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Relationship Forecast for


Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston


February 18, 2002 - May 18, 2002



151 First Ave #109, New York, NY 10003

     The followingastrological interpretations are based on the assumption that the two peopleinvolved have a close ongoing relationship. As long as the people involved area couple, transits to the composite chart will be an influence. The closer thebond, the more the influences will be felt and perceived. Thus theinterpretations will make the most sense if this is the primary relationshipfor both people.


Tropical/Placidus   Composite (Asc Midpoint) Chart 1:Brad Pitt  NATAL CHART    Chart 2: Jennifer Aniston  NATAL CHARTCalculated for time zone 8hours


Sun=24CP44   Moon= 9CP27   Merc=23CP24    Ven= 1PI29   Mars=17SA01

Jup=7CN33    Sat=20PI09    Ura=21VI46    Nep=22SC43    Plu=19VI23



Natal:Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu

Transiting:Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu

           ASPECT          ORB                ASPECT          ORB

Conj  ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sqr   ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 minTrine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sxtil( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Qucnx (150 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Feb1, 2002          (Dec 31,2001 to June 16, 2002)Plu Conj Mars


     Both passion andcompetitiveness are greatly intensified between you during this period, andthese very hot energies can burn or even consume the two of you. Anger whichhas been suppressed may erupt in a destructive way, especially if one of youtries to win or be "right" at the other's expense. On the other hand,if you join forces you can be incredibly productive; you are a formidable teamright now. What you need is an outlet for expressing these strong energies.Physical activities, especially if shared, can be very satisfying now even ifyou do not consider yourselves the athletic or physical types.



Feb17, 2002     6PM(Feb 16, 2002 to Feb 19, 2002)Mars Qucnx Ura


     Take it easy.Accidents can occur due to rashness, pushing, hurrying one another. Don't takeany chances now.



Feb17, 2002     6PM(Feb 16, 2002 to Feb 18, 2002)Ven Trine Jup


      Let the goodtimes roll! The two of you put one another -and those around you as well -intoan upbeat, exuberant, expansive frame of mind. All you really want to do whenyou are together now is to play or relax. Festive events and social gatheringsare favored; work or serious matters are put on the back burner.



Feb19, 2002     2AM(Feb 17, 2002 to Feb 20, 2002)Mars Qucnx Nep


     Being together rightnow can make both of you more unfocused and scattered. You put one another in apeculiar mood, although this is so subtle you may barely notice it.Nevertheless, any sort of intoxicant that further decreases your ability todeal with reality should be avoided if you are together.



Feb19, 2002     7AM(Feb 18, 2002 to Feb 20, 2002)Ven Sxtil Moon


     It is family time,and being with young ones is favored. You may want to "adopt" others'youngsters for the day if you do not have any of your own. Or you may want tospend some time with a beloved pet. Visits with relatives go very smoothlyalso.



Feb20, 2002    12 AM(Feb 18,2002 to Feb 20, 2002)Sun Conj Ven


  The affection and attraction you feelfor one another is very strong now. You see the beauty in one another'spresence. If you spend time together, do not expect to get much work done. Thisis a time for love, pleasure, romance, or relaxation as a couple. You can makethis one of those "very special occasions". If your relationship isrocky at present, this can be a time of peaceably reconciling matters, or atleast a truce.



Feb20, 2002    12 AM(Feb 18, 2002 to Feb 21,2002)MarsSqr Merc


     Arguments anddisputes break out rather quickly now. You may feel you must either bite yourtongue or lash out verbally. Be careful, though, because sharp words now couldleave scars.



Feb21, 2002     9PM(Feb 20, 2002 to Feb 23, 2002) Mars Sqr Sun


     Impatience,irritability and anger flare up between you quite readily now. If one of youmakes the other wait or insists upon doing something the other really does notwant to do, expect trouble. Even if you usually go along just to please yourpartner, now, you will protest. If your relationship is tempestuous even in thebest of times, you could battle ferociously now.



Feb22, 2002     2PM(Feb 21, 2002 to Feb 23, 2002)Merc Qucnx Jup


     The two of you do nothave very good judgment right now, especially in money matters. This is not agood time to make a joint purchase; avoid gambling, too!



Feb25, 2002     8AM(Feb 24, 2002 to Feb 26, 2002) Ven Sqr Mars


     Tensions in thesexual aspect of your relationship - perhaps due to differing interests,desires, preferences, or love styles - can cause some friction now. Most likelyone of you is more ready than the other. Trying to balance the satisfaction ofyour own desires versus pleasing your partner is at issue here.



Feb26, 2002    12 AM(Feb 25,2002 to Feb 27, 2002)SunTrine Jup


  This is a very positive time betweenthe two of you. Shared optimism, enthusiasm, and an overall sense of well-beingpermeate your relationship. You are apt to be extraordinarily lucky togetherright now.


  Adventures, important and beneficialencounters, and serendipitous events are very likely. It is also a good time toexpand and invest in your relationship - for example, make a major purchasetogether.



Feb27, 2002     5AM(Feb 26, 2002 to Feb 28, 2002)Ven Oppos Plu


     Dynamics in yourrelationship that have been operating beneath the surface begin to emerge.Hidden desires and unspoken sexual longings, past hurts or unmet needs, or anydestructive ways of being with each other may be revealed. Feelings areintensified and brought to the surface.



Feb27, 2002     8PM(Feb 27, 2002 to Feb 28, 2002) Ven Conj Sat


     A sobering ordisheartening incident may make you reassess this relationship or question itsvalue and long term viability. You may be feeling distant, be temporarilyseparated, or feel inhibited about reaching out and asking for what you want.Fortunately this should not last long.



