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The Green Report:

A Personal Guide to Ecological Awareness







Robert Redford


August18, 1936

8:02 PM

SantaMonica, California


151 1stAvenue, #109

New York,NY 10003








                   EcologicalAwareness Report

     This report is designed to help you learn moreabout your own, inner nature; to appreciate nature around you; and to know whatyou can do to protect the environment in the best way possible, given youruniqueness as an individual.

     In this report, your planets in the signsindicate your inner nature and the natural species and phenomena with whichyou, as an individual, have an affinity. Your planets in the houses indicatethe activities which you would enjoy, pertaining to nature. Your planetary aspectsindicate the environmental causes where you would have a particular talent, andwhere you could express yourself in a positive way towards helping to preservenature.

Chapter 1: The Sun

Sun in Leo:

     The animal traditionally corresponding to the signof "Leo" is the lion, and its "planet" is the sun. Lions doreact to the daylight by roaring, sometimes several at a time. They are,therefore, very energetic. However, they are not malicious because they catchonly as much as they need to eat. As a Leo person, you are energetic, generous,and powerful, but never unkind.

     A flower which has the qualities of your sign isthe sunflower. It thrives in the sun, to produce large, cheerful, generousflowers despite not needing to use very much soil nor water. The flowers are adeep, yellow color resembling the sun or the color gold or the color of a lion.

     Like the sun, you attract attention and give muchwarmth in return. Leo rules the heart, a very central important part of thebody, and the heart represents life, self-expression, and kindness, and youcertainly have an abundance of these.

Sun in the 6th House

     You are very good at keeping track of precisedetails, and you would be able to make a valuable contribution by keepingspecies lists of the flora and fauna observed in a particular location, alongwith the dates, times, and conditions of when they are seen. You are concernedabout preventive health care, and you would be good at instructing people as towhich plants and herbs to grow for their individual health needs. You might beinterested in beekeeping, because you would be fascinated with the exacting,delicate work of the bees in a hive.

Chapter 2: The Moon

Moon in Virgo:

     You are neat and clean and particular about thefood you eat. You are good at nurturing yourself and keeping healthy. You areparticular about detail and a good housekeeper. You are hardworking, like a"busy bee". When worker bees make honey, they first partially digestthe nectar which has been gathering from flowers. Then they spread it out inthe hive, where it becomes partially dried, so that it becomes honey. They eatsome of it, and store the rest in honeycomb, so they work very hard in theirhives to have the best quality food. People could be healthier, if they learnedgood habits from the bees - and from those with their moon in Virgo.

Moon in the 6th House

     You would enjoy cooking with organically grownfoods, and teaching others in a nurturing way how tasty, as well nutritious,this food can be. You would do well to take a course on this, with kind,knowledgeable people. You could have a very positive influence on otherpeople's long-term health, besides your own. You might like to have your owngarden, where you could grow nutritious vegetables, and perhaps a herb gardenas well. You might also be good at nurturing small birds and animals back tohealth.

Moon Conjunct Mercury:

     You are good at speaking up for the protection ofwildlife habitat. You would speak nurturingly to small pets, and communicatecaring to them. You understand what good caretakers mother birds are when theyhave to make many trips back and forth to their nest to feed their young.

Moon Square Jupiter:

     You would be capable of concrete action toinspire people to care about the environment and nurture its creatures. Youwould feel better if you got outdoors and planted a garden and looked after it,as you have plenty of energy. You are able to acquire wealth, but you would befar more fulfilled if you directed your energy towards the care of nature,rather than personal gain.

Moon Opposition Saturn:

     You may at first tend to be depressed about howthe environment seems not to be sufficiently nurtured. You may be worried thatit is too sparse to provide for the future needs of people. However, once youbecome more emotionally detached, your concern can be a positive motivationtowards doing something significant about it. You could, in the long run, dowork which would help to preserve the environment for a long time. Even if itis hard work, this work is necessary for the survival of humans and otherspecies, and there is much which can be done.

Moon Conjunct Neptune:

     You have great empathy for small creatures. Youunderstand the importance of protecting the food chain, because you see how allparts of nature are connected and dependent upon each other. You would be verygood at caring for fish and creating the proper environment for them, either ina pond or an aquarium. You might be interested in how water can be purified byusing plants. You would be very concerned, in general, about protecting allliving things from pollution.

Chapter 3: Mercury

Mercury in Virgo:

     You excel in very precise, detailed work. Youlike to have a clean orderly environment. You are very practical andanalytical.

     If you have ever watched a bee in a flowergarden, it goes to each and every flower to get nectar; it does not overlookone. The same kind of detailed work can be found in the web of the orb-weaverspider. Their web has many spokes going out from the center, and many circlesjoining all of the spokes, like a very intricate solar system or astrologicalchart wheel. It can make one of these detailed webs in less than a day, as thewebs have the practical purpose of catching insects for their food.

