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Lunar Return Report

 for Hilary Rodham Clinton

Jul 28, 2002





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TheChart Data


Natal Chart                                                       LunarReturn
Hilary Rodham Clinton                                      LunarReturn Chart
Oct 26, 1947                                                       Jul28, 2002
08:00:00 AM CST  +06:00                                09:15:21AM EDT  +04:00
Chicago,IL                                                          NewYork,NY
087W39'00"  41N51'00"                                    074W00'23"  40N42'51"
Placidus Houses                                                 PlacidusHouses






























21°Sc24' R













































25°Ge56' R





27°Aq43' R









09°Aq42' R









15°Sg07' R






















Interpretationtext copyright 2001 by John Townley
Degree Symbols from Sabian Lecture Lesson: Symbolic Astrology by Marc EdmundJones
Program Copyright 2001 Matrix Software, Inc.
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TheLunar Return

Astrology can provide many valuable panoramas as you move through this world,from a lifelong overview to the snapshot of the opportunities available in asingle instant. The view you get depends upon how far back you pull from thesubject and thus how much your eye, so to speak, can encompass. In the words ofthe Sesame Street song:

That's about the size,
Where you put your eyes,
That's about the size of it.

It's all in how you frame your picture. The closer to the subject you get, thegreater the detail - the farther away, the larger the scope. The natalhoroscope with its transits and progressions can, for instance, give you a viewof all the days of your life, painted with a broad brush. Or, the sweep of theheavens in the instant of the moment can portray where you're at right now. Inthe middle, the pictures of the coming month or the coming year are availableto you in the form of lunar (monthly) and solar (yearly) returns.

WhatIs A Lunar Return?

Your Lunar return is the monthly chart ofthe instant the Moon in the sky returns to the exact position it was at yourbirth. It's kind of a monthly birthday, and the arrangement of planets itdisplays reflects the patterns of your coming month. Each month, thisre-birth-day works out its potential for you and then is renewed once again 271/2 days later with a new set of surprises and opportunities.

HowDoes It Work?

Like your natal chart, or any other kindof horoscope, a Lunar return is a chart of a beginning - in this case, themonthly beginning of the lunar cycle that started at your birth, which is thecycle of your response to your environment, including your emotions, feelings,interactivity, social well-being, and generally how creatively you react to thechallenges and opportunities of life. It works on the principle that when youbegin something - anything - everything that flows from it is bound up in theinitial conditions under which it started. The beginning is your foundation,and you build and rest upon it until you are finished. A Lunar return is theastrological depiction of the new beginning you make each month and whatresults from it until the next cycle begins.

WellBegun Is Half Done

"The beginning is half ofeverything," said the ancient Greeks, and so your monthly beginning issomething to be taken seriously and honored, if you want your lunar month tohave a good start. Thus, give yourself a little time and space to rest andmeditate if you can in the few hours surrounding the time of your Lunar returneach month. Take the time to think about what lies ahead, plan your strategies,and gather your resources so you can make the best of what's offered. Look overthe aspects in your Lunar return chart and the days and times ahead where theyindividually kick in. Once you've got a calm picture of the challenges andopenings to come, you can rise to seize the day, one moment at a time, and makethe most of the month.

ChangingThe Picture

The planetary positions in a Lunar returnare locked in at the moment the Moon returns to its natal place. Where thesepositions fall in relation to the local horizon, and thus the areas of life inwhich they work, is entirely dependent upon where you are at the time. Thus, ifyou see that your Lunar return is going to develop a picture you'd like torearrange, that can be accomplished by placing yourself at the right spot onthe globe to fine-tune the event. Many astrologers travel widely in order toadjust both Solar and Lunar returns - I have done so repeatedly over the last35 years with apparent great success, so I recommend it when necessary. Movingabout extensively every month is not easy for everyone, but being aware that itaffects the Lunar return is a plus if you normally travel on business and havesome say as to where.

PiecesOf The Puzzle

The Lunar return is a large piece of theastrological picture of what happens with your life every month, but it is notthe only one. Lunar transits, New and Full Moons, and other factors also weighin, so they have been included in this report so you can have a more completepicture of what to expect and what you have to work with. You should remember,however, that factors whose timing is as short as a monthly cycle are more likethe minute or second hands on your life's clock face. Don't forget to standback every now and then and refresh yourself with the big picture of where youare and where you're going, which are described by long-term transit andprogression cycles. After that, you can get back down to the day-to-daynitty-gritty which the Lunar return offers and know that your focus is trackingand every moment is enjoyed and utilized to its best advantage.

With that in mind, read on and launchyourself into the coming month with the wind at your back and the planetsracing by your side...


YourPersonal Lunar Return

Your Lunar Return Chart This Month

Your Lunar return can be read in a mannersimilar to many other types of horoscopes, except that in doing interpretationsit must be kept in mind that it has an unusually short life. The chart is onlyin effect for 27 1/2 days until it is supplanted by the next Lunar return.Thus, where the middle and outer planets are concerned, there is little or nochange of sign over literally dozens of Lunar returns. This makes the overallinfluence of signs more of a long-term, barely changing backdrop and thusnegligible in effect. The house placements and the mutual aspects of theplanets and Angles thus become where all the action is, fueled mostly by thefaster-changing positions of the inner planets. That may be just as well, astrying to stuff too much interpretive information into a description of asingle month leads to diminishing returns, and what is important gets lost inthe shuffle.

So what is most important in a Lunarreturn? Certainly the house positions of the Sun and Moon, and the sign of theAscendant, which represent the main areas of focus for the month, along withthe house positions of the planets. After that comes the aspects of the Lights,Angles, and inner planets to each other and to the middle and outer planets,which describes the dynamics of the month. Last comes the aspects of the middleand outer planets to each other, which provide a background dynamic upon whichthe rest play out. These, taken together with featured elements of your natalchart highlighted by Lunar Return positions, give an overall picture of thecoming month.


Daily Events

After a look at the overall picture forthe month, daily influences are painted primarily by the transiting Moon as itpasses through the natal and Lunar return houses and ticks off its conjunctionsto planets in both the natal chart and the Lunar return chart. This accountsfor 47 occurrences, each of which happens once, in varying orders, throughout eachmonth. As the Moon transits the houses and planets of the natal chart, ittriggers events that are both personal to the moment and yet connect with morelong-term issues as well, since the natal chart abides permanently. As the Moontouches the houses and planets of the Lunar return, however, its effects are tohighlight and spark off the trends depicted in that chart only, and thus applyonly to very short-term developments. These Lunar transits thus give whatamounts to inner and outer pictures, short-term and longer-term effects workingtogether, both of which are described in the text.


Personal Void-of-CourseMoon

One final, and very useful, addition isthe Personal Void-of-Course Moon. The period of time every 2 1/2 days when thetransiting Moon has made its last aspect to another body in the sky beforechanging signs is described as a Void-of-Course Moon period. It can last from afew minutes to over a day, depending how late in signs the planets are at thetime. Because the Moon at this time doesn't really have its "feet on theground," is generally considered a period unfavorable for tangibledecisions that require solid support, but an excellent time for insight,relaxation, and  reaching outsideof confining boundaries. Many astrological calendars include a monthly list ofthese times.

If you have natal planets late in one ormore signs, however, an ordinarily Void-of-Course Moon may still be makingaspects to your chart, allowing you a special exception from the rule andgiving you a decision-making advantage at this time. Conversely, if yourplanets are mostly early in signs, then for you the Moon goes Void-of-Coursesooner than for the rest of the world, allowing you to check out and partyearly, while others are still in a more mundane frame of mind. Thus, includedhere is a list of your own Personal Void-of-Course Moon times unique to youalone, in order to give you a very specific personal advantage. They each beginwhen the Moon makes its last aspect to your chart and end when the Moon entersthe next sign.