Feb27, 2002    10 PM(Feb 26,2002 to Feb 28, 2002)SunSxtil Moon


  This is a good time for the two of youto join friends or relatives in their homes, or to invite others to yours. Youare in sync with one another and cooperate easily without a lot needing to besaid. If children are a part of your life, they will bring something valuableinto the scene.



Mar1, 2002      3AM(Feb 28, 2002 to Mar 2, 2002) Ven Oppos Ura


     Impulsiveness, a needfor sexual freedom, and a new awakening to love are themes now. If things havebecome dull and routine between you this will be a time for that to change. Oneor both of you wants to shake things up.



Mar1, 2002      9PM(Mar 1, 2002 to Mar 2, 2002) Ven Trine Nep


     This is a time ofromantic imaginings and of escaping from the ordinary and prosaic. You may wantto visit a beautiful church or an art gallery or some inspiring place in naturetogether. Make sweet harmonies together, gaze at the stars, open your hearts.



Mar2, 2002     10AM(Mar 1, 2002 to Mar 3, 2002) Ven Sxtil Merc


     You are in alighthearted social mood together. Meeting with friends, or perhaps going outto the theater or anywhere you can contract pleasantly with other people isfavored. Overall, the energy between you is agreeable, friendly and goodhumored.



Mar2, 2002     12PM(Mar 1, 2002 to Mar 3, 2002)Merc Sxtil Mars


     This is a good timeto plan a joint work project, or to do something together that requires bothbrain and muscle. You are an effective team right now.



Mar3, 2002     10AM(Mar 1, 2002 to Mar 4, 2002) Mars Sxtil Ven


     Social gatherings andparties will be delightful if you two go as a couple. You feel good, warm,rather flirtatious together. Any shared artistic or creative projects arefavored at this time as well.



Mar3, 2002     12PM(Mar 2, 2002 to Mar 4, 2002) Ven Sxtil Sun


     You are feelingsociable and festive together now. Spend time with people you enjoy or attend acultural event together. In general, you are getting along beautifully now.



Mar4, 2002      7AM(Mar 3, 2002 to Mar 5, 2002) Merc Qucnx Plu


     What begins as aninnocent discussion, may bring some painful topic to the surface. Avoid thetendency to try to subtly coerce one another into believing, seeing, orunderstanding things as the other does. While no overt argument may occur,below-the-surface tension can create an uneasy feeling.



Mar6, 2002     12AM(Mar 5, 2002 to Mar 7, 2002) Merc Qucnx Ura


     If you spend timetogether now, expect some moments of tension or nerve-wracking little"surprises". Flexibility, tolerance, and a sense of humor is the bestmedicine right now.



Mar6, 2002      4PM(Mar 5, 2002 to Mar 7, 2002)  Merc Sqr Nep


     Talking to oneanother now is apt to be confusing, bewildering, or just plain strange. It islikely that one or the other of you will entirely forget crucial pieces ofinformation -or the entire conversation! Concrete plans are apt to go awry, forreasons unclear or unknown. Obviously this is not the time to make seriousdecisions, or to buy something you will both have to live with for some time tocome. This is a fine time, however, to dream and imagine together, or toimmerse yourselves in some fantasy - the theater or a film perhaps.



Mar7, 2002     11AM(Mar 6, 2002 to Mar 8, 2002)  Sun Sqr Mars


  You aggravate one another for noparticular reason, and conflicts may erupt over rather minor issues. This isespecially true if one or the other has the tendency to dominate or try to tellthe other what to do or how to do it. Pushiness will back fire now. As long asthe two of you are not cooped up together -say on a long car ride or in a smalloffice space - battles can be avoided, if you give one another plenty ofbreathing room.



Mar9, 2002      8PM(Mar 8, 2002 to Mar 10, 2002) Sun Oppos Plu


  There is a definite element ofunavoidable fate or of having to finally deal with something the two of you mayhave ignored up until now. On a practical level, material objects or machinerymay break down, need repair, or have to be thrown out. Psychologically,"stuff" that has not been dealt with between you emerges in somemanner. There may be an intense encounter between the two of you, or betweenthe both of you and someone or something in your environment.



Mar10, 2002     2PM(Mar 9, 2002 to Mar 11, 2002) Sun Conj Sat


  The themes now are commitment,responsibilities, restrictions, loyalty, or obligations to one another. Youwill do what you have to - not necessarily what you would like to - do. Thiscan mean anything from doing mundane chores to tackling a difficult, ongoingproblem between the two of you. If you handle these matters fruitfully, it canput you on much firmer footing and increase your sense of commitment to oneanother.



Mar12, 2002    12 AM(Mar 10,2002 to Mar 13, 2002)MarsSxtil Jup


     You will want to dosomething active, social and fun together right now, nothing too passive orintellectual. Dancing, team sports, or even a big noisy gathering of some kindwould agree with the two of you.



Mar12, 2002     5AM(Mar 11, 2002 to Mar 13, 2002)Sun Oppos Ura


  Restlessness, impatience, suddenchanges of plans, or an unexpected event colors your relationship now. You arelikely to throw caution to the wind and act impulsively together. If one orboth of you is innately very cautious, it may be uncomfortable for you to be inone another's presence now.



Mar12, 2002     3PM(Mar 11, 2002 to Mar 13, 2002)Merc Conj Ven


     The two of you talkand think about what you like, love, appreciate, and enjoy in one another. Thisis the time to let your romantic or heartfelt emotions be expressed, especiallyin words. Send a card, a love note, or poem.



