The Io Transit Report


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October 1, 2004 December 31, 2004




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SUNtransit House Four
Enters on Oct 1
The focus of yourattention should now turn to private life, domestic chores and matters relatedto home or property. Interest and participation in family relationships andactivities increase. You are more aware of your role and influence in thefamily, and the need to assert and express yourself within this group isenhanced. The negative potential includes the possibility of problems withparents or other family members, which may be caused by a tendency for too mucharrogance or stubborn pride on your part. There may also be disputes overfamily property. Positive potentials include situations you may experience thatenhance family pride and strengthen family bonds. In turn, family support andthe advantage of family assets and connections contribute to increasing yourdetermination to use the positive strength in your background in order to beginnew ventures of your own at this time.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Venus
Oct 1 through Oct 3, Exact on Oct 2
Planning socialevents, discussing redecorating projects, devising diplomatic maneuvers,negotiating contracts, and taking legal actions are favored during this period.It is also a fortunate time for the sale or purchase of art, music, flowers,jewelry, clothes, and luxury items. Under this influence travel is morepleasurable. You'll benefit from instructions in art or music and succeed inexhibits of arts and crafts. You are apt to be more inspired than usual when itcomes to knowing just the right thing to say and who to say it to. Engenderingcooperation among people, or between yourself and others, should be an easymatter. Joint ventures and discussions with partners and allies concerningcommon goals are apt to be highly successful. Counseling, whether you are thegiver or receiver, has excellent results.

Transit MARS sextile natal Pluto
Oct 1 through Oct 4, Exact on Oct 2
Intense energy inthe present circumstances represents opportunity for you to gain a morepowerful position of one sort or another. Your efforts may lead, for instance,to increased physical strength, more control over your actions, and greaterresourcefulness. This period is a chance to put more concentration into yourefforts, whatever they are. Taking advantage of the people and circumstancesyou encounter, may increase the potential for your ultimate success inactivities that involve research and investigation, renovation, recycling, andthe analysis and investment of financial assets.

Transit SATURN sextile natal Uranus
Oct 1 through Dec 25, Exact on Oct 7, Dec 10
Potentialopportunities in your present circumstances may lead to friendships or businessassociations with older, more established people or authority figures. Othersituations you encounter represent opportunities that may lead to success infinancial activities such as fund-raising or inspire you to establish or becomea member of a group or organization. Watch for an opportunity to introduce newideas or unorthodox methods into a traditional system.

SATURN transit House One
Enters on Oct 6
Because this is arelatively long-term period, many other influences will occur that may eitheremphasize its effect or perhaps mask it temporarily. Other significant factorsthat will contribute to the way you react, and ultimately to the way thingsturn out, include your age, maturity, and your past experiences. This influencehas as much to do with the past as it does to the present. It will force you tothrow out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacingthem with something more solid and useful. In the case of this particularperiod, it means you will be constantly confronted with yourself. The best wayto understand this influence is to look in the mirror and ask yourself who itis you blame for your physical appearance, your personality, and yourself-image. This analysis is as valid in the case of your having put too muchemphasis on these things, as it is if you have neglected them. After you getthrough blaming childhood experiences and conditioning or whatever other peopleand situations come to mind, you arrive at the moment of truth; and that isthat ultimately you are the one responsible. You are the one in charge ofkeeping your body fit and your appearance as attractive as possible. You arealso the one responsible for your own behavior, attitudes, and reactions toresponsibilities. You are the one who must seek to understand and correct apoor self-image as well as whatever other personal flaws you may have. Thehighest reward for correct actions is your emergence as a more mature,productive individual with a definite idea of what directions your personalgrowth must take now, and in the future. There is an additional warning. Thisinfluence can cause you to worry too much, not only about yourself but abouteverything else as well. To make matters worse, you are likely to be givenextra responsibilities of one sort or another at this time. Be patient, Takecare of things, but keep a moderate attitude or you'll spoil the real progressyou can make during this period.

Transit NEPTUNE trine natal Jupiter
Oct 1 through Oct 24
This long-terminfluence is generally favorable though other influences and circumstances willoccur from time to time that can either support or negate its total impact. Thepotential targets include your economic prospects, intellectual horizons,political ambitions, spiritual awareness, and cultural pursuits. If you haveany sort of personal flare for the dramatic, it will no doubt be accentuated.However, combining unreality and illusion with exaggeration and extravagance,which is what happens during this period, is not always an attractive orsuccessful way to get things done. While it may be successful from one point ofview and in some situations, it may later be the source of embarrassment orperhaps ultimately turn away those you may have initially impressed. Use thebeneficial potential of this influence wisely by keeping modesty and prudencein mind while applying an inspirational and imaginative approach. Thisinfluence can breed overenthusiasm to the point of turning idealism intofanaticism. If you can manage to sidestep the overblown tendencies of thisperiod, you will be able to enhance your personal status and growth, especiallyif you let yourself be inspired by the circumstances surrounding you. Asoptimism increases, your chance of success increases --feeling that you will besuccessful you may go out and make your own luck.

Transit SUN trine natal Jupiter
Oct 2 through Oct 5, Exact on Oct 4
A period to feelgood about your own integrity, explore your spirituality and broaden yourintellectual horizons. These efforts are not only favored in and of themselves,they are likely to inspire the admiration of those with influence. This is notime for false modesty and empty gestures. Sincere generosity and devotion tothe truth brings success. Enjoyment in everything is enhanced and humor can befound in every situation. Cultural events, long-distance travel, religiousactivities, political interests, speculative ventures, banking and investment,publishing, and advertising campaigns can be successfully launched under thisfortunate influence. Judgments are in your favor.

MERCURY transit House Four
Enters on Oct 3
The focus of yourattention during this period is likely to be directed to such things as realestate transactions, repairs or other matters related to your home or property,family discussions, family business transactions, and correspondence with orshort trips to visit relatives. You may also be inspired under this influenceto collect and restore family heirlooms, gather information on your family'sgenealogy and other aspects of family history, or visit your childhood home.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Jupiter
Oct 3 through Oct 5, Exact on Oct 5
Information,ideas, and activities you encounter during this period have the potential toenhance your intellectual endeavors and boost your economic or social status inone way or another. You may be in just the right place at the right time with theright information. Ideas may tend toward the dramatic and grandiose, but theyhave their place in the scheme of things at this time. What should be avoided,however, is overconfidence and being too far out of touch with reality andpracticality. Favorable outcomes are possible in such areas as religious orpolitical activities, court decisions, publishing, advertising, long-distancetravel, cultural pursuits, and dealings with those of another race or culture.

Transit MARS trine natal Venus
Oct 4 through Oct 8, Exact on Oct 7
Unless negativecircumstances also happen to occur and strongly indicate caution, this is anexcellent time for a haircut, beauty treatment, dental work, or cosmeticsurgery. Under this influence your actions and gestures are likely to be moregraceful and elegant; literally as well as figuratively. The social scene isabuzz and everyone is animated and attractive. Romance, partnership, and otheralliances flourish. This is a time to do things with others-- cooperativeefforts may be able to accomplish what you have not been able to do byyourself. Activities that involve art, design, music, jewelry, flowers, thebeauty business, debate, and legal matters are favored.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Mercury
Oct 5 through Oct 7, Exact on Oct 7
Unbiasedinformation and ideas lead the way right now. Devoid of emotional need oregotistical input, the ideas and information you apply and the activities inwhich you are involved make rapid progress. There is an easy exchange of talkand assistance at meeting and discussion groups. Mechanical projects proceedsmoothly and so does travel. A good time for running errands, answeringcorrespondence, gathering information, and launching neighborhood activities.

Transit JUPITER sextile natal Pluto
Oct 5 through Oct 19, Exact on Oct 14
Currentcircumstances may offer opportunity to increase your personal power andcontrol, or at the very least, a chance to understand how this might beaccomplished. This can be a good time to analyze your personal talent andskills and find out how they may be developed and used more effectively.

Transit SUN trine natal Mercury
Oct 6 through Oct 9, Exact on Oct 8
This is afavorable time to travel; whether it involves running errands in your ownneighborhood or long distance trips for business and pleasure. It is also agood time for the purchase, sale or repair of equipment. Work that involvesyour mechanical or design skills is favored, as are business transactions,contracts and negotiations. Writing, teaching, study, and communication areother areas of potential success under this influence. Relationships withco-workers, neighbors, and siblings are encouraged. Attending meetings andother group activities gives a chance to exchange ideas and information as wellas to make contacts that may later prove very valuable.

