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The Friends Compatibility Report




Paula Jones




Tonya Harding





Birth Data for Paula:


Paula Jones

September 17, 1966

12:00 PM

Lonoke, Arkansas





Birth Data for Tonya:


Tonya Harding

November 12, 1970

8:22 PM

Portland, Oregon












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     This Friends Reportis divided into 4 chapters.


     Chapter 1 describesyour temperaments and personalities. The issues described in Chapter 1 becomeparticularly powerful if you have a close or long-lasting relationship.Idiosyncrasies or quirks in another person's personality do not bother us asmuch if our relationship is a casual one. For example, if one person is neat andtidy and the other is sloppy, this is more likely to become a concern if youdepend on each other in a business partnership than if you are casualacquaintances.


     Pay close attentionto the issues described in Chapter 2 because these are the most importantthemes in your relationship. For example, if themes of open communication andfriendliness are emphasized, then you can count on this relationship growinginto a close, long-lasting friendship. However, if friendliness and harmonybetween you are hardly mentioned at all, your relationship will be a moreformal, less personal one and you probably won't think of one another as closefriends. Note also that the material in Chapter 2 is presented roughly in orderof importance, so that the material presented at the beginning of Chapter 2 isthe most powerful.


     Chapter 4 describesissues in your relationship of less importance than those presented in Chapter2. Chapter 3 describes situations and circumstances that arise over time if yourrelationship is a long-lasting one.


     If a statementappears to contradict another statement, then your roles are likely toalternate. For example, a statement that Paula is more aggressive than Tonya,and another statement stating that Tonya is more aggressive than Paula, meansthat you alternate roles, with Paula sometimes being the leader and Tonya beingthe follower, and sometimes just the opposite. Also, read the statementscarefully, as it is likely that a careful reading will reveal different kindsof aggressiveness or areas in which the aggressiveness is likely to expressitself.


     To make the most ofthis report, combine this astrological analysis with other things that you knowabout each other. For example, if your relationship is strictlybusiness-related and close, personal friendship is unimportant to both of you,then it will not concern you if there is little warmth in the relationship.However, a lack if warmth and sympathy, or a tendency to be critical andjudgmental of one another, is a more serious problem in a parent-childrelationship. You may also want to order a Natal Report for each of you. TheNatal Report describes your individual traits. The material in Chapters 2, 3and 4 of this report describes the dynamics of your relationship, but does notdescribe your individual natures.


    Your birth chartinterpretation is based on the positions of

theplanets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of

studentsof astrology, these positions, along with other

technicalinformation, are listed below:


Positionsand Data for Paula:

Sun      position is 24deg. 23 min. of Virgo

Moon     position is  5 deg. 44 min. of Scorpio

Mercury  position is  0 deg. 43 min. of Libra

Venus    position is 10 deg. 51 min.of Virgo

Mars     position is 14 deg.37 min. of Leo

Jupiter  position is 28 deg. 26 min. of Cancer

Saturn   position is 26 deg. 25 min. ofPisces

Uranus   position is 20 deg. 18 min. ofVirgo

Neptune  position is 20 deg. 00 min. of Scorpio

Pluto    position is 18 deg. 29 min.of Virgo


Tropical/PLACIDUS   Standard time observed.   GMT: 18:00:00

TimeZone: 6 hours West.   Lat& Long: 34 N 47 02   91 W53 59



Positionsand Data for Tonya:

Sun      position is 20deg. 23 min. of Scorpio

Moon     position is 18 deg. 41min. of Taurus

Mercury  position is  0 deg. 12 min. of Sagittarius

Venus    position is 15 deg. 51 min.of Scorpio

Mars     position is 15 deg.04 min. of Libra

Jupiter  position is 17 deg. 20 min. of Scorpio

Saturn   position is 19 deg. 02 min. ofTaurus

Uranus   position is 11 deg. 39 min. ofLibra

Neptune  position is  0 deg. 14 min. of Sagittarius

Pluto    position is 29 deg. 01 min.of Virgo


Tropical/PLACIDUS   Standard time observed.   GMT: 04:22:00

TimeZone: 8 hours West.   Lat& Long: 45 N 31 25   122 W40 30


Note:Birth time of at least one person is not precise.

