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Heaven Knows What

Astrological Report for Julia Roberts

by Grant Lewi





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Your Chart Data

Julia Roberts
     Date:        OCT 28,1967
     Time:        12:16:00 AMBZT  +03:00
     Place:        Smyrna,Georgia    
                      084W31'00"  33N53'00"

Here are the elements of your birth chart or horoscope
calculated for the moment you were born.The horoscope provides a permanent record of what surrounded life at itsbeginning. It is the blueprint from which the following interpretations areread.







House Cusps






01  15°Ca11'






02  06°Le36'



13°Sc55' R



03  00°Vi46'






04  00°Li18'






05  05°Sc39'






06  12°Sg24'



07°Ar09' R



07  15°Cp11'






08  06°Aq36'






09  00°Pi46'






10  00°Ar18'






11  05°Ta39'






12  12°Ge24'



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Grant Lewi (1902 - 1951) is a legendary figure among twentieth centuryastrologers. He was a writer and editor for the two largest astrologicalmagazines of the time. His two books, Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions, were the first astrological books tobecome best sellers and even today, over fifty years later, they remain amongthe best introductions to the subject of astrology.

The astrological interpretations found inHeaven Knows What andAstrology for the Millionswere unique, fresh, and simple. Llewellyn George, the prominent astrologer ofthe time, remarked that Lewi's interpretations must be intuitive because theywere unlike any that had been written before him. Today these interpretationsremain energetic and forceful and, though some references are now dated, Lewi'stext still  provides some of theclearest insights found anywhere in the literature of astrology.

Lewi was determined to make astrologymore accessible to the average person, but while popularizing the subject henever watered it down or reduced it to the level found in "sun sign"astrology. Writing before computers were available, he made his books functionas the computer, providing the reader with tables to generate their own chartsor horoscopes and then linking his interpretations to the information foundthere. Lewi would have made good use of the computer, so much in his books seemto anticipate them. In his writing he tried to emulate the interpretation processby using a computerless version of artificial intelligence: the meaning of aplanet in a sign doesn't stand alone but is modified by the other aspects foundin your chart. Many of his comments depend on a combination of factors and forthis reason you will sometimes find that he has something different to sayabout an aspect in your chart than he does for the same aspect in your friend'schart.

This report calculates your chart for youand then collects all of Lewi's comments strictly according to the astrologicalfactors found there. The text contained here is valid even for those who don'tknow their time of birth - Lewi focused on those factors that are in effectthroughout the birthday. The only exception to this is the case of the Moonwhich can move between 12 and 14 degrees in a day, so if the positions werecalculated for noon then the Moon could be as much as 6 or 7 degrees differentand possibly even change signs. If you don't know your time and the texts thatinvolve the Moon seem unlikely, you may wish to compare reports done for thebeginning and the end of the day.

At all times, Lewi’s aim has beento show how astrology can be used as an aid in living a more satisfying andfulfilling life. Astrology offers indications and pointers - and sometimesinsights - to situations that you find in life. It doesn’t tell you whatto do about them, but if it offers you a better understanding of the situation,then you are in a better position to decide for yourself what to do. To quoteGrant Lewi:

"It is not limitations that eatsout the heart, but inaction, the knowledge of powers not used, the sense ofhaving failed to develop to the utmost. The overcoming of fate is not theovercoming of limitations: that is impossible. It is the exercise of free will,the assertion of the full self, expanding to its utmost with the tools at hand,in the circumstances that are set. Astrology, through the interpretation of thehoroscope, assists men to the achievement of their maximum by indicating tothem the lines along which their will may be most progressively applied, thegoals to be sought, and the individual means by which each one may arrive atthe outermost boundaries of his world."


Horoscope of Birth


Your horoscope of birth is the blueprint of your personality and character asindicated by the position of the Sun, the Moon and the eight planets on thedate of your birth. This section is devoted to each of these members of thesolar system.

The planets are the antennae and arms ofthe horoscope, of which the body and soul are the Sun and Moon. No planet willever cause you to act counter to the testimony of the Sun and Moon in theircombined influence on you. Remember this when you proceed with the followingreadings. All planetary vibration must be considered in light of the basicsolar-lunar readings, for these are your character, your basic nature, whichthe planets will help or hinder but cannot materially change.

According to the sign position of yourSun, one planet will be more important than the others and should probably beread first. Your Sun is in Scorpio and your dominant planet is Mars. Not onlythe action of this ruling planet will be very important in your life, but alsothe attribute over which it rules. Thus Gemini, ruled by Mercury, lives a greatdeal in the senses; Libra, ruled by Venus, responds most readily to emotionalstimuli; and so on. Study your ruler carefully.

Remember in all planetary readings thatthey work within the pattern of your solar-lunar nature; never against it. Thesynthesis of your horoscope from the following series of paragraphs to aworking unit depends on your keeping this in mind, which will enable you toweld all the readings into a unified and significant whole.

Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Leo

You have a strong, positive personality;fixed opinions and emotions; great stability of purpose; and if you do not letyourself live on the strictly emotional side of your nature - which is verystrong - you are capable of becoming a person of considerable influence and importance.The danger of your nature comes from emotional involvement; you are stronglyimpressed by romantic considerations, and you can take up all your energydreaming and thinking about the far away and long ago, or about love in somemanifestation or other. You are, with respect to love, somewhat idealistic, butwith a realistic approach to matters of sex; you are no prude, though you give,and expect in return, loyalty and fidelity.

You have a very complete ideology oflife, not all of it too realistic; for emotional disappointments andfrustrations have driven you to ideals, concepts, and abstractions ofphilosophy which seem visionary to more practical people. None the less, youfind a lot of satisfaction in your dreams, your only danger being that theywill absorb you too completely. Few people can live up to the high standardsyou set for them; and even when you are swept off your feet by anger, romance,hatred, jealousy, or revenge, you maintain the idea that you are really anidealist, and that your temporary lapse isn't really you at all. This is allright, if the lapses don't become habitual; but you have to hold yourself verystrongly in leash, so that the Old Adam in you doesn't beat down the RegenerateMan. You can be of the earth earthy; and sensationalism can gain a tremendoushold on you if you are not careful. It is to combat this tendency, of which youare conscious (or subconscious), that you have built up your complex system ofideals.

The dangers of sensationalism areincreased with your Moon square Neptune, Venus conjunct Uranus, and Saturnopposite Uranus but your will comes to your rescue, for you have the mostpowerful of wills and need it. Nerves are a problem. Your great magnetism, whenworking without the disadvantage of personal bias, can make you a leader, foryou can make people do as you want, and can gain tremendous control over themwhen you have learned objectivity and detachment from your emotions.


The Sun indicates the appearance you willpresent before the world and the psychological bias which will dominate youractions. What you seem, and why, are told in the reading for your Sun. In manyways the Sun is the dominant force in your horoscope and in your life. Otherinfluences, especially that of the Moon, may modify the Sun's influence, butnothing will cause you to depart very far from the basic solar pattern. Forthis reason a whole literature and a whole business have grown up aroundSun-sign astrology; and many people exist who think there is nothing more tothe horoscope than knowing what "sign you were born in" and what theSun in that sign means. This is a mistake, as you will discover when you haveread the influence of the other bodies. But throughout your reading, keep inmind always the basic influence of the Sun, and remember that all otherinfluences must be interpreted in terms of it, especially in so far as otherinfluences play a visible role in your life. You may think, dream, imagine,hope to be a thousand things, according to your Moon and your other planets,but the Sun is what you are, and to be your best self in terms of your Sun isto cause your energies to work along the path in which they will have maximumhelp from planetary vibrations.

