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Hidden Messages

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We are all  looking  for unconditional  love.  Most  of  us  never  received  it. When  we  fall  in  love  we  think,  "Now,  finally, here  is  someone  who  will  give  me  the  (unconditional)  love  I've  always  wanted."


So we marry.  Then  deeper problems  surface---because  we're  not  programmed  for  love.  Instead,we  are  programmed to  duplicate  our  parents' relationship.  Because  of  this programming,  even  if  we  find  someone  who  loves  us  unconditionally, we  would  push  them  away.


How  can  we  attract  what  we  are  not  programmed to  receive?  We  can't---until we  take  a conscious  look  at  what  we  are  programmed to  attract.  Only  then  can  we  change  our  lives.


This  program  is designed  to  help  us  do  just  that.




    Your birth chartinterpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of yourbirth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along withother technical information, are listed below:




Sun     29 Aqu 19              Pluto    24 Lib 12

Moon    18 Leo 47              N. Node  10 Leo 55

Mercury 28 Aqu03              Asc.     6 Lib 30

Venus   17 Aqu 17              MC       7 Can 31

Mars     8 Pis 47              2nd cusp  3 Sco 03

Jupiter  9 Lib 28              3rd cusp  3 Sag 47

Saturn   8 Lib 59              5th cusp 10 Aqu 58

Uranus   0 Sag 01              6th cusp 11 Pis 01

Neptune 24 Sag 29


Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed

GMT: 01:37:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West

Lat. and Long. ofbirth: 40 N 42 51 74 W 00 23


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction: 10Degrees

Opposition : 10Degrees

Square     : 10 Degrees

Trine      : 10 Degrees

Sextile    :  7 Degrees

                        HIDDEN MESSAGES





She  was  an extremely  beautiful  woman  in  her  mid-thirties.  She  was  also  an extremely  successful  business  woman---equal to  or  better  than  many  men  in  her  profession.  She'd  come  to  me  for  a consultation  because  she  was  considering  remarrying.  Although her  two  previous  marriages had  been  unsuccessful,  she  longed  for  a  man  with  whom  she  could  be  happy.  She  was  in  my  office because  she  honestly  wondered if  that  were  possible.


In  the  course  of  the  consultation, she  shared  with  me  that  her  mother  was  successful  in  her  career.  Message: BE  A  SUCCESS  IN  YOUR  CAREER.  She  also  shared  that  her  mother  had  been  married  several times,  so  she  was programmed  for  multiple  marriages. Each  time  my  client married,  her  mother  encouraged her  to  leave  her husband.  Her  mother's  message was:  MARRY,  BUT  DON'T  STAY  MARRIED.  As  a  child,  my  client  saw  her  mother  win  every  argument  with  each  of  her  husbands. Message:  ARGUE  WITH  MEN  AND  WIN.  My client's  father  was  strong, but  distant  and  unaffectionate. Message:  MEN  ARE  DISTANT AND  UNAFFECTIONATE.    My  client  created this  situation  in  her marriages  and  felt  unloved  by  her  husbands. Each  of  her  stepfathers put  up  a good  fight,  but  ultimately  they  left.  Message: MEN  WILL  PUT  UP  A  GOOD  FIGHT  AND  THEN  LEAVE.


The  combination  of  verbal  and  non-verbal messages  produced  a woman  who  resented  men,  yet  kept  turning  to  them  to  make  her  happy. Because  she  was  programmed  for  marriage  to  be  stormy  and  her  husbands  to  leave,  she  created just  that.  She  married strong  men  and  wound  up  emasculating  them.  She  was  looking for  love,  but  her programming  would  not  let  her  keep  it.


