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The Indra Report










Jon Stewart





November 28, 1962

Calculated for 12:00 PM (Precise birth time not known) Standard time

Trenton, New Jersey

Latitude 40 N 13 01 Longitude 74 W 44 36

GMT: 17:00:00  Time Zone: 5 hours West. Tropical Zodiac








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This Report called INDRA (Version 1.7) creates a psychological mirror of your life, by interpreting the astronomical symbols present at your moment of birth using a large amount of prewritten text.  INDRA describes your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives giving a highly accurate composite view of your life.  Your contradictory urges and drives as well as your chief focuses are described in INDRA.  You will understand yourself better by studying this material.  Your INDRA report provides guidelines for personal improvement and self discovery. Your life can improve quickly and dramatically if you apply the suggestions given here.  By raising your aims and expectations you can obtain a deeper self-understanding and thereby resolve your inner conflicts and contradictions.  INDRA is not meant as a substitute for astrological consultations, therapy, or the study of astrology; it is an interactive tool to enhance these things. Truly, INDRA provides a foundation for self-understanding.


The INDRA Report is divided into Twelve sections or chapters, reflecting the Twelve basic areas of your life.



           I.  The Structure and Intent of Your Life

                     A.  Elements and Modes Balanced

                     B.  The Conjunctions

           II.  THE SUN - Your ego structure.

           III. THE MOON - Your personal life.

           IV.   MERCURY - Your mental life.

           V.    VENUS - Your love nature.

           VI.   MARS - Your energy.

           VII.  JUPITER - Your values.

           VIII. SATURN - Your obligations.

           IX.   URANUS - Your search for freedom.

           X.    NEPTUNE - Your spiritual aspirations and ideals.

           XI.   PLUTO - Your need for fundamental change.

           XII.  Summation

                     A. Your Uniqueness.

                     B. Your Easiest Areas.

                     C. Your Most Persistent Difficulties.

                     D. The Growth Aspects.

                     E. The Declinations.

                     F. Your Karmic Direction.


SECTION I.  The Structure and Intent of Your Life.


     A.  Elements and Modes


The Elements and Modes show what we aim for in life.  They show our broadest focus and in the most general sense, how we go about achieving our goals.


          1. Elements


The four elements (fire, earth, air and water) are the most comprehensive inventory of the personality that we have. Everything in the universe including the human personality can be examined in terms of the four elements.  FIRE is your basic enthusiastic urge,  EARTH shows your concern for the material world,  AIR is the element of abstract thought,  WATER is your empathy impulse.  Fire and earth are primitive and focus on the self.  Air and water are derivative and focused on others.  Fire and air are naturally extrovert, optimistic, active, and freedom oriented.  Earth and water are basically introvert, pessimistic, passive, and security oriented.




You have a lot of fire in your chart.  Fire is the element of energy, enthusiasm, and immediate and spontaneous focus on the self.  You go from event to event selecting projects that give the full range of outlet for your energy.  This process of selection is precognitive, instantaneous and automatic.  People respond to the inspirational spark in you and your enthusiasm and boundless exuberance is evident whenever you are being your real self.




You have 20% of your chart in the earth element.  You have a natural knack for dealing with money, material resources, and projects where the end result is important.  You may worry about your results and be very concerned that you aren't doing as well as you should materially. Still, in the long run, you are quite accomplished in knowing how to get the most out of existing conditions.




Saturn is your only planet in an air element.  This means 10% of your chart is under the domain of the air element.  Self discipline and patience are necessary in order to overcome fear of others.  You can see the lesson that is present in life's experiences.  Still, you have difficulty translating what you see into procedures.  This can be a stumbling block for you as you alternately try to ignore the reasoning process altogether, then embrace it obsessively.  You work harder than most people at being "in tune" with others.




You have 30% of your chart in the water element.  The emotional content of your chart is so strong that it is never a neutral ingredient in your life.  How you are able to integrate this quality of empathy into the rest of your personality traits will determine how well you will mingle with others.   Learning good relationship skills early in life is very important to your proper adjustment and socialization to life and your culture.


          2. Modes


The three modes are CARDINAL, FIXED, and MUTABLE.  The modes of expression show how you act out your urges in the world.  They represent your most basic responding mechanism toward all of life experience.  The cardinal planets show direct expression in physical action, leadership ability and strength.  The fixed mode planets in your chart show reaction, consistency, persistency, endurance and stubbornness.  The mutable planets in your chart show synthesis, blending, malleableness, thought, forethought, debate and wisdom.  The following statements show the way the three modes manifest in your life.




You have no cardinal planets in your chart.  You need to learn to sort out ideas carefully before you act.  You learn much about yourself and life as circumstances force unwanted choices on you. Often you find the price of being with others is following preexisting patterns of action or letting others lead.  The alternative is to go your own way alone.




A tremendous amount of your chart is in the fixed mode.  You have endurance.  Whether a course of action is good or bad you are more likely to stay with it than change.   The principle of inertia is with you.  When you rest, you have real difficulty getting going.  When you are in motion,  you have real difficulty stopping or even changing directions (even  slightly).  People find you a loyal friend and a tenacious enemy.




You have an abundance of mutability in your chart.  You are a thinker and attempt to accommodate a number of circumstances and people in your environment.  You may have difficulty choosing a direction and staying with it.  Truth has a way of becoming a highly personal subjective factor; consequently, others think of you as not being able to communicate simple truths in a factual way.  You are nervous and may need more B-Vitamins in your diet, rest, and meditation in order to be balanced.


