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August 9, 1963

8:55 PM EDT

Newark, New Jersey





February 1 – 29,  2012




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Transit SUN opposed natal Venus
Feb 1 through Feb 2, 2012

Friends, ex-partners, and former lovers are apt to be sharing their love and affections with others today, and you may not be very certain how you feel about the situation. A certain amount of loneliness creeps into your heart even if everything else in your life is fairly smooth. Avoid letting your ego reactions put you in conflict with a current partner. Not a favorable time for initiating legal matters, social events, romantic attachments, partnership or cooperative ventures. Do not accept gaudiness or ostentatiousness as a substitute for true beauty.

Transit PLUTO trine natal Mercury
Feb 1 through Feb 27

The energy of this long-term influence is favorable and the benefits and good fortune that come your way during this period are likely to have implications for your success in the future. This means the efforts you make during this period that are specifically involved with education, writing, computers, communications, travel, transportation, sales and other business transactions, community affairs, contacts with siblings, and the development or use of your ideas, methods, and basic mechanical skills will no doubt be successful. However, just as important as any immediate victories you may have, is the fact that these efforts will have a significant role to play in giving you the power or influence to maintain, or regain if necessary, success in these same areas at some point in the future. During this period, your siblings, neighbors, and those with whom you work or deal with on a daily basis are favored-- and they may also be the means of your own good fortune.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Mars
Feb 1 through Feb 3, exact on Feb 1

Ideas can successfully be turned into physical realities during this period. Words cause actions to flow smoothly and, in turn, actions give greater meaning to words. It is an excellent time to prepare, present, or receive travel plans, travel brochures, instructions related to physical tasks or goals, and written or verbal descriptions of physical events. Under this influence surgical procedures, especially those that involve the head, nerves, or sensory organs, are favored. Business transactions, manufacturing, sports events, military maneuvers, building, engineering, and mechanical projects are apt to be highly productive ventures. It is also a favorable period for engaging in such personal services as a manicure or haircut. Too much talk and not enough action is the only real threat to success.

Transit SUN square natal Neptune
Feb 1 through Feb 4, exact on Feb 2

You are on your own under this influence. Trusting those in charge can be a risky business. They may be elusive and hard to find, or they may deliberately mislead you. There is also the potential that you are the one who appears to be elusive to others. Whatever the state of affairs, it is best to avoid all situations that require clear thinking, attention to detail, and confrontation with reality. Use the available energy for artistic or spiritual projects. Be cautious if you are around water or find yourself in unfamiliar territory.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Venus
Feb 2 through Feb 4, exact on Feb 3

When it comes to handling interpersonal relations, enhancing the beauty or harmony of an environment, or planning social events this is apt to be an exceedingly difficult period. Things just donŐt seem to come together. Everyone has a different opinion than your own. No one is in a mood to be tactful or of a mind to make an effort to please you. Conflict and lack of cooperation arise between you and a partner or other allies. Under this influence disagreement concerning common goals and other matters plague the efforts of joint ventures, business transactions, counseling sessions, contractual negotiations, and legal matters.

Transit MERCURY square natal Neptune
Feb 3 through Feb 5, exact on Feb 4

Following instructions or directions is not easy to accomplish. Trying to assimilate information accurately is also apt to be difficult though it doesnŐt necessarily lead to failure. You may arrive at the right conclusion for the wrong reasons, or come to the wrong conclusion but still have things work out satisfactorily. This is not a favorable period to determine who is right and who is wrong in a certain situation since there is little likelihood of it making any difference in the long run. Keep as much of a logical perspective on things as is possible, but in truth you may find it is next to impossible. Intuition or instincts may dictate one thing while the facts point to another. You may question whether the facts themselves are real or an illusion. This is an unfavorable time for business transactions and travel on or over water.