Her  fiancÚ  played right  into  the  program. He  was  stubborn  and determined.  He  was  not  a  success  in  his  career,  although he  had  great  potential.  Each  time  he  came  close  to  success,  he'd  fall short.  His  ambitions  were  high,  but  he  became  a dilettante.  He  made  a  great  impression,  but  had  no  money.  His  programming  explained it  all.  At  one  point  in  time,  his  father  had  been  very  important and  successful  in  his career.  When  the  young  man  was  just  a  boy,  his  father  had  been nominated  for  an  extremely  prestigious  award.  Winning this  award  would  have  meant  financial  security for  the  rest  of  his  life.  Unfortunately,  another  nominee  was selected  as  the  winner. From  that  point  on,  the  son  was programmed  to  COME  CLOSE,  BUT  FALL  SHORT,  and  that's  exactly  what  he  did  in  every  area  of  life.


His  parents  had  not  gotten  along.  His  proud,  stoic father  had  given  him  the  message  that  THE  WOMAN  SHOULD  PUT  THE  MAN  FIRST.  He  also  felt  that  MEN  WERE  MORE  INTELLIGENT THAN  WOMEN.


These  two  were programmed  for  each  other. Here  was  a chauvinist  up  against  a  powerful  woman;  a  business  failure  up  against  a business  success.  Neither  one, however,  was  programmed  for  a  warm,  loving  relationship,  though  that's what  they  both  wanted. When  faced  with  a  situation  like  this,  the  first  reaction might  be  to  discourage a  marriage,  since  it  seems  doomed  to failure.  Yet,  these  two  people  were  attracted  to  each  other precisely  because  they  could  give  one  another what  each  was  programmed to  receive.  And,  in  spite  of  their programming,  they  loved  one another.  This  love  could,  if  they  chose,  be  the  impetus  to  help  them  see  and  release their  programming  and  create  a  warm,  loving relationship.


This  situation  occurs  all  the  time.  Our  hidden  messages are  so  deeply  ingrained in  our  subconscious  that  we  respond  to  them  unknowingly.  For example,  if  one  of  your  hidden  messages is  that  YOU  CANNOT  BE  HAPPY  WHILE  A  FAMILY  MEMBER  IS  UNHAPPY,  you  will  find  that  you  are  never happy  because  there  is  always  someone  who  needs  your  help.  Even  if  you  are  miles  away,  just  knowing  that  a  relative  might  be  unhappy  about something  can  upset  you.  After  awhile,  this message  can  be  triggered simply  by  the  suggestion of  happiness--as  soon  as  you  feel  good  you  have  to  feel  bad.  This  totally  destroys  your enjoyment  of  life.


Another  common  message  is  that  YOU  WILL  NEVER  BE  AS  GOOD  AS  YOUR  FATHER  (OR MOTHER,  OLDER  SISTER,  YOUNGER BROTHER,  ETC.).  If  you received  this  message,  you  will  see  to  it  that  you  fall  short  of  your  goals  so  as  not  to  surpass  him.  If  he  has  not  been  much  of  a  success  in  his  life,  where  does  that  leave  you?


We  have  been  told  that  if  we  will  live  up  to  the potential  indicated  in  the  natal  chart,  our  lives  will  work.  Why,  then,  are  so  many  lives  not  working?  The  answer  is  simple: they  ARE  working,  or  at  least  the  hidden  messages  are working,  running  our  lives.  By  knowing  what  these  messages  are,  we  can  be  free  to  be  our  highest  and  best,  to  be  limitless.



                       YOUR FATHER'S MESSAGES



                              THE  SUN


Your  father  takes  you  from  the security  of  the  home  and  teaches  you  how  to  act  in  society.  He  helps  you  form  your  public  image,  the  face  you  want  the  world  to  see.  The  Sun  represents  your  father.


Sun in Aquarius:


Your father taughtyou to be your own person. He gave you respect for the world as a whole andtaught you to treat each person as a friend. He said to put the welfare of thegroup before your personal needs.