     B. The Conjunctions.


A Conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same immediate area of the Zodiac.  The conjunctions in your chart show central linkings of basic energies in your life.  When one area (represented by a planet) expresses itself, it brings along the other area (represented by the other planet).  When you are studying the rest of this printout of your life, keep in mind that linking of these energies is a central theme in your life and these areas should be studied together.


Sun Conjunct Mercury


Think of Sections II. THE SUN - Your ego structure, and IV. MERCURY -Your mental life, as a single unit.  These two very primary ingredients of your being express themselves together. Whatever affects one of them affects both of them.  This Conjunction represents a central theme in your life.


Venus Conjunct Neptune


Think of Sections V. VENUS - Your love nature, and X. NEPTUNE -Your spiritual aspirations and ideals, as a single unit.  This Conjunction represents a central theme in the formation of your values.  A longing for a higher ideal is always present.


Uranus Conjunct Pluto


Think of Sections IX. URANUS - Your search for freedom, and XI. PLUTO -Your need for fundamental change, as operating together. This combination shows strength of purpose and drive for spontaneous creativity.  This Conjunction is a central ingredient in your life.


SECTION II.  The SUN - Your Ego Structure


The Sun is the center of the solar system.  All life revolves around it within this sphere.  In the same way, the ego is the center of personal identity and gives integration and continuity to individual experience. In this sense, it might be said that the Sun shows character.  This is the fixed pillar at the center of the person around which all else circulates or revolves.


The sign placement of the Sun shows the center of the individual's basic character.  The sign of the Sun is the most primary indicator of the forms of experience you are attracted to.  Further, this most important placement shows how and why you are attracted to these experiences.


Aspects to the Sun show ways that the core of the personality are linked to other component elements in the individual's life.  Aspects to the Sun have a deep and overriding significance in the life of the individual and are generally more important, more prominent than other aspects in the chart.




You have a good grasp of the big picture.  Although you are overly blunt at times, you have a basic sense of honesty and a lightheartedness which gives the ability to connect with lots of different people.  Your overview of life makes you particularly prone to accurate projections.  You consciously strive to obtain freedom through self-understanding.  This may engage you in philosophic or religious studies, schools or more directly through travel and exploring the great outdoors.  You get closer to your goal in life when you become more concerned for the thoughts and feelings of others.  You are very quick to react and your spontaneity can be pointing to a lack of sincerity.  You learn a lot by consciously reexamining your motives and methods.




You have a very close alignment between your mental skills and your ego.  This can give you great depth of perception and great resolve. You need to be careful that you don't become dogmatic or develop "tunnel vision".  When you become focused on one thing for a long time, you may suffer from nervous exhaustion.  Learn to take breaks without losing your initiative.




You are lucky, but suffer from the tendency to "overplay your hand". You feel lucky and justified in the good coming to you. Your optimism easily becomes opportunism.  Your life improves when you insist on "earning your own way".  Pride will sometimes block your vision. Conceit leads you to wrong choices.  Try being more empirical and less superstitious.  Learning comes naturally and when you translate this quality into learning about yourself, life gets better in many ways. Strive for integrity when you catch yourself being overly pompous.




You are lavish and extravagant, generous but very overindulgent. Those who know you well give you great latitude with your petty vanities (which are numerous).  In the long, run self-confidence is the maker of success.  Pride is responsible for your failures. You understand yourself when you learn to judge your life by the results rather than by the feelings and intentions.




You are self-disciplined and self-aware.  You are ambitious and are willing to work hard to put your vision into action.  Your naturally conservative instincts lead on a safe and sure path although it may well be a slow one.  Being basically of sound judgment and reliable, people tend to trust you; these qualities alone may put you in a position of leadership at some point.




You are serious, cautious and reserved.  Lucky at finding the simplest way to complete a project, you expect the good in life. Your background, your past, your training and your instincts lead you to expect success.




You have a strong will, an abrupt manner, and a highly original form of self-expression.  You need to be careful that your basically iconoclastic nature doesn't end up separating you artificially from others.  Your need for freedom, independence, and uniqueness plays havoc with your life in youth but becomes more a force for progressive change as you get older.  You love the dramatic and are a true romantic.  You have a major lesson in life: to gain freedom through responsibility rather than freedom from responsibility.  Once learned, relationships and projects become much more stable.




You are stubborn and rebellious with a powerful drive for personal freedom at all cost.  You are quite creative but unstable.  The adventuresome spirit is always part of your nature, but your iconoclastic spirit mellows into humanitarianism as you age.  Your thirst for new experiences can have you leaping from situation to situation until you become disciplined.




You are locked in a deep inner struggle that seems like life or death to you.  This can spill over into your everyday life as violent outbursts and a quarrelsome nature.  Your will is very powerful but perhaps misdirected.  Even if you are presumptuous, defensive, and boastful, your life will change dramatically and instantaneously for the better as soon as you stop attacking others and refuse to even blame anyone else for your difficulties.  Then, you will be able to really start controlling yourself.  When this happens you will lose your desire to control others completely and forever.




Growth in the area of self control is fast when you learn compromise. You are difficult to understand, even for those close to you.  You have amazing self-control, but pressure builds up until you experience a deep earth shattering explosion.  This eruption is always a by-product of unrelenting continuous inner tension.  In turn, this tension is created not by happenings or circumstances in your life, but, by your interpretation of events.  Negative, primitive, even backward emotions (as well as higher understanding) emerge out of what things symbolize to you, not what they actually are.  You are your own worst enemy and guilt can do you in.  Correct use of the past creates a balance in your future.  Resolving deep underlying personal conflicts (that make every issue seem like life and death decisions) frees up tremendous energy.