Mar13, 2002     4AM(Mar 12, 2002 to Mar 14, 2002)Sun Trine Nep


  You are very open and physicallysensitive to one another at the moment, and can experience unusual extrasensoryperception, or telepathy with one another. You are in a dreamy, imaginativespace together. Perhaps you can take a long walk on the beach and tell oneanother your dreams.



Mar13, 2002     7PM(Mar 12, 2002 to Mar 14, 2002) Ven Sqr Jup


     You put each other inthe mood for a good time. Together the two of you are inclined to foolishlyoverdo or splurge on something you can't really afford. A mutual friend in needmay be the beneficiary of your generosity but beware of lending, giving, orpromising more than you should. You may want to give extravagantly to oneanother too.



Mar13, 2002     8PM(Mar 12, 2002 to Mar 14, 2002)Sun Sxtil Merc


  If the two of you need to attend to anybusiness matters, commercial negotiations, or joint projects, this is a goodtime. Communications are favored.



Mar14, 2002     5PM(Mar 13, 2002 to Mar 16, 2002)Mars Trine Moon


     Together the two ofyou feel confident, energetic and oriented toward positive action. Youencourage each other to DO things, just by being in one another's presence. Youare up for some outdoor activity or even some demanding domestic chore. Yourwarmth and desire for one another flows freely also.



Mar15, 2002     4AM(Mar 14, 2002 to Mar 16, 2002)Sun Sxtil Sun


  This is a good time for the two of youto be social together. Accept invitations, or extend them, join friends,neighbors or other groups you enjoy. If you are working together on a project,that too will go well. Cooperation and mutual encouragement are the tone ofthis time period.



Mar15, 2002     8AM(Mar 14, 2002 to Mar 16, 2002) Ven Sqr Moon


     The mood between youis soft, loving, understanding, supportive. The need for love is strong in oneor both of you, perhaps more than you are comfortable with. A littlereassurance goes a long way.



Mar16, 2002    11 AM(Mar 15,2002 to Mar 17, 2002)MercTrine Jup


     This is a wonderfultime to travel together or to make plans to do so. Being with one another rightnow encourages you both to be more optimistic, forward-looking, and broad inyour thinking. You help each other see the Big Picture.



Mar17, 2002     3PM(Mar 17, 2002 to Mar 18, 2002)Merc Sxtil Moon


     This is a good time to introduce one another to old friendsor to your family, to plan a trip home, or to share personal memories andstories with one another. You understand and sympathize with one another andcan gain a new clarity about each other's emotional make up.



Mar19, 2002         (Feb 28, 2002 toApr 1, 2002)SatQucnx Moon


     You are notconnecting very well emotionally at the moment. In fact, you may be(unconsciously) avoiding one another. This can be a good time for somesolitude, time to take care of yourselves. Schedule a little time alone.



Mar21, 2002    11 AM(Mar 20,2002 to Mar 22, 2002)VenTrine Mars


     Currents of warmthand magnetic attraction are flowing between you, and you respond lovingly andpassionately to one another. Creativity is inspired, too, and you can makesomething or design something beautiful together. This is a wonderful time justto enjoy one another's presence.



Mar22, 2002     3AM(Mar 21, 2002 to Mar 23, 2002)Merc Sqr Mars


     Nerves are edgy andtempers flare. You may feel inordinately irritated by the opinions and ideasexpressed by your partner. What seems atrocious now, however, may well seem notworth fighting about later.


     A hot game of tennisor some other one-on-one sport would be fine, as long as you leave the gamebehind when it is over. Apologize immediately for any rudeness toward oneanother.



Mar23, 2002     9AM(Mar 22, 2002 to Mar 24, 2002)Ven Qucnx Plu


     Issues of power andcontrol arise between you. Any unspoken "bargains" you have made witheach other which disempowers one or both of you in order to please the other,may be up for change. Unreasonable fears of loss, or jealousy could alsoemerge.



Mar23, 2002    11 AM(Mar 22,2002 to Mar 24, 2002)MercOppos Plu


     Your communicationwith one another is intense and penetrates right to the heart of matters. Oneof you may confront the other with something which was previously swept underthe rug, or you may unintentionally bring up a topic that reopens an old woundfor the other person.


     Passionate opinionsand convictions are expressed; beware of running over each other's right tohold a different point of view. If you go overboard in defending some position,try to make amends quickly.



Mar23, 2002    10 PM(Mar 23,2002 to Mar 24, 2002)MercConj Sat


     You see one another'sdeficits and flaws very clearly now, as well as the problems or lacks in therelationship itself. You are also likely to be less open and communicative withone another at the moment. If you share practical responsibilities and duties,these will dominate your attention.



Mar24, 2002     7PM(Mar 24, 2002 to Mar 25, 2002)Merc Oppos Ura


     There is a kind ofelectric, high-speed, erratic energy in the atmosphere between you. You maysuddenly know what the other person is about to say - and interject somethingbefore they have a chance to say it. Avoid interrupting one another or jumpingto conclusions too quickly.



Mar25, 2002     7AM(Mar 24, 2002 to Mar 26, 2002)Ven Qucnx Ura


     Expect minordisruptions, a sudden change of heart about something you both wantedpreviously, an overture that comes at the wrong time. Though relativelytrivial, these things can make for some unsettled moments between you.



Mar25, 2002     8AM(Mar 24, 2002 to Mar 26, 2002)Merc Trine Nep


     A shared flight of imagination brings pleasure: youcould write a song together, discuss your latest psychic experiences, visit atarot card reader, plan an exotic vacation, talk about your dreams. Spiritualtopics or otherworldly tales fascinate you now. You may want to see a film thatinterests the idealistic, believing, hopeful sides of you.



