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Relocation & C*C*G Interpretation for

Michael Jackson

on Apr 25, 2006

at Neverland Ranch: Los Olivos, CA

120W06'50", 34N40'04"





Birth Data

Michael Jackson

Aug 29, 1958

09:00:00 PM CDT

Gary, IN           

087W20'47", 41N35'36"




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The Relocation Chart

A relocation chart is simply an ordinary natal horoscope moved to a different location. It's a chart cast for the same cosmic instant of birth, but looked at from another location, as if the birth happened there. The planets' sign positions all remain the same, but they will appear in different houses at different locations, thus altering their strengths and areas of influence.  So, if you were born in New York, for instance, and then moved to Paris, your relocation chart would have any first house planets shifted about 90 degrees clockwise into the tenth house; tenth house planets would be shifted into the seventh house, and so on, thus giving your natal chart a whole new look for your Parisian adventures. In fact, if it turns out to be a significant improvement, you might even want to move there. Or, perhaps you might just want to visit when you are doing the kind of things that your Paris relocation chart favors -- work, play, health, creativity -- depending on your planets' relocated house positions.


The Relocation Map

Although any one relocation chart opens up new possibilities for you when you travel, if you put a lot of them together and trace them on a map you get a set of marked-out roads of opportunity that stretch around the world, each of which will add strength and emphasis to specific parts of your personality and potential. There is a geographical ribbon running many thousands of miles around the globe, every mile of which gives you Mars rising, adding to your energy and individual power whenever you are on it. Another gives you the Sun rising, another, the Moon, and so on. Around the other side of the earth are similar routes on which your planets are always exactly setting, on the cusp of the seventh house. Similarly, there are north-south pathways each 12,000 miles long where individual planets are on your Midheaven or IC if you go to them. Together, they make up an often-intersecting set of personal highways, a grid of 40 planetary lines that mark out your chart's strongest places for relocation, where one or more natal planets are on the angles.


And if that's not enough potential roads to travel on, there are a total of 180 global lines that depict where your 45 major planetary midpoints are on the angles, adding a subtle substructure to your planetary potential. Altogether, they depict your own personal World Wide Web of highways and byways that add special strengths to your chart and promise new heightened adventure and return for simply taking a trip. You'll find that there's hardly a place on the planet you can go without discovering a new slant on life, a new take on what you already have working inside you.


Windows Of Opportunity

Finally, as your personal progressions and transits move along and affect your natal chart, these same changes will be touching your relocation chart as well, but often quite differently. This will mean that certain parts of the world open up as unique windows of opportunity for a limited, but golden time. A look at these will tell you not only where to travel, but when is the optimum time to be there as well. Find out the best of where and when, and then book your ticket, with the stars on your side.


The Armchair Traveler

You don't have to actually show up at a strong relocation place to have it affect you. You may well find that areas where you have locality planets, midpoints, transits, or progressions on the angles have a way of waltzing into your life unannounced, or that you'll find yourself dealing with people who live there in a way that is described by your chart in that locality. In the era of electronic world travel, you may not need to go out of your door to find your different relocation charts working for you.


Angles in Signs

Ascendant in Aquarius

You can be all things to all people here, but you may also be expected to do just that, so the challenge can be pleasing everybody and pleasing yourself at the same time. The appearance of being evenhanded can make you seem chilly, however, so make a point of adding an extra touch of warmth every chance you get.


Midheaven in Sagittarius

You can be an open book here, and people will believe it. In fact, they'll believe it, anyway, so you can overstep your bounds and it won't be immediately noticed. Ultimately, however, you'll have to call the shots accurately (but you don't have to get specific), and you'll be seen to have a window on the future.



Planets on Angles


Any planet on one of the angles (Ascendant, MC, Descendant, IC) of your relocation chart will be greatly strengthened when you are at the place of relocation, very much like if it were on the angles of your natal chart. If the Sun is on an angle, you'll have more confidence; if Mars is there you'll have more energy, and so on. Moreover, you don't have to actually go there to get the effect. Having a planet on a relocated angle will accentuate that place for you even if you are only doing business with people there over the phone. You have an accentuated quality to people in such places that you may not have elsewhere.


Natal Jupiter Tri AS (Strong)

It's easier to come off like you really are ahead of the game here, simply by being optimistic and making the first step, any step. You roll right into the trends and probably look like you're leading them, and all without much effort. A positive attitude comes easy, and it eases your way anywhere you show up.


Jupiter in Eighth House

You'll find a lot of new resources at your command here, if you're willing to understand the terms on which they're offered. Treat others' treasures like they were your own, and they will be, at least in part. The benefits of sharing must be mutual and must renew the place from which they come -- do so here.


