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Ry Redd's Cayce Past Life Report for

Joan of Arc
July 6, 1412
5:00 PM
Domremy la Pucelle,France

151 First Ave #109, New York, NY 10003


In the pages which follow, you will see descriptions of your character traits, relationship potentials and challenges, as well as career potentials, and even more.

All or most of these sometimes intimate descriptions will be linked in some way with your past lives and your experiences in the planetary realms between lifetimes (the interlife).

Yet, you may ask, how can this information best be used?

First, HELP YOURSELF. The enclosed uplifting commentary can only be truly beneficial if you see it as a means of self-help and self-transformation. So to get the maximum practical benefit out of each page of this report, focus on connecting what you read with what is going on in your life now.

Next, LOOK FOR PATTERNS. When you see repeated references -- for instance to similar careers, pursuits or vocations -- you should consider these references seriously. They demonstrate a positive karmic connection which you now have with these same career-related potentials from past life endeavors. So, because of prior life success, these areas of expression should be easier for you to find rewarding or to succeed in, as compared with in other areas.

Also, pay close attention to REMEDIAL MEASURES. For instance, you may be given an affirmation to use in meditation (or a prayer). Or you may be given a crystal/gemstone to wear. These means of balancing out challenging vibrations can indeed be very helpful, especially if used in a hopeful manner.

Finally, this report is a synthesis of past life and planetary interlife interpretations originally given clairvoyantly by Edgar Cayce, for individuals with your same planetary patterns at birth. So in applying this report to your personal life, you should RESPECT INNER GUIDANCE -- through dreams, meditation and past life regression for example -- as primary resources for this kind of information; and most important, RESPECT YOUR FREE WILL! You alone must choose and know what is really best for you.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth.

Astrologer Ry Redd calculated on computer the astrology charts for hundreds of people who received readings by Edgar Cayce which contained astrologically based information. By studying these astrology charts, Ry Redd determined what planetary influences were most likely responsible for the readings by Edgar Cayce. In many cases the astrological basis of the Cayce readings appears to be very straightforward. From this information Ry Redd was able to develop, in conjunction with the computer programmers at Cosmic Patterns Software, an analysis of your birth chart as Ry Redd believes that Edgar Cayce's psychic readings would have interpreted it. Ry Redd's research effort was exhaustive and was conducted over many years, some of which was spent at the Edgar Cayce library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     position is 14 deg. 01 min. of Cancer
Moon    position is 26 deg. 54 min. of Aquarius
Mercury position is  5 deg. 24 min. of Leo
Venus   position is 20 deg. 04 min. of Leo
Mars    position is 24 deg. 40 min. of Virgo
Jupiter position is  4 deg. 49 min. of Libra
Saturn  position is  4 deg. 42 min. of Gemini
Uranus  position is 12 deg. 06 min. of Aquarius
Neptune position is  4 deg. 15 min. of Cancer
Pluto   position is 17 deg. 40 min. of Gemini
Asc.    position is  5 deg. 18 min. of Sagittarius
MC      position is 29 deg. 20 min. of Virgo

Tropical Zodiac   Local Mean Time observed.
GMT: 16:37:16     Time Zone: 0 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 48 N 27      5 E 41  

Sidereal Sun position is 28 deg. 21 min. of Gemini
Sidereal Moon position is 11 deg. 15 min. of Aquarius

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  8 Deg. Applying and  7 Deg. Separating
Opposition :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating
Square     :  6 Deg. Applying and  5 Deg. Separating
Trine      :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating
Sextile    :  5 Deg. Applying and  4 Deg. Separating

Harmonious aspects are: Trine or Sextile
Inharmonious aspects are: Square or Opposition

Your Past Life Report begins on the following page . . .

Your Mercury harmoniously aspects Jupiter.

This fortunate birth pattern gives you abilities in fields of expression, especially writing, where many may be affected by what you do, yet without a great deal of effort on your part. You have unique mental abilities which are virtually uncanny: after starting a project and leaving it aside for a while, from unseen sources, almost, it works itself out. The resourcefulness of this pattern lies especially in its merging of the best of your afterlife experiences in the spheres of Mercury and Jupiter. This lends to you -- interest-free, or with relatively little effort -- marked abilities in writing. You also have the natural talent to make new associations and friendships that are both unusual and widely varying in social position.

