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The Indra Report









Prince (Roger Nelson)





June 7, 1958

6:17 PM Daylight Savings Time

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Latitude 44 N 58 48 Longitude 93 W 15 49

GMT: 23:17:00  Time Zone: 6 hours West. Tropical Zodiac








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This Report called INDRA (Version 1.7) creates a psychological mirror of your life, by interpreting the astronomical symbols present at your moment of birth using a large amount of prewritten text.  INDRA describes your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives giving a highly accurate composite view of your life.  Your contradictory urges and drives as well as your chief focuses are described in INDRA.  You will understand yourself better by studying this material.  Your INDRA report provides guidelines for personal improvement and self discovery. Your life can improve quickly and dramatically if you apply the suggestions given here.  By raising your aims and expectations you can obtain a deeper self-understanding and thereby resolve your inner conflicts and contradictions.  INDRA is not meant as a substitute for astrological consultations, therapy, or the study of astrology; it is an interactive tool to enhance these things. Truly, INDRA provides a foundation for self-understanding.


The INDRA Report is divided into Twelve sections or chapters, reflecting the Twelve basic areas of your life.


           I.  The Structure and Intent of Your Life

                     A.  Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis

                     B.  Elements and Modes Balanced

                     C. Ascendant and Midheaven.

                     D. The Conjunctions

           II.  THE SUN - Your ego structure.

           III. THE MOON - Your personal life.

           IV.   MERCURY - Your mental life.

           V.    VENUS - Your love nature.

           VI.   MARS - Your energy.

           VII.  JUPITER - Your values.

           VIII. SATURN - Your obligations.

           IX.   URANUS - Your search for freedom.

           X.    NEPTUNE - Your spiritual aspirations and ideals.

           XI.   PLUTO - Your need for fundamental change.

           XII.  Summation

                     A. Your Uniqueness.

                     B. Your Easiest Areas.

                     C. Your Most Persistent Difficulties.

                     D. The Growth Aspects.

                     E. The Declinations.

                     F. Your Karmic Direction.


SECTION I.  The Structure and Intent of Your Life.


There are four items of general interest that we want to take up here in Section I: A) Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis, B) Elements and Modes, C) The Ascendant and Midheaven, and D) The Conjunctions.  These four categories give us an intelligent overview of how you structure personal experience and what you aim for in life.  This general patterning gives us a context to understand the specific personal meaning of the material in Sections 2 through 11.


     A.  Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis


The different areas of life are laid out in the horoscope by spatial territories called houses.  These areas of life show interests and general involvements for each person.  These areas can be grouped together for a vast overview of most basic inclinations of the person. The most useful general groupings of houses is into hemispheres and quadrants.  Emphasis in a hemisphere or quadrant shows a particularly strong focus toward life from that perspective.


          1. Hemisphere


The horoscope can be split into 2 equal parts, either horizontally (giving us the upper and lower hemispheres) or vertically (giving  us the right and left hemispheres).  The Upper Hemisphere shows the outer, more extroverted side of the personality, the Lower Hemisphere shows the more introverted and hidden side of the personality.  In the Left Hemisphere planets are rising and this shows action.  In the Right Hemisphere planets are setting and this shows reaction.


Most Planets Above the Horizon


You have the majority of your planets above the horizon showing that you have a need for contact with the outer world in order to feel fulfilled each day.  You enjoy projects, achieving and a sense of accomplishment.  Success for its own sake is more important than what security it might present to you.


Most Planets Setting


You have the majority of your planets on the western half (or right-hand side) of your chart.  Your natural tendency is to seek others' approval and to question the probable outcome of an action before putting your first efforts forward.


          2. Quadrant


The two ways of splitting the horoscope into hemispheres can be applied simultaneously giving us four quadrants.  The FIRST is called the quadrant of personality.  The SECOND is called the quadrant of the environment.  The THIRD is called the quadrant of relationship.  The FOURTH is called the quadrant of service.


No Quadrant Emphasis


You tend to diversify your energy and attention to several different areas of life.  You may have difficulties in achieving your goals in life until you order your priorities.  You can be a master at balancing many different aspects of life when you learn to use your time wisely. Avoid letting your mind dwell on projects you are not immediately engaged in.  Keep your attention in the here and now and your life becomes much simpler.


     B.  Elements and Modes


The Elements and Modes show what we aim for in life.  They show our broadest focus and in the most general sense, how we go about achieving our goals.


          1. Elements


The four elements (fire, earth, air and water) are the most comprehensive inventory of the personality that we have. Everything in the universe including the human personality can be examined in terms of the four elements.  FIRE is your basic enthusiastic urge,  EARTH shows your concern for the material world,  AIR is the element of abstract thought,  WATER is your empathy impulse.  Fire and earth are primitive and focus on the self.  Air and water are derivative and focused on others.  Fire and air are naturally extrovert, optimistic, active, and freedom oriented.  Earth and water are basically introvert, pessimistic, passive, and security oriented.




You have a lot of fire in your chart.  Fire is the element of energy, enthusiasm, and immediate and spontaneous focus on the self.  You go from event to event selecting projects that give the full range of outlet for your energy.  This process of selection is precognitive, instantaneous and automatic.  People respond to the inspirational spark in you and your enthusiasm and boundless exuberance is evident whenever you are being your real self.




Venus is your only planet in an earth sign.  Consequently earth element composes a meager 10% of your chart.  Earth is the connecting link for your love nature to express itself.  You have a natural love of the physical world with its many uses and pleasures.  But for all this attraction, you struggle very hard to be practical and have common sense about your acquisitions. Other people are more concerned than you with long term results. You experience frustrations because the material circumstances of your world don't support your picture of what you want.  These frustrations ease as you focus on the fundamental building blocks of your future.  Progress means focusing on results.




You have 30% of your chart in the air element.  You vacillate between being very interested in people and ideas and needing time by yourself. Periodic isolation and an involvement with routine, commonplace activities that do not require innovation are relaxing for you.  You need both spontaneous activities as well as predictable patterns in your life.




You have 20% of your chart in the water element.  You work hard during this life to develop your emotions.   You have lots of opportunity to work on your feelings.  Your sense of emotional inadequacy drives you to express your feelings more.  The outward appearance of caring substitutes for real concern while you are young; true empathy develops later in life.


          2. Modes


The three modes are CARDINAL, FIXED, and MUTABLE.  The modes of expression show how you act out your urges in the world.  They represent your most basic responding mechanism toward all of life experience.  The cardinal planets show direct expression in physical action, leadership ability and strength.  The fixed mode planets in your chart show reaction, consistency, persistency, endurance and stubbornness.  The mutable planets in your chart show synthesis, blending, malleableness, thought, forethought, debate and wisdom.  The following statements show the way the three modes manifest in your life.




You have 20% of your chart in the cardinal mode showing that you are capable of both leading and following.  You know how to assert your point of view or execute someone else's.  Your preference is to follow someone else's lead and embark on your own path only when you feel it is necessary.




A tremendous amount of your chart is in the fixed mode.  You have endurance.  Whether a course of action is good or bad you are more likely to stay with it than change.   The principle of inertia is with you.  When you rest, you have real difficulty getting going.  When you are in motion,  you have real difficulty stopping or even changing directions (even  slightly).  People find you a loyal friend and a tenacious enemy.




You have an abundance of mutability in your chart.  You are a thinker and attempt to accommodate a number of circumstances and people in your environment.  You may have difficulty choosing a direction and staying with it.  Truth has a way of becoming a highly personal subjective factor; consequently, others think of you as not being able to communicate simple truths in a factual way.  You are nervous and may need more B-Vitamins in your diet, rest, and meditation in order to be balanced.


