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August17, 1960


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    The interpretation of your astrologychart begins on the following page.


    You will find that theinterpretation of your chart is written in simple language, uncluttered byastrological jargon. If a statement appears to contradict another statement,then you exhibit these opposite qualities at different times in your life. Forexample, a statement that you are highly sociable and gregarious and astatement that you prefer solitude seemingly contradict each other; this meansthat you vacillate, and need both sociability and solitude at different times.


    The astrological factorthat the interpretation is based on is also given. The astrological factor isgiven for the benefit of astrologers and students of astrology. If you are nota student of astrology, then obviously the factor will not be meaningful toyou, and you can ignore it.


    If you find thisinterpretation of your birth chart interesting and informative, you might wantto discuss your birth chart with a professional astrologer to learn more aboutthe astrological influences on your life.


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    Your birth chartinterpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of yourbirth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along withother technical information, are listed below:


Sun     24 Leo 58              Pluto     5Vir 30

Moon     5 Can 43              N. Node  16 Vir 33

Mercury 11 Leo56              Asc.     16Sag 48

Venus   10 Vir 26              MC       2 Lib 26

Mars    10 Gem 12              2nd cusp 20 Cap 00

Jupiter 23 Sag47              3rd cusp 27 Aqu 09

Saturn  12 Cap 29              5th cusp  1 Tau 37

Uranus  21 Leo 38              6th cusp 25 Tau 29

Neptune  6 Sco 37


Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Savings Time observed

GMT: 22:17:00   Time Zone: 8 hours West

Lat. and Long. ofbirth: 34 N 10 51 118 W 18 29


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction : 7 Deg00 Min     Trine    : 5 Deg00 Min

Opposition  : 5 Deg 00 Min      Sextile  : 4 Deg 00 Min

Square      : 5 Deg 00 Min      Quincunx : 3 Deg 00 Min

Conjunct Asc: 3 Deg00 Min Above,  5 Deg 00 Min Below

Chapter 1: GeneralCharacteristics


     Your fundamentalneeds, values, and orientation towards life are symbolized by the fourastrological elements. Each person has their own unique balance of these fourbasic energies: fire (warmth, inspiration, enthusiasm), earth (practicality,realism, material interests), air (social and intellectual qualities), andwater (emotional needs and feelings).


    Your "elementalmake-up" is described below. Remember that most people are"unbalanced" or lopsided, and if you are lacking or deficient in acertain element (or elements), it simply means that you need to consciouslydevelop that aspect of yourself to learn to appreciate and/or to work harder inthat dimension of life.


    Sometimes we overvalue theelement that we are least endowed with, sensing it as a lack within ourselves,but more often we neglect or ignore it. The qualities described below will be reiteratedand explained in more detail in the following chapters.


Fire Element is Strong (F,E,A,W Scores = 27,7,4,11)


   You are a fiery individual ,filled with tremendous passion and zest for life. You thrive in situationswhere there is energy, excitement, action, movement, dynamism and drama. Alongwith your exuberant vitality and enthusiasm, you have an acute ability tovisualize future possibilities, and an almost childlike faith in "whatcould be". Unless you have a vision, an aspiration, or a wonderful dreamto believe in, you are not completely happy. You have a great sense of themajesty, the grandeur, and the adventure of life but tend to overlook the magicin small things and everyday life.


    You also have a strong urgeto express yourself spontaneously and creatively, without conforming to othersways or conventions. Personal freedom and independence are very important toyou and you resist being "owned" or dictated to. Secretly you are aptto feel that you are special, charmed, somehow above or outside the realm of"ordinary" people and mundane life.


    You have a strong ego andcan be excessively proud, dominating, or concerned with self. You have apositive, vigorous, active approach to life, and forcing your intentions anddesires upon circumstances feels more natural to you than flowing with or justallowing life to unfold. Essentially you are very "yang" (assertive,competitive, outgoing, direct), and the "yin" qualities of passiveacceptance, receptivity, gentleness, and subtlety do not come easily to you.You inspire others with your generous spirit, your idealism, spark, confidence,and joie de vivre, but you can also irritate them with your self-centerednessand your insistence on expressing yourself freely without regard for others'needs or opinions. You also have trouble being content in the present and would benefit by learning toconsciously pacify your restlessness and developing the qualities oftranquility and peacefulness.