Mercury in the 6th House

     You are very bright intellectually, and couldmaster such subjects as biology or possibly veterinary medicine. You are veryprecise about details and have an excellent memory. If you kept lists of whatbirds or plants you observed in particular areas, they would be very dependableand accurate. Because you value cleanliness, you would be good at promoting aclean environment. You take good care of your health, and you might also enjoyteaching others about organic foods, herbs and vitamins.

Mercury Square Jupiter:

     You could benefit from physical activityoutdoors, such as long nature walks, where you could both learn and teach aboutthe various species. You might even enjoy traveling to other countries andexploring the wilderness there, especially on an educational venture. You needto work out your perception of nature, as to whether you believe in anevolutionist or creationist theory. Once you do this, you could write about yourthoughts and discoveries on the subject and have them published.

Mercury Opposition Saturn:

     You would be able to keep good, accurate recordseven in situations where this is difficult, such as counting the number ofbutterflies or birds while they are in flight. You would have the ability tocheck and re-check the data, by using a different method each time. Yourability to be cautious and not make a mistake would be valuable if you weretesting drinking water samples, because you would take additional samples fromdifferent locations in order to get a more accurate measure.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune:

     You would be a good nature writer because you arevery imaginative, and you have a psychic connection with small creatures. Youcould teach others how to empathize with their needs. You would be concernedabout the cleanliness of the waterways and the protection of fish frompollution and you might, therefore, study marine biology.

Chapter 4: Venus

Venus in Virgo:

     You are concerned about personal hygiene andcleanliness, and you work hard at having a neat appearance. Birds do this too,and it is called "preening". They remove any dirt or parasites fromtheir feathers using their bill, and then they apply oil to their feathers froma special gland. They preen all of their feathers except their head feathers,which their bills cannot reach, but they can scratch their head with theirfoot. Mammals are also very meticulous about cleanliness and appearance, asanyone knows who has a cat ; cats lick their fur with their rough tongues.

Venus in the 6th House

     You are interested in preserving the land andkeeping it clean and pure. You might enjoy growing organic vegetables and usingnatural compost to enrich the soil. You would do well in business because youare very practical, or you might pursue agricultural or environmental studies.You might enjoy keeping bees and having fields of clover. You would be kind toanimals, large and small. You would have a talent for creating beautiful workenvironments, such as having plants and nature art in offices.

Venus Square Jupiter:

     If you struggle and use your willpower, you couldsucceed in getting your nature art published, or in running a business ofselling others' art. You are interested in finding solutions to the problem ofhaving developments taking over the available farmland and green spaces. Yourealize that people need to stop having an over-indulgent lifestyle, because ofthe effect of many people doing this on the environment. You could initiatemeditations on nature and the preservation of it, and even get a large group tomeditate on the preservation of the planet.

Venus Trine Uranus:

     You could be very successful in bringing about abeautiful, prolific, community flower garden, with colorful blooms which wouldattract butterflies. You would be successful as an astrologer, and you coulduse the funds raised from this for the cause of saving the earth. You would dowell in a computer business, where you could get an environmental grouptogether or sell recordings of birds calls and other nature sounds.

Venus Conjunct Neptune:

     You have a spiritual link with animals andnature, and you could express this through music or art. You could be very goodat painting or photographing wildlife and nature scenes. You would have aninterest in how marshes and water pants are important for filtering the waterand keeping the land from becoming polluted. You might like to have a pond inyour backyard with plants, fish, turtles and frogs. It would be a beautiful,peaceful place where you could escape.

Chapter 5: Mars

Mars in Leo:

     You are very self- confident, and you assume thatyour natural position is that of the leader. In nature, the queen of the antcolony does not have to attend to anything other than egg-laying, and theworker ants feed her.

     You are able to use the fiery power of the sun toget others to submit to your authority. There are small ants called "fireants", which bite their prey, and if the bites are exposed to sunlight,the power of their sting becomes even more potent. Similarly, the effect ofpoisonous plants such as wild parsnip and poison ivy are intensified in theireffect on humans by exposure to sunlight, causing what is called"phytophotodermatitis".

Mars in the 5th House

     You are active and would enjoy getting childrenout on hikes or in a canoe. They would have a good time and learn to appreciatenature by having positive experiences with it. You could promote or sell natureart. You could also get adults to go out and have fun in the outdoors, in orderto keep fit and get more enjoyment out of life. You would work hard for what isbest for children, such as having enough outdoor playgrounds and recreationcenters.

Mars Square Uranus:

     At first, you would be frustrated with people whouse motor boats, jet-skis or noisy airplanes, because you can see how they aredisturbing the natural habitat. However, you will be happier when you takeconstructive action to stop this problem, and you have the willpower ,intellectual ability, and quickness to be successful. You realize that you haveto take risks, but it is for a good cause, and you are quite able to land onyour feet.

Chapter 6: Jupiter

Jupiter in Sagittarius:

     You benefit from travel to faraway lands, and youare able to adapt to new environments very readily, because of your verypositive philosophy. You are good at teaching others to be cheerful, no matterwhat the circumstances.

