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The Galactic Report




David Bowie



January 8, 1947

9:00 AM

Westminster, England























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        Welcome to your Universe! You stand on the threshold of entering previously unknown astrological understanding of the Cosmos. This report includes a comprehensive look at your natal Centaur placements to ensure complete grounding and connection with your home planet, Earth. Your personal connection to the powerful and transformational black holes takes you into a dimension of inner self reflection intended to clarify your essence and your connection with All That Is. Enjoy your journey into the exciting vastness of space!



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        Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth.  For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:


Sun     17 Cap 15                   Centaurs Interpreted:

Moon     3 Leo 50                   Chiron     6 Sco 51

Mercury  8 Cap 11                   Pholus    24 Cap 18

Venus    2 Sag 09                   Nessus     7 Tau 07

Mars    16 Cap 44                   Asbolus   27 Gem 28

Jupiter 21 Sco 37                   Chariklo  21 Sco 14

Saturn   6 Leo 52                   Hylonome  27 Ari 44

Uranus  18 Gem 41

Neptune 10 Lib 48                   Heliocentric Planets Intepreted:

Pluto   12 Leo 45                   Earth     17 Can 15

True Node 11 Gem 18                   Mercury   18 Sag 48

Asc.     3 Aqu 19                   Venus     18 Leo 16

MC       3 Sag 56                   Mars      16 Cap 23


Tropical  Placidus  Standard time observed

GMT: 09:00:00  Time Zone: 0 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 51 N 30      0 W 09  


Aspects to 6 Centaurs interpreted:

Conjunction:  5 Deg 00 Min          Trine   :  4 Deg 00 Min

Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min          Sextile :  3 Deg 00 Min

Square     :  4 Deg 00 Min          Quincunx:  3 Deg 00 Min

Geocentric planets (Sun,Moo,Mer,Ven,Mar,Jup,Sat,Ura,Nep,Plu), Node, Asc and MC


Aspects to 79 Black Holes interpreted:

Conjunctions only to Black Holes with an orb of  3 Deg 00 Min

Moon, Asc, and MC and geocentric and heliocentric Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars

Section I: The Centaurs


Centaurs are asteroids with several properties in common, one of which is that they travel from deep regions of our solar system to within the orbit of Jupiter. They are similar to comets but are larger. The first Centaur discovered was Chiron in the year 1977. Chiron was first thought to be a kind of planet, but is now considered a Centaur by most astronomers.


Now you might be thinking "Oh, gosh! More teensy things to consider in my horoscope. Doesn't the chart have enough going on as it is?" Consider that astrologers use one planet, Venus, to describe the vast areas of love, art, and beauty in our lives. The asteroids add depth and detail to the astrological analysis, enabling us to see more specific issues.


When the first Centaur, Chiron, came to our attention, he was greeted with mixed feelings. Some, considering this body very difficult to define (planet, asteroid, comet?), saw it as a nuisance. Others remained sure of his importance. It would appear that those astrologers possessed a vision of better things to come.


Ultimately, Chiron emerged as a potent teacher, healer, shaman leading us all through previously unremovable wounds - whether psychological or spiritual. His urging to fully invest the spirit in the body and involve oneself in life now stands as the leading wave of soulful healing. His demonstration of the essentiality of relationship between body and spirit now stands accepted, intact and most importantly, significant in all of our personal healing efforts.


Now Chiron has five named Centaur siblings: Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Hylonome. Suggestions exists for yet another named body, Pylenor, which is awaiting astronomical nomenclature protocols. Ultimately, all the other Centaurs will receive names as well.


Each Centaur appears with a solution to a common social malady of today's complicated society and associated psychological and psychic backlash. The integration of these bodies provides us with simple, consciousness-oriented ceremonies and healing techniques to enhance our coping skills. The Centaurs restore our sensibilities - literally, our ability to use our senses, emotions and body perceptions - ranging from an instinctive nose to chill bumps - thereby increasing our humanness. In a time when the array of electronic communication and technology decreases our sentient involvement in our lives, the Centaurs appear to restore our senses and sensibilities.


The Centaur clan offers valuable attributes in our everyday life, psychological healing and spiritual growth. Consider the powerful remedies offered by these bodies:


 Chiron - healing psychic wounds of rejection, restoring spirit to body

 Pholus  -  overcoming  substance  abuses,  restoring  peacefulness  of  spirit,  use  of  daily  ritual

 Nessus - defining need and want in money and relationships with healthy balance

 Asbolus  -  development  of  and  use  of  full  intuitive  faculties

 Chariklo - assessing personal boundaries, both psychologically and energetically

 Hylonome  -  healing  grief  and  regret


As  you  welcome  the  primal  gathering  of  Centaurs  into  your  horoscope,  you  will  enjoy  enhanced  awareness  of  emotion,  passion  for  life,  quest  for  purpose  and  sensorial  reactions  to  all  situations.  Saddle  up  and  ride  these  tiny,  yet  potent,  bodies,  for  a  celestial  journey  to  self  understanding,  compassion  and  well-being.  Enjoy!





For those people feeling rejected by parents and carrying that banner throughout life, relief is near. Should you be sensing wounds that simply will not leave no matter what is done, a solution stands near. And if feelings of displacement, alienation and disconnection prevail within yourself, the healer has arrived. Soon, with use of the essence of this relatively new healer, Chiron, the way clears for a stronger sense of self with spirit invested in body. This sense of self works to reestablish healthy relationships with others.


Chiron was the wounded healer, or the healer who wounds. His mode of healing works to bring up the hidden issues, overcome denial, offer penance, then go on in greatness. He was one of the immortals, with a god as a father who rejected the son. The mother disowned him because of his ugliness (half man, half horse). With no place to go, Chiron became an avid learner studying with the great ones, devouring all knowledge. Accidentally wounded at an event using ceremonial wine unceremoniously, his immortality became a liability as the healer could not heal his own wound. He persisted in life feeling pain that he, the healer, could not heal. His pain includes parental rejection, unworthiness and in today's terms, soul loss.


