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Humphrey Bogart




Lauren Bacall





BirthData for Humphrey:



December25, 1899


NewYork, New York



BirthData for Lauren:



September16, 1924


NewYork, New York








151 First Ave #109, New York, NY 10003

The interpretation ofyour relationship is based on the positions

of the planets at thetime of your birth, and the composite chart.

For the benefit ofstudents of astrology, these positions, along

with other technicalinformation, are listed below:


      Humphrey:                Lauren:                 Composite:

Sun:   3 Cap 48                23 Vir 05               13 Sco 26

Moo:  10 Lib 30                28 Ari 37                19Can 33

Mer:  11 Sag 43                14 Vir 19               28 Lib 01

Ven:  28 Cap 37                 7 Leo 14                2 Sco 56

Mar:   9 Cap 05                25 Aqu 35                2 Aqu 20

Jup:  29 Sco 54                12 Sag 26                6 Sag 10

Sat:  26 Sag 59                 0 Sco 14               28 Sco 37

Ura:   9 Sag 47                19 Pis 23               29 Cap 35

Nep:  25 Gem 23                21 Leo 20               23 Can 21

Plu:  15 Gem 22                 13Can 24               29 Gem 23

Nod:  19 Sag 29                21 Leo 17               20 Lib 23

Asc:  14 Tau 28                27 Can 43               21 Gem 06

MC:   25 Cap 34                11 Ari 52                3 Pis 43

2nd:  12 Gem 48                17 Leo 41               15 Can 14

3rd:   4 Can 25                11 Vir 34                8 Leo 00

5th:  20 Leo 50                18 Sco 34                4 Lib 42

6th:  26 Vir 26                25 Sag 50               11 Sco 08


Tropical Zodiac                Tropical Zodiac

Standard timeobserved.         Daylight SavingsTime observed.

GMT: 18:30:00                  06:00:00

Time Zone: 5 hoursWest.       Time Zone: 5 hours West.

Lat. of birth: 40 N 4251      40 N 42 51

Long. of birth: 74 W 0023      Long.of birth: 74 W 00 23

PLACIDUS houses                PLACIDUS houses



Chapter1: On the Ascendant


Ascendant in Gemini:


    You will have to have many ideasgoing at the same time to use up all of that nervous energy that you sharetogether. The only problem is determining what stage your projects are in, whatpile you put them in, or what day it is. Otherwise you are sharp as a tack. Asa couple, your minds are quick, alive, alert and inquisitive. You have theability to absorb and learn very rapidly, but you get bored just as easily.Your minds can become so scattered at times that you may forget where you are,or why. As long as anyone can keep your mind stimulated for more than an houror so, they will have your complete although somewhat divided attention. Peoplewho are serious about life may not understand or appreciate your carefreenature, especially when you are together.


    You possess a wonderfulsense of humor and make fascinating conversationalists. Do you feel that thereare two separate entities here battling for domination? Do you talk with yourhands? If you spend much time together, you will!


    Your approach to people andsituations stems from the mental plane, and any decisions in your life aboutlove, domestic matters, business or social situations will be met with rationalthought rather than emotional responses. You have childlike and flirtatiousmannerisms and approach life with a vigorous attitude.


    If the two of you are notkept busy, your minds can turn to gossip or idle chit chat about meaninglessissues, just to keep the brain box active. You only move at one speed which isabout 80 miles an hour, while remaining constantly in motion due to an innerrestlessness that drives everyone around you crazy. Nervous conditions fire upyour emotions bringing verbal attacks on each other. The typical Gemini willalways have a gallon of coffee nearby along with an ashtray filled withcigarettes. Does this sound like the two of you?? Your key phrase in lifeshould be "I Know What I Want,. . . I think?" Exercise and extra carein diet will help to sooth those nervous episodes that pop up. If you weren'tnervous before, spending time together will introduce you to it, big time! Lookto the house where Mercury is located to see where what you think about as acouple.




           Ascendant is in Gemini, Aquarius Decanate


    Ruled by the planet Uranus,this is an excellent aspect for business, dealing with large corporations,science, or becoming the head of a big businesses together. This positionbrings with it the real possibility of Genius qualities. Constant activity willkeep you out of touch with what is happening in the world however.




Chapter2: On the Midheaven: How you are seen as a couple


Midheaven in Pisces:


    Since this is the most"visible" part of the composite chart, it represents how you areactually seen in the world by others. It represents your more outward or publicface and where you are likely to encounter success, and your reputation in theworld as a couple. Your mutual goals together push you towards being very easygoing and perhaps a bit on the lazy side. Affectionate, ultrasensitive andsympathetic to the plight of others with a seeming weak nature rather than astrong exterior. You seek the advice of everyone, and then do what you wantanyway. You will be very psychic and intuitive, but in a negative way, neverseeing the good in anything. You are secretive, unrealistic, sentimental, trueromantics and dreamers. There will be strong attachments to music and you mayhave a career in it. There will be times when you prefer to be alone ratherthan be with others.