     C.  The Ascendant and Midheaven (Signs and Aspects)


          1.  The Ascendant


The ascendant is symbolic of our relationship to our immediate environment.  This is the point rising in the east when we are born. One manifestation of our immediate environment is our physical body. The physical environment includes our body, our surroundings and our emotional and mental states.  Thus, the ascendant tells us how our inner core expresses itself, and how we take in information from others and the universe generally. The sign rising in your horoscope tells us the type of energy you are processing, the type of physical body that you have for doing the processing and the natural inclinations you have in the personal arena in life.  The planets in aspect to your ascendant tell us the kind of energy and stamina you have as natural allies in life.  The ascendant is opposite the seventh house cusp (the place where we meet others and the world).  This axis (ascendant-descendant) is how we clarify ourselves through relationships. Planets in aspect to this axis indicate the types of people and the types of relationships we seek as well as how and why we seek them.


                             SCORPIO RISING


Let's face it, you're intense. You have boundless energy and employ it freely on any task at hand.  You need to be discriminating so that your efforts come to something.  You have difficulty changing course once you set sail, so make sure you are heading in the right direction before you set sail.  Others never really know you and a certain "loner" quality is within you.  This doesn't have to be lonely.  You are always fighting battles within your own soul that keep you preoccupied with your inner qualities.  You are secretive by inclination.  You hold your thoughts as precious and useful to you alone.  When you do wish to take someone into your inner life, words fail to describe your true inner feelings.  Strange as it may seem, you place a high value on relationships.  You go out of your way to bring them about and to maintain them.  Still, at your heart space, your marriage partner looking into your eyes has the distinct feeling of looking into "one way  mirrors".  Your emotional inner sanctuary is so private, it is only rarely that you let even yourself in.


Sun Quincunx the Ascendant


Others do not see you as clearly as you would like.  This can lead to misunderstanding and frustrations.  Don't be shy about asserting yourself, but, know that it takes much effort to get your true message across to others.


Venus Opposition the Ascendant and in the 6th House and unafflicted.


You seek love and beauty from others and this is also what you wish to give to them.  You use relationships as a mechanism to express your wish to serve others.  You learn about yourself and refine your outlook on life through interactions with and for others.  You have a good grasp of the potential in any situation but suffer from very high expectations of yourself and all concerned.


Mars Sesquiquadrate the Ascendant


You get flashes of energy that can carry you away from your basic goals and tasks in life.  You sometimes find unique solutions for long standing conflicts and are able to bring about rapid change. Your ability to stay with a project, quite often surprised others. Your vitality and temperament have an underlying erratic tone.  Life isn't always easy but it is very exciting.  Physical exercise is very helpful in feeling happy.


Uranus Square the Ascendant


Your need for independence seems to take precedence over everything else.  You have an inner compulsion that you should be able to do anything you want whenever you want.  This can be dangerous, contributing to accidents, physical, mental and emotional nervousness, and explosive fits of temper.  You are humanitarian and have a love of people.  Instead of being rebellious and iconoclastic, as your personality becomes more stable, you become adventuresome and inventive. Personal freedom is so important to you that you let nothing get in the way of your exercising it.  When this creative quality is integrated into your personality you do much to elevate other people's lives.


          2.  The Midheaven


The Midheaven is the high point in your chart.  It indicates what you aspire for, what you see as your duty, and what authority and limits are about.  Because of this basic meaning the Midheaven indicates how you live out your social station and what you do for your career.  The point opposite the Midheaven is the fourth house cusp, referred to as the nadir, which is the indication of our roots, our heritage. This axis (Midheaven-Nadir) indicates the way we grow in life.  The sign on the Midheaven shows our basic energy and approach toward dealing with the world.  Planets in aspect to the Midheaven show qualities of our inner being that we wish to contribute to the world and that we wish to be fulfilled through our interaction with the outer world.


                              LEO MIDHEAVEN


You assume that career will look natural on you.   Whatever your social station is, you have high expectations for yourself.  You have a period of wandering in career, but when you really get involved with something, you can be deeply committed.  Your endurance alone tends to bring you positive results.  Your loyalty to people, ideas, and social structures are usually rewarded in some way.


Moon Applying Opposition to Midheaven and unafflicted.


You grow through changes that are instinctive and out of your immediate control.  Your family of origin affected your emotional development profoundly.  You will have a period of life where you go through many changes of residence.  You are known by the general public at some point.


Mercury Square Midheaven


You are known for your communication skills.  The way that you express yourself is corrected by some authority in your life. You need to fight a tendency to change the externals as a mechanism for  relieving an uncomfortable situation.  Instead of running away, learn to change yourself.  You have something to say, learn how to express it.  You need to overcome a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.


Mars Quincunx the Midheaven


People respond to your self assertions because you have the unique skill of being able to tap into unconscious nerves in the collective awareness, but, you lead others in circles.  This drama of yours achieves very little until you come to some real self understanding. This requires you to differentiate between expression for its own sake and energy wisely used to move your own life as well as the whole culture forward.


Saturn Trine Midheaven


You prefer to do things the tried and true way.  You have a conservative streak in you that will carry you to a position of trust, respect and authority.  Your consistency, reliability and conscientiousness puts you in a position of responsibility.  You have good management skills.


Neptune Sextile Midheaven


You are very sensitive to others and to your culture.  You have an artistic gift as well as sensitivity for dealing with  others. You are happiest in some line of work that promotes an ideal, and utilizes your forecasting abilities.


Pluto Applying Conjunction to Midheaven and unafflicted.


You are powerful and have a strong need for being in control. When you find career stagnating and you lose interest in your work, this is the time to stop and look at your own life.  You are psychologically attuned to your environment and situation. You are good at sizing everyone up and seeing what their real concerns are.  Avoid manipulating others.  Although you are successful, to control another is to be responsible for them. You are an extremist by nature and tend to polarize others. Do your best to be supportive and encouraging of others.


     D. The Conjunctions.


A Conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same immediate area of the Zodiac.  The conjunctions in your chart show central linkings of basic energies in your life.  When one area (represented by a planet) expresses itself, it brings along the other area (represented by the other planet).  When you are studying the rest of this printout of your life, keep in mind that linking of these energies is a central theme in your life and these areas should be studied together.


You have an extremely rare type of chart.  You have no conjunctions. This shows that you have no overwhelming central focus in your life. You love many different types of things and your curiosity is very broad.  You get your equilibrium staying in motion.  You find the new and unusual to be powerful, motivating forces.  Once you get the picture of how to regulate your energy and attention so that you don't become spread too thin, your life is an exciting and stimulating delight, but this regulation must be learned so that you don't live your life with a series of half done or barely started projects littering your past and your environment.


SECTION II.  The SUN - Your Ego Structure


The Sun is the center of the solar system.  All life revolves around it within this sphere.  In the same way, the ego is the center of personal identity and gives integration and continuity to individual experience. In this sense, it might be said that the Sun shows character.  This is the fixed pillar at the center of the person around which all else circulates or revolves.


The sign placement of the Sun shows the center of the individual's basic character.  The sign of the Sun is the most primary indicator of the forms of experience you are attracted to.  Further, this most important placement shows how and why you are attracted to these experiences.


The house placement of the Sun sign shows the primary area of expression for the individual in life.  There is a psychological, emotional, and physical significance to the house placement of the Sun. Aspects to the Sun show ways that the core of the personality are linked to other component elements in the individual's life.  Aspects to the Sun have a deep and overriding significance in the life of the individual and are generally more important, more prominent than other aspects in the chart.




You are versatile and adaptable.  Usually, you have fifty projects going, all at the same time.  You are interested in everything, but this makes it very difficult to do anything in particular very well. You love to relate.  You build your day and your life around interactions with people, ideas and events.  You are a rapid learner and a good communicator.  Often, your learning is on the surface and your communication is just imitative, but you can reason and are not afraid of innovation. Try to be more consistent in your approach to life.  When you are well organized, you accomplish.  When you develop sympathy for others, your relationships become more stable.


