The Karmic Past Life Report








William Jefferson Clinton


August 19, 1946

8:51 AM, Standard time

Hope, Arkansas

Latitude 33 N 40 01

Longitude 93 W 35 29












151 1st Ave. #109

New York, NY 10003









Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:


Sun     26 Leo 00               Neptune   6 Lib 51

Moon    20 Tau 18               Pluto    11 Leo 51

Mercury  7 Leo 36               Asc.      5 Lib 30

Venus   11 Lib 07               MC        5 Can 59

Mars     6 Lib 21               2nd cusp  3 Sco 03

Jupiter 23 Lib 13               3rd cusp  3 Sag 37

Saturn   2 Leo 08               5th cusp  8 Aqu 18

Uranus  21 Gem 09               6th cusp  8 Pis 37


Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed

GMT: 14:51:00   Time Zone: 6 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 33 N 40 01 93 W 35 29


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction:  8 Deg 00 Min

Opposition :  8 Deg 00 Min

Square     :  6 Deg 00 Min

Trine      :  6 Deg 00 Min

Sextile    :  6 Deg 00 Min




















Introduction to Karmic Astrology



The effects of past life experiences can carry over into your current life, accounting for interests, habits, even phobias which would defy explanation by conventional methods.


This report examines possible past life connections using astrological methods. It is not intended to be taken as a complete interpretation of your birth chart; it looks at your chart from only one perspective.


It is written in simple language, avoiding the use of astrological terms as much as possible. For the interest of students of astrology, relevant astrological references are made at the top of each section.


There are certain factors which indicate a need to seek further answers through past life regression. If you find reference to this within your chart, you may discover that your spiritual growth will be enhanced by using this method. (Note: Individuals with a number of these indicators in the chart have probably already experienced spontaneous regressions.)


Not all charts will indicate a need for regressions. If your report does not indicate such a need, then it is most likely that discovering your past lives through regression is of little interest to you this time around.



Chapter 1:  Most Important Prior Life Experiences


In traditional astrology, the Twelfth House represents your self-undoing, hidden matters and the subconscious process. It is believed that we carry karmic memories in our subconscious, and that these subconscious memories can undermine our current life efforts.


When we remove the walls created by subconscious fears and guilt, we find that the path to personal transformation lies beyond.


If, in your chapter you find a number of descriptions of planets placed in your twelfth house, consider exploring your hidden self through past life regression.




12th house cusp in Virgo


You hide your ability to see every detail, preferring to appear scattered and vacillating. Trivial matters worry you and excess concern could result in nervous disorders.


Look for a significant prior lifetime in a detail-oriented endeavor. Possible areas of past life experience could include being a librarian, accountant, statistician, tax collector or technical writer.


Virgo 12th House, Libra Rising


Co-operation and harmony are of great importance to you. You have a strong sense of justice and fair play. You have learned the ability to see details in your prior life and can now see the whole as well.


Chapter 2:  Saturn (The Great Teacher)


The source of many of our self-imposed restrictions can be found in the placement of the planet Saturn. The location of Saturn in a horoscope represents the area of life where we have to learn the greatest lessons. It is through these lessons that we grow and improve.


Just like your least liked teacher in school, Saturn's lessons require hard work and self-discipline. And like the lessons from that teacher, Saturn's lessons are not easily forgotten. The lessons you learn help you to find order and security in your current life.


When a lesson from a prior life was not learned, you can experience inexplicable guilt or self-restriction. Exploration of the unlearned lessons of Saturn can free you to use all of your natural talents.




Saturn in 10th House


You are driving and ambitious when it comes to your career. In fact your career is your primary interest. Whether or not it is a successful career will depend upon attitudes brought over from prior lives and the karma you have to work out.


In a prior life where you were in a prominent position that was restrictive or burdensome. There may be a karmic connection with your same sex parent which needs resolution.


On the positive side, you understand your public responsibilities and accept them with humility. You use your authority to improve humankind and base your actions on the sincere desire to serve rather than on what is socially expected of you.


On the negative side, you may avoid any social responsibilities, reject your social status or hide yourself in a boring secure job. Alternatively, you may be so determined to advance your career that you are tempted to use unscrupulous business practices, justifying the means by the results. None of these expressions will release you from karmic burdens, but multiply them instead.


Learn to live up to your social responsibilities and determine whether your desire for success is motivated by the desire for social acceptance or from personal conviction. A prudent, patient approach will reap rewards in your mature years.