    Together you will be morepassive rather than aggressive and would prefer to stop, wait, watch andobserve than to take active participation in anything. You would rather thingshappen the way they are going to rather than interfere. Your belief structurein religious or spiritual matters is beyond the norm and deals on a one to onebasis with the universe. The environment you live in must be peaceful so thatyou can feel at home with it, otherwise your emotions become strung out andunbalanced. Compassion for all things around you no matter what state they maybe in is immense whether animal, vegetable or human. Together you can be ofgreat service to the world through your compassion, spiritual beliefs andhumanitarian efforts.


    Your perceptions lie in therealm of imagination and fantasy and is a place where you can easily escape towhen life gets you down. You draw people in to you like a magnet, especiallythose in need knowing that they will find a sympathetic soul to connect with.Yes, even those who take unfair advantage of you or don't know when it is timeto face life on their own to fumble and find their own way. You see thefrailties in all people and are often making excuses for their weaknesses. Youwill not follow rational and logical approaches towards everyday life andshould anyone be foolish enough to argue with you, they will have to find thecloud that you live on to have any impact whatsoever.


    You make observations withyour heart and not your head which leaves others in your environment very confusedto say the least. You perceive people in psychic and telepathic ways thatothers cannot easily understand.


    The tenth house is the homeof worldly aspirations and attainment. This sector shows how you presentyourself to the public, and deeds for which you leave behind as your legacy, orwhat you will be remembered for. The tenth has domain over the profession,public offices held, and your reputation. The combined energy of Pisces here,indicates that it will be very difficult for you both to decide what you wantto do with your lives career wise. You have a wonderful imaginative facility,but it needs to be grounded if you are going to do anything at all. A career insaving the world from itself in theory sounds good, but impractical. Working aroundliquids, music endeavors, theater, motion pictures and literature are favorablefields for you to explore. Look to the house where Neptune is located to seewhat kind of career you might choose, or how you will be remembered.




Chapter3: Planets and Aspects


Sun in 6th house:


The Sun is veryunhappy being in the 6th house of obligations, duty and work because itrequires fun to express itself. One of you may be very unhappy in thisrelationship, as one of you is the giver and the other will be the taker. Youmay also feel unappreciated, used or taken advantage of, which will spawnresentment as an outcome. If you have to ask yourself what you are getting inreturn from this relationship, then it may already be over. If you are in thisrelationship to help or be of service to the other, then that is okay, but ifyou have needs that also need to be met, and they aren't, then give yourself apat on the back every now and again, as the other may not do it for you. On apositive note, if you have come together to work on a project, then this willbe okay, as long as the rewards you seek are your own and you don't depend onsupport or recognition from others.


SunSesquiquadrate Pluto


This aspect is anindicator of either a very strong love-hate relationship or a relationship thatpossesses magnetic attraction and repulsion at the same time. This stems fromthe qualities of Pluto that want to try to dominate, to wield the power, tomanipulate and to control. If you try to use this Plutonian energy in negativeways, there are likely to be some very violent responses to your efforts. Thisrelationship may be headed for some real heavy-duty conflicts!


One or both of youmay feel a strong need to dig deeply into the abyss of your partner's mind,ferreting out any and all information until there is nothing left but mush. Ifyou are going to make this relationship work, then teamwork is required. Youneed to treat each other as equals with neither one of you holding the balanceof power. If you cannot do this, then you may not want to get involved at all,as if you could avoid it! The relationship's positive potential is notimpossible, but the greatest caution is advised to recognize the pitfalls.


Another word ofcaution, if you do marry and decide you can no longer live with the heat thisoven produces, then I suggest you dig a trench and get set for open warfarewhile you decide at great risk to life and limb who gets custody of thegoldfish! Possessiveness is obviously one of the negative traits of this aspect.


Power struggles,misunderstandings and quarrels can easily develop between you and your partner.Any dishonesty between the two of you is sure to be brought out into the openand you will have a heck of a time dealing with it. This is not a light or frivolousrelationship, and, in time, you will get to know each other completely and oncethe bond is forged, it cannot easily be undone.


In case you havenot figured it out by now, this relationship may be a fated, meant-to-be,irresistible, unavoidable connection and circumstances beyond your control mayhave shackled you together in order that you may learn valuable lessons.


It may well beadvised that you think carefully before getting involved in business dealingstogether because they probably would prove to be both disruptive anddestructive if you do. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is the powerstruggle that is likely to occur between you. Remember, both of you can't wearthe same pair of pants at the same time, although you will try. Jealousy, fanaticalbehavior, impulsive acts and a modicum of physical suffering define the energyof this aspect. Problems can also be seen in joint finances, insurance claims,wills and taxes.