MARS transit House Four
Enters on Oct 9
The focus of manyphysical activities and concerns these days is likely to involve your personalpossessions, home or domestic arrangements, family relationships, family-ownedproperty or business, and real-estate transactions in general. Under thisinfluence more enthusiasm for doing things as a group may encourage an increasein family activities. You may be inspired at this time to rescue or restoreheirlooms. The potential of this period may also be described as a newbeginning. If you have been thinking about a new business venture or achievingsome physical goal, this is a time when you are likely to put such plans inmotion. In case there are negative circumstances at work during this period, itwould be a wise idea to make sure your household insurance is in effect, checkyour home for possible fire hazards. Watch your step to prevent falls, cuts,and others mishaps around the house, and go out of your way to avoid angrydomestic scenes.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Moon
Oct 7 through Oct 9, Exact on Oct 8
Everything shouldflow smoothly and successfully. Everyone in your world is where they aresupposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing. Machinery hums along,your body functions well, and your mind is free from annoying distractions.Under this fortunate influence meetings and discussions are not likely to bedisrupted by dissension. Business transactions that involve your home or realestate property as well as domestic items are favored. Requests that you makeare likely to be granted, and there is also likely to be personal advantage ingranting others what they request of you. Teaching as well as learning ishighly beneficial. An excellent time to contact or visit relatives. News andinformation you read or hear is apt to be emotionally satisfying in one way oranother.

Transit SUN trine natal Moon
Oct 8 through Oct 11, Exact on Oct 10
Circumstancespromote pride and emotional satisfaction in home, children, and other familymembers. Female relationships are particularly meaningful, and a woman mayprovide valuable assistance. Under this influence your emotional level is high,and your intuition right on target. An excellent time to initiate artistic andother creative activities, get started with domestic projects, andenthusiastically take care of any matters that are related to children, women,or a new venture. Disappointments that do occur under this influence are apt tohave a way of eventually working out to your advantage.

VENUS transit House Three
Enters on Oct 11
The use offlattery, charm, and a sense of humor on your part can be most persuasiveduring this period. Unless negative circumstances definitely point to thecontrary, you should have no trouble in gaining favors from others. You'll havepleasant relations with neighbors and people with whom you come in dailycontact. If such contacts have been troubled in the past this is a good time toimprove them. Under this influence you may also have a greater urge or perhapsopportunity to increase contacts or improve relationships with brothers,sisters, cousins, and in-laws. You may visit or contact nieces or nephews awayat college. You'll find that some of your best social opportunities these daysare right in your immediate environment.

Transit VENUS square natal Jupiter
Oct 11 through Oct 14, Exact on Oct 13
Capacity forenjoyment increases but keeping things manageable or in proper perspective canbe difficult. Under this influence you may be tempted to overstate yoursentiments or overdo generosity. Shameless social climbing is a potential toavoid. Social gatherings can bring those who admire your spirituality,knowledge, or sophistication. Let them. Don't ruin their image of you byimmodestly agreeing with their flattering assessment. Pursuing the good lifemay be irresistible and restraint is needed somewhere along the line. Duringthis period you may be of a mind to purchase shoes you do not need, lose moneyat the races, or settle for less than satisfactory theater tickets just so youcan tell others that you saw the show. This is a good time to apply yourself tothe sometimes tricky issue of reconciling the law with actual justice. It wouldbe bad timing to take relationships for granted or to dismiss the values ofothers as unimportant.

Transit MARS trine natal Jupiter
Oct 11 through Oct 15, Exact on Oct 14
Unless negativecircumstances also occur at this time and discourage the otherwise potentialbenefits of this period, your general status will greatly improve. Success isapt to be the result of just about anything you attempt. Efforts rarely come tonothing under this influence. Even a failed effort is likely to result in somebetter prospect. This is definitely the time to promote and demonstrate theposition and knowledge you have achieved. You are highly favored in activitiesthat involve long-distance travel, writing, publishing, theater, dance, art,religion, politics, law, investment and finances, and sports. Gambles and otherrisk-taking ventures are likely to pay off. Men in your life, especially a maleparent, are also favored at this time-- and your own good fortune may also comethrough them. This is a period in which to grab and savor everything thatbrings enjoyment, humor, truth, and the good life. Do not however, letoverconfidence in your own ability, the pursuit of pleasure, or laziness spoilthe potential success of enterprises.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Sun
Oct 12 through Oct 13, Exact on Oct 13
Either the newsand information you receive, or the way that you are able to make use of it cangreatly enhance your personal image and reputation during this period. Otherswill tend to look very favorably on your accomplishments as well as youropinions. Your approval of their endeavors will no doubt also be sought. Underthis influence there is a successful meshing of ideas and methods, thepotential results of which include an advancement in your social orprofessional position and an invitation to become the leading spokesperson of agroup. This is an excellent time for you to launch a writing or communicationsproject, engage in business transactions, and begin a journey.

Transit SUN trine natal Sun
Oct 16 through Oct 19, Exact on Oct 18
Under thisinfluence you may have a more positive sense of your own uniqueness, an innercontentment perhaps. If troubling circumstances do occur under this fortunateinfluence, you may escape at least some of the disappointment, anger, ordislocation you might otherwise have had to endure. If, on the other hand,current circumstances are good, your increased self-confidence and vitalitymake them even better. A good time to enjoy the world and your place in it.

Transit MARS trine natal Mercury
Oct 16 through Oct 21, Exact on Oct 19
A surge ofphysical energy and enthusiasm may prompt you to turn thoughts or ideas intoactions--the results of which can be very successful. Sales, installation andrepair of machinery or equipment are highly favored. Sales of any kind arelikely to be more energetic and successful. This also applies to travel,activities and meetings, and the physical dissemination of information. Workthat is done or business that is owned or operated by you and/or your siblingsis likely to flourish at this time, especially if the job or business is inyour neighborhood. Under this influence good fortune or good news comes throughthe mail or by telephone. This is an auspicious period for writing, designing,buying a car or other motorized vehicles, or developing your mechanical orcomputer skills.

Transit MERCURY square natal Pluto
Oct 17 through Oct 19, Exact on Oct 18
Under thisinfluence you may take some things too seriously. Don't try to read between thelines when there is really nothing to find. Don't waste time looking for hiddenmotives in what others are doing when their actions may be perfectly innocent.You may tend to become too intense or place too much importance on what inreality may be a relatively innocuous idea or piece of information. The reversemay also be true when others take your ideas or actions far more seriously thanyou had intended. Valuable time can be lost or you can jeopardize a position ofpersonal power or control you enjoy if you manipulate a situation or theinformation and ideas you get from others to your own advantage. This is alsotrue if you allow others to behave in such a manner. In spite of frustratingobstacles that can turn up during this period, much progress can be gained ifyou maintain a patient, reasonable attitude.

Transit VENUS trine natal Mars
Oct 17 through Oct 19, Exact on Oct 19
Diplomacy istransformed into positive physical actions under this influence. Enthusiasm ishigh for energetic interactions with others, as it is for most physicalactivities. This is not the time to be alone. Work or play requires a partner,or at the very least being around others in order to get the stimulation andfeedback you need to accomplish things. You'll be delighted to put your effortsbehind a wedding, a party, or for that matter, any social event. You mayexperience enhanced appreciation for elegant cars, luxurious travel, orwell-designed machinery of one sort or another. Compliments and appreciationfor your talent as well as the cooperation you may receive from others duringthis period can actually make the difference between success or failure in manyof your efforts. Relations with the opposite sex are exceptionally smooth, andif they are not, you can easily promote a more agreeable atmosphere. Life canbe very romantic, literally as well as in every other sense of the word. Don'tpass up the chance during this fortunate period to pursue creative and artisticendeavors. You are also apt to emerge the winner in most risk-taking ventures.

Transit JUPITER trine natal Venus
Oct 18 through Nov 2, Exact on Oct 28
If it's romanceyou seek, it's romance you'll find. If it's more of a social life you want, amore active social life is what you'll get. If you are looking for a suitablepartner or ally, just the right person is apt to come along. And if theyalready have, this is an excellent time to marry, form a business partnership,and begin joint ventures of any kind. Other fortunate potentials of yourcurrent circumstances include success related to contracts and other legal matters,consultations, public relations, and diplomatic endeavors. Decisions are inyour favor. Female friendships are enthusiastic and enjoyable. The enhancementof your sense of humor, capacity for enjoyment, and cooperative spirit shouldbe sufficient to bring you a measure of success in almost any situation youencounter. In spite of the fortunate prospects, there are certain negativepotentials to avoid. Desire for wealth and luxury may be so strong as to temptyou to reach beyond your means or compromise yourself in some other way.Overindulgence in the pursuit of pleasure has some pitfalls, not the least ofwhich involves a wide range of minor physical complaints and illness. On thewhole, however, you should prosper in many ways during this period.

Transit MERCURY square natal Venus
Oct 19 through Oct 20, Exact on Oct 20
Don't discountthe potential value of what others tell you or what you read or hear simplybecause it is distasteful or because you do not care for the manner in which itis presented. Contract negotiations, and lines of communication between you anda partner or other allies tend to go awry. Under this influence decoratingprojects can be plagued by misunderstanding or misinformation. Make sure youunderstand what is involved concerning proposed beauty treatments or methods toenhance your physical appearance. When it comes to romance, vacation plans,entertainment, or social events you can expect to encounter frustration, butnot necessarily failure. The thing to keep in mind is that obstacles that comealong during this period are apt to soon disappear. Progress can be made inspite of them.

Transit VENUS trine natal Saturn
Oct 20 through Oct 23, Exact on Oct 22
You have awonderful chance to succeed if you seek to establish solid, long-lastingrelationships during this period. Romance as well as friendships are based onmutual commitment and responsibility along with love and affection. Others areattracted to your maturity and accomplishment. Endeavors that involve formalagreements, diplomacy, contracts, and other legal matters are likely to producelong-lasting, successful results. Your efforts to bring organization andstability to social groups will not go unrewarded. Should you happen to beseeking a position of greater authority at this time, others will favor yourpromotion.