Transit PLUTO square natal Mars
Feb 1 through Feb 28, exact on Feb 4

This long-term influence is likely to bring difficult but not insurmountable circumstances, the nature of which involves overcoming those with more power than your own, situations that involve a new start or regaining something that was lost, or dealing with the threatened loss of your own power or influence. Obstacles that stand in your way at this time are likely to be the result of some type of wrongful physical actions. If you have physically abused others or yourself this must be corrected. If you have engaged in dishonest actions, they too, must be corrected. Wasting time and physical energy in the past now comes back to haunt you. Circumstances may require that the methods you use to perform your tasks and responsibilities must be more efficient. Male relationships or your contacts and activities that involve men may be troublesome. Your competitive spirit and aggressiveness is apt to be tested. This is a period when much strength and other benefits may be gained, but not without some frustrations or setbacks that test your determination to succeed.

Transit SUN opposed natal Sun
Feb 4 through Feb 8, exact on Feb 6

Though some circumstances may proceed smoothly in spite of this influence, you are not favored to emerge the winner in ego-related situations. This is not a fortuitous time for you to resist the authority of others or to exhibit arrogant or aggressive attitudes that at any other time might cause your opponents to back down. You have reached the halfway point in your birthday year which makes it a good time to measure your progress (or lack of it) over the last six months.

Transit SUN sextile natal Moon
Feb 4 through Feb 8, exact on Feb 6

Current circumstances promise opportunity, a chance for you to make your life more efficient. Others, for example, may show up to help, keep you company, or provide emotional support. Something or someone can come along to create an emotional high for you, which in turn can also make you feel physically more vital. Creative projects go well. Events and information you encounter can be used as opportunities to enhance your creativity and imagination. Opportunities also exist with regard to women, infants, home and domestic projects. Under this influence you may get the chance to express your feelings. In addition to the possibility of enjoying smoother personal relationships, interactions with most people are apt to be much easier. Take advantage of this atmosphere to establish better rapport or discuss problems. This is a good day to socialize, especially at home. Invite your boss or those with influence home for dinner.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Sun
Feb 5 through Feb 7, exact on Feb 6

Your ego is apt to be bruised by opposing forces that you encounter during this period. Ideas and opinions that surround you are not likely to be compatible with your own. Neither are they apt to agree with the type of image you like to project or the personal influence you want to exert. Now what? ŇWhatÓ is that you should not waste your efforts trying to get others to change their minds or dismiss their opinions as worthless. No one is going to listen to you. You might try to make some productive use of this unfavorable influence by learning what you can. If you are unable to find an agreeable or productive way of working within a situation or with certain people, be content to work quietly on your own.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Moon
Feb 5 through Feb 8, exact on Feb 6

You are apt to be emotionally influenced in some way by the information, opinions, and ideas that come to you during this period. The situations you experience represent a chance to express your feelings or fulfill some personal desire. Other possibilities include opportunities to visit or communicate with out-of-town relatives, and to find ways at home to more effectively communicate with family members. Under this influence circumstances may present an opportunity for you to buy or sell your home or other real estate and domestic items. You may also get a chance to improve your diet, health, and physical fitness as a result of the people and situations you encounter.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Jupiter
Feb 7 through Feb 9, exact on Feb 8

Letters, phone calls, and other communications during this period are apt to contain opportunities related to your association with those of another culture or race, higher education, long distance travel, religious or political activities, or cultural events. Circumstances may lead to hearing from or receiving news about relatives, in particular your father or your in-laws. Under this influence other opportunities can be found by placing or responding to advertisements or direct-mail promotions.

Transit MERCURY conjoined natal Saturn
Feb 7 through Feb 9, exact on Feb 8

Information and methods that come your way, whether you need them or not, are of a practical nature. Under this influence ideas and information as well as communications in general may be restricted or somehow limited either by your choice or the current circumstances. The alternative to this potential is that the information or communications themselves may not be limited but your receptiveness to acquiring or understanding them may somehow be lacking. The most common thing to expect is that contacts and travel during this period will tend to be related to business or for serious pursuits. Organization and preparation, or the lack of it, can become big issues.