The good news isthat there is a great deal of sexual energy present between you. Just so itisn't a total loss!


Moon in secondhouse:


The Moon alwaysrepresents your emotional needs and when placed in the 2nd house it indicatesthat money, security, financial happiness and possessions will be a very strongemphasis in your lives, like the glue that binds you together. You will neverbe too quick to give anything away that takes away from your secure home life.Now this need for emotional security could cause one or both of you to become"pack rats", which means you keep adding to what you have, nevergetting rid of anything. You will find in the long run that materialpossessions actually start to own you, thus limiting your freedom. Then you aretrapped in the relationship because you are afraid to lose the things that keepyou together. Even though some of the negatives have been pointed out, this isstill a very favorable position for the Moon and the relationship's security.


Moon ConjunctNeptune


This aspect canrepresent the union of two souls in spiritual harmony. In a very short time ofbeing together you may instinctively share each other's thoughts, feelings,desires, moods and emotional needs. There will be a real magical blend betweenyou. Compassion, sympathy, sensitivity, tenderness and telepathic communicationonly serve to strengthen the bond between you. All this sounds really great,right? Well, just be sure that it is there in reality and not simply in yourminds. This aspect can cause your imaginations to run away from you and leadyou to some very strange places. Deal with the real and the practical.


There is a greaterneed to nurture and take care of each other with this aspect. As intimatedpreviously, since this aspect has so much to do with illusion and theimagination, you must be careful to ground yourself in a reality, just to be onthe safe side. Otherwise, your spiritual world will present itself as only anillusion.


Should either ofyou have a history of drug problems, alcohol abuse or other escapisttendencies, do not try to "save" or "heal" the otherwithout the proper knowledge or it can end in disaster.


There may bedifficulties with sex in this relationship because one or both of you may feelthat your relationship should not be brought down to the lower levels from itshigh spiritual state. You may feel that sex would "dirty" anotherwise pure and holy union. This is fine as long as both of you feel thesame way.


MoonSesquiquadrate Jupiter


Over-optimism isthe theme of this relationship. You inspire each other to live life to thefullest, but you can take on too much and overdo the luxuries of life, neverrealizing that there is a price to be paid for everything. The main theme ofthis aspect is to let go and have fun, live it up and go for the gusto. Butjust because you are enjoying yourself so much, do not ignore the problems thatall couples have. Ignoring them will not make them go away.


After all is saidand done, people will marvel at the seemingly miraculous good luck and goodfortune that always seem to come your way. There is an evident streak of goodluck that seems to happen when you are together.


Your home is apt tobe large, well-furnished and comfortable, and everyone that comes there willappreciate your warmth and generosity. One of the drawbacks that can occurhere, though, is becoming too comfortable, not appreciating the blessings youhave and taking everything for granted.


Use caution thatyou don't become so comfortable that you mismanage your funds, overspend andget in over your heads with debt. The two of you do have a tendency to beoverly extravagant.


Mercury in 5thhouse:


Mercury is theplanet of intellectual thought and communication and with Mercury in the 5thhouse, a lot of time will be spent planning and executing jaunts to the movies,opera, plays, concerts and reading. There is a real common interest for the twoof you and you will enjoy hours talking together. Since Mercury in the 5th alsorules the education and rearing of children, you will take more than a mildinterest to see they have all the opportunities they should have and tosurround them with influences that will help them to grow and learn. Rememberto nurture their emotional side as well, as all work and no play can makeanyone unhappy. Part of what attracted the two of you in the first place wasyour shared intellectual interests and this placement indicates a more thanaverage compatibility.


Mercury ConjunctVenus


Communication willbe a strong suit between the two of you, especially regarding objects ofbeauty, music, art, love and romance. Both of you share common interests inthese and other related areas.


You will enjoytelling each other how you feel and you prefer doing so in the written form ofcards and letters. At best you will avoid anything that is too ponderous,choosing to keep your conversations light and loving.


If there arearguments at all, you both will make them as sweet as possible so that youdon't offend the other. You are sensitive to your partner's feelings and youwill say what needs to be said, but in a way that doesn't hurt the other. Thisaspect helps smooth out any rough edges in your relationship.


Mercury SquareMars


Heated debates,mental sparring and even some down-and-dirty arguments are sure to play a majorrole in your relationship. There will be no beating around the bush here, asyou try to "tell" your partner what you are thinking, rather thanexplaining it. Disputes, frustration and verbal abuse can be the result ofthese communications, not so much because you differ in opinion, but because ofthe ways in which you express yourself to your partner.