Chiron opted to end the eternal pain at all costs. He took a voluntary task in the underworld, coming out with the ability to ascend to the heavens as granted by Zeus (Jupiter). He represents being able to take on healing directly, clearly and intently. He symbolizes our willingness to go into the caves of consciousness and examine our nature. He grieves, then heals. This powerful healer comes before us encouraging the clearing of all things within our psyche. After this occurs the path opens for our spirits to fully fuse with our physical being.



Chiron Square Moon,  Orb: 3 deg. 01 min.


It's a strange thing how someone attempting to offer you support knows just the right thing to say or do to agitate your insecurities. How does this happen? Simply, the sense you have that you might never feel fully supported dangles on both sleeves, flapping in subconscious breezes. But consider the reality of what's actually happening. Here a person stands ready and willing to support you. This other person wants to help. First, your fear, denial or worry concerning rejection and abandonment must come to the surface. Then, it needs elimination. Talking it out, having a catharsis of sorts or simply breathing does the chore. Next learn to savor what people do want to give you. Follow this archetype's lesson. When parents or life support groups failed, he sought the teachers and healers. In doing the same, your emotional concerns evaporate and the clouds of consciousness shower you with those who can meet your needs.


Chiron Sextile Mercury,  Orb: 1 deg. 20 min.


Words are one of your gifts. You possess an amazing craft of being able to say the right thing at the right time. In fact, these words flow so easily others may wonder if you can really mean or uphold all the fine things you say. So do you? Of course, you do. Add a bit more breath to your words to amplify the feeling. This is an idea person's aspect. You easily engage a problem in your mind. Solutions shoot down your mental pike with lubricated ease. A dilemma in this configuration comes from your ability to harness your ideas. Seek to find a practical, grounded application for each idea. Apply it thoroughly in your life. Test the results. Record the archive. Build a database of these ideas and the results produced. Ultimately, you'll create a bank of axioms and sayings that offer solace and comfort to those in confusion. Let there be no confusion of your full and unlimited use of all your best ideas. You become the icon of your own inspirations.


Chiron Square Saturn,  Orb: 0 deg. 01 min.


So you just want to be loved. You and the rest of humankind. Oddly, what you perceive as indications of not being loved actually come under the heading of discipline and guidance intended to be nurturing. Your view was that your support system took a very heavy hand in your direction. But did they? Do you find yourself replicating this same discipline cycle as you seek to mobilize sagging efforts in your life? Perhaps the lack of recognition you experienced did not indicate rejection or disavowal. Now, though, it's time to seek out the silent teacher. Find the one who sits with you (and this could mean sitting with your own sense of inner authority) as you engage fully the task of attentive contemplation. This activity engages the wise part of yourself. You end up receiving your own guidance while supported by another. The specialty you now have to offer others is the ability to hear the emotional venting of others without the need to comment. This attribute might be the ultimate nugget of support.


Chiron Square Asc.,  Orb: 3 deg. 33 min.


It's a funny thing about you. People ask for your help, then reject every effort you make. Sound familiar? It would appear that your healing track follows a parallel road. You feel out of sorts. You ask others for help. They suggest something not at all palatable. You defend your position while becoming increasingly clear on its unstable legs. You turn your attention toward formal healers or teachers. The same thing happens. Finally, should you be so bold as the inquire of the heavens you realize one basic thing. These prescriptions, while hard to swallow, need ingestion. Should you not follow the wise counsel of the sky or the Earth, then it pretty much pulls the plug on you. You may not have noticed, but others have done the same thing. Hmm. Somewhere in here pick up on one of the pieces. Work with it. Add another piece. When the puzzle starts coming together beautiful pictures appears. Go back to those deserting individuals. Let your energy speak for itself. They'll notice. Sooner or later it'll come around to the hard core fact that you, in one way or another, did follow their advice. Carry this with you. You'll need it when people start asking for your help again.




Perhaps a sense of listlessness in life encourages one to eat too much or too little. Maybe even taking on alcohol or other substances as a substitute for contentment becomes the way one copes. The Centaur Pholus appears to remind us of what it is that actually lies beneath these physical urges to compensate or over-compensate in life.


Pholus appears at just the right time to remind people of the needs of spirit. While he signifies everything about food and drink, he also stresses the idea that all things intending to nurture our beings remain powerful ceremonies. Pholus indicates diet patterns, especially methods of cooking and even the type of diet including carnivorous or vegetarian ways. His attitude toward drink, most especially alcohol, insists that it be offered ceremoniously. The custom of toasting with wine (or whatever is the alcohol of choice) comes from Pholus. Blessing food symbolizes a Pholus thought. He represents use or abuse of all physical substances, alcohol being the most significant of his concerns.


Ultimately Pholus reminds us of the need to fill our daily lives with those things that are good - and only good - for us. He establishes awareness of necessary limits and requirements. He goes even further in that he offers the reminder (and often a stern one) that your daily routine must include your spiritual drill: saying grace, toasting, a daily meditation, smudging, ceremonial cleansing or whatever comes under his wise and watchful eye. Should things feel out of sorts, offer simpler, reverent acts every day. Watch the restlessness subside and the sense of well-being begin.



Pholus Sextile Jupiter,  Orb: 2 deg. 40 min.