Transit SUN sextile natal Jupiter
Feb 6 through Feb 10, exact on Feb 8

Be ready to expand your intellectual horizons because success during this period involves taking advantage of opportunities to learn as well as to demonstrate your own knowledge or expertise. Under this influence children in your life are also favored with regard to opportunities for their higher education or training. Advertising or direct-mail promotions are special avenues of opportunity. Spiritual guidance and participation in religious activities, cultural pursuits, and political activities are other possible sources of opportunity for you. Be alert to any situation that may enhance your influence or status. Superiors or authority figures may be instrumental in helping you get something published or assist you with long distance travel plans. Opportunities may also lead to ultimate success with regard to court decisions or the job and health of a parent.

Transit SUN conjoined natal Saturn
Feb 7 through Feb 11, exact on Feb 9

An urge to make daily tasks or responsibilities more interesting and fulfilling can be the motivating force for your actions. Enjoyment may be stifled by serious situations that leave little time or inclination for fun. You may want or be forced by current circumstances to demonstrate that you are reliable and trustworthy. Your hard work and past loyalty may get the recognition they deserve. The potential energy of this influence suggests you will be concerned with some aspect of your own maturity, experience and seniority. You may also be confronted with the authority and senior position of others. If that occurs, it will be to your advantage to recognize and accept their maturity and experience.

Transit JUPITER trine natal Uranus
Feb 1 through Feb 26, exact on Feb 14

Good fortune may come to you through friends and organizations. For the most part however, the potential luck that is promised is more likely to benefit your particular generation rather than you as an individual. This influence makes it easier to organize people and coordinate group activities. There is also a certain amount of success to be expected in financial dealings, but this success is likely to be associated with organizational efforts such as fund-raising rather than a private windfall that comes your way.

Transit VENUS opposed natal Mars
Feb 13 through Feb 17, exact on Feb 15

This influence is best described as one that promotes the classic Ňbattle of the sexes. Ó Passions lie much closer to the surface during this period. The most innocent flirtation or gesture is apt to inspire a physically aggressive response. Jealous females are likely to intrude. The loser in all competitive situations will not be very gracious-- which means whether or not you are the winner, you may still lose. It is best to consider that you may fit either part in any circumstances--that way youŐll be better prepared to decline the role if you so desire. Social gatherings are not likely to be successful. The energy that is apt to accompany this period can be an irresistible force in stirring things up. Energetic social interactions are certainly desirable but in this case, the party can turn into a brawl. Luxurious vehicles and travel accommodations are not easy to come by for the time being. A most inauspicious time to undergo surgical procedures, especially cosmetic surgery. Overexertion when engaging in physical fitness and other physical activities may have serious consequences.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Uranus
Feb 15 through Feb 17, exact on Feb 16

Under this influence you may be exposed to much disagreement, conflict, and turmoil, little of which may appear to have any connection with your personal life. However, organizing your own opinions and ideas may not be an easy task. Even more to the point, trying to present your thoughts to others may be made demonstrably more difficult by the fact that everyone is so confused or at odds about other matters that they pay little heed or give no credence to what you are trying to get across. It is not a suitable period for involvement with the newsletters or finances of an organization, or the coordination of group activities. Avoid travel by air.

Transit VENUS trine natal Venus
Feb 16 through Feb 19, exact on Feb 17

It would be hard to find disagreeable circumstances at the present time. You are as attracted to others as they are to you. Situations you create are as pleasant as the situations you are likely to encounter. The only trouble, if you think there needs to be trouble, is that everything may be just a bit too nice. If you need a more competitive or aggressive atmosphere to stir you into action, this is not the time to expect to find it. Should you happen to find or stir up such agitated situations, they are not likely to result in anything productive or enjoyable. Under this influence activities related to fashion, design, and the arts are successful.