Natal Moon/Mercury  On  IC (Strong)

You'll feel especially comfortable expressing your feelings among people here, as they seem to understand what you have to say at a fundamental level. It's like there's a readymade structure through which your emotions can flow so you don't feel at odds when you open up. Think of it as a home away from home.


Natal Sun/Venus  On  DS (Strong)

You may spend more time than usual tending to others' needs and satisfying the appetites of those who support you. There is no better partner than the one you have just gratified, however, so be willing to put out in order to get the ball rolling your way. Give more, get more, enjoy more all around.


Natal Sun/Uranus  On  DS (Strong)

Unusual folks with a somewhat abrasive but novel approach to things abound here, so expect some unusual partnering prospects if you like to take a chance. Personal adventure is here for sure, just let someone else in and you're off to the races. It may be on-again off-again, but that may suit you just fine.


Natal Sun/Mercury  On  DS (Strong)

Personal relationships here are characterized by a strong and articulate sincerity, so when you want to get something done, it may be better to get someone else to do it than to do it yourself. At least, you're likely to have that option more than in most places, so always keep the option in mind.


Natal Neptune Tri AS (Strong)

You have imagination -- your own and others' -- going for you here, and playing parts may come quite naturally to you, without having to give up your own true identity. A sense of what people would like to see you as comes naturally, and so does your natural ability to actually fit the idealized mold.


Neptune in Eighth House

All that glitters here is not gold, and the rainbow moves when you try to race to its end. There is a lot of mystery that retains its value by remaining so, and that should be enough for you. If you need to rely on it, bring it with you when you come, don't expect it to underwrite your efforts when you get here.


Natal Moon/Pluto  On  IC (Medium)

This may seem like an emotional rock and hard place for you, where you meet all or nothing choices of the heart that are compelling and familiar. It's as if you are forced to fish or cut bait, and the result is strong feelings born of feeling trapped. When you figure out why it's happening, you move out of the shallows and on to deeper water.


Natal Mercury  On  DS (Medium)

You can lead with your head here in ways that might be more difficult elsewhere. Somehow what you say will get across more clearly and your ability to analyze situations will be particularly strong. In a similar vein, you'll be able to pick up on the local lingo especially well; so if you have to go to a second language, you'll be able to do so more swiftly and communicate well despite initial language barriers. It is as if you find a shared mindset which you can immediately address because you already know what's being said, since it's what you were talking about to begin with. Remember, however, that head, heart, and hand are different functions, and though you may agree intellectually, there may be other subtexts that aren't so unusually in tune, so don't presume you've got everything surrounded just because you think you do. Agreements spoken or put on paper may come with ease, but take care that when the discussion is over you are all really on the same page at unspoken levels as well. When all is said and done, what's done is done and what's said may be only worth the paper it's written on. Nevertheless, you've got a distinct working advantage here.


Mercury in Sixth House

You can run a very trim ship here, organize the routine until it hums like a well-oiled machine. You can do the same thing for yourself, as you discover new approaches that energize your health and diet you might not have expected to find here. When in Rome, do as the Romans do -- the old phrase will work for you here.


Natal Uranus/Pluto  On  DS (Medium)

You can find some hearty, craggy people here who will cut to the quick and hit you with both barrels. Forced enlightenment may not be what you're about, however, in which case feel free to blow them off. Nevertheless, hard advice and deep flashes of insight may be in the next pair of eyes you behold.


Natal Mercury/Venus  On  DS (Medium)

If you want someone to take your picture, in more ways than one, this is the place. Here you attract others with style, a good sense of proportion and composition, as well as quick and charming wit. Your essential solution is to heap compliments (sincere ones) on them so they keep on coming and deliver.


Natal Venus/Pluto  On  DS (Medium)

People here may be a little too certain about what they want and will let you know about it. That can be very compelling if you seem to agree, but watch for conflicts beneath the surface. When people won't take no for an answer, you may be better off giving them what they want and moving on if it's not your cup of tea.


Natal Mars Sqr DS (Medium)

You can sometimes find your efforts at cross purposes here and your coordination and timing will require fine-tuning before you get it right. That means going into any project with enough reserves to do and re-do until you know it's on the right track. Lessons learned bring wisdom, but first you have to learn them.


Mars in Third House

You're likely to have a very active social life here, propelled by the extra energy you put into making contacts with those around you. Indeed, you may find yourself generally the first to make a call and the quickest to return one. Accordingly, you can expect a daily intensity you may not experience elsewhere.


Natal Moon/Venus  On  IC (Medium)

If you come here to get something, you'll feel you've succeeded in some way even if you haven't met specific goals. There's something emotionally satisfying about the place, like your needs are being met just by being here. A lot has to do with communicating just that, and the warm reception you'll receive as a result.