A teacher of good, nurturing, need and fulfillment, make sure you read your own lesson plans from time to time. This review is not necessarily suggesting that you're ignoring what you already know. What happens is that the summary triggers new insights and ideas to add to the curriculum of consciousness already in place. Your dilemma is one of incorporating the ongoing influx of information that comes your way. Whether on the more basic level of "what a great new recipe" or "wow, I just found a ceremony to raise the spirit ancestors of antiquity," the stream forever flows. Bear in mind that it would be best to sample recipes and ceremonies for yourself before preparing a banquet for others. This way you consider what possible effects might result. You need to recall that not everyone responds with the same reactions as yourself. This review allows a sense of balance between the aspirations of the spiritual drills and real life events. And nothing gets out of hand. Cup your hands to scoop up all the information.




It's been said that money and sex are only important when you don't have them. Whether or not this is true is up for grabs. But what we can derive from this saying is that two issues of importance to the human spirit are money and sex. In fact, under extreme circumstances, people can be observed demonstrating the best and worst of human characteristics with these issues at hand. Witness the excited glow of a lottery winner. Look hard to see the collapsed aura of a person dealing with insurmountable debt. Examine the fractured aura of a lover rejected for a younger more attractive partner. Consider the radiant glow of someone newly in love. Watch what happens as people discover that they simply cannot live without a certain thing, economic status or the love person in their life. These issues receive impeccable clarification from the Centaur Nessus.


Nessus refers to a level of desire that goes beyond need. Wanting more, coveting or even qualities of lust fall under his influence. Nessus refers to the two juicy areas of life: monetary matters and intimate relationships. He seeks out the things you unconsciously want but might not be able to articulate. He notes those things you feel you do not deserve, yet crave. First, though, he uncovers urges and desires that may not feel comfortable to your "I am a good person," belief system. But he transforms all negatives if given a chance. He works with you to ensure you enjoy the bounty of your relationship with healthy abundance. Nessus observes your financial state in life, then offers his position on what would really make you feel good in an unlimited way. Ultimately, Nessus' balance would be to have enough money not to need more and not so much that it consumes your time and thoughts.


Nessus is a powerful healer. He insists that you open yourself to the realm of sensuality in life. Smell flowers, taste food, feel the air, enjoy touch, savor success and feel everything fully. He provides the ultimate in healing issues of converting poverty to abundance. He brings about the exchange of lust, shame and guilt for healthy physical enjoyment of life, whether explored intimately with another or in one's relationship with the Creator.



Nessus Square Moon,  Orb: 3 deg. 17 min.


An ongoing tug of war pulls on your emotions wanting balance of fulfillment and desire. Can you be gratified? Are you insatiable? Tough questions. Yet a remarkably simple solution seeks application to ease your personal tides. Quest for discernment between previously experienced nurturing deficiencies and your current situation. This discernment carefully views your sense of life's loving support and financial wherewithal - or not. Often one seeks intimate involvement to compensate for a lack of early life emotional sustenance. This, obviously, does solve the dilemma. It often aggravates the inadequacy. When feeling the need for love, seek nurturing. Sustain primal protection and love feelings. Then relate. When feeling a potentially avaricious approach to profession, look for simple providing of basic needs. Produce enough money to eat, have clothing and shelter. Then seek what else is truly needed. This is the produce aisle of life. Produce what you desire.


Nessus Trine Mercury,  Orb: 1 deg. 04 min.


You possess a natural sense of understanding numbers, the flow of money and the fiscal world. An excellent symbol of your nature would be the pentacles in the Tarot. All the characters experiencing ease within monetary realms hold their palms open as they exchange money. Those clutching the pentacles, symbolizing money, experience pain. The key offered: let it flow, roll through your life and see the solvency suggested by these subtle financial statements. Consciously monitor and document successes, improvements in abundance and achievement. Use the same agenda as you work to fulfill intimate relationships. Give space, don't possess and you'll have no need for jealousy. Honor the private thoughts of your partner. These views, while relatively easy for you to experience, remain difficult for others. Therefore, why not use your natural ability to either become a financial planner or relationship advisor? Keep in mind, what is good for the goose is very good for the gander. Take a gander at that.


Nessus Square Saturn,  Orb: 0 deg. 15 min.


The actions taken may or may not be consistent with the level of authority or responsibility you claim in life. Ongoing questioning occurs deep within. You ponder whether or not you took advantage of the situation. Even if you conclude you did use unfair leverage, what can you do now? You can put it behind you. You can repair some uneven fields with some psychic tractor work. You can establish an agenda of full disclosure, impeccable responsibility, fair wage and unlimited sharing in love. Knowing your agreed role helps. Agreed role refers not only to those things consciously stated, but those things subconsciously or unconsciously assumed. Should that pesky nose sniff out something other than the agreed, use this helpful perception. When you get a sense (or scent) of how things are, ask if your feelings are correct. This skill offers incredible capacities in resolving financial and intimate relationship issues with others. This allows you to assume an internally guided course of balance within the emotional and economic expenditures. Remember you have a nose for how to spend intimate and industrial incomes to stabilize satisfaction in life.


Nessus Square Asc.,  Orb: 3 deg. 49 min.


The environment speaks to you. Can you read it without skewing it toward your emotional bias? This ability remains critical to your ongoing well-being. Perception of what lies around you is an interesting thing. With this aspect you might want to reality check the agendas of those in your life. Make no assumptions as to why they are there. You want to avoid catastrophes of coincidence. And just because this person, situation or apparent opportunity shows up in this place right now does not make it a great idea. Somewhere inside you'll probably know if this circumstance challenging your sensibilities bears the label of "to hell in a handbasket." And your inclination is to put all your eggs in one basket - this very basket you see before you. Consider the odd pathways of life. How did you get here? Did you encounter a detour or did you willingly pursue this course? Either answer implies the need for heightened awareness. To ensure the potential romantic encounters or professional involvements stay in positive proportion in life, use the element of discretion. Be discrete - as in minutely precise. Such precision perfectly orients you in your surroundings.




