step backward.


         Even your personal setbacks, such as sudden breakups with those close to you, are likely to quickly turn into distinct opportunities, as long as you maintain a clear link with your chosen ideal. In other words, you can go to the heights of your remarkable creative abilities in almost any direction you wish to take, or you can blot out the opportunities which surround you.


         You manifest an extraordinary magnetism in the form of an uncanny ability to attract financial resources, the right friendships and love relationships from past lives. This magnetic power brings back to you this lifetime contacts with souls with whom you share unusual, exciting adventures and surprising experiences.


         While having high morals and spiritual ideals, these dynamic relationships and charged events may often prompt others to see you as inconsiderate and at times lacking in ethics. This for the most part false impression you project is largely due to your independence: appearing too self-sufficient and calculating. Depending entirely upon your ideals, motivation and intent, this can be a fault or a virtue.


         Social, small group situations together with gentleness, kindness, patience and virtues based on love in its pure, unconditional form are all benevolent influences in your life. You are very high-strung, intense and have a great variety of very unique, even eccentric interests and potential ways to express yourself. All of this is moderated when you feel life is treating you patiently, with love and sympathy.


         While you may carry it to excess at times, you also have a strong tendency to be very sentimental as to individuals from your past, special places you have been, inspiring views of nature and other familiar conditions. Music, sacred dance, creatively revising songs already composed and writing poems and stories for children are all outlets through which you can make a virtue out of your attachment to sentiment and your remarkable creative gifts. [2002-2, 1537-1, 528-14]


Your Jupiter harmoniously aspects Uranus.


         Making your soul flight to begin another earth incarnation from the benevolent consciousness dimension of Jupiter, you chose to deepen your metaphysical, religio-philosophical identity by making an extended, well-timed stopover in the realm of Uranus. This decision increased your opportunities to attract money and be successful, especially as you near forty years of age.


         Indeed, this is one of the most fortunate aspects for anyone to have at the time of their birth. The choice of such a favorable flight plan from these two high realms is frequently made by powerfully magnetic, unusually gifted personalities.


         In previous lives many individuals with this pattern either had been closely involved with spiritual leaders of Atlantis or ancient Israel or had been European royalty. While others were Hindu yogis and spiritual teachers in this lifetime, some had a far greater than average opportunity for liberation from the rebirth cycle (that is, depending on choices they freely made, they might not need to reincarnate again).


         Now Uranus and Jupiter make for a rather unique, somewhat extremist urge in your experience: you are likely to feel quite strongly yet differently at different times over the very same subject. While being entirely sincere and honest with yourself at the moment, your answer to a question is often totally different at one time than at another!


         This Uranian tendency ties in with inclinations from your Atlantean incarnation. That is, you have special interests in unusual, esoteric, metaphysical, scientific and semi-scientific subjects as well as in having unusual, unexpected, and at times rather extraordinary, emotionally intense life experiences.


         In Atlantis you probably had many of these same interests and types of experiences yet were faced with some very violent choices which contribute in the present to your radical nature. You are highly likely to be very good or very bad this go 'round, either extremely successful or (at least to yourself) a complete failure.


         Inclined toward benevolence in thought and deed, you tend to forgive easily but find it hard to forget. You may frequently make a commitment to yourself yet are not quite able to fulfill the obligation or decision you made because of other people's attitudes (which are often as full of surprises as your own). Despite this, you have a gifted adaptability to every knowledge and work-related situation you encounter. You also are an excellent technician and a natural leader, with the ability to direct and keep a group in line very easily.


         And you are a good politician and diplomat, with one exception. Having the best of intentions -- from your own viewpoint at least -- you may be a bit indiscreet in your personal interactions (especially in what you say and do as viewed by those considered to be your friends).


         Moreover, depending on how your guiding ideal, practical motives and psychological/emotional attitude toward money work together (or against each other), your financial good fortune could easily turn into the opposite extreme of a pauper's poverty.


         You are exceptionally intuitive and well-informed, have keen judgment with considerable material opportunities to give much to the world by leading an ennobling, inspiring life as a model for many. Therefore, consistently holding to the highest possible ideal could not be more critical for you at the present stage in your soul development.