Transit MARS trine natal Moon
Oct 20 through Oct 25, Exact on Oct 23
Your personalenvironment is likely to be pretty smooth during this period. Schedules are notinterrupted, machinery hums along as it should, everyone does what they aresupposed to, and tasks are accomplished on time and with little effort.Creativity and imagination are enhanced. Your actions are more apt to be guidedby instinct and intuition. Efforts related to home, family and nutrition arenot only successful but emotionally satisfying. This is an excellent time forplanting seeds. Activities involving or related to women and babies are highlyfavored. Under this influence you do not feel the need to compete with anyone,not even yourself. If something comes along that you enjoy you will have plentyof enthusiasm and energy to pursue it.

Transit MERCURY square natal Mercury
Oct 24 through Oct 26, Exact on Oct 25
Try to simplifythings for yourself during this period. Many ideas and much information maycome your way but much of it is likely to be repetitious and will only wasteyour time. Lines of communication tend to get crossed or break down. Equipmentmay fail just when you need it the most, or the purchase or delivery ofmachinery may be unavoidably delayed. Read the fine print in all contracts, andcount your change in all transactions. Travel plans may run into snags.Information, methods or ideas you present under this influence may duplicate orparallel that of others. In spite of obstacles that must be overcome, successis not impossible to attain. The idea is to keep moving.

MERCURY transit House Five
Enters on Oct 25
Creative writingor speaking projects may be part of the scenario during this period. It is alsoa time of increased communication or travel with a romantic partner, children,or social groups. Under this influence a vacation is apt to include a guidedtour, or feature some other type of educational experience. Plans, discussions,and even business transactions at this time may involve entertainment projects,social events, children's education or activities, or speculative ventures.

Transit VENUS trine natal Uranus
Oct 24 through Oct 26, Exact on Oct 26
The people andsituations you encounter are likely to attract you in a general sort of way. Bythis is meant that they appeal to most people of your particular generation. Onthe other hand, other people may be attracted to you at this time simplybecause of something you reflect that is characteristic of your generation.Under this influence you can be successful in activities that involve antiques,history, and technology. Enthusiasm for equality and justice flourishes.Cooperation, diplomacy, and sociable dispositions are also encouraged makingthis a fortunate period for friendships, organizations, and group activities.

Transit SUN square natal Pluto
Oct 25 through Oct 28, Exact on Oct 27
Circumstancesduring this period may demand a show of willpower, stamina, and a willingnesson your part to investigate and get to the bottom of things. Thoroughness is amust if you want to succeed. Direct confrontations, deliberate actions, andkeen observations are your best strategies. Do not reveal plans or betray aconfidence. Under this influence areas of your life where you have gained themost control may be challenged or invaded by others. A self-defeating attitudenow can cause you to become your own worst enemy. A debt of honor may be due.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Mars
Oct 26 through Oct 28, Exact on Oct 27
Information andideas may lead to incorrect actions during this period. Either the informationitself is erroneous or you misinterpret what it means. You are apt to go outand do exactly the opposite of what you have been told--or having correctlyfollowed instructions, it turns out you should have done exactly the opposite.Either way the results are not likely to be happy or successful. You tend toact too rashly or fail to ascertain certain details which results in equallyundesirable consequences. This is not a favorable time for the purchase or saleof a car and electrical or mechanical equipment, nor is it fortuitous to take atrip. Under this unfortunate influence potentials for travel include physicaldanger, equipment breakdown, and delays or cancellation.

Transit MERCURY square natal Moon
Oct 26 through Oct 27, Exact on Oct 27
You may have tograpple with conflicting opinions, too much or too little information, andother annoying distractions during this period. If your stomach gets tied up inknots, take a deep breath, relax, patiently sort things out, and calmly keep going.Before leaving home or office prepare yourself mentally for the possibility oftraffic jams and other delays in transportation, public as well as private.Under this influence projects may not get finished on time. If this is thecase, simply notify those who need to know and keep on working. Another strongpotential is lost or misplaced keys, books, and important papers. Carefullyretracing your steps is apt to result in successfully relocating the lostitems. In spite of schedules that get turned upside down, plans that must bechanged at the last minute, mechanical failures, or a hundred other things thatgo wrong, much can still be accomplished.

Transit VENUS conjoined natal Neptune
Oct 26 through Oct 29, Exact on Oct 28
If you seekunearthly beauty or pleasures, you are apt to find them. If you desireinspirational beauty and pleasure, you are apt to find them as well. If youlook for beauty and pleasure that is real and starkly available, forget it.Illusive, mysterious and spiritual are descriptions of the people andsituations you are likely to encounter during this period. Photographs taken ofyou at this time are apt to be flattering, as well as pictures taken of yoursocial events or of you with your friends. An excellent time for freedom of imaginationand disguise, but a difficult time to get one plus one to equal two. Under thisinfluence your artistic temperament thrives and so does abstract thinking; bothendeavors having the potential for profitable as well as satisfying results. Doothers find you out of touch with reality, or do you find others hard to pindown? It may not matter since things are apt to work out well in the end.

JUPITER transit House Four
Enters on Nov 6
This period marksthe beginning of a twelve-year cycle of learning and new experiences in oneform or another. The people and circumstances that you encounter during thisinitial period are likely to be catalysts that inspire you to start newventures of one sort or another at some point during the next twelve years. Youmay begin a business venture, or a new career. You may become involved inhigher education or the study of a particular subject, receive advancedtraining, or engage in long distance travel, writing, publishing, orpromotion-- and in the end, you will greatly expand your personal,professional, and intellectual horizons. The introduction of greaterspirituality and cultural appreciation into your domestic environment is alsoan expected result of the 12-year cycle that begins during this period. Bychoice or circumstance you may seek a grander, larger residence, or perhapsbuild additions to your present home. You may develop a greater interest andknowledge of your family history, and expand your activities and contacts withfamily members. You may also become involved in the sale of domesticfurnishings or real estate ventures, which may or may not include your ownhome. Should selling your home become necessary under this influence, you arelikely to benefit from the transaction.

Transit SUN square natal Venus
Oct 28 through Oct 31, Exact on Oct 30
Enthusiasmdoesn't quite gel during this period, unaccompanied as it is by physical energyor strong emotional commitment. If this description doesn't altogether fit you,it can as easily apply to those you encounter. Refinement and beauty may bepushed aside by that which is coarse and gaudy. It is not a favorable time forsocializing with superiors. You can become stimulated by the energy youencounter in conflicts, chaos, or exciting events. But if nothing much seems tobe going on around you, do not attempt to be the initiator of more dynamicsituations. Such attempts can put you in the unenviable position of wanting toset the world on fire, attracting a crowd, and then finding that you'vemisplaced the matches.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Saturn
Oct 28 through Oct 30, Exact on Oct 30
Information,ideas, and activities you encounter during this period are apt to bediametrically opposed to the structures, tradition, and organization you havecarefully built up. Others may voice dissenting opinions concerning the statusof your authority or experience. What you read or hear is not calculated to becompatible with what you have learned from experience. The most productivething to do under this unfavorable influence is take everything asphilosophically as possible. Do not rush back to square one merely on thestrength of disagreeable opinions or conflicting information. Things mayeventually right themselves again, and who's to say you will not be the wiser orbetter off for having waited.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Pluto
Oct 30 through Nov 2, Exact on Nov 1
Interactionsduring this period, even on a casual basis, are apt to stimulate deeperresponses than usual. They may lead to closer examination of your reactions andmotivations in dealing with other people, though you may or may not choose toshare the results of this self-analysis with anyone. Current circumstances mayengender inclination and opportunity to measure how much, or how little as thecase may be, personal influence and control you exert in a partnership andother alliances and with other people in general. This is an excellent time totest your ability to plan, control, and execute every detail of social events,negotiations, debates, diplomatic overtures, and legal matters.

Transit MERCURY square natal Sun
Oct 31 through Nov 2, Exact on Nov 1
There is likelyto be some problem or frustration in connection with information or ideas thatcome your way during this period. You will be offended if what you read or hearhappens to be in the form of criticism. Even if it wasn't meant to be takenpersonally, you may tend to react to it that way. Those who give youinstructions or directions must be careful not to impinge on your authority ordamage your ego. On the other hand, if you refuse to let ego or stubbornnessinterfere with your willingness to accept the ideas, methods, or informationyou are given, and patiently overcome any other obstacles that turn up alongthe way, progress is possible.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Uranus
Oct 31 through Nov 2, Exact on Nov 2
Under thisinfluence you may be exposed to much disagreement, conflict, and turmoil,little of which may appear to have any connection with your personal life.However, organizing your own opinions and ideas may not be an easy task. Evenmore to the point, trying to present your thoughts to others may be madedemonstrably more difficult by the fact that everyone is so confused or at oddsabout other matters that they pay little heed or give no credence to what youare trying to get across. It is not a suitable period for involvement with thenewsletters or finances of an organization, or the coordination of groupactivities. Avoid travel by air.