LunarReturn: Aug 24, 2002

As in a natal chart, the first thing youlook at is the position of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Their positions andaspects form the fundamental dynamic for the month: whether it's coming on likea juggernaut, sneaking up like a cat, stumbling in like a bull in a china shop,or striding in like a hero. Since the Lunar Return Moon is the same as yournatal Moon, any aspects to it are also transiting aspects to your natalhoroscope, thus uniquely entwining both charts and making the Lunar aspectsespecially important. The house position of the Sun and Moon tell you whereyour main action will be all month, and the Ascendant sign show the overallstyle. Easy aspects of these to the rest of the chart will show a monthwhizzing by according to plan. Hard aspects will indicate tangles andchallenges to overcome. The text relays how to make the most of the former andhow to transform the latter to get best results from the month.


This is a lunar month to explore yoursupport system, especially your circle of closest and dearest friends.Reinforcing loving connections will produce wonders, so don't be afraid to wearyour heart on your sleeve. Let creativity flow and pass it back and forth injoint ventures and you'll find yourself getting help from above, both literallyand figuratively. Your success at this will be measured by your ability to beselfless and open and allow others to share it. Do unto others as you wouldhave them do unto you and you will be paid back tenfold. Seriously, it reallyworks...the key to your own joy and passion is the joy and passion you put out."And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make..."More, actually...

Sunin Eleventh House

Ambition and leadership join hands thismonth and great strides can be made in pushing an agenda to its conclusion,because the amount of energy and aggression to support it will be relativelyboundless. Kept within proper bounds, that can lead to success and achievement.Pushed to excess, where you may in your enthusiasm and excitement roll over theopinions or desires of others without due consideration, this tendency canbackfire. If you win a victory, do not push on to further damage theopposition, as that wastes energy and shows lack of restraint, neither thequalities of a leader. Use any leftover get up and go to consolidate gainsonly, and beware going a bridge too far.

SunConjunction Mars


You may find that your inner feelings andreactions are coming at you out of the mouths of others this lunar month. Don'tlook at it as strange or invasive, but rather an opportunity to see yourself asothers see you. Taking emotional cues from a partner will also allow you someinner r&r and time to get back in touch with yourself by leaning onanother. Shared feelings produce more mileage than inner brooding, and openingyour heart to others can be the key to opening up your life and itspossibilities. The ability to know is entirely dependent upon the ability tolisten well. Open up your ears to others' worlds and expand your own universe.It's a free ride...

Moonin Seventh House

Problems with how you feel about what youwant may need resolving. That is, your own feelings may doubt the validity orrightness of what will profit you and put you into a bit of a moral or ethicalbind. Eventually, you'll find a way to resolve them so that you'll be fullysatisfied, but it may take a number of reversals of field until you get itright. Don't settle for early decisions, but follow through until the end, asotherwise you'll have a bad taste in your mouth, whatever you decide. Avoidoverdoing it, hone down inappropriate feelings and reactions, shun extravagance- all of which may be hard to do. The middle of the road is what you areshooting for, but at least pick a lane.

MoonOpposition Venus

It can be hard not to be overcriticalright now, and there is a lot of negative thinking in the air which you shouldtry to stay clear of. What you mean as constructive comments can be mistakenfor derogatory remarks by others, so attempt more than you ordinarily would toput a positive spin on things. That goes for self-criticism as well, and youshould probably give yourself a lot more credit than you think you deserve. Nowis the time to look for your strong points, not dwell on your flaws. There is abright side to everything and every cloud has a silver lining, and if you can'tfind either, just ask someone. Don't sit in the dark - turn on the lights.

MoonSquare Saturn


It may seem like you have to havepermission to start anything going this lunar month, but once you get a handleon the protocol required, you can get things going. Events will either behandled just so, or they will be chaotic and sloppy, and not much in between.Whenever you can get a written agenda ahead of time, you'll be ahead of thegame by knowing the rules. Once agreed upon, however, this approach can quicklysee you through the complexities of the month, as it's all connected, a part ofthe plan. Keep your eyes on the path right in front of you, and the road willbe clear. Omit needless words, edit down your thoughts, and you'll be on thepath. Success through structure.

Ascendantin Virgo

Primary qualities to lead with this monthare good looks and charm. You will be able to look more desirable, interesting,intriguing and generally presentable, and that will be your wedge into everyconversation, your foot into every social door. So, don't hesitate to spend alittle extra emphasizing that, whether on personal care, clothing, accessoriesor couture. Make the most of what you've got and improve on it as well, sinceit will pay you back in the long run. It's not vanity, it's keeping your toolsin good repair. Further, by being the first to radiate love and affection,you'll find that coming back to you almost instantly. Whatever you're selling,do it in person for the best results.

VenusConjunction Ascendant

Fighting will get you nowhere this month,especially because that may be the first thing you're inclined to do,especially when roadblocks appear at work or home and you feel that bulldozingthem will take care of the problem. It won't, and the more you try to forceyour way, the more resilient and elusive the resistance becomes, until youreach maximum frustration and minimum forward motion. The reason is that thepeople involved are at cross-purposes and not really hearing what's being said,but pushing on, anyway. The solution is to cut the spiraling shovefest and findout what the real issues are, after which you'll likely find everyone wasreally in accord to begin with.

PlutoSquare Ascendant


The inner planets change significantlyfrom month to month and indicate the personal permutations your life is goingthrough. Basically, it's the framework of how you play the game, who else isplaying, and how they're playing it. Easy aspects mean you win with no contest,hard aspects suggest a more hard-fought game that may put your life skills moreto the test and increase your personal growth and talents through experience.The text relays both sides and gives advice on what games to play, what ones toavoid, and the best strategies - whether you want to raise, hold, or walk away.


How do you express your affections withthose dearest to your heart? That's a prominent question, and it's a time whenyou may be able to put your feelings into words to further cement what'salready there. The effort is likely to be mutual, so don't forget to payattention to what's being said, as it's deeply sincere. You'll also find this agood time for tuning in to what's being said by higher-ups, who are more likelyto give you a boost as they better understand what you're doing. The key tosuccess is to let your words match your feelings, so you function as a wholeperson without conflicts in the way you present yourself. A clear mind, a clearheart.

Mercuryin Eleventh House

Forceful words may fill the air thismonth which can work for you or against you. You can use the high energy andtight focus of your mind to blast off new ideas and propel them intoimplementation. But, should you press your case too hard, it could backfireinto arguments and disputes over either your ideas or the speed with which youare pushing them. No matter how right you are, if you push down other people'sdefenses they will react disagreeably. Therefore, let the weight of yourarguments provide their own impetus, while you provide the enthusiasm tosupport them in such a way that others embrace your direction and don't fightit. Be positive, avoid arguments.

MercuryConjunction Mars

The rumor mill may be working overtimeright now, so be sure to double-check your sources before you believe anythingyou hear. Further, ill-considered plans and schemes may abound, themselvesbased on incorrect information, so make sure you're not part of them. You'vegot time on your side, if you use it, as flaws surface fairly quickly if you don'tswallow the bait right away. It's time to be a wary fish in a muddy pool. Nextmonth the water will clear, so you'll be glad you waited. Reverie, times lostin thought, speculation do well right now, as long as you don't rush toimplement them. A second look will either give form to the dream or make itvanish like mist.