Chapter 2: How You Approach Life and How You Appear ToOthers


    The following is adescription of your basic stance towards life, the way others see you, the wayyou come across, the face you show to the world. In Chapter 3 you will readabout the "The Inner You: Your Real Motivation", which describes thekind of person you are at heart and where your true priorities lie. Read thischapter and the next one and compare them - there may be significantdifferences between them, in which case "the inner you" may not shinethrough and others are in for some surprises when they get to know you at amore than superficial level. This chapter describes the costume you wear, yourrole in life, while Chapter 3 talks about the real person inside the costume.


Sagittarius Rising:


    High-spirited,enthusiastic, and exuberant, you love adventure, change, exploring newterritory, and are not happy confined to the same safe, familiar, secure littleworld all the time. You have a strong restlessness and yearning for somethinggreater than anything you've yet experienced, and you often live in your dreamsand visions for the future. You tend to believe that the grass is greenersomewhere else and you like to keep moving, either literally or figuratively.Idealistic and optimistic, you always expect something better ahead. You loveto have a goal, something to aim for, but once you achieve it you are on tosomething else. You are ever on the lookout for new opportunities and you are agambler, willing to take risks and to break new ground. The possibility ofdiscovering something new is what makes life interesting for you. You havegreat faith in life and bounce back quickly from disappointment and failure.


    Freedom-loving andindependent, you cannot tolerate being caged for very long, and friends andloved ones must respect your need for freedom of movement. Binding commitmentsand responsibilities often weigh heavily upon you and you may resist"growing up" and taking on the limitations of adult life.


    You are friendly andoutgoing and have a great sense of fun and playfulness. You are alsophilosophically minded and often quite outspoken about your convictions andbeliefs. Sometimes you get carried away with your enthusiasm of the moment andyou tend to exaggerate. You are often a big talker, a big maker of promises,and you are usually pretty convincing. You do everything in a big way, agenerous way. You like to have the best, and you heartily dislike stinginess,littleness, or pettiness. Your vision is always large. You are able to perceivethe big picture, general patterns and principles, and are well suited topolitics, business, higher education or religion.


    Other people see you as agood sport and a good friend, but one who is not always consistent and dependable.You may also be seen as a wise person since you do not get bogged down inpettiness and trivialities, and are able to communicate a larger way of lookingat situations, one that opens up new potentials. You are a person who believesin miracles, grace, or just plain good luck, someone who never gives up onlife, and you inspire and encourage others to keep looking forward.


Mercury Trine Asc.:


     Bright, alert, quickof tongue and/or of movement, there is a youthfulness about your manner and appearanceregardless of your chronological age. You also always appear busy and active,and somewhat restless. You need mental stimulation from your environment, oryou will rapidly get bored.


Uranus Trine Asc.:


     You appear to beliberal and open-minded. Anything new, innovative, unusual, or off the beatentrack arouses your interest. You infuse your environment with enthusiasm, newlife and excitement. Though not intentionally disruptive, you do enjoystartling or waking people up a bit.





Chapter 3: The Inner You: YourReal Motivation


Ascendant inSagittarius and Sun in Leo:


    Although you can appearfreewheeling, independent, and, at times, inconsistent (as mentioned in theprevious chapter), at heart you are very loyal and constant. You possess acertain steadiness and firmness of will that may not be obvious to others untilthey get know you well.


Sun in Leo:


    Proud and intenselyindividual, you really want to stand out, to be the very best you can be, andto be recognized and appreciated for your unique contributions. Doing somethingwell and being respected for it is extremely important to you, and you cannottolerate being in the background, taking orders from others, or being"just one of the team". You must put your personal stamp on whateveryou do, and direct your own course in life. You need to have a place where youcan shine, express yourself creatively, and be the one in charge.


    You have big dreams and thedetermination, spirit, vitality, and enthusiasm to bring them into being. Youalso have a noble, romantic heart, and a love of the dramatic, colorful, andextravagant.


    For you it is true that"all the world's a stage" and you secretly (or perhaps not sosecretly) desire to be the Star or Hero in the play. You want to be great, andto receive the love and applause of an adoring audience, even if the"audience" is just one other special person. You need someone tobelieve in you and your dreams. Though you appear radiantly self-confident andindependent, you are actually very much dependent on the affirmation, love, andrecognition of others. You cannot bear being unnoticed or unappreciated.