SECTION III.  The MOON - Your Personal Life.


The Moon inscribes a circle around the earth.  It moves more swiftly than other astronomical bodies and thus represents day to day and moment to moment movements, adjustments and preoccupations.  The Moon is the symbol of the personal life which is molded and shaped by our environment, by events, and by social and familial expectations. Further, the Moon shows our responses to life which are based on our past habits, experiences, our heritage and our individual and collective cravings.


The sign placement of the Moon shows how you project yourself to the general public, how the instinctive and imaginative component of your mind operates, how you express your feelings and your most general experiences of your family and mother.


The aspects of the Moon show the general characteristics of the personality that are emphasized.  Planets in aspect to the Moon are symbolic of qualities in the personality that are used instinctively, habitually and with a high degree of versatility.




You see yourself as a person of real consequence.  Your imagination is thrust into action with very little prompting. You are warm and have fun-loving relationships for the most part, but you are very independent.  You like to explore, travel, learn and disseminate knowledge.  You are an honorable person who is having a life of developing a higher intuition through the gathering of experience.




You are an ardent lover and an enthusiastic lover of life.  You are brave and prepared to fight for a point of view.  Your self-assertiveness and assertion can thrust you into a position of emotional leadership.  You are a builder and a doer.




Strong, driving passions move you toward your goals.  You have very directed habits leading you forward in life.  Your emotions are so focused toward what you want that you let personal happiness depend on accomplishment.




You are outwardly successful in life even though you have to go through some inner pain in your personal life.  Your greatest virtue is that you do learn from your mistakes.  You correct your own actions and go on.  Your life may have several low points while you are reorganizing after a setback.  You will be hard-pressed to sort out your true responsibilities and may find the day to day planning of your time to be quite challenging.




Self-doubt is triggered when you fear lack of support from authority figures.  Delays needlessly upset you.  Progress is made in the material world through discipline and continuity. Success in your personal life comes by understanding fears and going beyond them.


SECTION IV.  MERCURY - Your Mental Life.


Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.  From the viewpoint of the earth it seems to dart back and forth across the face of the Sun, having three retrograde cycles a year.  Mercury is the planet of your mental life.  It shows how you receive, process and disseminate information. The sign placement of Mercury shows your basic attitude and mental habits.  The aspects of Mercury show your scope of vision and your methods for accomplishing tasks.




Your mind naturally moves toward the big picture.  You are always looking "over the hills and far away".  You are independent in thought while honestly thinking that you are the mainstream standard of life.  You think you are "telling it like it is" but the truth of the matter is you are telling it like "it ought to be".  There is a moralizing, impulsive and propagating side of whatever you assert.  You usually miss details that others feel important, but the breadth of your vision and the joy and lightheartedness of your attitude encourages people to be open to what you say.  When you adjust to new circumstances in life, you do so briefly, always holding onto the picture of how things should be.  Your vision improves when you are able to face how things really are without discarding your values.




Your mental life is very closely tied in to the core of your being.  We looked at this connection in Section II. The Sun -Your ego structure.




You have some conflict between what you see as facts and what you hold as values.  You can see what you believe to be the good in life, but have difficulty getting to it. You sometimes engage in escapist fantasies or compensatory activity that actually carries you further away from your goal.  You are prone to having a division between your inner and outer life that is self defeating.  Your life greatly improves when you demand that you live out consciously any value that you hold as true.  Strive for accuracy and avoid exaggeration when giving descriptions to others.




You see life, events, and your self in grandiose terms. Enthusiasm and desire can lead you into telling stories to others that don't exactly correlate with the truth of the matter. Strive to be literal in your telling of the facts.




You have a disciplined mind and the good fortune to see the virtue in the slow, careful, and picky approach to a problem. You have ability in business, accounting, planning, and teaching. There is a solemn, peaceful side to your mind and you may withdraw periodically to reevaluate your life experiences.  You can sometimes suffer from waiting for something that never comes or investing more time and money in a project that was a bad investment to begin with.  Always enter a project with a predetermined time and energy cutoff point and you will seldom be disappointed.




You are cautious, disciplined and careful in your mental life. Early on, you figure out that your thirst for knowledge, organizing ability, and good memory are strengthening for you and help you at any job or career.  Intellectual interests are a powerful motivator in any relationship.  You like patience and consistency, admiring more mature people.  You place a high value on integrity and being responsible.




You get great ideas, even brilliant at times.  Still, others don't always hear what you are saying and this makes you angry or standoffish.  Whenever this happens, recognize that you need to be thorough and practical or else the world will not see what you have found so interesting. This is not the world's fault.  Slow yourself down long enough to learn how everyone else does things and you will find a natural channel for getting your ideas across. Remember, a good idea is only a good idea until it is put into practice.  Get physical exercise and you might find your nervousness much easier to control.




You are an original thinker but you find yourself creating rebellion and moving to the left of even your own co-thinkers. Spontaneous internal combustion in your mental life keeps you moving toward freedom, without getting closure.  Your nervous and iconoclastic attitude makes you difficult to get along with. Practice listening to others without devaluing them in your mind and you will overcome your natural mental self indulgence.




You are bright and insightful but the very strength and depth of your vision can mislead you.  In consequence, you get in your own way a lot.  The magnitude of a project can intimidate you so that you don't even  embark on it.  You are a perfectionist and compulsive.  You fear being judged by others as inadequate and this quality has you afraid to act.  Of course, you do overcome this many times in your day to day life, but it goes smoother for you when you stop attributing negative motives to those around you.  You are able to do this when you feel better about yourself. Periods of meditation and contemplation are necessary to get to know yourself.