Transit MARS trine natal Sun
Nov 1 through Nov 5, Exact on Nov 4
This can be anego-boosting period in which you feel more confident that your efforts will besuccessful. In turn, this is the kind of attitude that attracts the people andsuccess you are looking for. Self-promotion works very well, as does using theefforts of others to your own advantage. Other potentials imply that yourphysical efforts--whatever they may be-- may bring you recognition or aposition of leadership, and that you may be more generous in helping others.Though this influence increases vitality, it can also promote a certain amountof laziness. If you are by nature a less-than-energetic individual, this periodis not likely to galvanize you into action. It may be your good fortunehowever, to get others to do the work for you. Some of the most highly favoredactivities include those that involve men or products and services related tomen, military maneuvers, sports, surgical procedures, manufacturing, andfirearms. Just plain good luck can save you from accidents and other mishaps.The only word of warning is not to take things too much for granted, or becometoo sure of yourself.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Neptune
Nov 2 through Nov 4, Exact on Nov 4
You can expandyour spiritual awareness, improve artistic sensitivity, and make better use ofintuitive skills if you take advantage of the information and ideas that comeyour way during this period. Other possibilities to watch for includeopportunities that may lead to the sale or purchase of footwear, boats and marineequipment, swimming apparel, photographic equipment, or seafood. You may alsohave the opportunity to travel on or over water. Under this influence you mayhave the opportunity to go dancing or skating, or to take instructions in theseactivities.

Transit VENUS trine natal Venus
Nov 2 through Nov 4, Exact on Nov 3
It would be hardto find disagreeable circumstances at the present time. You are as attracted toothers as they are to you. Situations you create are as pleasant as thesituations you are likely to encounter. The only trouble, if you think thereneeds to be trouble, is that everything may be just a bit too nice. If you needa more competitive or aggressive atmosphere to stir you into action, this isnot the time to expect to find it. Should you happen to find or stir up suchagitated situations, they are not likely to result in anything productive orenjoyable. Under this influence activities related to fashion, design, and thearts are successful.

VENUS transit House Four
Enters on Nov 5
Entertaining athome and encouraging social gatherings within your family should be among thepriorities on your agenda these days. This is a period that also favorsredecorating or enhancing the physical appearance of your home; adding books,music, or art to improve the quality as well as the looks of your domesticenvironment. Your efforts should also include promoting harmoniousrelationships between family members. Other concerns you encounter under thisinfluence may involve real estate negotiations, legal matters connected with afamily business, or the artistic endeavors of a parent.

Transit SUN square natal Mercury
Nov 5 through Nov 8, Exact on Nov 7
You may be keptbusier than usual with writing or other communications. Others may seek youradvice or opinion and you have to scramble for the information they require.Pay closer attention to what you hear or read. It is likely to containsomething worth knowing. Those in charge may criticize your ideas and opinions,or perhaps their objection concerns the manner in which you choose to expressyourself. Take such discouragement in stride because it doesn't necessarilymean you are wrong. If your ideas are solid and well-organized, all you need ispatience, determination, and the willingness to try various approaches inpresenting them to others until something works. Avoid indulging in falsepromises, boasting, and misleading information, and do not allow yourself tobecome frustrated or fooled by others who do. When in traffic you can expect toencounter arrogant or careless drivers.

SUN transit House Five
Enters on Nov 7
You are morecreative and flamboyant under the present influence. Mundane responsibilitiescan seem too tedious and uninspiring as you become more interested in fun andgames than in taking care of business or other serious matters. Increasedself-indulgence can make it hard to stay on a diet or be moderate in yourpursuit of other physical pleasures. Even if you are not usually self-indulgentthis is a time when your capacity for enjoyment increases. If you havechildren, you tend to regard them more as extensions of yourself than asindividuals in their own right. Your tendency now is to view their actions,both good and bad, as being a direct reflection on you. Romantic encounters areapt to be more of an ego involvement than emotional commitment. If yourcreative projects are criticized or romance becomes difficult, your sufferingis more likely to be caused from a bruised ego rather than a broken heart.

Transit VENUS trine natal Jupiter
Nov 5 through Nov 8, Exact on Nov 7
There's notelling what good thing can happen under this fortunate influence. Try yourluck at the horse races and other sporting events or with lottery tickets. Youcould be the winner in a beauty or photography contest or emerge the favoritein a theater audition. Artistic and musical endeavors are successful. This isalso a time when you are likely to receive the recognition or success youdeserve for your efforts in writing, publishing, advertising, higher education,politics, religion, direct-mail promotions, long distance travel, dealing withthose of another race or culture, and foreign languages. You are favored incourt decisions and other judgments. There is a potential problem connectedwith all of this. Unhappy consequences can occur when there is too much of agood thing; overindulgence, wastefulness, exaggeration and physical laziness--any or all of which can prevent you from gaining the true benefits of thisfortunate period.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Pluto
Nov 6 through Nov 8, Exact on Nov 7
Investigation andresearch yield satisfying results during this period. Digging for buriedtreasure is liable to be rewarded. Lost items may be found and debts or favorsrepaid. An excellent time that inspires shrewd business decisions,psychological analysis, and property assessment. Under this influence you canlearn self-discipline and how to successfully exert personal influence. If youkeep in mind that "the pen is mightier than the sword", you will beable to use this period to great advantage.

Transit SUN square natal Moon
Nov 7 through Nov 10, Exact on Nov 9
Conflict arisesbetween what you must do and what you would rather do. During this period youwill tend to encounter insensitive or arrogant people who make demands withoutrealizing what the financial, emotional or other cost may be to you. The key,however, is not to let your feelings interfere with actually getting somethingaccomplished. No matter what dislocation you are forced to cope with, you are likelyto be successful because of it rather than in spite of it. Under this influenceyou may be unusually sensitive to criticism, even if it is very constructivecriticism from those who have your best interests at heart.

Transit SUN opposed natal Mars
Nov 8 through Nov 11, Exact on Nov 10
Under thisinfluence many of your physical efforts may be undone, perhaps through lazinessor careless behavior on your part or that of others. The point is that youshould not try too hard to accomplish much since it may be a lost cause. Somevital force seems to be missing. Though you may or may not be able to point toexactly what it is, you'll be frustrated if you try to stir things up tocorrect the situation. There is no pleasing anybody now, including yourself. Openconfrontations are likely to turn into disasters and solve nothing in thebargain. A good time for quiet mental pursuits.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Venus
Nov 8 through Nov 10, Exact on Nov 9
This is a periodof increased potential for opportunities that may lead to social contacts,romantic encounters, partnership and other alliances, and improving yourphysical appearance. You may also be given the chance to use your diplomaticskills or personal charm to great advantage. Under this influence you shouldwatch for ideas and information to come your way with regard to luxury items,art, jewelry, and redecorating or harmonizing your environment. Someone maysend you flowers or candy-- on the other hand, you might view this period asrepresenting an opportunity for you to send such gifts to impress someonespecial.

Transit VENUS trine natal Mercury
Nov 8 through Nov 11, Exact on Nov 10
During thisperiod you can expect to receive as well as to send some good news. Now is alsothe time to establish successful business partnerships and other jointventures. Under this influence you are apt to travel first class. Meetings anddiscussion groups can be a particularly enjoyable experience. Communicationsflourish. You'll know just what to say and when to say it. You may feel theurge to write a love letter, romance novel, song, poetry, or biographicalsketch, and may particularly enjoy reading such material as well. Success canbe achieved in many kinds of endeavors including public relations, communityactivities, counseling, legal matters, debates, and negotiations. The potentialis also high for success should you be involved in commercial transactionsrelated to beauty, jewelry, luxury items, books, flowers, fashions, interiordesign, architecture, the arts, and social planning.

SATURN transit House Twelve
Enters on Dec 11
Because this is arelatively long-term period, many other influences will occur that may eitheremphasize its effect or perhaps mask it temporarily. Other significant factorsthat will contribute to the way you react, and ultimately to the way thingsturn out, include your age, maturity, and your past experiences. This influencehas as much to do with the past as it does to the present. It will force you tothrow out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacingthem with something more solid and useful. In the case of this particularperiod, you confront that which is hidden from others, either deliberately orinadvertently, consciously or subconsciously. By choice or circumstances youmust face your fears and worries, resolve issues from the past that continue toweaken your happiness and productivity, and deal responsibly with loss anddisappointment. If you have taken refuge in self-pity and unnecessary guilt inthe past, you now have the responsibility to rid yourself of these destructivehabits. It is not a period in which to expect others to notice or applaud yourstruggles and successes. These are private affairs and meant to be handled onthat level. Significant inner strength and understanding are gained from suchefforts, and you emerge better prepared to deal with present and futurecircumstances. Under this influence you may be required to assist a familymember experiencing a serious health- or work-related difficulty. One of themost positive potentials of this period suggests that you will now be rewardedfor whatever previous sacrifice and deprivation you sustained or lonelyconfinement you endured in order to achieve an important goal.