     There are many birds, wildflowers, and insects whichhave benefitted by following human migrations, for example, from Europe toNorth America. One such species is the house sparrow which was first introducedin New York from England in 1850, to control insect pests. However, these birdsmultiplied very rapidly, because they were able to get plenty of grain, whichwas used for horse-feed. By 1900, they were the most common bird in NorthAmerica, but their population stabilized once the automobile was introduced,because then there were fewer horses. However, these birds sing and cheerpeople up, even in the cold of winter.

Jupiter in the 9th House

     You could study or teach such subjects as biologyor environmental sciences at a university. You would be interested in hownature is viewed in different cultures, and how different philosophies haveevolved which could inspire people to get back in touch with nature. You have agreat love of the outdoors, and would enjoy long trips, hikes and expeditions,horseback riding, or cross-country skiing. You are a good fund raiser, andwould enjoy benefiting outdoor projects. As a spiritual leader, you would havea talent for connecting people with nature and its abundance. You could inspireothers to believe that the environmental problems can be overcome.

Jupiter Square Neptune:

          You would enjoygetting outdoors in the quiet wilderness or going on long canoe trips. Youcould publish articles and photographs of your adventures. You would be good atgetting out there and actually creating a better habitat for the fish. Youcould teach others about marine biology out in the field. You could benefit bypracticing yoga, and if you kept at it, you could become a very inspired yogateacher, who could awaken others to their sensitivity towards nature and their onenesswith it.

Chapter 7: Saturn

Saturn in Pisces:

     You have a rare ability to bring artisticinspiration into the practical realm. You may be able to develop musical,artistic, or creative literary talent into a saleable form, and, thereby, reachothers with the emotions and compassion which they might miss otherwise. Youwould be a good yoga teacher, helping others develop their meditative skills.

     You are concerned about the preservation of waterlevels in nature, because water is necessary for the fish, and also for thespecies at the edge of the water, such as muskrats and frogs. You understandthe cycles of life in the water, such as how a fish can be a predator of somespecies, but can itself be prey for something bigger.

Saturn in the 12th House

     You could become a serious nature photographer.You would be willing to wait for along time to get just the right picture. Youwould be concerned about the conservation of lakes and wetlands and fish. Youwould be a good manager of a quiet nature retreat, where people could meditateon their oneness with nature and its creatures.

Saturn Opposition Neptune:

     In the beginning, you may have a fear ofenvironmental illness being caused by chemical pollutants, but, as you get moreof the facts, you could take practical steps to prevent it. You could then beeffective in bringing about better anti-pollution laws and teaching others howto de-toxify their bodies. You may, at first, wonder how your idealistic visionof nature can become a reality, but, in the end, it is your mystical awarenesswhich will keep you inspired to do practical good.

Chapter 8: Uranus

Uranus in Taurus:

     On one hand, you want to be free and bring about newreforms, and on the other, you like to be steadfast and maintain that which issolid and dependable. The areas where you might be innovative would be inchanging the economy and the way in which land is used, in such a way that manypeople could benefit. You may come up with an unexpected food source, based onharmony with mother nature, or you might promote the idea that living close tothe land is the way to prevent the vibration which predisposes earthquakes.

Uranus in the 2nd House

     You are inventive in coming up with better usesfor land, such as organic farming rather than the use of pesticides. You mightbe interested in eco-tourism, as a different kind of business. You could worktogether with a group of people to earn a living from sustainable agriculture-that is, growing things in such a way as to preserve the planet.

Chapter 9: Neptune

Neptune in Virgo:

     You were born at a time when practicality wasreplacing illusion, and awareness grew about the need to keep the lakes andrivers healthy. There was an introduction of chemical fertilizers and foodadditives and information about their long-term effects. The effect ofchemicals in the water on the reproduction of fish became an issue.

Neptune in the 6th House

     You can do good, spiritual work by meditating onthe health of people and of nature's creatures. You would take good care ofpets or injured animals or birds, because you are both compassionate andpractical. You are very concerned about the cleanliness of lakes and waterways,and you might want to work in this area.

Chapter 10: Pluto

Pluto in Cancer:

     You were born at a time when the population hadincreased, and society was faced with the question of how to feed the masses.There was a great emphasis on nurturing and caring for children. Familiestaught their children about how the animals and birds cared for their young,and many children had pets. Fiction stories with animals as the centralcharacters were also popular. Because there were world struggles over nationalistsentiments, many homes were destroyed, and that was why a regeneration effortwas made to preserve families, homes, and nature.

Pluto in the 5th House

     You are able to reach children in a mass way,such as by having a children's television program about nature. You are awarethat children are our future, that they can regenerate the environment, andthat they will have to. You could be very influential in protecting felinespecies, such as cats, tigers, lions, or leopards. You may be able to createnature art which would really get through to people with the message aboutpreserving it, and you could also work with the mass media.