    You also lovewholeheartedly and generously and really know how to make the person you lovefeel special. You love the magic of "being in love" and know how tokeep the romance alive in your relationships. You are also immensely loyal andwill defend your loved ones and stand by them to the end - as long as they neveroffend your pride or betray your trust. However, you like to be the strong onein a relationship and you really do not share the leading role very easily.Ideally you need to find a person who is as strong-willed as yourself, but whowill not try to dominate or compete with you.


    Your strengths are yourzest and love for life, your creative power, and your warm and generous heart.Your primary fault is your tendency to be very egocentric, so concerned withthe impression you are making and with your own creative self-expression thatyou forget there is another, larger world that does not revolve around you.


Sun in 8th house:


     You crave intenseexperiences and are attracted to aspects of life that are strange,unfathomable, or taboo. You may hide your interests or inclinations, exceptfrom those who know you very intimately. You are rarely content with yourselfand your life, and you have an inner urge to be continually going farther ordeeper than you ever have before. You also have a strong interest in socialpower and the role that money and economics play in people's lives.


Sun Trine Jupiter:


    You have big aspirationsbut do not struggle or labor to achieve them. Your self-confidence and innerharmony attract success and benefits to you in an almost magical way. Youroptimism and cheerful generosity also win you many allies and successes inlife.


Sun Conjunct Uranus:


    Innovative, original,unorthodox, and unconventional, you identify with the role of rebel, reformer,or iconoclast. You insist upon a great deal of personal freedom and do noteasily adapt yourself to others' needs and wishes. You need a lifestyle thatallows you to be spontaneous. Often you feel that you are somehow differentfrom other people and outside the mainstream of society.


Sun Conjunct Mercury/Venus


    You always seem to find theright words to verbalize your feelings, especially in regard to love andfriendship. You also have a keen sense of beauty and probably appreciate art,music or poetry.


Sun Conjunct Mercury/Pluto


    Your deep comprehension andgood powers of concentration give you the ability to judge matters wisely andprudently. You are a keen observer and also can be a persuasive speaker. You liketo be in control, but need appreciation and recognition for your efforts.





Chapter 4: Mental Interests andAbilities


Mercury in Leo:


    You are a person of strongopinions and you express your views energetically and often dramatically. Youare an entertaining speaker and will embellish or exaggerate in order to getyour point across. You have an aptitude for storytelling and performing. Evenif your arena is only the classroom or dining room table, you put on a goodshow. You have an abundance of creative ideas and do not enjoy a job in whichyou have no creative input or voice in decision-making. You could be a goodpolitician, spokesperson, group leader, director, or coach.


Mercury in 8th house:


     The mysterious andthe unknown fascinate you and you may investigate the supernatural or somethingthat is hidden or taboo. You need to know what is going on behind the scenes.You are also deeply curious about or astute about economic, political, orsocial power, big business, and the motives and powers behind the socialfacade.


Mercury Sextile Mars:


     You have a sharptongue and ready wit, and you enjoy intellectual competition, problem solving,and demanding intellectual work. In a debate, you know how to drive your pointhome. You also possess quick reflexes and dexterity and could be an excellenttennis or racquetball player. Any sport which involves a dynamic exchangebetween the players is a suitable arena for you.


Mercury Quincunx Saturn:


     You have a deep,serious turn of mind, and when out of balance, you tend toward pessimism,cynicism, and overly rigid or judgmental thinking. These are tendencies you mayhave to work to counteract, by choosing to focus on the humor in a situation,associating with cheerful, positive-minded people, and so on. Being aroundchildren can sometimes alter and lighten up your mental outlook considerably.Duty, obligation, "should", and "ought to" may color yourthinking too much.


Mercury Conjunct Moon/N. Node


    Your attitude toward associationscould be somewhat critical and you may be emotionally nervous when you arearound others. But you have a need to exchange ideas with others and the wayyou react to others is important to you.