Ever have one of those moments in which you went against the flash of insight you received? Such situations become more glaring if life tosses back some sort of difficulty, like exactly the one of which you were forewarned. When you feel like leading the charge up some sort of symbolic mountain to take on a perilous task, do you ever ponder what the outcome might be?


Asbolus, another of our Centaur guides, represents the best in intuitive awareness. Asbolus reflects good counsel given and not heeded, or good advice received and not heeded. Usually the results of not heeding such input become immediately apparent. The urge to veto one of those insightful flashes falls under the visionary gaze of Asbolus. The insight just seemed to be a logical projection. There was nothing psychic about it. "What are the odds of that," Asbolus nudges again. The odds seem high at the moment. He urges absolute attentiveness to futuristic impressions. Stop while you're ahead. No need to take on challenges from an unnecessary argument or death-defying tasks, or push your personal limits. Back off, relax and contemplate.


Asbolus further represents the loss of guidance or wisdom because of alcohol. He points out how judgment, physical and otherwise, degrades when intoxicated. His alternative would suggest that when life feels all-consuming, reinvoke a ceremonial situation to clear the mind. This effort restores strong judgment that supports the spirit and reinstates the intuitive faculties to full potency. Regardless, following intuition remains his determined influence.



Asbolus does not form a major aspect to a planet:


You claim to have impeccable intuition. Perhaps you do. But should the results of life go against all the instinctive guidance you've received along the way, who's going to believe you? Better yet, where do you fit in that mix? Are you aware of the sense of fate, karma or destiny that comes with heeding simple insights received along the way? Something as simple as checking your battery before heading on a trip, when you receive that mental warning, works miracles. This quick check prevents major delays and reduces unnecessary costs down the road. Develop a nose for it. The suggestions are that your olfactory system works overtime. True, we say it can smell like rain. The air can also carry the scent of needing to be extra careful driving, chopping onions or throwing trash into a dumpster. Knowing better remains an ongoing theme. When you know you know better, implement the considerate respect for knowledge. Follow the guidance. Soon, others want to follow your nose as well. And you can lead them successfully up the next hill.




In today's world, the term "boundary" defines the receptivity we have to others or the resistance we put up to others. When encountering new people, what is your criteria for establishing connection? Does it work? If you are pushing away people you'd like to have in your life, perhaps resetting your boundaries is in order. If you're experiencing conflict with a friend, family member, co-worker, boss or your mate, perhaps redefining your boundaries would help. But where do you go for understanding these instinctive urges and reactions you're having to others? Help is at hand.


Chariklo, the sea nymph wife of the powerful healer Chiron, connects you with your greater unconscious and soul urges. She represents your awareness of both your emotional and spiritual boundaries. And in so doing, she works to improve all your relationships by clarifying what is and what is not acceptable to your spirit. Your emotional boundary would be how close you permit another person to stand near you, whether consciously interacting or not. It would also show up as your claim of your physical and emotional needs from another person. She further represents your receptivity to the emotional claims/demands of others.


The spiritual boundary carries the urge for divine kinship. Here you seek someone with common causes, inspired aspirations and shared views of the Universal - a real kindred spirit. These separate boundaries may or may not be the same dimension. And they might be different with every person you meet. Chariklo represents the qualities of compassion, tolerance and forgiveness in unlimited proportion. She questions intent and examines motivation in a gentle, curious manner. She encourages you to start with yourself. Check intent and motive. If it feels good, proceed. If it does not bring a warm sense within its midst, then make corrections.


She bears the sacred marriage between body and soul. Chariklo represents the wedding known as the acceptance of one's spirit by the body. She offers soul retrieval and recovery, bonding ceremonies and energetic healing as her clarity-producing gifts. This clarity opens the doors for shedding the light of understanding toward all people. Then, you are clear to become a vehicle of helping others understand their own boundaries by your shining example.



Chariklo Conjunct Jupiter,  Orb: 0 deg. 23 min.


What mysteries of the times of old do you hold in your consciousness? And where in your consciousness do these mysteries live? Is that even important? It is important. You need reasons. You need to know you're not just pulling things out of wherever you're inclined to unconsciously scratch. Do you hold valid memories? Perhaps this is only your wild imagination. Then again, maybe spiritual speculation rules; the realizations might be valid. What if you have visions? Here's a simple protocol to follow. Take time to see any situation in your life in which you'd like some assistance. See a ceremonial temple. It could be a church, kiva, shanty on a bayou, igloo, cave or whatever. Enter. See the healers. Watch what they do. Now, enact this in life. It's really that easy. Part of you believes that if you can fold your consciousness over a concept, the effects in the denseness of mundane life can follow. This is true. Using the ceremonial track, whether imagined or not, produces real life results. So then, we're to guess at this point that none of it matters. All that matters is that you knowingly use this ceremony for yourself. While you're at it, why not render others a compassionate, ceremonial hand?


Chariklo Quincunx Uranus, Orb: 2 deg. 34 min.


You can go about it a couple of different ways. You can use the principle of command by negation: "do so, until you're told not do so." This can be done either noisily, which brings negation sooner, or quietly. You can intentionally transgress to see if you can get away with it. Or you can pursue the things you must with diligence because your spirit's at stake. You can also conduct your personal experiments of energy, either for the greater good or your own amusement. Energy experiments consist of focusing the electrical intention of your spirit directly at the forehead of someone you think ought to be coming through for you. But there is a level of intent and responsibility for your beamed intent. Energy is energy and energy is physical. Beaming energy at another person is an act in the primal, physical world. No need acting surprised or "Who, me?" when challenged by response to your energetic transmission. The optimal use of this pattern is to encourage people (mostly yourself) to lead with an energy that clearly defines the desired outcome. This direction prevents misdirection and creates balance within your energy field. Your energy speaks clearly of your intent. Should this feel askew, go back to the urge of the soul and beam it through your being into the airwaves. No need to break any protocol - especially that of your spirit's need to sing.




