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Relationship Forecast for


Catherine Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglas


February 18, 2002 - March 18, 2002



151 First Ave #109, New York, NY 10003

     The following astrological interpretations are based on the assumption that the two people involved have a close ongoing relationship. As long as the people involved are a couple, transits to the composite chart will be an influence. The closer the bond, the more the influences will be felt and perceived. Thus the interpretations will make the most sense if this is the primary relationship for both people.


Tropical/Placidus   Composite (Asc Midpoint) Chart 1: Catherine Zeta-Jones  NATAL CHART    Chart 2: Michael Douglas NATAL CHARTCalculated for time zone 0 hours

Natal positions:

Sun= 2LI21   Moon=16AQ08   Merc=27VI36    Ven=29VI51   Mars=25SC20

Jup=28VI14    Sat= 8GE59    Ura= 8LE42    Nep= 0SC15    Plu= 2VI30

Asc= 4SA07     MC=26VI08



Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC

Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu

            ASPECT          ORB                 ASPECT          ORB

Conj  (  0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sqr   ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Qucnx (150 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Feb 11, 2002         (Jan 16, 2002 to Mar 12, 2002)Nep Trine Sat


     The two of you take turns being the voice of the realist and the voice of the idealist or the dreamer. You help one another blend practical, earthy realities with spiritual truth or inspiration. You thus can bring wisdom into one another's lives. This will be a subtle tone, if not a dominant feature of this time period.



Feb 17, 2002     2 AM(Feb 16, 2002 to Feb 18, 2002)Sun Qucnx Jup


  The two of you experience some minor inconveniences or injustices. At worst, you could have a run-in with the law over something you overlooked or were lazy about doing. This time may pass with no perceivable effects, however, as long as you do not get sloppy. There is also a tendency to take one another and the good of your relationship for granted right now.



Feb 17, 2002     7 AM(Feb 15, 2002 to Feb 18, 2002)Merc Trine Sun


     Communication flows freely. You both feel open about expressing your ideas and are willing to hear the other's as well. If you are not physically together, you will want to be calling or visiting one another even more than usual.



Feb 17, 2002    12 PM(Feb 16, 2002 to Feb 18, 2002)Merc Qucnx Plu


     What begins as an innocent discussion, may bring some painful topic to the surface. Avoid the tendency to try to subtly coerce one another into believing, seeing, or understanding things as the other does. While no overt argument may occur, below-the-surface tension can create an uneasy feeling.



Feb 18, 2002     4 PM(Feb 17, 2002 to Feb 19, 2002)Sun Qucnx Ven


  The personal goals, ambitions, or desires of one or both of you interferes with your relationship at present. One or the other is apt to be neglected or put aside. Or you may simply be out of sync with each other. As long as this is not a repeated theme in your relationship, just let it pass.



Feb 19, 2002    12 AM(Feb 18, 2002 to Feb 19, 2002)Ven Qucnx Ura


     Expect minor disruptions, a sudden change of heart about something you both wanted previously, an overture that comes at the wrong time. Though relatively trivial, these things can make for some unsettled moments between you.



Feb 19, 2002     2 AM(Feb 18, 2002 to Feb 20, 2002)Sun Trine Nep


  You are very open and physically sensitive to one another at the moment, and can experience unusual extrasensory perception, or telepathy with one another. You are in a dreamy, imaginative space together. Perhaps you can take a long walk on the beach and tell one another your dreams.



Feb 19, 2002     6 AM(Feb 18, 2002 to Feb 20, 2002)  Ven Sqr Sat


     You may be having some serious reservations about this relationship right now, perhaps because you are focusing on the lacks, flaws and least pleasing aspects of one another. Your mutual fears, insecurities and barriers to love and intimacy are up right now. Although unpleasant, it would be wise to take responsibility for your unhappiness rather than conveniently blaming the other. Temporarily pulling back and having some solitude may not be a bad idea.



Feb 19, 2002    10 AM(Feb 18, 2002 to Feb 20, 2002)Merc Sxtil Asc


     Even if the two of you want to be alone together now, you probably will not be. For some reason, the two of you evoke others' curiosity or friendly interest. This is a good time for a round table discussion, a block party, or some other group event you attend as a couple.