Chapter 1

A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles

that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other



Paula'sSun in Virgo and Tonya's Sun in Scorpio:


     Tonya is more willfuland inclined to extremes of emotion or behavior, whereas intelligent restraint,caution or timidity characterize Paula. Strong feelings and instincts motivateTonya, while Paula is more apt to act on logic.


     Paula is very precise,exacting, more of a perfectionist, and more orderly than Tonya, whose mindoperates in a much less linear way.


     You share a tendencyto be hard on yourselves, are prone to guilt and self-chastisement, and alsohave a strong interest in self-improvement or self-transformation.


Paula'sMoon in Scorpio and Tonya's Moon in Taurus:


     Both of you arerather obstinate and inflexible, and cannot be easily moved once you've made upyour mind. Nor does logic or reason work wonders with either of you, when youdecide you want something. When the two of you lock horns, it's a matter ofwhich of you wears down first!


     Of the two of you,Tonya is the more practical and down to earth. A loving, stable home, creaturecomforts, and peaceful relationships are Tonya's ideal. Tonya has a muchsimpler emotional nature than Paula, and is much more easily contented.


     Paula's feelings runvery deep. Paula loves intensely, but is also capable of tremendous animosityand hostility if hurt or betrayed. Paula has a very private, secretive side andoften hides feelings or withdraws from people as a means of self-protection.Anger, guilt, and jealousy are emotions Paula frequently keeps hidden inside.


     All of this is ratherincomprehensible to Tonya, though Tonya does share with Paula the tendency tobe possessive.


     Paula also demandsmuch more from a friend in terms of emotional involvement and loyalty. Pauladoesn't accept anything at face value, and it may seem to Tonya that Paula isalways probing, analyzing feelings, and thereby making unnecessary trouble.


     There is a strongattraction between you, and you can be very, very close, especially if youlearn to appreciate one another's ways.


Bothof you have Sun conjunct or in hard aspect to Saturn:


     Both of you possessand innate capacity for much self-discipline and self-control, which at timesleans towards excessive self-denial, personal inhibitions, an overly serious,burdened feeling about life, and a harshness toward yourselves. You share atendency to feel inadequate due to very exacting, perfectionist standards youplace upon yourselves. In order to fulfill your ambitions and purpose in life,you both may have had to give up a lot, including parental approval or supportfrom outside of yourself. This enables you to have compassion for one another'sstruggles in life, if you are open with one another. However, you each tend tokeep a lot inside and erect barriers between yourselves and other people.


Jupiter& Saturn hard for Tonya, soft or conj for Paula:


     Tonya tends to seesawbetween optimism and discouragement, whereas Paula is steadier, more patient,more realistic, more graceful in accepting necessary limits and structure.Learning to live in the world and to take its imperfections or inherentdifficulties in stride, is something Tonya must work toward, and Paula hasalready mastered to some extent.





Chapter 2

Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought YouTogether



Tonya'sSun Conjunct Paula's Neptune:


     You trigger oneanother's imagination and idealism. When it comes to practical matters andtangible, practical accomplishments, the two of you fail to coordinateeffectively. Many times you fail to really understand each other, and it takesa long time for you to overcome superficial, stereotyped perceptions of eachother.


Tonya'sMoon Opposition Paula's Neptune:


     You enjoy sharingyour hopes, ideals, social concerns, dreams and fantasies. You work welltogether in areas that require great imagination, such as the arts and music.


Paula'sMercury Conjunct Tonya's Pluto:


     Your conversationstend to be probing and deep. You enjoy uncovering the underlying motivationsand causes of a situation. Frequently what starts out as a light, friendlyconversation ends up as an in-depth psychoanalysis of each other! Tonya maydominate your conversations and at times tries to force Paula into agreeing orbelieving whatever Tonya wants!