MercuryOpposition Neptune

Faith in your convictions will get youeverything this month and it will be the manner in which you can forcefully getacross what you deeply feel to be the right thing that will have othersfollowing you along. This doesn't mean using a crowbar or steamrolling your wayover others, rather it means demonstrating the magnetic appeal of what youbelieve in and thus converting and corralling your audience. You do not requirea lot of intellectual arguments to win a following, though a few classic andwell-chosen catch phrases help immensely. It is not a debate but ademonstration that wins the day. If you believe in yourself strongly enough,that will be good enough. Without that, the best arguments are hollow.

MercuryTrine Pluto

Look for community support for yourefforts, especially when it comes to praise for your past accomplishments. Itwon't help so much to promote it, just encourage it by complementing others andsharing your expertise. What you gives, comes back, and the less conspicuousyou are about it, the better you will be received. A few good words here, acouple of favorable comments there, all mount up to the kind of recognition youwould like to have without blowing your own trumpet. Internal success isbetween you and yourself alone, but external success is entirely in the eyes ofyour beholders, so court them with subtlety, treat them with respect, andyou'll receive as you have given.

MercurySextile Midheaven


You're likely to be looking especiallywell and will put your best foot forward even should you stumble. It's a greattime for cosmetic improvements of all sorts to spiff up your in-person image,even though you may not think you need it. Appearance changes will likely turnout for the best, so now's the time to try out that new look. You may find thatyou can get by on sheer charm, so relax and enjoy it, don't look a gift horsein the mouth. A general inclination towards affection and a loving attitude canmake you the first to be chosen - all you have to do is show up and actnaturally. Make sure you have substance to back it up, however - beauty isfleeting, truth abides.

Venusin First House


Turn to your friends for inspiration andsupport and you'll find the extra energy there to pull you through anysituation. It's a good time for intimate get-togethers with dear ones to kickrelationships up a notch and cement what's already long-standing. Similarly,you may find strong support from above, both moral and substantive, which willcome in the form of an unexpected favor. Eschew arguments because you'll bepreaching to the choir and they don't need the aggravation. Instead, lay backinto the harmony and surf the waves of friendship all the way to the beach - orto the bank, as it may happen. You should choose the position to steer andmotivate, let others run the engines.

Marsin Eleventh House

Actions you take can be easily derailednow, so take extra precautions where you step, as puddles and potholes arehiding in unexpected places. Misunderstandings or misstatements can pull therug out from under you when you put deed to word, so when you think everythingis perfectly clear, think again. This can be frustrating, as the effect isintermittent. Therefore, don't push your agenda unless you have double-checkedwhat you intend to do and verified you are on firm ground. Because you may beslowed down by the necessary extra precautions, put some extra time into yourmonthly schedule so you aren't pushed into making moves you haven't had time toresearch.

MarsOpposition Neptune

You probably don't need to work that hardto be liked and well thought-of about now, but you need to have a fairlyskillful hand at it. It's not what you do that does the trick, it's what you doto get others to do a speak on your behalf that shows the master touch. Dofavors for free, but put your brand on them, so people remember where they camefrom. Don't use the hard sell, just make yourself available and interesting.Plant the seeds of desire so that they grow from within and when others praiseyou it will be their own idea, or at least feel like it. A small nudge at theright spot can start an avalanche, so look for just the right place/person andthen apply the least leverage.

MarsSextile Midheaven


The positions of the middle and outerPlanets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, along with the Moon'sNorth and South Nodes - change little from one Lunar Return to the next, sothey add more of a backdrop, the stage set on which the monthly play isperformed. They are very powerful, however, and their long-running helpful andtroublesome aspects are not to be taken lightly. They can be like a rope toswing yourself across the stage or a trap door that will cause a fall if you'renot watching. The text on the mutual aspects of these giants to the innerplanets and the Lights, and where they fall by house, shows you just where towatch for them, what mood they're in, and how to get them on your side.


An expanding circle of friends can beyour biggest resource during this period, so take advantage of all opportunitiesto hobnob with the best. Mixing with those who can be of especial help to youis very much in the cards if you are willing to go out there and do it. Don'tbe shy - you've got to try if you want to fly. It's a good time to beespecially generous with your close friends, as they have been what helped youget where you are, and they are there for you when you call. Building on thatintimate base will only help shore up the foundations of your success,especially when it takes allies to get the job done. No man, or woman, is anisland - hand in hand is the way to proceed.

Jupiterin Eleventh House


This is a better time for consolidatingyour career position than for expanding it. Careful response to criticism willgo a long way to help you overcome errors and gain the trust and respect youneed to make the next step. So, if people are making you the subject of thecurrent buzz, that's a good thing. If they are, find out immediately whatthey're saying, as it may need to be corrected. Expect to be underestimatedthis lunar month and use that to surprise people when they find out how goodyou really are. People are only disappointed by expecting too much, so keep alow profile and then when it's time, deliver the goods double. You'll have morethan double the desired effect.

Saturnin Tenth House

This year-long period which happens twicein every 45 years makes for a curious backdrop which everyone has to deal withbut which is not necessarily individually specific. It's a time when radicaland conservative trends, whether in politics or technology, are at odds but arestrangely comfortable bedfellows, each relying on the one to fuel the other. Itmakes for a period of surface tension which belies the fact that not much newor solid is really happening. Lots of smoke and mirrors, surprisingly littlesubstance. At the same time, a somewhat insubstantive peace reigns that has init the seeds of real confrontation and revolution yet to come.

SaturnTrine Uranus


Just when you thought work was boring,everything changes, without notice. Maybe you'll look back with fondness onboring, maybe you won't, but chances are you won't have time to. Successdepends on keeping on your toes. Don't try to be ahead of the curve lest itvanish beneath you unannounced - better to ride the crest of the present andstay flexible. The challenge of it all will be avoiding stress and anxiety inthe process, which can impact on your well-being. Knowing that each up and downis only temporary helps, and it will all even out in the end, particularly ifyou focus on quick response now and let later take care of itself. That's theway surprises turn into opportunities, so don't recoil, embrace them.

Uranusin Sixth House


Your most creative moments will come whenyou abandon yourself to fantasy and float free, allowing anything at all tocome into your head and let the Muse do her work. Breaking down internalbarriers, however you choose to do it, will be the key to finding that field ofdreams that had escaped you. If you build it, they will come, but this is notreally the time to start construction, just outline your inspirations and waituntil your head clears before you get down to brass tacks. Your kids may try topull the wool over your eyes, but what else is new? Also a fruitful period forplanning that dream vacation, just don't book your tickets until you're surethat's really where you want to go.

Neptunein Fifth House

Your strongest support now may come fromthe groundwork you have laid among fellow workers, teammates, and those whohave put in their two cents with yours along the road of life. This may bemainly moral support and a thoroughly good word, not a cash reward, but it willrepresent a certain level of admiration and spiritual brotherhood that willonly help you get ahead. You don't need to promote yourself, just let it happenwhen it happens, but be sure to get a record of it when it does. Recommendationand praise from your peers is one of the surest ways to maintain yourreputation and move ahead in your professional or personal endeavors.

NeptuneTrine Midheaven


If you have any simmering concerns ordisagreements with others on the home front, this is not the time to bring themto a boil. If you avoid the temptation to rise to the bait, you'll find thatseemingly intransigent problems simply fade away by themselves through changingcircumstance, leaving you to put together a new order in harmony. Opposing asea of troubles will not end them, so it's better to weather it out and waitfor a change in the surroundings. If this means compromise, go for it, orsimply refuse to get into a fracas at all. Remember, your home is your innercountryside, and civil wars do the most to ravage it. Better to tarry than bestern. All things come to those who only sit and wait.

