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The Karmic Insight Report





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February 17, 1981

8:37 PM

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     From an esoteric point of view your birth chart is a portrait of your soul's intention for this lifetime, the lessons to be learned, qualities to develop, problems to be resolved, service to be rendered.  From that perspective, the choices one makes in one's daily life have reverberations that may last beyond even this lifetime.


     This report is written to help you clarify your lessons and goals, illuminate your struggles, and encourage you to move in the direction of your true purposes.


     The best to you on your journey...



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Sun      29 Aqu 19              Pluto    24 Lib 12

Moon     18 Leo 47             N. Node  10 Leo 55

Mercury  28 Aqu 03           Asc.      6 Lib 30

Venus    17 Aqu 17            MC        7 Can 31

Mars      8 Pis 47               2nd cusp  3 Sco 03

Jupiter   9 Lib 28               3rd cusp  3 Sag 47

Saturn    8 Lib 59              5th cusp 10 Aqu 58

Uranus   0 Sag 01             6th cusp 11 Pis 01

Neptune 24 Sag 29


Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed

GMT: 01:37:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 40 N 42 51 74 W 00 23


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction : 5 Deg 00 Min      Trine    : 4 Deg 00 Min

Opposition  : 5 Deg 00 Min      Sextile  : 3 Deg 00 Min

Square      : 4 Deg 00 Min      Quincunx : 3 Deg 00 Min

Conjunct Asc: 3 Deg 00 Min Above,  5 Deg 00 Min Below

Chapter 1: The Moon


     The placement of the Moon in your birth chart is very significant from a karmic perspective, as it indicates the accumulated karmic tendencies, both positive and negative, that you carry from your past incarnated experiences on earth.


     While the Sun reveals your intended purposes and lessons for this present life cycle, the MOON represents what you have already done and developed, hence, what is instinctive and natural to you, and what you tend to do over and over again. Your childhood is also reflected in the Moon's placement, as it is through those childhood circumstances that any unresolved past-life issues are re-stimulated.  Your subconscious predisposition is indicated by the Moon's position.  It is the psychic imprint of the past.  The nodes of the Moon describe behavior patterns from the past, as well as delineating a direction out of outworn or overdone behaviors and habits.


Moon in Leo:


     You have a deeply ingrained sense of personal dignity, and a certain magnanimity of feeling, that prevents you from acting in a petty, spiteful, or small-minded fashion.  Even when under stress you like to think of yourself as "above all that" and you may well be, but you may also have a strong subconscious need to impress others, to be thought well of, so that you withhold any less-than-noble responses and feelings you may have.  Though usually warm and sunny, you cool off considerably when your pride has been wounded and you will frequently hide your hurt from the world because of your incarnational past (in which you have been in roles of authority, position, and honor in your circle), you tend to feel that you must protect others from your own pains and troubles.  Rightly or wrongly, you subconsciously believe that "others are depending upon me, I have to put a bright face on, and not let them know I'm suffering, the show must go on!". While people generally do, in fact, appreciate your positivity, this attitude tends to exaggerate your importance and keep others from knowing the real human being behind the smile.  Usually you have only a chosen few, a small inner circle of devoted fans and supporters, in whom you will really confide.


     Previous lifetimes as an actor or entertainer are also indicated, which give you a natural gift for performing and the desire for an audience.  You are adept at dramatizing your feelings, really playing them up, and projecting your emotions for effect.  So instead of down playing your pain, at times you milk it for all it's worth!  These histrionics may or may not be obvious to others, for you may play them out only on the stage in your mind, but certainly there is a strong habit of personalizing everything and dramatizing your emotions. You rather enjoy a bit of melodrama.


     In part, you are motivated by deep subconscious memories of past glory of being the champ, the best, the star of the show and you still seek top billing, at least in some area of life. Your need to be in charge stems from this; you find yourself naturally gravitating toward leadership roles such as, head of the department or head coach, in short, the one "calling the shots". Because of your instincts for leadership, if you are not in charge you tend to upstage the person who is, usually without even realizing what you are doing or why.  You have a knack for drawing the attention toward yourself.  You will be noticed in one way or another, and this personal recognition is very important to you.