While you may occasionally belittle your abilities you nonetheless have considerable capacities for creative expression in music. You have good judgment and policies toward both individuals and groups as well as a commendable quality of being able to control your temper.

Past life experiences are likely in teaching, writing and even establishing schools of the arts and religion. These educational institutions could range from early America to ancient Greece, Persia and Egypt.

As a result of these experiences in the earth and in the planetary heavens between lives, you have outstanding intellectual qualities which attract to you individuals with quite exceptional abilities. Some of these souls are likely to be brilliant or even geniuses. Other people will be not only gifted but from all walks of life. Your broad resources include attracting the materially rich and the poor, banker and beggar, politician and tramp, prominent church people as well as atheists and agnostics. This all combines to make life for you both worthwhile and interesting.

Jupiter exerts a confidence-building role in your life from your experience in that realm of the faithful. While at times there may be disappointments, fears and troubles of various kinds, your faith and confidence brings hope -- not only to others but to yourself as well -- in the sustaining grace of your high ideals. A past life origin of this faith and grace was likely to have been experienced during the time of Jesus. [2903-1, 3657-1, 1638-1, 2172-1, 1096-1, 1315-2, 403-1]

Your Mercury harmoniously aspects Saturn.

Considerable mental resources are indicated from your repeated past life endeavors involving communication and education. As to your abilities, then, as seen from the pattern of your past lives, you could be an instructor through the means or channels of a speaker or writer, or one who in some way supports and encourages those who are seeking to know their closer walk with the Creative Forces, or God.

Over several lifetimes you have reached a mature level intellectually. That is, you are in a position to make creative, renewing additions to old principles constructively and in definite, positive directions. You have the ability to give a good deal of impetus to building on what has been the failure of another, whether physically, financially or mentally. Intellectually very competent and efficient, you also have great self-control and reserve.

However, you are likely to be most reserved in the area of making contacts with groups. You may continually plan out things in your mind, using a great deal of mental energy and ability, as to what would be best, but slow in carrying these plans to fruition until contacts or associations have been made through some definite channel from some outside source.

In other words, although you have above average capacity to organize and plan things out, mentally you may at times be a bit too cautious in following through on your decisions until some specific confirmation or proof offers itself. This comes from your ability to reason from any viewpoint, yet for something to be valuable to you, it must be rational and reasonable as well as practical.

You are therefore one with high mental ability who uses discretion in many ways; these are influences from the free application of your will together with your previous lives and of your afterlife soul journey in the Mercurian realm of awareness. You also have the capacity for what others would describe as "sharp trading." While you are subtle in different ways, you are also one who speaks what is on your mind at once.

In real estate sales and investments you will probably find much self-satisfaction, as well as financial rewards. However, it does not matter much in what you sell or invest, along as the commodity or investment is one in which you have faith. [3129-1, 274-1, 1001-7, 3929-1]

Your Mercury is in an inharmonious pattern with Uranus.

This interpretation of your challenging experience in the Uranus and Mercury dimensions between earth lives is given with an eye to maximizing your strengths and minimizing the faults. Having a prophetic, psychic channeling capacity, you are one who speaks what is on your mind at once. Yet if what you say causes offense to be taken and it is necessary to apologize, you will not hesitate to do so. Then, almost as quickly, you are likely to fly off the handle again very easily.

Your at times erratic mental impatience and irritability can be overcome through will's application, especially in the choices you make in your relationships with others. It is absolutely essential, then, that special care be taken in choosing the right associates and partners, particularly your spouse. So, to make the gains in this world that are your due, it is necessary that you control yourself through applying your will consciously in this direction.

Peculiar to this birth pattern, your eccentric mental-communication challenges are more internal, being the result of your own confusion than because of what others have placed in your path. However, your inspirationally sharp mind allows you to adapt yourself to most any situation. And with your abilities in writing and reporting of history-making events, you would do quite well in journalism, especially in coverage of international affairs and diplomacy. Hence your greater vocation lies in the area of communications processes dealing with things of historic import and of a diplomatic nature.