When losses of life, failures or those things not attained override one's sense of hope, the Centaur Hylonome receives a request for appearance. Should the fiscal losses and relational despair feel overwhelming, call out to this feminine Centaur. When distraught over the ending of a relationship in which you had no control over the outcome, use Hylonome.


Hylonome lost her mate during a Centaurian debacle. She was so distressed and unwilling to cope after his death, that she thrust herself on the spear that killed him. So, she appears in our lives not as an indication of hopelessness, but to provide the will to overcome the mountain of insurmountable grief. She appears to provide hope in the darkness of loss. She encourages grief, howsoever painful. She promises that if you let yourself feel the scary feelings of personal, emotionally thick endings, that you will, in time, feel relief.


Whether consciously or not, persons with strong Hylonome aspects function as grief counselors. They offer hope and encouragement to all downtrodden sorts. Of course, to be able to render such precise care, they first must have shed the negativity of all losses perceived in their own life first. These people encourage rebuilding of self-esteem, repair diminished egos and point out a healthy spiritual self-sufficiency.



Hylonome does not form a major aspect to a planet:


Emotional clearing remains a high priority on your agenda. This consideration suggests that perhaps you should clear the emotional decks regularly. Like a mental/spiritual preventive maintenance program, you check whether disarray is evident or not. Sometimes you can't tell something is dusty until a telltale finger leaves its wake. Sometimes the finger leaves a smudge on a clear surface. No matter. The point asks that you prod and poke every now and again at the emotional security of your being just to see how it's really doing. And if you found any shame, blame or guilt, vacuum it up. Focus on its source: that which remained unexpressed. Before you know it you become an expert of emotional exploration. You remain acutely aware of any tendencies toward denial, repression or withholding. Your entire sensitivity effort, whether for yourself or others, seeks out the fullest and best of all feelings. That way, down the road a short piece, there will never be any regret.




Section II: The Black Holes


Black holes offer one of the most compelling mysteries of modern astrophysics, and as a result, to modern astrology as well. These powerful enigmas maintain a relatively constant position in space. When in contact to a natal horoscope either to the Earth based geocentric (the more common system which can be measured either in the tropical or Vedic/sidereal systems) or the Sun centered heliocentric chart, they fill in a huge missing piece of traditional astrological interpretation. Black holes often add a dimension to either the psychological or spiritual profile of the birth chart.


Most simply, a black hole is the result of a decaying star. When the star wanes it exceeds a proper proportion of nuclear furnace abilities and explodes into a Supernova. The explosion throws stellar matter and debris far out into space. There, it slows and begins to cool. The cooling process induces contraction. Over time, the gas and matter collapses back toward what was once the core of the "progenitor" star. After a short millennium or so, the contraction forces an accelerating and irreversible collapse. The star falls back in upon itself literally punching a hole in the fabric of the Universe. At this point, infinite gravity, density of space and compression of time results.


A black hole contains two components: the event horizon and the singularity. These look like the shape of a horn. The inner part of the horn would be correlate to the singularity. The outer edge of the horn's bell would be the event horizon.


At the event horizon, entry into the black hole becomes unavoidable. The gravitational pressure is so intense that not even light can escape - thus, the term black hole. Also at the perimeter time stops. Outside the black hole is time as we monitor it. Inside the black hole time moves in the opposite direction. Similarly, matter can not escape. It become crushed into energy as it falls into the singularity.


At the singularity there is an infinite curvature of space and time and infinite gravitational compression. Everything falling inward simply converts from matter to energy. What matters, literally, becomes lightened up.


Surrounding the black hole, because of this violent consuming nature, the atmosphere heats up to millions of degrees in temperature. This energizes surrounding space causing the emission of X-Rays and Gamma Rays while rendering a blue shift of light, the apparent approach of light to the observer.


It is from these physical images that we derive our first look into the interpretive qualities of the black hole. There often exists a well documented period between the black hole source and the star it consumes. This creates an energy "biorhythm" of sorts for the person in contact to the black hole. While feeling like a physical effect it originates in the person's own electro-magnetic energy field usually called the aura, chi (life force) or basic flow of the spiritual Kundalini energy flow. The pulse of the X-Ray duration affects a person as well. This burst of penetrating energy establishes an attention cycle requiring extreme discipline. In the most extreme black hole players the pulses range from 283 (4 minutes 43 seconds) to 529 seconds (8 minutes 49 seconds).


The X-Rays produce a perceptive, non-judgmental, introspective inner looking ability. Each black hole person has the ability to literally look through another person. The desire is only to see what the other person (or one's self) is all about at the core soul level.


These people warp time and space. They are able to go back and forth in consciousness between varying levels of reality. Known for spacing out, such a person actually tracks information of other Universal Realities. The difficulty remains bringing back the insights. Remember, nothing can come out of a black hole. So a person must strive to record the awareness of another realm into the consciousness, perhaps at the cellular level, so it is indelibly retained. Then the awareness becomes usable in the real world.


The ability to "imagine" future circumstances, events, inventions or even societies goes with the black hole. So does the ability to "recall" what occurred long ago. A person with many black hole contacts standing on an historic site can feel, see and sense what happened as if it is happening to them at the moment. They can also pre-perceive reality, imagine progress for humanity or define a future invention in their mind, possibly "causing" the necessary awareness to create the invention.