     You are extremely uncomfortable in impersonal environments, and most definitely do not want to be just a cog-in-the-wheel. Large companies where there is little room for personal expression and creativity are not for you.  You have a strong creative bent. You also see people as individuals, not functions (it's Joe, not "the Mailman", Caroline, not "the Secretary"). You bring warmth, color, energy, humanness, heart, and joie de vivre into whatever environment you are in.  You have a personal touch which is much appreciated.  At your best, a sense of personal honor, integrity, sincerity, and pride suffuses all that you do.


     Deep within, you feel that you are someone special and that you deserve the lion's share of life's bounty.  You expect great things for yourself and when you are willing to work for them, you often excel.  But when things do not work out well for you, you are often perplexed and more than a little put-out. ("How could this happen to ME?" or "How could I have gone unnoticed?") To put it bluntly, you can be a big baby!  Learning to view things from a larger, more inclusive perspective (everything does not revolve around you), and that everyone is special, are two important lessons for you.


Moon Opposition Venus:


     You have a great capacity for and one might even say craving for tenderness, devoted love, family belonging, and the sweetness of shared domesticity.  Your marriage and your children may well be the focus in your life, but this arena is not apt to be completely harmonious.  You have conflicting urges when it comes to satisfying your erotic love feelings.  What you want and what gives you pleasure in love may be at odds with what makes you comfortable or secure.  Your ability to give and receive love freely may be inhibited by messages you received or experiences you had in childhood, or you may feel conflicting loyalties between your parents and family of origin verses your mate or lover.  Or, perhaps, your identification with your role as parent interferes with your lover-relationship with your spouse.  Along with this is a tendency to become overly "close" and dependent on family.  On another level, you are apt to have a lazy, pleasure-loving side that enjoys being pampered and is disinclined to real effort and self-discipline.


     A habit of doing things the easy way, and a certain passive desire to be taken care of, may develop.  Also, quite possible is an addiction to sweets, and thus an ongoing weight problem.


North Node in Leo:


     In your incarnational past, the needs of the group or collective took precedence over your individual wants and needs, and while you perhaps enjoyed the sense of belonging and comradery, your individuality was submerged.  Your growth direction now is to become a strong individual in your own right, developing your own creative talents and abilities.


North Node in 10th house:


     Your past tendency is so much a part of you, and is reinforced by your family, parents, or cultural tradition, so that it may be particularly tricky for you to even be aware of how compulsive it is.  Your "new attitude" or growth direction can be applied to your professional or vocational goals and to achieving something concrete, with great success.


Chapter 2: The Sun


     The Sun in your birth chart represents the primary creative thrust for this lifetime, those qualities you are to develop (or further develop) and express, and your current life focus.  This may be in harmony with your instincts and your emotional habits, or along completely different lines.  The Sun represents your conscious identity in this lifetime.


Sun in Aquarius:


     In this lifetime you are very much concerned with what happens in the world, the larger sphere outside your own immediate personal concerns, and you cannot separate yourself from the issues and challenges of your generation and society as a whole whether you are active in politics, community service, organizing and managing groups of people for a unified purpose, promoting new concepts and innovations which will affect many people's lives, or simply living your life in a socially conscious way. You need to be involved in influencing the larger social fabric of which you are a part.  Thus, you tend to look at the broad canvas, the political, social, or group context of any problem or situation. A simple fight between a man and a woman becomes, to you, how women are oppressed by the dominant male power structure in this society. The decision to eat a hamburger or a soy burger is not, to you, simply a matter of personal taste or health considerations but also a moral and politically relevant issue, considering the impact of the beef industry on the rain forests in South America...  Even if you are at home raising children and not significantly involved in the public arena, you will try to raise them to be thinking individuals, aware of the effects their actions and choices have on the rest of the world.  You foster a community spirit, a sense of connectedness with the rest of the planet.


     In whatever field you pursue, you are likely to be an innovator, a maverick, a little unusual or ahead of your time, and surround yourself with other free thinking individuals. While you are very much attuned to whatever group with which you identify yourself, you are also very independent minded.  This dichotomy between the freedom of the individual and the needs of the group can be the source of ongoing tension in your life.