Right from thestart this relationship might feel like the Battle of Gettysburg as you comeunder verbal attack and are criticized about every little thing that isimportant or that which has absolutely no importance at all. Unless you bothwork on being nicer to each other, this is going to be a very difficultrelationship in the communication department. And that will, of course, spillover to all the other areas in your relationship.


There is thetendency here to fight for fighting's sake and your partner always seems to bethe closest opponent and the nearest punching bag. You will both need to developmore patience and self-control because each of you has the tendency to be toosensitive to your partner's little irritating habits.


Mercury SquareUranus


If you are lookingfor a relationship to uproot your pattern of thinking, mix in a little adventure,and experiment in the mind-blowing side of weird, then congratulations, you mayhave found it. New ideas, alternative ways of thinking, changing old patternsof thought and just plain bizarre behavior tend to go along with this aspect.Expect the unconventional and the ever-changing, frequently and suddenly.


Trying tocommunicate in stereo can't happen so you will have to stop talking while theother person is talking so you don't miss their train of thought. There is muchnervous energy surrounding you both and together you can come up with somewonderful new ideas, perhaps far ahead of their time, and enjoy some excellentcreative adventures together. But plan on taking a break from one another fromtime to time in order to repair your burned out brain cells and get some sanityback into your lives. There is so much stimulation and mental excitementbetween you that it may be difficult for you to settle down to the routine,everyday aspects and needs of your relationship. Because a certain amount of restlessnessand anxiety go along with this aspect, you will need time to recuperate. Sotake it, even if it means getting away from each other at times.


A serious side tothis aspect is that the two of you may constantly challenge and disagree withyour partner's viewpoint just for the sake of causing a commotion. At firstthis can be great fun and very exciting. But in the long run it may become veryold and when one or the other of you tire of it, it may be too late to doanything about it because your partner will have already up and left. The twoof you need to control the tendency of automatically disagreeing with theother's viewpoint in order to keep some stability in the relationship.


Mercury SquareNeptune


You need to be veryclear about what this relationship is all about because the tendency here is toget lost in miscommunication, lies, idealism, deception or illusion. Any hopes,dreams, fantasies or perceptions of what you think this relationship is likelyto be are probably faulty. There may even be intentional deception and lies,with one of you purposely using the other for their own gain. You need to bevery careful. Even if both of you have your feet on the ground, you may stillgo around shaking your heads in disbelief over the whole relationship.


There is nothingwrong with living out a fantasy or two from time to time, but you wouldn't wantto reside there full-time, as this aspect suggests you have the tendency ofdoing. No matter what the case, when all is said and done, one or both of youis likely to be very disappointed at length's end.


There are going tobe times when you don't understand each other and even downright confuse eachother, purposely or not. At other times you will feel that you havecommunicated something correctly, only to find out that the other person didnot understand what you said, refused to hear the incoming message, or heardsomething quite different entirely from what you said. Trust is an importantissue in this relationship and you would be well-advised to keep an eye on thismatter as no relationship survives for long without it.


Yes, there is apositive side here. You can act to bring out one another's creative side inwriting, art or music through the use of your combined imaginations.


Mercury TrinePluto


One of the majoreffects that this relationship will have on you both is that it will changeyour thinking at very deep levels. Through long conversations you can act aspsychoanalyst for each other by bringing up old problems and resolving them.Uncovering the mysteries of what makes your partner tick is exciting for eachof you. Of course, there will be unpleasant things that you will learn aboutand with which you will have to deal. But, with every gain comes a loss andwith every loss comes a gain.


Be careful ofbecoming so involved in an issue that you become obsessed and fanatical aboutit or that you try to convert or manipulate your partner's thinking to yourown. There is the possibility here that you will try to force your partner intothinking and believing the same way you do. Mental competition between you willonly serve to break your relationship apart. The ways in which you communicateand the energy that both of you have are very strong and they can influence agreat deal of people, so these energies must be used very responsibly.


Together you maychoose to delve into the occult or to use the power of mind over matter. Justmake sure the dark side does not win you over. If you get carried away in anyof these areas, people may perceive you as a threat and bring danger to you.Should you heed the above warnings, then you can gain some very importanttruths about life, the universe and yourselves.


MercurySemisextile Saturn


This aspect mightbe better for a business partnership than for a romantic relationship becauseeverything you discuss will tend to have a very dry, humorless,get-down-to-the-facts, just the facts, tone to it. But at least you are notprone to unrealistic fantasies about your partner and there is probably nodanger in being overly idealistic about your future together. You have theability to plan and organize your lives and your future and that is a goodthing. Just don't get so cautious that you stop taking a few well-calculated chances.Life needs some excitement to make it fun - and there is nothing wrong with alittle fun now and then. Unless both of you are very rigid and practical, loveresearch or are very focused, then you might find that your relationship isrunning out of steam after awhile because it lacks playfulness or humor. If youfeel you need a more disciplined lifestyle, then this aspect is ideal for you.