Sun in 8th house


You tend to be withdrawn and secretive.  Because of your interest in activity behind the scenes you may find your natural place in life working on something which requires large amounts of time alone.  Your self-picture moves in extremes from blunt and dull to layer upon layer of infinitely rich textures.


Sun in 8th house Unafflicted


Brick by brick, you build success.  It's slow but it does come. You filter all experience and compare one item to another, selecting one at a time, that which works best.  You prefer an attitude of doing more with less.  A lot goes on in your soul that most people never see.  You are hard to get close to, but others are always rewarded for their effort to get to know you.




You are lucky and optimistic.  You are frank and direct with people without being hurtful.  You are responsible and benevolent and can see how to get things done.  You go through several changes in life which leave you in improved circumstances.




OK, you are genuinely lucky.  Others want to hop on your "bandwagon" when you move toward a goal.  You have the ability to turn one win into another, creating incredible momentum.  You know how to create enthusiasm and excitement for any project while at the same time having fun.




Your restrictions are largely self-created.  You find your fears and your ego drives getting in each other's way.  The result can be that you are overly cautious.  Self-control can be so overdone that you become difficult to live with or work with.  A defeatist attitude can grow out of being too conservative.  Strive to be responsible and still see the world in a positive light.  As you become more trusting you overcome your propensity to back ill-conceived plans that stem from pessimism and desperation.




You tend to be inhibited, shy and reserved.  You are solicitous of other people's good opinion of you.  You accomplish a great deal because you go through a process of self-refinement and self-criticism. As you get older you learn in a very tangible way what the world is capable of providing.  This allows you to become meaningfully self-contained which can lead to the overcoming of fears.  Discipline brings accomplishment and helps dissipate fear.




You have a deeply secretive side to your nature.  You are romantic, humanitarian and idealistic.  You suffer from an excess of emotion and exaggerated sensitivity to anything that goes wrong in life. Unfortunately, something going wrong can mean merely that it didn't live up to your expectations which can be quite inflated.  Your life becomes a dynamic, unstoppable force for good once you accomplish two things: one, you must become self disciplined (i.e. ascetic) enough that you overcome self-indulgence in every form, and two, you must know life by knowing, really knowing, yourself.




Self-deception and deception of others can make your life more complicated than it needs to be.  Your intuitions are powerful but can lead you far afield from what is in your best interest. Your idealism has to be connected to realistic pursuits in order to bear fruit.


SECTION III.  The MOON - Your Personal Life.


The Moon inscribes a circle around the earth.  It moves more swiftly than other astronomical bodies and thus represents day to day and moment to moment movements, adjustments and preoccupations.  The Moon is the symbol of the personal life which is molded and shaped by our environment, by events, and by social and familial expectations. Further, the Moon shows our responses to life which are based on our past habits, experiences, our heritage and our individual and collective cravings.


The sign placement of the Moon shows how you project yourself to the general public, how the instinctive and imaginative component of your mind operates, how you express your feelings and your most general experiences of your family and mother.


The house placement of the Moon shows how and where you make day to day adjustments.  Further, it shows the things you are most interested in dealing with in order to gain emotional equilibrium.


The aspects of the Moon show the general characteristics of the personality that are emphasized.  Planets in aspect to the Moon are symbolic of qualities in the personality that are used instinctively, habitually and with a high degree of versatility.




You are a died-in-the-wool sentimentalist.  Your imagination can run away with the whole personality.  You need grounding through the feelings or you may fall into a negative escapism.  You are sociable and very solicitous of others.  People like you for you are kind.  But, you are so open to suggestion and psychically receptive to others' needs that you can lose yourself and end up dreaming other people's dreams.  When you find yourself becoming lazy or drinking a lot or daydreaming more than is healthy, get yourself a daily routine of meditation and mind-training which will refocus the visualizing property in you.  Then, your good intentions for others, society, God and the universe will have a tangible grounding.


Moon in 4th house


When you are at home you have the desire to shut out the rest of the world.  You strive to create a sense of security in the home and family early in life.  You will return to this instinctive orientation to life any time your situation becomes too splintered or too abstract.


Moon in 4th house Unafflicted


Several times in life you find yourself moving based on some instinctive impression.  You have the uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time.  Safety for you is a strong motivator. You envision this coming about by returning to how things used to be as you have a strong, instinctive attachment to your childhood.  This can be a great asset as you go through the many changes that are required of you in life.




You have a restless mind and a lively imagination.  You learn quickly because you can imitate what you see others do.  It is possible to become over-sensitive to the environment and to make changes that are unnecessary through excessive imagination, worry, and slipshod, careless methodology.  Your interest in communicating your ideas and perceptions to others often needs to be slowed down a little.  Strive to make your information gathering and study habits stable and regular.




You are clever and able to explain yourself well, regardless of the situation.  Your wit can be quite biting and sarcastic.  Your ability to explain a situation verbally is not always based on any real understanding.  Actually, your penetration into a subject can be quite superficial.  You grow more in your own understanding when you look for long term results and look less to the acceptance of your expressions.




You have a naturally pleasing manner.  You seem to know what people expect and how to present yourself.  Women often play a key role in your life because you really understand them instinctively.  You are a gentle person preferring diplomacy to confrontation.  Your grace and elegance puts others at ease.




You have a special understanding and appreciation for the gentle, receptive and harmony seeking aspect of life.  Because of this quality every relationship contains some happiness and satisfaction for you. Marriage is a special mechanism for growth. You have a good imagination, good artistic skills, and empathy; all of which keeps you attuned to the public at large, who in turn generally supports you. Your ease in social relationships, natural charm, and graciousness gives a pleasantness to the way you present yourself.




You have a deep and abiding connection with music and art.  When you are upset or feeling unbalanced; you can gain a sense of peace through music, meditation, and isolation.  You are a sensitive and creative soul.  As long as you are not too passive, your life has the good fortune to unfold along the path of least resistance.  (Becoming too passive can mean stagnation).  You are idealistic and believe the best about people.  This is good and helps people, but remember to concentrate on people as they are, and not just what they might become. A lofty potential is always there but might not ever manifest.




Your senses become a deep road to pleasure and your idealistic mannerisms and proposals win you an audience which you inspire. You are very sensitive and need time alone, in quiet surroundings, in order to be balanced.  You have a deep appreciation for music and are moved emotionally by its color, rhythm and timbre.




You easily get so emotionally "locked up" that it becomes difficult to alter or arrest a pattern once it has begun.  You can suffer a lot by cutting yourself off from others.  You may end a relationship that you desperately want if you feel the other person may reject you or abandon you sometime in the future.  You demand a loyalty from others that isn't only unrealistic, but is also something you are incapable of or unwilling to give to others yourself.  Further, you are capable of forming compulsive attachments where you hang onto a relationship long after the other person has left you emotionally or even physically.  In either of these cases, clearly you have to come to terms with the issue of power and control.  Don't be afraid of not being in control. Achieve self-control, understand your own emotions and your life becomes much easier.  You might explore your relationship with your mother as it had a much deeper effect on you than for most people.  You have ability to work with large figures and with money and finance. You are able to conceptualize many different items of experience simultaneously.  If your emotions don't get in your way, you become a leader in some realm.




Emotional standoffs block your growth.  Rational compromise stops addictive and self-defeating behavior.  It takes tremendous self insight to see that the things that bother you most about others are qualities of your own being.  Real change in your emotional nature is not only possible but inevitable.  Don't ever lose hope or indulge in thoughts of failure or guilt.  Real release of old emotional habits brings instant transformation.


SECTION IV.  MERCURY - Your Mental Life.


Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.  From the viewpoint of the earth it seems to dart back and forth across the face of the Sun, having three retrograde cycles a year.  Mercury is the planet of your mental life.  It shows how you receive, process and disseminate information. The sign placement of Mercury shows your basic attitude and mental habits.  The aspects of Mercury show your scope of vision and your methods for accomplishing tasks.