    When young you may be so identified with your group or a particular segment of society or social circle, that you apparently have no real heart or individuality of your own, parroting the thoughts, values, ideals, and desires of that group. At this time, you are especially prone to peer pressure, even though you may act out the role of nonconformist, free-thinker, the kooky one.  You are apt to be very naive about people and almost totally unaware of the darker aspects of the human soul. You believe in fairness, equality, a better world. Ultimately you are an idealist, and striving to live out your ideals while at the same time accepting all of the very human, flawed, limited aspects of other people and yourself is a real challenge for you.


     At your worst, you can be rigidly ideological, dogmatic, stubborn, impersonal, adept at organizing groups or working with people for a common cause, but hopelessly inept when it comes to relating personally and emotionally.  Your head tends to rule you, and you can live in some detached, isolated Ivory Tower, or make some egregious mistakes in your personal life based on your predisposition to think rather than feel.


     The application of creative intelligence to further human progress is the underlying theme in your life, thus, your interests are in science, discoveries, inventions and new ways of doing things. When you are living out your highest potential, you are creative and inventive, promoting positive change in society, opening people's minds, challenging old and outworn paradigms, all in an integrative and healing way, rather than in ways that alienate and polarize people against you.


     (Your finely honed social conscience may be at odds with what you as an individual really want or are naturally inclined to do.)


Sun Square Uranus:


     In many ways you "dance to the beat of a different drummer", and thus may feel out of step with the "norms" and societal expectations of the majority of mainstream culture.  Even if you appear, or actually are, conservative in some respects, you are intended to question authority, break old rules, and introduce progressive change into the world. You are fulfilling your destiny when you are innovating.  You need to be using your creative intelligence, inspiration, and opening up new channels of expression.  You are "an original", unusual in some way, not one to follow the prescribed ways of living or being. Unless you surround yourself with others who share your unusual interests and inclinations, you may feel like a "weirdo" or an outsider. Certainly there are people who would consider you too "far-out", and you may enjoy provoking these people, shocking them, shaking up their limited world-view.  You can be prone to a kind of extremism, embracing anything new, experimental or avant-garde simply because it is novel.  You are likely to reject "normal", regardless of its intrinsic value.  You tend to be impatient with convention, bureaucracy, the old school, and are unwilling to compromise yourself for the sake of fitting in.  Freedom, self-expression, and individualism are very dear to you, and there is a part of you which finds any sort of commitment or mutual dependency binding and irksome.  There is a rather impersonal quality to you in that your allegiance is to yourself, living your own truth, and "going where the spirit moves you" first and fore-most. Though you are apt to go to extremes, it is still important for you to live out these impulses which others may find odd or incomprehensible; otherwise you are apt to become quite tense, unhappy, and out of step, not only with convention but even with yourself.


     You do need to incorporate steadiness, rhythm, and regularity into your existence in some way, in order to utilize your creative genius and originality to its fullest.  The use of certain gemstones and crystals may be of some benefit to you, including clear quartz, topaz, fire agate, and opals.


Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius:


     Physical coordination, manual dexterity and a great deal of innate intelligence, even brilliance, are your gifts.


     You also have a way of communicating that is clear and lively and full of energy, so that others want to hear what you have to say.  However, you may be so ego-involved with your ideas and opinions that you do not really take in, listen to, or perceive any other point of view.  You may allow your rational mind to dominate your life-expression and find it difficult to relate to the world in any other way.


Chapter 3: Rising Sign


     The point that was on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth is called the ASCENDANT, or rising sign.  While the Sun describes your conscious direction and current life focus, and the Moon your subconscious predisposition and past, the Ascendant indicates a way of being that transcends and embraces past, present, and future.  It describes the way you engage and merge with the outer world and how you bring through into life the energies depicted by the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of your birth chart.  Everything is filtered through the Ascendant from an esoteric point of view.  It indicates your soul's function and thus a key part of your destiny.