Plutoin Fourth House

Squeeze plays can happen where and whenyou least expect them right about now, and you are equally as likely to be theperpetrator as the victim. It's in the air. It's a time when you may get whatyou deserve - for good or ill - and not be able to do very much about it. Well,if you deserve it, why should you? It's a time to learn to bow out gracefullyand not play the game any more. Passive resistance works better than fightingthe tide, and looking for new options to permanently change things isultimately the way to go. If you have to make a choice that is not truly yours,document it so you can prove it later. Turn a shove aside into a push forward.

PlutoOpposition Node

Expect a little resistance on the homefront, where there may be overlooked stones in your pathway that get in the wayand refuse to move. This can come from a person, an article in yourenvironment, or just a general feeling of not being entirely safe. To use it toyour best advantage, don't debate the specifics but plunge to the foundation ofthe matter - the motives, feelings, and the hidden agendas that may befundamental to the situation. This is a judgement call, however, as you don'twant to be dismantling or replacing something intransigent if it's going to beleaving anyway. The only time to force things is when your bottom line isbrought into question.

PlutoOpposition Midheaven


This may be an important time to throwsome serious effort into promoting yourself, taking up new responsibilities andcommitting yourself to deals that will further your career. Efforts you beginnow can have lasting repercussions down the line, but may require you to put inmore at the beginning than you'll immediately get back. Don't take on more thanyou can comfortably carry, but don't miss out on opportunity, either. You mayfind more instant rewards on the home front this month, where you luck intosomething nice or are the recipient of an unexpected gift. Under anycircumstances, you will feel especially welcome and tempted to come home earlyto enjoy the experience.

Nodein Tenth House

This may be a more important month toyour career efforts than you know, as responsibilities and new endeavors takenon now will be tied to your reputation for a long time to come. That meansspecial opportunities present themselves, but so do occasions for your undoingif you are not wise enough to differentiate the two. So, whatever your choices,this is a good time to be thinking long term and not business as usual, asyou'll be filling out your resume and maybe lots more with this month'sengagements. The one thing to avoid doing is nothing, as circumstances withthis potential aren't an everyday occurrence and are a gift not to be refused.

NodeConjunction Midheaven



When selected Lunar Return positionsoccupy the same spaces as bodies in your natal chart, this highlights certainnatal inclinations for the month. It will mean that certain elements in yourfundamental character will be emphasized both internally externally. These willbe the areas that most appear to represent you for the moment and that otherswill seize upon as entry points to your personality. These are the areas inwhich you can put your best foot forward to make the most effective andgratifying steps ahead, providing your first line of challenges andopportunities to embrace the world.

Mars Highlighted byMercury

Your physical energy and get-up-and-goare put in focus this month in a way that showcases your ability to sustainefforts and makes an impression of robust strength that engenders admirationand trust. It means, however, that you will be committing yourself to a rhythmwhich you will likely have to repeat, so don't design a regimen that is beyondyour capabilities or will leave you drained if it becomes the expected routine.Hit hard and fast when needed, but don't use up all your ammunition on thefirst target you see. The essence of exercise is that it should not exhaustyou, but should reinvigorate and leave your stronger for the effort. So it iswith life.


Uranus Highlighted bySaturn

Broken-field running and unusual andspontaneous reactions to unexpected events can become your calling card andsomething to be remembered by. This offers the opportunity of praise andadmiration for thinking on your feet and responding with original solutions tosudden situations. It also offers plenty of chances to stumble and trip, sotread lightly and watch your footsteps. Be nimble, be quick, make youroperations stick. Avoid pushing, insistence, intolerance, impatience, as thoseare the greatest slipping points. Choose your shots, and don't shoot until yousee the whites of their eyes. One strong, well-placed effort will be all youneed.


Pluto Highlighted byMercury

Your ability to seize control of themoment or wrest it from someone else can become a focus for the month, butshould it be so it will be remembered so. So, watch your step and don't step onanyone you don't mean to. The greatest force is the threat of force unused, andthe most successful army never has to fire a shot in anger. Similarly, thegreatest resistance is disappearance, so don't tangle head to head in awin-lose confrontation, melt away to play next day. How you handle intransigentchallenges and blockages right now can establish precedents for the future andhabits that you will follow and others will expect. Don't deform, transform.Reform, don't conform.



Daily Events: Jul 28, 2002

Asthe Moon speeds on through the month, the minute hand of your Lunar Return, itmoves through all twelve houses of both your natal chart and the Lunar Returnchart, as well as hitting both sets of planets. These are the times to look forspecific events that activate these parts of your monthly picture and willoffer times for making your best moves. There are forty-seven such events, andthey repeat every month, but not at the same time or in the same order. Plus,the playing field and basic potentials of each month differ, so each of thebasic transits has a different role to play every month, while retaining itscore implications. The individual transits begin with the symbolism of thedegree at which they occur, followed by an interpretation of their generalmeaning, and finish with a handful of specific "issues and accents"to address, which they may bring into your life. Finally, your personalVoid-of-Course Moon periods will vary widely and are important timing factorsin the daily decision-making process, so keep a close eye on them.


SunJul 28, 2002     Moon in Pisces (Enters Aries at 11:39 pm)

03:28 pm             MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 11:39pm

10:01 pm             MoonVoid   Ends: 11:39 pm


MonJul 29, 2002     Moon in Aries 

12:12 pm             MoonEnters Natal 5th House

7°Aries:  A man comes forwardflushed with the successful and simultaneous expression of his talents in twoseparate realms. EXPANSION

Thisis a very open time of month, when spontaneity and warm feelings can flow moreeasily, and the creative and romantic urges compete to hold sway. A good timefor connecting with children or for taking a little time off for fun andfrolic. Risk-taking is easier, and you're likely better at it now, though don'tgo out on a limb unless you're sure. Don't push for concrete steps, but go withthe flow and let things happen and the results will surprise and delight.

Issuesand Accents: immaturity, humor, festivities, music, expressiveness

06:46 pm             MoonEnters Return's 8th House

10°Aries:  A savant is revealed, aman who has created new forms for old symbols that have lost their meanings.INTERPRETATION

Financialself-reliance is a goal, but sometimes it's better to gamble with otherpeople's money than your own. A carefully-wrought juggling act of balancingborrowed stakes with retooling and refitting your own personal resources canserve you as well as gold in a safe deposit box. Extra baggage that youeliminate right now will make that whole process work more efficiently, so whatyou can't reclaim for reuse, spin off as gifts or collateral.

Issuesand Accents: rebirth, fidelity, indiscretion, recovery, contamination


TueJul 30, 2002      Moon in Aries 


WedJul 31, 2002     Moon in Aries (Enters Taurus at 12:17 pm)

04:04 am              MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 12:17pm

11:49 am              MoonVoid   Ends: 12:17 pm

02:57 pm             MoonEnters Natal 6th House

2°Taurus:  A brilliant electricaldisplay illuminates the heavens and the forests beneath. TRANSFORMATION

Thisperiod has a bit of a "back to work" flavor, where picking upstitches and buttoning down projects is the flavor of the day. Where you havegotten off schedule, either at work or in your personal habits or healthregiment, now is the time to make the correction and get back on track. Bystrengthening routine so it runs by itself, you free your hands for moreimportant things down the line and prevent untimely trip-ups from overlookeddetails at the last minute.

Issuesand Accents: diet, accuracy, colds, waitresses, caretakers


ThuAug  1, 2002     Moonin Taurus 

06:18 am              MoonEnters Return's 9th House

9°Taurus:  A Christmas tree,bending with its weight of gifts, is illuminated at the end of a vast darkenedhall. SYMBOLIZATION

Isyour life cinema verite, or is there a plan? Now's the time to invent thelatter or improve on what you've got. Dead reckoning can get you where you'regoing, but why not have a map? This is a good time for establishing the lay ofthe land, getting that aerial overview that confirms where you've been, whereyou are, and where you're going. You needn't rush off on the journey, just turnit around in your mind until you have a good grip on the possibilities itoffers.