Sun in Scorpio

"I wish to preach not the doctrineof ignoble case, but the doctrine of the strenuous life.... Far better it is todare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure,than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffermuch, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory ordefeat."

TheodoreRoosevelt, born in Scorpio, October 27, 1858.


The dualism of Scorpio makes it abaffling sign, for the Scorpion combines materialism with spirituality. He is"the world, the flesh and the devil" and also the spirit thatrenounces them. He is full of the zest of life, which, however, is meaningfulonly after he has added a unique, almost mystic, significance. The search forinner values, for the key to the riddle of self, of world, of life itself, isScorpio's basic motivation, and his search, whether it takes him to spiritualheights or into the darkest of subconscious depths, is always intense. To him,"Life is real, life is earnest, and the grave is not its goal."Scorpio takes himself, his work, his ideals, his love seriously and insiststhat others do the same; yet at the same time he is aware of the fleetingnessof it, the futility of it, the smallness of it. Not usually religious in anyorthodox sense, he has his own personal religion, which is more mystic thanphilosophic, and which is part of the depths of his profound nature.

Scorpio is the only sign that neverproduces a shallow person. The best of the rest dip into nonentities from timeto time, but a Scorpion is always consequential. You must reckon with him evenif you dislike or despise him. He can sink to the lowest level of them all ifthe sense of futility turns his great energies inward instead of outward; butto whatever level he may sink, he carries with him an essential dignity, as ifto represent the greatness of Lucifer in fall as well as in glory. At its best,Scorpio is a mechanical, spiritual or legal genius, though rarely an executive.Luxurious and extravagant in his tastes, he lacks interest in making moneybecause, when he calls on his maximum powers, they lead him to noncommercialfields. So great is his magnetism that he will generally be found in a positionwhere he can get all he wants without giving his all, which is reserved forprivate, perhaps secret, pursuits.

Scorpio is careful of appearances,generally a conformist in all that meets the eye, and would not willingly letyou into the private details of his life, thoughts and philosophies. Yet theseare very clear to him and provide him with an unexpressed viewpoint that giveshim great poise. He looks at the world with aware, perhaps accusing, eyes; hedoes not betray the secret he has with himself, which gives him reserve andself-assurance and an uncanny knack of making the other fellow feel that heknows more than he is expressing. Part of the secret of Scorpio (no one cantell you all of the secret except the individual Scorpion himself, and hewon't) is the simplicity with which he accepts the merger of the material andthe spiritual. He relates all problems of life to a standard of intangiblesthat is unknown to other men, achieves a practical answer in terms of hissecret, perhaps unconscious, doctrine of the worlds, and thus adds to hispersonality the sort of magic one would have who consulted with an invisible,but ever-present, guardian angel.

Following are the aspects to your Sun. Ina general way, the trines and sextiles to your Sun make ease, contentment,happiness, luck; while squares and oppositions give you energy, drive, success,ambition. Conjunctions bring both energy and luck, and are translatable interms of whether the Sun receives squares or trines, along with theconjunction. Similarly, squares and trines to the Sun together bring success throughwork and perseverance, and luck develops in proportion to the work done and theeffort extended. Your luck and energy may be good, but you need to work updrive, direction, and purpose.

Sun Conjunct Mercury     Orb: 09°55'

You have a sound mentality. alongwhatever lines you work you are fundamentally sane. Even with the erraticaspect, Mars square Saturn and Mars square Uranus, which makes for nervousness,you have a hitching post of normalcy. Men and women with this aspect have anassurance against serious or permanent mental difficulties which will carrythem through a whole lot of stress and bring them out the right side.Stubbornness is marked, and you are a tough customer to make change your mindonce you have it made up. You are studious and sound in your intellectual work,but this position does not in itself make for creative ability. This will makefor perseverance - the ability to add the ninety-nine percent of perspirationto genius's one percent of inspiration.

Sun Sextile Mars    Orb: 00°18'

You have abundant physical vitality andlittle hesitancy in using it. You are always on the move. Your aims andpurposes, being direct and clear and animated by a good physical equipment,carry you to success. You are forceful, hard-hitting, aggressive, knowing whereyou stand and where you are going. You wear out less energetic souls by thespeed and continuous level of your activities, for you are seemingly tirelessand can stand shoulder to shoulder with the strongest when it comes to mattersof endurance. Since a good deal of the success of this world in materialmatters depends on physical vitality, you have an edge on competitors. You arean excellent leader not so much of thought as of action (unless Mercury ispowerful) and frequently choose the army or navy as your field of activity,where you speedily rise to authority; or business, where you won't long stay ina subordinate position. You overwhelm people, and they naturally give way toyou. This occurs with strong intellectual and creative bents. You are a leaderof thought and a powerful personality.

Sun Sextile Jupiter     Orb: 02°39'

The qualities of luck, energy,magnanimity, and good spirits here are pronounced. You have lots of vitalityand optimism, together with a broad, tolerant, philosophic viewpoint - a sortof hail-fellow-well-met person making friends readily and generally keepingthem. This is an excellent position for business. In a professional or artisticcareer this insures financial return. No poet with this aspect ever starved ina garret, or anywhere else, for that matter. You spend freely and convivially,and your abundant vitality makes it possible for you to keep going for a longtime.


While the Sun's position by signdetermines what motives and urges dominate your life as it meets the naked eye,the sign position of the Moon tells the desire of your heart which may or maynot be expressed or realized in your life. When you "know what you meanbut you can't say it," it is your Moon that knows it and your Sun that can'tsay it. "Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears" are thethoughts of your Moon's nature. The wordless ecstasy, the mute sorrow, thesecret dream, the esoteric picture of yourself that you can't get across to theworld, or which the world doesn't comprehend or value - these are the productsof the Moon in your horoscope. When you are misunderstood, it is your Moonnature, expressed imperfectly through the Sun sign, that you feel is betrayed.When you know what you ought to do, but can't find the right way to do it, itis your Moon that knows and your Sun that refuses to react in harmony. Also,when you "don't know why I said that," it was your Moon expressingdespite your Sun (if you are innerly satisfied with the involuntary speech), orthe Sun expressing against the will of the Moon (if you are displeased withwhat has slipped out). Things you know without thought - intuitions, hunches,instincts - are the products of the Moon. Modes of expression that you feel aretruly your deepest self belong to the Moon: art, letters, creative work of anykind; sometimes love; sometimes business. Whatever you feel is most deeplyyourself, whether or not you are able to do anything about it in the outerworld, is the product of your Moon and of the sign your Moon occupies at birth.