You have a deep side to your thinking and you wish to know the hidden side of anything that you get interested in.  Hard study is difficult for you because you see how much is entailed to do a job perfectly. Consequently, it is tough to get motivated.  You tend to be mentally all or nothing.


SECTION V.  VENUS - Your Love Nature.


The planet Venus shows the way you express your love nature and what you aspire for in life as good or beautiful. Venus has much to do with how you form your values.  The sign placement of Venus shows the type of love energy you have.  The aspects of Venus indicate how and under what circumstances you express the gentle and loving side of your nature.




You have a love of physical pleasure.  You are passionate and have an aura of secrecy about you.  You like nice things and will alternately approach them and avoid them. You lack moderation and tact.  You consequently go from being overly sensitive to others to being shut off.  You are proud and extravagant, then very ascetic.  Harmony comes to you only through stabilizing and overcoming your desires.  This comes slowly by comprehensive reexamination of past experiences.




You are prone to emotional and financial excess.  Your beliefs and values are at odds with your desires and it takes a lot of energy to integrate the two.  You may become very interested in the baser, more physical side of romance.  This is because you instinctively look for a common denominator between desires and values.  The way out of this dilemma is to work at helping others and avoid putting energy into the selfish side of your drives.




Conflict between love and desire causes a deep inner struggle. You look for "love in all the wrong places."  Dancing, singing, and music are a way that you can create more of a harmonious atmosphere around you. There is a self defeating and self destructive chord in your nature which needs some instruction in the right direction in order to be more beneficial.  First, be conscious of your tendency to react to others; then, you automatically start lifting out of the baser side of your nature. When you catch yourself acting in a way that is not in your best interest, concentrate on your ability to defer immediate pleasure for a long range good.




You have some real difficulties in love relationships and with the material world.  On the surface, you are a gentle soul just trying to keep what is yours and trying to stop the world from taking advantage of you.  Underneath this veneer you are driven by fear and greed and your life is poorer for it.  Your instincts are conservative and you are frugal with money but this isn't sufficient to offset poor judgment with people and things. Reappraise your way of being in the world.  If your hand is closed no one can take something from you, neither can you receive what others wish to give you.




Fear of rejection confuses and limits your life.  You know only too well that you want things, people, and relationships that you can't have until you relax and take some risks.  The down side of any gamble can scare you so much that you are miserly with your money and your affections.  When you finally do reach out (and you always do) you tend to do it poorly.  Overcome fear. Practice self acceptance without a lot of negative comparisons and judgments.




You are idealistic and aesthetic in your orientation in life. The cultural muse is so strong you will have some involvement with art, music and the creation of beauty.  In love you are an idealist and a dreamer.  If your hunches and psychic impressions are accurate you get rich and have a happy life.  If they are wrong you follow them anyway and never seem to learn, for you uphold truths that require no verification regardless of what goes on in the world around you.  Your best safeguard is to work for the upliftment of the world.  The more closely your values are united with the culture, the more likely they are to not go astray.




You are powerful and magnetic.  You have a magic charm for dealing with people.  You have a universal love for people that is non-sectarian and non-judgmental.  You are sustained by material abundance that comes from others at some time in this life and may have a sizable inheritance. When you get involved with a project you can really pour yourself into it with seemingly limitless energy.  This energy evaporates when you aren't involved in a project of personal importance.




You have a way of making your compulsive love nature an art form. You change people through your work with them.  Your deepest personal changes benefit others around you.


SECTION VI.  MARS - Your Energy.


Mars is the planet of desires.  It shows how you aim at your goals and how you power yourself toward your goals.  Mars represents your most fundamental wants.  The sign placement of Mars shows the fundamental nature of your assertions.  The aspects to Mars show how and to what extent your desires and assertions are involved with other aspects of living.




You have a desire for leadership.  Your energy is totally committed to whatever your impulsive nature leads you toward. You are benevolent and your method of getting what you want is to approach it as if you already had it.  You are ostentatious, loyal and authoritative.  You have a command of the field but you would benefit from being more in touch with the details of any project.




Mars in aspect to the Moon shows that you have a lot of energy wrapped up in your instinctive consciousness.  This insight is detailed out in Section III.  The Moon - Your Personal Life.




You have Mars in aspect to Venus.  This aspect shows sex appeal and interest in romance.  This aspect is covered more fully in Section V. Venus - Your Love Nature.




When you speak, others listen.  You stir people to rethink basic assumptions.  You need to be careful that high ideals do not become an excuse for inaction, or that theory doesn't take the place of practice.  There is a spiritual quality to your thoughts that can point to fanatic rambling and an impractical attitude toward the responsibilities of life.  Avoid drugs, alcohol and anything that can be devitalizing.  You need to constantly re-check your direction so as to ensure absolute integrity of purpose.  You are prone to expound a belligerent philosophy while harboring escapist fantasies.




Your ideals hold such sway over your drives that you look deep for ultimate expression before you act.  Devotional and inspiring, you can be quite a magnetic leader as you truly believe in your causes. Finding your niche in society is very important in order for the positive side of your artistic instincts to emerge.




Jupiter is the king of the planets.  He is in charge of the order of creation.  Jupiter shows your values, where you feel confident and in control, and where you feel you have something to teach others.  The sign placement of Jupiter shows your values in life. The aspect patterns to Jupiter show the direct network of good and administrative power in your life.