Mar25, 2002     1PM(Mar 24, 2002 to Mar 26, 2002)Mars Qucnx Mars


     Hurrying, pushing, ortrying to force things spells trouble! Anger that is just below the surface butwhich has no place to be released can make this a very trying time as well.Take it easy on one another.



Mar25, 2002     5PM(Mar 25, 2002 to Mar 26, 2002)Merc Sxtil Merc


     There is mental andintellectual compatibility between you now. Even if you usually disagree on anynumber of topics, you will find areas of harmony and agreement. Thus it is agood time for discussion, or just being together. Friends come into the pictureas well.



Mar26, 2002     1AM(Mar 25, 2002 to Mar 27, 2002)Ven Qucnx Nep


     A vague feeling ofdissatisfaction or confusion arises now. One of you feels you are sacrificingtoo much, or you just don't know where the other person is coming from. Checkout your concerns and perceptions with one another because something you may beimagining about your partner is likely to be not quite true.



Mar26, 2002    11 AM(Mar 25,2002 to Mar 27, 2002)MercSxtil Sun


     There is a good flowof ideas and conversation now, and you certainly will not be bored as being inone another's presence stimulates you intellectually and mentally. The emphasisis on curiosity, exchanging thoughts, clarity, and understanding.



Mar26, 2002     2PM(Mar 25, 2002 to Mar 27, 2002) Ven Sqr Merc


     You seek outamusement or entertainment that is just fun and which does not demand much ofyou intellectually or emotionally. You also enjoy flirting or teasing oneanother in a friendly way. Some of these "jokes" or playful remarkscontain quite a bit of truth about your thoughts and feelings towards eachother, but you sweeten them with humor and affection.



Mar27, 2002     4PM(Mar 26, 2002 to Mar 28, 2002) Ven Sqr Sun


     This is a time oflighthearted pleasure and you encourage one another to relax, feel good, maybea bit self-indulgent. Romance flourishes.



Mar28, 2002     2AM(Mar 27, 2002 to Mar 29, 2002) Sun Sqr Jup


  You dream big dreams together rightnow, which may make you inspired for the future - or restless and discontentedwith your current circumstances. This is an excellent time to vacationtogether, especially in some far-off place. However, beware of any tendenciestoward extravagance or gambling which the two of you will have to pay forlater.



Mar28, 2002    11 PM(Mar 27,2002 to Mar 30, 2002)MarsTrine Plu


     There is an intensityand fervor to whatever you do together now. You can have a profound sexual orcreative experience, depending on how you decide to direct your energies as acouple. This is also a good time to eliminate or rid yourselves of somethingyou no longer want.



Mar30, 2002    12 AM(Mar 29,2002 to Mar 31, 2002)Sun Sqr Moon


  There is a definite tendency for one ofyou to unwittingly override the other's feelings, wishes, or unspoken needs,which can cause some tension between you. You may be somewhat at odds or out oftouch with one another. However, if both of you will take responsibility forvoicing your wishes, even if they seem rather childish or needy, your time togethercan be intimate and satisfying.



Mar30, 2002     1AM(Mar 28, 2002 to Mar 31, 2002)Mars Sxtil Sat


     This is not aparticularly glamorous or extraordinary time and could pass unnoticed, but itwould be an excellent time to begin some regular regimen together, such aswalking or running for fitness and for pleasure. Helping each other out withsome chore is favored also.



Apr1, 2002     10AM(Mar 30, 2002 to Apr 2, 2002)Mars Trine Ura


     You two are a dynamicduo right now. This is an exhilarating, high-energy time and you will want todo something totally freeing or exciting to your senses. The action andadventure of white water rafting or even riding a roller coaster fits theflavor of this time.



Apr2, 2002      4AM(Apr 1, 2002 to Apr 3, 2002) Ven Sxtil Ven


     You are unusuallyfriendly, open, and agreeable as a couple now. Social gatherings, meetingpeople, and joining with friends or would-be friends are favored. The feelingsbetween the two of you are sweet as well.



Apr2, 2002      4AM(Apr 1, 2002 to Apr 3, 2002)  Merc Sqr Jup


     You are apt to havephilosophical disagreements and/or to tell tall tales to one another... notlies, just exaggerations!



Apr2, 2002      7PM(Apr 1, 2002 to Apr 4, 2002) Mars Oppos Nep


     At this time, anyspiritual aspirations, ideals, or hopes that you share, as well as yourimaginations and fantasy lives, are activated by being together. Positivelythis can mean you will want to DO something together to embody, physicallyexpress, or actualize what you usually only dream or think wishfully about. Butit can also engender a strange atmosphere in which you are vaguely dissatisfiedwith life or with one another, but are not clear just what you want, either.Try to be clear, direct, and honest. Avoid smoke screens and half truths.



Apr3, 2002      3AM(Apr 2, 2002 to Apr 4, 2002) Merc Sqr Moon


     Words are backed upwith a lot of emotion and feeling. This can be a good time to ventilate and airout some unspoken wishes, needs, or feelings. Recognize that you are talkingabout feelings and emotional realities, not necessarily facts. You could have adispute over differing memories or interpretations of the same event.



Apr3, 2002      6PM(Apr 2, 2002 to Apr 5, 2002)Mars Trine Merc


     This would be a greattime for the two of you to go hiking, backpacking, bicycling or do somethingelse that gets you moving and maybe sweating a bit. You will want to be active.Expect lively conversation and debate as well.