Moon in Leo

The portrait you paint of yourself isheroic and towers above the world you inhabit. To live up to the level of yourinner picture is a lifetime job requiring energy, courage and considerablesense of the drama of existence. Private satisfactions are not very importantto you; you are less introspective than most. You want to see the tangibleevidence of success, and like it best if the rest of the world can see it, too.You are a bit of a show off, but since you are utterly honest with yourself,you can laugh at your own vanities, even when they remain important. You wantvaluable possessions, well-groomed children, good clothes, accomplishments andevidences of accomplishment that others can applaud. Your desires are basicallysimple, and your methods of getting them direct; you know what you want and arewilling to make sacrifices for them. You won't sacrifice personal integrity,however, or honor, which are the intangibles that do matter to you. Education,culture, art, music, however, matter less. You can take 'em or leave 'em alone;and ten to one, if you do take 'em, it isn't because they really feed yoursoul, but because you think evidence of such a soul will in some way add toyour prestige. Throughout your life you will strive to fulfill an image ofyourself which is less a portrait than a statue dominating the landscape ofyour life by its size, its beauty, the dramatic quality of its setting and thecolorful beauty of its trappings. And in becoming this statue you are likely tobecome a lot of other more spiritual things which you don't even desire andwhich are added to you because of the honest workmanship that goes into yourself sculpture.

Following are the aspects to your Moon.Look to the trines and sextiles to give you charm and clear-thinking; and tothe squares and oppositions to provide you with concentration and drivingforce.

Moon Sextile Sun    Orb: 09°48'

This adds an element of luck to the lifeand will tend to strengthen any good, or minimize any evil, that may beindicated by the rest of the chart. It inclines to a strong, sound body and anability to take the ups and downs of the world in your stride. While it willnot negate in any large degree the difficulties of the powerful aspects, itwill cushion the blow, give you internal resilience and external poise, as wellas an elastic power to bounce back to normal from any personal or economicdifficulty.

Moon Trine Mars    Orb: 09°30'

You have a vigorous mind - sharp, quick,satiric - and a clipped manner of speech. You have an aggressive spirit whichmay or may not be manifest in your actions, but which causes your plans to soarand your ideas to expand. You have good control over your passions, which arestrong; and use your anger to good purpose. You are a dangerous enemy becauseyour fires are leashed and directed to go to the mark. In a man's horoscopethis gives an aggressive wife, possibly a shrew, who none the less is good forhim, stimulating him to action at the same time that she makes him mad.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter     Orb: 07°09'

Character is your god. you believe in yourown personal worth from a moral and character viewpoint. Your abilities may behigh or low, depending on other things, but you are utterly dependable and canbe counted on to do the right thing and think the right thoughts. This doesn'tmake you puritanical or cold, because you have a naturally cheerful andoptimistic nature, very sympathetic with other people and their troubles. Youhave a genuine feeling for your fellow man, his problems and difficulties. Thisis the aspect of the missionary who may be interested in people's souls, butchiefly wants to take care of their physical comforts on earth. Here are foundsocial workers, doctors, nurses, and executives in these fields, to whom theiroccupation is more than a means of livelihood - it's a conviction and apassion. You have a certain nobility of approach and of motive - you couldn'tbe mean or petty if you tried, and thus your popularity and luck are welldeserved, and nobody grudges them to you. You can be a stern judge, but youwill always temper justice with mercy. You will condemn people, perhaps,morally, but be reluctant to punish them, and you are never vindictive. You'rewell fixed financially. Your Moon in Leo and Mars trine Jupiter increases yourfinancial position even more. This is an aspect of extraordinary goodness. Thehumanitarian motive is uppermost and makes you an extraordinarily fine person.

Moon Square Neptune     Orb: 00°52'

This impairs the creative gifts, and yourmanner of thought and expression, intruding an unrealistic note into yournotions and confusing practical issue with hazy and misty generalizations. Inbusiness, thought, romance, you have to keep your feet on the ground, for youlove the clouds. You are capable of daydreaming by the hour and of concoctingbrave plans that would be marvelous - if you or anyone else could make themhappen. This adds a sort of naive charm to your nature. You can believe infairies, Santa Claus and ghosts, just as others can believe in Herbert Hoover,and your perpetual love for the mystic will intrigue those who love theinnocent, the childish, the unspoiled. But all this doesn't help you much inthe world of affairs, and an impractical approach to many things will stand inthe way of your progress until such a time as you get your feet on the groundand hitch your wagon to a fence post.


Mercury is the sense-impression antennaeof your horoscope. His position by sign indicates your reactions to sights,sounds, odors, tastes and touch impressions, affording a key to the attitude youhave toward the physical world around you. Mercury is the messenger throughwhich your physical body and brain (the Sun) and your inner nature (the Moon)are kept in contact with the outer world, which will appear to you according tothe index of Mercury's position by sign in the horoscope.

Mercury in Scorpio

You see, hear, experience with thelegalistic attitude of a judge. Anything that stands before the bar of yoursenses isn't likely to get off easily, for you interpret critically what passesbefore your eyes, and not always kindly. As a result, when you give expressionto your judgment, you may earn the reputation for having a sharp tongue. Yourpowers of observation are acute; you have the eye of an eagle, and a kind ofpermanent awareness of what is going on around you makes it impossible foranyone to put anything over on you. You have eyes in the back of your head, anda sixth sense tells you things that the other five miss. Criticism is part ofyour process of taking in the world, and you never take in much of it withoutpassing judgment in the process. You observe accurately but not alwayscharitably; the nerve channels through which impressions reach the brain areapparently filled with acid which eats away the superficialities that impress othersand leaves only the stark realities to be recorded on your cerebellum. You aretherefore a first-class critic and debunker, seeing through phoniness, sham andpretension and, since your eyes and ears rarely deceive you, pretty generallygetting to the truth of what goes on.

Mercury Sextile Venus     Orb: 04°06'

Idealism is manifest, and also a leaningto the arts, either on the creative or the appreciative side. With your Mercuryconjunct Neptune these tendencies may become creative activity. You may havefriends among clever and intellectual people. You may marry someone from thisgroup, for your affections are much bound up in your opinion of the loved one'smentality. You have a good deal of charm of manner, wit, and gayety to yourspeech, and probably have a very pleasant speaking (and perhaps also singing)voice. You don't shout even when you're angry, and you have a persuasive mannerthat wins people over. This is therefore good for salesmanship or theprofessions where personal contacts are of paramount importance.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune     Orb: 09°25'

You have a sensitive mind, plastic andimpressionable, sensational and romantic. Smells and tastes mean a great dealto you, and you respond to color, music, and odor as a photographic plate respondsto light. You try to find the expression for what you feel, for a desire toarticulate beauty is inherent in you. This causes you to write poetry or music.You may be very successful. A tendency to fall into sensationalism isdangerous. The mind runs to sensuous thoughts and must be strictly controlledand guarded. These may range from the spiritual and idealistic to the gross andbestial, and a touch of earth is generally mixed with even the highest amountof idealism. This is an aspect of Pan the Earth God, who despite the goathooves piped the most ethereal of songs and won the hearts of the maidens. Thissensationalism, controlled and guided, produces art, poetry, charm; but allowedto run rampant, can absorb and hypnotize the whole personality destructively.You should avoid mysticism, spiritualism, and anything that is not logicallyprovable. Once you pin yourself down to logic and reasonableness and avoidsensationalism, your mind is capable of extraordinary feats.

Mercury Sextile Pluto     Orb: 08°01'

You are fascinated by the enigmatic orbizarre, and your thinking is geared to gaining a deep understanding of themysteries of life. Because of this, you are a natural researcher and student ofthe occult, the sciences, psychology and astrology. You aren't satisfied by thedogmas or theories that others are content with; your search is for a personaltruth, a notion of your place in the cosmos. Although you are secretive bynature, there is nothing that gives you more pleasure than digging into otherpeople's secrets. Your determination helps you to learn a subject inconsiderable depth or to get to the bottom of neighborhood gossip. You have toexert yourself to develop your mental resources, since you are apt to coastalong, learning only what comes easiest. Concentration and discipline should becultivated. Once they have been developed, you can use your powers ofpersuasion to lead others gently.