Transit VENUS trine natal Moon
Nov 10 through Nov 13, Exact on Nov 12
This influence ishighly favorable for activities that enhance your physical appearance, beautifyyour home, or that involve any aspect of art, music, or design. Your capacityfor humor and enjoyment is increased. Though you may have to fight a tendencyfor laziness or overindulgence, you feel most attractive and sociable. It is anexcellent period to dine socially with others, especially if you entertain themin your home. If you've ever wanted to take a chance on something, now is thetime to try. Trust your instincts and intuition-- they can lead you into somefortunate as well as pleasurable situations. You are highly favored in yourbonds of kinship, partnerships of an emotional nature, and in efforts toimprove troubled relationships. This is one of those times when everythingseems to fall into place effortlessly.

Transit JUPITER trine natal Jupiter
Nov 10 through Nov 26, Exact on Nov 20
The strength andsignificance of this influence is more than likely to be negligible. Perhapsthe best that might be said is that you'll enjoy a certain amount of ease orsuccess simply because the people and situations you encounter are compatible,or at least not of such a negative nature as to prevent you from doing so.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Jupiter
Nov 11 through Nov 13, Exact on Nov 12
Resist signing upfor continuing education, do not send away for books and other readingmaterial, postpone long-distance travel, and avoid scheduling religious,political and cultural activities during this period. Of course, any realchoice of whether or not to engage in any of these things may be nonexistentsince opposing forces may come along at this time to effectively cancel suchefforts, or make it next to impossible to carry them out successfully. Underthis influence ideas and activities you encounter are not calculated to enhanceyour growth and expansion in any way-- and that includes your involvement inget-rich-quick schemes and so-called "promising" opportunities of anykind.

Transit SUN opposed natal Saturn
Nov 12 through Nov 15, Exact on Nov 14
The more work orresponsibilities you take on the more there will be. It may seem as though youare taking one step forward and eight steps back. Forget about receiving anyshow of thanks or gratitude. Nit-pickers and those in charge seem to take itfor granted that you will have what they need and be fully prepared to executetheir demands. Sloppy work or irresponsibility you exhibit under this influencewill not only be unacceptable now but may work against you in the future. Anunfavorable time to seek favors or promotion, and to count on luck to see youthrough. That's just the way it's likely to be. However, if most things in yourlife are pretty smooth, this fleeting influence is not likely to have a seriouseffect on your current circumstances.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Mercury
Nov 14 through Nov 16, Exact on Nov 15
This is the timeto look for opportunities to improve your basic skills, gather information,purchase or learn to operate computers, or engage in sales of any kind. Lookingfor a car? Need a job? Explore the possibilities. Situations that can lead toemployment, travel, and education are at hand. They may not appearautomatically. Do not wait for them to come to you. Go out and seek opportunityand the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

Transit MARS square natal Pluto
Nov 14 through Nov 18, Exact on Nov 17
Power struggles,jealousy, and revenge may be the guiding forces behind some pretty intenseactivities during this period. Past actions may cause obstacles that must beovercome before current actions can succeed. Anger, if it is aroused under thisinfluence, can be formidably destructive. Transformed into positive energy, itcan result in formidable accomplishments.

Transit SUN square natal Sun
Nov 15 through Nov 18, Exact on Nov 17
Circumstancesduring this period are likely to test your self-confidence and willpower.Success may depend simply on your ability to withstand the demands of others,especially those in positions of authority. You may have to cope withsituations that cause you to doubt that you are right or that you will besuccessful in what you are doing. Under this influence failure is notnecessarily meant to be the outcome. It suggests that you can and will be ableto accomplish what you set out to do, but not without first overcomingfrustration or discouragement. You may be particularly busy at this time livingup to promises or commitments that you have made or that others have made foryou.

Transit SUN opposed natal Uranus
Nov 16 through Nov 19, Exact on Nov 18
Superiors orthose in charge will not be pleased if you attempt to change the schedule,suggest doing something unorthodox or nontraditional, or try to inspire them witha new or unusual idea or method. This is not a favorable time to try tocoordinate social events, conduct friendships, attend to children and theiractivities, and participate in organizational meetings and fund-raisingactivities. Things are not likely to come together the way they are supposed toor the way you thought they would. Concentrate on what is working instead ofwhat is not.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Moon
Nov 16 through Nov 18, Exact on Nov 17
You are apt to beemotionally influenced in some way by the information, opinions, and ideas thatcome to you during this period. The situations you experience represent achance to express your feelings or fulfill some personal desire. Otherpossibilities include opportunities to visit or communicate with out-of-townrelatives, and to find ways at home to more effectively communicate with familymembers. Under this influence circumstances may present an opportunity for youto buy or sell your home or other real estate and domestic items. You may alsoget a chance to improve your diet, health, and physical fitness as a result ofthe people and situations you encounter.

Transit VENUS trine natal Sun
Nov 17 through Nov 19, Exact on Nov 18
If others areever to be impressed by your honesty, integrity, and worth as an individual,this is the time for you to demonstrate these qualities. If you ever wantedothers to take note of your leadership ability, or even if all you want is toprove to yourself that you possess some measure of it, this is the time to goout of your way to seek situations that exhibit this trait. Unless negativecircumstances also happen to occur to spoil the otherwise fortunate influence,this can be a very lucky time. Your inner vitality and self-image thrive. Youare more generous to others, and others will tend to treat you in similarfashion. The situations and interactions with others you experience during thisperiod are likely to give you reason to be proud of yourself. You may findyourself quite an enthusiastic entertainer or host. Social events, such asbanquets and other formal affairs, in which you participate are apt to be jointventures. There is also potential that such activities will be held in yourhonor, or in honor of the efforts of a partner or other allies, superiors, andother authority figures in your life.

Transit MARS square natal Venus
Nov 18 through Nov 23, Exact on Nov 21
Socialactivities, partnership, cooperative efforts, romantic adventures, diplomaticmaneuvers, and legal negotiations can be successful under this influence, butthe potential is that these endeavors will not proceed altogether smoothly.Jealousy, envy, and insensitivity are factors that must be avoided oreliminated when they appear. Another way to minimize the negative potential ofthis period is to tone down aggressiveness and promote an impression of harmonyand cooperation. If life were to imitate art under this influence, the messagewould be not to choose colors that blend, instead choose colors that go wellbecause of the contrast they make with each other. There is much that can bestimulating and exciting in the course of your physical efforts andinteractions with others during this period.

Transit SUN sextile natal Neptune
Nov 19 through Nov 22, Exact on Nov 21
Opportunities youencounter during this period are very diverse. You may have an opportunity togo swimming, sailing, or fishing, or be able to advantageously demonstrate yourskills in such activities. You may be given a new, more effective prescriptionfor an ailment, or the name of a physician or spiritual counselor who willprove to be most helpful. Other possibilities include the discovery ofinformation that will help to solve a problem or mystery. Under this influencefavorable opportunities come to you through helping someone less fortunate thanyourself, promoting or working on artistic or photographic projects, or simplyfollowing your intuition and instincts.

MERCURY transit House Six
Enters on Nov 24
This period islikely to focus on schedules and assignment of tasks and responsibilitiesrelated to your own work as well as to those who may work for or with you.Under this influence your daily routine is filled with an increasing number ofdetails, messages, and information. Whether or not your focus is on employment,you will or should be more concerned with organization, methods, and planningin general. Another potential concern may be gathering information about healthand physical fitness or consultations with professionals in these areas.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Sun
Nov 23 through Nov 28, Exact on Nov 26
In the flow ofinformation and communications that comes your way during this period you willbe given, or can take, an opportunity to express your own individuality andexert your personal influence. Don't hesitate to take advantage or make use ofthe ideas of others but be sure that you give them proper credit. Under thisinfluence your creative input or the strength of character you verbally expressin a situation can make a big difference in how well things turn out for you.

Transit SUN trine natal Pluto
Nov 24 through Nov 27, Exact on Nov 26
People orcircumstances you encounter under this influence can be used to increaseself-control or gain additional power in some area of your life. You'll be ableto get to the bottom of things, perhaps with the fortunate assistance of thosein charge. A good time to develop and use your own resourcefulness and abilityto separate what is important from what is not. Impressive determination,recuperative power, and concentration are available.

Transit VENUS square natal Pluto
Nov 24 through Nov 26, Exact on Nov 25
Interactions atthis time are apt to trigger more serious responses than the circumstancesmight indicate. Something that is said or done in an innocent social orlight-hearted context may stir up old memories, deep passions, and even deepanger and resentment. Whether you are the one that is aroused or you inspiresuch reactions in others is not always easy to predict. Being aware of thepotential of such an occurrence and staying in control of your reactions atleast, are the keys to dealing with whatever comes along. You should not, forinstance, deliberately antagonize others or seek to arouse their jealousy,since such a plan would automatically backfire or result in something evenworse. If faced with your own internal conflicts set off by innocent (and evennot so innocent) gestures on the part of others, much will be gained if you canmanage to rise to the challenge by turning such negative energy to someconstructive purpose.