Issuesand Accents: suggestions, incredibility, favoritism, revelations,consciousness


FriAug  2, 2002       Moonin Taurus  (Enters Gemini at 11:47 pm)

07:39 am              MoonEnters Natal 7th House

22°Taurus:  A white homing pigeonflies straight and fearlessly over a broad body of troubled water. SEPARATION

Personalrelationships can be put into focus now, and you may find that you can shareyour emotions and responsibilities with a partner who will take a load off yourback. By giving credit where it's due and avoiding competition or jealously youwill find you often receive more than you give, but then that is what usuallyresults from an open hand and heart. Fairness is at a premium right now, so goout of your way to see that everyone is on an equal playing field.

Issuesand Accents: correlation, interference, handshakes, antagonism, settlements

11:15 am              MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 11:47pm

11:15 am              MoonConjunct Natal Moon's Node

24°Taurus:  A mounted Indian braverides proudly with human scalps as trophies at his belt. CONQUEST

Commitmentsundertaken at this time may last longer and require more of you than you nowanticipate, so don't sign on the dotted line until you have read the fineprint. And, don't casually say yes to something you don't really mean, becauseyou may be held emotionally or financially accountable for it. This is a timeto fine-tune your honor and become more closely aware of your emotionalresponsibilities, and realize just how much your behavior affects others.

06:58 pm             MoonVoid   Ends: 11:47 pm


SatAug  3, 2002      Moonin Gemini 

11:23 pm             MoonEnters Return's 10th House

13°Gemini:  The great artist, aworld-famous pianist, sits at his instrument on the stage of a huge auditorium.EXCELLENCE

Whatpeople believe you are often seems more important than what you really are, socrafting your public image is critical for success. This is always a mix ofreal achievements mixed with what's in the eye of the beholder, so make surethat you have both working for you. Find out now what other people, especiallyyour peers, are saying about you and provide information to turn the opinionpolls your way. Sometimes a spin doctor is more valuable than an M.D.

Issuesand Accents: mastery, continuity, occupation, calendar, persistence


SunAug  4, 2002     Moonin Gemini 

07:19 am              MoonConjunct Return's Moon's Node

17°Gemini:  The head of a handsomeyouthful athlete slowly changes into a different type of beauty, the maturethinker. FUNCTION

Thisis a time when the fox comes into view and the chase is begun, but you may notwant to participate in the hunt, so take stock before you go galloping off. Theopportunity for emotional or financial attachments and the responsibilitiesthey entail may be something you want to pass on for the moment. Today's blithecommitment all too often becomes tomorrow's burden, so be sure that you reallywant it before you saddle yourself with more than you may want to carry. Thisdoes not mean avoid commitment altogether, but that many call and only a fewshould be chosen.

05:35 pm             MoonEnters Natal 8th House

23°Gemini:  Three fledglings,secure in their nest high in the tree, already reveal the deep pride of theirheritage. SECLUSION

Creditcan be looked at creatively and used to maximum effect, with particularattention to raising your limits without overtaxing yourself. Recycling effortsmay pay off by repurposing something you would have otherwise disposed of. Aglance back to the old ways of doing things can inspire and even pay off as yourealize there's nothing really new under the sun. Taking out the trash, onceyou have decided what it really is, can feel like a fresh, new start.

Issuesand Accents: anxiety, sensuality, vindictiveness, jealousy, resentment

10:00 pm             MoonConjunct Return's Saturn

25°Gemini:  A gardener, with all ofa mother's care for her child, is trimming a magnificent row of tropical palms.OBSERVATION

Settinglimits and downsizing some of your operations may be just what you need to geta tighter focus and better utilize limited resources. This may at first seem adowner, but it's really a matter of putting quality over quantity. You cannotbe all things to all people, so you have to select what role you caneffectively play and divert your assets to support it. Carefully-chosensacrifices allow all your guns to bear on the target you can't afford to miss.

Issuesand Accents: mistrust, depression, ingratitude, inertia, anxieties


MonAug  5, 2002    Moonin Gemini  (Enters Cancer at 08:02 am)

00:38 am              MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 08:02am

00:38 am              MoonConjunct Natal Uranus

26°Gemini:  The winter frost hasstolen through the woods and has given to the trees and underbrush a witchingcosmic lacery. DIGNITY

Theurge to think or act impetuously offers both risk and opportunity. A suddenchange of direction or a new direction entirely can put you way ahead of thegame, or get you thrown out of it. But, if it's within reason, fly with it andsee what happens - nothing ventured, nothing gained. The best maneuvers oftenburst out full-blown like Athena from Zeus's brow. Don't be impatient withothers who may not go along, and be ready to accept consequences, for good orill.

Issuesand Accents: autonomy, modifications, charity work, protest, innovation

04:42 am              MoonVoid   Ends: 08:02 am

04:42 am              MoonVoid   Ends: 08:02 am


TueAug  6, 2002     Moonin Cancer 

01:09 pm             MoonEnters Return's 11th House

17°Cancer:  A huge precious stoneis so cut that its principal facet mirror the whole scene before it in sparkling miniature. BRILLIANCE

Whatyou can't do for yourself, maybe your friends can do for you, and a friend inneed is a friend, indeed. You don't want to tap your nearest and dearest toooften, but asking for help and support occasionally is part of what makesfriendship, and you might do that now, even if you're not terribly in need,just to keep relations from getting rusty. A little mutual admiration can go along way towards lifting your esprit de corps, and a heartfelt hug beats ahandshake.

Issuesand Accents: peculiarities, disruptions, nearest and dearest, options,companionship


WedAug  7, 2002     Moonin Cancer  (Enters Leo at 12:27 pm)

01:31 am              MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 12:27pm

08:44 am              MoonEnters Natal 9th House

28°Cancer:  An American Indiangirl, college trained but returned to her people, seeks to win their friendshipfor her lover. ALLEGIANCE

Thiscan be an ideal time for those long conversations and ambitious exploration ofnew mental and emotional territories. Your reach feels greater than before andyou are only limited for the moment to what you can imagine, leaving thedetails for later. You can stand back and examine the big picture and chartyour way through it. Travel broadens the mind, whether it be a physical trip oran armchair journey of the mind. Believe in what you conceive, and it will cometrue.

Issuesand Accents: reconnaissance, truth, sports, inspiration, exploration

10:53 am              MoonConjunct Return's Jupiter

30°Cancer:  A Daughter of theAmerican Revolution walks proudly to the rostrum; it is the meeting of somewomen's society. STABILITY

Positivethinking and a generous imagination can now set the stage for increasedopportunity and a bigger piece of the pie. The only limits you have are thoseyou impose upon yourself, and now is not the time to do that. Think big, notonly for yourself but for those involved with you, so that win-win situationscan blossom and lead to ever-expanding possibilities for all concerned. When youinvest in others, you invest in yourself, paying dividends to your posterity.

Issuesand Accents: accumulation, genuineness, charity, respect, commendations

09:22 pm             MoonConjunct Return's Sun

6°Leo:  A sweet old-fashionedbelle and a pert and attractive little modern flapper stand in mutual envy ofeach other. WORTH

Theheart of the matter and the main focus of the month gets its greatest boostnow, even if it may not seem so at the moment, so keep your eyes wide open andbe ready to jump to the tune when it starts to play. It's a time to whip upenthusiasm, not necessarily to get down to brass tacks, so put on a happy faceand spread good feelings around, even if nothing else seems to get done. Byengendering warmth and excitement, you focus the flood in your direction andpartake not only of your own energy, but the environmental electricity flowingdown your wire.