Venus is the emotional antenna of yourhoroscope. Through Venus, impressions come to you from the outer world becauseof which you feel and react emotionally. The position of Venus by sign at thetime of your birth gives the key to your attitude toward these emotionalexperiences. As Mercury is the messenger linking sense impressions (sight, smell,etc.) to the basic nature of your Sun and Moon, so Venus is the messengerlinking emotional impressions.

Venus in Virgo

You relate emotional experience to a wellorganized code of conduct. You have strong family feeling and generally havegenuine affection for your relatives Your belief in the proprieties is sostrong that you just don't have emotions that would involve their violation.Your impulses are usually strictly proper; if you stray from the beaten track,it is because you have convinced yourself that it is all right: you satisfyyour conscience before the transgression, and rarely after. You substituteself-justification for remorse. Small niceties are emotionally important toyou, and if you're not careful, you will substitute the sentimentalities oflove for love itself. The proprieties as you conceive them stand guard overyour emotional reactions; your sense of good taste is your emotional censor,and will keep you from many unconventionalities of those less sure of the rightthing. This need not detract from the warmth of your nature, provided you don'tlet the tail wag the dog. Remember that the proprieties were made to serve apurpose, and that before there can be an emotional code there must be emotions.To have proprieties for their own sake is like having a general and no army.

Venus Conjunct Uranus     Orb: 09°10'

This gives an emotional naturealternately repressed and explosive, apparently somewhat conventional and coldbut actually very independent and erratic in the love-life. A highly nervousquality accompanies all of your emotional dealings. You are an idealist in therealms of love, full of theories about sex and human relations in general,which complicate relationships that to other people are much more simple. Youthink much on emotional matters and are capable of hasty and jumpy action withrespect to them; the motivating force behind your impulses is rational ratherthan physical - you can be swept off your feet by an idea, an ideal, a theory,more quickly than by the physical beauty of an individual. This ideology ofyours is likely to take quite unusual forms, and to lead to strangerelationships among strange and out-of-the-way people, because of whom you gainthe reputation for being an eccentric. You are highly idealistic and trusting.An idealistic, generalized, and humanistic quality colors all your emotions,and elevates them from the purely personal plane to a kind of abstractedpassion.

Venus Sextile Neptune     Orb: 05°19'

You are romantic, charming, alluring -and impressionable. You are idealistic, always looking for perfection in yoursweethearts and in the world and blissfully certain that even though it mayelude you, it's there and will be found eventually. You are more trusting thanerring mankind deserves. You can be fooled by one person and, in the twinklingof an eye, trust someone else who may be even less trustworthy. You areattracted to out-of-the-way people - waifs and strays, down-and-outers, and canget yourself into a lot of trouble by believing in crooks, frauds,sensationalists, adventurers, and out-right seducers. Unless you lead a prettysheltered life you will be taken in and shaken down at some time or other. Thisis one of the supporting factors for material luck in life.

Venus Conjunct Pluto     Orb: 03°55'

You are extremely loyal to and solicitousof those you love, without a cloying sentimentality. Your values and thoughtscenter on love, which can easily become the hub of your life. Early in arelationship, you are apt to be jealous and possessive, but with time andexperience this can be transformed into a higher, more mature type ofattachment. You are willing to give your all to your beloved but demand thesame in return. Your strongest desire is for an all-consuming love that willbring you satisfaction on all levels: emotional, physical and spiritual. Withaspects to Mars or Neptune, there could be a preoccupation with or compulsiveattitude toward sex.


Mars is the energy principle in thehoroscope. His position by sign indicates the channels into which energy willnaturally flow, and the uses to which energy will most easily be directed. Itis the planet through which the activities of the Sun and the desires of theMoon express in action - through which your body and your mind react to thesense impressions of Mercury and the emotional impressions of Venus.

Mars in Capricorn

 Youhave practical control over your energies, which normally express themselves ina way that promotes your highest and most worldly aspirations. Controlledactions and speech come naturally to you; your vitality works well in theharness of the world as it is, and you can master details as well as theexecutive functions. You are tactful in a proud sort of way: you say the rightthing without yielding your dignity or compromising with the truth as you seeit. You are a born leader, having the first requisites of leadership: controlof yourself and ability to take orders. This is one of the most favorablepositions of Mars for worldly success, for you will rarely do anything thatinterferes with your security, or with security's broader manifestation, desirefor power; and in one way or another, authority will accumulate in your handsif you don't block the free flow of your vitality with too much selfconfidence. You can afford to "sit loose in the saddle of fate" inthe assurance that your mount will carry you where you want to go, and youshould respect the steed by sparing whip and spur.

Mars Trine Jupiter     Orb: 02°21'

One of the indices of wealth, eitherinherited or made by your own efforts or both. This aspect frequentlyaccompanies a rich marriage. Large ventures provide income and security. Thisis no scrimping and accumulating aspect, for materially you do things in thegrand manner. You are something of a gambler, and willing to risk it all in agame of pitch and toss. You're pretty lucky, which may account for yourwillingness to try. Business hunches are sound. Your financial structure issolid, and you're able continuously to add to the superstructure.Congratulations!

Mars Square Saturn     Orb: 03°26'

This is an aspect of bad judgment and ofthat peculiarly insidious form of bad judgment which for years may appear to be"getting away with it" until the accumulated flaws in your lifetopple over the structure of your existence. If you have this aspect in yourchart you will do well to sit down right now and make a thorough analysis ofyour life, your position, and your security, to see whether you are notoperating on a major fallacy - a fallacy concerning either your owncapabilities or the nature of the world in which you are working. Somewherealong the line you are making a fundamental mistake in estimating your owncapacity, or the extent of your security.


This aspect will give you some sort of aninferiority complex to bring you under the dominance of older people. Ingeneral it will retard your development, making you indecisive and too willingto take advice and guidance. You are likely to be imposed upon - with periodicand depressing bursts of rebellious temperament which serve to wear you outwithout accomplishing anything else. You struggle for a decision, lettingthings mill around in your mind for a long time indeterminately without reallyconcentrating on the facts and figures; and finally, out of sheer impatienceyou jump to a conclusion which may not have any relationship with the facts orwith your mullings. The dominance of others, early responsibilities, and a sortof nervous rebellion toward them cause you difficulty in orienting yourself tothe world. None of these things, of course, is fated, and the difficulty may beovercome by the assumption of independence in youth; by a philosophic attitudetoward obligations which cannot be avoided, and an accompanying determinationnot to be imposed upon, or by a strict course of self-analysis, to get at theroots of your indecision - if necessary, to change your environment and youroccupation in order to rout out those factors which' are psychologicallydistressing.

Finances will bear watching especiallywith respect to sudden losses due to bad judgment in business matters, and theemotional nature must be carefully guarded against the incursion of factorsthat make for psychic biases in human relations. In a woman's horoscope thisusually means disagreement between husband and father, or husband and brother,or husband and sons - or all of them. You had to defy your father to getmarried at all, or throw off some obligation or tie which someone is trying tofoist on you. Whether other factors do or do not exist, however, the Nemesis oferroneous judgment very temptingly presented, must be watched, and you mustmake every effort to analyze strictly what you do from a purely rational,logical, and unemotional viewpoint.