JupiterMutually Aspects Neptune:


     You bring out theDreamer, Idealist, or Gambler in one another. Great hopes and expectations forthe future, spiritual explorations, journeys, Quests, a shared vision, dreamingthe Impossible Dream together: this is a fundamental aspect of yourrelationship. The inspiration and sense of unlimited possibilities is theupside of this. The down side is a tendency to see everything in too rosy alight, to become irresponsible, to have over-inflated expectations, and to usepoor judgment when you are together.


Paula'sJupiter Trine Tonya's Neptune:


     There is a strongpsychic or spiritual connection between you, a sympathetic rapport that enablesyou both to be especially generous, tolerant, and accepting of one another.Your ideals and beliefs are in harmony. Your faith, optimism, imagination andhopes and plans for the future are stimulated by being together. However, youmay simply dream, speculate, or spin fantasies rather than actually do anythingconcrete. You tend to be enjoyably lazy and indulgent together.


Tonya'sJupiter Conjunct Paula's Neptune:


     You dream big andbeautiful dreams together and because you stimulate one another's faith,optimism, and idealism, you feel that anything is possible. If either or both ofyou tend to be impractical or irresponsible, being with one another willincrease that propensity, and together you are likely to harbor unrealistichopes or ungrounded, grandiose schemes and speculations. You may become sloppyor lazy together. On the other hand, if you are fairly disciplined andwell-balanced people, you will encourage each other to take a leap of faith,and to push past previous limits and boundaries that you've set for yourselves.Traveling, enjoyable escapades, or spiritual quests are an important aspect ofyour relationship.


JupiterMutually Aspects Pluto:


     Important changes ortransformations in your understanding of life, your personal sense of meaningor faith, occur through your interaction and the things you do together.


Paula'sJupiter Sextile Tonya's Pluto,

Tonya'sJupiter Sextile Paula's Pluto:


     Your faith andconfidence in yourselves and in life deepens through your relationship with oneanother. You encourage one another to explore and develop your personal potentialand to be more courageous in taking risks in your lives. Unusual coincidencesand unexpected good fortune seem to come your way when the two of you aretogether.


SaturnMutually Aspects Pluto:


     You will both bechanged, even transformed, if you have the courage to confront the difficultiesthat arise between you, though you may feel at times that it is quite astruggle.


     Facing the dark,painful, or serious side of life is a focus in your relationship. Work, ratherthan play or skimming along on the surface of life, is emphasized and this maybe inner, psychological "work" or some all-consuming personalambition.


Paula'sSaturn Opposition Tonya's Pluto:


     Most likely there isa strong attraction-repulsion quality between the two of you, and it may bedifficult for you to totally relax, surrender control, or completely trust oneanother.


     Try to avoid becomingoverly serious, intense, and heavy when you are together.


Tonya'sSaturn Trine Paula's Pluto:


     Your relationship hasa deep, intense, or serious quality, as if it is impossible for you to relateto one another only on a superficial social level. It is easy for you to get toessentials with one another. Together you are capable of great commitment anddedication, and of overcoming tremendous obstacles.


Tonya'sSun Sextile Paula's Uranus:


     There is alight-hearted, buoyant quality to your relationship that makes you really enjoyeach other's company. You spark each other's sense of humor and you enjoyjoking and "horsing around" with each other. You also appreciate eachother's creative interests and encourage each other to pursue original,creative activities. Tonya especially feels freer and less inhibited by beingwith Paula.


Tonya'sMoon Trine Paula's Uranus:


     There is an upbeat,enthusiastic, spontaneous quality to your relationship. You spark each other'simagination, creativity, and wit. You feel loose and uninhibited with eachother, and you enjoy exploring life and sharing new experiences.