Your mind hops from thing to thing like a starving wolf in a cage full of bunny rabbits.  You see all sides of every question and then invent a few more to explore.  You are logical, inquisitive, and mentally alert although your insights may be completely superficial.  Develop depth and persistence, then you have the best of both worlds.  When you talk, people will often be moved by your witty, humorous form of rationalization.  You are good with words although you may like them more than they deserve. You like inventing new words and sounds and ideas.  If you also have continuity in your expressions you may well become an expresser of great ideas as well as a great learner.  You are making adjustments to circumstances in your environment all the time, whether they are required or not.  You like change.


Mercury in 7th house


You are attracted to people who you feel are interested in life and who are good conversationalists.  You feel comfortable relating with those you have a past history with.  Your own thoughts become clearer through dialogue.


Mercury in 7th house Unafflicted


You are prompted to look at the world differently by new people who enter your life.  You enjoy the free exchange of ideas.  You learn much though dialogue and others benefit by what you have to say.




This indicates that you have a very personal, feeling mind. You have a very close personal use for your mental life. The details of this connection were discussed in Section III.  The Moon -Your personal life.




You are good with your hands and quick with your mind.  You see opportunity and act on it at once.  You are good at stopping and reporting the essentials in any situation. You are a quick learner, but not always a patient teacher. You expect others to have the same quick grasp of important details that you have. Usually they do not.  You are not interested in knowledge for its own sake but for what it can do.




You are capable of changing directions quickly to suit the circumstances at the moment.  Your underlying motivation for changing directions in thought and speech is your tremendous hunger for knowledge.  Your manner is overt and direct but you are friendly and a good listener; you are genuinely curious as to what is on others' minds.  You are a good communicator and strive for truth.




You have some conflict between what you see as facts and what you hold as values.  You can see what you believe to be the good in life, but have difficulty getting to it. You sometimes engage in escapist fantasies or compensatory activity that actually carries you further away from your goal.  You are prone to having a division between your inner and outer life that is self defeating.  Your life greatly improves when you demand that you live out consciously any value that you hold as true.  Strive for accuracy and avoid exaggeration when giving descriptions to others.




You stay in constant motion both in your mind and on the earth. You are always putting your goals, beliefs, and values, out in front of yourself, then trying to live them.  This stretches you beyond your actual foundations.  Your high aims keep you in motion as you attempt to materialize your thoughts.




Lightning flashes of insight periodically send your life off in a new direction.  Your intuitions are very accurate and you see to the core of an issue rapidly.  You are very good at finding a shortcut that periodically intersects a major highway in life. For this reason you have a very useful as well as inventive mind. You succeed in any environment where you are allowed to contribute new methods and applications.  You have the uncanny ability to speak others' thoughts before they surface.  This makes you a hit while brainstorming or in any progressive circle of people. You have a natural interest in astrology, alternative healing, and New Age subjects.




Your mind is alive with new ideas and strategies.  You are alert, versatile and insightful in your approach to life.  Impatience and nervous exhaustion are your enemies.  Your outlook is progressive and creative and your viewpoint will change as new information is acquired.




You are bright and insightful but the very strength and depth of your vision can mislead you.  In consequence, you get in your own way a lot.  The magnitude of a project can intimidate you so that you don't even  embark on it.  You are a perfectionist and compulsive.  You fear being judged by others as inadequate and this quality has you afraid to act.  Of course, you do overcome this many times in your day to day life, but it goes smoother for you when you stop attributing negative motives to those around you.  You are able to do this when you feel better about yourself. Periods of meditation and contemplation are necessary to get to know yourself.




You have a deep side to your thinking and you wish to know the hidden side of anything that you get interested in.  Hard study is difficult for you because you see how much is entailed to do a job perfectly. Consequently, it is tough to get motivated.  You tend to be mentally all or nothing.


SECTION V.  VENUS - Your Love Nature.


The planet Venus shows the way you express your love nature and what you aspire for in life as good or beautiful. Venus has much to do with how you form your values.  The sign placement of Venus shows the type of love energy you have.  The house placement of Venus shows the natural area of expression of the love energy. The aspects of Venus indicate how and under what circumstances you express the gentle and loving side of your nature.




You have a love of money, food, and possessions.  You are a very physical, slow and easygoing lover.  You are slow to get involved with someone but you are steadfast once you do.  Although you are by nature conservative and oriented toward your home, you have a pleasant sociable side to your nature and can be quite generous. You may have problems in dealing with others because you have a tendency to evaluate people on their material worth.  In order to have satisfying human relationships, you need to see people more as they are and less in terms of their worth.  Money may be security but it isn't any real compensation for lack of love. You seek inner peace through your sense of touch. Art, music, and harmonious order have deep significance for you.  You have an earthly beauty and a natural charm.


Venus in 6th house


You make your work circumstances pleasant and you generally find your daily routines pleasant.  Your general health picture may not be particularly strong.  Personal accomplishment in life comes through cooperation and sharing.  You are capable of this but may need to remind yourself every so often to let others become involved in your work.


Venus in 6th house Unafflicted


You are very pleasant companionship when a task has to be performed. You make light work of even complicated and difficult tasks.  You have an easy manner for accomplishing the strictly routine, always finding a way to make it interesting.  You have an instinctive feeling for how progress can be achieved by focusing on the ordinary details of daily life.




You have an aspect between Venus and the Moon.  This shows that you have a powerful emotional nature and are affected at a deep level by other people's thoughts and opinions of you.  This was taken up in some detail for you in Section III.  The Moon - Your Personal Life.




You have some real difficulties in love relationships and with the material world.  On the surface, you are a gentle soul just trying to keep what is yours and trying to stop the world from taking advantage of you.  Underneath this veneer you are driven by fear and greed and your life is poorer for it.  Your instincts are conservative and you are frugal with money but this isn't sufficient to offset poor judgment with people and things. Reappraise your way of being in the world.  If your hand is closed no one can take something from you, neither can you receive what others wish to give you.




Emotional anguish makes your life inwardly stormy and outwardly very reserved.  As you get ultra-specific as to what you are really feeling toward others, your own confusing and inner tension lifts.  Stable reliable friends can easily be your emotional bedrock in life.




You have a very unusual and unstable emotional nature.  You can be stubborn, cold, and detached one minute, then malleable, solicitous and involved the next.  You fall in and out of love easily.  You are prone to abrupt but passing infatuations.  As you get older, you learn to not act immediately on your attractions.  You are in love with freedom and relationships represent freedom to you until you are really in them, then they seem like prison.  When you find freedom inside your own soul your relationships become more stable.




You are unstable in the expression of your affections.  You want to be close to people but you also want to be free to do what comes up spontaneously.  You need to be sure of what you want in the long run in order to channel your emotional and creative energy in such a way that you get accomplishment for your effort.




You are easily led by your feelings.  You are an idealist and a sensitive soul that is having a tough time getting your values to manifest.  People take advantage of you at times because you empathize with others' pain.  You have artistic talent but this is not meant to be a life as an artist.  Consequently, you will have difficulties in youth getting reinforced for your aesthetic efforts.  Later in life you will be a patron of the arts.  Your artistic sentiments will come out and into full bloom in the realm of people.  It takes you a long time to discover who is reliable and who isn't because you would rather believe in the inherent goodness of each person.  You somehow expect that every person will have the same value system and perspective as you.




Emotional conflict comes because you have unrealistic expectations of life.  You are inspired by an unattainable ideal. You are creative yet often disappointed by your own inability to achieve your ideals of love and beauty.  Compromise and common sense are necessary in order to get the positive expression you desire.  Realize as an adult you are trying to win approval from a childhood authority figure that isn't present in your life any more.