MERCURY transit House One
Enters on Feb 18

A greater urge to talk about yourself during this period means that consciously or subconsciously your thoughts and discussions will tend to be self-centered. You may not always be the initiator of this personal focus. Circumstances at this time may require that others present some sort of written review of your personality or performance, or that they may speak to you about certain aspects of your appearance and personality. This influence alone is not an indication of whether the comments and concerns about yourself will be of a positive or negative nature.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Mercury
Feb 18 through Feb 20, exact on Feb 19

Attempts to mesh people and ideas together in some sort of meaningful way are useless for the time being. You may become very discouraged coping with diverse opinions and people running off in opposite directions. You may hear or read about various ideas on a certain subject but these ideas may not agree with each other or answer your questions. What is worse, they may be in total conflict with your own thinking. There is no mechanism for the easy flow or exchange of communications. People keep changing their minds, or you do. No one agrees on a price, a time to meet, or the best way to reach a destination. Trying to teach or trying to learn is difficult at best.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Pluto
Feb 18 through Feb 21, exact on Feb 20

There is likely to be a certain amount of intensity in the information or ideas you present as well as what you receive. It may be difficult to pinpoint the opposing forces that seem to generate intensity, but they are there nonetheless. It may be that you are so intent on exerting the force of your own thoughts you refuse to listen, or that others attempt to manipulate your ideas to their advantage. It just isnŐt the best time for easy exchanges or free thinking. Information may be withheld as a form of paranoia or protection, or the wrong information is deliberately given in an effort to mislead. This all seems a bit much for ordinary lives and pursuits, but you may experience the potential in small ways. If you are invited to dinner, for instance, and enjoy a particular dish, donŐt be tempted to ask your hostess for the recipe. Nor, in the reverse situation, may you be any more willing to part with such information.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Neptune
Feb 20 through Feb 22, exact on Feb 21

This is a tricky time. Even though luck is on your side, there are no guarantees that you will make proper use of the information, ideas, or activities you experience. Reality will probably not be allowed to intrude as inspiration and instincts rule the day. Your imagination and intuition are enhanced and can prove to be highly useful by putting you in the right place at the right time. Under this influence certain activities are favored such as photography, illusion, charitable causes, design of footwear, swim wear, and boats, spiritual guidance, promotion, advertising, travel on or over water, the sale or purchase of waterfront property, marine equipment, swim gear, seafood, oil, liquor, and drugs.

Transit VENUS trine natal Sun
Feb 20 through Feb 24, exact on Feb 22

If others are ever to be impressed by your honesty, integrity, and worth as an individual, this is the time for you to demonstrate these qualities. If you ever wanted others to take note of your leadership ability, or even if all you want is to prove to yourself that you possess some measure of it, this is the time to go out of your way to seek situations that exhibit this trait. Unless negative circumstances also happen to occur to spoil the otherwise fortunate influence, this can be a very lucky time. Your inner vitality and self-image thrive. You are more generous to others, and others will tend to treat you in similar fashion. The situations and interactions with others you experience during this period are likely to give you reason to be proud of yourself. You may find yourself quite an enthusiastic entertainer or host. Social events, such as banquets and other formal affairs, in which you participate are apt to be joint ventures. There is also potential that such activities will be held in your honor, or in honor of the efforts of a partner or other allies, superiors, and other authority figures in your life.

Transit VENUS conjoined natal Moon
Feb 21 through Feb 24, exact on Feb 22

This is a favorable period for entertaining, especially in your home, and especially when such activities involve family members as well as friends. The urge to enhance your physical attractiveness or beautify your domestic environment is likely to increase while you are under this influence. You may also be fortunate enough to find just the right person to assist you in such projects. If negative circumstances do not also happen to occur at this time to spoil the otherwise positive effect of this influence, you should be feeling very sociable and amiably inclined when in the company of others. Romantic and sensual are other potential adjectives that may describe your mood during this period. You are more sensitive to relationships, and, in addition to the romantic potential of interactions that you encounter, harmony and peace in family relationships are also enhanced. Dining in a beautiful setting with those who may fit the same description lifts your spirits. Your luck increases. You may put yourself in fortunate circumstances as a result of following your instincts and intuition rather than the cold hard facts.