Tonya'sMoon Trine Paula's Pluto:


     The two of you willgrow to be very close friends.  Youare able to really "feel" what the other is saying. For example,whether you are playing sports, watching a movie, or showing each othersomething you really like, you find that most often you can do it with anintensity and depth of feeling that you cannot express to most people.


Tonya'sMercury Trine Paula's Jupiter:


     Communication is openand harmonious. You are able to help each other incorporate new ideas and expandyour perspective. If you have a close, long-lasting friendship, you willdevelop similar political, social, and philosophical views. Your overallbeliefs and aims are in harmony. If you have a business relationship, you willdo well in areas that involve long-distance communication, such as advertising,publishing, etc.


Paula'sMercury Sextile Tonya's Mercury:


     Stimulating,interesting conversations are frequent. This ease of communication and yourcomplementary interests makes your conversations enjoyable and enlightening.


Paula'sMercury Sextile Tonya's Neptune:


     You have a strongintuitive and psychic rapport, and you often sense what is on each other'sminds well before any words are spoken. You also enjoy discussing topics thathave a strong imaginative or mystical element, such as the arts, music,philosophy, etc.


Tonya'sVenus Square Paula's Mars:


     When the two of youdisagree, Tonya is the harmonizer and peace-maker, quicker to restore theaffection and friendship between you, and less inclined to focus on yourdifferences, while Paula wants to clear the air, get everything out into theopen, and is more apt to force issues. Paula's assertiveness sometimesirritates Tonya. If you spend much time together, this can be a tempestuousrelationship.


Paula'sMars Square Tonya's Jupiter:


     The two of you enjoyplanning and designing methods for achieving success. You encourage each otherto achieve your dreams and Tonya frequently points out new avenues and grander vistasfor Paula's talents and energy. However, the propensity to speculation andunrealistic optimism is also very strong, and many of your joint ventures arelikely to prove wasteful, poorly timed, or extravagant.


Paula'sMars Sextile Tonya's Mars:


     You are able to work together very harmoniously andcomplement each other's efforts. You coordinate well on tackling daily choresand you are able to accomplish a great deal in almost any joint effort. Afriendly rivalry spurs you both on in your individual efforts, also.





Chapter 3

Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship



CompositeSun Opposition Saturn:


     Whatever you get inthis relationship comes to you through hard work, struggle, and a willingnessto endure through hardships and overcome some daunting odds. Often when you tryto do things together, you come right up against a massive brick wall. This mayconsist of restrictive outer circumstances, your own fears and insecurities, ora combination of the two. You inhibit one another, often out of fear or adesire for security.


     One of you plays the"heavy" in the other's experience, or through no fault or intentionof your own, could become an oppressive or limiting factor in the other's life.


     If there are otherfactors drawing you together which ameliorate these conditions, your friendshipcan strengthen you both, but it will never be an easy relationship.

CompositeMoon Sextile Venus:


     A soft, caring,nurturing friendship will grow between you. A willingness to be there for oneanother, and a desire to protect each other are an essential part of yourpurpose together, easing many of the problems or difficulties you face in yourlives. You feel like "family" and may well be part of a comfortablefamily of friends (and/or relatives).


CompositeJupiter Quincunx Saturn:


     Last minute changesof plans, based on doubts, fears, or simply a need to be certain of alldetails, will occur quite frequently in your relationship. Whether it is in regardto travels, signing legal documents or just about any joint endeavor, one ofyou will freeze up, balk, hesitate or reconsider at the last minute. Outercircumstances beyond the control of either of you will also intervene. No doubtthese things will sorely try your patience and good will, but agrin-and-bear-it attitude is about the only way to meet them. Mostly they areminor frustrations and delays, not insurmountable obstacles.


CompositeJupiter Conjunct Pluto:


     Through yourfriendship with one another, your basic beliefs, philosophy of life, and faithmay fundamentally alter, or you develop much deeper convictions and beliefs. Ifyou join forces, you could even become overly zealous and evangelical, or youmay become extremely and inordinately ambitious. This relationship is destinedto strengthen, for each of you, your faith in yourselves and your sense ofpurpose in life. The only caveat is not to blow out of proportion theimportance of your goals, achievements, values, and contributions to society.