Apr5, 2002          (Mar 25,2002 to Apr 14, 2002)Jup Conj Jup


     This is a verypositive period in that you will be growing, opening to new things, andexpanding your understanding of yourselves, one another, and the world in waysthat can help you become happier people.


     It is important atthis time to get a sense of direction and some kind of vision of where you wantto go - literally and metaphorically - with one another. If this is a committedand hopefully lasting relationship, you need to be thinking about how to keepthe connection between you alive and flourishing.


     Flexibility and anopenness to change and new directions are keynotes now. If you use this time toexpand your thinking and your sense of possibilities, this will be a time ofjoy and of renewal. Even if this is not a serious relationship, something verypositive can come out of your connection with one another now. Long distancetravel and any sort of studies you undertake together are strongly favoredalso.



Apr5, 2002      5PM(Apr 4, 2002 to Apr 7, 2002) Mars Trine Sun


     You strengthen andbring out the positive, active, vital energies in one another now. Beingtogether will build your confidence, and you can get a lot done smoothly andwith less struggle. You assist one another in taking on a challenge.



Apr6, 2002      5PM(Apr 5, 2002 to Apr 7, 2002) Sun Trine Mars


  You energize and invigorate oneanother, and you are a "dynamic duo" right now. Confidence and apositive spirit runs high in one another's presence. Joint work projects arefavored, as is any vigorous play.



Apr6, 2002      9PM(Apr 6, 2002 to Apr 7, 2002)Merc Trine Mars


     This is a good timeto bring up something that may be difficult for you to talk about, and to stateyour point of view clearly and unambiguously. Expect a bit of intellectualbantering as well.



Apr7, 2002      2AM(Apr 6, 2002 to Apr 8, 2002) Ven Sxtil Jup


     The two of you arefeeling playful and fun-loving together, so just about anything you do will bepleasant. Your good feelings are infectious and other people will want to bearound you so it is a good time for company or going out together. A surprise giftfrom one of you to the other is likely too.



Apr8, 2002     12AM(Apr 7, 2002 to Apr 9, 2002) Merc Qucnx Plu


     What begins as aninnocent discussion, may bring some painful topic to the surface. Avoid thetendency to try to subtly coerce one another into believing, seeing, orunderstanding things as the other does. While no overt argument may occur,below-the-surface tension can create an uneasy feeling.



Apr8, 2002      3PM(Apr 7, 2002 to Apr 9, 2002) Ven Trine Moon


     You make sweet musictogether now. Emotional understanding, harmony, and cooperation flow betweenyou, and anything you do together will work out splendidly. Parties and allsorts of festive events are favored, especially if they happen at home.



Apr9, 2002      2AM(Apr 8, 2002 to Apr 10, 2002) Sun Qucnx Plu


  A rather uncomfortable awareness ofunavoidable changes, loss, or death comes in at this time. "Hints" orindications that some change in attitude is needed should not be ignored.Stubborn willfulness on either of your parts can create tension between younow, or lay a foundation for future troubles.



Apr9, 2002      4AM(Apr 8, 2002 to Apr 10, 2002)Merc Qucnx Ura


     If you spend timetogether now, expect some moments of tension or nerve-wracking little"surprises". Flexibility, tolerance, and a sense of humor is the bestmedicine right now.



Apr9, 2002      3PM(Apr 9, 2002 to Apr 10, 2002)Merc Qucnx Nep


     As a twosome, you arenot likely to have very sound judgment or clear perceptions right now. Fantasies,illusions, even a seemingly innocent "white lie" can cloud theatmosphere between the two of you, and someone is apt to get rather confused.


     Obviously this is nota time to make practical commitments or decisions that will affect both of youfor a long time. Make every effort to be unambiguous and truthful right now.



Apr9, 2002     11PM(Apr 9, 2002 to Apr 10, 2002) Merc Sqr Merc


     Your communicationwith each other takes on the quality of a ping-pong match: quick, lively, butnot necessarily purposeful. You may spat about trivial matters, or go on and on about very little.


     You may enjoy wordgames, playing cards, or similar activities now. Intellectual and mentalenergies are stimulated.



Apr10, 2002     2PM(Apr 10, 2002 to Apr 11, 2002) Merc Sqr Sun


     There is a sort ofbusy, quick, restless quality in the atmosphere between you now, and you couldeven get on one another's nerves a bit. Or, it could be mentally stimulatingand fun, if a bit frenetic. It is not the best time to bring up a touchysubject, however, as you have a tendency to overstate yourselves or blurt outsomething you might regret.



Apr11, 2002    12 PM(Apr 10,2002 to Apr 12, 2002)SunQucnx Ura


  Right now expect minor upsets, anunavoidable change for "something different" which only one of you isinterested in. All of this may be rather subtle, but tension-producingnonetheless. Laughter is good medicine in times like these.



Apr12, 2002    12 PM(Apr 11,2002 to Apr 13, 2002)SunQucnx Nep


  Confusions, mix-ups, not showing up ontime or at all, forgetting something significant, or just feeling a littlefuzzy or spacey in each other's presence is likely now. Do your best not to leteach other down or be unreliable toward one another right now.



Apr13, 2002     4AM(Apr 12, 2002 to Apr 14, 2002) Sun Sqr Merc


  Expect lively conversation, which canlead to bickering or arguing for the sake of an argument. You may get on oneanother's nerves a bit, or simply be unreceptive to what the other person istrying to convey. A short trip will be fun as long as you do not disagree onwho should do the driving.



Apr13, 2002     7PM(Apr 13, 2002 to Apr 14, 2002)Merc Sxtil Ven


     This is a pleasant, lightheartedtime. Save the heavy subjects or deep emotional discussions for another day.Socializing, visiting friends, going shopping for fun, or some other bit offrivolity would be just right.