Libra Rising:


     Your soul function involves establishing balance, and harmony in your world, and an awareness of beauty, of relationship, of style, and how things fit or blend together. Reconciling opposites and finding "the middle way" is your path, and the fine arts of compromise, negotiations and cooperation are key elements.  You are the dove, the diplomat, the peacemaker, the friend; partnership and personal relations are your forte.


Libra Rising and Venus in Aquarius:


     Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the idealistic, free-thinking, and unconventional sign of Aquarius, suggesting that you seek new solutions and alternatives in order to create harmony and make the world a better place.  A concern for social justice and social betterment are woven into your very fabric. You have an "us" (rather than "I") approached to life.  Active involvement in your community, especially in conflict resolution and facilitating or coordinating groups of people to cooperate and help one another, is essential to fulfilling your soul function.  The arts or entertainment may well be a key part of this, also.


Jupiter Conjunct Asc.:


     You are one with vision and a gift for seeing the big picture and over arching patterns, as well as sensing future trends and potentials.  Faith, hope, an innate expectation of good outcomes, and the ability to transmit these to others are essential aspects of your life and your contribution to life. Inspiring confidence, you engage others in your expansive plans, beliefs, and convictions.  Self-righteousness or over generalization could be your nemesis.


Saturn Conjunct Asc.:


     Realism, serious and sustained effort, discipline, and a sense of responsibility color your entire life expression.  When out of balance these qualities hinder your self-expression through excessive caution, fearful inhibition, grimness, negativism, rigidity, and an inability to trust your own goodness.  Or, your self confidence increases and your life blossoms with age and experience, as you choose to concentrate your energies on achieving sustentative, meaningful long-range goals.  In some arena you are to be an authority.


Chapter 4: Saturn, Your Achilles Heel


     Karmically considered, the placement of Saturn in your birth chart indicates where your energetic blockages, weaknesses and fears lie, and the areas of your life where the most concentrated effort and discipline will be required to master and overcome them.  Yet it also points to the aspects of life which can become your greatest strength if you are willing to face your fears and difficulties honestly, and work with them patiently.


Saturn in Libra


     Finding a balance in your life between participating in a close relationship, and attending to your own requirements and your own personal development, is a crucial issue for you in this lifetime, and not a particularly easy one.  For you, relationships with people usually come at a rather steep cost, and they may seem more of a burden or more work than mutual pleasure.  You may thus enter into personal relationships cautiously and reluctantly, or you may reserve some part of yourself and, in effect, refuse to be fully engaged.  Expecting, at some level, to be disappointed, you opt not to invest yourself entirely, and then wonder why you do not feel fulfilled, why there is a vacuum.  At other times, you may find yourself taking on much more than your fair share in your partnerships, and can even martyr yourself for the sake of a friendship, marriage or other cooperative endeavor.  Because of the frustration and disappointment you experience in this realm of your life (or at least in certain key relationships), you will be thrown back on your own resources in order to truly become a whole person capable of relating to other individuals.  What you seek from or through the other, you will have to find or develop from within.


Saturn in 1st house:


     You tend to get tied up in knots when it comes to presenting yourself to the world, and it is frequently difficult for you to express yourself (the person you feel yourself to be inside) without a great deal of editing, censoring, or "polishing the goods".  As a result you may seem rather stiff and self-controlled but even if you do not, even if you seem quite spontaneous and open, you are apt to feel a definite barrier between yourself and the outside world.  In many ways you take yourself too seriously, particularly in your concern about how you come across, what impression you are making and how you impact others.  Your orientation to life in general is apt to be serious, possibly too much so.  You are very aware of your own flaws, and also of your duties and responsibilities.  All of this can add up to a certain heaviness which you project onto life at times.  The above description of your particular areas of difficulty or struggle are very much on the surface for you, others see them because you identify strongly with those very characteristics.


Saturn is Retrograde:


     All of the above is complicated by the fact that you carry a rather heavy burden of self-doubt, mistrust, or guilt over having let yourself and others down in your past, when you struggled (and failed) with these same issues.  You now have the opportunity to correct your course, make amends and resolve a difficult karmic tangle, or a difficult state of mind.