Mars Square Uranus     Orb: 06°31'

Temper! this is the aspect par excellenceof an explosive and apparently uncontrollable temper which has to be curbedlest it run away with the whole personality. It is especially destructive whenrages take command of your entire being. Anger will lead to serious emotionaland psychic disturbances if you don't learn to curb it. This also tends tobreak down the structure of your plans, to present sudden and insurmountableobstacles, and to put a strata of quicksand under what you try to build. Youmust examine the foundations of your plans, your emotions, your humanrelationships very carefully to make sure that fundamental flaws in theory orpractice are not jeopardizing them. You have an independent mind - too independent.Rash and tactless speech cause you much trouble. This position also carrieswith it a likelihood of accidents - stay out of airplanes, speed-boats, racingcars, and roller coasters. You love speed and are something of a daredevil -don't let it run away with you!


Jupiter is the feeler you have out in theworld for opportunity. Through it the chances of a lifetime are passed alongfor consideration according to the basic nature of Sun and Moon. Jupiter's signposition indicates the places in which you will look for opportunity, the usesto which you wish to put it, and the capacity you have to react to and profitby it. Jupiter is ordinarily, and erroneously, called the Planet of Luck. It is"luck" in so far as it is the index of opportunity; but your luckdepends less on what comes to you (Jupiter) than on what you do with it (thetotal personality). Opportunity appeals to you along lines laid down by yourJupiter. Jupiter is in the same sign with Venus, you interpret emotions in sucha way as to turn them to your advantage; your feelings work harmoniously withthe chances for progress that the world has to offer, and you won't often befound torn between love and a career.

Jupiter in Virgo

This position enables you to findopportunity in small beginnings, to take infinite pains with the little thingsthat underlie success, and to plug along at a hopeless cause until - lo andbehold! - it amounts to something. The effect you give is of care, caution, androutine perfection of details; and because of this, you are often able to winsupport from financial interests who value these traits and consider them goodcredit reference. You will generally be able to get backing for your business;you believe in putting all your eggs in one basket and watching the basket,with the result that you frequently hatch quite a brood. Spectacular or riskyventures don't appeal to you. If this position limits the imagination somewhat,it is also likely to get you farther in the long run than the dashing fellow whohas been through several fortunes, or jobs, while you have studiously beencultivating your own garden and raising a fine crop of security andpossessions.

Jupiter Square Neptune     Orb: 08°01'

You are a good deal of a visionary,idealistic in matters of philosophy and religion, with a kind of nebulous andunsound approach to abstract matters. You are capable of believing in thingsthat never were on land or sea. A strata of mysticism underlies your thinking,a mist of unreality gets between your eyes and the outer world. Concreteevidence should be your constant aim, and you should forget the Paulinedefinition of faith as "the evidence of things unseen," for you areall too prone to believe and must cultivate skepticism. In material and personalmatters this makes you pretty gullible, and, unless other indications show amarked degree of suspicion and shrewdness, this will get you into trouble andcause losses. Even with the most practical of indications you will haveperiodic fits of playing hunches or inspirations that will be costly. Stay awayfrom seances, spiritualism, abstract philosophy, and religion, and pin yourthinking, your emotions, and your business strictly down to earth.


Saturn indicates the direction that willbe taken in life by the self-preservative principle which, in its highestmanifestation, ceases to be purely defensive and becomes ambitious andaspirational. Your defense, or attack, against the world is shown by the signposition of Saturn in the horoscope of birth.

Saturn in Aries

Your defense mechanism is directed towardself-defense and self-justification. The problems of living constitute to you adirect frontal attack of the world on your own personality, and the vindicationof this steals the show from concerns of material progress and security. In itsworst form this makes for narrowness, self-centeredness, touchiness, up to andincluding delusions of persecution. All the forces of your nature unite todefend the ego, which imagines itself badly used and needful of the maximumprotection. From this can arise an almost unbelievable capacity tomisunderstand others and a sort of chip-on-the-shoulder attitude which defiesothers to understand you. Carried upward and onward and broadened into spheresof usefulness, this makes you deeply desirous of self-betterment, capable oflong, arduous mental work by which you succeed in making yourself the sort ofperson who will not require defending, but whose genuine traits will be thebest defense against the world's attack. Not usually accompanied byintrospection in any marked degree, this position, developed on its best side,makes you an aware, alert, profound personality. You eliminate the need fordefending yourself by becoming an effective person when you have learned whatevery good general knows: that the best defense is an attack - and when youhave marshaled your forces to attack life, instead of following your naturalinclination to draw them around in a bristling ring of defiance.

Saturn Opposite Uranus     Orb: 09°57'

You are a pioneer and in some way aneccentric, independent in thought and action. Your independence doesn't workvery strongly for your success, and you have to learn cooperation, tact, anddiplomacy. In a horoscope that shows inventiveness, originality, and executiveforce, this increases those traits adding a note of quarrelsomeness, but nonethe less making you a strong and influential character. You are forceful in anelectric sort of way and impress people even when they don't like your manneror your methods. In your horoscope the benefits of this position will not befelt. You have a peculiarly destructive temper - destructive to yourself chiefly- and must guard against the temperament that underlies your disposition.


Uranus in a general way relates to theneuro-mentality, creative originality or individuality, and his position bysign in the horoscope tells the direction along which you will seek to expressyour most characteristic self in creative and original effort. With Uranus inthe same sign with Venus, there is unusual reaction to emotional experience,highly idealistic though sensual, original ideas of love and human relations.With Uranus in the same sign with Jupiter, Uranus indicates opportunity,creates wealth and the means of getting it, along with inventiveness, daring,and executive ability.

Uranus in Virgo

Your originality is most likely to assertitself along lines of organization, routine, or social welfare. If you workalong your most characteristic lines, it will be to make some contribution tosocial or business systems. You can be an efficiency expert in the service ofcapitalist industry and make your genius valuable along that line. Or yourdesire to serve may take a broader and more humanitarian form, and you maybecome a leader of social thought, applying your systematic genius to largeproblems of labor and social welfare. Your most characteristic expression willbe found in connection with work, its methods and its efficiency; or inconnection with social service and progress. You are more likely than not to beon the side of social change aiming at division of labor and the general goodof society, and probably feel at home with the changes and even turbulence.

Uranus Sextile Neptune     Orb: 03°52'

This aspect occurs very seldom and whenit does, amounts to a world condition and requires rather special factors inthe individual horoscopes to make it show forth. In general, it is a supportingaspect of material benefit, helping to improve a good horoscope and lendingsome support even to a bad one. It inclines to a practical interest in theoccult. It sharpens the perceptions. It gives an extraordinarily broad andcapable mind. There is danger of mental confusion through occult studies. Youmay be dreamy, mystic, sensational. You are magnetic and charming to anextraordinary degree, but you may experience difficulty through the people youattract. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is representative of the race ofgiants which this aspect is capable of producing.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto     Orb: 05°16'

You will bring about important changes inyour immediate surroundings or in the world at large. Depending on otheraspects within the horoscope, this revolutionary spirit will either bring goodto more people or will hurl them into turmoil. You can be difficult to livewith, because your convictions are so strong that you don't like to listen tothe opinions and advice of others.