You are exceedingly idealistic, seeking meaning in a higher philosophic purpose. Yet, translating your beliefs into something practical requires self work.  Everything (including your self picture) is amplified by your values.  To become truly giving and compassionate, you must come to terms with who you are, which in turn puts the rest of the universe in proper perspective.  Your motivation comes from your inner vision which is all inclusive and truly universal in scope.  Progress requires clarity of your goals and beliefs as well as self definition.  At your best your ideals express a very genial, benevolent, and peaceful attitude toward life.  From this platform of values, you serve the world in a wholehearted manner. Although you are secretive and require privacy and rest, you do wish to serve humanity.  Your service may be direct or may boil down to meditating on uplifting the human spirit or in just thinking nice thoughts about others. Your emotional and devotional nature finds positive outlet through charitable causes and social institutions that do something for public welfare.  You are easygoing with an interest in cultural pursuits.  The arts give you some higher vision of truth and beauty as well as help you be balanced and less susceptible to other people's demands.  The work of clarifying your inner vision and self perception is very important because, if you feel bad about yourself or take yourself too seriously, you become secretive to the point of being abstruse and devious. This will lead you to ideals that are entirely self-serving and closed off from others.  But, regardless of whether your values be good or bad, you are lucky, being spared the logical consequences of your action by some kind of outside intervention. This appears to be just jolly good luck to onlookers but it is really your power of attraction and deeply embedded faith in the goodness of life, working itself out through unconscious channels; for, more than most people, you have faith in life. Further, your lighthearted attitude and sense of humor buoys up your spirit.  You only suffer if you lose track of this inner lightness or succumb to the tendency to take yourself too seriously.  Keep a good balance between private and public life and your spirit stays in a productive and casual place.




You have an aspect from Jupiter to the Sun showing a deep connection between your values and your ego.  As a consequence of this you have a stronger faith in your beliefs than most people and you are more likely to act on them.  You have the potential for being quite an inspiration for others.  In Section I. (The Sun - Your Ego Structure) there is more commentary on this trait of yours.




You have Jupiter in aspect to Mercury indicating a deep commitment to communicate something of value.  You will have a commitment to knowing the truth and conveying it to others.  You will find some further information on this topic in Section IV. Mercury - You Mental Life.




Avoid your gambling impulses.  The "long shot" and the impractical choices call you.  Don't answer and you will be richer for it.  You need to be grounded because your imagination is so far beyond the happenings of our common reality that you are likely to start selling real estate franchises on Mars before anyone has ever landed there. Make sure your ideas are practical before you start putting effort into them.  New ideas you will always have; your difficulties come from putting energy into them.  You don't see the necessity to work for a new idea in a realistic way because you have a belief that worthwhile ideas promote themselves.  Consequently, you can end up "an armchair revolutionary".  Make it a practice to sift through your ideas and actively support the most important.




You have a wide angle perception on what life can offer.  You are destined to go through many sacrifices in order to fulfill your picture of what life can be at its best.  Your urge for freedom leads you to take bold risks even when you don't wish to.




This life certainly has its ups and downs for you.  Your tendency to exaggerate, overindulge or over-commit yourself gets you in trouble until you adopt the philosophy of life that "you get out of life what you contribute." At this point you stop trying to get something for nothing and your financial picture becomes much more stable.  You get in your own way at times by over-assertion or saying the wrong thing. You can have a bluntness and a vulgarity that creates a negative picture that you may have a hard time overcoming.  Gain control of your own life and the path to higher success is not only swift but fun.




Guilt keeps you trapped in the past and over-optimism keeps you from honest self-appraisal.  Willingness to let go of the past and the development of personal honesty are both important in order to keep your values and your actions operating together. You accomplish many things in the course of your life but suffer some emotionally because you have to compromise your vision.


SECTION VIII.  SATURN - Your Obligations.


The planet Saturn shows where you feel restricted.  You feel obligations and fears through Saturn.  Because of your feeling connected with Saturn you are either responsible or neglectful. The sign placement of Saturn shows the basic type of energy connected with your obligations. The aspects of Saturn show the most direct involvement of other areas of your life with your feelings of responsibility.




You have a fear of being too self-involved.  This is the source of continuous inner prompting to move forward.  Your energy truly seems unflagging.  You are interested in society and its needs. You don't easily take the initiative to improve things.  Although you would like people's good opinion of you, you are always balancing your need for recognition against a need for approval. These two needs operating together stop you from being as innovative and creative in your goal selection as you would otherwise wish.




You have Saturn in aspect to the Sun showing that you identify deeply with your obligations in life.  This aspect of your nature is explored more deeply in Section II.  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.




You have Saturn in aspect to the Moon showing a close relationship between your upbringing and your emotional outlook. This connection is explored in its essence in Section III.  The Moon - Your Personal Life.




You have Saturn in aspect to Mercury showing that you have a serious approach to life and a more reserved outlook.  This is discussed in Section IV.  Mercury - Your Mental Life.




You have Saturn in aspect to Venus which shows that you take your love nature seriously and that you have a strong sense of duty. This is taken up in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.




You are engaged in one of life's deep struggles.  Your higher and lower selves fight for control of your actions.  You are not generally able to secure steady forward motion along a progressive path until you willfully and consciously renounce everything that gets in the way of your highest ideal.  This is not easy and will require many attempts before success comes about.  Personal progress is sure though, as soon as you see your higher ideals as a direct extension of universal principles to advance for the entire society.