Issuesand Accents: self-sufficiency, officials, play, superiors, festivals


ThuAug  8, 2002     Moonin Leo 

04:29 am              MoonConjunct Return's Mars

10°Leo:  Everywhere there is asparkle, and nature is revealed in pastel colors; the early morning dew salutesthe sunlight. NOVELTY

Aquick, deft thrust can slay your quarry, but shooting from the hip risksoverwhelming return fire. Rash actions seated in annoyance or anger can do alot more damage than just sitting on your hands and waiting it out. Forcefulaction can carry the day, but only if it's well thought out and comes from acool head, not a hot heart. The opportunity here lies in knowing when to passand let someone else make the mistake, after which you may capitalize upon it.

Issuesand Accents: action, daring, intolerance, heat, virility

11:07 am              MoonConjunct Return's Mercury

14°Leo:  Seen in the form of acherub whispering soft coaxing words into every receptive ear, a human soulseeks expression. INGENUOUS

Thisis a time for clearing things up and attempting to be particularly lucid aboutyour current set of plans. New insights can be worked into the picture anddetails laid out to those who need to be in the know. Bounce ideas off otherheads to see a less subjective view of your schemata, then proceed to setthings into motion before you lose the freshness of the inspiration. Thoughfeelings may compel, you're best off right now with only what can be expressedclearly in words.

Issuesand Accents: children, vocabulary, perception, ideas, meetings

11:52 am              MoonConjunct Natal Mars

15°Leo:  The great American carnival,the Mardi Gras at New Orleans, is seen with a wealth of floats, decorations andmerriment. EXPOSURE

Youmay find yourself running into brief spells of irritability and/or impatience,when you want to get on with things but your way appears blocked. It's easy toget into a fight, perhaps even easy to win one, but it's not a good time tochoose one. Avoid quarrelsome and contentious people who might get your goatand remember that most battles aren't worth fighting. Snap judgments areusually the worst, and you can't regret mistakes you don't make.

Issuesand Accents: guns, pain, penetration, muscles, controversies

01:15 pm             MoonConjunct Natal Pluto

15°Leo:  The great Americancarnival, the Mardi Gras at New Orleans, is seen with a wealth of floats, decorationsand merriment. EXPOSURE

Theinclination may be to push through to get your way, that for the moment the endjustifies the means. Stand back and take another look, however, and you mightdecide otherwise. When you simply "must" do or have something, youprobably shouldn't - at least not to the degree you are contemplating. Suchfeelings are signals that can get you in better touch with deeper emotions andare better used in that cause rather than in the service of a quick ego boost.

Issuesand Accents: upheaval, betrayal, transformation, restoration, untruths

03:16 pm             NewMoon

17°Leo:  A volunteer church choiris seen at rehearsal, far more interested in social than musical elements ofthe occasion. COMMUNION

NewMoon in Natal 9th House
It's a great time for planning, cooking up new schemes, rearranging the way youlook at things. Patterns you establish now do not need detailed follow-up untillater, so you can stick to generalities until you've got it all properlyroughed-out. Put on finishing touches later. New publishing efforts, or anyproject that generally disseminates what you have to say, are well begun now,and you may find the pressure is on to produce. Avoid hasty commitments,however, as you don't want to be held to something ill-considered or not fullythought out. Well begun is half done, so be thoughtful, deliberate, andmeasured in your efforts, even though tempted or even encouraged not to be.

NewMoon in Return 11th House
Take a new tack with your close friends this week and you may find that theyare resources for you in ways you had not imagined. You can't find out if youdon't ask. Propose new ways of getting together and examining and developingyour relationships that might add miles to what you do. You will find out a lotwithout risking a lot - the worst they can do is say no. Similarly, don't beafraid of making a fool out of yourself in front of your superiors - it's notgoing to happen, and it could show you off in a new light that will bring extrasupport from unexpected quarters. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can get youeverything, with little chance of harm, so don't hesitate to do so.

Issuesand Accents: wisdom, informality, magnanimity, assumptions, air travel

05:52 pm             MoonEnters Return's 12th House

18° Leo:  An instructor in chemistry isconducting an experiment before his class, in the midst of a maze of apparatus.SERVICE

Behind-the-scenesmaneuvering can go a long way toward setting you up for the main event, sodon't feel you have to tell all right now to get things done. What you don'tknow can hurt you, so some non-invasive information-gathering on the sly may bejust what you need to take some time for right now. Honesty is the best policy,but do no harm is the bottom line. The less said the better right now, andactions will speak louder than words when the time comes.

Issuesand Accents: foul-ups, uneasiness, secrecy, fallacies, confession

11:53 pm             MoonConjunct Natal Saturn

22°Leo:  A carrier pigeon comesswiftly through the early light of a morning and flutters to the feet of agroup of fanciers. LIGHT

Ifyou are tempted to highlight your insufficiencies, do so in the interest of abetter and less wasteful existence. When things suddenly stall, it's usuallyfor a reason, and now's the time to find out why. Don't bash yourself, doimprove yourself, you can't overcome your limitations until you truly know whatthey are. Similarly, limitations are often imposed because you haven't madesufficient use of what's already on your plate. Say grace, and you'll receivegrace.

Issuesand Accents: stability, boredom, inhibitions, organization, achievement


FriAug  9, 2002       Moonin Leo  (Enters Virgo at 02:03 pm)

07:26 am              MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 02:03pm

09:37 am              MoonVoid   Ends: 02:03 pm

09:30 pm             MoonEnters Natal 10th House

5°Virgo:  A man lies dreaming inthe shade of an Irish countryside; his dreams bring to him the playful littlepeople. OUTLOOK

Professionalconsiderations should be looked at and adjustments made to see that your nameis recognized and respected among your peers. While your attention is on it,touch up that resume, touch up your image, and take some time to advertiseyourself. Make mileage out of compliments and take credit where it is due.Follow up leads and don't be shy about blowing your own horn, as long as youcan truly live up to what you promise. Time to wave the flag - yours.

Issuesand Accents: parents, status, determination, process, structure


SatAug 10, 2002     Moon in Virgo 

02:05 pm             MoonEnters Return's 1st House

15°Virgo:  A handkerchief of thefinest linen and oldest lace lies folded near milady's mirror by a bottle ofrare perfume. RESERVATION

Thismarks a period when it will benefit you most to use your personality as thewinning card in any game you are playing. It's the time to make that sale,impress that client, charm that lover, play to the audience. Don't try toimpress them with statistics or your track record, just wow 'em with the wayyou come on, with the conviction you have in what you present. This is themonth's window for being on-stage, so take the opportunity to light up whenit's presented.

Issuesand Accents: mastery, consolidation, self-involvement, action, self-esteem

09:43 pm             MoonConjunct Return's Venus

20°Virgo:  A group of old-fashionedautomobiles compromise a caravan of settlers on the move; a fresh enthusiasmmarks the party. VENTURE

It'sa good time to be presenting things in the best possible light and dressing upyour reality in its Sunday best. When you look good, you feel good, and youmake others around you feel better as well. By surrounding yourself with thetrappings of love, desire, wealth, and beauty, you bring those very sameelements closer to you, so indulge yourself in order to attract the future wherewithalof self-indulgence. In other words, consider play to be an investment in thefuture as one good thing leads to another.

Issuesand Accents: luxuries, public relations, admiration, courtship, property


SunAug 11, 2002    Moon in Virgo (Enters Libra at 02:39 pm)

08:02 am              MoonVoid   Ends: 02:39 pm

08:02 am              MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 02:39pm


MonAug 12, 2002   Moon in Libra 

00:46 am              MoonEnters Natal 11th House

7°Libra:  An eccentric old witchis feeding her chickens and seeking to allay their fear of a hawk whom she hasjust tamed. TRANSMUTATION

Thisis a good time to look to close friends for support, either as backing forendeavors you need help with or just for general emotional support andrefueling. It's also a good time to tap into others' creativity when your owninspiration well runs a bit dry, and you'll find yourself refreshed as aresult. In a similar vein, you may also want to tap into higher resources, bothspiritually and financially, to pick up some of their overflow for yourself.