You are powerful and magnetic.  You have a magic charm for dealing with people.  You have a universal love for people that is non-sectarian and non-judgmental.  You are sustained by material abundance that comes from others at some time in this life and may have a sizable inheritance. When you get involved with a project you can really pour yourself into it with seemingly limitless energy.  This energy evaporates when you aren't involved in a project of personal importance.




You have a way of hanging on to what is important in your life and getting rid of everything else.  Your love is powerful but very specific.  You have strong likes and dislikes and are very good at emotional discernment.


SECTION VI.  MARS - Your Energy.


Mars is the planet of desires.  It shows how you aim at your goals and how you power yourself toward your goals.  Mars represents your most fundamental wants.  The sign placement of Mars shows the fundamental nature of your assertions.  The house placement of Mars shows the area of your life you are most likely to focus on.  The aspects to Mars show how and to what extent your desires and assertions are involved with other aspects of living.




Your desires are strong and you have an instinctive aim toward all that brings independence.  You are bursting with primal energy.  Your method for getting what you want is direct, forceful, without much control.  Your general attitude is positive and when you want something you don't take "no" because you don't hear it.  Your life improves by learning to understand others' point of view.


Mars in 4th house


You will feel a strong need for control in your environment at a very early age.  As a child you may have created a mess many times to get a feeling of control.  As an adult, this same need can carry over.  Be sure that you don't take out your frustrations on people you live with or your family.  You may be most productive working out of your home. This is often where you feel most secure.  In many respects you are a loner.  Get time by yourself each day.


Mars in 4th house Unafflicted


Your luck lies clearly in your perceptions that your life will improve. No matter how many setbacks you suffer you always believe that life will get better for you.  Generally, life lives up to your expectations.  You become more active as you get older.




Your Mars in aspect to Mercury shows that you have a strong desire nature attached to your thought processes.  The impact of this aspect on you reasoning process is discussed in Section IV. Mercury - Your Mental Life.




You are a perfectionist.  You can pick at yourself and others unmercifully, trying to get circumstances in your life to match some unspecified standard.  Your energy becomes freer to work in an unencumbered way when you recognize that you aren't really looking to match an objective standard at all.  What you want is to find some emotionally and psychologically defendable ground to stand on.  The real trick in life for you is to keep moving. This is not easy since you should really only move ahead on a project after forethought or planning; your judgments tend to be colored by your fears or your momentary desires.  You work very hard for what comes to you. This is unavoidable.  But, you could end up working very hard for no gain. This is avoidable through balancing your drives with your responsibilities.  You find that you have better health and much freer energy if you get vigorous physical exercise at least three times a week.




Fear of negative assessment by others and fear of not living up to your own standard can create nervousness.  Poor judgment can be the end result.  You can get far in any career because there is a game playing and lucky part of your personality that pushes the limits. Unfortunately, you usually go beyond your limits and suffer loss.  By accepting necessary limits to your expansion, even when unpleasant, you learn and grow.




Jupiter is the king of the planets.  He is in charge of the order of creation.  Jupiter shows your values, where you feel confident and in control, and where you feel you have something to teach others.  The sign placement of Jupiter shows your values in life. The house placement of Jupiter shows the area of life you feel luckiest in and the area you receive the most help from other people and from the cosmos.  The aspect patterns to Jupiter show the direct network of good and administrative power in your life.




You value everything and have great ability to see usefulness in everything and everyone.  You are genial, social and a great host because you are "in tune" with what goes on in others.  You value people.  You are just, balanced and look for sincerity and idealism as part of the higher vision of truth.  You look for opportunities with others and feel that you naturally belong in partnership.  You feel that you have something to teach others about relating as an equal. You are kind and sympathetic to others and feel that their concerns are interesting and worthy of your attention.  Your sense of justice and appropriate balance gives you a natural talent in art, mechanics, architecture, law, politics, teaching, mathematics, drama and hundreds of other fields involving proportion and symmetry.  You are a master at being able to infer the whole from seeing a small portion of an object, idea, ideal, or picture.  You see opportunity everywhere because you see potential everywhere based on your ability to extrapolate and infer.  Your higher vision of truth is constantly relating ideas to ideas, people to people, and people to ideas. This imaginative quality of yours is the source of great talent, great luck, and great vision.  When you learn to focus this talent toward a specific goal, this life becomes very productive. Without focus you still have charm and graciousness that helps you make your way in life.


Jupiter in 11th house


You may find yourself drawn to many community activities.  A club or organization occupy a good piece of your time.  In your early years you are a good judge of what group of friends will be appropriate for you. Your social life means a lot.  As you get older this same impulse will become more ritualized into community activity.  You are well paid for your work and generally do well in this area of life.


Jupiter in 11th house Unafflicted


You are well known and trusted.  Others flock to you for advice. You are generous with your time and resources.  You think big; your aim is high.  You do well because you enjoy life and people and like watching others succeed.




You have an aspect from Jupiter to the Sun showing a deep connection between your values and your ego.  As a consequence of this you have a stronger faith in your beliefs than most people and you are more likely to act on them.  You have the potential for being quite an inspiration for others.  In Section I. (The Sun - Your Ego Structure) there is more commentary on this trait of yours.




You have Jupiter in aspect to Mercury indicating a deep commitment to communicate something of value.  You will have a commitment to knowing the truth and conveying it to others.  You will find some further information on this topic in Section IV. Mercury - You Mental Life.




You have an underlying self-confidence that is based on your belief that life will give you whatever you want if you are willing to work for it.  You see the reasonableness in the way that things happen and are willing to invest in yourself.  You are very industrious, believing that hard work will bring you progress.  You have a taste for material acquisition but are willing to work for what comes to you.




Good, practical judgment balances your natural tendency to see opportunity.  Because you are results oriented, you are less likely than most to fritter away your energy on projects that lack long term significance.  Your choice?  Life long aims over immediate gratification.  Progress on long range projects is slow, partly because you demand tangible results and partly because you have the good sense to establish firm foundations. This strategy of yours almost always guaranties some results. Life is easiest when you keep your long term goals constantly in mind.


SECTION VIII.  SATURN - Your Obligations.


The planet Saturn shows where you feel restricted.  You feel obligations and fears through Saturn.  Because of your feeling connected with Saturn you are either responsible or neglectful. The sign placement of Saturn shows the basic type of energy connected with your obligations.  The house placement of Saturn shows an area of life that you feel restricted in and work hard to obtain the things that come to you.  The aspects of Saturn show the most direct involvement of other areas of your life with your feelings of responsibility.




You are motivated by a fear of being restricted or held back. You are independent and ostentatious.  You have a strong need to gain some recognition for your intellectual achievement.  This is hard to accomplish partly because you are really quite cynical and this stops you from getting a really fair hearing at times. Still, you have real interest in philosophical and spiritual questions.  Leadership comes to you naturally in time.  Your growth through time keeps shaping your values which are powered by your positive self-perception.  You grow through failure as much as by success.


Saturn in 2nd house


You have a restricted picture of yourself and of what you can accomplish.  You work hard to accumulate worldly goods.  You may often worry about money regardless of how much you have.


Saturn in 2nd house Unafflicted


Your hard work brings stable and consistent success.  Your conservative impulses make you a cautious planner and a good strategic investor with both your time and money.




You have Saturn in aspect to the Sun showing that you identify deeply with your obligations in life.  This aspect of your nature is explored more deeply in Section II.  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.




You have Saturn in aspect to Venus which shows that you take your love nature seriously and that you have a strong sense of duty. This is taken up in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.




You have Saturn in aspect to Mars showing a desire to build strong foundations in your life.  This aspect of your nature is taken up in Section VI.  Mars - Your Energy.




You have Saturn in aspect to Jupiter showing that you have an interest in procedures and legal structures.  This interest is discussed in Section VII.  Jupiter - Your Values.