Chapter 5: Emotions: Moods,Feelings, Romance


Moon in Cancer:


    You respond very much tothe emotional tone and atmosphere around you, and can be dominated by yourfluctuating and unpredictable moods. You often appear irrational to othersbecause you cannot always explain the reason or source of your feelings. Anyonewho lives with you must accept your ups and downs and appreciate your need fortimes of withdrawal.


    You are also verysympathetic and understand the unspoken feelings and needs of others. You takeslights and rebuffs very personally and though you may forgive a transgressionby a friend or loved one, you never forget it.


Moon in 7th house:


     You depend a greatdeal upon other people for emotional support and you have a large"family" of friends that care about you and treat you as kin. Thewomen in your life are particularly important to you, and your relationshipwith them powerfully influences your sense of security and happiness. You maybe overly dependent and unsure of yourself without a close partner.


Moon Trine Neptune:


    The beauty and harmony ofyour surroundings has a very powerful effect on your emotions. You are verysensitive and cannot stand to be in an atmosphere where there is discord ordissonance. Gentle, kindhearted, and peace-loving, you will give or sacrificemuch in order to avoid a fight and to "make everyone happy".


Moon Sextile Pluto:


     You have very deepfeelings and profound attachments to people you care about. Your relationship toyour mother, sisters, daughters, and other females in your life is apt to beincredibly close and intense. You may be easily manipulated too, when it comesto one of these important relationships, because you're so emotionally investedin it.


Venus in Virgo:


    You are quietly devoted andfaithful to your loved ones, and often become a kind of servant to your lovepartner. You are more comfortable showing love for someone by doing somethingfor them, making something for them, or simply being there for them -ratherthan telling them so in a romantic, soul-stirring sort of way. You are timidabout expressing too much sentiment or emotion. You also underestimate yourattractiveness and lovability and doubt your own worthiness to receive love andappreciation.


Venus in 9th house:


     You are attracted toforeigners, exotic places, traveling, and to people who can expand yourhorizons, teach you something, or show you places and worlds you have neverexperienced before. Sharing a philosophy or ideal with your love partner isimportant to you.


     Also, you feel a loveand kinship for people everywhere, not only with your own family, nationality,or group. Finding similarities and making links between people from differingbackgrounds or with different perspectives is a gift of yours.


Venus Square Mars:


    You are intensely amorousand attractive to the opposite sex, and are not inclined to friendly platonicrelationships. There is much tension in your love life - often because you putyour desires ahead of your partner's, and are impatient about having your loveneeds satisfied. The whole arena of love, romance, and sex is endlesslyfascinating for you and you are not happy without a love partner. You can"burn yourself out" by pouring so much of your energy into romance.


Venus Trine Saturn:


    Loyalty, fidelity, andsecurity are very important to you in love. You are cautious about giving yourheart away but true to the one who does win your love. Your tastes are simple,even austere, and you do not appreciate frivolity. You are interested in aperson's character and inner qualities far more than their appearance. Casualor superficial relationships don't interest you at all, for love seems to getdeeper and richer and more satisfying for you with time.


Venus Sextile Neptune:


     You have a rich,colorful, dreamy imagination and a refined sense of beauty. Involvement in thearts, or with artistic, sensitive, or spiritually inclined people is verysatisfying to you. In your friendships and romantic relationships, you tend tobe unselfish, giving, and forgiving. You might enjoy joining with others forcharitable events or social service.


Venus Conjunct Pluto:


    You have deep, compelling lovefeelings that seem irresistible and often irrational. Your love relationshipsare very passionate and intense, and you experience both agony and ecstasy inlove. You are always changed in a deep, fundamental way by your loveexperiences, though this may come about through painful and difficultconfrontations or separations. You are something of an emotional fanatic aboutthings you care about.


Venus Conjunct Pluto/N. Node


    You seem to have an unusualpower of attraction to other people and frequently may associate with otherswhether they are good for you or not. Very compulsive in love, you could have akind of tragic love union.





Chapter 6: Drive and Ambition:How You Achieve Your Goals


Mars in Gemini:


    You are a "busybee" - energetic, restless, and forever on the go. Your active mind isalways buzzing with ideas and you find it difficult sometimes to relax, slowdown, or take time to reflect and replenish yourself. You tend to live onnervous energy. You can accomplish much in short bursts but projects thatrequire long-term commitment, stamina, and steady, persistent effort are noteasy for you. You often scatter your energies into so many directions andactivities at once that you cannot finish or follow through on some of them.You need variety, change, and mental challenges.