The gravity of the black hole, particularly with the Supermassive Black Holes, quickly develops a following. Once an intention goes out to draw energy, attention and resource, a following quickly surrounds the black hole person. Sometimes these people are described as irresistible. On a more subtle level, the person seems to be placed in a central position as a matter of drill whether relating to a work group, humanitarian concern or social sphere.


The ultimate effort of the black hole refers to one's unavoidable destiny or "dharma" in the world. They unconsciously seek to draw everything to them that fulfills the greatest intention for their life. Possible of great impact, the person strong in black hole connections unconsciously aspires to create the greater good for the world and usher in a time of great global progress.


Enjoy your personal journey in these previously indescribable dimensions! Follow your own lead with each awareness received.



Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct V* V2293 Oph,  Orb: 1 deg. 20 min.


You might be discovering something interesting about your need for mental stimulation. Do you want your views to be persistently challenged by others? Would you prefer someone who unfailingly agrees with your precepts? Actually neither of these works as a rule. The need you experience in whatever verbal, informational exchanges you engage in is to locate the real truth of the matter. You must know how it works. Whether your view or that of the other person's is right makes no difference. Your sole concern seeks to establish greater insight, accuracy and truth in what you think, philosophize and believe. When you know you have the real facts at hand, then you can begin to assimilate the information. You remain usefully resistant to making any conclusions without the certainty you've seen all the data, facts and have seen how it applies in real life. A stickler for the application of the hypothesis, you do not let others, nor yourself, rest upon the apparent laurels of a good theory.


Moon Conjunct 3U 0900-40,  Orb: 1 deg. 26 min.


What is your actual reaction time? Despite your alleged intelligence and rapid mental processing skill, you possess quite a delay in the expression of your emotional intelligence. You'll carry a slight delay in any important emotional response. Anyone involved with you assumes that you've cleared a particular emotional turn because of the lack of response. A sense of shock, amusement, betrayal and resentment can occur when you return to a critical point your partner thought was already negotiated. The easiest application is to realize your inner delay. Whenever you're presented with an emotional opportunity, choice or challenge, indicate that you took it in. Also indicate you require a little catch up time. The minimum interval for this would be about five minutes. But it could also run as long as nearly nine days. When you declare your needed time for assimilation and response the other party must respect the interval. Should you be pressed at any time during the response curve, it starts all over again. This is not something you want, it's a necessity. You'll simply have to learn to insist upon it.


Venus Conjunct 3U 1516-56,  Orb: 0 deg. 38 min.


Your doctrine of favorable relationships observes you want a partner with a solid belief system. Initially you manage to attract someone with a belief system that is more or less compatible with yours. Then you grow. You have to grow. This growth curve comes through your accidental attractions to new activities and ideas. As you explore, your views and attitudes expand. Should your lover now be in the same old place you'll label her/him boring, unstimulating and closed minded. Oddly, what attracted you at first faded into yesterday's emotional newspaper. To ensure relationship progress make sure your lover stays either directly involved in your new interest or catches a favorable wind from these pursuits. Or they can find their own thing. Either way their sails billow as well. Should this not occur, the partner's apparent flatness makes them a woos (simply, a sailing term meaning wind out of sail - no where nor way to go). Your movement does not exclude your lover regardless of your independence.


MC Conjunct 3U 1516-56,  Orb: 1 deg. 09 min.


When your co-workers approach you for assistance they do not seek your paternal tendency to quiz them through the problem. You'll capture their interest better if you perform the answer yourself with an effortless stroke that looks like magic. When done and the crisis stands resolved, you'll be approached to see how you did it. The attitude of your querent will be that of how did you do that slight of hand. You come back with another demonstration but point out the concern is that of slight of mind. It simply was the slighted fact in the mind that created the gap between knowing and ability. Perhaps the information was once there. Maybe it was just forgotten. The healing answer comes from the experiential application of idea to task in a prioritized but not overwhelming time. Recognize the human tendency not to pay attention to what doesn't seem important. Funny how sleeping through tire changing in the driving class seemed like a good idea. Of course you weren't in the desert a hundred miles from nowhere either. Sometimes you can even remember what you ignored - but only if you put no real pressure on it.


Venus Conjunct 3U 1617-15,  Orb: 2 deg. 19 min.


"Why do you feel that way?" might be the first thing blurting out of your mouth. True, you do want to understand. At the moment, though, that's not going to help. If you find yourself saying such a thing it would appear that you and your love interest fell out of alignment. Given your skill at extrapolation, remember that out of alignment does not infer out of love. That's another whole scenario that hopefully takes more than what's going on at the moment to jar it loose. Your job right now is to find agreement. Agreement most easily comes from each partner agreeing to comply with the relationship standards of the other, if and only if it does not infringe upon the expression of their inner being. That agreed, progress can be restored. The other key element here is that some things involved will remain well outside the dimension of reason. Emotional issues are at hand. They make no sense. However, emotional fulfillment makes sense to support a philosophy of goodness and abundance in life. That is, if you feel so inclined.


MC Conjunct 3U 1617-15,  Orb: 0 deg. 32 min.


You possess a powerful skill for getting something out of someone they had no intention of stating. While you could work for a secret organization securing secrets from adversarial people, a more functional aspect exists. You can warm a person's defense mechanisms with your basic energy. This creates a secret tent in which anything could be spoken. The implication of this tent is that anything spoken in this place remains in this sacred place. This trust, if broken, will become an eternal, irreparable rift between those involved. Like keeping details of therapy or ceremony intact, the trust of baring the soul receives encouragement. Your quest is for others to reveal the details of their spirit to allow a full and complete recognition of the soul within. It would go without saying that elements of both light and dark exist in each soul. It would go without saying that every single element can safely lie under the beam of the light of understanding. It would go without saying what those elements are.


Venus Conjunct 3U 1653+35,  Orb: 1 deg. 21 min.