Feb 21, 2002     4 AM(Feb 20, 2002 to Feb 22, 2002)Sun Qucnx Sun


  A subtle sense of tension, interference, or a feeling of being at odds with one another without anything in particular to pin that feeling on pervades your relationship now. Circumstances may also seem to conspire to prevent you from being together or doing what you wish to be doing with one another. Pay attention to any problems that arise between you now. You probably will not be able to directly work on them or resolve them at this point, regardless of your good intentions, but if you submerge or ignore them they will resurface in full force in about three months.



Feb 21, 2002     8 AM(Feb 20, 2002 to Feb 22, 2002)Sun Oppos Plu


  There is a definite element of unavoidable fate or of having to finally deal with something the two of you may have ignored up until now. On a practical level, material objects or machinery may break down, need repair, or have to be thrown out. Psychologically, "stuff" that has not been dealt with between you emerges in some manner. There may be an intense encounter between the two of you, or between the both of you and someone or something in your environment.



Feb 22, 2002         (Feb 5, 2002 to Mar 12, 2002)  Ura Sqr Mars


     These are not peaceful or serene times. You tend to inflame, agitate, excite, and challenge one another. When you are together, the two of you will be more daring and possibly more reckless than you normally would be. If you are both timid or conservative, this can be a good thing. You will be asserting yourselves in new ways and doing new things together. But if either of you has a hot temper, during this period it is apt to be almost uncontrollable. Erratic outbursts and anger can make this a most difficult or chaotic time.



Feb 22, 2002    10 PM(Feb 21, 2002 to Feb 23, 2002)  Sun Sqr Asc


  Some minor friction is likely now; one or the other of you could be inadvertently selfish or hold on to an ego position. As long as this is not a persistent pattern, not much harm is likely to be done.



Feb 23, 2002     2 AM(Feb 21, 2002 to Feb 24, 2002)Mars Qucnx Mars


     Hurrying, pushing, or trying to force things spells trouble! Anger that is just below the surface but which has no place to be released can make this a very trying time as well. Take it easy on one another.



Feb 23, 2002    11 PM(Feb 23, 2002 to Feb 24, 2002)Merc Oppos Ura


     There is a kind of electric, high-speed, erratic energy in the atmosphere between you. You may suddenly know what the other person is about to say - and interject something before they have a chance to say it. Avoid interrupting one another or jumping to conclusions too quickly.



Feb 24, 2002     4 AM(Feb 22, 2002 to Feb 25, 2002)Mars Qucnx MC


     You are not as prone to disagree about what you both want as how to go about achieving it or doing it. Avoid pushing your own agenda without considering your partner's reservations. Premature or one-sided decisions will have to be redone.



Feb 24, 2002     6 AM(Feb 23, 2002 to Feb 25, 2002)Merc Trine Sat


     Topics under discussion now: money, investments, material security, practical realities and limitations and how they figure in to mutual wishes and desires. If your relationship is fairly new, keep your eyes and ears open to discover how the other person deals with or avoids adult responsibility.



Feb 26, 2002     6 AM(Feb 24, 2002 to Feb 27, 2002)Mars Qucnx Merc


     Irritability can lead to ill-considered words, which provoke a fight. Today can be a real headache if you do not make an effort to be considerate and tactful.



Feb 27, 2002     4 AM(Feb 25, 2002 to Feb 28, 2002)Mars Qucnx Jup


     If the two of you are together now, avoid speeding or breaking the law even in a trivial way, as you could have a run-in with the authorities. Your timing is a bit off, too, so minor accidents are possible too. With careful attention, all of this can be avoided.



Feb 27, 2002    12 PM(Feb 26, 2002 to Feb 28, 2002)Sun Qucnx Ura


  Right now expect minor upsets, an unavoidable change for "something different" which only one of you is interested in. All of this may be rather subtle, but tension-producing nonetheless. Laughter is good medicine in times like these.