However, without the manifestation of your will power, you are prone to be in disputes. In these primarily intellectual disagreements you will be able to prevail in most instances. This is due to your exceptional mental abilities. Your psychic powers are present as talents for analyzing the minds of others. Yet, with sudden changes often coming into your experience, your willful mental activities as well as use of your psi faculties have the distinct tendency to be overtaxing.

In your bewilderment at times concerning this challenge, it is well that you apply your will to look not for differences but rather for where there can be agreement. For as you magnify differences of opinion as well as differences in what you choose to do versus what others prefer, you are building barriers which can be quite difficult to overcome. All such barriers become karmic obstacles which must eventually be met. It is best in the long run -- and usually in the short term as well -- rather than willfully engaged, that such impatience with others' opinions be willingly avoided to begin with.

Having very decided likes and dislikes, then, you are therefore one who often finds yourself confused. Being somewhat impulsive, when overtaxed and confused you may suddenly decide that something must be done NOW, even if it is the wrong thing. There is really nothing wrong in this as long as you maintain a balance and learn patience.

One way to do this is through meditation and prayer. You might try an affirmation like, "When my mind seems to race ahead of itself, I will discipline my thought processes and express myself calmly and clearly. Rather than jumping the gun on any issue, I will assess information with utmost care before forming an opinion or taking action." [234-1, 195-14, 3062-2]

Your Jupiter harmoniously aspects Saturn.

You are patient, persevering, honest, sincere and inclined toward the arts. At the same time, you have marked executive abilities with a somewhat masculine mind in your ability mentally to project goals and physically to carry them out. Yet this rather Saturnian frame of thought is almost always tempered with your Jupiterian urge to seek higher, ennobling influences as the criteria for a more spiritual life.

From your experience in Jupiter, were you to apply your natural sense of good judgment in counseling others, you would be successful in helping them to straighten out their mental and emotional problems. This you could best do through a practical integration of imagination and deeper soul visions while visualizing the positive psychological effect being created. One way such healing could be carried out is through guided imagery and group prayer. In such ways you could accomplish a great deal for yourself and for others.

Through this kind of application, you are able to share with others in need a safe, sane understanding of what you uniquely know, believe, dream of or envision and hold deep within yourself. Yet do not forget that while to know and not to do anything with what you know can count against you in soul development, to not know yet to do the best that you know, feel and experience within is counted as true spirituality and righteousness.

Jupiter's influence also tends you to have relationships with groups and larger numbers of people, rather than isolated individuals. Saturn's influence makes for many specific projects and activities which are full of financial and social prospects but often do not materialize to the fullest extent possible. These instances should be seen as clear opportunities not for longsuffering in the sense of duty but for developing a higher patience as an opportunity for soul growth, peace and harmony within. This is that patience through which you know and therefore most truly possess, your own soul.

Now, your experience in Saturn is one to which you cast yourself as being insufficient in earthly terms and in the present, you have the opportunity to rebuild, remold or resuscitate your inner soul forces in line with your outer objectives. From Jupiter you have a truly philosophical and religious spirit behind your Saturnian, worldly ambitions. Because you are willing to apply what you know and work for what you want, you will achieve success.

In the application, then, of your own talents will come a contentment that you are living up to your ideal, regardless of how others may criticize you. Above all, do not criticize or condemn yourself. Instead, act in such a way that you will always do the very best with what you have in hand at any given time. Let the consequences be in Christ's keeping. [1728-2]

Your Jupiter is in an inharmonious pattern with Neptune.

Your experience in the Neptune and Jupiter dimensions between lives carries over into your present life an interest in universal principles, mystical beliefs, philosophical and religious mysteries, as well as the mysterious and magical sides of peoples lives.

In these schemes and dreams, you are more inclined than the average soul to go through periods of daydreaming, pondering, musing, whether inward wondering or emotional wandering, you keep many things to yourself. Yet during these periods of inner mental activity ask yourself if you are fully exercising your own true abilities and opportunities this lifetime.