You learn most lessons in life the hard way, but you do learn. It is common for you to attempt to do something the way you have done it before and find out the old method will not work or doesn't apply. When you try to apply a new method you find you have to be empirical, trying many things before you find what will work.  You find life easier if you avoid letting emotional tension build up and if you make it a practice to speak your mind.




You have great difficulty getting your rhythm in life. Frustrations come from long delays and abrupt changes in plans. Learn to see any interruption as ultimately being caused by some deep inner unrest that has been unaddressed and any delay as a manifestation, at some level, of your own fears.  Getting to know yourself is the mechanism to further your goals.




You are a good manager and a solid planner.  Your instincts are conservative and you know how to make the most out of your natural temperament.  You are disciplined and see ways to make the most of your situation and position in life.  Other people are a great help to you only when you are putting your best foot forward.  A position of authority and responsibility comes to you eventually in life.




You are the great economist, making the most of every situation. Circumstances that will be luckiest for you will develop slowly over a long period of time.  You are self-reliant, resourceful and cautious. As a planner you are hard to beat.  Deep changes occur in the core of your personality by being in touch with and fulfilling your obligations.


SECTION IX.  URANUS - Your Search For Freedom.


The planet Uranus is beyond the orbit of Saturn and can't be seen without the aid of a telescope.  It represents the sky in us, that which transcends the limits of finite life.  Uranus raises the vibration of everything it contacts.  The sign placement of Uranus shows your broadest striving for freedom.  The house placement of Uranus indicates your area of direct unique expression.  The aspects to Uranus indicate the way you express your need for higher consciousness.




You have an urge to express your creativity.  You throw yourself totally into what you do.  There is a sense of self importance that you could always buy into, but you are really looking for some higher identity.


Uranus in 9th house


People think of you as a real individualist.  Your mind has no horizons.  You see all as possible.  You love experiences and may love travel for this reason.  Your path of growth has to include mental enrichment.


Uranus in 9th house Unafflicted


Sudden, unexpected journeys (inner and outer) come up and you have the good fortune to take the risks necessary for real growth.  You are always seeking a higher ideal.  Remember, freedom exists in each moment, not just in the future.  The adventure in life is in you, not is some far away place.  You inspire others with your lofty vision of what can be.




You have Uranus in aspect to Mercury.  Your Mental attitudes express your quest for freedom.  This is explained in Section IV. Mercury -Your Mental Life.




You have Uranus in aspect to Venus.  You look for freedom in your love life.  You express your creativity in a unique way.  This is explained in the particular in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.




You have Uranus in aspect with your Saturn.  This indicates that you are attempting to accommodate the urge for security and the urge for freedom.  More detail on this blending is in Section VIII.  Saturn -Your Obligations.




Your idealism is lopsided and tends to be at odds with the society you live in and the direction of your culture.  This doesn't make your ideals wrong, just impractical.  You are prone to nervous fits and disturbed periods where it is difficult to accomplish much and difficult to relax.  Somehow you seem to express your society's dissatisfaction with itself.  Your life betters through the study of meditation, biofeedback, yoga, and/or grounding or centering activities.




You seem to get caught between personal freedom and your higher social ideals.  This conflict is pronounced at times and other times scarcely noticeable but, it is always present, subtly coloring all your decisions.


SECTION X.  NEPTUNE - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals.


The planet Neptune has an almost perfectly circular orbit.  It represents the part of our nature that strives for perfection, that looks to some higher ideal.  The planet Neptune rules the ocean and the part of us that is beyond the limits of the shores of personal existence.  The culture moves with the cycles of Neptune and it is the primary indicator of your connection to the culture that you live in. The sign of Neptune shows an ideal that you desire to manifest.  The house placement of Neptune shows the area of your life that you want to express this ideal in.  The aspect patterns of Neptune indicate the most direct connections yet most subtle networking of your personality into the world at large.




You have powerful and unconscious impulses for sensation.  You wish most of all to keep a social ideal alive through emotional intensity. You struggle to work out your secret desires.


Neptune in 12th house


You have a contemplative and meditative nature.  You are generous and truly sympathetic to others' point of view.  This is because you have an unconscious grasp of life's intrinsic unity.  You pick up other people's thoughts and feelings as well as a host of influences from the environment without selection or shielding. You are enriched by life but also quite vulnerable to its changes.


Neptune in 12th house Unafflicted


No matter what you go through, you always end up stronger and believing in the structure and integrity of the universe. Although mild-mannered, you have an inexhaustible inner spring of energy.




You have an aspect of Neptune to the Sun showing that you have a gentleness and lofty vision of life.  How this works out is shown by Section II.  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.




You have an aspect of Neptune to the Moon.  This indicates a deep interest in the arts and in cultural pursuits.  How your aesthetic taste influences your daily life is discussed further in Section III. The Moon - Your Personal Life.




You have Neptune in aspect to Venus.  This indicates that you are very artistic by inclination and idealistic in love.  This pattern is described in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.




You have Neptune in aspect to Uranus showing that one part of your nature will have a propensity to act out the unexpected. How this manifests is indicated in Section IX.  Uranus - Your Search for Freedom.




You are fundamentally an idealist.  You would like to see change come about in a way that doesn't destroy the existing social order.  You believe in transition and transformation as saner and kinder principles of social change than revolutionary upheaval.




Your higher ideals are the continuous recipient of forceful energy for change.  Your long range perspective (even though this may at times be unconscious) is always toward your ideals winning out through deep self transformation.


SECTION XI.  PLUTO - Your Need For Fundamental Change.


The planet Pluto represents the dark underground part of you.  It shows your ability to transform the most fundamental properties in your own inner nature.  The sign of Pluto is the way the obsessive, compulsive and committed part of your nature expresses itself.  The house placement of Pluto shows the area of life where you make your most fundamental and most potent changes. The aspects to Pluto show the deepest most unconscious links in your personality structure.




At best, you believe in yourself and are willing to stand on your own. You have a need for self expression.  At worst, you are completely stuck on yourself, and have a strong desire to bend everyone else to your will.


Pluto in 10th house


You are drawn to any situation that is heavily stratified.  You have an inner magnet pulling you toward a position of authority. You expect career to be a calling which is all-consuming.  This elevated vision of what career should be will make your actual career fairly boring until you are swept up into something in which you can incinerate.  You expect career to completely transform your deepest soul properties.  If it does, I hope you are lucky enough to see how this has happened so that you consciously embrace your destiny.  You have long plateaus (or flat places) in career and then sudden twists of fate bring advancements or set backs.


Pluto in 10th house Unafflicted


You have the unique ability to network all of your wholesome personality ingredients together into a central pillar of strength and confidence.  Somehow, you know instinctively how to keep putting one foot in front of the other, oblivious to your own fear and pain, when in pursuit of a goal.




You have an aspect of Pluto to the Moon.  You have a deep connection to your mother.  The nurturing side of your personality is being transformed during this life.  The details of this are indicated in Section III.  The Moon - Your Personal Life.




You have an aspect of Pluto to Mercury.  This indicates that you have a profound mental life.  This is detailed out in Section IV. Mercury - Your Mental Life.




You have an aspect of Pluto to Venus showing that you have a very deeply entrenched love nature that you are transforming.  The details of this are discussed in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.




You have an aspect of Pluto to Saturn.  This shows that you are very impressed with things in the past.  The working out of this impression is taken up in Section VIII.  Saturn - Your Obligations.




You have an aspect of Pluto to Neptune which shows your involvement in a large cultural process.  This involvement is described in Section X. Neptune - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals.






Part of your style of being a person is tied to your personal method of adapting to and interacting with other people.  This aspect of your personality shows itself through every aspect of how you deal with the environment.  This method of your being encourages as well as reveals your uniqueness.




You have lots of energy and you need it.  Your life changes through the resolving of conflicts.  You are a fighter and you get clarity by drawing lines between the perceived good and bad of the moment.  Your inclination is to be action oriented first, and reason things out after the battle.  Your hunches are based on the odds.  You take an empirical approach to problem solving. Your keyword is Energy.