Apr14, 2002     1PM(Apr 13, 2002 to Apr 15, 2002) Sun Sqr Sun


  Even if your relationship is basicallysound, a challenge or crisis is apt to occur around this time. Your basicdifferences come out now, and can cause a sense of separateness or conflict. Ifyou are harmonious most of the time, this will be relatively minor.



Apr14, 2002     7PM(Apr 13, 2002 to Apr 15, 2002)Ven Qucnx Mars


     Some subtleawkwardness or tension creeps into your relationship. Something just is notclicking between you right now, romantically or sexually. One of you may bemissing the other's cues or inadvertently putting the other off.



Apr15, 2002     2 PM(Apr14, 2002 to Apr 17, 2002) Mars Sqr Ven


     One of you may feelmore passionate and amorous than the other, or seem to be more interested inself-gratification than in relating sensitively and lovingly. This can lead toconflict in or out of the bedroom. If handled with care, however, romance willflourish.



Apr16, 2002     5PM(Apr 15, 2002 to Apr 17, 2002)Ven Trine Plu


     The two of you canexperience the magical, transforming power of love, if you are willing toreally be vulnerable and open with one another now. Sexual and emotionalhealing through deep contact, deep acceptance, and your love for one anothercan occur. Share the longings you have had, the secret wishes and desires, andthe losses you still carry. Superficial relating is not on the agenda now.



Apr16, 2002     6PM(Apr 16, 2002 to Apr 17, 2002)Merc Sxtil Jup


     Talk turns tophilosophical speculations, dreams for the future, and mutual aspirations. Youhelp one another to see the big picture right now so petty immediate problemsdo not seem so important. This is a good time to see a comedy and to sharehumor.



Apr17, 2002     8AM(Apr 16, 2002 to Apr 18, 2002)Ven Sxtil Sat


     You get anopportunity to show loyalty, dependability, and that you want to be there forone another in foul weather as well as fair. It may seem like not much ishappening, a humdrum kind of time. Can you enjoy each other even when there areno fireworks?



Apr17, 2002     5PM(Apr 17, 2002 to Apr 18, 2002)Merc Trine Moon


     You may want to visit"the old stamping grounds", go see family, or some way revisit thepast together. There is a wonderful flow of understanding and sympatheticrapport between you; words may not be necessary.



Apr18, 2002     4PM(Apr 17, 2002 to Apr 19, 2002)Ven Trine Ura


     Spontaneousplayfulness, singing, dancing, or lovemaking adds zest to your time together.Music and movement open you up. Your rhythms are in harmony.



Apr19, 2002    11 AM(Apr 18,2002 to Apr 20, 2002)VenOppos Nep


     Wishes, fantasies,and sweet dreams of love color your responses to one another now. This can be aparticularly enchanting, even intoxicating time - or a disappointing one ifyour partner does not fulfill your ideals. Share your heart's secret wisheswith one another.



Apr20, 2002    12 AM(Apr 19,2002 to Apr 21, 2002)VenTrine Merc


     This is the time tosend one of those lusciously romantic or sentimental cards. Even better, writea love letter or song for your partner. At this time your relationship isenhanced through WORDS artfully or heartfully expressed. Speak or write aboutyour appreciation, admiration, passion, or affection for one another.



Apr20, 2002         (Apr 13, 2002 toApr 27, 2002)JupOppos Moon


     Feelings ofgenerosity, goodwill, and belonging set the tone in this time period. If thisis a new relationship, you may begin to create a close relationship with oneanother's families, perhaps visiting them or making warm connections in otherways. If the two of you share a home, you will want to improve, expand, or makeit more comfortable - or move to a better place. The two of you are inclined tospend more than you usually would in comforts, enhancements, or luxuries. Ifstaying on a budget is ever a problem in your relationship, watch out now. Amood of "play now / pay later" is upon you.



Apr21, 2002     2AM(Apr 20, 2002 to Apr 22, 2002)Ven Trine Sun


     Love is flowing andromance flourishes. Whatever you do together now will be beautiful, andbeautifully received. If you have been neglecting each other or have some hurtfeelings between you, this can be a day to bring love back into yourrelationship.



Apr21, 2002    11 AM(Apr 20,2002 to Apr 22, 2002)SunSxtil Ven


  Conviviality is featured now. This is agreat time to spend just relaxing or having fun together, and you will want toinclude other friends or loved ones as well.


  Affection flows freely. This is also afavorable time to work out differences or difficulties you have been having, asa spirit of cooperation permeates your interactions with one another atpresent.



Apr21, 2002     4PM(Apr 21, 2002 to Apr 22, 2002)Merc Qucnx Mars


     You tend to snap atone another or to blurt something very tactless and inadvertently hurtful.Minor accidents could occur, too, if extra care is not taken.



Apr22, 2002    11 PM(Apr 22,2002 to Apr 23, 2002)MercTrine Plu


     If one or the otherof you has been wanting to divulge a secret, bring up a grievance, or discusssomething difficult, now is the time. Conversation is intense, revealing, andprofound.


     For entertainment thetwo of you will go for something intense - perhaps a psychological suspensethriller or an old Alfred Hitchcock film!



Apr23, 2002    10 AM(Apr 22,2002 to Apr 24, 2002)MercSxtil Sat


     This is a good timeto air your concerns or minor grievances with one another, or to talk aboutchanges you would like to make to improve your relationship. How money isspent, who pays for what, how much time you want to devote to being together,changing living arrangements, or other practical matters are likely to beemphasized now.