Venus in 5thhouse:


Venus is the planetof love, warmth and affection. With Venus located in the 5th house of love,children and creativity, it is a natural that you will enjoy doing thingstogether and want to be together. There will be a great love of sex, pleasure,beauty, going out to dinner or theater and generally surrounding yourselveswith beautiful people. Venus in the 5th is so light-hearted and fun-loving thatyour relationship may not have the stamina for long-termed, committed,practical and serious day-to-day living. How can you be serious when you arehaving so much fun??? If you can realize and overcome this flaw, then youshould have a very nice life together. Should you be married and have childrenof your own, you will nurture and love them very much and enjoy a lot of warmthand affection with and through them.


Venus SquareMars


The physical andsexual side of this relationship will sizzle for sure. You have heard, ofcourse, of the rocket's red glare and this is where it originated. Sexualgames, intimacy and being warm for each other's form are excellent descriptionsof this aspect. But there is a negative side to this energy that you should beaware of. Your relationship is likely to be a sexual "game" where onehas to be the dominant partner or one has to be the conqueror. If both of youtries to be the dominant partner, true fireworks may start, as the battle forvictory over the other is not likely to be a pretty sight. Another side effectof this energy is the jealousy and possessive that develops because of the needto control and manipulate the other.


You may find this asexually unfulfilling relationship until you figure out who is the master andwho is the slave, if you allow that to happen at all. The probable outcome willbe anger, which is unfulfilled sexual desire turned inside out. At differenttimes each of you will blow hot and cold, always opposite the state of theother at that moment. If you can figure out your differences and learn not touse sex as a weapon, then this can be a very passionate and rewardingrelationship.


Venus SquareUranus


This was sure to bea sudden relationship that came out of the blue and caught you totally bysurprise. It probably shook up your life to some degree, and if it lasts, itwill be the biggest surprise of all, especially to you two. You will experiencesome strong emotional bonding between you, but unless you give yourrelationship a lot of breathing room, it won't make it the long haul.


No matter how longyou are together, you are sure to experience many twists and turns, all veryunexpected and all very unpredictable. You have caught the "tiger by thetail" here, and the question is, "What are you going to do withit?".


If you are lookingfor adventure, then you have found just that. Any expectations past that pointwill end in disappointment. Should you be looking for a peaceful,down-to-earth, committed relationship, then perhaps you should start runningnow! You are liable to see many separations and comings-back-together and itwould be best if you considered this in the beginning. Let your relationship simplytake the course it wants to take, with no strings attached.


Venus TrinePluto


This relationshipis "destined" or fated to completely transform your lives, mostlikely in very positive ways. Mending the broken pieces due to past loves andhealing yourselves can be expected with this aspect. Even if the rest of yourcomposite chart seems otherwise, this configuration will help unite you in astrong bond. It may be very difficult for the two of you to break away fromeach other.


With this aspectthere may be a very strong desire to bring children into the world. Yours isnot likely to be just a casual relationship that is taken lightly. It is moreprobably the sort of relationship that will completely transform you or theworld in which it operates.


Mars in 8thhouse:


Mars is the planetof activity, desire, fire and aggression. Located in the 8th house oftransformation, there will no doubt be challenges before you, but once met andworked through, you will be transformed by the experience. Mars can create agreat amount of sexual energy with which you may have to deal. You may find sexto be a very important part of your relationship and that your experiences withsex have a transforming effect on each of you. Since the 8th house also hasrulership over joint resources, there can be some conflict from time to time onhow and where money is spent. Make sure your egos do not get in the way in yourrelationship because if you allow them to, then possessions may take on toogreat an importance and become another area of dispute and conflict.


Mars ConjunctUranus


This may be a verydifficult relationship, filled with intense anger, frustration and unexpectedoutbursts. It will also be filled with passion and a wild disregard for cautionas you go off on crazy adventures in every direction. This is an unsafeconfiguration for your physical well-being. You will never be at a loss forsomething exciting to do, but there will be a certain degree of self-centeredattitudes which are quick to anger and which are highly unstable. Rebellion anda desire for freedom of restraint are present here. Great energy, innovation,creativity and experimentation attend this aspect.


People in yourenvironment will either see you as a pair of wild and crazy people or perhapsas a dangerous couple. You won't follow any rules because you will be makingthem up as you go along. There should not be any problem in the department ofsex - you will find it spontaneous, exciting and sometimes out of control. Youmay expect to spend time in the emergency room or at the doctor's office, astogether you are an accident waiting to happen. Give each other some breathingroom so you don't get on each other's nerves and then fly off the handle.