Saturn Conjunct Mercury:


Mental discipline in a prior lifetime brought you much satisfaction. This is evident in your current life by your analytical and organizational ability. You are practical and honest, but sometimes may have difficulty in expressing your ideas to others.


Saturn Sextile Mars:


Your sense of duty and responsibility in prior lifetimes enabled you to survive tedious jobs. In this lifetime, you still have a knack for detail work. You are organized, and meticulous in everything that you do. You are responsible at work and at home. In social situations, you are a little reserved.


Saturn Sextile Neptune:


You know how to use practical methods to realize your dreams, organizing yourself to meet your goals without giving up your ideals. In prior lifetimes, you made considerable sacrifices to attain spiritual understanding. In this life, you are attracted to the rhythm and flow of life as expressed in art, poetry or music.


Chapter 3:  Jupiter (Your Karmic Gifts)


Personal karma is not necessarily negative. You bring to this life certain talents and interest which enable you to expand your horizons. Often overlooked for its karmic value, the placement of the planet Jupiter in your chart can tell you about your karmic gifts.


Jupiter describes spiritual rewards as well as the area of your current life where you may experience material gains.


The lesson of Jupiter is best described as the acceptance of the law of karma. The rewards you reap in this life time come from your prior life's good deeds, and your future benefits (this life or another) are the rewards of your present fair dealings and generosity.




Jupiter in Libra


Fairness, justice and social harmony are your goals brought over from a prior life.


You are generous with your considerations of others' needs, so you are well-liked. An ideal marriage for you would be with someone who shares you sense of social justice. Your prior life spent promoting justice and morality is expressed by your interest in religious charities, educational foundations and concern for the socially disadvantaged.


Jupiter in 1st House


You are optimistic, sociable and honest.  You have a belief in divine Providence which for you does work, and you are seen as a fortunate person. Your prior life as a social, educational or spiritual leader has influenced your self-image in this life.


Jupiter Trine Uranus:


Your prior life situations gave you opportunities to make radical changes for yourself and as part of a group. Your memories from prior times leaves a feeling of restlessness, a desire for change. You can make changes by being generous with your talents and providing inspiration to others. Use your good judgment to promote our original ideas, knowing that there is a time and place for everything.


Jupiter Sextile Sun:


Personal philosophies developed in your karmic past have given you a great deal of self-confidence. In other lifetimes, you controlled your ego by some form of religious discipline. This time, you can benefit from your prior lives' lessons, as karmic memories are very close to the surface. You are cheerful, optimistic, courageous and sociable.


Chapter 4: Nodes of the Moon (Your Karmic Doorways)


The point on a horoscope chart called the North Node of the Moon is not actually a planet, but can be thought of as a doorway from your current life to your future. And, its opposite point (the South Node of the Moon) can be thought of as a doorway from your past life to your current one.


These two sensitive points can show you what goals you are concerned with in this life and what habits from prior lives are holding you back from reaching those goals.


North Node of the Moon in Gemini


In a prior life, you were a complete free spirit, letting the wind take you wherever you wanted to go, without concern for others. You traveled far on spiritual or philosophical quests, gaining knowledge wherever you went.


Your thirst for knowledge for a number of lifetimes has left you unfocused. You see all of possibilities, but can not see the whole picture. If you can see a complete picture, you have difficulty seeing yourself in relationship to it.


You have possibly spent lifetimes as a religious mystic, philosopher, academic or even a transient.


There is a tendency to spread yourself so thin that your constant activities keep you from determining your purpose in this life.


In this lifetime, you beginning a socialization process. In prior lives, you were not concerned about what you said or the effects of your words. Truth at all costs was your motto.


This time, you are aware that brutal honesty can be offensive to others. So, you are more careful about the words you choose, the time you speak and your gestures. Still, sometimes, you prior life's bad habits show up at inopportune moments.


In order to maintain balance between your two karmic doorways, you need to integrate yourself back into society. Learn that knowledge is wonderful, but becomes meaningless when not used for your improvement or for the improvement of others.


Chapter 5: Planets in Retrograde (Reversed Energies)


Planets in a horoscope chart which are marked as being in retrograde motion, hide or reverse the true energy of that planet.


From a perspective of past life experiences, this usually means that some experience in a prior lifetime was so negative that the individual refuses to use that planetary energy in any manner.