In love you'll insist upon an open-minded, evolution-oriented partner. You need a person who will read the same books as you, using them as fodder for stimulating discussions (after which you'll really be ready to make hay). You seek out those with objectivity, intelligence and compassion in their way of thinking and, well, their consciousness. You actually could locate a contemptuous part of your heart toward those who deny these powerful needs. Perhaps a mild extrapolation would note that you could lean toward judgmental. For others with different values you might try observing that their early environment, experience of life and current stimulation would probably replicate the same results with any person. This opens your receptivity to their divergent, possibly lesser state of understanding. Bear in mind this does not make this person a project. Should you project the project nature at another person chosen as a partner, you become a teacher not a lover. You do claim you want to share intimate space with an equal, mental giant, right? The rest is a no-brainer.


Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct 3U 1658-48,  Orb: 0 deg. 38 min.


Do you have to understand it to use it? Spiritually this would be true. Physically maybe not. You can use electricity by flicking a switch whether you understand the laws of current flow between polar opposites or not. Metaphysically you cannot afford this luxury. You quest to understand the flow of internal energy. So you study polarity theory, quantum physics, the Yin and the Yang, chakras and more. There are many ways to seek such information. But you know you cannot speak with any authority about the principles of Kundalini flow, auric fields, chakras, chi or whatever until you have felt it undeniably and fully within yourself. If you stuck your finger in a wall socket you would realize electricity is not a myth. How can you direct your attention into your own auric field to fully assess its potential? Practice radiating energy with thought and word. Study the feedback. This gives you the first grasps of the profound results of what you can create. Then you can teach what you understand.


Asc. Conjunct NGC 7022,  Orb: 0 deg. 07 min.


"Why," often bolts out of your mouth first. This first question remains secondary to the real concern. The real concern is "How?" If you really pay attention, you'll notice that this is what others seem to expect from you. They want you to show them how. You're expected to come up with new ideas, literally right out of thin air. This is only because you've demonstrated such ability in the past. When you lock onto the importance of an issue, you'll go to the edges of the Universe to find the right answer. Oddly, your questioning ways established your reputation for having answers. The truth behind the answers comes from your listening ability. You remain receptive to whatever you hear when you ask for solutions. "Doesn't everyone?" you ask. Not even. You offer an open ear, mind and spirit to your environment. You know better than most that the environment speaks to you, right now, about the conditions of the Universe. How? Find out.


Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct V* V2107 Oph,  Orb: 1 deg. 15 min.


Was that real or was it imagined? According to you, why should you even bother with such a thought? The point is that the inclusion of the perception undeniably and indelibly altered your basic precepts. Should you now experience an undesired inconsistency you feel upsets your psychic apple cart you know what to do. Relentlessly and feverishly, take on a new quest to confirm or deny this latest flash. If you deny the new thought, you can go back to being who you once were. If you confirm the altering awareness, you've been altered - like it or not. Meanwhile, even if you denied the contradicting thought it's now impossible to divorce yourself from the impact of, "But that could have been real." Your objectivity bandwidth has been tested. The Universe asked you to reconsider what varieties of apples you enjoy. It might be more fruitful to expand the image way beyond apples.


Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct V* V1033 Sco,  Orb: 1 deg. 20 min.


Your job is not to take an opposing point to others when trying to figure out Universal Mysteries and Realities. You job is more of locating the missing thread. Then, somehow all these random ideas connect. You're the one who points out that group discussion is like a game of "Scrabble." Can you build upon the foundation of words and thoughts laid by others? You note that yesterday's events permit the reactions of today, which would be impossible to have without those recent occurrences. You provide the missing link. You don't mean to do this. But it will naturally evolve if you allow your mind to prompt you into seeing the general direction of where life unfolds. It surfaces even easier by making a mild effort to see deeper into the vastness. Look a little longer. Let your focus shift in and out. Stare afar then bring your eyes to your hands. Not only do you avoid eye fatigue, you catch a glimpse of what seeks your attention.


Venus Conjunct 4U 1543-47,  Orb: 2 deg. 39 min.


What is it that causes you to go ballistic when your needs appear denied? Is it that this other person or situation failed to comply with your emotional expectations? Nope, not at all. Consider that when your lover fails you it's all about the principle of the thing. Did they not agree to obey, honor and all those words you personally took with an independence demanding grain of salt? The most disappointing consideration would be that of failing the unwritten law of trust. You trusted them to uphold their end of the bargain. That is the outrage. You might try stepping back from such inner stirring that predicts an impending psychic maelstrom. Take a moment to assess what you would have done under the same circumstances and constraints. You might be expecting your significant other to live up to expectations you know you yourself could not shoulder. Then, let it go. Instead of perceiving an irrevocable breach of trust, redefine the doctrine with conditions you both can honestly agree to uphold.


MC Conjunct 4U 1543-47,  Orb: 0 deg. 53 min.


You remain subject to emotional outrage at being shunned professionally. Whether passed over for a job, losing a promotion to another person or not having your talent recognized, your indignant reactions threatens your future. You might howl about how there is no one more focused, qualified and experienced in the job. Don't forget to mention calm and collected. Instead of the outrage take the energy focused and immediately reconstruct a statement of purpose for your professional life. You could possibly discover at this point that the job you missed might not fulfill these objectives. Maybe some twisted Universal Professional Positioning device operates behind the scenes. Should you still feel you missed out, rewrite your job description highlighting the taken for granted, not seen as your real job, things you do. Indicate your position to be willing to reside on the standby list. You never know. And if nothing else, you can take this new job description and apply it where those talents are sought.


Mercury Conjunct Tel,  Orb: 0 deg. 17 min.