Transit SUN sextile natal Venus
Nov 26 through Nov 29, Exact on Nov 28
Superiors arefavorably disposed toward you. Take any opportunity you get to socialize orinteract with authority figures and those with influence. You may get a chanceto establish partnership or some type of alliance with an important individual,that is, someone who holds greater financial, social, or intellectual positionthan your own. If you don't think such a situation is likely to come your way,then go out and create one. Listen to those who advise you on social matters orcounsel you with regard to personal relationships. Under this influence luck iswith you, but being able to take advantage of it depends on being among people.Don't pass up any circumstance that allows you to demonstrate your personalcharm or attractiveness. Opportunities to enjoy beauty and luxury, to pursueromance, pleasure, and entertainment may be on your current agenda.

Transit VENUS square natal Venus
Nov 26 through Nov 29, Exact on Nov 28
Things come offpretty well during this period, though the timing may not be exquisite or thesetting one you might have preferred. Describing this influence is a bit likegiving advice to a woman who wishes her lover would give her a round diamondbut he happens to give her one that is square. Don't apologize for or regretthe things that are missing; enjoy what is. If you turn up at the wrong partyby mistake it may be more fun than the one you were supposed to attend. Thisline of thinking should be applied to almost any situation you encounter atthis time.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Sun
Nov 30 through Dec 5, Exact on Dec 4
In the flow ofinformation and communications that comes your way during this period you willbe given, or can take, an opportunity to express your own individuality andexert your personal influence. Don't hesitate to take advantage or make use ofthe ideas of others but be sure that you give them proper credit. Under thisinfluence your creative input or the strength of character you verbally expressin a situation can make a big difference in how well things turn out for you.

Transit MARS square natal Mercury
Nov 30 through Dec 5, Exact on Dec 3
Too much haste oraggressiveness causes tempers to flare. Expect to encounter argumentativemales, aggressive drivers, and frustration when trying to put ideas into actionor implement new work methods. Check your work place for faulty wiring andpossible fire hazards. Wrong directions, bad weather, and other physical obstaclescan slow you down when traveling or interfere with the flow of information andother communications. During this period caution is advised to prevent possibleburns or cuts, especially to your fingers and hands. In spite of all thesepotential problems, there is abundant and stimulating energy available. Even ifinitially aroused by anger or frustration, this energy can, with just a littleeffort, be rechanneled into positive accomplishments.

Transit JUPITER trine natal Mercury
Nov 30 through Dec 22, Exact on Dec 14
The fortunatecircumstances promised during this period involve broadening your intellectualhorizons, developing new skills, and seeking new experiences. Communicationsincrease and you are inundated with information and opinions. You are filledwith new ideas of you own as well as with enthusiasm and desire to express themone way or another. Though success may not be dropped in your lap, you arecertain to run into it if you are involved in higher education, writing,publishing, computers, acting, political or religious activities, travel,broadcasting, direct-mail, advertising, or the law. Your appreciation for speedas well as luxury increases, which in turn may tempt you to buy a sports car orfirst-class airline tickets. There is more merriment and humor in yourenvironment these days. Good fortune and increased contacts involve siblingsand neighbors. Business prospers under this influence, and if it happens to bea neighborhood business, so much the better.

Transit SUN opposed natal Jupiter
Dec 1 through Dec 4, Exact on Dec 3
Others will notbe inclined to recognize your intellectual efforts or projects. It may be forreasons of their own pride or jealousy; whatever the cause, you are likely tobe wasting your time if you try to arouse their interest or admiration.Situations and people you encounter under this influence may be pompous, allshow and no substance. There is no productive way to expand your mentalhorizons or increase your personal status in this atmosphere. An unfavorabletime for publishing, religious or political activities, advertising,long-distance travel, and court decisions. The most constructive thing to do isto stay put in your own sphere of influence and attend to routine business.

MARS transit House Five
Enters on Dec 4
Your willingnessto actively pursue the pleasures of life is greatly enhanced by the energeticinfluence of this period. You need little urging to put a lot of effort andphysical enthusiasm into speculative ventures, social events, and activitiesrelated to entertainment or a vacation. Creative juices flow during this time,but there is no telling exactly how or where you will direct them. Romanticnotions are apt to be physically carried out. Inspiration and imagination sparkartistic endeavors. Activities related to children are apt to claim your timeand attention. The negative potential includes the introduction of physicalaggression into any of the situations described. Also to be avoided are theunpleasant, perhaps dangerous, consequences of overindulgence and risk-takingadventures.

MERCURY transit House Five
Enters on Dec 6
Creative writingor speaking projects may be part of the scenario during this period. It is alsoa time of increased communication or travel with a romantic partner, children,or social groups. Under this influence a vacation is apt to include a guidedtour, or feature some other type of educational experience. Plans, discussions,and even business transactions at this time may involve entertainment projects,social events, children's education or activities, or speculative ventures.

Transit VENUS square natal Mercury
Dec 3 through Dec 5, Exact on Dec 4
Others may thinkyour manner of expressing thoughts and ideas is too abrupt or even rude. Thereis as much potential that you may also find the reverse is true, and it isothers who will lack adequate or polite forms of communication. If suchinteractions are allowed to proceed past initially disagreeable impressions,the continuing contacts are apt to become intellectually stimulating andprovocative. Under this influence traveling with others, working with a partneror other allies on intellectual or artistic endeavors, or planning meetings andsocial activities may hit a few snags. However, the thing to keep in mind isthat not only is it possible for any of these endeavors to succeed thechallenge they present can turn out to be a lot more fun than you anticipated.Compromise in contract negotiations or establishing common goals in partnershipand other joint ventures may be harder to achieve. Commercial activitiesrelated to the beauty business, art, music, jewelry, flowers, design,diplomacy, and the law are other activities that may turn out successfully, butonly after a certain amount of delay or resolution of discrepancies. Othersseek your advice.

VENUS transit House Five
Enters on Dec 5
If you'd like toput a little more romance in your life this is the time to try it. Vacations,socializing, hobbies, pastimes, and taking a few risks here and there are someof the more likely concerns you encounter these days. It is a period toestablish or improve relationships with children, strengthen rapport with aromantic partner, and expand social contacts. The negative potential includesthe tendency to be too extravagant or overindulgent in your pursuit ofpleasure. However, enhanced imagination and artistic urges that you may alsoexperience under this influence, can make it a period of successful creativeendeavors, carried out on your own or as a joint effort with a partner.

Transit MARS square natal Moon
Dec 4 through Dec 9, Exact on Dec 7
Things are not asapt to run smoothly during this period. Equipment falters or breaks down,causing frustration and delay. Encountering traffic jams is a strongpossibility, especially if you are homeward bound and/or children or householderrands are the reason for being out in the first place. Accidents or tempertantrums waste more time. Under this influence you may suffer from digestivecomplaints-- the likely consequences of anger, frustration, or eating too fast.Care should be taken not to arouse antagonism in male relationships. Check yourhome for possible fire hazards. Disagreement between family members, whether ornot the arguments involve you, can be enough to send you somewhere else untilthings quiet down. When cooking or baking be sure to check the time andtemperature you use, or your food may be overdone, or even burned. Even withall the potential for trouble and frustration, it is nevertheless possible toaccomplish quite a bit. Things may get done because of rather than in spite ofthe obstacles that must be overcome.

Transit SUN sextile natal Mercury
Dec 5 through Dec 7, Exact on Dec 7
Success is morelikely to come along during this period if you stay busy, mentally as well asphysically. You may have the opportunity to contact or visit with siblings orneighbors. Letters you write will be creative and amusing. This is a favorabletime to participate in meetings, community activities, and every situation thatgives you a chance to exchange ideas and information. If you need a car, thismay be a good time to look for one. Under this influence you can make progressin design or mechanical projects, writing assignments, correspondence, businessand contractual matters, repair or routine maintenance of equipment andappliances. This is also the time to grab the chance to get a haircut, havekeys made, place or respond to advertisements, subscribe to periodicals, andreorganize.

Transit VENUS opposed natal Mars
Dec 5 through Dec 7, Exact on Dec 7
This influence isbest described as one that promotes the classic "battle of the sexes." Passions lie much closer to the surface during this period. The mostinnocent flirtation or gesture is apt to inspire a physically aggressiveresponse. Jealous females are likely to intrude. The loser in all competitivesituations will not be very gracious-- which means whether or not you are thewinner, you may still lose. It is best to consider that you may fit either partin any circumstances--that way you'll be better prepared to decline the role ifyou so desire. Social gatherings are not likely to be successful. The energythat is apt to accompany this period can be an irresistible force in stirringthings up. Energetic social interactions are certainly desirable but in thiscase, the party can turn into a brawl. Luxurious vehicles and travelaccommodations are not easy to come by for the time being. A most inauspicioustime to undergo surgical procedures, especially cosmetic surgery. Overexertionwhen engaging in physical fitness and other physical activities may haveserious consequences.

Transit VENUS square natal Moon
Dec 5 through Dec 7, Exact on Dec 6
Do not expectinstant gratification. Satisfaction or success may come, but not immediately orwithout some difficulty. There are apt to be problems or lack of cooperationconnected with household tasks, family-related activities, and social events,especially when such events involve entertaining at home. It is not that yourendeavors cannot be accomplished, it is more a matter of having to work harderto achieve the desired result. You may have a tendency to be jealous of others,especially of those who may be more attractive or possess more in the way of materialwealth or status. You may also be the one to arouse such feelings in others. Itis good to promote the idea that imitation is the sincerest form of flatterybecause you may be tempted to adopt the tastes or manners of others-- though,once again, it is also possible it may be the other way around. Under thisinfluence too much or too little emotional input, most likely on your part, canslow many situations down. You may not have as much confidence in yourself,your physical attractiveness, or your talents. Romance does not proceedsmoothly, although trying to overcome the interfering obstacles may actuallyprovide a stimulating challenge.