Sun in 5thhouse:


Your father taughtyou to be creative, have fun and be a kid. However, HE wants to be the kid,which places you in the role of his parent. If you have a child of your own,your child assumes the role of parent to you, making you feel like the middlechild. Your father taught you to be dramatic in whatever you do and possibly totake a chance. He also taught you to be proud of anything you create,especially your children. Your ego can be involved in your creations, though,resulting in pride.


Sun in hardaspect to Mercury:


Your father has aone-track mind, making it hard for him to concentrate on more than one thing ata time. He can only discuss what is of interest to him. You are the same way.He does not give you enough space to be objective about him.


Sun in hardaspect to Mars:


You and your fathercompete with each other. You are both argumentative and ready for a fight. As aresult, your sexual energies are strong. You are each headstrong and want yourown way.


Sun in hardaspect to Uranus:


Your father isself-willed, rebellious and unpredictable. So are you. You attract this type offriend. Your need for freedom is so strong that it is hard to stay with oneperson or situation for long.


Sun in softaspect to Neptune:


Your father taughtyou spirituality and selflessness. He is kind and willing to serve. You seeonly the best in people because you see only the best in him--and he taught youto see only the best in yourself. He is an inspiration to you.





                      YOUR MOTHER'S MESSAGE


                            THE MOON


The most importantperson in your early years is your mother. Because the Moon rules both themother and the subconscious, her influence reaches you on the deepest levels.It might be said that since the subconscious is the repository of all past-lifeexperiences, your mother triggers this memory, which is why her influence is sostrong.


Your mother's mainmessage is to look for emotional security. The house in which the Moon isplaced natally indicates that area of life in which you hope to find thissecurity. You received this message either directly or indirectly. She told youwhere to look for it, and you spend the rest of your life looking for it whereshe said it would be. The sign in which the Moon falls describes your mother,as do the aspects to the Moon. The aspects also tell you if it will be easy ordifficult to find the security you seek. Because the Moon is changeable, thepromise of emotional security is elusive. Perhaps this is why you keepreturning to the place where it is supposed to be, hoping it will be there thistime.


Keep in mind thatthese messages are not necessarily verbal. You can receive them from heractions as well as her words; by her presence as well as her absence.


Moon in Leo:


Your mother isdramatic, though not necessarily showy. She can say or do things  for shock value, though, should theneed arise. She is creative, loves to have fun and does well with children. Allthis applies to you as well. She taught you to be a prince (or princess), butwill never relinquish her role as queen. She will dominate either obviously orsubtly. Your security needs can be fulfilled through being creative and,perhaps, by being in the limelight.


Moon in 11thhouse:


Your mother taughtyou to be a humanitarian, a friend. However, SHE is to be your close friend.She taught you to have unusual friends, to mother them, and to look to them foryour emotional security, which can also come from being a friend. Nevertheless,your inner circle can change along with your hopes, wishes and goals. Your truefreedom comes from letting go of your emotional attachment to your friends.


Moon in hardaspect to Mercury:


There can beconfusion between you and your mother, as you are communicating on twodifferent levels. Your conscious and subconscious minds are at odds with eachother, which can produce nervousness, confusion and the inability to clearlyexpress your thoughts. You may find it tiring to talk to your mother, as youhave to explain things more than once. This carries over into conversation withothers, so that communication in general may be confused and unsettling.


Moon in hardaspect to Venus:


Your mother doesnot really know how to show love and may give you things (gifts, food, praise)instead of love. This creates the concept of compensation: if you don't feelloved, you'll eat, spend money or indulge yourself in some way. This aspect canmanifest as laziness. You can attract self-indulgent, even lazy people to you.


Moon in softaspect to Neptune:


There is a naturalspiritual attunement between you and your mother. She gave you the desire toserve unselfishly. She also gave you a love of music, art and beauty, as wellas an appreciation of  metaphysics.You both have creative and artistic potential. You feel she is special. You mayhave a mystical quality about you that attracts people.