Issuesand Accents: inclusion, ingenuity, plans, machinery, friction

06:05 am              MoonEnters Return's 2nd House

10°Libra:  Placid waters arerevealed at the bottom of a narrow rapids; a canoe is rapidly and surelyapproaching safety. RELIANCE

Thismonth's finances are best dealt with, or at least planned for, during thistwo-day stretch. Make decisions, allocate funds, plan a budget, write checks,anything that can go towards wrapping up your money issues for the month. Oncethese issues are out of the way, you can move on to networking on your next setof issues. This is the time to count your recent winnings, impact any losses,and see what your bottom line is going to fund for you in the near future.

Issuesand Accents: duress, inaction, benefits, budget, worthiness

09:09 am              MoonConjunct Natal Neptune

12°Libra:  A worker's shift isfinished and the miners emerge from their grimy hole into daylight and lifeabove ground. EXECUTION

Intuitionruns strong for a bit, and chances are that hunch you have is correct, even ifyou can't put your finger on it or give a reason for your predictions. The samegoes for your people-antennae, which are particularly tuned in to the feelingsof those around you. It's easy to drift off into a daydream, or simply fog outat a cocktail party. Operating heavy machinery, however, is less thanrecommended. Don't try to dream and drive at the same time.

Issuesand Accents: wine, movies, contrition, concealment, infatuation


TueAug 13, 2002    Moon in Libra (Enters Scorpio at 04:01 pm)

09:13 am              MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 04:01pm

11:11 am              MoonVoid   Ends: 04:01 pm

06:14 pm             MoonEnters Natal 12th House

2°Scorpio:  What has been ahandsome and valuable bottle lies broken and forgotten; a track of livingperfume leads from it. ABSOLUTION

Thisis likely the quiet time of the month, a lull in traffic, the calm before thestorm of renewed energy that will follow. Retreat and contemplation, withresultant renewal and regrouping, are favored pursuits. Use down time toreconsider your options and make sure you are really on the right course. Innerchallenges you grapple with and resolve now will result in more focused and effectiveaction when the time comes for it, which will be shortly.

Issuesand Accents: disarray, treachery, mix-ups, charity, escape

07:54 pm             MoonConjunct Natal Sun

3°Scorpio:  At a clearing inpioneer days in the forest, all the neighbors have gathered to assist in ahappy house-raising. ALLIANCE

Thisis likely your second most active time of the month, as your inner energies geta boost and you are more likely to be in for some ego-stroking. As greaterenergy and enthusiasm flow, so do the opportunities to expend them, so youmight take care not to overdo things or you'll drain yourself. This has a"launch-pad" feel to it, so make sure new endeavors begun now arebirthed with a steady hand, as well begun is half done and you don't want slipsat the starting gate.

Issuesand Accents: heat, growth, vigor, self-interest, confidence


WedAug 14, 2002    Moon in Scorpio 

07:09 am              MoonEnters Return's 3rd House

9°Scorpio:  A dentist is hard atwork; man-made porcelain replaces nature's enamel which consciousness has beenunable to hold. PRACTICALITY

Ittakes a village to get anything done, which means to get things moving you'vegot to talk to everybody in town. If you take this time to be the greatcommunicator and unify your social network you will find there are plenty ofhands to go around to get it all done. Open new avenues of discussion thatfocus not on theory but on everyday nitty-gritty, things that grease the skidsfor all concerned and avoid wasted time by getting rid of repetition,misunderstandings.

Issuesand Accents: school, cousins, proportions, mail, correspondence

07:32 pm             MoonConjunct Natal Venus

17°Scorpio:  A woman is great withchild; the remarkable thing is that she was impregnated by her own spirit oraspiration. NUCLEATION

Takethe opportunity to express the warmth you feel and don't hesitate to displayyour social charms in a fertile, group context. Flattery will get youeverywhere, so you can safely lay it on thick. Self-improvement andbeautification are the way to go, but self-indulgence can slip into the middle,so watch that you don't overdo things because you just can't help yourself.Impluse buying is easy to do - be kind to yourself, but watch your wallet.

Issuesand Accents: comfort, birth control, finances, friendship, values


ThuAug 15, 2002    Moon in Scorpio (Enters Sagittarius at 07:26 pm)

04:27 am              MoonConjunct Natal Mercury

22°Scorpio:  A group of huntersprotected by heavy clothing are making their way out into the marsh to shootwild ducks. EXERCISE

Suddeninclinations to figure things out and think things through are definitely theway to go, and it's a good time to put it down in writing lest you forget it.That's also a good idea because schemes hatched now may be somewhat colored byfeelings of the moment that can be wisely edited out after a second look. Keepit simple and don't get bogged down in details for the time being and you cancover multiple topics and issues, solve multiple problems while the inspirationlasts.

Issuesand Accents: advertising, endorsement, contracts, humor, car repairs

05:02 am              MoonEnters Natal 1st House

22°Scorpio:  A group of huntersprotected by heavy clothing are making their way out into the marsh to shootwild ducks. EXERCISE

Thisis likely your most interesting and active time of the month, when you canproject yourself more convincingly and with greater force than at any othertime. It's the time to get things done in person, face-to-face, rather than bymail or phone, as your ability to project yourself is at a peak, as is theinclination of others to accept you at face value. It's a period to make extraspace in your schedule, as you're likely to have more to do than you expect.

Issuesand Accents: self-restraint, authority, freedom, fame, hangover

08:14 am              MoonConjunct Moon's South Node

24°Scorpio:  A steady stream ofpeople down a mountain side gives testimony to the power of the man who hasthere addressed them. APPEAL

08:14 am              MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 07:26pm

02:14 pm             MoonVoid   Ends: 07:26 pm

08:20 pm             MoonConjunct Natal Jupiter

1°Sagittarius:  A group of elderlymen in uniform, eyes bright with reminiscence, is gathered at a G.A.R.campfire. REUNION

Lookfor circumstances to further your good fortune and new ways to develop thatfurther your agenda. This is aided by a generally positive, can-do attitude anda feeling that it's all going to work out for the best. And that's an approachthat can make for excellent self-fulfilling prophecies. Generosity is the firstoption, which tends to be returned in kind, and a feeling of being in touchwith the general operating system of life gives insight to the heart as well asthe head.

Issuesand Accents: communication, clothing, liberty, claims, spontaneity


FriAug 16, 2002      Moon inSagittarius 

05:18 pm             MoonEnters Return's 4th House

13°Sagittarius:  A wistful youngwoman, dressed in black, is surprised into a warm companionship to which shehas felt alien. REVISION

Attentionto laying the foundations of what you are going to do and be for the month isthe order of the day. Build from the ground up and don't start on the firstfloor until the basement is done. You don't have to complete it all right now,but have the order determined and your materials ordered so you don't have togo back and draw up altered plans later. Where you've already put it alltogether (or mostly), tidy up the joint, set your house in order.

Issuesand Accents: drink, good-byes, houses, office, hurt feelings

10:16 pm             MoonConjunct Return's Pluto

16°Sagittarius:  A peaceful sceneis unfolded to view: a calm ocean, a single motionless ship, a few lazy soaringseagulls. ALERTNESS

Youmay have to briefly force someone's hand in order to win this round, but that'sall part of the game, so don't flinch at the possible necessity. Also don't besurprised if turnabout is fair play and you find yourself the subject of aforce play. The bottom line is to remember that it's more than just your gameand you can only win if everybody gets to the finish line. Don't try tooverwhelm pockets of resistance, however, as a Pyrrhic victory is an empiricdefeat.