    You have a sharp and eagermind, and you enjoy games and competitions that have a mental component. Youlike to match wits with someone else.


    You often achieve yourdesires by your verbal skill, your ability to speak clearly, vigorously, andconvincingly for what you want. Your drive and energy is more mental thanphysical. You use your wit, intelligence, communication skills, socialsophistication, and awareness to achieve your goals.


Mars in 6th house:


     You expect to workhard for anything you accomplish and you have no patience for people who don'tpull their own weight. Work is a passion for you at times, and you pushyourself too hard. You can be too demanding of the people you work with also.


     If your energy is not invested in a job orcareer, you can become a fanatic about your health, and you may exercise or"work out" vigorously and perhaps excessively.


Mars Quincunx Saturn:


     You frequently meet atremendous amount of resistance whenever you want to assert yourself in adecisive way, or do something just for yourself. This resistance comes fromwithin (in the form of self-doubt, fear, or a heavy sense of responsibility toothers), as well as from practical and circumstantial limitations. Especiallywhen initiating a project or acting independently, you may tell yourself thatyou aren't really prepared, or that you aren't good enough (yet), and you put alot of pressure on yourself. Despite the obstacles, setbacks, or lack ofsupport you encounter, you can accomplish a lot in a patient, steady fashion.However, you're apt to aim too low, and not realize how much you are trulycapable of.


     Try to recognize thatyour do not have to justify your existence or prove your worth by your accomplishments.


Mars Square Pluto:


    You have a powerful willand when you want something, you pursue it passionately and relentlessly untilyou achieve it. You may be so driven by your desire that you lose allobjectivity. You often become compulsive, even obsessed, with doing orachieving something, no matter what the costs or how hard you must work for it.Your forcefulness may be veiled or subtle, for often you do not reveal yourreal aims and intentions to others until they cross you. Intense powerstruggles and relationships with a strong dominance/submissiveness theme arelikely. You have enormous energy reserves, and are capable of extraordinaryeffort and great achievement if you use your energies for constructivepurposes.


Mars Opposition Saturn/Neptune


    Because of your somewhatnegative attitude, you could feel listless a great deal of time and are likelyto become physically inactive. You tend to become easily overwhelmed; yourobjectives tend to be unclear, and you question your ability to attain them.


Moon Square MC:


     You may have toovercome something in your background or personal past in order to achieve yourlong-range goals and ambitions. Sometimes you're apt to feel pulled in two differentdirections -- what others expect of you or what you need to do to progress,versus what your old conditioning or your emotional predisposition would haveyou do. Overcoming the pull of the past is the key.





Chapter 7: Growth andExpansion: Areas That You Enjoy


Jupiter inSagittarius:


     Your strength lies inyour ability to see the whole, rather than only the parts which compose it. Youhave a deep need to explore the world and to develop your own philosophy of lifeand sense of personal meaning. You vacillate between being open-minded andtolerant of differing views, and being dogmatic or overly zealous about yourown viewpoint.


Jupiter in 1st house:


     You have anoptimistic outlook on life and to others you appear jovial, confident, andexpansive. You do what you can to be encouraging and helpful to other people,and your generosity and lack of pettiness makes you very well-liked.


     Because you seeyourself as a lucky person, you may feel that you can "get away withanything", without negative consequences. You tend to go to excess andhave little sense of moderation (or even caution, at times).


Jupiter Trine Uranus:


    You have a knack forbringing new ideas and plans into fruition with less difficulty than others.Your positive, enthusiastic attitude attracts helpful situations andopportunities to you.


Jupiter Opposition Moon/Mars


    You experience life withgreat emotional intensity and feel everything strongly and deeply. You areopen, frank and honest and your actions are governed by a strong sense ofintegrity. You want to achieve your goals in accordance with ethical standards.





Chapter 8: Areas That ChallengeYou Or Are Difficult For You


Saturn inCapricorn:


     You have a great capacityfor self-denial in the pursuit of a long-range goal. You are capable of hardwork and persistent labor, but you may lack joyfulness and the ability to play.You often feel burdened by life's demands and responsibilities, and may envythose who seem to attract what they want in life without a great deal ofpersonal effort.