Neptune relates to the deepest wells ofthe subconscious, inherited mentality and spirituality, indicating what youtake deeply for granted in life. With Neptune in the same sign as Sun, itindicates that intuitions and hunches - or delusions - dominate; a need for rigidlyholding to reality. With Neptune in the same sign with Mercury, there are sharpsense perceptions, a sensitive mind (and perhaps creative), a quiveringintensity of inaction to sense experience.

Neptune in Scorpio

The people and nations of the world areaware of the awesome, death-dealing possibilities of nuclear war.Atomic-powered submarines in the depths of the seas play their role in thestruggle for power. Those born under this influence want to plumb the secretsof the Universe. The mystery of life and death is theirs to fathom. They areenthralled by occult studies, chemistry, invention. Neptune in this positionintensifies the emotional nature. There is a tendency to be secretive andmystical. Gain through inheritance is possible, as well as financial ties withothers; partnership, and marriage. There is a great possibility of possessingmarked extra-sensory perception. Caution must be exercised regarding drugs andstrong beverages, and dabbling in spiritualism. The sex instincts must be channeledin the right direction since the craving for sensation is very strong. You haverecuperative powers and a desire for reforms.

Neptune Sextile Pluto     Orb: 01°24'

The ideas that were instilled in you byyour parents, church and society will undergo changes throughout your lifeuntil your religious and philosophical views are distinctly your own. This typeof creative adaptability makes you able to forgo selfish concerns and directyour efforts toward the betterment of all. Artistic and/or psychic talents arepossible.


Pluto relates to the ability to let go ofthings, to get rid of irrelevant prejudices and outdated habit patterns. Itrelates to subconscious feelings, inner urges and repressed emotions. A strongPluto gives the ability to see the hidden side of life, and thus bestows poweron the native - power which can be used for good or ill. In the same sign asVenus, Pluto gives a strong love nature, with a tendency to be possessive andself-indulgent. In the same sign as Jupiter, Pluto produces an inquisitivenature with a desire to understand the hidden side of life.

Pluto in Virgo

Your ability to bring order out of chaosis your strongest talent, and it allows you to find ultimate meaning inconditions and ideas which others consider hopeless. Your approach is initiallyintellectual - your curiosity spurs you on to gain as much knowledge aspossible - but your main concern is the application of this knowledge. Ideashave value only insofar as they can be used to improve the quality of life.Your forte is the development of a concept, its practical application and itsassimilation into everyday affairs.


Current Transits


The current transits are calculated exactly for the date shown. Lewi wrote textonly for the aspects that he considered to be the most significant and onlythose are shown in this report. The dates shown only represent the times whenthe aspect is exact; its influence is felt for weeks, months, and sometimeseven years around this time. A planet will often make the same aspect severaltimes in one year before it leaves that area of the zodiac and moves on. Thisis due to the planet appearing to go backward or retrograde for a period oftime and crossing and recrossing the aspect point. When this happens the effectof the aspect can be spread out over a considerable time and in this report theaspect and text will be printed for each time it becomes exact, although thisseries of aspects represents only one pass through this phase of its cycle.Remember that each transiting aspect is part of its over-all cycle andindicates a change of direction as well as an event. The cycle for a planet isthe time it takes that planet to travel the entire 360° of the zodiac,beginning at the point where the planet is found at birth (the conjunctionpoint), moving to the 90° point which Lewi calls the "lowersquare", then moving to the opposition or 180° point. Then it beginsto move back towards the starting point, at the 270° point, or 90° awayfrom the starting point, the planet is at its "upper square", andthen it returns to the conjunction point where a new cycle is begun. Lewi willoccasionally refer to these points in his text by name. In general alltransits, whether of a planet to its own place or of one planet to another,mark cycles of  growth beginning atthe conjunction point, growing through the first square, fully grown at theopposition point, beginning to recede at the second or upper square, andfinally starting a new cycle as it reaches the conjunction point again.

How long any aspect will be in effect isdetermined by the speed of the planet making the aspect (the first planet ,i.e. Mars in Mars Opposite Sun). One Mars cycle is about two or two andone-half years and so a Mars aspect will last about 20 to 30 days. Jupitertakes about 12 years for its cycle and so its aspects could last around 4months, while Saturn with a 29 year cycle will last 9 months or even more if itturns retrograde. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all long range aspects andusually represent a time of 2 or more years. While Saturn and the outer planetsindicate long range influences in your life, Mars aspects will identifyimportant months and Jupiter will identify important years. Not everyoccurrence of these will be of striking importance. But within a larger Saturncycle or Uranus period of great importance, these briefer influences will befound to act as the second or minute hand of the clock of destiny, as Saturn,or Uranus, or both, act as the hour hand.

Jul 19, 2002  - 
Mars Square Sun

Domestic matters are important. Thistransit frequently times a move from one house (or town or locality) toanother, or some important decision in the private life. New starts work out ifwell considered and unmotivated by temperament. Social activity is increased;you have lots of friends around you. This is a good time to begin new venturesfor quick completion, ventures which have a bearing on your longer-range plans.This is a good time to clean house, redecorate, etc. The home is likely to beupset, and it's wise to make the upsetting literal and to some good purpose,instead of figurative and quarrelsome.

Aug 4, 2002  - 
Mars Square Mercury

Quick speech, thought and actions makestrife and trouble. Be silent, cagey, noncommittal. The quick retort makestrouble. Wrong decisions often come in one of these periods, which recur aboutevery six months and need careful watching. Sometimes the most casual remarkresults in a lasting grudge. Mountains (of trouble) grow out of molehills (ofspeech). It is best to be silent.

Aug 19, 2002  - 
Jupiter Square Sun

Publicity and public affairs favor youand tend to go to your head. You may get careless with money, extend credit toofar, and thus lay the basis for later regrets. Restraint brings you gainthrough important people. You profit by pull, if you are willing to use it as astepping stone to work and honest effort. Avoid over-extension of ego and authority;be content to take a back seat. Use opportunities, not to promote fame orprestige, but to build foundations on which these may rest in the future.Protect health from excess; some danger of physical setback through selfindulgence or overwork. Raises of salary come automatically, if at all, and yougain little by demanding. Rest assured that you will get no more and no lessthan you deserve, and that the intrusion of the ego is more likely to bringdisappointment than favors.

Aug 20, 2002  - 
Mars Conjunct Moon

The urge to express yourself induces youto express your most temperamental self. In emotional people this marks, as itrecurs every two years, some tension and inner turmoil directly related to theinner self that they are trying to express in the world. It leads to strife,unconventionality, inner discord which transfers itself to the outer world. Itis an excellent time for a vacation or for lying low and forcing no issues.Frequently the transit marks ill health for yourself or your mate. The worst ofthe ego nature comes out; all the complexes and suppressed desires rush to thesurface and need to be put back in their place. The best result of this transitis awakened and increased self-knowledge. One of these periods in the life check-upwill frequently mark a major emotional experience that you have neverforgotten. The inner nature is brought rudely into contact with realities, andfalse notions are stripped away, frequently with great personal upheaval.

Aug 31, 2002  - 
Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Opportunities abound, and your energiesare up to them. Optimism runs high, and you can be made to color, and perhapsprophesy, the life for a long time. Work is abundant and gratifying; you arepopular and lucky. Be careful not to waste opportunities through trying to dotoo much at once; don't spend too much money, either, but make a point ofsaving. This ought to be a period of good income, which tends to make youopenhanded and generous, perhaps to a fault. Keep your eyes and ears open; someof the best forward pushes of your life will come in these periods whencircumstances combine to give you the rewards of work done in the past and toopen up new doors for the future.