Apr24, 2002     9AM(Apr 23, 2002 to Apr 25, 2002)Merc Trine Ura


     The tone is brisk,and intellectually stimulating. Lots of fresh, original ideas are flowingbetween you now, and you may want to write down some of these inspirations forlater evaluation.



Apr24, 2002    11 PM(Apr 24,2002 to Apr 25, 2002)MercOppos Nep


     This is not a goodtime to give one another direction, arrange to meet someplace you have nevergone before, or, in fact, much of anything that requires clear, logical thoughtand action. Muddled communication and misreading one another in some small butcritical way is very likely. Make every effort to be clear and direct with eachother, as confusion abounds right now.



Apr25, 2002     9AM(Apr 24, 2002 to Apr 26, 2002)Merc Trine Merc


     New ideas andstimulating conversation flows. This is also a wonderful time to take a triptogether, or at least to plan one.



Apr26, 2002     5AM(Apr 25, 2002 to Apr 27, 2002)Merc Trine Sun


     Communication flowsfreely. You both feel open about expressing your ideas and are willing to hearthe other's as well. If you are not physically together, you will want to becalling or visiting one another even more than usual.



Apr26, 2002     3PM(Apr 25, 2002 to Apr 27, 2002) Ven Sqr Ven


     Disagreements aboutpersonal tastes and styles, some lack of consideration or thoughtfulness, orone of you wanting more attention and affection will lead to... kissing andmaking up! Or, it will lead to an awareness that you need to be doing thingsdifferently to please one another as well as yourselves.



Apr27, 2002     8 AM(Apr 25, 2002 to Apr 28,2002)MarsQucnx Moon


     A subtle, underlyingfeeling of irritability can make you feel like growling at one another. Thoughnot very intense or serious, be aware of ways you may be provoking one another.



Apr27, 2002     4 PM(Apr 26, 2002 to Apr 28, 2002)Sun Sxtil Jup


  Expect a stroke of good fortune - suchas being supplied with tickets to a concert that was sold out months ago, beingoffered an opportunity from someone you both respect, or having a bid acceptedon a joint purchase you both want very much. This is also a good time for thetwo of you to circulate, attend social or cultural events, and be with people.



Apr29, 2002     3PM(Apr 28, 2002 to Apr 30, 2002)Sun Trine Moon


  Unless other, stronger astrologicalenergies are at play now in your relationship, this is a time of ease,well-being, and peace between you. If tensions or problems have dominated as oflate, this will be a brief respite and a chance to reach some understanding.



May1, 2002      5AM(Apr 30, 2002 to May 2, 2002) Merc Sqr Ven


     This is a favorabletime to discuss matters of the heart -what you both want, need, wish for, longfor, delighting. You are flirtatious and playful, also.



May3, 2002      5 AM(May 2, 2002 to May 4, 2002) Ven Qucnx Moon


     A mood of laziness,contentment, and self-satisfaction makes the two of you disinclined to do muchof anything that requires effort. You are pleasantly self-indulgent together.Do not schedule any couples tennis or mountain climbing!



May7, 2002     11AM(May 6, 2002 to May 8, 2002) Sun Qucnx Mars


  You tend to subtly irritate one anotherright now, resisting one another's suggestions and insisting on doing thingsyour way. As long as neither of you attempts to dominate, this should not betoo much of a problem, but any activity that requires close cooperation is notfavored now.



May8, 2002          (Dec 31,2001 to June 16, 2002)Plu Conj Mars


     Both passion andcompetitiveness are greatly intensified between you during this period, andthese very hot energies can burn or even consume the two of you. Anger whichhas been suppressed may erupt in a destructive way, especially if one of youtries to win or be "right" at the other's expense. On the other hand,if you join forces you can be incredibly productive; you are a formidable teamright now. What you need is an outlet for expressing these strong energies.Physical activities, especially if shared, can be very satisfying now even ifyou do not consider yourselves the athletic or physical types.



May8, 2002      2PM(May 7, 2002 to May 10, 2002)Mars Oppos Mars


     Right now you aremore like sparring partners, opponents, maybe even enemies rather than friendsor lovers. The urge to dominate and to win is very strong in the atmospherebetween you now. If you enjoy a rousing fight this is the day for it. If youare usually gentle and agreeable, you will have a lot more energy (and possiblyaggravation) than usual. Even if you suppress the fighting urge, irritating"accidents" may occur around you.



May9, 2002     11AM(May 8, 2002 to May 10, 2002)Ven Oppos Mars


     Cupid's arrows areflying! Warm amorous feelings are aroused between you and the physicalattraction intensifies. The desire to please one another in love, to give aswell as receive pleasure, makes lovemaking joyful. If your relationship is nota passionate one, you will still feel frisky and pleasantly stimulated by oneanother.



May9, 2002      9PM(May 8, 2002 to May 10, 2002) Sun Trine Plu


  An intensification of your relationshipoccurs now, and whether this is pleasurable or not you will certainly not berelating to one another superficially. Beware of the tendency to try to re-makeor change your partner in some significant way. Your interaction can be quiterevitalizing, even transforming, for the both of you as long as neither isforcing his or her will upon the other.



May10, 2002     4PM(May 9, 2002 to May 11, 2002) Sun Sxtil Sat


  An atmosphere of clarity, realism, andobjectivity exists between you right now. If there are problems that the two ofyou have been struggling with or avoiding, this is a good time to put things inorder. Just working quietly together would be gratifying at present.