Transit SUN opposed natal Uranus
Feb 21 through Feb 25, exact on Feb 23

Superiors or those in charge will not be pleased if you attempt to change the schedule, suggest doing something unorthodox or nontraditional, or try to inspire them with a new or unusual idea or method. This is not a favorable time to try to coordinate social events, conduct friendships, attend to children and their activities, and participate in organizational meetings and fund-raising activities. Things are not likely to come together the way they are supposed to or the way you thought they would. Concentrate on what is working instead of what is not.

Transit PLUTO trine natal Pluto
Feb 24 through Feb 28

The energy of this long-term influence is favorable the nature of which involves gaining power, revitalizing or renovating something that has been lost, and development and conservation of resources. However, the success or good fortune that comes along during this period targets your generation as a whole, granting more power and resources to that which has already been established or being maintained by members of your generation. Unless you happen to have a high level public position that directly benefits from this influence, it may not have a particularly dynamic impact on your personal life.

Transit VENUS conjoined natal Jupiter
Feb 23 through Feb 26, exact on Feb 25

An excellent, perhaps even fortuitous, period to expand your appreciation and knowledge of art, music, religion, diplomacy, and law. You may also experience an enhanced ability to take the beauty and knowledge you gain at this time and use it to inspire others as well as yourself. The good life is apt to be extremely appealing these days. There is, however, danger of overindulgence, overstatement, and exaggeration to the point where beauty and refinement are turned into gaudiness and ostentation; a tendency perhaps to Ňgild the lily. Ó If you cannot trust your own sense of proper proportion in the situations you encounter, be willing to consider the opinions or judgment of those in a position to advise you. The potential of this influence is a two-edged sword: encountering good fortune in one form or another, you have also to contend with a temptation to waste it.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Saturn
Feb 23 through Feb 27, exact on Feb 25

Current circumstances may offer opportunity to successfully mix business with pleasure. Since people are likely to be more impressed by your maturity and experience it is to your advantage to grab every opportunity to purposely emphasize these assets. Introducing some aspect of tradition, structure, and substance to the individuals, artistic endeavors, and social situations you encounter leads to one happy result or another. Interjecting the same elements to diplomatic gestures, counseling, public relations, partnership, and joint ventures may also lead to future success in these areas.

Transit SUN opposed natal Mercury
Feb 27 through Feb 28

Other people, especially supervisors or authority figures, are not likely to be on your wave length during this period. In fact their ideas and opinions may directly conflict with or oppose your own. Efforts to resolve debates, negotiations, or contract disputes are thwarted. There is nothing constructive to be done about these situations except to leave them alone since there is no indication that an alternative or compromise is possible, at least for the time being. Not a favorable period for communications, writing assignments, or beginning a trip.

SUN transit House One
Enters on Feb 27

It is time for an unemotional assessment of your willpower and ego. A period to renew your inner vitality and energy. How determined are you? What is your purpose in life? How much personal influence do you wield? You can be more forceful and dynamic under this influence, but you may have to avoid the negative potential which is a tendency for unnecessary arrogance. Too much self-assertion makes it difficult to ask for or accept the advice and opinions of others. The positive potential includes the urge to develop and improve your personality, appearance, and personal skills, a greater need to be more successful and independent. A strong, healthy self-image helps make you more productive as an individual, which in turn encourages you to treat others with greater generosity and sensitivity. Take care of things personally. DonŐt allow others to speak or act for you. It is your personality, behavior, and even your attractive physical appearance that can make the difference between success and failure in many situations during this period.