Transit MARS opposed natal Mars
Dec 5 through Dec 9, Exact on Dec 8
The biggestpotential of this period is that you may have to constantly cope with peoplewhose actions and purposes are diametrically opposed to your own. Under thisinfluence your attempts to physically accomplish something may be appropriatelycompared to hitting your head against the proverbial stone wall. Making littleor no headway, you'll end up wondering why you ever wasted your energy in thefirst place. Nor will you succeed any better with a show of strength oraggressiveness, since these efforts are apt to be met with an equallydetermined exhibition of force. It may be difficult to sustain any controlledor stable physical efforts at this time, but things may be easier for you if donot waste what energy you have with anything but the most routine, quietlycarried out tasks.

Transit SUN sextile natal Moon
Dec 7 through Dec 10, Exact on Dec 9
Currentcircumstances promise opportunity, a chance for you to make your life moreefficient. Others, for example, may show up to help, keep you company, orprovide emotional support. Something or someone can come along to create anemotional high for you, which in turn can also make you feel physically morevital. Creative projects go well. Events and information you encounter can beused as opportunities to enhance your creativity and imagination. Opportunitiesalso exist with regard to women, infants, home and domestic projects. Underthis influence you may get the chance to express your feelings. In addition tothe possibility of enjoying smoother personal relationships, interactions withmost people are apt to be much easier. Take advantage of this atmosphere toestablish better rapport or discuss problems. This is a good day to socialize,especially at home. Invite your boss or those with influence home for dinner.

Transit VENUS opposed natal Saturn
Dec 8 through Dec 11, Exact on Dec 10
This influencecan only be positive if you have the maturity to understand that there is acertain pleasure in thankless tasks, self-discipline, and staying home alone.Receiving little or no appreciation or affection, and a total lack of humor inthe people and situations you encounter can strengthen your character if youare the type that can turn negative situations into learning experiences.Forget about romance, fun and games, instant gratification, and the well-fedfeeling that comes from dining sumptuously. There are few if any pleasures tobe had now without also incurring responsibility-- and, in the end, perhaps allyou may really get is the responsibility. Others may regard you as too serious,too old, too formal, or too inflexible. This is not a favorable period to askothers for their opinions, cooperation, or assistance. Go it alone. Do not takeunnecessary risks of any kind because Lady Luck is not on your side. Ifsomething good does come your way, hold your breath and hope it will still bethere in the morning.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Moon
Dec 9 through Dec 11, Exact on Dec 10
You are apt to beemotionally influenced in some way by the information, opinions, and ideas thatcome to you during this period. The situations you experience represent achance to express your feelings or fulfill some personal desire. Otherpossibilities include opportunities to visit or communicate with out-of-townrelatives, and to find ways at home to more effectively communicate with familymembers. Under this influence circumstances may present an opportunity for youto buy or sell your home or other real estate and domestic items. You may alsoget a chance to improve your diet, health, and physical fitness as a result ofthe people and situations you encounter.

Transit NEPTUNE conjoined natal Mercury
Dec 10 through Dec 31
Clear andrational thinking is going to be increasingly difficult to achieve during thislong-term influence. Other factors such as your age, maturity, pastexperiences, current circumstances, and of course, other planetary influencesthat occur during this time will no doubt contribute to the overall impact, butin the end, the positive and negative potentials of this period significantlyaffect the way you are likely to think and express yourself, ideas youoriginate as well as receive, information you disseminate as well asinformation you are given, and the methods you use as well as methods youdevise. The positive potential suggests that you can develop instinctualmechanical, design, and communicative skills, more imagination, greaterspirituality, higher mental planes, and keener intuition--any or all of whichcan lead to success in such areas as education, computers, languages,informational systems, publishing or distribution of magazines and otherreading material, travel, transportation, advertising, direct-mail promotions,broadcasting, communication systems and equipment, sales, and other commercialtransactions. The negative potential indicates that confusion, disorganization,lack of attention to detail, mental laziness, inability to grasp reality, andoutright deception can undermine your success. Keeping schedules efficient,sticking to the agenda, and being on time are challenges you may face on aconstant basis during this period. Contacts with or circumstances surroundingneighbors, siblings, co-workers and fellow travelers can become confusing,strange, or even mysterious in some way--or, as with the other affected areasthey can also become more inspirational or spiritual.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Mercury
Dec 11 through Dec 13, Exact on Dec 12
This is the timeto look for opportunities to improve your basic skills, gather information,purchase or learn to operate computers, or engage in sales of any kind. Lookingfor a car? Need a job? Explore the possibilities. Situations that can lead toemployment, travel, and education are at hand. They may not appearautomatically. Do not wait for them to come to you. Go out and seek opportunityand the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

Transit VENUS square natal Sun
Dec 11 through Dec 13, Exact on Dec 13
You may findyourself in disagreement with others over principles or value judgments duringthis period. In the end it may be a matter of having to artfully explain yourposition while letting others have an equal right to their own opinions. Thepotential for discord may cause strained relations, but it is not likely toinspire major upsets. Under this influence a situation that initially seems tothreaten your integrity or ego is apt to dissipate quickly in the atmosphere ofhighly stimulating interactions that occur. Interactions that, for the mostpart, are likely to result in a tacit willingness to agree to disagree. Avoidexaggerating your own importance in social settings. Let others approach you.If they flatter and compliment you or offer a position of leadership, keep yourresponses modest. If, on the other hand, they offer insult or object to yourpresence or status, your most effective strategy is not to respond in kind.

Transit MARS opposed natal Saturn
Dec 11 through Dec 15, Exact on Dec 14
Any short cut youattempt in order to make things easier during this period is apt to haveundesirable results. You may waste more time and energy trying to get aroundthe rules than if you had just complied with them in the first place. Youresist, perhaps even resent, the authority of others and what may be worse, youare just as likely to encounter the very same attitude in others should you tryto impose your own authority. Under this influence attempts at organization orto put some structure and purpose into projects and other physical efforts aregoing to be difficult, and more than one task may be abandoned indiscouragement. Delay turns into cancellation, and anger thwarts the prudentdictates of maturity and experience. A certain amount of caution is necessarysince there is increased potential for accidents to your teeth or bones andflare-ups of chronic ailments.

Transit VENUS opposed natal Uranus
Dec 12 through Dec 14, Exact on Dec 13
Under thisinfluence people are out of synch with each other and with you. You may feelthe need for the company of others, and then, when other people are around, youwant to be alone. During this period your values are apt to clash with those ofa different generation or background. This is not an auspicious time forparticipating in organizational meetings, social events, or activities withfriends. One of the worst mistakes is trying to be different just to bedifferent-- and if you do not make this mistake, you may nevertheless findyourself unhappily dealing with those who do. Prejudice rears its ugly head,and it may belong to you. Temptation to judge the many by the sins of one canmake interactions unfair and not worth trying to salvage, at least for the timebeing.

SUN transit House Six
Enters on Dec 15
Increased concernwith employment from the point of view of ego involvement makes this a goodtime to examine what does or does not motivate you to work. Do you take pridein efficiently carrying out tasks and daily responsibilities? Does whether youwork for yourself or for someone else make a difference in your attitude?During this period you are more aware of your personal status and influencewith those who work for or with you. The negative potential includes a tendencyto be ruled by stubborn pride and the need to assert yourself when it comes tohow and when you wish to perform your work duties. You may have an enhancedawareness of your own vitality and in consequence, your own mortality. In turn,this may prompt greater concern with the state of your general health andenthusiasm for proper diet and physical fitness.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Jupiter
Dec 14 through Dec 25, Exact on Dec 16, Dec 24
Resist signing upfor continuing education, do not send away for books and other readingmaterial, postpone long-distance travel, and avoid scheduling religious,political and cultural activities during this period. Of course, any real choiceof whether or not to engage in any of these things may be nonexistent sinceopposing forces may come along at this time to effectively cancel such efforts,or make it next to impossible to carry them out successfully. Under thisinfluence ideas and activities you encounter are not calculated to enhance yourgrowth and expansion in any way-- and that includes your involvement inget-rich-quick schemes and so-called "promising" opportunities of anykind.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Neptune
Dec 14 through Dec 17, Exact on Dec 16
Opportunity toacquire a glamorous image or to wrap yourself in an aura of mystery may comealong. Under this influence you may find yourself mystified by or strangelyattracted to people or things of great beauty. Take advantage of opportunitiesthat encourage your imagination. Allow yourself to be inspired, or takeadvantage of a chance to be inspiring to others. Let romantic encounters orsocial settings act as a means of enhancing your awareness and sensitivity tothe subtleties of human relationships.