     There is a veryjudgmental, stern, and uncompromising side of yourself which may inhibit you agreat deal. You must avoid becoming heavy and cynical, or becoming a rather callous,sophisticated adult whose practicality and realism squeeze out the playful,imaginative side of life.


Saturn in 1st house:


      You have amature, disciplined, serious attitude toward life which colors everything youdo. Caution and realism are your virtues though you limit yourself at times bybeing too careful, shy, or fearful, and not believing in yourself enough orbeing assertive when necessary. Others find you difficult to get to knowintimately, as you tend to distance yourself from them or to put forth a ratherstern, "adult" face to the world.


Saturn Opposition Mercury/Mars


    A deep thinker, you havegood powers of concentration. But you think slowly and take your time makingdecisions, which are likely to be based on practical and economical methods.Having little to say, you prefer to talk about serious or sad things.




    Now we will discusspatterns of behavior which you instinctively and habitually revert to whenunder stress - a mostly unconscious process and one which you are apt to overdobecause it is so familiar and thus easy for you. The direction you need tofollow in order to develop balance, greater awareness, and wholeness is alsodescribed.


N. Node in Virgo:


    Your natural instinct,especially when under stress, is to passively flow along with whatever iseasiest, not clearly analyzing or assessing your situation and perhaps eventrying to escape seeing your situation clearly by indulging in fantasies,intoxicants, and the like. Dreaminess and impracticality, being unfocused andundefined (at least in certain areas) are ways you cope with stress. You alsohave trouble setting boundaries and saying no.


    Your path of developmentlies in cultivating discrimination and clarity, becoming more precise, developingtechnical and practical skills that will enable you to function moreefficiently in the world. Finding a way to be of practical service is alsoimportant.


N. Node in 9th house:


    The arena you are mostlikely to wrestle with these issues is in developing a personal vision orphilosophy of life, whether this be through religious or philosophical studies,a broadening education, or visiting and drawing upon the wisdom in distantlands or cultures. Cultivate the qualities described above in this endeavor.Long distance communication and involvement with foreigners is likely to besignificant to you.


    The following are specificactivities that will support you in your growth. These may or may not feelnatural to you, and often there is some feeling of resistance or initialawkwardness about doing these things, but they are important on your path towholeness.


N. Node Conjunct Venus:


    Give and receive affection,love, and pleasure (especially using the qualities described previously). Learnto respond to, appreciate, and create beauty, art, harmonious surroundings andrelationships. Be aware of aesthetics and do things in a gracious, pleasingmanner. Enjoy life, nurture friendships, and cultivate your ability to love andto receive love.


N. Node Opposition Mars/Jupiter


    You are able to achievegood cooperation with people, and others see you as a welcome comrade. You liketo work hand in hand with everyone and have an excellent sense of team-work.





Chapter 9: Originality andImagination

Areas Where You Are Creative, Unique, Unstable, orCompulsive


Uranus in 8thhouse:


     Your life ischaracterized by sudden disruptions and events which change the direction of yourlife quite unexpectedly. You may be impatient and reckless at certain times,impulsively acting out your urge for new life and change. You are anemotionally complex person and you are capable of intense, unexpected outburstsof feelings and desires.


     If you share materialassets and resources with another person (as in a marriage or businesspartnership), your fortunes are likely to fluctuate wildly or change quicklyfor better or worse.


Neptune in 11th house:


     You are idealistic inyour social and political outlook, and your ideals may impel you to join clubs,organizations, communities of like-minded people, or groups that share yourvision and your concerns.


Pluto in 9th house:


     You have strongphilosophical views and there are times in your life when you passionatelycrusade for a cause that you deem noble and of utmost importance. Although yourintentions are good, you are not as objective as you think you are, and yourviews are more colored by personal experiences and concerns than you realize.Nevertheless, you can also be instrumental in bringing about positive change ifyou can avoid being dogmatic. Also, you may radically change or revise your ownpersonal beliefs, even your most cherished convictions, many times during yourlife.


Neptune Conjunct Jupiter/N. Node


    You tend to hide your trueintentions and are inclined to misrepresent yourself. Somewhat indecisive, youmay give the impression that you are unreliable and could lose some of yourfriendships because of it.


