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The Cosmo Compatibility Report for


Michael Douglas




Catherine Zeta-Jones






Data for Michael Douglas:          Data for Catherine Zeta-Jones:

September 25, 1944                 September 25, 1969

10:30 AM                           2:40 PM

New Brunswick, New Jersey          Swansea, Wales

40 N 29 10  74 W 27 08             51 N 38     3 W 57  

War Time observed                  Standard time observed

Time Zone: 5 hours West            Time Zone: 1 hours East


Sun      2 deg 23 min Libra        Sun      2 deg 18 min Libra

Moon     3 deg 36 min Capricorn    Moon    28 deg 41 min Pisces

Mercury 14 deg 59 min Virgo        Mercury 10 deg 13 min Libra

Venus   26 deg 44 min Libra        Venus    2 deg 57 min Virgo

Mars    18 deg 00 min Libra        Mars     2 deg 40 min Capricorn

Jupiter 13 deg 10 min Virgo        Jupiter 13 deg 19 min Libra

Saturn  10 deg 05 min Cancer       Saturn   7 deg 54 min Taurus

Uranus  13 deg 07 min Gemini       Uranus   4 deg 16 min Libra

Neptune  3 deg 56 min Libra        Neptune 26 deg 34 min Scorpio

Pluto    9 deg 47 min Leo          Pluto   25 deg 13 min Virgo









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Michael's Sun in Libra and Catherine's Sun in Libra:


     Both of you invest enormous energy and time into personal relationships, and you feel incomplete without friendship, companionship, conversation, and affection. For both of you, an experience isn't really satisfying unless it is SHARED.


     You both possess tact, diplomacy, charm, and a strong desire for harmonious relationships. Furthermore, you both tend to want to please everyone all of the time, to be liked by everyone, and therefore you often avoid taking strong, decisive stands or directly confronting thorny interpersonal problems. You want things to be nice, pretty, and pleasant. You are apt to adapt your own preferences or change your position to suit others.


     Both of you also have a highly developed sense of fairness, balance, and proportion. Aesthetics, beauty, refinement, and a pleasing appearance or presentation is important to both of you. You are likely to get along splendidly.


Michael's Moon in Capricorn and Catherine's Moon in Pisces:


     Your temperaments, moods, and emotional responses are very different.


    Catherine is very, very sensitive and responds emotionally and sympathetically to people while Michael is emotionally detached and often distant or inaccessible. Catherine tends to be a bleeding heart, while Michael tends to be somewhat suspicious or hard toward people who are in unfortunate circumstances - Michael doesn't want to get involved unless they are friends. Michael also ignores or downplays emotions in general, and has a rather serious, sober, no-nonsense attitude towards life. Catherine is a bit of a dreamer or drifter and is far less practical, organized, efficient, and ambitious about material matters than Michael is.


Michael's Sun Conjunct Catherine's Sun:


     You strongly identify with each other and are very much alike in important ways. It is easy for you to be together because you do not have to explain yourselves to one another. An innate appreciation and understanding of one another's essence exists between you, and this is vitalizing and ego-affirming for both of you. However, you share the same flaws and weaknesses as well as the positive qualities, and you may find it difficult to be with someone who so clearly exhibits the very things you like least about yourself. The more you accept yourself, the more beneficial and delightful your relationship with one another is.


Michael's Sun Conjunct Catherine's Uranus:


     You inspire each other to try new things, experiment, and investigate alternatives. You may have met each other, for example, during a time period when both of you were breaking free from traditional values and exploring new possibilities. This is a good relationship for shared creative, innovative activities. You inspire each other, and have good times together, but you also find that commitments or contracts with each other are difficult to adhere to over time. This relationship works well as long as you don't make too many demands on each other.


Catherine's Sun Conjunct Michael's Neptune:


     You trigger one another's imagination and idealism. When it comes to practical matters and tangible, practical accomplishments, the two of you fail to coordinate effectively. Many times you fail to really understand each other, and it takes a long time for you to overcome superficial, stereotyped perceptions of each other.