You're the executive sitting behind the polished mahogany desk listening to everyone's point of view in the meeting. You make a few notes - more would be better. When everyone speaks, you fold up your materials, thank them and head back to your office. They sit wondering what you think. Simply, you don't know yet. You need time to work it out. You run it in your filters this way and that. You work the budget allocations at least three ways. At the next meeting you'll give a minuscule rendering of your conclusion. Others might be lost. You figure they don't need to know how you figure. That may not be true. Once others understand how you conclude what you do, they honor your decisions. This little bit of effort does not compromise your mental trade secrets. In any situation in life your mental filters work this way. Remember to report your conclusions. And where it counts, show your work. The big plus is that if you do this, later you'll be able to remember how you arrived where you did.


Mercury Conjunct LS5039,  Orb: 2 deg. 31 min.


Your primary goal would be that of minimizing the heaviness of life's concerns. The attainment of such a goal requires only conscious attention according to you. It seems to most that a bit more than conscious attention must occur. Most people squint and strain to see through the veils of mundane matters. You just take a look and presto - it's there. That's because you see with something else in your mind. The energy behind your connection virtually takes a peek from the inside out. You sense things as they operate. As a child riding on a long trip home from a tiring day, you space out listening to road noise underneath you. The reassuring sounds offer pictures of the car's tires on the road. You can even see the drive shaft spinning. In a similar way, you can perceptually crack the code by simply musing, "I wonder what makes this tick?" The good news is you can recall all this insight if you do not jar yourself back to the density of life. Ease back. Bring it all back with you.


Mercury Conjunct GS 1826-238,  Orb: 2 deg. 12 min.


Basically, you can never complete a thought sequence. When attempting to wrap up a mental or logical loop, you'll encounter a few more juicy morsels. These take you on another joyride in the mind. While this is great for you, those who need your input or require your presence remain less than amused. They'll think you're implementing your personal control agenda by stalling their life. This is not on target. Your thing is that you simply want to exhaust the sequence of the brain before shutting it down. Again, this never happens and you end up exhausting the patience of others. A key would be to make a few key notes holding sufficient potency to jog your memory later. Then determine that to be your breaking point. Maybe when you join forces with those demanding your attention, you can share some of these current thoughts. However, it remains imperative to good relations for you to deliver the promised goods to them first.


Mercury Conjunct LS5039,  Orb: 2 deg. 31 min.


Practical, with dedicated attention you look forward at the circumstances to come with great interest. Specifically your interest focuses upon, "What will come from what lies just ahead?" The immediate environmental factors and your history file of life conditions the conclusion you'll make. There is also a better way. Take your scan/scrutiny mode button and press the one that indicates high power. This mode permits a clear look at the reality of the next challenge or opportunity. Seek out the meaning of the situation. Imagine that the next step on the path represents a major inner growth for you. Outside circumstances seek to create spiritual awakening. As your awareness of your inner changes due to life connection grows, the perception rendered toward all that lies ahead changes. You can bet that soon you'll be looking forward to anything that offers any ability to create a mental transmutation. Your thinking becomes more grounded and lofty - all at the same time.


Sun Conjunct XTE J1859+226,  Orb: 1 deg. 22 min.


Your desire is condensed, brightly illuminated understanding. Part of your work is to understand the complete physical reality of energetic and spiritual realities. Often you have this potent desire disguised as your material involvement in life. Your pursuit of work, economic gain, status and fame forces you back into yourself. You need to come to a full understanding of the nature of your body and its physical effort in life. This looks a lot like your efforts in the work world. But the reality is that you must focus your energy in these efforts. This focus prevents burn out, exhaustion and over-extending your physical resources. Thus, your life naturally forces you back into retreat mode. While this makes no sense to you time-wise, your energy screams for relief from the relentless pace you've been enacting. Taking the necessary time out to savor and rebuild your vital life force energy causes you to regain control of your essence. Here you can permit all your resources to shine as brightly as they can with no concern of negative consumption. Condensed, concentrated and clear, you proceed and collect your due.


Mars Conjunct XTE J1859+226,  Orb: 1 deg. 53 min.


Your first effort might be well suited to be a study of the physical laws of energy. Specifically, think of a fighter jet's engines. How intensely focused must the thrust of the engines be to go into the high-speed, threat-intercept modes? It must be very focused. Think about the results you produce that seemed effective compared to those that came off as ineffectual. What was the difference? Chances are some of it had to do with thrust. Either too much or too little fails to do the deed well. Then comes duration; can your thrust be sustained for an interval that induces successful arrival at the destination? To suit these situations, your efforts would be first placed in learning how "not" to react. Your instincts shoot warning flares high into the sky that scramble your jets without knowing the real threat. Sometimes you chase a cloud or wayward birthday balloons just because they popped up on radar. Should you go into the stratosphere to find yourself face-to-face with a mother ship of other-worldly origin, you might be unprepared. Focus energy. Determine the value of pursuit. Fly no mission of no purpose.


Heliocentric Mars Conjunct XTE J1859+226,  Orb: 2 deg. 14 min.


Subtle disciplines for energetic focus would be invaluable for you. Consider the disciplined mastery of body and energy needed for Tai Chi. The smooth grace of this marital art serves your nature well. You crave the constant, clear use of your energy's core. You ardently desire never to exceed yourself with too much passion, nor an attitude that creates apathy. You seek the perfect flow. How does a stream know how many gallons of water to rush by a specific stone everyday? It doesn't. It just does. You can measure the daily flow, average it, assign a few external variables and come up with a protocol. Still the stream does only what it can do. Knowing the immeasurable boundaries and limits of energy serves the mastery of your soul. Erratic surges that react with knee jerks to life bumps do not dignify your inherent knowledge. Focus all efforts first with an energetic consolidation. Guaranteed, your efforts will fertilize more of the fields of life downstream.