Sep 26, 2002  - 
Mars Conjunct Venus

Heightened emotions make romance, whichis favored if you keep it within the bounds of reason and convention. Impulsiveacts, with or without a future, are frequently found in these recurrentperiods. Glamour surrounds your approach to life; you are susceptible to theopposite sex and they to you. This transit frequently indicates the time ofmarriage within the period of a longer transit that favors it. If the era ofromance is past, this indicates an active and on the whole satisfactory socialperiod; business progress; extravagance with money; a sudden urge to go placesand do things - and perhaps a chafing at the marital bit which should not betaken too seriously. Energies work through emotions and passions, which in turnwork overtime and should be gently disciplined though not entirely submerged.Often, for obvious reasons, this transit indicates the conception of children,especially if it occurs while Mars is conjunct your sun or conjunct your Mars.

Oct 2, 2002  - 
Mars Conjunct Pluto

This transit represents a strong allianceof similar energies. A sense of mystery pervades otherwise mundane events.Agressiveness peaks. Care should be taken to secure your holding, protect yourpossessions and yourself, for this transit includes some vulnerability to theprinciple of redistribution. You might be knocked off your throne for noapparent reason. You could emerge from this period thinking the universe is aquixotic, capricious place, or you could take events as keynotes of respect forstructure and self-care.

Sexual energy will be high. You couldfind yourself surrounded by irresistible people, and the tendency is to thinkthat the veil between you and them is much thinner than it really is. Take timeto treat people respectfully. Take this opportunity to de-objectify your worldview and adopt a more service-oriented demeanor. Depending on how successfullyyou have mastered life's trials, this could be a time of "icing on thecake". Just make sure the recipients of your "death blows" arethe nasty loitering ghosts in your own psyche, not the people on the streetwhom these ghosts resemble.

Oct 11, 2002  - 
Mars Conjunct Uranus

Expect temperament, haste and anxiety.Your nerves require watching. These problems can lead to illness from fatigueand nervous exhaustion. You risk accidents (literal and figurative!) fromexcess speed and lack of care over details. Watch temperament. Accidents in therealm of human relations result from overemphasizing the ego and minimizing theother fellow's viewpoint. Inventiveness abounds; originality is in the saddle;but you can't get your best and truest ideas over to any good advantage, andsimply make trouble if you "try too hard." Store them up for a latertime when you express them better and when other people listen to you morereadily. Look out for machinery, travel, electricity; avoid danger, be carefulgetting on and off trains and crossing streets.

Oct 21, 2002  - 
Mars Square Mars

This transit indicates a period of hardwork and abundant energies, which causes no trouble unless major disruptiveinfluences are in force. There is a slight tendency to talk too much, boast andbe arrogant, but the swiftness of the pace generally carries you throughwithout major trouble. Look ahead, work toward and plan for some majordevelopment to take place coincident with the conjunction of the transitingMars with your birth Mars which will occur around Mar 10, 2003. Frequently thistransit marks the busy start of something that matures at the next Marsconjunction to Mars and should be viewed with that in mind. Protect health andnerves from excess; be objective and detached; and let reason rule theemotions.

Dec 7, 2002  - 
Mars Conjunct Sun

The new starts of your Mars conjunct Marsare helped greatly with this aspect; your energies work smoothly, starting withthis aspect and gaining momentum as Mars conjuct Mars on Mar 10, 2003 isreached.

Your danger at this time is temperament,temper, a tendency to feel your own importance too strongly and to get intotrouble because of it. Also, unless you have the endurance of an ox, you willtire yourself as Mars transits your Sun, and fatigue is likely to lead tostrife, breaks and separations. Translate your energies to work, activity,detached application to a job or task; and don't get touchy or allow personal reactionsto interfere with efficiency. This can be a romantic period; your magnetism ishigh, and you are likely to get what you want if you moderate your demands anduse more persuasion and less insistence than you want to. Intuitions can gowrong, and you need the balance of strict mental discipline to bring out thebest of your energies. However, it is an excellent time to go after what youwant, and marks periods of important decisions and moves.

Dec 23, 2002  - 
Mars Conjunct Mercury

Sharp wits help if you use them right,hinder if you get smart-alecky with them. Snap judgments, quick speech, sharpretorts and anger make trouble. On the other hand, keen perceptions give youthe edge on others; you express yourself readily and to good effect if you keepemotions and personalities out. Sensory perceptions and powers of observationare increased. Creative powers mount; rapidity of mental processes enables youto do more than usual. Mental fatigue can result; budget time for relaxationand sleep. Any tendency to insomnia is emphasized; also to temperament, temperand self-will. This is a good time to sell, bad time to buy. Business isactive, judgment shrewd. Sign no papers, don't commit yourself permanently; thepicture changes too rapidly. Avoid strife, especially over trifles. Distrustintuitions; put deep trust in hard work and pure reason.

Dec 24, 2002  - 
Pluto Square Venus

Your desire for love and its physicalexpression is strong, but you may not fad it easy to express this need. A morecompulsive or obsessive quality marks your relationships and, instead oflooking for someone whose values are similar to or compatible with your own,you may attract someone whose values clash with yours. There is the possibilityof attracting a member of the underworld set, someone who is already attachedor someone who is looking only for sex, rather than a person capable of makingboth the sacrifices and the commitment you deem necessary. Keep your standardshigh now, so you can come upon a love which fulfills alt your needs. If youaren't already in love, you may be tempted to start a relationship with anyonejust so you won't be alone. Avoid this; aim for an attachment based on love,trust, and a genuine relationship which will deepen, not disintegrate, withtime.

Jan 6, 2003  - 
Mars Conjunct Neptune

Super intuition gives you uncanny insightinto motives and methods of other people, but not always into your own.Practice self-analysis. You swiftly feel your creative power, of which you canmake good use. Beware sensationalism, sentimentality, self-indulgence; fightsubconscious urges, suppressed desires, and make your inner ego work for youalong constructive lines. This is an excellent period for creative work, forimpersonal use of magnetism for business ends and aims and for socialpopularity. You have glamour that attracts others: be sure it attracts theright kind of people and for the right reasons. The Old Adam rears his head andmay require discipline.

Jan 8, 2003  - 
Mars Square Moon

Fatigue leads to strife, so relax. Theremay be illness and you may lose your grip on things. Refuse to take yourselftoo seriously. Go to bed and rest instead of brooding; you'll avoid strife andtrouble thereby. Force no issues. Energy may find its expression in some glamorousromance which may or may not be important, depending on other long-rangetransits in force at the same time with this.

Jan 19, 2003  - 
Mars Square Jupiter

This will generally not amount to much,but periods of loss through risks or gambles or through over-enthusiasm or badbusiness judgment are frequently marked by it. The outlook is too enthusiasticto let sober reason dominate; but this generally brings nothing but minorextravagance. This transit might mark some major material setback due to a combinationof bad judgment and bad luck.

Feb 14, 2003  - 
Mars Square Venus

Social and romantic glamour leads toexcesses, sometimes to strife, quarrels, separations. Minor loves andfriendships break up, but important relations are merely strained; and indeedthis frequently adds glamour to a deep love, intensifying its beauty. A breakhere, unless contributed to by some more important transit, is a sure indexthat the feeling wasn't very deep or important anyway. Avoid excess spendingand stay away from temptation if you're interested in sticking to theconventions.