Mars SextileJupiter


You are a dynamiccouple who can make anything happen that you want to, just because you aretogether and have a healthy, winning attitude. When you are together you willintuitively know when the time is right to make things happen and bring successto whatever you undertake. Because you have come together you will accomplishmore than you ever dreamed of than by yourself. An extra added element of goodluck is apparent as well, especially in physical competition. Your relationshipis filled with optimism, growth and expansion and you will share together manyactivities related to each.


Mars SextileSaturn


Over time you willbe able to see your goals through to a very successful conclusion, but onlywith great patience and determination. You won't see your efforts fade away,for they will stand the test of time. There is a slight danger here, however,and that is that even though this is a stable aspect for you, there can be alack of happiness. Acting out of a sense of duty or responsibility may take thejoy out of your being together. Your relationship at times may resemble aprison without the bars and it may be very disciplined at times, but you canaccomplish quite a great deal in the meantime. Everything you do will have awell thought out, well planned, organized, conservative, work, work, work untilwe drop approach. Being responsible will be your goal in life and activitiesinvolving fun, adventure and exploring new and exciting things may be difficultfor you to accomplish.


Jupiter in 6thhouse:


Jupiter is theplanet of great and good fortune and when placed in the 6th house of work andservice to humanity, it signifies that as a couple you have a great deal tocontribute to others and should in some way, use this blessing to help or servehumanity. You will not feel that this is a burden placed on you by beingobligated, rather you will be willing, ready and able to serve. Do not make themistake of giving one partner more responsibility than the other as this willcause real problems down the road. If the one who feels the burden on them isunappreciated or that freedom of self-expression is gone, then they will moveforward and look in different areas for freedom of self-expression. Other thanthat, this position of Jupiter should bring an added strength to you both.


Saturn in 6thhouse:


The 6th house hasrulership over responsibilities, obligations, work and service. Saturn, thetaskmaster, ruler of karma, is at home here and you should be able to handleany difficulties and tasks that come up. In some cases the amount of work andobligations can be overwhelming, followed by an unwillingness to respond to itrather than joyously going with the flow. If you can't find a way to workthrough this, then the relationship may not make it in the long haul. The worstcase scenario is that this relationship feels more like prison and, at thatpoint, the best thing to do is to take a break from each other for as long asis necessary.


Saturn SextileUranus


For the two of youthis configuration supports a very nice, secure, stable and structuredenvironment in which you can both thrive. You can expect changes from time totime, but nothing that is going to rock the boat to the point of tipping itover. You will enjoy friends that are stable and some that are somewhat far outand you won't have any problem fitting in with either. You should be able topursue joint projects with unending fervor and bring them to a successfulconclusion. There is a nice blending of energies here that lends support forthe other, without infringing on the other's space. This is one indication of along, content and interesting life together.


Uranus in 8thhouse:


Uranus placed inthe 8th house is sure to transform your relationship in some very strange andunusual ways, especially in the areas of sex and resources like property,finances and joint possessions. Abrupt change and disruption may occur in theseareas, but it is not something to fear. In fact, the more you fight it, theworse the impact will be on you. Change brings growth, growth bringstransformation, and your relationship may need both to survive. Old attitudeswill pass away with new ones born in their place. On the other side of thecoin, you may view money, possessions and finances as a burden rather than anopportunity. Pay attention to your to your material affairs, learn to deal withyour financial responsibilities or find ways to lesson their effect on you.


Neptune in 2ndhouse:


Neptune is themaster of illusion and deception and when placed in the 2nd house it indicatesthat your value system together is likely to be confusing to say the least.This is an unfortunate place for Neptune when it comes to handling and managingmoney, as you may be totally unaware how to deal with your possessions. SinceNeptune also gives you the wonderful perception on where to find money in themost unusual places, this is the positive side of Neptune here. On the otherhand, you might be a couple who has no interest in material possessions at all.Neptune does not negate material things in general, but it does take away thosethings you are too attached to.


Pluto in 1sthouse:


Pluto in the 1sthouse signifies great transforming energy and through this energy one or bothof you will make changes in your lives. You must be careful of how you use this"power" or it may use you in fanatical or obsessive ways. When thisenergy gets out of control you might make people angry. They may then turnagainst you instead of supporting you. If used in positive ways, Pluto willserve to help you see yourselves at very base and fundamental levels, learningmore about yourselves than you ever thought possible. "Going with theflow" is the major theme of this placement in order to best use theseenergies.




Chapter4: MIDPOINTS - Additional Influences on Relationship Potential


Asc. OppositionSun/Mars   Orb:1 Deg 47 Min


    A Strained relationship;hot blooded exchanges; energy is increased and together your constitution will bestrong, needing a positive outlet; a sense of confidence will be seen when youare together.