Saturn Quincunx Mars:


     Overcoming a lack of confidence, fear of expressing or asserting yourself, a harsh or discouraging early life, and/or a deep distrust of the "masculine" side of life (including your own forcefulness) is part of your karmic package in this lifetime. You will struggle against oppression, from a parent, prevailing circumstances and attitudes in your environment, or your own inhibitions and fears, and may receive very little external support.  Difficulties and frustration in sexual or creative expression, with men, with anger and competition, or with authority is likely.  If you do not allow yourself to become resentful and bitter, you can become strong and self reliant through patience, self-discipline, persistence, hard work and building your dreams one small step at a time.  Healing your wounded male side will be an important key to your eventual fulfillment.




Chapter 5: The Hard Aspects


     The following is a description of your MAJOR LIFE CHALLENGES, both in terms of energies you are to learn to develop and express in a positive way, and those which are the result of struggles and unresolved karmic issues which you have brought into this life.


Mercury is Retrograde:


     A prior lifetime in which you were discouraged to think, learn, or express your ideas is indicated.  This may have carried over in this lifetime as a mild learning problem in childhood, or inner (somewhat unconscious) doubts about your ability to learn or to communicate.  Thus, you have a habit of rechecking, reconsidering, reviewing, and rethinking everything before you put it out.  You may even have a desire to learn about subjects that seem archaic, to learn about those things which were denied to you in the past.


Mercury Square Uranus:


     Your unusually inventive, creative, restless, and original mind can have both advantages and disadvantages.  If you can balance or overcome tendencies toward extreme restlessness and going off on mental tangents, you have gifts of a creative genius, inspiration, and a direct awareness of truth which is apt to descend upon you like lightening, in terms of suddenly seeing the solution to some problem or grasping an idea without needing a methodical explanation.  You simply have an intuitive "knowing" about something.  You can be a channel for new information and ideas.  A certain rebelliousness and dislike of formality and "tradition for tradition's sake" is an aspect of your mental patterning which may prevent you from taking advantage of the wisdom of the past.  Often, you will "reinvent the wheel", or make changes simply for the sake of change, not necessarily to improve upon the old but because in your mind "new" or "different" is superior to the past.  Your mind is very future oriented and progressive but one way this manifests is in a kind of nervous, erratic, unsettled way of being which is always moving on, unable to be present or stay put.


     Centering meditations and other techniques you find helpful to calm and stabilize you are necessary on a regular basis. Regular contact with the earth, through gardening or walking for instance, can be very helpful also.  The development of a regular rhythm and routine, daily rituals which give continuity and a form of stability, are also enormously helpful.


     Stones that promote feelings of peace and sooth the nerves include rose quartz and jade.


     Others that may benefit or inspire you include clear quartz, larimar, and opals. Avoiding caffeine and other stimulants may be necessary too, at least from time to time.


Mars Quincunx Jupiter:


     You have broad, expansive goals and will not be content with humble achievements or success on a small scale.  Enthralled with the joy of the conquest, your desires and enthusiasm may gallop away with you.  You often do not know when you have had or done enough.  Many things do come easily to you--athletics, leadership, creative efforts of all kind--and you are apt to have King Midas's touch, especially early in life.  However, this may lead to overconfidence or inflated expectations later on.  In your work you are apt to be an overachiever with an overemphasis on physical and/or sexual adventure.  Once again, not knowing when to stop or say no can be your downfall.


Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto:


     In this lifetime you must confront the nature of power, and you have the opportunity to transform your relationship to power, clear away deep-seated anger and resentment, and release karmic patterns of perpetrator/victim.


     If, in your past, you have been the victim of aggression, ruthless force, or misdirected male energy - you may subconsciously fear or even hate men, have great mistrust of people in power or experience problems in sexual relationships (the arena where power/fear dynamics are often most apparent). In addition, you are prone to self-repression, either of anger or of your own strength.  If you have very little energy, consider yourself a weak person, or become extremely uncomfortable when others express any anger, you may be holding down a great deal of hostility.  Or, you may be angry all of the time "for no reason". The question of appropriate expression of these intense energies is a delicate one.  While repressing them can wreak havoc on your health and sense of well-being, you do not want to unload the deep rage of centuries on innocent people.  You may hold your anger or aggression back not only because you fear repercussions (you may have been bludgeoned to a pulp in the past), but also because you sense that whatever is triggering your emotions in the present is not the real problem.  In a word, you overreact. (Wanting to kill someone because they forgot to walk the dog is an overreaction).