Natal Venus  On  DS (Medium)

There is a certain allure here that pleases, attracts, and gives you satisfaction the moment you arrive. In fact, that may well be what brings you here -- something that you need that only this place offers. Similarly, your ability to please and charm the locals is particularly high, and flattery will get you everywhere. As you draw in the atmosphere your pleasure is evident, and simply saying so is a compliment in itself. The allure of pure desire is particularly strong here, so keep it at a positive and generous level and don't let it devolve into mere selfishness and self-gratification. Seduction is in the air, but the ultimate question is, who is being seduced and to what end? Beauty and satisfaction may be at your fingertips, so learn to sip it artfully and resist the temptation to gorge where your hunger is strongest or your needs most demanding. There's a treasure chest to be mined, and the more wisely you mete it out to yourself, the more permanent your receipts. When you invest as much as you take out, the rewards will only grow, so use this potential wisely and you'll always want to come back for more, and be welcome to it.


Venus in Sixth House

What's routine to others here may seem especially charming and inviting from your vantage point. There's something about the way the day goes that has unique appeal -- perhaps it opens up new ways of showing your creativity, or it just eases and decorates everyday life. It's what you bring to it that makes the difference.


Natal Moon/Sun  On  IC (Medium)

This may feel like a very important place to you, a place that says roots for you even if you have no history of it. You'll have your feet on the ground in a special way, and as a result will work from a more balanced position. You'll treat people like family because, somehow, they are -- and they'll do the same.


Natal Mercury/Uranus  On  DS (Medium)

You can run a cropper of folks with some pretty strange ideas here, things you've never thought about before. They'll likely come in quick, quirky phrases that you'll miss if you're not listening carefully, but they can open your head up indeed. You may in fact find yourself their target, but take that as a compliment.


Natal Mercury/Pluto  On  DS (Medium)

Don't be surprised if you run into intractable thinking, unchangeable minds that insist on their ways. No point in arguing, so you're better off digging to find out why they're so certain about things. There's always more going on than meets the eye, and you can touch on the profound if you respect people's self-imposed boundaries and go for what's really inside.


Natal Saturn Sxt AS (Mild)

You appear to carry a little more weight here than you might, and inaction will often appear to be the voice of experience and patience rather than indecision. Once you pick up and get going, you've got a lot on your side, so leave drag racing to others who will look nervous and uncertain by comparison.


Saturn in Tenth House

You're better off staking your claims as an authority on what's gone before than as a herald of the new here. It's more profitable to be seen as reliably accomplished than dismissed as insufficiently novel. You can get away with (even enjoy) being a bit stuffy, but shallow and trendy will not sell for you here.


Natal Sun  On  DS (Mild)

You shine with a brighter light here, and you can put out more personal influence and have it match the surroundings more here than in other places. On the other hand, you can be pulled into an ego trip without really knowing it, as beckoning flattery can draw you out beyond your real supply line. Nevertheless, it will feel like your Sun is always rising and you're basking in the blooming light of day, because that's literally the case. After a fashion, you'll feel like you were born here and that your flowers were made to blossom in this fertile soil. That may or may not be a guarantee of long-term success, but it can do a lot to fuel it. Because you feel you're on familiar ground, you can project yourself with greater confidence, since you, in some very inner sense, "speak the language" and identify with local issues and culture. You'll be well-received for this very reason, but always remember that in some more temporal sense you're a "come-here" and not a "from-here," so don't overstep boundaries like you own the place. Speak from your heart and you'll be heard, but don't presume to speak from the hearts of others.


Sun in Seventh House

You're likely to find yourself in a partnering state of mind here, so feel free to look for assistance of the best possible kind. There's help to be found and pleasures to be shared, so don't feel you have to go solo. In fact, you'll do better under any circumstances if you link up with a local, whatever the arrangement.


Natal Mars/Saturn  On  DS (Mild)

People may seem forceful yet demanding at the same time. They'll be in it for the long haul, so you should be prepared to play the same game. Spontaneity of action may be at a premium, and intention and follow-through are everything. If you're not as serious as those you meet up with, humor them or they'll want none of you.


Natal Venus/Uranus  On  DS (Mild)

It can be hard to keep track of what people want from you here, because it keeps changing. You may have to swing toward the unusual to satisfy, but that's part of the adventure. Requests that seem strange to you may be just variations of what happens every day here, so when in Rome, do as the Romans do...or at least give it a try.


Natal Moon/Uranus  On  IC (Mild)

You may come on some emotional revelations here you didn't expect and, if you're not prepared, may not at first be comfortable with. Your challenge is to break emotional chains freely while keeping occasional outbursts appropriate and true to your new feelings. A bumpy, but sometimes familiar, roller coaster ride for the heart.