Asc. OppositionSun/Uranus   Orb:0 Deg 25 Min


    Events can come your lifewith lightening speed when you are together; you will be high strung and moody;how you appear to others will become important; becoming more of your ownunique couple; developing a trademark or style; doing something completely outof the norm, just to be different.


Venus ConjunctSun/N. Node  Orb:1 Deg 01 Min


    Romantic associations arefavored; meetings and contacts with each other will be very warm and congenial;artistic endeavors thrive; meetings that take place in beautiful surroundings;feeling at home around business meetings for money.


MC OppositionSun/Asc.   Orb:1 Deg 27 Min


    A fortunate relationshipfor recognition to come for efforts in the workplace and through each other;parental control will be strong; more at ease with who you are together;appreciation that arrives for your work as a couple.


MC OppositionMoon/N. Node   Orb:1 Deg 16Min


    Relationships can be basedon one person's ego overpowering another's with emotional overtones;recognition from influential people; soul unions; beginnings of a soul union.


Sun OppositionMoon/MC   Orb:1 Deg 48 Min


    You are quite certain whereyou are going with your life through this relationship and your attitudetowards the world is positive; more of an understanding of your purpose inlife; a strong romantic partner who also has a caring and sensitive side.


Sun ConjunctMercury/Saturn  Orb:0 Deg 07 Min


    Self discipline can bringpositive results to your projects, the more time you spend together; you knowexactly what has to be done, so go and do it; the mind is sharp; seriouscommunications will take place between the two of you.


Pluto OppositionMercury/MC   Orb:1 Deg 29 Min


    Influencing and persuadingeach other of your viewpoint or taking command; great significance and change;employing hard work to make changes in your lives; an intense need forrecognition, and the way that you go about it together.


Mercury ConjunctVenus/N. Node  Orb:1 Deg 22 Min


    Your communication witheach other will be filled with creative exchanges and romantic overtones;presentations of ideas; quick minds that reveal the intentions and motives ofothers.


Pluto OppositionMars/Saturn   Orb:1 Deg 05 Min


    Whenever you are together,there will be a need to dominate or be dominated; together you will alsoexperience an abundance of anger to deal with; difficult situations.


MercuryOpposition Mars/Neptune  Orb:0 Deg 10 Min


    Difficulties in dealingwith each other; nerves; disorders due to overindulgence in alcohol, tobaccoand drugs, medications and self abuse; intuitive and psychic abilities.


Sun ConjunctJupiter/N. Node  Orb:0 Deg 10 Min


    Whenever you are together,you are confident in your approach and in your relationships with each other;ease in contacting each other; access to people who are very powerful andinfluential; joining clubs or associations.


Moon OppositionJupiter/MC   Orb:0 Deg 23 Min


    Receiving recognition forwork well done or other personal success can come through this relationship;satisfied and content about the work you are doing together.


Pluto OppositionSaturn/Uranus   Orb:0 Deg 17Min


    Together you will have avery untamed and rebellious nature; concealing changes in activities; an act ofviolence or brutality; overcoming difficult situations.


MercuryOpposition Uranus/Neptune  Orb:1 Deg 33 Min


    Curiosity is out ofcontrol, the very thing that may have drawn you together in the first place;metaphysical or intuitive inspiration; psychic abilities soar, but coming downto earth will be extremely difficult; your insights into the world around youare spectacular; meditation; inspiration brings new ideas.


Sun OppositionNeptune/MC   Orb:0 Deg 06 Min


    You have the ability tomake positive changes in life when you are together.


Venus OppositionPluto/MC   Orb:1 Deg 23 Min


    Impressing each other withyour "seductive" self; you feel and appear more attractive to eachother; fated attractions or love for someone who has social standing.




Chapter5: Other Issues in Your Relationship


Cancer on 2nd housecusp


     As a couple, Canceron the second house of money indicates that you are protective of yourfinancial assets and possessions. You won't be over extravagant with yourfinances, except perhaps when it involves matters of the home and family. Youwill be very intuitive and instinctive as to each others needs. You cannaturally make your money from some form of commerce, perhaps related to thepublic. Look to the house that contains the moon to find out more about wherethe source of your income can come from.


Leo on 3rd housecusp


     With Leo on the cuspof the third house of communication and learning, there is a creative flow toyour lives together. Together you have an added ability to present your ideasas your communication skills are heightened. You may enjoy telling stories toanyone who will listen, with a flair for exaggeration, just to make the storymore interesting, and humorous. Together you seem to know what to say, and whatnot to say, and.... when to say it. Unfortunately your ideas are fixed innature, so trying to get both of you to accept something new will be quitedifficult. Hurt feelings, whether it is family and friends or with each other,will be forgiven....., maybe! Look to the house where the Sun is located to seewhere your interests can be found.