Michael's Sun Opposition Catherine's Moon:


     Over time the two of you will become best friends or worst enemies - with no in between! There is a strong bond between you and you really understand and appreciate each other, but if a conflict or radically different viewpoints and ideals should ever arise in your relationship, you just as quickly become adversaries, embracing diametrically opposite attitudes and ideas.


Michael's Sun Square Catherine's Mars:


     This is a dynamic, energetic relationship, but unfortunately also a rather aggressive and combative one at times. As long as you don't end up fighting and competing with each other, you can accomplish a great deal together. However, the aggressiveness of this relationship is prone to foster anger and hurt feelings -so be careful not to incite hostility in each other.


Catherine's Sun Square Michael's Moon:


     The distinct differences in your temperaments inclines you to periods of personality clashes and misunderstandings. In particular, Michael often feels that Catherine does not sympathize enough or try to really understand Michael's feelings. Both of you will have to understand and respect your differences, and make a concerted effort to harmonize your very different temperaments.


Michael's Moon Conjunct Catherine's Mars:


     There is a dynamic, almost aggressive quality to your relationship. A good outlet for this energy is competitive sports and outdoor activities. You enjoy challenging each other and competing against one another. You also have the ability to accomplish a great deal together and make a dynamic working partnership - as long as you can refrain from arguing with each other.


Michael's Moon Square Catherine's Uranus:


     The two of you can be eccentric and zany together.  You snap each other out of your usual habits and you act spontaneously and creatively.  Many times it is difficult for the two of you to focus on practical, mundane affairs together - you would rather spend your time together doing something more exciting and original.  This relationship follows an unpredictable course and you are likely to come together and then drift apart frequently and unexpectedly.


Michael's Moon Trine Catherine's Venus:


     There is much warmth and kindness in this relationship. Both of you find it easy to express kindness openly towards each other, and the emotional rapport is excellent. This friendhip is likely to be a lasting, harmonious one.


Catherine's Mercury Square Michael's Saturn:


     Michael is often critical and coldly analytical of Catherine's ideas, and Catherine is likely to feel belittled by Michael. If both of you are able to offer criticisms and comments with a helpful, positive attitude, then this astrological influence need not be overwhelming, but the tendency to feel blocked and frustrated in your communications is very strong. You must make sincere efforts to listen receptively and sympathetically!


Catherine's Mercury Trine Michael's Uranus:


     Your conversations are spirited and often exhilarating. You spark each other to view situations in a new light and you inspire creative, original, inventive ideas. This relationship inspires creativity and originality, and a fresh perspective towards any problem or situation.


Catherine's Mercury Sextile Michael's Pluto:


     Your conversations are deep and probing. You understand each other at a very deep level, and you may find yourselves revealing things about yourself that you have not mentioned to anyone else. You also make a good research team or investigators.


Michael's Mars Conjunct Catherine's Jupiter:


     You spark each other's ambitions and enterprising spirit, and you enjoy planning and designing ventures. You are able to jointly follow through to successful completion of your goals. Catherine gives Michael confidence and encouragement to charge ahead, while Michael stimulates Catherine to act decisively to actualize Catherine's dreams. You are likely to undertake several joint ventures as well as other individual efforts that are greatly assisted by your friend. Occasionally you take foolhardy risks and are overly zealous and unrealistic in your hopes, but your dynamic blending of energies can also result in outstanding accomplishments as well.


Catherine's Mars Square Michael's Neptune:


     It is very difficult for the two of you to jointly accomplish practical, mundane tasks. You draw out the silly, childish, imaginative side of each other, and you often will simply not be able to clearly focus on practical tasks. If either of you has a drinking, drug, or psychological problem, it is likely that your relationship will highlight this problem. Be wary of the tendency of both of you to over-indulge in these kinds of bad habits.