Your reasoning style is less recourse to theory and more attention to what works.  You are empirical and would rather "look in the horse's mouth" than speculate on how many teeth it must have.




The following material is an index of things that you have developed as inner resources.  You may take them for granted, but in times of reevaluation and rest this part of your personality can provide you comfort and strength.


Moon in the Fourth House.


You have a good family life.  Your ability to focus your attention on your personal life gives you continuity in your daily habits.  Family, your past, and heritage means more to you as you get older.


Mercury in Gemini.


You have a great asset in your mental versatility and in your ability to switch directions.  You find strength in change and when in trouble you can see alternative points of view and a number of different strategies for acting.


Venus in Taurus.


You have a soft, sensitive, sensual side of your nature.  This is a quality that allows you to enjoy the material world and find personal expression for your love nature.


Mars in Aries.


Energy is your secret key to success.  Your quick responses to changes in circumstances and hard-hitting attitudes that uphold your desires bring you victory.  Being impulsive works for you.


Neptune in the Twelfth House.


You have the ability to retreat from everyday life and live in a more ideal mindset.  This helps refine your spirit and helps manifest a higher value for the world.




This material describes the "cutting edge" of your work on yourself. The thoughts rendered here are meant as further guidelines for growth. You should take difficulties and challenges in the right spirit.  They are always positive indicators as to how you can experience the joy of becoming a better person and more like your REAL SELF.


Venus in the Sixth House


You are good at resolving difficulties in love relationships by examining the details in the other person's life.  It is difficult for you to change the quality of your own self expression in relationships. This is what is required though, if anything fundamental is to change.


Mars in the Fourth House


You have tremendous energy for anything you become involved in but your energy has a habit of running into other people's intentions and motives, then going underground.  Be more explicit with others as to your true wish.  This will help you to sort out your own direction.


Uranus in Leo


Your urge for freedom gets thwarted by your need for self expression. You can't build a bigger picture of yourself and overcome personal limitations simultaneously.  As your sense of personal identity reaches toward a larger picture, the impulse for creativity within you can be a tremendous help.





The  Growth  aspects  operate  differently  than  other  aspects  in  your  chart.    While  it  is  possible  to  use  them  descriptively,  as  showing  finer  shades  of  meaning  within  the  chart,  we  wish  to  use  them  in  a  different  manner  for  our  purposes.    The  growth  aspects  are  tools  of  self  development.    If  you  apply  attention  to  the  various  qualities  in  your  nature  linked  through  the  growth  aspects,  you  will  see  positive  change  over  time.    These  qualities  generally  do  not  show  quick  effortless  solutions,  but  instead  show  a  path  of  change  requiring  exertion  and  emotional  honesty.  Under  these  circumstances,  the  way  these  aspects  of  your  nature  change  through  time  are  truly  amazing.  The  qualities  mentioned  here  can  be  the  very  mechanisms  to  release  the  highest,  finest  side  of  your  nature.


Moon in Growth Aspect to Mars


You have a quick emotional trigger.  This in itself is not problematic, but, your sense of timing and the nature of your emotional responses need some adjustment.  As you get more comfortable with your true feelings, you get better at knowing how and when to express yourself. The first step in getting what you want out of life is to recognize what you really desire.  The second step is to become comfortable with what you want.  The third step is to harmonize existing conflicts of drives.  This points you toward the path of higher self development.


Moon Semi-Sextile Mars


You sometimes don't see your drives until they are expressed. This can create embarrassment and surprise for you.  Your life improves when you recognize and express correctly your strong desire to nurture.


Mercury in Growth Aspect to Neptune


Your imagination, ideas and visions may differ significantly from what is happening in the world around you.  It may require patience on your part with society as others seem to fall short of your ideals.  Balance is required for you to stay aware of some higher principle in your own thought process.  Without appropriate balance you end up treating your own higher ideals as if they were just confusion and in the way of your communication and personal accomplishments.


Mercury Quincunx Neptune


Lots of time and effort can be wasted when you plan on things that are way out of reach.  Your imagination and ideals serve you well when you are careful to keep the sequence of essential happenings in mind and accept your own idiosyncrasies.  Be careful you don't promise more to others than you can deliver. Self-honesty is not easy but it is essential in order to develop.


Mars in Growth Aspect to Neptune


Just when you seem to have your aims and goals determined it's as if they evaporate or expand to some much larger context.  Your ideals always seem to be out of reach of your energy.  To compensate you may live in an alternate reality, escaping into fantasy where you control or create the rules or you become slightly cynical, feeling victimized by circumstances.  The way out is through slow, careful integration of your values and higher ideals bit by bit.  This requires patience and much trial and error reality testing.


Mars Quincunx Neptune


Your idealism and inflated expectations of others and life can lead you into very frustrating circumstances where you feel emotionally and physically drained.  Your energy and emotions strengthen as you learn how and where to be involved in other people's projects.  You have difficulty learning realistic boundaries with others and realistic limits as to what you can expect from yourself.  Artistic expression can help give form to your humanitarian temperament.


Mars in Growth Aspect to Pluto


There is a compulsive side of your personality and you have some learning to do in this life connected with how your energy operates. Knowing when to stop or start a project is not so much a matter of timing as it is a matter of how to invest your energy.  You can avoid something you want, thinking it will require too much from you, or, start on some project, then go overboard trying to bring it to fruition.  Once involved in a project it is necessary to see how to regulate your energy as you do become so obsessed with the outcome or so addicted to the process that you lose sight of your general well being.


Mars Quincunx Pluto


You suffer by having a picture of just what needs to be done and how it is to be accomplished.  This can cause you to be controlling and argumentative.  When you feel the weight of the responsibilities that you have taken on or when you feel lonely and isolated, then, you are ripe for personal growth.  Your desire, manner of expression, and the way you use energy will have to be changed - to be less compulsive, less forceful, so you are able to achieve greater accomplishment and more personal happiness.




There is another dimension to your astrology chart.  This has to do with planets being the same distance from the celestial equator.  When both planets are on the same side of this plane there are called parallel.  When the planets are the same distance but on opposite sides of the celestial equator they are referred to as being contra-parallel. Both of these aspect activate your ability to organize and reorganize some aspect of your life.


Sun Parallel Pluto


You thrive on intensity.  There are deep wellsprings of strength and mystery within you that only seem to gain fulfillment through long protracted struggles.  Much of your fighting in life is inner and unconscious.  This can surface as allegorical reactions to people or things in your environment. You invoke strong responses from others, everything from ignoring you to direct challenging of you, to wanting to assist you.  When you get personal you get focused and your persistence can be a real asset.


Moon Parallel Jupiter


You expect good to come to you through change, therefore you are capable of throwing yourself forward into activity.  Travel is generally lucky for you.  Positive attitudes and expectations create the context to harvest benefits.  Your optimism is responsible for your progress.


Venus Parallel Midheaven


A slavish devotion to the aesthetic particulars of your home and environment can lead you to develop a deep sense of culture and taste. The understanding of how things can be at their best can give you difficulties in coming to terms with less than satisfactory surroundings in your personal space.  This carries over into your professional life and you will have a deep desire to see your aesthetic nature contribute to your career path.


Neptune Parallel North Node of the Moon


You are attracted to some higher principles in life but you may get confused as to understanding your own motivations.  How to get the best of your personality to connect with others?  This is the question that eventually leads you into a positive relationship with the civilization you are living in.


Sun Contra-Parallel Saturn


Your strength in life develops out of your deep, serious outlook on life.  At your best you are practical and at your worst you are too "turned in" on yourself.  This can lead to depression. Slow progress made carefully, over a long period of time, seems most real to you.