Feb 27, 2002     7 PM(Feb 26, 2002 to Feb 28, 2002)  Sun Sqr Sat


  This is a time when the demands, needs, or desires of one of you can feel restrictive or like too much of a sacrifice of personal time and energy to the other. A withdrawal, temporary separation, or reordering of priorities is likely. Beware of becoming paternalistic, burdening one another, or having expectations of one another that are not mutually agreed upon.



Mar 1, 2002     10 AM(Feb 27, 2002 to Mar 2, 2002)Mars Qucnx Ven


     There may be some tension over what each of you wants and is willing to give, and unless you are conscious of what is happening, you may feel drained at the end of the day without knowing why. Be as direct as possible about what you want without being demanding, accusing or pulling too much on your partner's energy.



Mar 1, 2002     11 PM(Feb 28, 2002 to Mar 3, 2002)Mars Oppos Nep


     At this time, any spiritual aspirations, ideals, or hopes that you share, as well as your imaginations and fantasy lives, are activated by being together. Positively this can mean you will want to DO something together to embody, physically express, or actualize what you usually only dream or think wishfully about. But it can also engender a strange atmosphere in which you are vaguely dissatisfied with life or with one another, but are not clear just what you want, either. Try to be clear, direct, and honest. Avoid smoke screens and half truths.



Mar 2, 2002      4 AM(Mar 1, 2002 to Mar 3, 2002) Merc Conj Moon


     Go for a walk in the moonlight! This is a time for intimate confidences and sharing your personal stories with one another. A flow of mutual understanding, sympathetic interest, trust, and support can make this a special time.



Mar 4, 2002      8 AM(Mar 3, 2002 to Mar 5, 2002) Ven Trine Mars


     Currents of warmth and magnetic attraction are flowing between you, and you respond lovingly and passionately to one another. Creativity is inspired, too, and you can make something or design something beautiful together. This is a wonderful time just to enjoy one another's presence.



Mar 4, 2002     11 PM(Mar 3, 2002 to Mar 6, 2002) Mars Qucnx Sun


     Your individual agendas and desires are pulling you in different directions for the moment. it would be best to let each other go off alone; if you are together you are apt to irritate or get in each other's way.



Mar 4, 2002     11 PM(Mar 4, 2002 to Mar 5, 2002)   Ven Oppos MC


     Spending quiet time at home together will be full of sweet and fulfilling moments. If you share a living space, take time to create a romantic atmosphere. You may also wish to make your home more comfortable, beautiful, harmonious and appealing.



Mar 5, 2002      4 AM(Mar 3, 2002 to Mar 6, 2002) Mars Trine Plu


     There is an intensity and fervor to whatever you do together now. You can have a profound sexual or creative experience, depending on how you decide to direct your energies as a couple. This is also a good time to eliminate or rid yourselves of something you no longer want.



Mar 6, 2002      3 AM(Mar 5, 2002 to Mar 7, 2002) Ven Oppos Merc


     The two of you receive some pleasant news, enjoy something funny or uplifting, and find more to agree upon than to disagree about. This is a favorable time to sort out any misunderstandings between the two of you also. A tone of reasonableness, cooperation and receptivity to the other's point of view prevails.



Mar 6, 2002      4 PM(Mar 5, 2002 to Mar 7, 2002)  Ven Oppos Jup


     Good humor and a desire for fun prevails. Whatever you do together now, you will have a grand time doing it. You are inclined to live it up, enjoy the moment, and not consider consequences too much. Even so, you two are quite "lucky" together now.



Mar 6, 2002          (Dec 26, 2001 to Mar 22, 2002)Sat Sxtil Ura


     During this period you can help one another actualize some of your creative impulses. There is also a good balance in your relationship between excitement and stability, or maintaining the status quo and creative experimentation.



Mar 7, 2002     11 AM(Mar 6, 2002 to Mar 8, 2002) Mars Qucnx Asc


     Together you are somewhat accident-prone right now, especially when speeding, rushing, or being irritable. No direct outlet for your tensions may exist; avoid blaming one another. Being indirect about what you want can contribute to tensions between the two of you.