     On the other hand, you may carry an immense burden of guilt because you have been the one who misused your power, strength and/or sexual energies in the past.


     Another way you may be expressing this energy is to be intensely and compulsively competitive, acting as if each and every event is a mighty struggle for supremacy, a contest with life or death consequences that you MUST WIN at all costs.  You may become compulsively active and productive and driven to "succeed" at all costs.  This type of thinking and being creates great stress on your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Very likely it will also have a negative impact on all of your relationships.  You will make a lot of enemies and actually force people to turn against you and bring you to your knees. Ruthlessness attracts ruthlessness.


     Coming into balance with all of this is a major challenge. Finding a safe place to explore your war-like, destructive, and sadistic self can help.  Another key is becoming sufficiently detached so that you can feel and acknowledge all of these energies, and choose when and how to express them without being "taken over" by them. If you are willing to become conscious, you can actually become a great force for good, and can heal and release some very deep wounds you have carried for a long time.


Jupiter is Retrograde:


     Moral concerns (including lingering unresolved issues stemming from a prior lifetime or lifetimes in which you exercised poor judgment in moral, ethical, or religious matters) come into play here.  Thus, it is especially important for you to maintain high standards while pursuing your aspirations.


Pluto is Retrograde:


     These issues are further complicated by the fact that in a prior life or lives you experienced a terrible betrayal, and may even have been tortured or put to death when you claimed power (social, political or spiritual).  You may have misused power or employed Machiavellian strategies in which many suffered. Whether you were a perpetrator or a victim of such abuses, deep fears were engendered at that time, of being powerful or of people in power who would crush you if you display your strengths.  An unconscious desire for revenge may motivate you and prevent you from healing.  Letting go of this may require deep inner work and some kind of therapeutic energetic release of the grief you hold.


Chapter 6: Soft Aspects


     The following is a description of your GIFTS and STRENGTHS which can help you work with your major life challenges. These are abilities and qualities of heart, mind, and soul which are quite natural to you.  You probably take them for granted. Because these represent the lines of least resistance for you, you may rely too much upon them at times; hence, there are some cautions suggested.  Still, these are the areas where good flows into your life and/or where you have considerable inner resources.


Mercury Trine Pluto:


     You have a gift for intellectual strategy and solving mysteries and puzzles.  Intense mental focus and concentration, combined with your acute perceptions, enables you to do "magic" when you set your mind to it, and your wizardry in some specialized field may be well known.


     You are deeply interested in what lies below the surface in any situation or person, and have an instinctive grasp of these subtleties.  You may, for instance, use your hands to perceive the auric field, discover imbalances, and transmit healing energies to the one in need.  The deep study of esoteric subjects, as well as the development of your mental powers, is natural to you, for you have pursued these areas in your incarnational past.  This knowledge can be reawakened in you rather easily, and you are likely to be a teacher and/or transmitter of the understandings you have gained.


Jupiter Conjunct Saturn:


     You have a well-developed understanding of how the larger systems of the world operate, and how to succeed within the confines and limitations of the mundane world.  Business on a large scale, the law, financial principles, all of these could be your forte.  Your ability to make long-range plans and goals, and then to be consistent in implementing those plans is an important asset.  You have vision and optimism combined with pragmatism.


     Blessings, help, guidance and strength will come to you from elders with a particular mentor or grandfather figure being especially influential.


Neptune Sextile Pluto:


     Collectively, this is a time in history that enables you and those of your generation to advance spiritually through a heightened awareness of the invisible and intangible realms.  A rebirth of spirituality through direct contact with higher forces is occurring in this generation.  This contact takes many, many forms, including a compelling interest in life beyond death.  You may or may not have a personal involvement with this, as it is a group karma rather than a primarily personal one.