Composite Interpretation


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

at Windhoek, NAMIBIA

017E06'00", 22S34'00"





Birth Data


Angelina Jolie

Jun 04, 1975

09:09:00 AM PDT

Los Angeles, CA    

118W14'34", 34N03'08"


Brad Pitt

Dec 08, 1963

06:31:00 AM CST

Shawnee, OK        

096W55'30", 35N19'38"









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The Composite Chart

One and one make more than two, and when two people get together a third party emerges: the couple. As a couple, a team, a dynamic duo, you both become part of something larger that can give you greater power and potential than either has alone. As the two of you become one, a totally new horoscope emerges, called the composite chart, which describes what you have become by linking up, what your special, mutual universe looks like from inside and out. It may be very different than either of you alone, or it may just reinforce you both, but it is what you are together, so embrace it. When you move to a new location, you modify that chart, and your image together and what you can do with it may change significantly. As with your individual charts, you have an inside that doesn't change with a move and an outside that changes with locality. To see if you have the best possible fit in this new place, here's a look at both.


A composite chart shows the midpoints between two charts' planet positions. Horizons uses a new method to allow the relocation of a composite chart. The composite planet positions are placed into the chart of the first person in the composite pair.




Angles in Signs

Ascendant in Sagittarius

You can be warm and casual here, open and friendly, and leading with a laugh. You'll always seem truthful, but you'll have to be what you seem in order to take long run advantage. Privacy here is thus harder to maintain, but also less necessary. You make up for in enthusiasm what you may miss in the details, and an open hand invites generosity as well as giving it.


Midheaven in Leo

You may have to live up to a larger-than-life reputation here, but keep rumors of your connections to royalty a whisper and that will help. What they don't know (but only imagine) about both of you can only give you a boost. A reputation for largesse is what you start with, so stay with it.


Planets on Angles


Any planet on one of the angles (Ascendant, MC, Descendant, IC) of your relocation chart will be greatly strengthened when you are at the place of relocation, very much like if it were on the angles of your natal chart. If the Sun is on an angle, you'll have more confidence; if Mars is there you'll have more energy, and so on. Moreover, you don't have to actually go there to get the effect. Having a planet on a relocated angle will accentuate that place for you even if you are only doing business with people there over the phone. You have an accentuated quality to people in such places that you may not have elsewhere.


Composite Jupiter Sxt DS (Strong)

You have the gift here of presenting just enough of yourselves to seem like you're unfathomable but not so much that you waste your resources or other people's time. Your graceful, positive attitude shows without being preachy, and you teach by example, by the way you move, by the manners you display.


Jupiter in Fifth House

Here's a place to kick the party up a notch, or plan a bigger one. All those creative urges, whether instinctual or just playful, suddenly blossom forth and it will be all you can do to enjoy them all. When you're together, you'll feel like dancing, and when others show up, it will be with dancing shoes on....


Composite Sun Sqr DS (Strong)

You may not see yourselves in the mirror here exactly as you would like to, but spending too much time in makeup isn't going to really help it out. Let personalities and appearances take their own directions without having to force a match that may not work. If the cost of being yourselves is surface imperfections, it's real life, not a movie.


Sun in Fourth House

You'll probably want to be able to take it slow and easy here -- set up shop wherever you're actually living and make forays out into daily life from there. You'll shine more at being visited than at visiting, as your greatest natural advantage together will be your home turf. When your feet are on familiar ground, you'll feel the most confident.


Composite Saturn  On  IC (Medium)

You probably won't find your quarters here to be large or expansive, nor will you particularly need them to be. Spartan living together may be quite sufficient, because you have something else more important to do than hang around home. Where you can save on yourselves, you can add to your achievements.


Saturn in Fifth House

This may not put you in a mood for a honeymoon, but it may be a good place to rest up after one. The urge to play is mostly on hold here, and it's better for refining what your muse has given you rather than asking her for a visit. If your game together needs a little work, this is the place to woodshed and refine your moves.


Composite Venus Sxt AS (Mild)

Accessorizing yourselves is what it's all about here, and you can do that physically or by the company you keep. The trick is to do it effortlessly, without any attempt to impress, as it all falls into place. What one lacks, the other picks up on without skipping a beat, from one play to the next.


Venus in Eleventh House

If you want to be in with the in crowd here, it's your call -- or you can create your own as you go along. There's a high level of close friendship on tap if you choose, or you can just make it your own perfect hideaway by yourselves. It's what good memories and happy returns are made of, whether you visit or stay.











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Windhoek, NAMIBIA - 017E06'00", 22S34'00"