Mar 7, 2002     11 PM(Mar 7, 2002 to Mar 8, 2002)  Ven Oppos Ven


     This is a very loving time, and can be tremendously heart opening and romantic. At the least, you will be cooperating well because your mutual desire for harmony and unity is so strong right now. You are also inclined to be somewhat frivolous, doing something just because it is beautiful, or feels wonderful, or you want to. The spirit of Eros permeates the atmosphere between you.



Mar 8, 2002      6 AM(Mar 7, 2002 to Mar 9, 2002)  Ven Qucnx Nep


     A vague feeling of dissatisfaction or confusion arises now. One of you feels you are sacrificing too much, or you just don't know where the other person is coming from. Check out your concerns and perceptions with one another because something you may be imagining about your partner is likely to be not quite true.



Mar 8, 2002          (Feb 19, 2002 to Mar 28, 2002) Ura Qucnx MC


     There may be tension or discord over careers, professional goals, or your overall aims and aspirations for your lives. An upset at the workplace of one of you could have ramifications in your relationship during this period.



Mar 8, 2002      8 PM(Mar 8, 2002 to Mar 9, 2002)  Merc Sqr Mars


     Nerves are edgy and tempers flare. You may feel inordinately irritated by the opinions and ideas expressed by your partner. What seems atrocious now, however, may well seem not worth fighting about later.


     A hot game of tennis or some other one-on-one sport would be fine, as long as you leave the game behind when it is over. Apologize immediately for any rudeness toward one another.



Mar 9, 2002      9 AM(Mar 8, 2002 to Mar 10, 2002) Merc Qucnx MC


     You may notice that there is altogether too much thinking going on now. Trying to second guess one another or figure things out, the two of you may be just spinning your wheels. Be discreet now, as there is a tendency to say too much or tell something to the wrong person, which can adversely affect the two of you as a couple.



Mar 9, 2002     11 PM(Mar 9, 2002 to Mar 10, 2002) Ven Oppos Sun


     Openheartedness and affection permeate this time period, and a strong mutual attraction brings you together. Dress up!



Mar 10, 2002     2 AM(Mar 9, 2002 to Mar 11, 2002) Ven Qucnx Plu


     Issues of power and control arise between you. Any unspoken "bargains" you have made with each other which disempowers one or both of you in order to please the other, may be up for change. Unreasonable fears of loss, or jealousy could also emerge.



Mar 10, 2002     9 AM(Mar 9, 2002 to Mar 11, 2002)Merc Qucnx Merc


     Communication is a little awkward or tense, even if you usually understand one another perfectly. Be forgiving of one another's social faux pas now.



Mar 10, 2002     7 PM(Mar 10, 2002 to Mar 11, 2002)Merc Qucnx Jup


     The two of you do not have very good judgment right now, especially in money matters. This is not a good time to make a joint purchase; avoid gambling, too!



Mar 11, 2002     9 AM(Mar 10, 2002 to Mar 12, 2002)Ven Trine Asc


     Harmony, ease, and a desire to cooperate set the tone. You put one another in an agreeable and affectionate mood, and anything you do together works out well.



Mar 11, 2002     9 PM(Mar 11, 2002 to Mar 12, 2002)Merc Qucnx Ven


     Do not allow a minor indiscretion or a few awkward moments mar your time together. Unless it is a persistent pattern, you may want to smile and look the other way if one of you behaves foolishly or says something socially inappropriate.



Mar 12, 2002     3 AM(Mar 11, 2002 to Mar 13, 2002)Merc Trine Nep


     A shared flight of imagination brings pleasure: you could write a song together, discuss your latest psychic experiences, visit a tarot card reader, plan an exotic vacation, talk about your dreams. Spiritual topics or otherworldly tales fascinate you now. You may want to see a film that interests the idealistic, believing, hopeful sides of you.



Mar 12, 2002         (Dec 22, 2001 to Mar 26, 2002) Sat Conj Sat


     This is a testing and/or deepening time for the two of you as a couple. Anything in your relationship which you have tolerated but were not especially happy with may now seem unbearable. Some real nitty-gritty work may need to be done, and perhaps substantial changes made. There is an emphasis on responsibility and on the level and quality of your commitment to one another. Even if this is a relatively new relationship, you may find yourself getting serious, or thinking in terms of permanence and how well this person does or does not fit in with your long-range goals for your life. During this period, you may become even more sure that you belong together - or that, in the long run, it probably would not work out.