Virgo on 4thhouse cusp


     With Virgo on thefourth house of the home, family, roots, real estate, property and security,the two of you will become fuss budgets, critical about everything, and riveeach other crazy, including your family. You will find every little thing andthen some to nag each other over no matter how meaningless it really is.Everything will have to be in its proper place here, sterilized to death.Perfectionism is the torch you carry, and everyone will run when they see youcoming. Working in the home is a key issue here, with your office immaculate,desk organized and waste paper basket emptied even if there is nothing in it.The home and its management will be intellectualized, computerized andoperating room clean. Can you be the people that covers your furniture inplastic to keep it clean? Look to the house where Mercury is located to seewhere your home security can be found.


Libra on 5thhouse cusp


    As a couple, you have Libraon the fifth house of Children, recreation, romance, creativity, artisticabilities, hobbies, writing books (creatively), speculation and investments.The two of you need a creative outlet to be ultimately happy. Constant supportand encouragement can have you soaring to new heights creatively. The companythat you keep or associate with will have to be more refined, where you canhave intellectual conversations, party together and even play sports together.Since this is such an artistic energy, any involvement in the arts, music orlove (although fickle) will be fortunate. Your children are sure to be spoiledto the maximum, and you will be sure to spoil each other as well. Together youwill have an increase in childlike qualities that should make for a veryendearing partnership. Look to the house where Venus is located to see whereyou might find your recreation and romance potential.


Scorpio on 6thhouse cusp


     The two of you haveScorpio on the cusp of the sixth house of Work, Work environment,responsibilities, health, work and service for others, relationships withemployees and co-workers, and your interest in physical fitness. The two of youare very serious, compulsive, passionate and obsessive about health, work anddiet. Work in fields that allow you to research, or dig for answers, science orpsychology. Health problems that develop are likely connected with being wornout through over-working your sensitive nervous system. Patience is not yourforte, and it will be difficult for both of you to get along in close quartersat work, and with co-workers especially when they don't do their share of thework. Look to the house where Mars/Pluto is located to see where you might findwork or service to others.


Sagittarius on7th house cusp


     Relationships,partnerships, marriage, people you have close associations with, cooperation orlack of, contracts, and legal matters are all part of the seventh house, andSagittarius is located here. Since Sagittarius is primarily a freedom lovingsign, there may not be a relationship here as Sagittarius hates to be tieddown. Should you marry, you will need a great deal of freedom and flexibilityto keep the relationship going. Look to the house that contains Sagittarius tosee how you will deal with partnerships.


Capricorn on 8thhouse cusp


    The eighth house deals withjoint resources. Possessions that are not earned directly by you, but obtainedthrough the relationship, wills, or pensions. It also has to do with moneybelonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance, and the stock market.The eighth house also relates to the mysteries of life and sex. Capricorn willhave an influence on the above matters in this relationship by adding a greatdeal of responsibility in financial matters without accumulating debt in theprocess. Even when faced with the responsibility of having to deal with otherpeoples money, you take great pride in doing so, honestly and above reproach.Look to see which house Saturn is located in, to see where your joint money canbe found.


Aquarius on 9thhouse cusp


    The ninth house is thehouse of long range goals and long distance travel. Religion, philosophy andhigher education are ninth house matters. With Aquarius ruling the ninth house,the two of you will be unusual and free thinkers, and your friends will morethan likely be involved in the above matters. Your thinking will be veryunorthodox, breaking free from conventional methods, and somehow be veryadvanced or new age. Look to the house where Uranus is located to see whereyour interests in higher aspirations can be found.


Aries on 11thhouse cusp


     The eleventh househas domain over achievement of goals and objectives, and hopes and wishes.Humanitarian efforts, clubs, groups, associations, sharing ideals are alsoassociated with the eleventh house. People that support your efforts, friendsand connections to the outside world can be found in this house. With Arieslocated in the eleventh house, the focus of this relationship turns toattracting friends that may or may not be long lasting, keeping your emotionaldistances. Social endeavors are your strength, and friends can help you reachyour goals together. Look to the house where Mars is located to see where youmight find your friends, associations and group involvements and interests.


Taurus on 12thhouse cusp


     The twelfth houserules the subconscious mind, problems arising from unseen causes, andlimitations in our lives. This house has rulership over behind the scenesactivities, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, problems to overcome, theside of ourselves away from public view, where the soul can step back and takea look at the world around us. The twelfth house also has rulership overprisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove you from society.Taurus energy on the twelfth house for you both indicates that you worry aboutfinancial matters that make you feel insecure, filling your lives withsubconscious fears. Look to the house where Venus is located to find that areain which you retire from public view.