Pluto Conjunct Sun/N. Node


    You are inclined todominate people and to use or manipulate others for your own ends. You have astrong need to be in control and to exercise influence over others. You alsohave a desire to achieve record performances in groups you may be involvedwith.


Pluto Conjunct Moon/Neptune


    You are highly sensitive tothe world around you and tend to be easily influenced by others. You are likelyto experience your emotions very profoundly and intense and could have a veryrich dream life with the possibility of precognitive dreams.


Pluto Conjunct Uranus/N. Node


    At times you may have asudden desire to influence other people and are not above using force to accomplishit. But you also could find yourself under a spell of another personperiodically. You are likely to have some exciting experiences with otherpeople.





Chapter 10: GenerationalInfluences: Your Age Group


    In this chapter we willdiscuss characteristics and traits of your generation. Of course, you may notshare all of the characteristics of your generation, but you are greatlyaffected by the tone that is set by your generation.


    The first topic is"The Subconscious and Emotional Drive of Your Age Group". In thissection we will describe a deeply felt urge, even compulsion, of your agegroup. This deeply felt drive comes to the surface with great force and power,and consequently leaves in its wake considerable upheaval and change. The secondtopic is "The Ideals and Illusions of Your Age Group", that describesthe dreams, fantasies, and spiritual aspirations of your age group. The thirdand last topic is "What is New and Different in Your Age Group",which describes areas in which your age group tends to be innovative,inventive, unusual, and also where it may be unstable and unreliable.


    The characteristicsdescribed below may affect a group of people for anywhere from a few years toabout 30 years. There are one or more different astrological factors describedin each of the three sections below.


The Subconscious and EmotionalDrive of Your Age Group


Pluto in Virgo:


    You are part of a 15 yeargroup of people that are driven by the need to find an ethical standard and aclear sense of what is right and what is wrong. There is a subconscious driveto straighten out all the world's evils and create a world of perfect order.There is a feeling of repulsion to anything ugly, dirty, or grotesque. Oddlyenough, there is also often a fascination with these very things that are sodistasteful, and often a feeling of hopelessness and despair about the world'scondition.


    These inner, emotional andconflicting qualities are reflected in the attitudes and life styles of yourgeneration. Most people of your age group are conservative and ethical, and asmall minority goes to the opposite extreme and relishes being strange orunusual in appearance, and sloppy or even grotesque in manners and appearance.There seems to be no middle ground for your generation. Usually, the rebellioustype of behavior comes out during adolescence, and tends to subside thereafter,and your age group tends to be very conservative in later life.


    Your age group is not very goodat compromising and tends to have strong ideas about what is right and what iswrong. There is a strong feeling that you must extinguish evil in the world.Certainly, fostering good works is very commendable, but a categorical andsimple-minded response to complex issues is not helpful. Your age group willundergo great transformations in attitudes regarding Good and Evil and willswing to great extremes. Your generation will also make great contributions inthe areas of medicine and nutrition, ecology, and education.


The Ideals and Illusions ofYour Age Group


Neptune inScorpio:


    You are part of a 14 yeargroup of people that have very intense psychic sensitivity and imagination.Your age group is very attracted to the strange, weird, and unusual. The senseof the macabre and bizarre is strong, and this is reflected in much of themusic, art, and fashions of your age group. Novels and movies with mystery andchilling suspense are also popular with your age group. Emotional depression,drug use, and suicide are likely to be relatively high in your age group. Thereis also a deep mystical sense, and Eastern religions and meditation are veryattractive to your age group.


Neptune Sextile Pluto:


     The entire generationto which you belong has tremendous opportunities for spiritual rebirth andawakening. This will not be forced upon you or precipitated by unavoidableevents, rather it comes from an inner yearning and a natural propensity to seekthe depths.


What is New and Different inYour Age Group


Uranus in Leo:


    You are part of a 7 yeargroup of people who are unusually self-willed, proud, and egotistical. You area group that defies authority and insists on having its own way. Parents andschool teachers found that it was extremely difficult to discipline your agegroup. Governments that are repressive to individual expression and freedommeet a great deal of resistance from your age group, and you tend to rise upagainst any form of tyranny and oppressive rule.