Responsibilities create confusion for you.  You may feel very burdened by your beliefs which lead to feeling quite isolated from the rest of society.  Your life improves when you are able to rise above self-pity and see how you inadvertently cause your own suffering.  You need to build success by shuttling between your obligations and your ideals. Becoming rigid mentally or slipping into confusion is self defeating. Building positive self esteem is necessary.


SECTION IX.  URANUS - Your Search For Freedom.


The planet Uranus is beyond the orbit of Saturn and can't be seen without the aid of a telescope.  It represents the sky in us, that which transcends the limits of finite life.  Uranus raises the vibration of everything it contacts.  The sign placement of Uranus shows your broadest striving for freedom. The aspects to Uranus indicate the way you express your need for higher consciousness.




You see a picture of perfection and you willfully dive toward it. Although you are insightful, you need to stay open to alternate points of view.




You have Uranus in aspect to the Sun showing that you are a freedom lover at heart and this forms a central feature of your personality. This aspect of your nature is explained in Section II.  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.




You have Uranus in aspect to Mercury.  Your Mental attitudes express your quest for freedom.  This is explained in Section IV. Mercury -Your Mental Life.




You have Uranus in aspect to Jupiter showing that you have a big vision of what life can be at its best.  How this works out for you is discussed in Section VII.  Jupiter - Your Values.




You have a compulsive and unconscious desire to change.  There is a revolutionary quality to the way you go about bringing change in life. Years can go by relatively peacefully and then all of a sudden there is an explosion in your life.  When the dust settles all goes well again but you and your world are never the same. Real change is always fundamental.


SECTION X.  NEPTUNE - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals.


The planet Neptune has an almost perfectly circular orbit.  It represents the part of our nature that strives for perfection, that looks to some higher ideal.  The planet Neptune rules the ocean and the part of us that is beyond the limits of the shores of personal existence.  The culture moves with the cycles of Neptune and it is the primary indicator of your connection to the culture that you live in. The sign of Neptune shows an ideal that you desire to manifest. The aspect patterns of Neptune indicate the most direct connections yet most subtle networking of your personality into the world at large.




You have powerful and unconscious impulses for sensation.  You wish most of all to keep a social ideal alive through emotional intensity. You struggle to work out your secret desires.




You have Neptune in aspect to Venus.  This indicates that you are very artistic by inclination and idealistic in love.  This pattern is described in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.




You have Neptune in aspect with your Mars.  This shows that you are idealistic and have a magnetic personality.  How this works out in your life is described in Section VI.  Mars - Your Energy.




You have an aspect of Neptune to Saturn, showing an interest in bringing about an ideal.  This aspect of your nature is discussed in Section VIII.  Saturn - Your Obligations.




You are fundamentally an idealist.  You would like to see change come about in a way that doesn't destroy the existing social order.  You believe in transition and transformation as saner and kinder principles of social change than revolutionary upheaval.




Your higher ideals are the continuous recipient of forceful energy for change.  Your long range perspective (even though this may at times be unconscious) is always toward your ideals winning out through deep self transformation.


SECTION XI.  PLUTO - Your Need For Fundamental Change.


The planet Pluto represents the dark underground part of you.  It shows your ability to transform the most fundamental properties in your own inner nature.  The sign of Pluto is the way the obsessive, compulsive and committed part of your nature expresses itself. The aspects to Pluto show the deepest most unconscious links in your personality structure.




At best, you have critical powers to discriminate between that which works and that which doesn't.  There is a striving for perfection at the core of your being that can narrow your horizons so far that you focus too much on basic issues connected with your own life.  At worst, you are so critical that you slow down everyone's effectiveness.  Patience and hard work are required in order to complete your personal transformations.




You have an aspect from Pluto to your Sun showing that much of your ego stays submerged and that you have a deep wellspring of inner forces to call upon.  This is described in Section II.  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.




You have an aspect of Pluto to Mercury.  This indicates that you have a profound mental life.  This is detailed out in Section IV. Mercury - Your Mental Life.




You have an aspect of Pluto to Venus showing that you have a very deeply entrenched love nature that you are transforming.  The details of this are discussed in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.




You have an aspect of Pluto to Jupiter showing that you have a deep connection with the abundance of the earth.  How this works out is taken up in Section VII.  Jupiter - Your Values.




You have an aspect of Pluto to Uranus indicating you have a powerful urge to change in a fundamental way.  This change in described in Section IX.  Uranus - Your Search for Freedom.




You have an aspect of Pluto to Neptune which shows your involvement in a large cultural process.  This involvement is described in Section X. Neptune - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals.






Part of your style of being a person is tied to your personal method of adapting to and interacting with other people.  This aspect of your personality shows itself through every aspect of how you deal with the environment.  This method of your being encourages as well as reveals your uniqueness.




You have lots of energy and you need it.  Your life changes through the resolving of conflicts.  You are a fighter and you get clarity by drawing lines between the perceived good and bad of the moment.  Your inclination is to be action oriented first, and reason things out after the battle.  Your hunches are based on the odds.  You take an empirical approach to problem solving. Your keyword is Energy.




You know how to work hard for what comes to you.  You have a relaxed style for bringing about change in life.  You get to your goals in life through careful planning and consistent application of energy.




The following material is an index of things that you have developed as inner resources.  You may take them for granted, but in times of reevaluation and rest this part of your personality can provide you comfort and strength.


Jupiter in Pisces.


Your inner confidence and faith in life propel you forward.  The personal good that you look for is always in tune with your perception of a social good.


Saturn in Aquarius.