         In fact, you are likely to have developed, grown or built yourself to the point when, starting about the middle of your life, you will be in the position to accomplish a far-reaching work. For this to succeed, it will have to turn into direct, practical channels to reach not only the mental but the spiritual mind of others.


         Specifically recommended is a clear correlation and practical application of Eastern and Western philosophies of life to be followed by those who have set their ideal in the Christ.


         And do bear in mind always to apply your will to temper and moderate with mercy, justice and right your visions of power and success this lifetime. Remember that your free will is what makes for growth in the soul's sleep in its earthly body (as the soul slumbers upon taking on physical form at birth). Your ideals and dreams, then, are the deeds by which as a soul you are judged in your relationships with others. [195-14, 914-1, 259-8, 143-1, 4840-1, 132-1, 3298-1, 358-3, 4219-3]




         NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are

         analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in

         the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are

         different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they

         will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac.

         Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac

         sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted;

         the Moon position, being the same as the Sun

         position, does not need to be interpreted in

         this case.



              Your Sun is in Cancer (Tropical zodiac).


         With the zodiacal sign and influences of Cancer, you are one who would do well in any vocation or career where the classes and masses of people are the ruling factor rather than through endeavors based on mere individual effort alone.  Also, working with nature in producing or growing things involved with fields, streams or woods, on one hand, or, on the other, helping to bring fruit from the mental forces of groups (classes and masses) of people could bring you -- and them -- many manifold increases.


         As background for these urges and abilities, you may have lived in the Pacific Islands in relatively recent times, or in the much more remote past in the legendary South Pacific sea culture of Lemuria.  However, whether you lived in relatively recent historical times or in the distant past, you are very likely to feel a strong affinity with and an innate awe of water. Therefore, you are probably happiest living near great bodies of water, like the ocean or large lakes or rivers.


         With a rather special sensitivity to changing weather conditions, you have an intuitive understanding of the power of nature.  You may also tend to feel somewhat helpless about events in your life, as if they were somehow predestined or meant to be.


         At least one of your past lives was an intensely emotional one, probably lived during matriarchal, close-knit cultures where the lineage was female and children were much more dependent upon their mother or their maternal relatives.  In the present, during particularly stressful periods, you may have a tendency to return to this early past life pattern and feel you should not be held totally responsible for your actions or shortcomings.  Of course, with prayerful application of your will, this tendency can be overcome. [304-5]


              Your Moon is in Libra (Tropical zodiac).


         You may remember, in your deeper meditations and dreams, experiences from long ago when you were among great artists, sculptors, poets, and craftsmen of ancient India as well as the more recent leaders of prosperous, classical Greece.  Even later day Venice, Florence and other Italian cities developed some of this love of culture, beauty and appreciation of art which you were closely involved with then and which you find rewarding still.


         Venus is the planet of love, beauty and art, so it is very appropriate to convey the symbolic essence of the sign Libra, which it rules.  Venus' influence through Libra also makes that which is crass and primitive quite unnatural for you to accept gracefully, or to participate in willingly.


         You may also have been among many who reincarnated in the American South just before the Civil War.  In the present you may have to learn the lesson of providing for your own needs, luxury and comfort rather than having others do provide these things for you.  In fact, one of the challenges of Libra lies in being too liberal or indulgent with oneself.  With prayerful application of your will, this too can be overcome. [303-31]


              Your Sun is in Gemini (Sidereal zodiac).


         Coming as you do under the double sign of Gemini, there are likely to be two natures within you as far as your inner, subconscious urges are concerned.  One of these urges is to seek to know (and this thirst for knowledge may sometimes involve questionable things or conditions, at least as far as others are concerned).  The other part of this dual urge from Gemini's influence is your innate as well as outwardly manifested spiritual seeking for a greater, better and more perfect relationship with another. At times these two urges may be more in conflict than most people ordinarily experience.