Moon in softaspect to Pluto:


There is a strong,psychic bond between you and your mother. You understand each other's feelings.She gave you positive, healthy messages about sex which now gives you thefreedom to enjoy yourself. You are a very magnetic person and channel youremotions well. Your intuitive ability is strong. You are nurturing withoutbeing smothering.


Moon in hardaspect to North and South Nodes:


Poor rapport withyour mother and women in past lives hinders your relationships with them inthis one. The tendency to emotionally hang on to the past can prevent success.





Saturn  is  reality and  often,  restriction.  In  the  natal  chart,  it  can  represent your  mother,  father,  grandparents, family  ---anyone  who  imposes  a  restrictive  influence on  your  life  and  tries  to  teach  you  reality  through discipline.


Saturn in Libra:


The authorityfigures in your life taught you responsibility in relationships. They may havegiven you the message that relationships involve restriction. This may tend tomake you fearful of partnership in general and marriage in particular.


Saturn in 1sthouse:


The authorityfigures in your life taught you to assume responsibility early, making you feelolder than your years. The message was, "Be a big boy/girl." Byassuming your family's responsibility you become serious and build a wallaround yourself. You model your behavior after the authority figures in yourlife, making you distant, authoritative and possibly, unapproachable.


Saturn in softaspect to Venus:


The authorityfigures in your life gave you a secure feeling of being loved. As a result, youare loyal in love and able to maintain a long-term relationship. You do nottake love lightly. When you love, you willingly assume your responsibility forthe relationship. You are not looking for wild, exciting love, but steady,reliable love.


Saturn in hardaspect to Jupiter:


You experienceconflict between doing what you want to do and doing what you feel you ought todo. Even when enjoying yourself, you feel limited. This message came to youfrom the authority figures in your life who would pull you back when you wereenjoying yourself. Their concept of God involves fear. This can curb yourenthusiasm since the implication is that if you have too much fun, God willpunish you---there is a price to pay for all happiness--every silver lining hasa cloud.


Saturn in softaspect to North and South Nodes:


Good rapport withauthority figures in past lives makes it easy to get along with them in thisone. You will learn the lessons that society has to teach. You can attain powerand use it wisely.




Pluto is anotherindicator of your mother's ---and sometimes your grandmother's---message. Plutorepresents total change, control, and transmutation. It is the all-or-nothingplanet. Pluto deals with all the mysteries of life: life itself, where it originates,where it goes when it leaves this plane. Pluto and the aspects it makes in yourchart describe your mother's message about and your attitude towards sex.


 Pluto's house placement indicates wherethere can be a power play with your mother, where you will both try to dominateand control, and where you can bring about a total transformation. You controlbecause you don't trust. You don't trust the people who rule the house in whichPluto falls.


While Plutorepresents your mother's message, it can also represent your grandmother's. Usewhichever word applies to you.


Pluto in Libra:


Pluto in 1sthouse:


Your mother triesto dominate and control your personality and appearance. She wants you to beher. As a result, you are extremely determined to maintain control overyourself. You may not show the emotions you feel in an attempt to maintainself-control. In time, you can totally break free and become your own person.


Pluto in softaspect to Sun:


Good psychic andemotional bonds between your parents at the time of your birth gives you apositive role model. They taught you to assume command without abusing power.They taught you to get along with those in authority as well as those whofollow your lead. You can be a pioneer. You are magnetic and psychic, and getalong well with both men and women.


Pluto in softaspect to Moon:


There is a strongpsychic bond between you and your mother. She may have had a similar bond withher mother. You find it easy to understand and get along with women. Yourfeelings for your home and family are deep and positive. You are a magneticperson with a strong intuition. There is a natural mothering quality about youthat does not smother or possess.


Pluto in softaspect to Mercury:


You and your motherare able to communicate without speaking, the psychic bond between you is sostrong. You are this way with others as well. You can spot truth from falsehoodand are a natural detective. Your intuition is so much a part of you that you donot see it as unusual.