You have a sense of what needs to be done and stay in constant motion. You have a steady determination that will bring you success. Discipline is easier for you than most. A balance between your drive for accomplishment and your wish for other peoples approval practically guarantees a modicum of success.




This material describes the "cutting edge" of your work on yourself. The thoughts rendered here are meant as further guidelines for growth. You should take difficulties and challenges in the right spirit.  They are always positive indicators as to how you can experience the joy of becoming a better person and more like your REAL SELF.


Afflicted Jupiter


Your values are lopsided so your energy and judgment is off. Overcoming pride, waste and unrealistic expectations creates the pathway to a more stable value system.  Your life improves when you are able to corral your aberrant need to feel that you "belong".  Things improve when you are able to establish a self picture based on your own approval rather than public acceptance.


Afflicted Uranus


You have a habit of expressing your uniqueness at the wrong moments and in the wrong way.  Unhappiness and a feeling of isolation are the end products of your actions that you were hoping would lead to freedom. True freedom comes through responsibilities, not by escaping them. Develop creative outlets for your energy that will not run counter to your basic good will to others and your true responsibilities follow you naturally.


Mercury in Sagittarius


You are always looking down the road and telling others how life ought to be.  Your natural propensity to deal with the big picture means you miss details, facts and the present moment. Concentrate on the immediate moment or compensate for your lack of attention by utilizing others.


Venus in Scorpio


Your love nature is so intense that you easily scare away those you would attract.  You love and hate with such extreme that you only find peace through a higher communion of the spirit. Practice altering your vibration so as to escape self victimization through petty attractions.


Pluto in Virgo


You suffer in the process of self-transformation because you have difficulty in making the decision to change yourself rather than changing  circumstances in your life.  Get more basic, change your attitudes and habits and life becomes much lighter.





The  Growth  aspects  operate  differently  than  other  aspects  in  your  chart.    While  it  is  possible  to  use  them  descriptively,  as  showing  finer  shades  of  meaning  within  the  chart,  we  wish  to  use  them  in  a  different  manner  for  our  purposes.    The  growth  aspects  are  tools  of  self  development.    If  you  apply  attention  to  the  various  qualities  in  your  nature  linked  through  the  growth  aspects,  you  will  see  positive  change  over  time.    These  qualities  generally  do  not  show  quick  effortless  solutions,  but  instead  show  a  path  of  change  requiring  exertion  and  emotional  honesty.  Under  these  circumstances,  the  way  these  aspects  of  your  nature  change  through  time  are  truly  amazing.  The  qualities  mentioned  here  can  be  the  very  mechanisms  to  release  the  highest,  finest  side  of  your  nature.


Jupiter in Growth Aspect to Saturn


Learning what is possible is an important aspect of personal development.  When your timing is off it is usually because your judgment of the situation is incorrect.  You have difficulty at some point of development in your socialization process.  Growth comes through learning more about your relative worth and seeing clearly where and how you fit in with other people.


Jupiter Semi-Sextile Saturn


Your energy can be dissipated investing time and effort on insignificant detail.  This happens because you struggle to prove your value and to get a more accurate picture of your worth to the world. Your vision of your position in the world is very limited.  Learn to assert yourself in graded and gradual ways which will not waste your time or energy.  Strive to make sure that your manner of assertion doesn't undermine your true aims and desires in life.


Saturn in Growth aspect to Uranus


Feelings of limitation can stop you from expressing the newer insights that occur to you every so often.  The struggle that you go through in life will often center around your fears of being left out of activities that you see others participating in.  You will have to reevaluate your feelings of responsibility every so often to overcome the feeling of self denial that you put yourself through.  Growth often comes by getting down to the roots of your personal insecurity and self limiting behavior.


Saturn Quincunx Uranus


Outward achievement may take the place of inner development until you learn to monitor your needs, obligations, and desires. Setting reasonable limits on how much of your energy goes into any part of your life takes a good deal of effort and navigation, but, this is necessary to be as successful as you would like to be.




There is another dimension to your astrology chart.  This has to do with planets being the same distance from the celestial equator.  When both planets are on the same side of this plane there are called parallel.  When the planets are the same distance but on opposite sides of the celestial equator they are referred to as being contra-parallel. Both of these aspect activate your ability to organize and reorganize some aspect of your life.


Moon Parallel Saturn


A sad undertone to the personality and a distrust of your ability and what you have coming in life can contribute to a pattern of negative expectations which can make your life quite difficult, but, these same ingredients can give you perseverance and strength.  As you learn to translate your cautiousness and shyness into care and concern for others you have an ever increasing capacity to serve.  Self honesty during those troubling critical moments can make your life very successful.


Pluto Parallel North Node of the Moon


You grow into your best self by diving into your own depths and struggling with life's fundamental issues.  Your ability to find your way through difficulties swiftly may follow on the heels of long periods of relative stagnation.  This can give a jerky, uneven feeling to your development.


Moon Contra-Parallel Pluto


You have an immediate tap into the unconscious mind through your instinctive nature.  The intensity of your feelings can be so much for you that you cut them off completely and thus may seem quite blocked emotionally until you come to terms with them. This may take much work but the rewards are that you will have an instinctive grasp of much of the hidden side of life.


Moon Contra-Parallel North Node of the Moon


Your basic instincts are in conflict.  Habits deeply ingrained and more unconscious than conscious tend to direct much of your emotional life.  Long periods of wandering while you look for a solution to basic life problems are  necessary before you break though to a new series of habits that sustain life.  You have a natural tendency to try and integrate the past with the way that your life wants to go.