Natal Uranus  On  DS (Mild)

This is bound to be a place that will open your eyes, and you should probably keep them pretty wide open while you're here. The potential for exciting, revelatory events is high, as is the chance of getting into sudden disputes, accidents, or intermittent reversals of fortune. In other words, expect the unexpected and you won't be disappointed. This is partially because you bring an edge of newness and originality onto the scene which can charge and polarize people in different directions. The discovery factor is way up, both for you and those you deal with, so be willing to abandon stale approaches and launch out on new journeys at the drop of a hat. The atmosphere can seem explosive at times, as tinder is dry and there are matches lying around. You'll never know what's going to happen when you strike a light, but you probably shouldn't be here if you don't intend to. Petty annoyances (or being petty and annoying) are to be avoided, but embrace the sudden moment, as that is where it's all happening, where your new reality is born.


Uranus in Sixth House

Establishing a routine here may be something of a challenge, bordering upon impossibility. So, it's a natural place to break habits, not establish them, and try new approaches to daily life on a daily basis. You may not always feel up to it, but no sooner do you think that than you find your mind changed yet again.




















Relocation Wheel



Relocation Scoring Graph


Los Olivos, CA - 120W06'50", 34N40'04"


C*C*G Planets on Angles


Transits to Angles

Location charts respond to transits very much like your natal chart. Although Jupiter, for instance, may not be transiting your natal Ascendant right now, it is transiting your relocated Ascendant somewhere, and that somewhere is likely where you'll easily get a lot of extra attention and enhanced personal prospects if you go there or start doing business with people there. The same goes for the rest of the planets, so you can travel to seek or to escape their transits at the place of your choice.


Progressions to Angles

Although you can't escape your natal progressions, you can go experience them someplace else, particularly where a favorable progressed planet relocates right on an angle and thus gets extra emphasis. As with transits, your progressed relocation paths will tell you where it's happening according to the nature of each planet. Being that they are progressions rather than transits, the effect will be more internal than external, but noticeable all the same.


Progressed Sun Ssq MC (Strong)

You may have some difficulty identifying with your own accomplishments here this year, and your newest and most personally held inner goals may be at odds with what went before. It's simply that you have ever-growing intentions and don't mean to be held back by the past. You can do both, just make room for yourself then and now.


Transit Saturn Ssx AS (Strong)

You're in for a year or so of fairly consistent support from the situation in this locale, at least insofar as you show yourself to be a part of its establishment and don't rock the boat. People look to you for security, so remember the feeling for when it comes time to reverse the process.


Progressed Sun Tri DS (Strong)

Stepping forward with confidence here comes easily for at least a year or so, as your self-image and your actual appearance link up nicely and you don't need extra makeup to look like you're in tune with yourself. You can concentrate on making accomplishments, as the inner wherewithal needs no attention.


Progressed Mars Sqr DS (Medium)

You're in a several-year period of personal wastefulness here that saps your resources because it's hard to focus your energies. False starts, detours, and general timing problems need to be addressed so that you can get the mileage you naturally should. When in doubt, just wait until you're sure you really have to make your move.


Progressed Mercury Tri DS (Medium)

You'll feel very on-message here this year, but without having to make a big deal about it. Words just flow more smoothly out of your mouth and your brain is naturally in gear without having to pump the clutch. Body language does a lot to get the point across, and you may not even know it's happening unless you catch yourself on video.


Progressed Mars Sqr DS (Medium)

You're in a several-year period of personal wastefulness here that saps your resources because it's hard to focus your energies. False starts, detours, and general timing problems need to be addressed so that you can get the mileage you naturally should. When in doubt, just wait until you're sure you really have to make your move.


Transit Neptune  On  AS (Medium)

If you want to be the object of fantasy, this is the right year or so to be here. People will be seeing you through rose-colored glasses and projecting their dreams on you every time you show up. Trying to be your actual self, however, might be more of a challenge, as your beauty (your image, at least) is very much in the eye of the local beholder.



Transit Saturn Ssx AS (Mild)

You're in for a year or so of fairly consistent support from the situation in this locale, at least insofar as you show yourself to be a part of its establishment and don't rock the boat. People look to you for security, so remember the feeling for when it comes time to reverse the process.


Progressed Mercury Tri DS (Mild)

You'll feel very on-message here this year, but without having to make a big deal about it. Words just flow more smoothly out of your mouth and your brain is naturally in gear without having to pump the clutch. Body language does a lot to get the point across, and you may not even know it's happening unless you catch yourself on video.


Transit Pluto Sxt DS (Mild)

You're in for a few years of engendering a lot of faith in yourself here, just by showing up. You look reliable, somehow, like when the chips are down you can pull everyone through, so you might as well live up to the potential and be a fount of certainty to those around you. If you say it will be OK, it will.


Progressed Venus Tri DS (Mild)

You like what you look like here this year, and it shows. It's not so much narcissism -- just that you feel good about yourself and you don't need a mirror to check whether you appear the way you ought to. By the same token, when you emit that feeling, it bubbles up in others and you become the object of desire.