You may long ago have been exposed to the Ultimate Mystic and Universal Principle, the Messiah, or some of His close followers, in the Holy Land during the New Testament period. Yet, in addition to afterlife soul journeys in Jupiter and Neptune, sometime since then, perhaps in your immediately previous life, you may have unlearned some of what you gained in your Early Church experience through, for instance, an early American incarnation when you may have opposed those whose beliefs were different from yours.

As a karmic result, then, when faced with disappointment resulting from deception and domination by others, you may ask yourself whether you are strong enough in your faith. This is emphasized because, in addition to having a pleasing outer temperament and tremendous inner resources from your lifetime in ancient Israel, you have a great deal of strength in your spiritual inclinations and marked leadership potential, especially involving groups and larger numbers of people even in the business world.

However, you may tend to allow your own beliefs, ideals, intuitions and unique capacities to be made subservient to the circumstances, attitudes and beliefs of others. This may have more than once brought you the feeling that you were hedged in by outer circumstances and if you could only have the opportunity for your wishes to be realized, how different things would be for you socially, financially and psychologically!

One likely consequence of this is a tendency toward exaggeration and at times confused shifts of feelings. For instance, you may find yourself going from near elation over some circumstances in your life to downright despondency with other ones.

Moreover, your true beliefs and feelings concerning your relationships with individuals and groups (for example feelings involving deception, exaggeration or simple confusion) are likely to be hidden from those close to you. However, because you are very impressionable, make a special effort to apply your will to stabilize yourself inwardly so you can better use abilities you have in many different directions, whether as a leader or in building and binding friendships. Bear in mind always that through your free will you can always CHOOSE to loose yourself from and stay aloof from relationships that take advantage of you.

Also, remember that the ability to pursue constructively your opportunities as a leader on one hand and to control these challenging situations you are meeting from past life links with others nonetheless lies entirely within you and not another. You must simply will yourself actively to express your innate abilities, perceptions, feelings and intuitions in a direct, straightforward fashion. This includes saying "No" to false friends as well as false beliefs. Were you to do this, supported spiritually with consistent meditation and vigilant prayer to be guided by the Divine Will rather than the will of another, you will find a far freer and greater potential for expression this lifetime. [1929-1, 240-2]

        NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are
        analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in
        the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are
        different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they
        will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac.
        Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac
        sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted;
        the Moon position, being the same as the Sun
        position, does not need to be interpreted in
        this case.

             Your Sun is in Cancer (Tropical zodiac).

With the zodiacal sign and influences of Cancer, you are one who would do well in any vocation or career where the classes and masses of people are the ruling factor rather than through endeavors based on mere individual effort alone. Also, working with nature in producing or growing things involved with fields, streams or woods, on one hand, or, on the other, helping to bring fruit from the mental forces of groups (classes and masses) of people could bring you -- and them -- many manifold increases.

As background for these urges and abilities, you may have lived in the Pacific Islands in relatively recent times, or in the much more remote past in the legendary South Pacific sea culture of Lemuria. However, whether you lived in relatively recent historical times or in the distant past, you are very likely to feel a strong affinity with and an innate awe of water. Therefore, you are probably happiest living near great bodies of water, like the ocean or large lakes or rivers.

With a rather special sensitivity to changing weather conditions, you have an intuitive understanding of the power of nature. You may also tend to feel somewhat helpless about events in your life, as if they were somehow predestined or meant to be.

At least one of your past lives was an intensely emotional one, probably lived during matriarchal, close-knit cultures where the lineage was female and children were much more dependent upon their mother or their maternal relatives. In the present, during particularly stressful periods, you may have a tendency to return to this early past life pattern and feel you should not be held totally responsible for your actions or shortcomings. Of course, with prayerful application of your will, this tendency can be overcome. [304-5]

             Your Moon is in Aquarius (Tropical zodiac).

Aquarius makes for the application of your mental self, so that there are tendencies for you to analyze carefully any given project, or any undertaking dealing with the material world. Also, the more often you undertake projects when others must be considered as well, it will be far better that you manifest a truly cooperative spirit while doing so.