Pluto in softaspect to Venus:


You feel deeplyloved by your mother and this makes you a loving person in return. Your mothergave you positive messages regarding love and sex, which permit you to enjoyboth. You are creative and can enjoy the good things in life without goingoverboard.


Pluto in softaspect to Neptune:


There is a positivepsychic bond between you and your mother. Your spiritual side is active, andyou have vision and insight.


                   THE FOURTH AND TENTH HOUSES


The fourth houserelates to home, family and your deepest emotional security needs. It describesthe parent to whom you look for the fulfillment of these needs. Traditionalastrology gives the mother rulership over this house because she has been thenurturing parent, the one who stayed home and cared for the family. Today,though, mother often pursues a career, and it is father who provides theemotional security.


The tenth houserules your career, your public image and the authority figure(s) in your life.It is your father who teaches you how to get along in the world outside thehome. As such, the tenth house traditionally relates to him.


There are no setrules as to which parent rules which house. Sometimes one parent fulfills bothroles. Other times the parents reverse roles. Each chart must be analyzedindividually to determine which parent rules the fourth and which rules thetenth.


The relationshipbetween the fourth and tenth is important because your home, family and thesecurity they give you determine how you will do outside the home. If you don'tget what you need from one parent, you may turn to the other, who may or maynot be able to fulfill your needs. Lack of emotional security in the home canlead to compensation in the career. The career, then, can become a parentreplacement.


The signs on thecusps of the fourth and tenth houses add another dimension to understandingyour parents. When trying to determine which house is which parent, it ishelpful to exaggerate the descriptions enough to allow yourself to be able tomake a distinction between the two.


Capricorn on 4thCusp:


This parent isself-protective and emotionally attached to the family and his/her publicimage. He/she is moody and takes things personally.


Cancer on 10thCusp:


This parent iscold, undemonstrative, and concerned with appearances. Money is very importantto him/her.


North Node in4th or 10th house:


While you may betempted to listen to or follow the South Node parent, the North Node parent isthe one who will help you learn your greatest lessons.


South Node in4th or 10th house:


You have alreadylearned a great deal from this parent in past lives. It is time to turn yourattention to the lessons the North Node parent is teaching you. There can bedisappointment, even losses involved with the South Node parent if you expecttoo much of him/her.


                 THE ROVING DELEGATES


   The signs represent principles tobe learned.  The house cusp onwhich a sign falls tells us the area of life in which that principle will belearned. Usually, the principle manifests in more than one area of life, sincethe ruler, or ROVING DELEGATE of that sign, carries the message to anotherhouse.


   It makes no difference what signfalls on the cusp in question.  Wesimply link the sign with its ruler's house position.  For example, with Virgo on the fourth and Mercury in theeleventh, the ruler of the fourth is in the eleventh.  The same thing is true if Taurus is on the fourth and Venusis in the eleventh.  The sameconcept applies in each case.


   The house in which the fourth ortenth house ruler falls gives us more information regarding that parent'smessages.


Ruler of 4thhouse in 1st:


This parent has adirect influence on you, telling you to be yourself, but influencing you to belike him or her.  You may look likethis parent.  Your emotionalsecurity need is fulfilled by being yourself.


Ruler of 10thhouse in 11th:


The authorityfigure in your life taught you to be a friend in your career, but at the sametime, maintain your authority status. This parent wants to be your friend---and wants to be an importantfriend to you.  He or she caninfluence your friends and choice of friends.


                         A FINAL WORD



Now  that  you've looked  at  your  programming, you  may  be  wondering if  it  will  control  you  forever  or  if  there  is something  you  can  do  to  change  it,  to  move  past  it.  There  is.  You  can  release  it  and  yourself  to  God  in complete  faith  and  trust  and  just  BE.  When  you  come  from  BEING,  you  are  coming  from unconditional  love.  You  see  beauty  everywhere.  You  are  one  with  the  whole  and  know  that  you  are  protected  and  loved.