Transit SUN sextile natal Sun
Dec 15 through Dec 18, Exact on Dec 17
Circumstancesprovide a measure of ego-gratification, the chance for you to feel good aboutyourself, stronger and more vital. Under this influence an attitude ofhelpfulness and generosity on your part will reflect well, inspire the samefeeling in others toward you, and indirectly benefit your personal goals. Youmay be given a boost by superiors or others who hold power or influence in yourlife. Unless negative situations are around to suggest otherwise this is a goodtime to ask for favors from those in charge. Carpe diem, seize the day. Do notbe afraid to go out and create your own opportunity.

Transit MARS square natal Sun
Dec 16 through Dec 20, Exact on Dec 19
You may betouchier than usual when others impinge on your territory, challenge yourauthority, and question your methods. Whether you stick to your way of doingthings or decide to follow the suggestions of others, your desire for personalaccomplishment is apt to be very strong during this period. You seekego-gratification from the final result of your efforts, not from the methodsyou used to accomplish it. Tension may rise when dealing with male companionsor co-workers. Under this influence, the success of your efforts is likely tobe delayed as a consequence of actions that are unnecessarily aggressive or toohasty. Having found a way to restrain these tendencies, and applyingdetermination and patience, you will accomplish far more than you anticipated.During this period take precautions in all your physical efforts in order toavoid injury to your head or face, or putting too much strain on your heart andspine.

Transit MARS opposed natal Uranus
Dec 17 through Dec 21, Exact on Dec 20
The physicalenergy surrounding you during this period indicates it would be a waste of timeto try and coordinate group efforts. Though activities with friends andorganizations are likely to be disrupted, other aspects of your personal lifemay not be so disturbed. The unstable influence of current circumstances makesit difficult to predict what actions you may unexpectedly take, or what actionsmay suddenly be taken against you. It is not a favorable period to act on thespur-of-the-moment, or to participate in new or unusual experiences. Thepotential is high that the results of such activities will be unsuccessful,perhaps even disastrous. Under this influence being in the middle of a crowd isunsettling, and the same may be said for single encounters with strangers. Makeno attempt to act out or impose egalitarian gestures to counteract prejudice.It is apt to raise more than resentment in those with a deep bias who will nothesitate to attack you as well as your lofty principles.

Transit SUN square natal Neptune
Dec 18 through Dec 21, Exact on Dec 20
You are on yourown under this influence. Trusting those in charge can be a risky business.They may be elusive and hard to find, or they may deliberately mislead you.There is also the potential that you are the one who appears to be elusive toothers. Whatever the state of affairs, it is best to avoid all situations thatrequire clear thinking, attention to detail, and confrontation with reality.Use the available energy for artistic or spiritual projects. Be cautious if youare around water or find yourself in unfamiliar territory.

Transit VENUS trine natal Pluto
Dec 18 through Dec 20, Exact on Dec 20
Observing othersduring this short period, especially in social settings, you will get a clearidea of what is meant by body language. The subtleties of human interactionsare readily apparent, and you can use them to your own advantage. Under thisinfluence others will be attracted to you if you exhibit a certain attitude ofself-containment, not aloofness or snobbishness mind you, but an aura ofself-possession and control. One of the potentials of this period is that youmay be able to turn the tables on the past. Though it does not guarantee thatyou will regain control of something that was lost or change a past failureinto success, you may now gain something equally valuable to make up for it.

Transit JUPITER trine natal Moon
Dec 18 through Dec 31
Unless negativecircumstances spoil the otherwise fortunate influence that surrounds you, someof your fondest wishes may come true. Gaining emotional satisfaction bestdescribes the potential of this period. You should have no trouble attractinglove and affection. Prosperity surrounds your home and family. Otherpotentially fortunate circumstances involve the higher education of children,long-distance travel with family members, or traveling abroad to visitrelatives or a childhood home. Good fortune comes to you through women andchildren. Your imagination and artistic or creative talents flourish. In spiteof the promising circumstances, there are certain potential situations toavoid. The generosity and good feelings that prevail at this time may promptyou to acquire more than you need, which in turn poses the danger ofwastefulness. Food and nourishment are apt to be abundant, though that initself may be a problem if your own consumption results in unwanted weight orother physical complaints that result from a too-rich diet. Your instincts andintuition are enhanced and well worth listening to. The sale or purchase of ahome or domestic items is highly favored under this influence.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Venus
Dec 20 through Dec 23, Exact on Dec 22
Taking advantageof current circumstances you may be able to persuade those around you to bemore cooperative and agreeable, or as the case may be, perhaps the people andsituations you encounter will be of a such a nature as to put you in thisharmonious frame of mind. Whatever happens, everyone is likely to be on thesame wave length. Negotiations are smoother, joint ventures make progress.Opportunities that come along may lead to finding or attracting others who maybe of similar mind as yourself concerning artistic or musical projects. Underthis influence beauty attracts beauty, and you are not likely to be casting"pearls before swine" if you grab a chance to exhibit your looks,talent, and charm. Nor will such attempts on the part of others be lost on you.

Transit MARS sextile natal Neptune
Dec 21 through Dec 26, Exact on Dec 24
This is a periodto look for opportunities that expand your spiritual and artistic awareness andallow you to develop and use your intuitive abilities. Taking advantage of thepeople and situations you encounter under this influence, may lead to moremundane opportunities including a chance to go swimming, fishing, sailing, ordancing. Depending on your particular interests and the nature of circumstancesat this time, your efforts may mean eventual success in activities that involvesuch areas as promotion, photography, magic, illusion, oil or gas industries,charitable institutions, bankruptcy proceedings, art and entertainment. Theonly problem you encounter during this period may be in distinguishing genuineopportunities from false or misleading promises. Be as astute as you can underthe circumstances.

Transit VENUS opposed natal Jupiter
Dec 24 through Dec 26, Exact on Dec 25
You are almostcertain to be sorely tempted to overindulge. There's always the chance thatpresent circumstances will prevent it, however this influence is nearly alwaysaccompanied by unnecessarily extravagant gestures and situations of one sort oranother. Imagine the worst actor in the world, the phoniest, most pretentious,social-climbing person; then, for good measure, throw in meaningless posturing,ostentatious displays, and pompous arrogance. After you've imagined such aperson, do not allow yourself to become the one who fits the description. Evenif you escape such a fate for yourself, be prepared to encounter situations inwhich you must deal with those who did not. During this period, justice isself-serving, diplomatic gestures fail, and what should be fine art becomesoverdone and gaudy.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Mercury
Dec 26 through Dec 29, Exact on Dec 28
This is the timeto look for opportunities to improve your basic skills, gather information,purchase or learn to operate computers, or engage in sales of any kind. Lookingfor a car? Need a job? Explore the possibilities. Situations that can lead toemployment, travel, and education are at hand. They may not appearautomatically. Do not wait for them to come to you. Go out and seek opportunityand the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Mercury
Dec 27 through Dec 29, Exact on Dec 28
If you have anurge to compose something romantic, the current circumstances may offer youinspiration or opportunity to do it. If not a writer of romantic prose orpoetry, there is nevertheless, likely to be opportunity at hand to speak, sing,or otherwise communicate your amorous thoughts and ideas. If you always wantedto either teach or receive instructions in such subjects as art, music,interior design, or floral arrangement a chance encounter now may ultimatelyresult in your participation in such activities. Other potentials of thisperiod are situations that lead to business opportunities, especially thebusiness of beauty-- hairdressing and related services, fashion design, andmanufacture or sales of perfume or jewelry. Potential opportunities may furtheryour interests or success in writing, illustrating, publishing, or sale ofbooks and magazines; as well as in other areas including diplomacy, publicrelations, social planning, the law, partnership, and joint ventures.

Transit MARS trine natal Pluto
Dec 28 through Dec 31
Research andinvestigation flourish during this period. You can really get to the bottom ofthings with the help of the intense, focused energy that surrounds you.Psychological analysis, assessment of property, and financial investments areinfused with a physical focus that gives keener perception to the intellectualefforts involved in these matters. Under this influence you have all thecontrol you need if you do not take it for granted, and you recognize how toapply its subtle but deadly accurate force. Your recuperative powers, shouldyou need them, are at a high level.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Moon
Dec 29 through Dec 31
You are apt to beemotionally influenced in some way by the information, opinions, and ideas thatcome to you during this period. The situations you experience represent achance to express your feelings or fulfill some personal desire. Otherpossibilities include opportunities to visit or communicate with out-of-townrelatives, and to find ways at home to more effectively communicate with familymembers. Under this influence circumstances may present an opportunity for youto buy or sell your home or other real estate and domestic items. You may alsoget a chance to improve your diet, health, and physical fitness as a result ofthe people and situations you encounter.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Moon
Dec 29 through Dec 31, Exact on Dec 30
Romance and/orthe pleasant atmosphere of polite manners and agreeable dispositions may be avital part of your current circumstances, giving you a chance to improve thequality and enjoyment of life. This period may provide an excellent opportunityto express your feelings to a romantic partner, spouse, family members, femalefriends, and children. A cooperative attitude and conciliatory gestures on yourpart may also result in better relationships with disgruntled relatives. Underthis influence a chance encounter may ultimately lead to enhancing theattractiveness and harmony of your domestic environment, enjoying amiabledinner parties and other social activities in your home-- and for youpersonally, perhaps to making an improvement in diet, health, or physicalattractiveness.