         Also, as in other in Gemini children this tendency toward double-mindedness at times may find expression in inclinations to change your mind and overspeculate about things. With application of your will, these inclinations can be curbed.


         Now, you were probably part of European culture during the Middle Ages, when there was considerable action and adventure, for example in the continual feuding and strife among the many fiefdoms, families, tribes, castles and kingdoms comprising Europe before its present consolidation into several nation-states.


         You may even have been among the gentry or upper class of France or England, attending or participating in jousting tournaments, making long journeys to the Crusades against the Muslims in Palestine, or involved with trade exchanges with the caravans going to and from India and China.


         In other words, because Mercury is the planet which rules or symbolizes the essence of Gemini, overall you may have experienced in one or more of these lifetimes a sense of restlessness enduring into your present life.


         Finally, centuries or even millennia earlier, you may have led a life in what has become known as Australia or on one of its neighboring South Pacific islands. [674-3, 962-1]


              Your Moon is in Virgo (Sidereal zodiac).


         As to the activities which are innate or outwardly manifested in your life, coming in the astronomical constellation of Virgo, at times you may have the appearance of being too self-sufficient in your relationships with others. Hence you may be considered somewhat eccentric, especially in your choice of associates and friendships.


         There is also a likely tendency for you to approach life in a very rational way, resulting in your being considered by others as having a rather materialistic turn of mind.  At the same time this also gives you the ability to train or direct the training of the minds of young people.


         Long ago, one of your likely past lives was in an ideal nature setting, where you were known for your courage and for your ability to heal.  From this distant lifetime you are less likely than most people to be dominated by others and you are usually inclined to carry your share of responsibilities. This experience may have been in South or Central America as a member of one of the native cultures in the Amazon forest of Brazil or the Aztec Indians of Mexico.


         Mercury is the planet which rules or symbolizes the essence of the sign Virgo.  Higher levels of learning and teaching, then, have been yours in these lifetimes, from successful interaction with nature to more religious pursuits like participating in the Holy Crusades to Palestine and neighboring lands.  You may also have followed Alexander the Great on his history-making and Greek culture-expanding military excursions into Arabia and India. [365-3]


                  Your Past Life Decanates


          According to an ancient Vedic astrology method

     still  practiced  in  India,  Past  Life  Planets  are  realms

     in which you sojourned between earth lifetimes.  They

     are  identified  through  the  position  of  your  sidereal

     Sun and Moon in the decanates (a decanate is a one-

     third  division  of  a  zodiac  sign;  each  is  ruled  by  a

     planet).  Any patterns involving these Past Life

     Planets  are  therefore  of  special  importance.    Pay  extra

     attention, then, to any sections of your Report which

     interpret  these  planets.


     NOTE:    If  your  Sun  and  Moon  are  both  located  in  a

     decanate which is ruled by the same planet, then

     only  the  Sun  position  is  interpreted;  the  Moon's

     decanate position, being the same as the Sun's,

     therefore  does  not  need  to  be  interpreted.

            Your Sun is in Aquarius Decanate


     Your sidereal Sun is in the decanate of Aquarius, which is co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn.  Being the "Atlantean" planet, Uranus especially brings you highly original yet extremist urges, with clairvoyant capacities and special abilities in psychic, metaphysical and scientific or technological areas.


     Your soul experience in the realm of Uranus between earth lives, perhaps immediately after your prominent lifetime in Atlantis, gives you distinct potentials for fame or infamy, for evolution or revolution, for service or self.  This makes the cultivation and consistent application of guiding ideals of potentially great value for you this go 'round.


            Your Moon is in Taurus Decanate


     Your sidereal Moon is in TAURUS decanate, which is ruled by Venus.  Venus as Past Life Planet points to high priorities in creativity, sociability and relationships, especially in your family/home life and in the world of nature.  Urges toward these experiences and interests from your sojourn in the Venus dimension are likely to originate in parallel lifetimes of soul development through these areas of self-expression.


     Especially indicated are lives in the early Jewish-Christian Church and later as an artist-musician in modern times, whether in the West (Europe and/or America), or in modern or colonial Asia.