Jupiter Contra-Parallel Uranus


High minded ideals prompt you to act without sufficient back up or forethought, but, still you are lucky and will see a number of your spontaneous actions come to a great conclusion.  Your hunches are accurate great much of the time and your picture of what life can be at it best is progressive and uncannily accurate.  Still, you need a good deal of patience and hard work to bring your higher ideals down to earth.


Saturn Contra-Parallel Pluto


The drive to accomplish much in a short span of time and a general distrust of life comes from feeling that the world is a difficult and very limiting place.  At root, much of this feeling is based on a negative perception about yourself and what you have coming.  You are the sponsor of your own setbacks in life. Progress means to study the past world history and personal psychology in order to move forward in a responsible and effective manner.  Discipline and faith are the necessary ingredients needed to put your life on a positive footing.


Saturn Contra-Parallel North Node of the Moon


A serious, cautious part of your personality is in leadership when you take on new projects.  The ability to plan carefully and to let common sense evaluation guide you gives you an aura of stability.  Fear is an obstacle to quick progress, but properly integrated, gives your work solid practical grounding. Your friendships have good utilitarian value even if they are a bit stiff with a touch of a formal atmosphere.




The Moon's North Node is an all encompassing and instructive point of synthesis in the chart; we could easily start or end our analysis with this one single factor.  Because this indicator is so all inclusive it most shows your karmic direction in life. The sign placement of your North node points to your destiny. When your actions, interests, and values are structured by this position, your general sense of personal well being improves. The house placement of the North Node of the Moon indicates or points to an area of life, an arena of experience.  By confronting, even augmenting this arena you can inadvertently improve every aspect of your life.  By dealing with issues connected to the North Node placement in your chart your general character strengthens and refines.


North Node of the Moon in Leo


Self-expression advances you in life, but your ability to be creative at any level is based on your foundation of self-respect.  You learn to love others more deeply and more personally when you are able to embrace and accept yourself, as you are right now.  You see yourself and others in ideal terms and relate and have commitment only to the ideal.  You admire others because they remind you of what you might become, what you feel you "should be" now.  Practice a pattern of commitment and you are led quite naturally to struggles that improve your self image.  The dramatic qualities in life give you progress.


                          TABLE OF DEFINITIONS


These are some basic astrological definitions.  Reading through this material can enhance your understanding of your INDRA report.  You may want to take up a more serious study of these symbols as a preliminary step to a study of all of life through astrology.


                               THE PLANETS


The Sun and the Moon - Basic central core of the personality. These two bodies represent how we make decisions, how we act, and what we value.


Mercury, Venus, and Mars - The personal planets.  These planets indicate our everyday concerns, our interaction with others, and our immediate environment.


Jupiter and Saturn - The planets of the culture.  These planets represent our ability to interact with our society and its laws and values.


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - The planets of our higher evolution. These planets show our ability to focus on issues that transcend our immediate life and culture.


                                THE SIGNS


                Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

                 Earth  Signs  -  Taurus,  Virgo,  Capricorn

                  Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

                 Water  Signs  -  Cancer,  Scorpio,  Pisces


          Cardinal  Signs  -  Aries,  Cancer,  Libra,  and  Capricorn

            Fixed Signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

         Mutable  Signs  -  Gemini,  Virgo,  Sagittarius,  and  Pisces


                    TABLE OF DEFINITIONS - continued.



                               THE  ASPECTS



                  ***Basic classification of aspects***


Hard or difficult aspects.  - Semi-square, Square, Sesquiquadrate, and Opposition.  These are the aspects that help us recognize the ingredients in our personality that need changing.


Easy or soft aspects.  - Trines and Sextiles.  These are the aspects that express our talents and skills.


Growth aspects.  - Semi-sextiles and quincunx.  These are aspects that give us opportunity to grow.  They indicate long term development of some key aspect of your personality and behavior for this life time.


Power aspects.  - Conjunctions, Parallels, and Contra-parallels. These are the aspects that show energy, force, reorganization and transformational ability.



              ***Circumstances  of  the  planets  by  aspect***


Afflicted  -  A  planet  is  called  afflicted  when  it  has  only  hard  (difficult)  aspects.    These  planets  represent  our  greatest  challenges  and  our  more  promising  areas  of  growth.


Unafflicted  -  A  planet  is  unafflicted  when  it  is  not  limited  to  only  hard  aspects.    This  can  mean  that  the  planet  has  no  aspects,  has  only  easy  aspects,  or  has  both  hard  and  soft  aspects.


Well  Aspected  -  A  planet  is  called  well  aspected  when  it  has  no  hard  aspects.    This  shows  ease  of  expression  and  a  certain  ability  to  bring  the  ingredients  symbolized  forward  into  life  with  little  or  no  conflict.



                   ***Special points in your chart***


Moon's North Node. - Our direction in life.  How we form relationship bonds with the environment as well as people.




SUN            position is  5 deg. 59 min. of Sagittarius


MOON           position is 22 deg. 34 min. of Sagittarius


MERCURY        position is  7 deg. 50 min. of Sagittarius


VENUS          position is 12 deg. 41 min. of Scorpio


MARS           position is 20 deg. 29 min. of Leo


JUPITER        position is  4 deg. 20 min. of Pisces


SATURN         position is  6 deg. 47 min. of Aquarius


URANUS         position is  5 deg. 14 min. of Virgo


NEPTUNE        position is 14 deg. 03 min. of Scorpio


PLUTO          position is 12 deg. 06 min. of Virgo


N. NODE        position is  2 deg. 27 min. of Leo