May11, 2002    10 AM(May 10,2002 to May 12, 2002)  Ven Sqr Plu


     Forces within both ofyou which sabotage the closeness you could be experiencing come to the fore.You may touch upon some long standing or "hidden" problems which youhave tried to ignore. If one or the other feels dominated or controlled,unloved or unappreciated - all of this may come up now. Passions and deepfeelings of all kinds are intensified between you now.



May11, 2002     9PM(May 9, 2002 to May 21, 2002)Merc Qucnx Moon


     There is a ratheredgy, restless quality between you now. It would be wise to watch what you sayto or about one another, also, because you may reveal something too private orbetray a confidence.



May12, 2002     1AM(May 11, 2002 to May 13, 2002) Ven Sqr Sat


     You may be havingsome serious reservations about this relationship right now, perhaps becauseyou are focusing on the lacks, flaws and least pleasing aspects of one another.Your mutual fears, insecurities and barriers to love and intimacy are up rightnow. Although unpleasant, it would be wise to take responsibility for yourunhappiness rather than conveniently blaming the other. Temporarily pullingback and having some solitude may not be a bad idea.



May12, 2002     4AM(May 10, 2002 to May 13, 2002) Mars Sqr Plu


     If there is anyunderlying rivalry, hidden anger, or resentment toward one another for anyreason, it will surface now to be dealt with. If this has been going onunacknowledged for some time, a fierce battle could erupt. Even if none ofthese dynamics exists in your relationship, beware of domineering attitudesnow; any attempt to force your desire against your partner's will spellsTROUBLE!



May12, 2002     8AM(May 11, 2002 to May 13, 2002)Sun Trine Ura


  Excitement is in the air between you.Together you enjoy experimenting, inventing something new, varying yourroutine. Even if you have not been together long enough to have established aroutine or set patterns, you will enjoy expressing your eccentric, impulsive,or adventurous sides with one another.



May13, 2002     7AM(May 11, 2002 to May 14, 2002) Mars Sqr Sat


     You are rather toughon each other now, perhaps without intending to be. Each of you is more touchy,defensive or insecure, so skirmishes can erupt over seemingly trivial issues.Seeing the absurdity of your own reactions, and perhaps taking a little spacecan help.



May13, 2002     8AM(May 12, 2002 to May 14, 2002)Sun Oppos Nep


  You are probably not seeing one anothervery clearly right now. In fact, a soft cloud of fantasy or imagination hoversaround the two of you. Confusions and mix-ups are very likely now, so beespecially careful to check with one another regarding facts and mundanedetails.



May13, 2002     9AM(May 12, 2002 to May 14, 2002)  VenSqr Ura


     A restless mood and ayearning for something different comes over the two of you. Perhaps you willwant to do something you have not done in a long time, like goingroller-skating, or dancing, or to see an erotic film. If you are both open andwilling to experiment, you have some exiting, even thrilling, moments.



May14, 2002     1AM(May 13, 2002 to May 15, 2002)Sun Trine Merc


  You flow together rather easily now,especially on a mental or intellectual level. This is a good time for you totalk, air things out, further your understanding of one another's ideas andbeliefs. Going for a drive, to a movie, or on some other short outing isfavored also.



May14, 2002     4AM(May 13, 2002 to May 15, 2002)Ven Qucnx Nep


     A vague feeling ofdissatisfaction or confusion arises now. One of you feels you are sacrificingtoo much, or you just don't know where the other person is coming from. Checkout your concerns and perceptions with one another because something you may beimagining about your partner is likely to be not quite true.



May14, 2002     6PM(May 13, 2002 to May 15, 2002)Ven Qucnx Merc


     A minor socialembarrassment or some awkwardness between the two of you occurs now. Someoneinadvertently strikes a discordant note. As long as you can laugh atyourselves, you will be fine.



May15, 2002    10 AM(May 14,2002 to May 16, 2002)SunTrine Sun


  This is a period of balance,equilibrium, and flow between you, and thus a favorable time for any jointendeavor or to just enjoy being together. Paying attention to what is goodabout one another and the relationship, perhaps giving a gift or some otherform of love and recognition to your partner, will build a fund of goodwill andgood feelings to draw upon during times of trouble. You are "lucky"together right now.



May15, 2002     5PM(May 14, 2002 to May 17, 2002) Mars Sqr Ura


     A spirit ofrecklessness, wild adventurousness, even dare-devilishness comes over the twoof you. One or both of you experiences a sudden impulse to do something totallydifferent or to make some radical change. Give each other plenty of space andbreathing room right now. You will operate best in an atmosphere of totalfreedom at the moment.



May15, 2002     8PM(May 15, 2002 to May 16, 2002)Ven Qucnx Sun


     One of you is more inthe mood for romance and affection than the other, or you are both feelingloving but schedules or other commitments interfere. Some kind of embarrassingsituation, indiscretion, or inappropriate behavior can mar this time, so be asthoughtful and considerate of one another as possible.



May17, 2002     4AM(May 15, 2002 to May 18, 2002)Mars Qucnx Nep


     Being together rightnow can make both of you more unfocused and scattered. You put one another in apeculiar mood, although this is so subtle you may barely notice it.Nevertheless, any sort of intoxicant that further decreases your ability todeal with reality should be avoided if you are together.



May18, 2002     4AM(May 16, 2002 to May 19, 2002)Mars Qucnx Merc


     Irritability can leadto ill-considered words, which provoke a fight. Today can be a real headache ifyou do not make an effort to be considerate and tactful.



May19, 2002     4AM(May 9, 2002 to May 21, 2002)Merc Qucnx Moon


Thisastrological influence (Merc Qucnx Moon) also occurred on May 11, 2002 (peakdate). Please refer to this date.