Mar 13, 2002    12 PM(Mar 12, 2002 to Mar 14, 2002)Merc Qucnx Sun


     Having to deal with last-minute details or mechanical problems, or red tape may interfere with your plans. Also communication between you is a little tense and one of you may say something that strikes a discordant note. Step back, breathe deeply, and keep a sense of humor.



Mar 13, 2002     3 PM(Mar 12, 2002 to Mar 14, 2002)Merc Oppos Plu


     Your communication with one another is intense and penetrates right to the heart of matters. One of you may confront the other with something which was previously swept under the rug, or you may unintentionally bring up a topic that reopens an old wound for the other person.


     Passionate opinions and convictions are expressed; beware of running over each other's right to hold a different point of view. If you go overboard in defending some position, try to make amends quickly.



Mar 13, 2002    11 PM(Mar 12, 2002 to Mar 15, 2002) Mars Sqr Ura


     A spirit of recklessness, wild adventurousness, even dare-devilishness comes over the two of you. One or both of you experiences a sudden impulse to do something totally different or to make some radical change. Give each other plenty of space and breathing room right now. You will operate best in an atmosphere of total freedom at the moment.



Mar 14, 2002     3 PM(Mar 14, 2002 to Mar 15, 2002) Merc Sqr Asc


     Discussions or negotiations between you encounter a bit of friction. Beware of the tendency to overanalyze, over intellectualize, or over scrutinize one another or your situation.


     Take a deep breath or two before you speak (to one another, or on behalf of one another) as you are apt to say more than you need to.



Mar 15, 2002     1 AM(Mar 14, 2002 to Mar 16, 2002)Ven Trine Ura


     Spontaneous playfulness, singing, dancing, or lovemaking adds zest to your time together. Music and movement open you up. Your rhythms are in harmony.



Mar 15, 2002     7 AM(Mar 14, 2002 to Mar 16, 2002)Ven Sxtil Sat


     You get an opportunity to show loyalty, dependability, and that you want to be there for one another in foul weather as well as fair. It may seem like not much is happening, a humdrum kind of time. Can you enjoy each other even when there are no fireworks?



Mar 16, 2002     3 AM(Mar 15, 2002 to Mar 17, 2002)Sun Trine Mars


  You energize and invigorate one another, and you are a "dynamic duo" right now. Confidence and a positive spirit runs high in one another's presence. Joint work projects are favored, as is any vigorous play.



Mar 16, 2002    10 PM(Mar 15, 2002 to Mar 17, 2002) Sun Oppos MC


  The focus is on your roots, foundations, origins, heritage, domesticity, sharing your inner lives and private worlds with one another. This can be a very intimate time. If you live together, home improvements or creating something special in your living space is emphasized.



Mar 17, 2002    12 PM(Mar 16, 2002 to Mar 18, 2002)Merc Qucnx Ura


     If you spend time together now, expect some moments of tension or nerve-wracking little "surprises". Flexibility, tolerance, and a sense of humor is the best medicine right now.



Mar 17, 2002     4 PM(Mar 17, 2002 to Mar 18, 2002) Merc Sqr Sat


     This can be a frustrating and very unsatisfying time, as far as communicating with one another goes. You can totally misread or misunderstand one another. You may be disinterested threatened, or resistant to what the other person is saying, or dislike how they are saying it.


     Positively, you could work to solve some difficult problem or engage in some tedious but necessary task together.



Mar 18, 2002     9 AM(Mar 17, 2002 to Mar 19, 2002)Sun Oppos Merc


  Whatever you have going on together today, the pace will be lively. Discussions and negotiations are featured, and this is a fine time for the two of you to make plans or decisions together. You are thinking clearly and will help one another to make sound judgments.



Apr 7, 2002          (Mar 17, 2002 to May 9, 2002)Ura Qucnx Merc


     Intellectual disagreements can upset the peace. You may have to be willing to "agree to disagree" at this time. Do not force your ideas or methods on the other person. Just because you think they are more advanced does not mean they are helpful, especially now.