Feb 20, 2003  - 
Mars Square Pluto

This transit represents a strong allianceof similar energies. A sense of mystery pervades otherwise mundane events.Agressiveness peaks. Care should be taken to secure your holding, protect yourpossessions and yourself, for this transit includes some vulnerability to theprinciple of redistribution. You might be knocked off your throne for noapparent reason. You could emerge from this period thinking the universe is aquixotic, capricious place, or you could take events as keynotes of respect forstructure and self-care.

Sexual energy will be high. You couldfind yourself surrounded by irresistible people, and the tendency is to thinkthat the veil between you and them is much thinner than it really is. Take timeto treat people respectfully. Take this opportunity to de-objectify your worldview and adopt a more service-oriented demeanor. Depending on how successfullyyou have mastered life's trials, this could be a time of "icing on thecake". Just make sure the recipients of your "death blows" arethe nasty loitering ghosts in your own psyche, not the people on the streetwhom these ghosts resemble.

Feb 28, 2003  - 
Mars Square Uranus

This transit is not usually importantexcept as a marker of temperament and minor strife. But at one of these periodssome major break due to temperament - some sudden shift in the pace anddirection of the life - is likely to occur. The individuality is suddenlyawakened to broader horizons, greater worlds to conquer, and determined toshake off the shackles of restraint. In undisciplined persons this will markperiodic temperament, rages, rebellion and strife; also accidents and setbacksdue to lack of nervous coordination. In normally disciplined individuals allbut one or two of these periods should be comparatively inconspicuous. But theone or two may be memorable and probably nothing to be proud of.

Mar 10, 2003  - 
Mars Conjunct Mars

This is a period when new starts should bemade, new plans put into execution, new ideas promoted. Energies work alongtheir most characteristic line and can be utilized to excellent advantage.Control natural impulses if you have any that get you into trouble, because nowis the time when you are "being yourself" and it is your business tobe your best self, not your worst. You are starting a two year cycle and shouldestablish the line you want to continue on for the next twenty four months.Seek new contacts, new avenues of self-expression, new channels into which todirect talents and energies. Beware lest anger and temper - letting go becauseyou're feeling your oats - interfere with your best development. In your lifecheck-up you will find that these recurrent two year periods marked with greatconsistency periods of important decisions, developments, activity and changes.

Apr 6, 2003  - 
Uranus Opposite Jupiter

This is a period of opportunity, with agood chance that it will be misused. Conflict of big ideas within yourself mayblock progress temporarily, but can result in eventual clarification. There issome strife with others, and a tendency to stand in your own light throughstubborn if quiet adherence to some wrong course of thought or action. If youare an adventurous soul, gambling of one kind or another is a menace:"live dangerously" seems sensible even when it isn't bringing thedesired results. Creativeness runs high, but may be ill directed. Materialmatters may suffer because distractions seem more important than routine. Youmay have heavy material loss either through neglect, over-optimism, speculativeventures ill-timed and over-stayed. This is an aspect of anarchy, revoltagainst what is, intellectual rather than violent, but far-reaching in itsconsequences to the individual and to as much of society as he influences.

Apr 28, 2003  - 
Mars Square Sun

Domestic matters are important. Thistransit frequently times a move from one house (or town or locality) toanother, or some important decision in the private life. New starts work out ifwell considered and unmotivated by temperament. Social activity is increased;you have lots of friends around you. This is a good time to begin new venturesfor quick completion, ventures which have a bearing on your longer-range plans.This is a good time to clean house, redecorate, etc. The home is likely to beupset, and it's wise to make the upsetting literal and to some good purpose,instead of figurative and quarrelsome.

May 15, 2003  - 
Mars Square Mercury

Quick speech, thought and actions makestrife and trouble. Be silent, cagey, noncommittal. The quick retort makestrouble. Wrong decisions often come in one of these periods, which recur aboutevery six months and need careful watching. Sometimes the most casual remarkresults in a lasting grudge. Mountains (of trouble) grow out of molehills (ofspeech). It is best to be silent.

Jun 4, 2003  - 
Mars Opposite Moon

Fatigue leads to strife, so relax. Theremay be illness and you may lose your grip on things. Refuse to take yourselftoo seriously. Go to bed and rest instead of brooding; you'll avoid strife andtrouble thereby. Force no issues. Energy may find its expression in someglamorous romance which may or may not be important, depending on otherlong-range transits in force at the same time with this.

Jun 20, 2003  - 
Mars Opposite Jupiter

This will generally not amount to much,but periods of loss through risks or gambles or through over-enthusiasm or badbusiness judgment are frequently marked by it. The outlook is too enthusiasticto let sober reason dominate; but this generally brings nothing but minorextravagance. This transit might mark some major material setback due to acombination of bad judgment and bad luck.

Jul 1, 2003  - 
Pluto Square Venus

Your desire for love and its physicalexpression is strong, but you may not fad it easy to express this need. A morecompulsive or obsessive quality marks your relationships and, instead oflooking for someone whose values are similar to or compatible with your own,you may attract someone whose values clash with yours. There is the possibilityof attracting a member of the underworld set, someone who is already attachedor someone who is looking only for sex, rather than a person capable of makingboth the sacrifices and the commitment you deem necessary. Keep your standardshigh now, so you can come upon a love which fulfills alt your needs. If youaren't already in love, you may be tempted to start a relationship with anyonejust so you won't be alone. Avoid this; aim for an attachment based on love,trust, and a genuine relationship which will deepen, not disintegrate, withtime.

Jul 2, 2003  - 
Saturn Opposite Mars

Individualism and energy run intoobstacles, events conspire to increase responsibility, which you will at firsttake as a personal affront and rebel against. This won't do you any good unlessyou are utterly conscienceless and willing to throw obligations to the wind. Arevision of attitudes is required: you have to bring your personal urges intoline with realities, and can do it in a variety of ways. Any of these will beall right, so long as it doesn't create a rebellious spirit in you. Temperamentmust be forced into the pattern of life as it is and the more you have to forceit, the more you can be sure that it needs to be forced.

Jul 30, 2003  - 
Saturn Square Saturn

This lower (waxing) square comes sevenyears after the Saturn-Saturn conjunction and should mark a period ofachievement in line with the lessons learned seven years earlier. The choicesmade then, if wise, have led to accomplishment; a minor cycle has beencompleted; and you should be moving forward smoothly toward a point of maximumattainment to be reached in about another seven years. Some shift in method -but no change in basic direction - may be indicated here. Changes, both in thematerial world and in thinking, are important and should be related carefullyto basic goals. Some temperament needs fighting down; the personal tends tointrude over the practical and must be put firmly back in its place.

Jul 31, 2003  - 
Jupiter Conjunct Moon

You feel new self-assurance and are ableto solve, within yourself, important problems that have troubled you. Littlemay change in the external world around you, but your attitude toward itchanges. You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you achievenew dominion over your viewpoint and in this way become master of situationsand of yourself. Good health contributes to good spirits and a general sense ofwell-being. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency are your big assets here,through which you "find yourself" significant. Allow your eyes toturn inward; define aims and desires; discover what you want from the world, inthe assurance that it is to be found less in things than in your approach tothem. May accompany a real "conversion of spirit" based on swiftinsight into yourself, and may thus mark a point at which you turn away fromfalse values to true ones and start a new life, richer and happier becausebased on high evaluation of essentials.