CompositeSaturn Quincunx Pluto:


     The two of you willface difficult major transitions in life together. A death in the family orother major loss, a divorce, or other major turning point in life will faceone, or both, of you during your friendship. If you can assist one anotherduring difficult times and unexpected setbacks, you will help one another to bestronger people and achieve a greater level of success and fulfillment.





Chapter 4

Other Themes in Your Relationship



Paula'sSun Conjunct Tonya's Pluto:


     You draw out eachother's deepest, hidden feelings, drives, needs, and ambitions. The uncoveringof your inner needs and hopes is likely to cause both of you to undergo somemajor personality changes. You share a deep, inner bond; this is not a light orsuperficial relationship. You may go on a crusade together and jointly pursueshared interests with unusual intensity and dedication.


Tonya'sSun Sextile Paula's Pluto:


     Paula is a profoundand positive force in Tonya's life, encouraging, promoting, and challengingTonya to dig deeper, to bring forth more of Tonya's creativity and talent, andto experience life more authentically, directly, and intensely. You have a deepfriendship and are able to reveal yourselves quite honestly with one another.


Tonya'sMoon Square Paula's Mars:


     You tend to becomeimpatient and inconsiderate to each other.  This relationship will work only if both of you aretough-skinned and do not get your feelings hurt easily.  You are capable of achieving muchtogether and you can motivate each other, but guard against the tendency to beimpatient and try to force things prematurely.  Avoid also the tendency to be pushy with each other.


Tonya'sMercury Trine Paula's Saturn:


     You work together well on practical problems. Youhelp each other refine and clarify your ideas, and help "edit" eachother's work. Consequently you make a very effective team in business affairsand important or exacting work.


Tonya'sVenus Conjunct Paula's Neptune:


     Subjects such astheater, poetry, and music are likely to arise frequently when you gettogether. If you share an interest in similar artistic styles, you will findthat this relationship enhances the artistic appreciation and sensitivity ofboth of you.


Paula'sMars Square Tonya's Saturn:


     In your friendship,Paula is the eager, passionate, active and impulsive one, and Tonya frequentlyputs on the brakes or tries to control, play down, and restrain Paula's desiresand drives. Paula is likely to feel very frustrated, angry or discouraged ifTonya expresses disapproval or caution too often, and this can be a source ofconsiderable friction between you. Tonya feels overwhelmed and envious ofPaula's intensity and assertiveness, but instead of trying to hold Paula down,Tonya should confront the fears and inhibitions that Paula's directness evokes.


Tonya'sSaturn Opposition Paula's Neptune:


     Through yourrelationship you will both have to face aspects of yourselves and of life thatmay be quite difficult for you to accept.


     Whateverself-deception, unrealistic or overblown fantasies, avoidance, escapistpatterns, or dependence upon false security that you have within you willsurface, and there are likely to be periods of intense doubt and questioning asyou struggle to see and respond to life more honestly. Sometimes you will feelthat you are on a see-saw, with Tonya being the cautious, skeptical, andpragmatic realist and Paula being the one whose religious beliefs, spiritualaspirations and values, or imagination and fantasies are being judged or put tothe test. Tonya may feel subtly undermined or afraid of Paula's mystical orirrational approach to life. The balance between spiritual values (or illusionsand fantasies) versus practical limitations is an important dynamic in yourrelationship.


Tonya'sSaturn Trine Paula's Uranus:


     Paula loosens Tonyaup and prevents Tonya from becoming too rigid and tight, encouraging Tonya tomake changes and take more leaps into the unknown. Tonya has a steadying effecton Paula and helps Paula organize and direct Paula's energies into clear,definite channels, encouraging Paula to be more reliable and constant.