Issuesand Accents: rejuvenation, the subconscious, value, riddles, power


SatAug 17, 2002     Moon in Sagittarius 

10:51 am              MoonEnters Natal 2nd House

23°Sagittarius:  Bathed in aslantwise western sun, with the Statue of Liberty beyond, Ellis Island welcomesthe immigrants. PRESUMPTION

Attentionto cash flow and how to improve its balance in your favor catches your focus,and you'll find yourself basing both attitude and decisions on how much itcosts, what it's worth, who wants to buy it. Your innate possessiveness is atits maximum and it may be hard to part with belongings, even ones you need toget rid of. It's also a time for reevaluation of what you think is important toyou and why you consider it so, getting your ducks in a row and making criticalchoices.

Issuesand Accents: payments, bank account, retreat, affluence, earnings

05:50 pm             MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: Aug18, 2002 01:16 am

07:40 pm             MoonVoid   Ends: Aug 18, 200201:16 am


SunAug 18, 2002    Moon in Sagittarius (Enters Capricorn at 01:16 am)


MonAug 19, 2002   Moon in Capricorn 

07:40 am              MoonEnters Return's 5th House

17°Capricorn:  A mature butlong-repressed young woman is bathing surreptitiously in the nude and finding arelease in spirit. IMMOLATION

Makingthe most of playtime can do as well for you as the most earnest work, and settingtime aside for recreation and generally creative pursuits will serve to refueland reinspire the rest of the month. The works of your life are your childrenas much as any son or daughter, and when they are conceived and nurtured inlove, the result can only bring reward. So, listen to the natural soul insideand take some time now to bring those inner voices into the sunshine.

Issuesand Accents: self-pride, socializing, creativity, bravado, flair

04:14 pm             MoonVoid   Ends: Aug 20, 200209:17 am

09:07 pm             MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: Aug20, 2002 09:17 am


TueAug 20, 2002    Moon in Capricorn (Enters Aquarius at 09:17 am)

05:07 am              MoonEnters Natal 3rd House

28°Capricorn:  A large aviary builtas a wing of a rural mansion reveals a host of singing and contented featheredcitizens. LIGHTNESS

Gettingthe word out, making connections, tying people and things together are thefocus, and you can expect more phone and mail activity than usual, so adjustyour schedule accordingly. It's a good time for touching base, but not idealfor in-depth conversations which may be put off until you have more time to getinto them. Technical matters, networking, and anything that involves media areon the front burner, and machines can take on a life of their own, albeitbriefly.

Issuesand Accents: attentiveness, perceptions, learning, fingers, thinking


WedAug 21, 2002    Moon in Aquarius 

03:49 am              MoonConjunct Return's Neptune

10°Aquarius:  A man of stature hasbeen catapulted into ephemeral popularity, and unspoiled, he plans furtherachievements. PROJECTION

Trustyour feelings and try to harness your intuition, which is favored. Althoughgoals are different from dreams, you must dream to have goals, and it's attimes like this they are born. The seeds of the future are borne on the wind,and when reveries come to roost, the fantasies of tomorrow become theaccomplishments of today. But like a hall of mirrors, only one of the images isyou, and you will have to find out which one that is, in order to make it cometrue.

Issuesand Accents: precipitation, gullibility, inspiration, medicines, betrayal

07:08 pm             MoonEnters Return's 6th House

18°Aquarius:  The masquerade haslong been in progress, and laughing young ladies at last have forced the finalmale to unmask. SIMPLICITY

Thedaily structure of your life and work is often taken for granted and so canfall into disrepair. This is a time to reinvent the ordinary and make itspecial, to see that the habits and methods that make up your daily operationsactually serve the purposes for which they were intended. By being ado-it-yourself efficiency expert, you can make this month more productive andless boringly repetitious. If it works, embrace it. If it doesn't, erase it.

Issuesand Accents: subordinates, laundry, chores, healing, pets


ThuAug 22, 2002    Moon in Aquarius (Enters Pisces at 07:11 pm)

11:13 am              MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: 07:11pm

02:44 pm             MoonConjunct Return's Uranus

28°Aquarius:  The pioneer cottageis prepared for winter's rigors with a tree felled and sawed for fuel and allelse in order. REWARD

Takingrisks on sudden, far-out ideas may generally be inadvisable, but this may bejust the time to do it. Sudden flashes of insight may cut through the normal,humdrum solutions and start you thinking out of the box. Don't just throwcaution to the winds, but don't hesitate to try something new and differentthis month if it seems appropriate to the occasion. Remember, however, thatdoing so may change more than you think and could have you off balance unlessyou take a flexible stance.

Issuesand Accents: deviation, detours, outlets, obstinacy, interference

06:30 pm             FullMoon

30°Aquarius:  A mystic moonlitfield near the site of a mystic and traditional Babylon has sprung intodelicate white bloom. RETROSPECT

FullMoon in Natal 3rd House
Don't everybody talk at once! That's what you're likely to be saying as thevolume level around you peaks and everybody is trying to get a message through,including yourself. Full Moon is like that in general, but this time it can beespecially wordy as you try to finish up a lot of correspondence and tie uploose ends as the links you have established begin to really amount tosomething. That means crowding a lot of important last-minute things into thespace of a few days, so don't overschedule yourself in advance. Leave plenty ofroom open for last-minute situations that come rushing in and demand equalattention. Concentrate on matters that require conclusion and closure rightnow, save your new ideas for later when they can get proper attention.

FullMoon in Return 6th House
Schemes and schedules you may have set in motion at work are likely to betested and found either successful or consigned to the scrap heap. The formerbrings praise, and fortunately the latter will soon be forgotten. This is alsoa good time to take a close look at what you're eating and what kind ofexercise you've been getting. Maybe too much of one and not the best of theother - or, maybe it's all coming together as planned. At any rate, this willbe the time to declare it worthy or chuck it and try a new approach. A greattime to make an assault upon and weed out destructive habits, recurringannoyances, bad scheduling and streamline your life.

Issuesand Accents: books, departures, education, roads, arguments

06:30 pm             MoonVoid   Ends: 07:11 pm


FriAug 23, 2002      Moon in Pisces 

04:12 am              MoonEnters Natal 4th House

5°Pisces:  Through the spaciousgrounds of the church are strung Japanese lanterns for a bazaar of merry heartsand faces. COMMERCE

Ageneral inclination to hold back and go inside for inspiration holds sway,which can lead you to tend home affairs or simply to withdraw a safe distanceto consider what's important and what your next move will be. Similarly, it's agood time to refine defense strategies and patch up those fences that separateyou from the neighbors and the outside world, literally and figuratively. Whenyou are sure of your boundaries, you can more safely go beyond them.

Issuesand Accents: emotions, domesticity, possessions, flashbacks, judgment


SatAug 24, 2002     Moon in Pisces 

00:27 am              MoonEnters Return's 7th House

15°Pisces:  An officer in unkemptcampaign uniform is preparing to drill men dressed in military tops quite wornfor wear. FIRMNESS

Thereis no greater opportunity in life than another person, and your ability topartner well now can turn this period into a cornucopia of possibilities thatwould not be available operating solo. Don't expect to luck into a goodrelationship - the best ones are carefully built and meticulously tended.Creating and maintaining space for both to operate comfortably in is the key tomaking a partnership more than just two people making do. Tend to each other'shouses and hearts.

10:37 pm             MoonVoid (Personal)   Ends: Aug25, 2002 06:48 am