The planet ruled or symbolized by Aquarius is Uranus, which is the purely Atlantean planet. In other words, Uranus is the principal theme of Aquarius, and because Uranus is the realm of a distinctive Atlantean nature, then Aquarius is the zodiacal sign best symbolized by thoughts, personalities and activities akin to the series of prehistoric "space age" civilizations known as Atlantis.

For example, you may once have been involved with scientific discovery and invention, and therefore in the present have the potential again for investigating more scientific or technical areas like computers, engineering, inventing, research, astrology and parapsychology, space travel and the like.

Other similar experiences and abilities with high technologies ranging from electronics in medicine to communications are close to you in terms of your interests and abilities, yet are far away in time. This is also true of a great number of souls who have incarnated in the twentieth century (especially since World War Two), with memories spanning many millennia between the present time and the ancient Atlantean civilizations.

Yet other lifetimes have surely intervened since your Atlantean incarnation. They could range from being an astrologer or magician in the courts of kings to a dedicated pioneer at the frontier of a new land. Or you may have been one who set sail for distant ports only to be carried away in search of lost legends. Other lives, including the present one, could well feature you as one whose stride through life has labeled you as a dreamer, at least to more material-minded souls. [1265-1, 3902-2]

             Your Sun is in Gemini (Sidereal zodiac).

Coming as you do under the double sign of Gemini, there are likely to be two natures within you as far as your inner, subconscious urges are concerned. One of these urges is to seek to know (and this thirst for knowledge may sometimes involve questionable things or conditions, at least as far as others are concerned). The other part of this dual urge from Gemini's influence is your innate as well as outwardly manifested spiritual seeking for a greater, better and more perfect relationship with another. At times these two urges may be more in conflict than most people ordinarily experience.

Also, as in other in Gemini children this tendency toward double-mindedness at times may find expression in inclinations to change your mind and overspeculate about things. With application of your will, these inclinations can be curbed.

Now, you were probably part of European culture during the Middle Ages, when there was considerable action and adventure, for example in the continual feuding and strife among the many fiefdoms, families, tribes, castles and kingdoms comprising Europe before its present consolidation into several nation-states.

You may even have been among the gentry or upper class of France or England, attending or participating in jousting tournaments, making long journeys to the Crusades against the Muslims in Palestine, or involved with trade exchanges with the caravans going to and from India and China.

In other words, because Mercury is the planet which rules or symbolizes the essence of Gemini, overall you may have experienced in one or more of these lifetimes a sense of restlessness enduring into your present life.

Finally, centuries or even millennia earlier, you may have led a life in what has become known as Australia or on one of its neighboring South Pacific islands. [674-3, 962-1]

Your Past Life Decanates

According to an ancient Vedic astrology method
still practiced in India, Past Life Planets are realms
in which you sojourned between earth lifetimes. They
are identified through the position of your sidereal
Sun and Moon in the decanates (a decanate is a one-
third division of a zodiac sign; each is ruled by a
planet). Any patterns involving these Past Life
Planets are therefore of special importance. Pay extra
attention, then, to any sections of your Report which
interpret these planets.

NOTE: If your Sun and Moon are both located in a
decanate which is ruled by the same planet, then
only the Sun position is interpreted; the Moon's
decanate position, being the same as the Sun's,
therefore does not need to be interpreted.

           Your Sun is in Aquarius Decanate

Your sidereal Sun is in the decanate of Aquarius, which is co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Being the "Atlantean" planet, Uranus especially brings you highly original yet extremist urges, with clairvoyant capacities and special abilities in psychic, metaphysical and scientific or technological areas.

Your soul experience in the realm of Uranus between earth lives, perhaps immediately after your prominent lifetime in Atlantis, gives you distinct potentials for fame or infamy, for evolution or revolution, for service or self. This makes the cultivation and consistent application of guiding ideals of potentially great value for you this go 'round.

           Your Moon is in Gemini Decanate

Your sidereal Moon is in Gemini decanate, which is ruled by Mercury. Mercury as Past Life Planet gives you a high intellectual capacity, marked data handling or communications skills, a distinct thirst for knowledge and a natural aptitude for writing, teaching and research. A prominent Mercurian lifetime as an Egyptian or Hebrew scribe and/or teacher in colonial Asia, Africa or the early Americas is also likely.

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