Venus Contra-Parallel North Node of the Moon


You have the destiny to connect with people in this life that you will feel you have known before.  Your love of beauty and lovely surroundings can be a help or a hindrance to your progress depending on your ability to achieve balance and to judge correctly what is appropriate in every situation.


Saturn Contra-Parallel Pluto


The drive to accomplish much in a short span of time and a general distrust of life comes from feeling that the world is a difficult and very limiting place.  At root, much of this feeling is based on a negative perception about yourself and what you have coming.  You are the sponsor of your own setbacks in life. Progress means to study the past world history and personal psychology in order to move forward in a responsible and effective manner.  Discipline and faith are the necessary ingredients needed to put your life on a positive footing.


Neptune Contra-Parallel Midheaven


Your home and foundations in life are very important to you and your environment grounds your ideals.  Others see you as a good contributor to any group process.  You will often surprise people when your broad based competence comes shinning through on any project.  You have a love of institutional structures and generally do well with positions of authority in large organizations.


North Node of the Moon Contra-Parallel Ascendant


Your relationships to other people feed your soul.  The exact manner and style of your personal interactions need to be regular and regulated in order for you to feel energized.  You have some patterns from the past that you will need to relinquish when you wish to change your way of dealing with people.  Your frozen persona serves you well under most circumstances; when it does, this is an important invitation to change.




The Moon's North Node is an all encompassing and instructive point of synthesis in the chart; we could easily start or end our analysis with this one single factor.  Because this indicator is so all inclusive it most shows your karmic direction in life. The sign placement of your North node points to your destiny. When your actions, interests, and values are structured by this position, your general sense of personal well being improves. The house placement of the North Node of the Moon indicates or points to an area of life, an arena of experience.  By confronting, even augmenting this arena you can inadvertently improve every aspect of your life.  By dealing with issues connected to the North Node placement in your chart your general character strengthens and refines.


North Node of the Moon in Libra


Learn to listen to others before you draw conclusions and act. You have your vision colored by your own desires.  Seeing that there are at least two sides to every issue, helps you get a well rounded picture of life.  Diplomacy can help any dealings with others, but, only if it is based on real concern for the feelings and needs of others.  You need to include others and their ideas, opinions, preferences, and wishes if your own life is to improve.


North Node of the Moon in Libra and in the Twelfth House


Learn that you need times of solitude and recharging in order to clarify your vision and be most productive.  All work and no play is bad for the soul no matter how worthwhile the project.  As your heart opens to the needs of others and your talents for helping others improve, life becomes light.


                          TABLE OF DEFINITIONS


These are some basic astrological definitions.  Reading through this material can enhance your understanding of your INDRA report.  You may want to take up a more serious study of these symbols as a preliminary step to a study of all of life through astrology.


                               THE PLANETS


The Sun and the Moon - Basic central core of the personality. These two bodies represent how we make decisions, how we act, and what we value.


Mercury, Venus, and Mars - The personal planets.  These planets indicate our everyday concerns, our interaction with others, and our immediate environment.


Jupiter and Saturn - The planets of the culture.  These planets represent our ability to interact with our society and its laws and values.


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - The planets of our higher evolution. These planets show our ability to focus on issues that transcend our immediate life and culture.


                                THE SIGNS


                Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

                 Earth  Signs  -  Taurus,  Virgo,  Capricorn

                  Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

                 Water  Signs  -  Cancer,  Scorpio,  Pisces


          Cardinal  Signs  -  Aries,  Cancer,  Libra,  and  Capricorn

            Fixed Signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

         Mutable  Signs  -  Gemini,  Virgo,  Sagittarius,  and  Pisces


                               THE  HOUSES


 1st  -  Your  personal  appearance  and  your  immediate  environment.

 2nd - Your self worth and your orientation toward the material world.

 3rd  -  Your  integration  of  basic  experience  and  ability  to  learn.

 4th - Your home and family.

 5th  -  Children,  romance  and  creative  expression.

 6th - Work, health and your facility with detail.

 7th  -  One  on  one  relationships.    Marriage  and  partnerships.

 8th - Community resources, sex, ultimate issues, financial institutions.

 9th  -  Foreign  travel,  higher  education,  ethics  and  legal  principles.

 10th - Career and social standing.

 11th  -  Friends  and  higher  aims  in  life.

 12th - The unconscious and social institutions.

 The  Ascendant  -  The  beginning  of  the  first  house.

 The Midheaven - The beginning of the tenth house.


                    TABLE OF DEFINITIONS - continued.



                               THE  ASPECTS



                  ***Basic classification of aspects***


Hard or difficult aspects.  - Semi-square, Square, Sesquiquadrate, and Opposition.  These are the aspects that help us recognize the ingredients in our personality that need changing.


Easy or soft aspects.  - Trines and Sextiles.  These are the aspects that express our talents and skills.


Growth aspects.  - Semi-sextiles and quincunx.  These are aspects that give us opportunity to grow.  They indicate long term development of some key aspect of your personality and behavior for this life time.


Power aspects.  - Conjunctions, Parallels, and Contra-parallels. These are the aspects that show energy, force, reorganization and transformational ability.



              ***Circumstances  of  the  planets  by  aspect***


Afflicted  -  A  planet  is  called  afflicted  when  it  has  only  hard  (difficult)  aspects.    These  planets  represent  our  greatest  challenges  and  our  more  promising  areas  of  growth.


Unafflicted  -  A  planet  is  unafflicted  when  it  is  not  limited  to  only  hard  aspects.    This  can  mean  that  the  planet  has  no  aspects,  has  only  easy  aspects,  or  has  both  hard  and  soft  aspects.


Well  Aspected  -  A  planet  is  called  well  aspected  when  it  has  no  hard  aspects.    This  shows  ease  of  expression  and  a  certain  ability  to  bring  the  ingredients  symbolized  forward  into  life  with  little  or  no  conflict.



                   ***Special points in your chart***


Ascendant - This is the same as the cusp of the first house.  The Ascendant refers to your physical body and how you meet the world, how you present yourself.


Midheaven - This is the same as the cusp of your tenth house. The Midheaven refers to how we rise and fall in life, our social position and our orientation to our family, culture and history.


Moon's North Node. - Our direction in life.  How we form relationship bonds with the environment as well as people.




SUN            position is 16 deg. 41 min. of Gemini


MOON           position is  1 deg. 59 min. of Pisces


MERCURY        position is  4 deg. 06 min. of Gemini


VENUS          position is  7 deg. 50 min. of Taurus


MARS           position is  0 deg. 30 min. of Aries


JUPITER        position is 21 deg. 56 min. of Libra


SATURN         position is 22 deg. 52 min. of Sagittarius


URANUS         position is  8 deg. 46 min. of Leo


NEPTUNE        position is  2 deg. 20 min. of Scorpio


PLUTO          position is 29 deg. 58 min. of Leo


N. NODE        position is 29 deg. 01 min. of Libra


ASCENDANT      position is 16 deg. 42 min. of Scorpio


MIDHEAVEN      position is 29 deg. 43 min. of Leo





1ST HOUSE CUSP position is 16 deg. 42 min. of Scorpio

2ND HOUSE CUSP position is 16 deg. 28 min. of Sagittarius

3RD HOUSE CUSP position is 22 deg. 16 min. of Capricorn

4TH HOUSE CUSP position is 29 deg. 43 min. of Aquarius

5TH HOUSE CUSP position is  1 deg. 44 min. of Aries

6TH HOUSE CUSP position is 26 deg. 46 min. of Aries

7TH HOUSE CUSP position is 16 deg. 42 min. of Taurus

8TH HOUSE CUSP position is 16 deg. 28 min. of Gemini

9TH HOUSE CUSP position is 22 deg. 16 min. of Cancer

10TH HOUSE CUSP position is 29 deg. 43 min. of Leo

11TH HOUSE CUSP position is  1 deg. 44 min. of Libra

12TH HOUSE CUSP position is 26 deg. 46 min. of Libra